Xenophobic attacks could batter SA tourism industry

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VENTURES AFRICA – The xenophobic attacks of the past two weeks in South Africa could batter the tourism industry of South Africa, Africa’s most advanced economy. “(The attacks) are damaging to the brand that we are marketing, damaging to the reputation of the country,” Thulani Nzima, CEO of South African Tourism, told Reuters on Thursday. “We’ve always marketed the country on the basis of the warmth of its people, the welcoming nature of the people, so when things like this happen, it depletes that currency that we’ve punted out there. So of course we’re very worried.”

This could be a hold up for the South African economy which has hustled intensively to fix the manner in which the country is seen by the outside world. But in recent times, the country is now seen as the home of violence because of its high crime rate, particularly in its biggest city, Johannesburg.

Although the triumphant hosting of the 2010 World Cup bolstered South Africa’s positive image globally, graphic images of prowling groups of people carrying dangerous weapons attacking foreigners and plundering foreign-owned shops have invigorated apprehensions that may turn off likely visitors to South Africa.

A little over a dozen people were murdered in the xenophobic violence which took place about three weeks ago, which was chiefly directed at African foreigners.

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Sainsbury’s CEO jailed for two years

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VENTURES AFRICA – An Egyptian court has sentenced Mike Coupe, the CEO of United Kingdom’s supermarket giant, J Sainsbury’s, to a two-year jail term. He was found guilty for allegedly trying to seize cheques from an Egyptian that had worked closely with Sainsbury’s. The sentencing though, is likely to display potential difficulties of doing business in some emerging markets.

About 15 years ago, Sainsbury’s withdrew from an Egyptian partnership with the North African country’s businessman, Amr El Nasharty, posting losses worth $170 million the process. Sainsbury’s disposed of its remaining shareholding at the time to El Nasharty with the hope of being free of what had been described as a difficult investment.

Nasharty alleged that Coupe was in Egypt in July 2014 and tried “to seize cheques” signed by him to Sainsbury’s in 2001. “This is clearly ridiculous. Mike Coupe was in London carrying out his normal duties that day,” a spokeswoman for Sainsbury’s said in a statement then.

However, as a result, a trial was held in an Egyptian court in September based on these allegations, but Coupe failed to attend. Sainsbury’s say Coupe had no prior notice of the trial. This resulted in a two-year jail sentence on Wednesday without bail, being imposed on the Sainsbury’s boss.

Coupe is currently free to travel and went to Egypt last weekend to try and deal with the charges. His case will be heard again on Sunday, May 3.



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Dollar Drops Have Significant Detriment On Naira

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Emerging report have it that the American dollar has sank to its lowest level in more than two months as the currency market adopted a markedly dovish view on the United States monetary policy after data showed the economy virtually stagnating in the first three months of the year.

naira-Dollar.jpg 360nobs

However, according to Financial Times, as the market awaited the outcome of a meeting of the Federal Reserve policy makers, government bonds and equities on both sides of the Atlantic also came under pressure.

This was particularly so in Europe as the euro broke above key resistance levels, further aided by more signs that the European Central Bank’s quantitative easing programme was helping to ease deflation pressures and improve credit conditions.

By midday in New York, the dollar index (a gauge of the currency’s value against a weighted basket of peers) was down 1.1 per cent at 95.09, the lowest since the end of February. In mid-March, the measure reached a 12-year high above 100.

Mr. Ayodeji Ebo, who is an analyst at Afrinvest West Africa Limited, revealed that the drop in dollar might not impact the naira immediately.

He, however, said that if the fall persisted, it might affect foreign portfolio inflow.

He said, “The fall in dollar’s value may affect the FPI if it persists; it may not have direct impact on the naira immediately. However, it may have a very little impact if it persists for a long time.”

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Nigeria’s new SEC boss: political settlement meets capable hands

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VENTURES AFRICA – On Monday, Nigeria’s outgoing President Goodluck Jonathan appointed his close ally and the former governor of Anambra State, Peter Obi, as the Chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the regulator of Nigeria’s Stock Exchange. The appointment has all the trappings of a ‘token of appreciation’ from Jonathan to Peter Obi for his support in the former’s ill-fated presidential re-election bid. However, regardless of the political underpinnings of the selection, Peter Obi’s precedence in finance and politics means he comes to the SEC with some of the skills and traits that the regulatory body needs to kickstart growth in Nigeria’s capital market.

Peter Obi was the head of President Jonathan’s re-election campaign in the South, where the outgoing president got over 90 percent of the total votes. After finishing his second term as governor of Anambra State, Obi moved from the Southeast-based All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) to President Jonathan’s Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) last year October, and became one of the loudest supporters of the president’s re-election bid. He was generally expected to land a ministerial position if Jonathan got re-elected, as is commonplace in reward-driven Nigerian politics. With the failure of Jonathan to retain his Presidential seat, and the grim possibility of a political appointment for Peter Obi under the Muhammadu Buhari-led incoming government, the SEC appointment looks on the surface like a political settlement by Jonathan, whose last presidential acts have been dominated by hirings and firings. But, beyond the surface is a man capable of turning the tide in Nigeria’s struggling Capital Market.

Prior to venturing into politics, Peter Obi made his name in business and the banking industry, the most distinguishing of which was becoming the youngest ever Chairman in the history of top-tier lender, the Fidelity Bank PLC. His business exploits also extend to the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) industry where he led the Next International Nigeria Ltd to become a leading supplier of products to supermarkets in the country. Obi’s business foundation played a crucial role in his governance of Anambra state, the commercial hub of Southeast Nigeria. He is widely praised for attracting foreign direct investments empowering indigenous investors and industrialists for which the state is renowned.”Anambra State has the tightest envelope but despite that, he achieved a lot,” Nigeria’s finance minister, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, said of Obi in 2014. She described him as “one the brightest governors Nigeria has produced” because of whom, “Anambra has become a good reference point in the country.” In the SEC, Obi’s finance sector experience ensures he will not be out-of-depth with his new environment.

Among the SEC’s biggest challenges is the poor local participation in the capital market. While local investment in the capital market has remarkably improved in the past few years, with a disadvantaged ratio of 40-60 percent, more Nigerian businesses are direly needed in the stock market. The domination of the stock exchange by foreign investors is one of the main causes of its tumbles in the face of negative speculations or political tensions. This is one of the areas where Peter Obi’s ‘local trader’ status can have a great impact. His connections with the local business community, especially the trading and manufacturing-focused Southeast, could be exploited to get more indigenous enterprises to list in the NSE.

Peter Obi’s ‘chill guy’ factor and political savviness is another trait that the SEC could benefit from. The thin-voiced politician is a clear departure from the loud-spoken hardline boss that the exchange commission had in the controversial Aruma Oteh. Oteh had running battles with members of staff of the SEC and other industry participants. Peter Obi’s success in winning two consecutive governorships terms in Anambra, known for the hotly contested nature of its elections, means he has the leadership savviness to navigate the conflicting interests that abound in the SEC.

While Peter Obi’s appointment may have been President’s Jonathan repayment of a political debt, it may also have landed the SEC job on the right hands. That however, will be judged by Obi’s performance in office.

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China’s latest gift to Ivory Coast is a 60,000-seat stadium

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VENTURES AFRICA – When China’s Premier Li Keqiang toured Africa last year he pledged an additional $12 billion in credit and funding. The Chinese credit train is now in Ivory Coast, where China will finance the construction of a 60,000-seat stadium, which will be completed before 2021 when the West African country hosts the African Cup of Nations (AFCON).

Details of the financial structure of the stadium are not known, but the spokesman of the Ivorian sports ministry called the stadium “a gift from China,” adding that “Ivory Coast has just the space to put at its disposal.”

“The Olympic stadium of Ebimpe with 60,000 seats will allow the hosting of high-level football, athletics and rugby tournaments,” he told AFP.

The new stadium will be located in Abidjan. At the moment, the city can only boast of one stadium of international standard, the Houphouet-Boigny stadium opened in 1952. Work at the new stadium begins in January 2016 and will be completed in 2018. As part of the project, a sports city will also be constructed around the stadium in the suburb of Anyama. China is also currently building the biggest hydro-electric project in Ivory Coast, as well as a highway to connect capital Abidjan to the Ghana border.

China’s outward foreign direct investment (OFDI) flows to Africa increased from $317 million in 2004 to $2.52 billion in 2012. The country had in 2009 surpassed the United States as Africa’s largest trading partner. Although there have been several criticisms about China’s investment focus on the African continent, the country has continued to seal government-related deals and remains Africa’s biggest infrastructure investor.

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Michael Jordan shows African sportsmen how to remain top earners after retirement

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African sportsmen can a learn from Michael Jordan on how rewarding it is to make critical business decisions that will return superior earnings well beyond their playing days and mega-bucks salaries.

VENTURES AFRICA – A few months ago, Michael Jordan officially joined the world’s exclusive and elite club of billionaires after landing the $1 billion valuation this week. The impressive achievement has predictably raised the conversation of how retired athletes can remain relevant enough to attract earnings commensurate with what it was during their active days or even slightly increased.

Jordan, initially drafted in 1984 by Chicago Bulls, has gone down as a legend of basketball after a hugely successful career which saw him win an impressive array of tournaments and create a number of records. Predictably, Jordan’s sporting talent spawned a great number of commercial activity as brands sought to associate themselves with basketball’s biggest name. However, since retirement in 2003, the “Jordan brand” has gotten increasingly stronger as the athlete ventured almost immediately into entrepreneurship.

Jordan is now a clear example of how sports biggest names can remain attractively relevant and maintain significant earning potential. In comparison, we take a look at how, through three of the biggest lessons from Jordan’s story, Africa’s sports men can increase business portfolios, enhance brand strength and remain key business players in the sporting sector, well beyond their playing days.


Maintain relevance

In the age of technological advancements in media and connectivity and the fast moving nature of news and events, it is essential for retired sports men to maintain impressive relevance levels in various ways.

Henry Schafer, Executive Vice-President at the Q Score Company, a firm that measures awareness and popularity among fans, has described Jordan’s enduring popularity among fans as unique. Jordan’s Q score has topped all other sportsmen every year since 1987 except in 1990 when he was surpassed. “Jordan is unique in that he has been able to maintain that emotional connection with his consumer base for more than 25 years,” Henry Schafer told Forbes.

This enduring connection and relevance within sports fans give Jordan a unique advantage. These potential retail customers form a major part of revenue for some of Jordan’s main businesses – the Jordan Brand, a division of American sports wear giants, Nike.

Also given Jordan’s continuing appeal, he remains a big attraction for endorsements. He reportedly earned $80 million in 2012 from endorsement deals with partners such as Nike, Gatorade, Upper Deck, 2K Sports, Presbyterian Healthcare, Five Star Fragrances and Hanes. His ability to pull revenue from endorsements two decades after retirement is an incredible achievement.


Leveraging brand strength

At the peak of his powers Jordan’s brand was incredibly strong. So strong that Nike thought it smart business to fashion out a division anchored solely on Jordan’s brand name. The famous Air Jordan brand has gone down as one of Nike’s most profitable business decisions. An initial five-year deal which cost Nike $500,000 laid the foundation for The Jordan Brand. It currently generates more than $1.5 billion globally.

Such is the strength of the Jordan shoe brand that in 2012 it had 58 percent of the U.S basketball shoe market, surpassing even its parent company, Nike, which controlled only 34 percent. For sportsmen, given the relatively transient period of being profoundly elite, it can be beneficial to explore long-term avenues of creating value based on brand power. While Nike’s runaway success with the Jordan Brand is largely respected, others have registered success that is, while not comparable with Jordan’s success, also impressive.


Investment is non-negotiable 

Fewer things guarantee long-term revenue generation and as such it is crucial for sportsmen to make proper business investments when at the peak of their careers. Despite’s Jordan’s impressive earnings in sports, the former Chicago Bulls star has investments across the United States. He owns seven restaurants, a motorsports team, a car dealership and, most crucially, a 90 percent stake in the basketball team Charlotte Hornets – an investment which was largely responsible for his inclusion in the list of billionaires. Jordan’s investment in Charlotte Hornets has proven to a masterstroke as the team’s recent increase in value following the sale of LA Clippers for $2 billion had positive effects on team values in the NBA. Similarly, basketball luminary LeBron James made $30 million after Beats by Dre was acquired by Apple. Smart and forward-thinking and guided investments such as these could prove to be crucial sources of income for sportsmen in future. Jordan’s financial success off the basketball court with his current valuation as a billionaire is all the more impressive. His career earnings (salaries) totalled only $90 million, a fraction of his current billionaire valuation.

Jordan’s model can serve as a guide of sorts for Africa’s elite sports men who earn millions during their active careers to ensure that their post-retirement lives are just as financially rewarding as their sporting days.

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Africa’s Richest Man Lists 3 Major Problems Nigeria’s President-elect Should Tackle

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Africa’s wealthiest man, Alhaji Aliko Dangote, has listed three major problems facing Nigeria’s economy that the President-elect, Muhammadu Buhari needs to deal with.

Dangote is of the opinion that Buhari, once sworn in on May 29, as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, should endeavour he makes this 3 his top priorities;
1. Eradication of unemployment
2. Increment of power supply
3. Getting rid of corrupton

Dangote, while speaking with This Day, assured the president-elect that the business community will be backing his administration, adding that with President Goodluck Jonathan conceding defeat, the confidence of investors all over the world has been boosted, and that the business community would wax stronger if the president-elect tackles some urgent needs of the economy.

Speaking on unemployment, Dangote said: “It is a great and pervasive problem in Nigeria. But the point must be made that it is not peculiarly a Nigerian problem. All over the world, there are growing issues of unemployment. And what we are saying is that the in-coming government can achieve a remarkable success in this regard if it declares an emergency on unemployment and tackle it decisively. You know the organised private sector will or should play a key role in this. And that is why we are concerned.”

He further lamented the extent of damage corruption has done to Nigerian economy, describing it as a “big cankerworm that has really eaten deep into the fabric of our nation.”

“The malaise of corruption is a threat to the survival of the Nigeria economy, no doubt. We must all therefore rise in unison to tackle the menace both in the public and private sector of the economy. The Buhari-led government can show a lot of strength on this issue by showing direction, by demonstrating commitment to ridding every sector of the economy of this malaise.

“I can tell you that a lot will change in Nigeria if this issue is tackled decisively,” Dangote said.

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Choosing the Right travel gear for a Safari adventure

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VENTURES AFRICA – In contrast to many guidelines, experience has taught me one tough rule while on safari, “glamour comes last in the jungle” This is not to say that you are excused for rocking the most rugged cargo pants or dragging along century old canvas duffle. Rather it’s a clear indication that comfort and camouflage should be the pillars of your safari wardrobe. Whether trekking to catch a glimpse of gorillas up Volcanoes Mountains or using a 4WD across the Mara, the ability to get down on all fours for a perfect shot or the agility to step up to the tunes of the Masai Morans should not be stifled by your outfit.


Color and Camouflage

While the Masai shukas, a common regalia that conveys a “been there done that” on Safari in East Africa may look amazing, they could also be the reason you won’t spot any life in the wild! Its commonly known that predators and especially lions are scared away by red, which is the colour of the shukas most Masai warriors will wear as they hunt for their coming of age rituals. Avoid red by any circumstance, also, avoid white and bright clothes as they will either scare away the grazers or stir aggression in the hunters, hence minimize your chances of spotting any. Limit your colours to earthy and laid back, including browns, tans and khakis.


From Pure Cottons to Heaven-sent Absorbents!

From Iceland to the Danakil –Earth’s hottest point in northern Ethiopia, we’ve all come to appreciate the absorbent characteristic of cottons. That was till we discovered a cooler kid on the block, moisture wicking fabric as is commonly indicated on the laundry label/tag is a specially engineered process that enables absorbing and movement of moisture away from the skin, spreading across the whole garment for faster evaporation.  Moisture wicking fabrics are ideal for safari and outdoor adventure for this cooling effect. Aim for clothes that are also vented


The Cargo and the Straw Hat

Needless to say, yet a good reminder; packing light is a valued secret for a successful safari. For the ladies, you do not need that trendy sling bag, not with all the creepers and the monkeys on your path. Take advantage of the numerous pockets on your cargo pants and shirt to stick in just the necessary items like a handkerchief, sunglasses, a tube of sunscreen, extra batteries etc. Just the stuff that you will really need. As for the camera, the stronger the strap the better. Your boots too may come in handy as a secret storage for whatever extra effects that you may need to walk around with.


Breaking into your New Safari Shoe

One of the most common complaints on the safari trail is either ill-fitting shoes or too heavy pairs. Give yourself enough time to break into your safari boot before you commit it to the track less-trekked. If possible, expose your shoe to as much pressure as you will during the safari by hitting the road in it during your safari prep. Do not ignore it when the toe pinches, it can only get worse. Also, choosing the right shoe for particular adventure is just as important. While a sneaker will work for hikers, you need a tough sole but one that does not cause too much noise while exploring the Savannah due the thorny vegetation you are most likely to encounter.


A Thousand What if’s

It’s good to question your faith, it’s not merely being pessimistic – but rather acknowledging reality! So, what if it rains? Pack a light rain coat that will act as a shelter for you and your camera or smart phone. What if we are attacked by a wild animal? Refer to getting a comfortable shoe, add a professional guide to the equation. What if I’m invited for dinner or required to dress up? I’d say, don’t. Chances are everyone where you are knows and is most likely with you on the safari trip, they totally understand how transforming from an old cowboy/girl look in the wild to a sassy Cinderella on glass sandals can be hard. You are excused!


By Lilian Gaitho



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Kenyan insurer Britam to spend $1.9m on local sports sponsorship

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VENTURES AFRICA – Financial services group, British American Investment Company (Britam), yesterday, unveiled a three-year Sh75 million sponsorship agreement with Kenyan outfit, Mathare United Football Club. This is in addition to a Sh100 million invested in the branding and renovation of Nyayo National Stadium, a multi-purpose stadium situated in the capital Nairobi.

As part of the deal, which Britam director for marketing and corporate affairs Ngera Muthoga said would grow the company’s brand, the insurer will spend Sh25 million annually to support the Kenyan Premier League club while it will release Sh80 million for the next two years on branding and maintenance of Nyayo stadium facilities. Sh20 million will go to official logistics.

At a media briefing to unveil the branding deal, Culture and Arts secretary Hassan Wario noted that the ministry now looks to the private sector for sponsorship of sports activities in the country.

Following the deal, the Nyayo National Stadium, which was built in 1983, will be painted in Britam’s official colours of red, blue and white. The changing rooms, lavatories for spectators, as well as the VIP area, will also be renovated.

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2,000,000,000 Adults Worldwide Without Bank Accounts?

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While the World Bank is satisfied with the growing number of adults gradually finding their way into the banking system, about two billion are yet to have access to bank accounts, the World Bank Group President, Jim Yong Kim, reported.

Kim, yesterday, at the bank’s headquarters in Washington DC, said between 2011 and this year, 700 million people became account holders at banks and other financial institutions.

He said the development reduced the number of “unbanked” individuals by 20 per cent to two billion adults.

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Gabon named venue for next African Cup of Nations

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VENTURES AFRICA – The Confederation of African Football has announced Gabon as the host of the 2017 Africa Cup of Nations finals. The announcement was made after Gabon won a vote by the CAF executive committee in Cairo. The co-hosts of the 2012 edition beat competition from Algeria and Ghana replacing Libya, who withdrew owing to security concerns amid continuing political strife.

Gabon has also announced that four venues, Libreville, Franceville, Port Gentil and Oyem, will be used for the tournament. Officials from the country’s football federation promise that stadiums will be ready in 14 months for official use.

CAF has announced draws for the qualifying process of the 2017 tournament with thirteen groups featuring four teams each. All winners of each of the 13 groups will qualify automatically for the tournament while two best-placed runners-up will qualify as well. The final entrant will host Gabon who will play in the qualifiers but will not be awarded points.

The African Cup of Nations remains Africa’s premier football event. The last edition hosted by Equatorial Guinea, saw Ivory Coast victorious with a $10 million prize.

Draws for 2017 AFCON qualifiers:

Group A: Tunisia, Togo, Liberia, Djibouti

Group B: Democratic Republic of Congo, Angola, Central African Republic, Madagascar

Group C: Mali, Equatorial Guinea, Benin, South Sudan

Group D: Burkina Faso, Uganda, Botswana, Comoros

Group E: Zambia, Congo, Kenya, Guinea Bissau

Group F: Cape Verde, Morocco, Libya, Sao Tome

Group G: Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Chad

Group H: Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Mauritius

Group I: Ivory Coast, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Gabon

Group J: Algeria, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Seychelles

Group K: Senegal, Niger, Namibia, Burundi

Group L: Guinea, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland

Group M: Cameroon, South Africa, The Gambia, Mauritania




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Rihanna and Beyoncé unveil new music via Jay-Z’s Tidal

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The first wave of exclusives on the streaming site have been released, while Lily Allen claims the ‘expensive’ service will lead to more piracy

Rihanna poses at a special screening of animated movie Home in March 2015

Tidal waves … Rihanna. 

The Easter weekend saw two of the biggest pop stars on the planet debut new material via Tidal. First was Beyoncé’s Die With You, before Rihanna’s American Oxygen music video premiered exclusively on Jay Z’s streaming service.

Following the release of Bitch Better Have My Money, Rihanna’s latest single comes with a more political message, its video fusing together footage of historical events in American history, such as Barack Obama’s inauguration, the Ferguson riots and the 9/11 terrorist attacks. Beyoncé’s Die With You, meanwhile, is a sparse piano ballad written as a seventh wedding anniversary gift to her husband, Jay Z.

While Rihanna’s latest is still only accessible through Tidal, ripped footage of Die With You emerged on YouTube soon after it was launched on the streaming service on 4 April.

One artist quick to note Tidal’s potential vulnerability in the face of piracy was Lily Allen, who took to Twitter to voice her concerns. “I love Jay Z so much, but TIDAL is [so] expensive compared to other perfectly good streaming services,” she wrote. “He’s taken the biggest artists & made them exclusive to TIDAL… people are going to swarm back to pirate sites in droves sending traffic to torrent sites.”

Allen continued: “Up and coming artists are going to suffer as a result. Maybe I’m missing something, and really it’s amazing and will change everything for the better.”

The service, which was officially launched on 30 March and charges £19.99 a month, hopes to create a platform which will “allow art to flourish”, according to Jay Z, who purchased the company in March.


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Bush and beach: your best bets for a relaxing Easter celebration

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VENTURES AFRICA –  Easter is a time for family, friends and much. It’s a time to sit back, relax and forget the worries of the months gone and celebrate in the tidings of the New Year. Whether your description of “fun and refreshing” is a lazy afternoon sunbathing along East Africa’s pristine beaches or an adrenaline pumping moments up the snow-capped mountains in the region, we bring you a couple of good bets that will not let you down come the Easter weekend.

Surfing in Vilankulos, Mozambique


One of the islands in the Bazaruto Archipelago in Mozambique, Vilankulos is an ideal spot for the surfing enthusiast as it is renowned for the right knots and glassy waist-deep waters. The best part of this exclusive Easter experience is that anyone; both the beginner and the professional can indulge in the waves as there are enough qualified instructors and clubs which provide well maintained equipment for hire. In itself, Vilankulos is a dazzling jewel that offers perfect refreshment and relaxation away from the daily routine. Try dhow sailing, snorkeling and deep sea fishing as part of the weekend activities.

Diving in Diani, Kenya


Diani has always been a favorite. Voted Best African Beach in the last World Travel Awards, its pristine white sands and sun kissed coral are the perfect location to ease off the fatigue gathered from the first quarter. Diani is located 30 kilometers south of the Kenyan coastal town of Mombasa. The beach is quite popular for water sporting activities. The stretch of tranquil white waters, soft and clean sands, as well as many luxurious and well services waterfront accommodation makes Diani a perfect location for unforgettable Easter memories.

Rafting in the River Nile- Jinja, Uganda


This is probably reserved for holiday makers looking for an adrenaline rush to get them through the long weekend. The spectacular waters are home to some of the world’s finest rafting adventure on the longest river on the face of the earth.  Just a few minutes away from its gentle source in Lake Victoria, the Nile breaks into a roar and gathers momentum between the numerous fierce rapids along the densely forested islands, waking in its trail, a sense of wonder and adventure. You can combine this experience with other activities such as kayaking, bungee jumping, a dinner cruise or game viewing from the banks of the Nile.

Family Fun-time in Zanzibar


If relaxing with family, perhaps Zanzibar is your best bet. The catch in one of East Africa’s oldest settlements is in its ease of accessibility to Tanzani’as main party – Dar es Salaam. Apart from lazy hours whiled away listening to the breaking waves and the ocean breeze, a tour of Pemba Island, once the world leading clove producer and a sight-seeing at the historical Stone town will make a fresh and very educative trip for school-going children. Features to explore include the House of wonders, time-old mosques, cathedrals and museum. Snorkeling, fishing expeditions and sunset cruises will do great in spicing up the Easter experience.

Curling Up in Cape Maclear – Malawi


Right in the heart of Malawi, Cape Maclear exudes the phrase “the warm heart of Africa” to a whole different level. This term, a fond reference to the Malawian people due to their warmth and friendliness conjures visions of warm, relaxing and refreshing holiday memories as experienced on the stretches of powder-fine sands. Cape Maclear is also said to be a haven for water sport lovers who can indulge in activities such as sailing and diving.

Indulge in “The Taste of Our Diversity” at the Lamu Festival!


This Easter, the old town of Lamu has yet another exhilarating experience for the foodies and the culture enthusiast. The inaugural 2015 Food Expo and Festival is a great weekend hang out, bringing together hundreds of local as well as international tourists. You can schedule fascinating trips to explore the natural beauty of the city as well as new upcoming luxurious beach resorts such as the world renowned The Majlis Resort.


By Lilian Gaitho



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Will Buhari’s presidency restore sanity to Nigeria’s sport sector?

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VENTURES AFRICA – On March 28, Nigerians made a historic choice. For the first time ever, an incumbent President suffered defeat at the polls in what many regard a milestone moment in Nigeria’s democracy. Already, many analysts are reporting on what President-Elect Muhammadu Buhari’s emergence will mean for the country’s politics and economy. In what appears to be a first sign of progress, market indices improved rapidly after the announcement of Buhari’s victory as Nigeria’s all-share index jumped 8.3 percent. With financial experts suggesting that the markets will be more responsive to a Buhari Presidency even before the polls, it appears the positive gains in the market could be long-term.

Whilst economic experts break down possible effects of a Buhari presidency on Nigeria’s polity and economy, we take a deeper look at what impact it might on the country’s sporting sector.


Buhari has previously served as Nigeria’s leader with a two year stint at the helm of affairs between 1983 and 1985. In that period, despite his disposition as a military dictator, Buhari was notably keen on meritorious appointments in key positions. Having returned as a reformed democrat, it is unlikely that the man fondly referred to as the People’s General will deviate from the norm. This is excellent news for the sports sector as given the right appointments and the emphasis on following due process and protocol, Nigeria’s sports sector could be set to witness its most stable and qualified leadership in years. Over time, one of the main reservations of insiders has been the relative lack of professional expertise in sports administration among the upper brass of decision makers in Nigeria’s sports industry. But with the possibility of appointments based less on political leanings and more of qualifications and merit, a lack of direction and vision could well be a thing of the past.

Corruption and spending

Just as it has bedeviled other sectors of Nigeria, corruption has stalled development in Nigerian sports. A lack of accountability has consistently meant that funding has been shambolic while whatever progress was made in corporate partnership was shrouded in questionable secrecy. One of Buhari’s famous governance policies is zero tolerance of corruption and again, this is excellent news for the industry. Not only will there be funds but those in charge of these funds will be accountable for them and when need be, will be held accountable for irregular activity. History is replete with national teams being underfunded while ministry officials live luxuriously but if history is anything to go by, all that will be nonexistent under Buhari. In the event that funds are provided and distributed when due, various sporting federations can rapidly enjoy growth and development.


With the aforementioned in place, a Buhari presidency could well set the stage for strategy to thrive. Long-term planning and strategy requires the alignment of various factors but with vision and direction from qualified leaders and financial discipline across board, whatever set goals will have far higher chances of being achieved. One of the main focus areas of the central strategy team will be to develop a multi-sports economy. Nigeria is historically a football nation and this has led to the neglect of other sports. Forward thinking nations, however skilled and popular their national football teams may be, have taken to ensuring equitable development across various sports as this has a ripple effect on the sports economy. First, there is wider infrastructural development with a larger pool of athletes coming through training programs. With proper nurturing, talented athletes can emerge as professionals and compete on bigger platforms. The development of multiple sports also means the provision of jobs for various coaching and administrative professionals in the field and can also lead to more possibilities for corporate partnership. Perhaps if in need of ideas, the new leaders of the strategy can look to South Africa who have had excellent results in their sports sector which various sports- cricket, rugby, football, basketball, golf and cycling- all thriving not just in sporting terms but also financially. Africa’s largest sports economy, without doubt, is South Africa’s but Nigeria- with the right thinking- can rival it.

The good news for sports industry insiders and enthusiasts is that a Buhari presidency means exactly that- a new beginning.



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Africa’s most affordable destinations to spend this Easter

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Travel is the best gift you can give yourself and your family this Easter. With so much going on around this time, it may be overwhelming to plan a worthwhile last minute trip that is both fulfilling and easy on your wallet. To help you through the back-breaking task of finding the perfect holiday destination, we, in collaboration with Jovago, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Website, have selected five of the most affordable last minute destinations for Easter vacation.


Ibadan, Nigeria

easter ibadan

Right next to Lagos, the commercial capital of Nigeria, Ibadan rests snugly between the ever vibrant Lagos and the rest of Yorubaland. Fun seekers will have the time of their lives visiting places like Agodi Gardens, Fun Factory and the zoo. Travel to Ibadan this Easter for a stress-free vacation you will cherish for years to come.


Accra, Ghana

easter accra

Ghana is always a delight for many who want an international holiday as well as the convenience of being close to home. Tourists from Nigeria can visit for the weekend and be on their way after a few days of intense fun. Visit Accra this Easter for a chance to mix with people of different cultures and get a taste of Ghanaian traditions.


Enugu, Nigeria

easter enugu

In the midst of southern Nigeria, Enugu draws the charm of the cities that surround it making the city an eclectic mix of Igbo cultures from around the country. Enugu, which means “hill top” has a serene landscape of hilly terrain combined with an inviting atmosphere for relaxation. It is great for a time out in the wide open country.


Labadi Beach, Ghana

easter labadi

Labadi Beach has been named one of the busiest beaches in Ghana and for good reason. The beach has every form of entertainment to keep you on your toes from day to night. With live bands and musical performances happening everyday, there is never a dull moment of Labadi Beach. Relax is this exclusive part of Ghana for a breathtaking Easter experience.


Nakuru, Kenya

easter nakuru

Venture out into Eastern Africa and choose one of the most diverse cities in Kenya as your oyster. Nakuru is home to millions of flamingoes that line the Lake Nakuru in search of food. They give the city a unique identity and draw visitors from around the world to this magnificent city. If you’re looking for adventure and a little outdoor experience, spend this Easter in Nakuru, Kenya.



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New music: Babyboy ft. Samklef – Trapped In Limbo

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Blue Sky Records Super Signing “Babyboy” links up with Ace Producer and Songwriter “Samklef” in the creation of this dope joint titled ” Trapped In Limbo”

“Trapped In Limbo” is a modern day hip hop classic. That kind of sound that would entice and spice up your musical taste buds. You haven’t heard any tune like it before, it is a unique sound, well orchestrated and ready to hit the Nigerian music industry.

Don’t get Told, Flow with the wave, Feel the vibe. Enjoy!!

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