How much did the Mayweather vs Pacquaio bout generate?

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VENTURES AFRICA – Before the big fight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao, many boxing, sports marketing and business experts had various projections for revenues. There were few doubts that the fight was going to create history as former HBO Sports President Ross Greenburg said “I have no doubt in my mind that this fight will set the record [but] how high will it go?”
Days after the fight, that question is finally answered as bean counters are almost done sorting through receipts, balance sheets and bank statements to ascertain, once and for all, the number of records broken, revenues generated and also how much the various stakeholders made.
While it may not have lived up to expectations in the ring, the fight lived up to its billings as regards revenue projections.
Here is a summary of how much revenue was generated via pay per view (PPV) buys and revenues as well as broadcast rights sales, live gates, closed circuit broadcast and sponsorship.
PPV revenue was always going to account for the largest slice of the pie and it did. The final numbers, jointly announced by HBO and Showtime, revealed that there was a total of 4.4 million buys which surpasses the previous record of 2.4 million buys set during the 2007 fight between Oscar De La Hoya and Mayweather.
PPV revenues also smashed the $400 million ceiling-with prices set at $89.95 for regular views and $99.95 for High Definition views, breaking the $150 million record set for Mayweather’s fight against Canelo Alvarez in 2013.
The live gates revenue for paid attendance, according to the Nevada Athletic Commission, stood at 16,219. The gates generated around $71 million- another record. The gate earnings surpassed the current record ($20 million) by $50 million and is greater than the sum of gate earnings for both of Mayweather’s last two big fights in Nevada- $20 million against Alvarez and $18 million against De La Hoya.
MGM Resorts recorded revenues of $6.9 million from closed-circuit broadcast tickets as the fight was unavailable on pay per view in Las Vegas and as such people interested had to pay to watch on closed-circuit at various MGM properties across Las Vegas. Closed-circuit tickets were sold at $150.
Sponsorship brought in over $11 million with Paramount Pictures, Weinstein Company, Mexico Tourism Board, Smart Communications and Tecate beer all paying millions in sponsorship dollars
About a week before the fight, revenue from international broadcast sales were estimated at $35 million but with more international distribution deals agreed only two days before the fight, that figure could well be dwarfed. In total, rights for the fight was distributed in 175 countries.
The final big number for revenue generated from the mega fight will surpass $500 million from all indications.

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Three lessons Africa can learn from South Africa’s soccer league

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VENTURES AFRICA – The South African Premier Soccer League was wrapped up over the weekend as Kaizer Chiefs emerged champions for the fourth time in their history. The South African league is widely regarded as one of the best in Africa and following the conclusion of yet another successful season, the rest of the continent could learn a thing or two from the South African Premier Soccer League (PSL).

Offer Value

Like most other sports in South Africa, the football league has been significantly monetized. The premier division is sponsored by ABSA, a financial services provider while the cup competitions also have notable corporate sponsorship and partnership with corporate luminaries like Nedbank and MTN being heavily involved. The main reason corporate partnership has proven to be viable is that the South African football league offers real value to these brands. With the fans of various clubs all deeply passionate about their clubs, games are well attended with promising TV audiences also chalked up. With an audience to leverage, marketing the league has been ultimately easier but it has to be said that the organizers of the league have done incredible jobs with ensuring stadium security, minimal crowd violence and affordable ticketing. With all these in place, the South African league captures attention and eyeballs thus providing sponsor brands with an avenue to deepen relationships and immerse themselves into customers’ conversations.

Organization is vital

Unlike Nigeria where haphazard fixture lists and questionable refereeing is prevalent and in North Africa where fan violence is a saddening but reoccurring event, South Africa stands out for its impeccable organization standards. League fixtures are properly scheduled ensuring hitch free seasons and thus securing optimal value from television rights deals which represents another major revenue stream for the PSL. It is not quite as monstrous as the figures commanded by the English Premier League but it remains an important source of revenue to keep the league profitable and plays a key role in ensuring that clubs are also well rewarded. Kaizer Chiefs, 2015 champions, received about $836,000 for their triumph while Kano Pillars, current champions of Nigeria’s Professional Football League banked 10.2 percent of that amount -$86,000- for their title win last year. South Africa’s PSL paid out a total prize money pool of $2.4 million while Nigeria’s NPFL paid out $433,00 last year. Clearly, organization, execution and consistent branding does have its rewards.

Fan power

More than anywhere else in Africa, South African football has harvested the interest of its fans. The league organizers, as earlier pointed out, have taken steps and undergone measures to ensure that stadiums are kept violence-free and are conducive for fan attendance. Extra care has also been taken to channel the passion of the fans to boost the league’s popularity and its standing. Perhaps the biggest indication of the strength of the passion for the South Africa PSL is the Soweto derby which truly went global in 2013. Across the Caribbean, Latin America, Australia and New Zealand, the March 2013 derby was shown in 24 million households. The game was broadcast in another 83 million households in America while other regions such as the Middle East and the United Kingdom also got a piece of the broadcast pie. Half of the spectacle of the Soweto derby is provided by the fans with the players having to do the rest. While there are documented instances of clubs struggling to fill 2010 World Cup stadiums which radically stimulated the game in South Africa and also addressed its previous infrastructure deficit, there can be little doubts that attendances at games are improving and will continue to do so. This part is crucial, not just for South Africa but for the rest of Africa, as gate fees are the highest component of global sports revenue and particularly within the context of Africa where the other components- media rights, merchandizing and sponsorship- are not as optimized as can be, the fans can be the lifeblood of leagues in more ways than one.

If leagues in Africa were to be rated , South Africa’s PSL, given its excellent branding and execution as well monetization, will make a good claim for first place and other league organizers across the African continent looking to improve their local leagues can borrow a few leaves from the PSL’s playbook.


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Burundi in crisis: Army General says President deposed, government dismisses coup

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VENTURES AFRICA – Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza has rebuffed the dismissal of his government announced by a senior ranking army officer, Major General Godefroid Niyombare. Niyombare, the president’s former Intelligence chief, announced this morning that he was dismissing President Pierre Nkurunziza for violating the constitution by seeking a third term, and was working with civil society groups to form a transitional government. But his statement was immediately dismissed as “a joke” by the president’s media adviser.

Major General Godefroid Niyombare was fired by Nkurunziza as intelligence chief in February for discouraging the president from running for a third term. French news network RFI reported then that the president was warned by his one-time close ally that seeking another term could plunge the country into chaos, an advise that the president has now officially rejected. 
In late April, Nkurunziza announced his decision to run for a third term in office triggering widespread protests that his candidacy violates the country’s constitution – which mandates a maximum of two term limits. The president has so far refused local and international pressure to back down from contesting, arguing that in his first term, he was elected by MPs, not through a general election.
Nkurunziza’s dogged desire for a third term has angered Major General Niyombare and several other senior ranking officers. At a military barracks, surrounded by ranking officers in the army and police, he told reporters; “regarding President Nkurunziza’s arrogance and defiance of the international community which advised him to respect the constitution and Arusha peace agreement, the committee for the establishment of the national concord decide: President Nkurunziza is dismissed, his government is dismissed too.” The action of the Niyombare-led officers has drawn wide praise from many of the Burundians who have been protesting the president’s third term bid.
Reuters say the General’s announcement drew crowds of people onto the streets of Burundi’s capital, cheering and singing, as soldiers surrounded the state broadcaster building. However, the situation is still very unclear if the General’s forces have taken over power. The South African Foreign Ministry, which is monitoring the situation in Burundi closely, said it was too early to determine whether the move amounted to a coup.
President Nkurunziza is currently in Tanzania meeting with East African leaders and a top official from South Africa to discuss the crisis that is threatening to throw the country into another war and further destabilize the region. The fate of those talks are currently unknown given the new development. The United Nations High Commission for Refugees (UNHCR) has warned that the crisis was heading towards a “worst case scenario” that could see 300,000 people fleeing. At the moment, over 50,000 people have fled to neighbouring states.

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Watch The Official Ted 2 Trailer Here

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Coming this June, the movie features Amanda Seyfried, Mark Walhberg, Morgan Freeman, American football quarterback, Tom Brady, and Seth Macfarlane as Ted.

The first installment was a box office hit and audiences all over the world can’t wait to see the magic performed again in this second part.

Watch the trailer below

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African First Ladies Summit leadership: Patience Jonathan denies blocking Buhari’s wife

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First Lady Mrs Patience Jonathan has denied allegations of plotting to prevent wife of the President-elect, Aisha Buhari from replacing her as President of the African First Ladies Peace Mission (AFLPM). Mrs Jonathan had in April sent out a letter of invitation to other first Ladies calling for the 8th AFLPM summit to be held in Abuja on May 15th where they will discuss on how to facilitate a smooth and formal hand over to the new Executive Committee that will pilot the affairs of the Peace Mission for the next two years, a move some people found to be against Mrs Buhari assuming her position after May 29th when her husband will have been sworn in.

In a statement released by her media aide, Mr. Ayo Adewuyi, Mrs Jonathan said there was an understanding in the Mission that the summit will hold on the15th of May, 2015 if Pres. Jonathan loses the 2015 Presidential election. The statement after the cut

“Our attention has been drawn to various newspapers and social media reports alleging that Nigeria hosting of 8th Summit of the African First Ladies Peace Mission Summit on May 15, 2015 is a grand design by the First Lady, Dame (Dr) Patience Faka Jonathan to either “rig out” or “deny” the in-coming First Lady, Hajia Aisha Buhari the opportunity to assume the Presidency and host the said summit in the absence of the incumbent. We would have ignored this barrage of uncharitable fallacies, but for the fact that the mischief makers have not relented in their efforts to deceive the unsuspecting members of the public with lies and half truth, hence this clarification to set the record straight. It would be recalled that Nigeria’s Hajia Turai Yar’Adua was elected President of the African First Ladies Peace Mission during the 6th Summit in February 2008 in Congo Brazzaville for a term of two years. Her tenure ought to have come to an end in 2010 when she should have organized a Summit to elect a successor and hand over accordingly. The unfortunate incident that led to her sudden exit from office is well known and need not be mentioned here. This inability of the former President to officially hand over created a leadership vacuum in the African First Ladies Peace Mission for some time until Her Excellency, Dame Patience Jonathan was prevailed upon by her colleagues, the African First Ladies to convene the Summit in July 2012 at which she was subsequently  elected President to serve for two years. For the avoidance of doubt, according to its internal regulation, the tenure of office of President of African First Ladies Peace Mission is for a period of two years only. This therefore implies that the tenure of office of the incumbent President ought to have ended in 2014, when a fresh election should have held for a new Executive”the statement read.

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CCTV footage shows nurse brutally beating newborn baby

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The horrific moment a 4-day old baby was battered and bitten by a nurse that was supposed to be taking care of her has been captured on CCTV and has shocked millions around the world. Bulgarian nurse Emiliya Kovacheva has been arrested and charged with attempted murder after CCTV footage caught the savage attack on the new born baby called Nicole. She now faces up to 20 years in prison.

The injuries the baby sustained from the assault were so severe, doctors feared she might not survive. The nurse told prosecutors she was so “frustrated” by the baby, who would not stop crying. Watch the video and read the full report after the cut…

This is the full account of the story published in the Youtube page where the video is. The woman below…

 This is the horrific moment a tiny newborn baby was battered and bitten by a nurse who was supposed to be caring for her. Chilling CCTV footage captures the moment savage Emiliya Kovacheva repeatedly beat and then bit the four-day-old tot. The baby girl, called Nicole, was being kept under observation at the Sofiamed hospital in Bulgaria after having been born a few days earlier. The shocking attack was initially feared to be so brutal that the baby would either not survive or be brain damaged. Medics worked around the clock to treat little Nicole and it is thought that she will now fully recover from the ordeal. The nurse was arrested after the CCTV images revealed the reason why the child had suddenly ended up with the injuries including bite marks.

Prosecutors claim Kovacheva, who has been charged with attempted murder, was frustrated by the fact that the newborn would not go to sleep, and decided to punish it for waking up the other babies. The nurse initially denied doing anything wrong until the shocking CCTV footage emerged at which point she admitted hitting the baby. Her defence is pushing for a charge of inflicting grievous bodily harm, but if they lose and the nurse is accused of attempted murder, she faces up to 20 years behind bars.

Hospital spokesman Boriana Marinkova said: “The most important thing for a child’s parents is to see how the baby will recover, other things are not so important.” But others are pushing for the most severe punishment possible. Bulgaria actor Aleksandr Kadiev gave an interview on the incident saying that the woman should get the death penalty.One person posted a comment online condemning the shocking incident.

They wrote: “This video was so disturbing I haven’t been able to get the images out of my mind since I saw them. I’ve never seen anything so horrific. I say if you’re that stressed and feel you’ve reached your breaking point, then leave the building, go stay with a friend, call someone who cares! My heart goes out to the parent of this baby. I pray she doesn’t suffer any brain damage.”

The video below…

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Some PDP governors reportedly planning to form new party

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According to a report by Channels TV, some PDP governors, particularly those who formed what was referred to as the new PDP in December 2013, are planning to form a new party following the crisis that is currently rocking the PDP after its loss at the presidential elections.

According to the report, it is not clear what the name or acronym the new party will bear but the break away is a signal that some of the leaders of the PDP have eventually aired their grievances on what they referred to as ill treatment meted out to some of them by people within the leadership of the party.

Former Vice President Atiku Abubakar, six Northern governors and Rivers State Governor Rotimi Amaechi in September 2013 moved to create a new PDP following some major disagreements with the national leadership of the party. 6 of them have since defected to the APC while two of the governors, Niger state Governor Aliyu Babangida and Jigawa state Sule Lamido stayed back in PDP

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Edo state governor, Adams Oshiomole set to re-marry this Friday

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Governor of Edo state, Adams Oshiomole is reportedly getting ready to re-marry, 5 years after losing his first wife, Clara, to cancer in 2010.

According to sources close to the governor, Governor Oshiomole will be getting married to Miss Lala Forte at the Etsako West Local Government Council Marriage Registry, Auchi on Friday May 15th by 10am. Reception will take place at the People’s Hall in Iyamho, Edo state.

Oshiomhole has already sent out a personally signed letter to friends and associates inviting them to his wedding. Now going to look for pics of the girl. I hear she’s non-Nigeria & is a former air-hostess.

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Senate in final battle with President

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Buhari to get Jonathan’s handover notes May 28

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Shoplifter Stuffs N20,000 Worth Of Groceries Up Her Vagina

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There is crime, and there is insanity. The owners of the shop did not press charges because to them it was the latter.

Holly Fray from Pitson, Pennsylvania had a genius idea for shoplifting goods. Keen eyed store employees noticed the very resourceful thief shoving food up her dress and called the police.

Thinking she was hiding the goodies in her underwear (no pun…), Police gave her pat down but did not feel anything…then some oranges dropped and rolled to the floor. Oranges! Several!

Well, Officer Felicia Anne, a 10 year vet of the police force arrived to carry out the more in depth search and she discovered that the goods that rolled out were just the tip. Officer Anne discovered a mini store in the woman’s vagina – a dozen eggs, bread, milk, a few more oranges, as well as a full porterhouse and a rack of bacon were in there, plus a lot more.

The store didn’t press charges against the thief because they said the situation was too funny.

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