Gorgeous! Bollywood Darling, Ashwarya Rai Stuns At The Cannes Film Festival

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She is still considered one of the most beautiful women in the world.

Bollywood actress and former beauty queen, Ashwarya Rai, was spotted at the Cannes film festival looking all shades of beautiful.

The actress who had not made any major appearance in five years was there to promote her new film, Jazbaa.

A Loreal ambassador, Ashwarya did not disappoint with her looks and hair.

Clad in an Oscar de la Renta 2015 fall collection, Aishwarya was a dream.

Check on the photos

Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai 3

Aishwarya Rai 2Ca

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Fights Canceled On VH1 Hit Show, Love And Hip Hop Atlanta

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Your daily dose of ratchedness has been reduced.

If you are a fan of the hit show, Love and Hip Hop Atlanta, then you probably know this much, ratchedness lives there.

The large cast, made up of artistes, entertainers. managers, baby daddies, baby mamas, tattoo-carrying-cuss-words-loving people and overwhelming drama, have no chill whatsoever.

And this means when fights break out, sometimes people go all out to vent. Sometimes, punches are thrown and weaves are pulled.

No kidding.

No be only Naija sabi fight like that.

But, as much as you might like to watch grown ass adults play the fool on TV for your entertainment, the Sponsors are having none of that.

An emergency meeting has been scheduled and cast members have been warned to limit their anger display to throwing words around.

Anyone who tries to fight would be suspended without pay.

And who wants to risk their money and job just for reality TV fight?

So people, you wan watch fight? Tune in to a station that shows boxing/wrestling.

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Video: Jahbless Ft Olamide, Reminisce, Lil kesh & CDQ – 69 Missed Calls

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After the success of the JAHBLESS’ gele song titled “Owambe”, here comes another banging video from the “Joor Oh” crooner” titled “69 Missed Calls” featuring Olamide, Reminisce, Lil kesh and CDQ. The video was directed by Unlimited LA.Watch and Enjoy!! Watch On YouTube, Here
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American Museum honours Dame Vivienne Westwood with fashion exhibition

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The Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) in Georgia yesterday announced it would be playing host to an exhibition in honour of acclaimed fashion designer Vivienne Westwood.  The exhibition titled Dame Vivienne Westwood, Dress Up Story – 1990 Until Now,  is curated by SCAD Trustee André Leon Talley, at the SCAD Museum of Art.

From Westwood’s groundbreaking Spring/Summer ’91 collection Cut, Slash, and Pull through the current collections, Dress Up Story highlights more than 33 designs realized in collaboration with her creative partner and husband Andreas Kronthaler.

The British designer is also known as a nonconformist, artist, and an activist who has lent her voice to environmental causes. The exhibition features garments, accessories, and fashion show footage that highlight her innovative pattern making, instinctual use of fabrics, and distinctive technique.

My clothes are more subversive than they’ve ever been,” said Dame Vivienne. “In a world of conformity, they offer a real choice.” Her oeuvre remains a poignant representation of contemporary life, as she skillfully deconstructs and arranges symbolic cultural elements into new and surprising creative designs.

Curator of the exhibition André Leon Talley took inspiration from an eccentric British celebration, describing the exhibition as “A post modern romp of a weekend party where the swells meet the activists, where the rogues go vogue, and the vogues go rogue.”

Selections from the SCAD Museum of Art’s Earle W. Newton collection of British and American paintings, hung salon style, create a backdrop for the revolutionary flair of the garments.  Dame Vivienne adds, “Our costumes are romantic and theatrical, inspired by history. We know the characters they belong to. Whoever chooses to wear them re-creates the clothes in her own image making them classics. She inhabits a parallel world – like this one but more ideal. Andreas and I have been designing for 25 years, living and working together. It’s our story. We always dress up.”

The exhibition will take place from May 19 through September 13, 2015

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Was the Iraq War a Crime or a Mistake? Yes.

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Pretty much everybody in American politics now agrees that the Iraq War was not a great idea. The source of disagreement has moved, instead, to a different question: Was it a failure, or a crime? Republicans insist the Bush administration was merely the victim of bad intelligence. “I still say it was not a mistake,” says Marco Rubio, “because the president was presented with intelligence that said Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.”

Liberal critics reject the honest-mistake explanation. “The Iraq war wasn’t an innocent mistake, a venture undertaken on the basis of intelligence that turned out to be wrong,” replies Paul Krugman, “America invaded Iraq because the Bush administration wanted a war.” And the liberal critics are correct that the war was not merely an honest mistake. But they have framed their indictment of the Bush administration’s intelligence manipulation in such a way as to help it, and its defenders, evade the truth.

It is true that western intelligence agencies badly overestimated Iraq’s weapons capability before the invasion. The Clinton administration, France, Hans Blix, among other sources, all suspected Saddam Hussein of continuing to harbor weapons of mass destruction. They all suffered from a widespread intelligence failure.
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The Bush administration’s strategy from the outset has been to hide behind this failure of intelligence. In 2004, Republicans in Congress insisted that an investigatory panel could only delve into the ways in which the intelligence community failed, and not how the White House manipulated intelligence. “Republicans have used their political control over both houses of Congress to focus inquiries by the Senate and House Intelligence Committees almost solely on the judgments reached by intelligence agencies rather than on the public statements issued by the White House or the administration itself,” reported the New York Times in February, 2004. Instead, the Republicans allowed for a commission, chaired by Democrat Chuck Robb and Republican Laurence Silberman, that would avoid judging the administration’s culpability. “Our executive order did not direct us to deal with the use of intelligence by policymakers, and all of us were agreed that that was not part of our inquiry,” noted the Robb-Silberman report.

Republicans all along have deflected the accusation about Bush falsifying intelligence by turning it into a question of failed intelligence. In 2005, David Brooks wrote a witheringly condescending column portraying Reid as an unhinged conspiracy theorist because he accused the administration of falsifying its Iraq intelligence. In his column, Brooks cited numerous officials from outside the Bush administration who believed Iraq harbored weapons of mass destruction. Therefore, Brooks concluded, only a conspiratorial loon would suspect Bush of manipulating the intelligence. (Brooks’s column repeatedly describes Reid as “writing important notes in crayon on the outside of envelopes.”)

A second report, the “Phase II report,” which came out in 2008, did investigate the administration’s manipulation of intelligence. Its verdict was clear: “the Administration repeatedly presented intelligence as fact when in reality it was unsubstantiated, contradicted, or even non-existent.” Incredibly, conservatives have continued to portray the Iraq intelligence question as a simple innocent failure. “Bush’s critics, both the dishonest and the foolish, called him a liar for the mistake. But as the 2005 bipartisan Robb-Silberman report on the intelligence leading up to the war noted, it was the CIA’s “own independent judgments — flawed though they were — that led them to conclude Iraq had active WMD programs,” argued a Wall Street Journal editorial. This wasn’t from 2005. This editorial ran last week!

In his column today, Brooks also cites Robb-Silberman as proof that the Bush administration did not manipulate intelligence. “There’s a fable going around now that the intelligence about Iraqi weapons of mass destruction was all cooked by political pressure, that there was a big political conspiracy to lie us into war,” he writes. “That doesn’t gibe with the facts. Anybody conversant with the Robb-Silberman report from 2005 knows that this was a case of human fallibility.”

This is how the dodge works. Step 1: Prevent a Senate report from looking into whether the administration lied. Step 2: Ignore the existence of the report that did show the administration lied. Step 3: Pretend that an intelligence failure and a deliberate effort to cook the intelligence are mutually exclusive. It was a mistake, therefore it could not have also been a crime.

The trouble is that critics like Krugman are also presenting the crime-versus-mistake question in mutually exclusive terms. “The public justifications for the invasion were nothing but pretexts, and falsified pretexts at that,” argues Krugman. This case unwittingly abets the Bush administration’s defense. After all, if the debate is whether the intelligence was manipulated or flawed, the Bush administration can supply plenty of evidence for the latter. The Bush administration was the victim of bad intelligence, but also the perpetrator. Its defense lies in pretending that those two things cannot both be the case.

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–Relegation dogfight gets keener

Hull City seem the likeliest of teams down the foot of the table to go down with a defeat vs Manchester United. As they host United, victory is a sine qua non and hope for other results to go their way, in order to remain in the top flight.

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What are your expectations in this game? Will Hull City win to enhance their survival in the Premier League or do you expect a victory for Man United?

Newcastle United who have been on a poor run of form and are also in deep trouble on the relegation zone welcome West Ham while champions Chelsea who lost 3-0 to West Bromwich Albion on Monday welcome Sunderland. These are games that could have bearings on our feature match of the weekend.

Who will be the players to watch on both sides in the Hull City versus Man United game?

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Are Nigerians unemployed or underemployed?

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VENTURES AFRICA – The discussion about unemployment in political debates around the world has finally landed in Nigeria. A lot of this was seen in the run-up to the 2015 presidential elections, with a considerable part of the fact-based debates anchored on jobs created as against jobs that could be created.

A lot has been said of the definition of an unemployed person and how unemployment is measured, which varies from country to country. Some countries count insured unemployed only, some count those in receipt of welfare benefit only, some count the disabled and other permanently unemployable people, some countries count those who choose (and are financially able) not to work, supported by their spouses and caring for a family, some count students at college and others use household surveys to estimate, each with its own strengths and weaknesses.

Nigeria to all intents and purposes, aligns with the definition of the International Labour Organization (ILO), which also uses household surveys in estimating the number of unemployed. The ILO states that unemployment refers to those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work. This definition however puts a spin to what the results of a job creation survey in Nigeria would be; due to the social make-up of the Nigerians. A recent study by the Gates Foundation and the Clinton Foundation showed that Nigerian women lead the pack of female entrepreneurs in the world and are 4 times more likely to become entrepreneurs than their counterparts in the US. The reasons quite frankly, are simple, as while the US and many developed nations have unemployment benefits and other social security income for their citizens, the social safety nets in Nigeria simply don’t exist; so, it’s down to the simple options: to work or to starve.

This easily explains why Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest labour force participation rate in the world, according to the ILO’s 2015 employment trends report, estimated at 70.9 percent, compared with a global average of 63.5 percent in 2014. In addition, unemployment, at a rate just under 8% in 2014, is expected to remain stable across the region through to 2016. The youth-to-adult employment ratio is 1.9 – the lowest of all regions worldwide and without a doubt, Sub-Saharan Africa has the highest rate of working poverty and vulnerable employment across all regions.

Again, one seeks to ask, how this can be so with Africa exhibiting the highest poverty rates in the world. The answers lie in the definitions and targeting of core unemployed people (those who are currently not working but are willing and able to work for pay, currently available to work, and have actively searched for work) and the public’s mental addition of the sub-regions underemployed population (people not having enough paid work or not doing work that makes full use of their skills and abilities). While the number of underemployed people remains high within the region, the unemployment rate remains low.

Mr. Oladele, a secondary school teacher in Lagos, when asked how many unemployed people(by definition) he knew, responded by saying the society doesn’t have much room for such individuals. “If you don’t work, you don’t eat” he said, “even the bible states that. Of Course there are a few fresh graduates looking for white collar jobs who can fall into this definition, but hunger doesn’t keep them there for long, as before long they are forced into the streets to hustle a living for themselves”.

Yomi Fawehinmi, a pastor, says that he encounters one unemployed person to every five employed persons, as he executes his pastoral activities. He believes that more should be done to improve the quality of jobs in the region, as more and more people are falling into the underemployment numbers, all in the name of finding a job.

“My driver finished his HND since January”, he said, “His school has 2 batches of graduates that haven’t served, with his set to make the April batch of next year, that the definition makes him employed, even though he is underutilised, is just unacceptable”

Lead Economist and Acting Country Manager, World Bank, Mr. John Litwack, also believes that Nigeria’s employment challenge is more of underemployment rather than unemployment. This submission which is also contained in the World Bank report entitled ‘Nigeria Economic Report’ showed that poverty reduction in Nigeria was primarily an urban phenomenon as poverty remained high in the rural areas.

What are the realities however? It is that both underemployment and more importantly unemployment, be stamped out in Nigeria, as contract staffing and precarious work is a major problem besetting decent work and social justice in the Nigerian work environment. The shift away from regular employment into temporary work or jobs through agencies and labour brokers is having a deep impact on all workers, their families, and on the society. Erosion of the employee-employer relationship, often the basis of labour law, is leading directly to a growing number of violations of workers’ rights. So, while Nigeria continues to focus on reducing the unemployment rate, a bigger and more pertinent challenge of underemployment, continues to stare it in the face.



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“Feeling ourselves” like Nicki and Bey- Watch their new Video released exclusively on TIDAL

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by NL Staff


The two goofiest babes in hip hop

When news broke yesterday that Bey and Nicki had dropped a brand new video a la ‘Flawless’ style on Jay Z’s music streaming site TIDAL, we like everyone else were super excited because ya’all know when these two collab, it’s always FIRE!

Unlike their last track together on the Flawless remix, this time, Beyoncé and Nicki Minaj are giving us life with this new video with ‘Feeling Myself’.

Rolling around and chilling in inflatable tubs, wearing matchy matchy outfits and stuffing each others (fully made up) faces with burger, it’s just typical girlfriend behaviour, and it couldn’t be more catchy if they’d tried. These are two mega stars obviously showing their fans that they aren’t afraid to be goofy or to just go with the flow. The message is clear; it doesn’t matter how ‘normal’ or ‘silly’ what you’re doing is, it shouldn’t stop you from feeling like a million dollars.

Set against the backdrop of Coachella, the two superstars bring their unique selling points to the track- Nicki with her hypersexualised dance moves and outfits with Beyoncé providing serious swag and top vocals to match.

We can picture this being the next swag song this summer. Just picture yourself driving with your girls in your sunnies, hair and everything else on fleek while nodding to this beat. Hell yeah, you’re feeling yourself!


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A new way to increase product trial take-ups

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VENTURES AFRICA – People love free trials. A taste of something new and tasty, a new brand of washing powder, new shampoo that promises to make your hair super shiny. As human beings, we’re naturally curious, and really, who doesn’t love free stuff?

But, short of paying a fortune to magazine publishers, getting people to pay enough attention to your advertising messages to get them to trial your products can be tricky – especially in the over-crowded FMCG space. Brands really do need to earn consumers’ attention these days.

And then of course, there’s the issue of proving return on investment. It’s a notorious problem with advertising – how do you know if it’s working? How do you know why it is working? Or where?


Sponsored call marketing

Sponsored call marketing is a new platform that is enabling leading consumer brands to attract attention by giving consumers something they value – free talk time to chat to their friends and family.

The concept is simple – brands inform their target audience via SMS or social media that they are sponsoring their calls for the day, the week or the month. Interested consumers are encouraged to dial a unique dollar string to activate their free call. They listen to a 10 or 15 second advert that tells them about the brand promotion (product trial) they might be interested in, after which the free call is automatically connected.

Sponsored call marketing works best when the call to action is something that is beneficial to the listener – like directions to free samples or a discount coupon code, but it can also be used as the incentive itself. For example, you could give away a free call to thank customers for responding to a survey.

Which is exactly what a leading fabric softener brand did – it gave away free calls to encourage consumers to participate in a national survey, with the help of digital marketing agency JustPalm.com.

The campaign was designed to reach 10,000 South African women and reaffirm the brand’s position as the most loved brand by mothers and daughters across South Africa. The brand’s values of care, comfort and love between family members was perfectly encapsulated by the idea of sponsoring their target market phone calls.


The power of mobile

This example shows just how much power there is in mobile in Africa. It provides the perfect platform to reach consumers instantly and give them something valuable, while at the same time increasing brand awareness. And the results can be collected and analysed within days.



By Patrick Palmi, CEO, Justpalm.com




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Angelique Kidjo and Nigeria’s finance Minister Ngozi Okonjo- Iweala receive honorary degrees from Yale University

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Two of Africa’s most notable names were yesterday awarded honorary degrees by the prestigious Yale University in the United States.

Nigeria’s finance Minister and former World Bank chief Ngozi Okojo- Iweala and Benin Republic singing legend and 2 time Grammy award winner Angelique Kidjo both received doctorate degrees in ‘Humane Letters‘ and ‘Music’ respectively.

The pair were honoured along with 7 others during the Universities graduation ceremony for their distinguished accomplishments in their areas of expertise.

Read their citations below.

Angélique Kidjo

Doctor of Music

Through songs and singing, with artistry and advocacy, you have become known as one of the world’s great voices for Africa. In your music, you embrace a dazzling spectrum of genres, from traditional West African rhythms to jazz, funk, rumba, and salsa. You sing from the soul and invoke the conscience. You are a cultural and humanitarian leader. With passion, warmth, and generosity, you work tirelessly for the empowerment and education of African women and girls, and serve as a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador. You are a friend of Yale, and we are delighted to grant you this degree of Doctor of Music.

Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala

Doctor of Humane Letters

You are a citizen of your country, your continent, and the world. Shaped by challenging experiences during your childhood in Nigeria, you have made social and economic reform your mission. As Nigeria’s coordinating minister of economic development and minister of finance, you have tackled corruption, created a vision and path to long-term economic stability, and worked to build a culture of transparency. At the World Bank, you made food security a priority and provided policy advice and capital for the world’s poorest countries. With wisdom, a fierce dedication to doing what is right, and unflagging energy, you have transformed the economic landscape of your nation. We are proud to name you Doctor of Humane Letters.

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South Africa wants nuclear solution to growing power crisis

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VENTURES AFRICA – South Africa, which is currently facing power problems that have negatively impacted the country’s already weak economy, is poised to set off on a course of action aimed at procuring nuclear power to generate as much as 9,600 megawatts of electricity.

Tina Joemat-Pettersson, the country’s energy minister, unveiled the plan to the public as she addressed South Africa’s law makers earlier today. “We expect to present the outcome of this procurement process to cabinet by year-end.” The procurement process would be conducted in a “fair and transparent” fashion, she added.

South Africa, which operates Africa’s only nuclear power station in Koeberg, Cape Town, would also re-launch its nuclear fuel cycle industry.

This would include developing domestic uranium enrichment and nuclear fuel production sites in South Africa, which has huge uranium deposits. Africa’s most advanced economy is struggling to provide power to its households, companies and heavy engineering industrial sites.

For the past couple of weeks, the country has been experiencing rolling power cuts, leaving households and companies quite frustrated. It is understood that in order to meet its targeted nuclear generation capacity, the country intends to construct six new nuclear power factories by 2030 at a cost ranging from $34 to $84 billion.

South Africa has signed nuclear power contracts with China, South Korea, France and the United States.
This was after it shocked many people in September last year when it disclosed that it had also signed a contract with Russia to build plants valued at $10 billion.

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10 Piece Of Jewelry Every Woman Need.

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There is a tendency to stack up on jewelry and for a good reason too,  accessories are what truly elevates an outfit. But chances are, most women would go back to the same set of jewelry over and over again. Scroll through to find our guide to a well-curated collection of accessories that would serve you better and help you avoid a jewelry box crammed with pieces you do not wear.

The Delicate Necklace

5piece -of -Jewelry-every-woman-really-needsB

Every woman need this dainty piece of necklace that they can slip on at the drop off a hat and look instantly polished. It is wise to invest in good quality when making this choice. This piece should look great both on casual t-shirts and still be able to hold it’s own on a cocktail dress, That’s how often it will be put to use.

 The Cuff Bracelet


On days you want to tone down on accessorizing, yet want to maintain a put together look, this is your go-to girl. This can also be a group of thinner stacked bracelets. The aim here is to choose a piece that can add an instant pop to your outfit all year round.

 The Statement Earrings

Itfactor-5Piece-of-jewelry-every-woman-really-needsD Itfactor-5Piece-of-jewelry-every-woman-really-needsQ

A good pair of stand-out earrings is necessary in every wardrobe.  This piece adds the Wowfactor! to your party looks.  Depending on how attention grabbing this piece is, you may not need any other accessory when paired with your cocktail dress. It’s worth investing in a good piece.

The Bold Statement Necklace


This is your eye-catching  gorgeous necklace. It is absolutely necessary for adding a fresh, bold look to your simple every day outfit.  Totally  fab on basic black or white t-shirt and LDB or LWD.

 The Dainty Ring


These trending simple stackable rings always look great and give that chic understated charm.  A great option for the 9-5  and when you want to give off that clean minimalistic yet polished vibe .

The Simple Studs


A simple pair of studs adds a lot of function to your wardrobe. This goes with everything in your wardrobe and would help your everyday outfit look more polished.

 The Cocktail Ring

75 copy 67 copy

Though the name implies that it’s an evening wear, cocktail rings add more character to a look and can be worn to a wide range of events.  Wear one with an evening look or a simple work dress on the 9 to 5.

The Simple Everyday Bracelets


Great for running a quick errand or for a work outfit, this is another important piece in your wardrobe that would be put to regular use.  Invest in something you truly love and of decent quality.

 The Loop Earrings



A pair of gold loops are functional piece both for work and play. This is your ticket to that easy instant elegance.

 A Classic Watch


A classic decent quality menswear-inspired wristwatch is a good way to go here. They portray a strong look, which helps to balance any other girly accessories you might have on and brings to the fore your inner girlboss!

Love what you see? Shop more Itfactor pieces here!

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African Football must sort out its player bonus problem

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VENTURES AFRICA – It was not so long ago that Ghana’s national team, the Black Stars, put the nation in the spotlight by refusing to train and possibly play a football game at the World Cup in Brazil unless the players were paid bonuses. Faced with the stark reality of being the first team in the world to have its players boycott a FIFA World Cup match in recent years, the Ghanaian government was forced to airlift $3 million to Brazil to pay the players only hours before their crucial group game against Portugal.

The incident brought to limelight the need to sort out payment of players’ bonuses, but it appears the rest of the continent is yet to learn lessons from Ghana’s case as recently.

Ivory Coast has been embarrassed by a similar issue. Following the triumph at the African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea, the players were promised $1 million in bonuses but three months after the tournament wrapped up, the players have not been paid.

However, in Ivory Coast’s case, there is a depressing twist. The non-payment of players’ bonuses is a reality because it appears that the funds are ‘missing’. The scandal is forcing changes in government personnel as Ivory Coast’s president Alassane Ouattara has ordered an investigation into the case. One of the effects of the situation has been the resignation of Ivory Coast’s youth and sports minister, Alain Lobognon. Similarly, the Ivorian Football Federation’s treasury director was fired last week. However, Alan continues to maintain his innocence and insists his lawyers will unearth the truth about the funds in court. “I remain convinced that the truth about the embezzlement of athlete bonuses will, in the end, be known. My lawyers will take this to court.”

It all makes grim reading as this incident somewhat validates the extreme actions of African players when they choose to demand their bonuses be paid before or during tournaments. The possibility of funds being embezzled, as they likely have in Ivory Coast, means that these players simply do not have faith in the officials tasked with ensuring their welfare.

Ironically, a possible solution to the issue of player bonuses has come from Ghana where national team contracts have been proposed. This way, players sign short term contracts before national assignments specifying how much bonuses they will be paid. In a way, this formalizes the arrangement but ultimately, the long term solution has to be instituting accountability and transparency in sports federations and ministries on the continent. Where sports administration is tainted with corruption and a lack of accountability, it becomes less attractive for corporate sponsorship as seen in Kenya where Safaricom, the country’s biggest telecommunications operator, announced the withdrawal of its sponsorship deals valued at $1.5 million annually over cases of corruption in sports federations last March.

Once and for all, African sports federations and administrators must manage their sports effectively, stamp out corruption and avoid instances such as Ivory Coast’s that deals a blow to the progress made over the years in attaining credibility.



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Taxi operator Uber facing tough rivalry in Nairobi

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VENTURES AFRICA – A battle is brewing over the future of the taxi travel in Kenya between Nairobi’s small businesses wanting to launch “Uber of Kenya” and the US global transportation network firm, Uber, it emerged late on Monday.

In Kenya, the San Francisco-based Uber is fighting Kenyan companies like Easy Taxi and Maramoja that believe that the Kenyan taxi operators can build a more custom-made business than Uber.

These two companies claim that their apps present better licensing of drivers in Nairobi – a high-crime city with insufficient methods to do background safety inspections.

The two companies take cash and payment through mobile phones in Kenya, where according to the World Bank’s figures, less than 3 percent of people have credit cards. However, over 90 percent of Kenyans have mobile phones.

Uber, which launched in Nairobi in January this year, contends it is presenting its customers with the same ease of use that they would had they called for an Uber service in New York or London. “We want to keep the user experience as magical as possible,” Alastair Curtis, a South African who launched Uber in Lagos and Nairobi, told Wall Street Journal (WSJ).

In order to fight the concerns about driver selection, Uber operates a private security firm that conducts background safety inspections on all its drivers and calls references, Curtis added. In addition, he said Uber was working with cellphone firms in a bid to develop a mobile-payment system that will work as faultlessly as the current credit-card setup.


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Telkom experience major tech glitches in South Africa

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VENTURES AFRICA – Telkom, South Africa’s state-owned fixed line operator, experienced huge technical malfunctions on Monday, leaving its data bundle and other customers highly frustrated.

Telkom said its clients were unable to finish payments to Telkom at banks and other service centres due to the outage. Clients were also unable to complete airtime and top-up purchases.

Jacqui O’Sullivan, Telkom spokesperson, told TechCentral that technicians were working hard to return operations full service. The company later said that full services had returned and were steaming ahead. The problem had been caused by a network switch failure.

Telkom is the latest state-owned to be in trouble in many ways after South African Airways (SAA) and Eskom, South Africa’s struggling power utility.


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Watch Britain’s female MC’s prove how dope they are at Deal Real Carnaby Street

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Whoever said Britain lacked talented female MCs? 


Some of the UK’s top female rap artists gave awe-inspiring performances during Ladies Night at the Deal Real Legacy pop up shop in Carnaby Street on the 15th of May.

The music store which became popular in the early noughties as the home of British music and culture; welcoming everyone from Kanye to Amy Winehouse through its doors reopened in April for a 6 week stint in the heart of London.

Friday’s event saw rap artists including Kate Tempest, Paigey Cakey and Lady Lykez who performed their single ‘Cold’ together for the first time. One of our favourite rap duo Poetic Pilgrimage also picked up the mic and gave a smashing performance.

Check out clips from the performances below.

Credits: Deal Real Legacy/Instagram

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Instagram Photo

Oh, did we mention BBC Radio 1 DJ Clara Amfo also played a fantastic set on the night?

In addition to showcasing the cream of London’s undiscovered and unrepresented talent, including emerging visual artists, musicians and fashion designers, the 6 week pop up store will also feature events curated by some of Britain’s biggest artists with a host of free one-off in-store events, signings and open mic sessions. Expect definitive line-ups of some of the most established UK and international artists, alongside the freshest up and coming talent.

To find out about more events happening in Deal Real, head over to Dealreal.co.uk

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