Wenger: Arsenal Can Challenge For PL Trophy

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After thrashing Aston Villa in the FA Cup final, Arsene Wenger believes his Gunners side are ready to challenge for the title next season.

Goals from Walcott, Sanchez, Mertesacker and Giroud earned the Gunners a comfortable win at Wembley and a 12th FA Cup.

Wenger now feels there’s no need to buy, but will instead groom this crop of players to challenge for the title.

“I’m not in the buying mood tonight,” he said after the final whistle. “I will buy a drink for my players. We’ll see what’s going on in the transfer market but we have a good basis.

“We have some time to prepare because we won’t be playing a Champions League qualifier. We have a good confidence level, so let’s show that we can be intelligent during the summer.

“Of course we can push on. Why not? We have won the league in the past when we’ve had the potential to do it and that’s what we want to do again.

“We want to show that we can match anybody next season but we don’t know how good the other teams will be. It is about consistency at the top level and we have shown signs of consistency.

“In the past when we have won leagues, we have been consistent. We didn’t lose for 49 games. Nobody [else] has done it. When we have a good confidence level and the quality, we can be consistent.”

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