Ankara Rebirth! Fabulous Pieces You Can Make From The Amazing Fabric

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Ankara is a popular patterned fabric mostly used in Africa especially in Nigerian and Ghana. It can be sewn into different styles.

In early times, Ankara can be made into formal, casual and traditional wears but in recent times, it has been used to make shoes, bags and even jewelries. This very diverse nature of the Ankara fabric truly knows no bound. It is one of the many reasons why the demand for Ankara in Nigeria is very high.

What’s more is that you can choose to accessorize or just keep it simple pending the occasion.

Checkout the various ways you can make use of the Ankara fabric below!


This is the most common way to use the Ankara fabric. You can use the fabric to make different styles of clothes ranging from a dress to skirts, crop tops, trousers, shirts etc. depending on what suits your body structure and your personal choice.

Ankara trouser and top
Ankara made into trouser and matching top




Solange Knowles made hers into a bustier
Solange Knowles made hers into a bustier
Ankara used to make skirt paired with a casual top


ankara sneakers

ankara shoes

ankara sandals


ankara bagss

ankara bag

ankara bags1


anakara accesory
Ankara Necklace and Earrings
ankara earrings
Ankara Earrings
ankara tie
Ankara bow-tie
Ankara Sunglasses
Ankara Sunglasses
Ankara belts



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