Aww! Chris Brown shares ‘sad’ pics,says he’s ‘Konfuzed’

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 Chris Brown needs help dealing with his emotions.. The thing is, what he’s going through is what millions go through. The difference is, he is facing it publicly..
The two women he loves have moved on..Fans hope this would spur him to write his best songs  yet.

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Barcelona Are The Champions Of Europe

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Barcelona came through a tough match against Juventus to be crowned UEFA champions league winners for the 5th time in their history following a 3-1 win over the Old Lady of Torin as they completd their treble in style.

Barcelona got the ball rolling early in the game as Rakitic was on the end of a brilliant team move in the 4th minute to give Barcelona the lead. Barcelona contained Juventus throughout the first half and even looked more likely to extend their lead. In the second half, Juventus came upp with some brilliant play in the 55th minute and after Tevez’s shot was parried by Ter Stegen, Morata pounced and equyalized for the Italians. Barcelona were however back in front in the 68th minute as Buffon could only push Messi’s shot into the path of Suarez who made no mistake from 4 yards. In the 76th minute, Xavi came on for Iniesta to make his final appearance as a Barcelona player before Neymar rounded off the victory in the 95th minute after Juventus had committed almost everyone forward, finishing between the legs of Buffon.

Barcelona would look back at the season with a sense of accomplishment and confidence of better things to come in the future.

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UCL Final: Barcelona Are Champions

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The Catalans completed their treble tonight, mirroring their 2009 achievement as they won the UCL final match against Juventus in Berlin.

Rakitic, the Croatian that took over Fabregas’ spot, latched onto a Iniesta pass and made no mistake in netting on the 4 minute mark.

The second half was more eventful as Juventus pulled one back via former Los Blancos man, Alvaro Morata.

Suarez did not cease in tensioning the Juve defence and it paid off when he latched on to a rebound and fired home to put Barcelona in the lead again.

Neymar got a goal disallowed, but made up for that in injury time, as he fired home the last shot.

Barcelona are champions of Europe. Rakitic and Suarez and Neymar led them to a 3-1 win over the champions of Italy.

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Why we have not publicly declared our assests- Buhari..

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After public outcry over their failure to publicly declare their assets, President Buhari and Vice President Osibanjo revealed they would publicly declare them once their assets are verified.
In a statement by Shehu Garba,  the senior assistant to president Buhari on Media and Publicity,

in fulfillment of one of their campaign promises, his declared assets and those of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo will be released to the public upon the completion of their verification by the Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB).
“It is hoped that this process will be completed before the expiry of the 100-day deadline within which they said they would do this” he said.

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Buhari To Revisit $182m Halliburton Bribery Case, 3 Ex-Leaders Might Be Jailed

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Nigeria’s President, Muhammadu Buhari has resurrected the $182 million Halliburton bribery case with an aim to carefully prosecute all those involved in the scandal.

This is as a result of the request from the United States government that unless all the culprits were brought to book, part of the bribe money, about $140 million, recovered and still in the US, would not be repatriated to Nigeria.

The United State government’s report on the Halliburton bribery scandal had indicted three former Nigerian leaders, a former number two citizen, a minister, intelligence chiefs and corporate giants in the list of bribery beneficiaries.

Jeffry Tesler, who was the intermediary in the payment of the bribes paid to secure the contract for the final phase of the multi-billion naira Nationa Liquefied Natural Gas project was sentenced to 21 months in prison and forfeited $148.964 million from his Swiss accounts to the United States government.

It was learnt that the case was investigated four years ago by a security panel headed by retired AIG Ahmadu Ali, who at the end of the case charged a former personal aide to a former Head of State to court but the case was later struck out due to lack of diligent prosecution.

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APC Selects Gbajabiamila As Next House Of Reps Speaker

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The House of Representatives members-elect under the platform of the All Progressives Congress, APC, have elected Hon. Femi Gbajiabiamila as the candidate they would queue behind to become the next House of Reps speaker.

The poll which took place at the International Conference Centre, Abuja, is being witnessed by 182 out of 209 APC members-elect of the House.


It was learnt that after the nominations, Femi Gbajabiamila and Yakubu Dogara emerged as candidates for position.

Hon. Femi Gbajiabiamila polled 154 votes to defeat his closest rival, Yakubu Dogara, who garnered 3 votes. The number of invalid votes was 4.

For the position of deputy speaker, the incoming APC reps members gave Hon. Tahir Monguno, who was the sole candidate in the primary election, 153 votes, while the invalid votes amounted to 8.

According to the spokesperson of APC, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party is just trying to be democratic by allowing the members pick their own speaker.

The party is expected to carry out the same nomination for the Senate. However it is not clear if that vote will hold Saturday.

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Berlusconi Set To Sell Milan

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After months of negotiations, AC Milan president, Silvio Berlusconi is set to sell 48 percent stake in AC Milan to Thai business man Bee Taechaubol.

In the set agreement, Berlusconi is to remain president of the Milan club while the Italians holding company still controls 52 percent of the club. Fininvest, Berlusconi’s holding company announced the upcoming deal via their managing director and the deal is believed to be worth about 500 million euros. According to the company’s managing director, the deal is going to help with the commercialization of AC Milan especially in Asian countries.

Berlusconi has promised that AC Milan would not lose its Italian identity as a result of the deal but the club would be happy to receive the cash injection which would go a long way in helping the club build in order to return to the summit of European football.

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Pandemonium Ensues In Fed Poly, Oko As Dead Students ‘Write’ Exams

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Pandemonium ensued at the Federal Polytechnic, Oko, Anambra State, as revelation emerged that certain dead students of the institution were graded and awarded marks in recent semester examinations.

The complex issue was exposed by rights group, International Society for Civil Liberties and Rule of Law in a petition to the school authorities recently.

The petition entitled: “Complaints Against Wrongful Allocation of Results to Deceased Students’: A call for Investigation and Redress, alleged that “one of the deceased students awarded marks in exams he never participated was Late Ezeh Uchenna with registration number FPO/SLT/ND/R1/012/038.”

The petition was signed by the Chairman of the group’s Board of Trustees, Mr. Emeka Umeagbalasi.

According to the group, “The said Uchenna was given upper credit (3.05) and awarded 67 in Cell Biology, 81 in Organic Chemistry, 60 in Physical Chemistry, 49 in Electricity and Magnetism, 44 in Optics and Waves, 66 in Analytical Chemistry, 70 in General Lab Techniques, 69 in Computer Packages and so on.”

It also alleged that some students who had long left the polytechnic were captured in the last semester examination records of the school,

InterSociety said the purpose of its petition was to ensure that the right things were done, noting that some students who complained about the irregularities and recklessness were being victimized by the school authorities.

In reaction to this, the Rector of the Polytechnic, Professor Godwin Onu, said he had constituted a committee to investigate the matter, adding it was the work of bad people working to paint the polytechnic black in the eyes of the public.

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Etcetera Says Charlie Boy and Denrenle Edun Are Nigeria’s Caitlyn Jenner

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The ex-singer cum writer has rolled out yet another controversial piece.

In his latest polemic, Etcetera jumped on the Bruce Jenner transformation to Caitlyn Jenner comparing the ex-Olympic gold medalist’s change to Denrele Edun and Charly Boy.

“Nigerians should stop feigning surprise like they’ve not seen or heard anything like this before. You all should stop acting like we don’t have our own Denrele Edun” He writes in his most recent column for Punch.


And that’s how Bruce Jenner unveiled his new identity, leaving his male identity behind with Caitlyn. Trust Nigerians not to be left behind in the gossip and buzz it generated. A female radio presenter was like, “Oh my God,” so Bruce Jenner is now Caitlyn Jenner? What the hell is going on?”

Pleaseeeee, Nigerians should stop feigning surprise like they’ve not seen or heard anything like this before. You all should stop acting like we don’t have our own Denrele Edun. Mscheeeeeewwwww – is it because Bruce or Caitlyn (whatever she is called now) finally had enough balls to come out and say he is now a woman? It’s just a matter of time, Denrele will be woman enough and do same thing and give us something new to talk about aside from his Nkechi-like hairdo. I don’t think it should even be in our news that Caitlyn Jenner is now a transgender. There are thousands of them in America. They infused the word in our vocabulary and it has become an umbrella term for people whose gender identity differs from the sex they were assigned by God. An American transgender described Caitlyn as the “Change” that America champions which is why America is always ahead of the rest of the world. Hahahahaha! Change indeed. 

HELLO!!!! can someone tell that American transgender or transsexual or whatever she is that the slogan for the new government in Nigeria is “CHANGE?”

Lol, we’ve had Denrele since and we didn’t see him as change… Maybe someone should show her Denrele’s pictures so that she will be aware that Nigeria is catching up with them. Jesus Christ! Is this what being westernised is all about? Isn’t this madness? Isn’t that the term for those who enjoy dressing as the opposite sex? Or should we refer to Denrele as a cross-dresser for now until he finally plucks off his balls? Does it look like Denrele will eventually pluck off his balls? Yes, eventually. It is just a matter of time. We are already used to his lipsticks, heels and Nkechi hairdo. And of course, he’s already been a poster “girl” for Nigerian magazines for as long as I can remember. The same poster girl that Bruce, oh sorry Caitlyn Jenner has dreamt of becoming since he/she was a child. Shit!!! – How do you write an article about Denrele and Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner if you keep identifying them by the wrong gender pronoun? Am I going to be saying “sorry” whenever I make mistakes like, “He looks hot,” or “she looks hot?” The American system has made it impossible to mention Bruce and balls in the same sentence. Like Caitlyn Jenner, are we soon going to start using the V-word for Denrele and Charlie boy too? I pray we never get there. Our society doesn’t deserve such cruelty and madness. Denrele and Charlie Boy, for society’s sake, please keep your balls.. Lol…

Lawmakers, we need a little help here. Can you guys please give us something to stop Denrele, Uncle Charlie Boy or any other Nigerian from de-balling themselves now or anytime in the future? The lawmakers should do something about transgenders .

That Bruce Jenner is no longer a man proves that America has gone mad. We shouldn’t allow the west to influence us wrongly. These guys have been the butt of jokes and the source of rumours and speculations for years, as their appearances became more feminine. They need our prayers now more than ever. As for Bruce Jenner, he needs Jesus. Without Jesus, he is hopeless—regardless of whether he struggles with gender identity or not. Eternity is a small and rapidly decreasing number of heartbeats away and he will live in hell, as Bruce Jenner, not Caitlyn, for trillions of years (forever) in horrifying, unending torment, with a never-ending panic attack. The same goes for everyone who is reading this and has been chasing a different identity from that which God has given you. Hell is your future. You will live in terror. This is the truth.

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It’s Another Saturday…#2

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The Lady In The Yellow Dress

The reception is a blast and so is the after-party. Bobby and Kate have retired for the night and it’s just us party animals left. Actually, it’s just Shady, I and some other friends. The married men have gone home to their families. Shady is with me because he is having this major fight with his wife over dominance.

“She won’t let me just be the man in the house,” he whines for the fifth time. Like I am interested. My mind and eyes are elsewhere.

There’s a lady in a yellow dress who is seated detachedly from everything else. She has had my attention since the reception. She is light-skinned and slim. I don’t like my women with too much flesh on them. If a lady’s waist size measures more than twenty-seven inches, I’m not touching her with a ten meter pole. I don’t care who the hell she is; I just don’t do fat chicks, sorry. I want a woman I can flip all ways in bed but the thing is she has to be curvaceous as well. And that’s where the problem lies. There are very few of such girls around. They are either chubby or bony. So you see my issues? This is one of the reasons I haven’t settled down. I’m looking for a Halle Berry but all I see are Kim Kardashians and Beyoncés.

On the other hand, this lady in the yellow dress… she has caught my eyes bad. I can see the thigh gap and the curves and the waist so slim. Then she tops it up with a feisty look. I so want to eat her up. But not just because she looks good. You see, I have a thing for ladies in yellow dresses. It started five years ago when I got hit by a truck while parked by the side of a lonely road, making out with my ex-fiancée. The crash put me in the hospital for months and I wasn’t expected to survive. But one evening, stoned out of my senses by pain medication, I watched this beautiful yellow dress float into my room. The legs beneath it were smooth and creamy. I tried to look up to see who it was but my neck was broken, so instead I breathed in the scent of her and left it stamped in my memory. She came closer and held my hand and prayed for me. Her touch was gentle and soothing and I didn’t want to let go. Her voice, although unclear in my head, lulled me to sleep with ‘amen’ being the last thing on my lips. I dreamt about her that night. She was walking down an aisle arched with white blossoms, wearing a wedding dress and holding a bouquet of yellow flowers. She was coming towards me, my bride. And her smile, it was the best part of the dream. It was so familiar that I could have sworn I had seen it before.

I woke up the next morning, miraculously improved. A week later I was taken home. The lady in yellow, still a mystery till today. Nobody had seen her come in or leave. Nobody knew her. Some say she’s an angel but I know she was as real as day, and I have been searching for her since.

Could she be the one seated across the room right now?

“Look, Shady, you knew who Celia was before you married her. You met her campaigning against female genital mutilation, for Christ’s sakes. She’s a feminist.”

Shady’s eyes shoot out. “No, she’s not.”

I’m impatient with this idiot. After three years of marriage and a kid he doesn’t still see the testicles under his wife’s privates?

“See, it’s simple. She doesn’t have to wash your clothes.”

Shady is stunned by my words. His long facial features somehow have come together in a round knot. It’s not a pleasant sight.

“Buy a washing machine and during the weekend, both of you can do the laundry together. You don’t expect a working mother, with all the load she has at work and at home to still do your laundry, in addition to cooking and sex.”

“Whose side are you on?”

“Who was washing your clothes before you got married?”

It is this side of me my friends don’t like. I don’t give a shit.

I rise up and straighten my shirt.

“Where you dey go?”

I don’t reply. I head straight for the woman who has kept me distracted all evening. As I approach her, I realize she is more beautiful when you get closer. She is seated at a table, all alone, sipping on wine and watching the partying throng with no real interest. I pick the only other seat at the table and she gives me a good look. I catch her eyes and hold it in an audacious stare and for some reason she can’t seem to break away.

“The look in your eyes tells me you don’t want to sleep alone tonight.”

This is the worst pickup line in my list of pickup lines but it works all the time, except that one time when I got punched in the face.

“Wow. I can’t believe someone as put-together as you can open your mouth and such trash comes out.”

I smile. Lady in yellow doesn’t. I want her to.

“Forgive my manners. I think in trash and sometimes things get lost in translation when I try to convert to English. What I wanted to actually say was ‘of all the yellow dresses I’ve seen today, yours is by far the most complimenting’.”

I see a smile well-hidden. “Thank you.”

“Friend of the bride or groom?”

“Bride. An old friend.”

I let out my hand for a shake. “I’m Jide.”


“So Tola,” my eyes sweep across the room and back to her, “you want to dance?”

She shakes her head. “Not to this…whatever is playing. I’m too old to shake my booty. Besides, the groom did enough of that already.”

I laugh. “So you like old school. Well, I have all the old school songs you can ever think of in my phone.”

“Then let’s pass it on to the DJ and change the mood.”

I grin and get to my feet, walking all the way to the DJ’s booth. He agrees to change the music for a small fee. I pay smaller and head back to my table. Before I get there, the music dies. The crowd is not so pleased but the moment Whitney Houston blasts through the air with I Wanna Dance With Somebody, the mood is restored and my partner for the night gets to her feet.

Yet she doesn’t smile. I’m desperate to see her thirty-two but she won’t even flash a rabbit grin. We dance, nonetheless, the dancefloor getting smaller by the minute. And oh boy, can she burst some moves. She’s all over me, I’m all over her. I catch Shady’s eyes from across the room and he gives me the “go get a room” look. I reply in our non-verbal language to book one at the hotel’s reception for me. He disappears shortly and returns. He brushes past me on the dancefloor and slips the room key into my back pocket and calls it a night. While he does this, I don’t break my contact with Tola. She’s pressed into me now and I hold her from behind. We’re dancing to Next’s Too Close. Things are heating up really fast. I hear a warning voice telling me to stop but I damn well ignore it.

You’re breaking your vow already, the voice reminds me. I pretend not to hear. I had actually made a vow to be celibate until I find the lady in yellow or my ex-fiancée who has mysteriously disappeared. One of them is my wife and I’m supposed to keep my body for her. But here I am, already out of control with this total stranger.

“Let’s go somewhere else,” Tola tells me. I gladly oblige and take her straight to the room booked for us. The moment we get in, we tear at each other like raging lions. I find out dancing is not her only skill as she takes me and makes me feel like an apprentice in the game of lust. Afterwards, we both lie in bed facing each other, and I kiss her fingers one by one and tell her she has the hands of a surgeon.

She smiles. Finally!

But I am let down. She’s just another stranger in a yellow dress, not my lady in yellow.

I see her drift off and turn on my back and face the ceiling above. I’m weighed with guilt, having been here countless times before. I would then turn to God for forgiveness and live a chaste life for a week or so but before long I’m here again. Isn’t this the reason why I came back home to start afresh? Why did I let the Bridemaker curse come with me?

My mom believes my case is spiritual. She always does well to remind me about my accident and how I was wheeled into the emergency room almost lifeless but with my pants down. If that can’t change me, she can’t see what else can. My dad thinks there’s just something off about me, that I shouldn’t even have been born into this world entirely. Me, I don’t know what to think anymore. I’m sure God is tired of me. What explanation would I give him this time for having carnal knowledge of a woman I barely know?

I shut my eyes and try to sleep. I can’t. As much as I feel this heavy guilt weighing upon me, I can’t help but want more of Tola who has now cuddled up to me.

I cover my face with a pillow and groan my dilemma into it before I face her and take her lips. She responds with a sleepy moan but doesn’t stop me when I settle between her legs.

My prayer to God can wait. I reach for a condom. This urge is strong; it can’t wait.

making out

∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞            ∞

I wake up late, so says the clock on my Samsung S3 Mini. Not good.

Tola is gone. She has left no trace of her presence. Even her side of the bed is erased of all evidence of her being there. Talk about the 21st century woman. They no longer want to cuddle after sex or have you whisper sweet nothings to them. They sleep off immediately after the act and are out of door faster than you can blink, and if they stay back, it’s to take after-sex selfies to show the world how much they can enjoy hollow sex like the men do.

Shady pings me. He tells me I got him laid last night. I ask how. He relates how he threw in the idea of a washing machine to Celia and them doing the laundry together. Her response was to strip him naked to do things to him she hadn’t done in a while. He goes on to describe it all in detail. I read none of it.

I hurriedly take a shower. I need to go to church and wash off this guilt I’m feeling. I also need to sow a seed of faith, believing God to deliver me from this flesh of sin.

I reach for my wallet in one of the pockets of my suit but find it empty. I tap the other pockets and they’re empty as well. That’s odd.

I check my pants. Nothing. I lift the pillows and sheets; check the dressing table, the nightstand, the floor, wardrobe and bathroom but it’s nowhere to be found. A growing dread begins to fill me as I realize that my iPhone 6 is also missing.

“Please, God, no…”

I go on all fours to peer under the bed. I find nothing there as well. I’m so dead. Even my Hublot white gold wristwatch is gone! “Arghhh!” I am mad at myself. I call reception and inquire about Tola. They say she left around 6am. Did she drop anything for me? No, they reply.

Ah, God!

I end the call and scratch my head in frustration when I recall how stupidly I fell prey to her thieving fingers. I knew there was something peculiar about them. Chai! What have I done? I should have just said that prayer yesterday.

I fall back on the bed and start to think of how I’ll get myself out of this mess but my phone rings, interrupting me. I stare at a stranger number on my screen and hope to God it is Tola. I take the call.

“Hi Jideofor.”

It is her. I sit up.

“Tola!” I can’t control my anger.


“Tola, get back here right now with my phone, wristwatch and wallet. Like, I’m not even joking with you! How do you have sex with a guy and then steal from him?! What are you? One of those cheap prostitutes off the streets?”

“That’s not nice.” She sounds calm. I’m miffed beyond words.

“Return my stuff right now!”

“Calm down, Jideofor. I took those things for a reason.”

“What possible reason could there be except that you’re a thief?!”

“If I was a thief would I be calling you? Relax and listen to me.”

“I’m listening.”

“Aren’t you called the Bridemaker?”

Something awful dings somewhere in my head. How the hell did this madness follow me all the way here?

“What are you talking about?”

“You know what I’m talking about Jideofor. You sleep with a girl and then bam! like magic, she gets married. I’m too smart to believe rubbish like this but my grandmother always warns me about Nigerian voodoo and its power, so I thought I’d give it a try.”

I’m beginning to realize Tola’s strange accent. She doesn’t sound like she’s from these parts. Who the hell is she and what does she want from me?

“Not that I’m totally relying on it. And that’s why I took your phone, wallet and wristwatch, plus the six hundred dollars I found in your pocket. I’ll give them to you when my fiancé of two years finally fixes a date for our wedding.”

I feel like slapping a bitch when I hear those words.

“What is my business with you and your man and when he decides to fix a wedding date?! What has that got to do with me?!”

Tola laughs. “Everything, Jideofor. Everything. Blood runs thicker than water, they say. My fiancé is Emeka, your baby brother.”

I almost drop the phone to the floor. “What?” I ask in a whisper because my voice bails out on me. This is a nightmare. I didn’t just hear the words I just heard.

“Mex is my fiancé. You ought to know this, Jideofor, if you read all those emails we sent to you when you went AWOL.”

I close my eyes and bend my head. I had read none of Emeka’s emails. I had dumped them in a junk folder with all the other emails sent to me by family and friends.

“We sent pictures of our lives because Emeka thought the world of you and was worried about you. When we moved to Arizona and he had a heatstroke because of the weather, I emailed you pictures of him in the hospital.”

My closest brother was hospitalized? Why didn’t anyone tell me?

“When we moved back to Queens, he emailed you more pictures. Even when he proposed to me but you never replied. After a while, all the emails returned to us. We were told that the address no longer existed. Oh well, that’s all water under bridge. Mex just has to get married to me. Tell him that.”

“What type of woman are you, Tola? How can you sleep with your fiancé’s brother?”

“You didn’t seem to have any issues with that last night.”

“I didn’t know who you were!”

“Well, now you do and there’s only one thing we can do about it. Make your magic happen.”

“I can’t. I will never allow a girl like you get married to my brother…”

“Oh, you will.”


“You will, Jide, because I’m five weeks pregnant for Mex. He’ll either take responsibility or you do. All the same, I’m keeping your stuff as proof that you slept with me if you ever deny it.”

A shiver runs through my spine. The line disconnects and I’m left staring at the phone with my mouth wide open.

Lord, why me? Who have I wronged in this life to deserve this?

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Buhari To Slash His Own Salary, Allowances And That Of His Appointees

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Following his promise to reduce cost of governance, during the concluded 2015 presidential election, President Muhammadu Buhari may have concluded plans to cut his own salary and reduce his personal allowances and he expects his vice and all other political appointees to do same.

The president, who would have preferred to disclose this publicly, had to consult with his close associates on how best to approach the issue without being seen as dictatorial.

If we recall, the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission informs that President Buhari will earn a monthly salary of N3, 514, 705, his allowance N1,757,350.50( 50% of his salary).

However, there is no information yet as to what percentage of the president’s salary will be reduced. But sources say that the president will reduce the State House budget.

Buhari also plans to cut the appointment of aides and possibly implement the report of the Stephen Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies.

The President, who revealed in his inaugural speech that Nigeria’s economy was in deep trouble, said that he might not increase the number of special advisers from 15 as part of the measures he his taking to cut down the cost of governance.

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Klopp Wants To Manage Manchester United

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Jurgen Klopp has taken a break from management despite being linked to a move to Liverpool but according to an associate of the often animated manager, he would jump at an opportunity to manage Manchester United.

Krautzun, who worked with Klopp at Mainz told that the German would be very interested in managing Manchester United and that it would be hard for the former Dortmund manager to say no to the “red devils”. ‘He once told me, that one day, when it does not fit with Dortmund anymore, Manchester United would be his club,’ he told ‘But at this moment the job is taken. Klopp would fit perfectly to an English club that is well lead and well organised.” Klopp is currently on a sabbatical and would return at a date of his choosing.

Van Gaal is currently holding sway at Old Trafford and is in the middle of a transformation project just one year into his three year contract. Van Gaal has however stated that this would be his last managerial job.

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Sucking Up: Hernandez Praises Benitez

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It is clear that Manchester United don’t want Javier Hernandez anymore. The Mexican’s actions today showed just how much he wants to stay at Real Madrid as he praised newly hired manager, Rafa Benitez, the man with the ability to make his Real Madrid move permanent.

Hernandez struggled to get his Real Madrid season going but towards the end, became a good enough for Real Madrid and scored some important goals. Ancelotti made no moves to make Chicharito’s move to Real Madrid permanent and with the arrival of Benitez, the Manchester United man’s future is still in the balance. Hernandez admitted this to reporters before going on to praise Benitez, calling him a good manager. “Ancelotti was my coach but now Benitez is there. He doesn’t have to speak to me because I was on loan from Man United. He told Reuters “But I am very calm because, thankfully, the last two months at Madrid were very good and showed a lot of things. That gave me a lot of confidence for my future. I think that Rafa knows me. He is a really good coach and I think he will do a great job at Madrid.” Hernandez had earlier stated that he loved playing for Real Madrid, a club he describes as the best in the world

Hernandez would love to carry on at Real Madrid but it seems unlikely that the “little pea” would be returning to Old Trafford whether Madrid choose to buy him or not.

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Low Believes Juventus Can Stop MSN

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Germany coach Joachim Low believes that Juventus are well equipped to neutralize Barcelona’s trident attack of Luis Suarez, Neymar and Lionel Messi.

Barcelona and Juventus are on the verge of securing notable trebles in the UCL final holding in Berlin later today, as both teams have already secured domestic doubles.

Despite the fact that Barcelona are favorites, Low expects the match to be tight.

“Everyone believes that Barcelona is favourite but it will be very difficult. Juve know how to react to players like Messi, Neymar and Suarez,” Low told Uefa in Berlin.

“Barcelona are in good shape, with no injuries. I think in the end they will prevail narrowly. They are full of world-class players.”

The 2014 World Cup-winning coach went on to add that he is looking forward to an intriguing tactical clash in which both teams will take a very different approach.

“It will be a bit of a struggle of systems,” he said.

“An Italian team with a good defensive organisation against a Spanish team with great offensive quality. Although Juve are a team that don’t only defend – they can attack, too.”

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Bale: I’ll Be At Real Madrid Next Season

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Former Tottenham forward Gareth Bale has maintained that he will remain at the Santiago Bernabeu come next season.

The 25-year-old made a world record transfer to Real Madrid in 2013, worth €100 million. In his first season at Madrid, he won the champions league but has been heavily criticized this season for a series of below par displays.

Despite this though, the Welshman is confident that he will remain at Madrid come next season.

When asked by The Sun if he will be at Real next season, the Welshman replied: “Of course, yes. I’m a Real Madrid player and I’ll carry on as normal. I am enjoying it and hopefully I can continue to.

“I feel settled. I’m looking forward now to playing and winning more trophies. My goal is to keep improving, performing and to win as many titles as I can.”

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Popular Entertainer Vic O set to wed Baby Mama(Photos)

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Popular Nigerian entertainer Vic O, who broke internet records with his viral music video “After Party” is set to wed Blessing Anyanwu his long time girlfriend and mother of his only child who he got engaged to sometime ago. 
Vic O and his fiance landed Lagos, Nigeria some weeks back from Italy in preparation for the traditional marriage which is set to hold soon. 

Incase you have no idea,watch his viral video which has over 600 thousand views

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Eva Alordiah pens open letter to president Buhari

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Rapper Eva Alordiah published an open letter to Nigeria’s president,Muhammadu Buhari………

Dear Mr President Buhari sir,

What a pleasure it is to send you a letter my man! 
Kai kai kai! I am so honored to be communicating with you like this yo. 
I am going to go straight to the point and skip all unnesscesary mumbo-jumbo.
There are two sides to everything Mr President and the only way you are going to take our dear Nigeria to canaan is by understanding this fact and knowing what to do with this information.
Lucky for you I have done that job and all you have to do now is pay me daddy!

Now there are two sides to what Nigeria needs. There is your side, and there is the peoples’ side. You know your side, and it must be a really good thing you have planned because the mighty God I serve couldn’t have put you in this position by mistake **except of cause you think you got here by sheer luck or votes of the people** Taahh!
You have to know what the peoples’ side is Mr President. 

What are our needs, what do we yearn for, what do we need to heal our souls, how can we put us on the paths that would help our dreams come true. We are the ones living through the severe hardship of our great country, We are the ones working for the country despite the inhumane conditions we have to work in. We have tried our best so far and we have done well. Just imagine how much further we could take this country to with your help and dedication.

If I were in your shoes, which I sincerely do not think I am worthy of, (I’d stick to my stilettos thank you very much) I would listen to the Nigerian people. 
The only way you can change this country is by doing for us. If you do for us then you do for yourself too.

I sha know you are where you are by grace and by grace you will succeed at moving Nigeria forward, in Jesus Christ name, Amen

Today 1st of June is Independence day here in Kenya and I am staring out into the most amazing view of trees and greenery thinking how so beautiful this place is.
Take a trip Mr President, to Kenya. See bah, you don’t even have to go too far guy, only Kenya, our next day neighbour fa.

It is heaven here guy!! Not entirely though, because the people have troubles of their own too. They have security issues just as much as every other country does, they have curruption in high places too. But they are the most happy people I have ever being around. The place is soooooooo beautiful and life here feels like what life should be in Nigeria if we could just put in a little effort. 

3 things I brought home with me from Nairobi? 

1. They Love genuinely!
The Kenyans just love. They care about one and another and they do things, not just because there is something in it for them but because they believe when they do for one, they do for self.
This is what the Universe operates on. Can you inspire and instil the value of one love in the hearts of the Nigerian people?

2. They enjoy 24 hours electricity supply. Everywhere. If the power has to go off, the people are notified. You know what this does? You know what this means? This means that businesses work without the extra hustle that lack of power brings! And if businesses are working the people are successful. If the people are successful, the country is successful. 

If you do not do anything at all, please give the Nigerian people constant power supply. I say this on behalf of every Nigerian. We all know how this can improve every sector of the Nigerian economy so I would not make this letter longer than should be by stating the obvious.

3. If you cannot do No.1 and No.2  I sincerely doubt you would be able to do anything at all. So lets keep it at 1 and 2 and when you have accomplished those, I’d write you yet another letter to tell you the third most important thing I got from Kenya.  

Now I really like you guy. Prior to becoming the President, congratulations again, I heard a lot of things about you. Bad things. And some good. You know how people are, people talk, and boy was there much talk on your matter! I didn’t make any judgement of you however. I don’t roll like that. I have decided to make my own personal assessment of you myself based on what I experience during your time. 

So far I think I like you. You are the kind of guy I could have my morning coffee with. With Mr Jega of course. I like that guy. Don’t lose him.

I was also thinking it would be a really cool thing to work for you. Like I said, I like you.

I could be your special adviser on youth affairs and extra-curricular activities. With my position and influence in Entertainment and Music, I am quite confident that creating a direct communication pathway between your government and the Nigerian youth would be an easy feat for me.  Although I charge by the hour, I promise not to go overboard with my billing. Think about this. 
Please note however, there are a lot of issues you have to deal with in Nigeria don’t get me wrong. Power is just one of them. There are issues with Education, Transportation, Corruption, Health services, Energy, Security…the list is endless and I’d hate to scatter your head just yet. You sef sabi this thing.

My Nigerian friends online are going to be sending in comments below this post to tell you what they want and how they think your Government can move Nigeria forward. Please be prepared there would be a lot of comments. 
You see I have begun my duties and we haven’t even made my position official. I do this Mr President Buhari sir. I do this!

Do not forget what I said kind Sir, there is your side, and there is the Nigerian side. Remember God speaks through men, if you listen to the people, you listen to God. 
I like you Mr President Buhari Sir. I think I might really like you. My Album “1960” drops next week! I’d send you an autographed physical copy, please send a picture holding it up will you? Thank you! God bless you. God bless Nigeria.

Dear Nigerians, this is your moment, The President is reading this. Have something to say? Some suggestions maybe? Please air your views and opinions in the comments below. Say it. As e dey do you for bodi, just say it.

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