Buhari To Slash His Own Salary, Allowances And That Of His Appointees

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Following his promise to reduce cost of governance, during the concluded 2015 presidential election, President Muhammadu Buhari may have concluded plans to cut his own salary and reduce his personal allowances and he expects his vice and all other political appointees to do same.

The president, who would have preferred to disclose this publicly, had to consult with his close associates on how best to approach the issue without being seen as dictatorial.

If we recall, the Revenue Mobilisation Allocation and Fiscal Commission informs that President Buhari will earn a monthly salary of N3, 514, 705, his allowance N1,757,350.50( 50% of his salary).

However, there is no information yet as to what percentage of the president’s salary will be reduced. But sources say that the president will reduce the State House budget.

Buhari also plans to cut the appointment of aides and possibly implement the report of the Stephen Oronsaye-led Presidential Committee on the Rationalisation and Restructuring of Federal Government Parastatals, Commissions and Agencies.

The President, who revealed in his inaugural speech that Nigeria’s economy was in deep trouble, said that he might not increase the number of special advisers from 15 as part of the measures he his taking to cut down the cost of governance.

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