Flawless! Beyonce puts her sexy bikini bod on display(Photos)

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Hours after feeling the wrath of her own beehive for announcing a Vegan diet,Beyonce has gotten back in their good books after sexy new bikini photos of her hit the web..

Earlier, the beehive flooded her pages with chicken and fries emoji’s after they were shocked to find out the big announcement she had been teasing them with was an advert for a new vegan diet..

She’s flawless!

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FG officially bans the sale & consumption of Ogogoro

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Following several deaths in Ondo and Rivers states after the consumption of local gin known as Ogogoro,the Federal government has announced an official ban of the sale and consumption of the local gin.

The ban was announced today by the DG of the National Agency for Food and Drugs Administration and Control NAFDAC, Dr. Paul Orhii .He also revealed that 38 persons died from consuming ogogoro in Rivers state recently.  All banned products will be confiscated and destroyed..

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Spanish Police dismantle Nigerian voodoo-linked sex trafficking ring

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Spanish police have dismantled a trafficking ring which used voodoo rituals including animal sacrifice to force Nigerian women into prostitution in Spain.

According to a Police statement,six traffickers were arrested and four of the victims freed.
The women, who came to Europe on dangerous, makeshift boats, were recruited in Nigeria, where they were enticed with false promises of employment.But once they arrived in places like the Spanish holiday island of Mallorca, they were forced into prostitution.

Authorities said the traffickers attempted to keep the women submissive by performing “tribal rituals” in Nigeria that sometimes involved “animal sacrifice”.

They used the women’s nail clippings and locks of hair to convince them that they had been placed under a spell “so they would do everything asked of them, under the threat of death to them or their family”, police said.

The women had travelled across northern Africa to get to Spain illegally, making the arduous journey on foot and then by boat. But after arriving, they were swept into the sex trafficking world, and threatened with voodoo from Nigeria.
“Women take on a debt up to 50,000 euros ($56,000), and swear obedience to a ‘madam’ and traffickers,” police said.
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MI calls out guy threathening to kill him over girlfriend

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 Rapper M.I just shared screenshots of a chat he had with a guy threatening to kill him over a girl..According to the said guy,his current girl ordered a hit on MI..It’s hilarious but should be taken seriously..
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Rafael Nadal Slips To 10th In World Rankings

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In recent world ranking released by the ATP, Rafael Nadal, the fourteen time grand slam champion fell to 10th place in the rankings, his worst position since 2005 when he burst on the scene as a teenager.

Nadal has struggled in recent months to pick up important victories and was knocked out of the French open by finalist; Novak Djokovic in the quarter finals and that result has really affected the Spaniard’s ranking. Novak Djokovic who lost the French open final to Stan Wrawrinka still maintains his position as number 1 in the world while the French Open winner; Wrawrinka climbed to fourth behind Andy Murray in third and Rodger Federer in Second place. As for the women, French Open champions and 20 time grand slam winner, Serena Williams increased her lead at the top of the women’s table as she remained number one while Maria Sharapova fell to fourth from second and was replaced by Petra Kvitova who climbed out of the fourth spot.

Could Nadal’s career be winding down to an unceremonious end or could the “king of clay” simply be suffering from a deep in form?

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Manchester United Become Football’s First Billion Dollar Brand

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Manchester United finished the season trophyless for the second time in a row but managed to pull off a double as they leapfrogged Bayern Munich and European champions Barcelona to become the most valuable brand in football and in doing so, became the first football brand to actually be worth a billion dollars.

Manchester fell to third in the Brand Finance’s Football 50 Brand Value ranking following a horrible season under David Moyes but Manchester United have returned to the summit of the rankings following a staggering 64 percent brand value growth that saw the Manchester United brand being valued at 1.2 billion dollars. Manchester United’s purchase of Di Maria and loaning of Falcao as well as the premier leagues 6.9 billion euro TV rights deal all came together to increase Manchester United’s brand value alongside some good off field business with Adidas, Chevrolet and STC.

Bayern Munich finished in second place, with their brand valued at 933 million dollars while the Real Madrid brand is valued at 873 million euros. Real Madrid’s position is surprising considering the fact that Cristiano Ronaldo, Bale and James all represent the Spanish giants but it is not as surprising as Barcelona who are in fourth place despite boasting a squad with the lieks of Messi, Neymar, Suarez and Iniesta


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Oscar Pistorious To Be Released On Probation

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Oscar Pistorius was sentenced to 5 years in prison for the culpable homicide of his deceased girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp in 2014 but the Paralympic and Olympic champion is set to be released on probation on the 21st of August.

Under South African law, Pistorius is eligible for release under “correctional supervision” having served a sixth of his sentence.

South African Commissioner of Correctional Services Zach Modise told reporters that the case management committee at the Kgosi Mampuru II prison in Pretoria, where Pistorius is being held, made the recommendation last week. And that the court had obliged and would be releasing Pistorius in August. This news was not received well by the counsel for the Steenkamp family, Tania Koen who told reporters that while the deceased parents had forgiving Pistorius, they feel that 10 months just is not enough. Pistorius shot and killed Reeva Steenkamp who was in the bathroom in early 2014 and claimed he thought she was an intruder.

The release would mean that Oscar Pistorius would be held for a few months under house arrest.

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“I Want To Join Real Madrid” De Gea Tells Manchester United

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David De Gea has finally made his decision after months and months of speculations and cajoling as the 24 year old shot stopper has told the hierarchy at Manchester United that he wishes to join 10 time European champions, Real Madrid.

De gea has one year left on his Manchester United contract and if Manchester United don’t cash in on him now, he could leave for free next season. De Gea joined Manchester United for a record 24.4 million euros in 2011, a record for a goalkeeper then and has grown into one of the best shot stoppers in the game winning one league title and being named in the PFA team of the year twice. The player is however set to move back to his country after Real Madrid intensified their pursuit of the 24 year old who they see as a perfect replacement for Iker Casillas in the last 10 months. Manchester United now have their hands tied as they have to let the Spaniard go now but would make significantly less as Madrid would know they have the bargaining power as they can wait one season and land the former Atletico man for free.

Manchester United are already in the hunt for a new first choice goalkeeper as De gea gets set to join Van Nistelrooy, Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and Gabriel Heinze as one of the huge Manchester United stars to join Real Madrid.

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Mother Detained In Spain

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Three time Ballon D’Or winner, Cristiano Ronaldo’s mother, Dolores Aviero was detained in the Madrid airport for carrying about 55,000 euros while travelling to Portugal.


Dolores Aviero was carrying way over the allowed cash limit for passengers flying out of Spain which is 10,000 euros and following a search and discovery the Real Madrid talisman’s mother was detained and then released by the Police who confiscated 45,000 euros and allowed her to travel with the remaining 10,000 euros.

In carrying so much, Aveiro committed an administrative offence and now must pay a fine to the tax authorities in order to free up the remainder of her money.

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Robben: Bayern Are Not Failures

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Arjen Robben has rubbished talk that Bayern Munich are failures, seeing as they only won the Bundesliga this season.

The Bavarians were given recognizance as one of the teams to complete a treble. Injury dealt a mighty blow to them and they were booted out in the semifinals of the dfb pokal and UCL, by Dortmund and Barcelona respectively.

Robben has however maintained that the club has performed well.

“I laugh when I hear all those things [about failure],” the 31-year-old addressed Kicker. “There is no reason to be ashamed of this season. On the contrary, I think the evaluation is too radical.

“If you win, everything is great; if you lose, everything is bad. That’s not fair. We had a season after a World Cup. Look at the lines people wrote ahead of the season. Everyone agreed that it will be the hardest season for us since years.

“And then? We won the league with a ten-point lead. That’s a great effort. It mustn’t happen that everything, the coach or the players, are called into question after such a season. That’s totally unfounded.”

The Netherlands international then refuted claims he had become a liability after missing big matches in 2015 due to injury, and backed a fit-again Bayern squad for silverware next term.

“Such specualtion is nonsense. I was in really good shape over most of the season] and just as excited about playing the games against Leverkusen, Dortmund, Porto or Barcelona,” Robben insisted.

“I am still fit and feel like I am able to play at this level for a few more years.

“I have a lot of trust in our squad. Look at our team – Javi Martinez will be fit again, Thiago [Alcantara] is able to take part in the whole pre-season, Franck Ribery and I are coming back, David Alaba will be fit.

“It is just important that we can practice together as a whole from the beginning next season. I am really looking forward to it.”

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Afrocandy slams Nicki Minaj for stealing her style…(See pics)

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Afrocandy is back with vengeance..This time,she says Nicki Minaj stole her style  ..Outfits look similar..Lol

“I’ve had this outfit for a while but was waiting to loose weight before I could wear it. Then I saw Nicki Minaj wearing a Similar Outfit I said to myself mmmmh This Bitch is Stealing my Style. So yesterday a Fan called me, I was complaining about my weight and Tommy, he told me not to worry that my Fans love me the way I am with the Big Stomach. That gave me a lot of confidence even though I hear it all the time. I guess I am gonna stop worrying and Flaunt myself the way I am…This is how I am Rolling out Today, I am bringing Sexy Back! 

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Ismail Ahmed: the Somalian revolutionizing banking with mobile money

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For a continent highly dependent on remittances, no technology could have been a better blessing than mobile money, which is growing at an amazing pace as it extends financial services to the remotest of African locations.

Sub-Saharan Africa will receive about $33 billion in remittances this year and a large part of the sum will be sent through mobile money. Several payments are also being made across the continent using the technology.

Ismail Ahmed, CEO& Founder of WorldRemit, a global remittance company believes so much in the future mobile money holds for Africa. He expects that by 2030, 2 billion people who do not have a bank account today will use mobile money.

In this interview with Ventures Africa, Ahmed speaks about the importance of mobile money to Africa and how it is helping the country save billions of dollars hitherto lost to ‘remittance super-racket’.


Ventures Africa (VA): Africa is today the mobile money king of the world. What do you think is responsible for this?

Ismail Ahmed (IA): Mobile money is a technology that fills an important human need – access to financial services and all that comes with it. In Africa, this need was first effectively addressed by regulators and mobile operators, and accordingly we have seen mobile money take off in a variety of countries – Kenya, Somaliland, Tanzania, and Zimbabwe, to name just a few. Africa also showed us that mobile money is in fact scalable to now serve more than 100 million active users and enable add-on services such as mobile insurance and mobile savings.

VA: How has Africa gained from the impact of technology on the remittance industry?

IA: The impact of technology on remittances to Africa is two-fold: On the receiving side, the mobile money infrastructure provided by our telecoms partners has vastly increased access to financial services. Just think – mobile money agents far outnumber bank branches across Africa, and there are already 15 African countries with more mobile money accounts than bank accounts. On the send side, technology companies such as WorldRemit are putting competitive pressure on the old-fashioned, agent-based players whose dominance has created a “Remittance Super Racket” – as the Africa Progress Panel called it. By taking the industry online and refusing to engage in anti-competitive practices, we are bringing fairer, lower cost remittances to Africa.

VA: One would expect Nigeria, Africa’s most populous nation to be a hotspot for mobile money but the adoption is very low when compared to Kenya. Why do you think this is so?

IA: It is true that although Nigeria has more licensed mobile money services than any other country in the world, adoption has been somewhat slow. We know that regulation in Nigeria has made it difficult for mobile operators to fully participate in mobile money and provide the needed access points – especially in rural areas. From experience, the brand recognition and agent networks of telcos are important stepping stones to mobile money adoption, something that will need to be addressed in Nigeria.

VA: East Africa leads other regions in the adoption of mobile money in Africa. Why do you think this is so?

IA: Many people talk about the success of M-Pesa in Kenya as the cradle of mobile money. That’s certainly a fair assessment, but you need to look beyond M-Pesa to explain the amazing rates of mobile money adoption in East Africa. For example, I know from my own experience that thanks to Zaad’s mobile wallet, Somaliland has become an almost cashless society. The success of Zaad is not least due to brilliant initiatives in educating both customers and agents about the service. Another factor may be interoperability: Tanzania, where we send to TigoPesa and EzyPesa wallets, has been an important market where operators have recently struck interoperability deals to make domestic transactions easier for customers.

VA: Earlier in the year, A US bank, which helps Somalis based in the country to transfer money to relatives back home, stopped the service for fear it was facilitating funds transfer to terrorists. But several reports have highlighted the importance of such funds to Somalis. How can WorldRemit fill the void left by the US Bank?

IA: The problems associated with money transfers to Somalia are real, not imagined. Ultimately, I am convinced that part of the solution will be technological, because of the improved compliance which this can offer.

VA: What is the worth of the annual remittance to Africa by WorldRemit?

IA: While we want to remain confidential about such business information, I can tell you that Africa is certainly one of our key markets. African diaspora communities around the world maintain strong personal ties to their home countries, which is reflected in the number of transfers we handle at WorldRemit.

With strong business fundamentals in Africa, we also expect to see a major uplift of annual remittances following our partnership with MTN and our launch in the United States. We can already see people in the US using WorldRemit to send money to Africa, which has been an underserved market in the US so far.

VA: Which African region holds the largest amount of monthly transfers through WorldRemit?

IA: It is difficult to pinpoint a specific region – I would say in terms of monthly transfers we are equally active across the whole of the African continent. Some of the largest numbers of transactions go to Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, Zimbabwe, and Uganda –which is in itself a great reflection of our broad geographical footprint across Africa.

VA: WorldRemit has gotten investments of over $100 million in less than two years, what does this say about the future of remittances and WorldRemit’s approach?

IA: The two major investments we received from Accel Partners and TCV are testament to our strong business proposition and point to the future of the remittance market. Clearly, incumbents such as Western Union and MoneyGram have failed to modernise and foresee trends in technology and human behavior. Our promise is as simple as it is convincing – to make sending money home safer, more convenient, and more transparent. With the investments we received, we will continue to build our company along this mission and expand both our partnerships with mobile operators as well as our geographical footprint.

VA: You have struck partnerships with EcoCash and MTN. Do you plan to increase such partnerships to grow your business in Africa?

IA: Absolutely. Working in partnership with with EcoCash and MTN holds unique benefits for us – we are able to deeply integrate our technical systems to and enable instant transfers to those mobile wallets. On top of that, we are able to better engage with their customers and address real needs. So there is no question that we will aim to set up more partnerships with mobile operators as soon as possible – in fact, we are close to launching instant mobile money transfers to EcoNet in Burundi.

VA: What other forms of partnership are you considering?

IA: Many.  Around the world, we work extensively with a network of partners including major banks and mobile operators. Every single partnership and technical integration is a huge asset to our service and directly benefits our customers. With the investments we have received, we will be expanding our network of partners to serve more and more customers where we can make the biggest difference.

VA: How far has mobile money been able to help Africa increase financial inclusion?

IA: Bill Gates recently made a big bet that almost everyone will have a mobile money account. We expect that by 2030, 2 billion people who do not have a bank account today will use mobile money. Undoubtedly, Africa will be one of the main beneficiaries of this development – according to the GSMA’s latest report Sub-Saharan Africa alone accounts for more than half of the world’s live mobile money services.

VA: What is WorldRemit’s unique plan for Africa?

IA: At WorldRemit, we see ourselves as paving the way for seamlessly connecting Africans around the world with friends and family back home. With fair and transparent prices, we are challenging the “Remittance Super Racket” of incumbent money transfer companies in Africa which continue their practices of agent-exclusivity arrangements and charging unreasonable fees. We are embracing mobile money as new technology that is set to revolutionise banking from the ground up and make money transfers more convenient for everyone.

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Bartomeu: Enrique Is Staying At Barcelona

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Following Barcelona’s treble success, club president Josep Bartomeu has revealed that Luis Enrique will continue as the club’s manager.

Enrique’s position at the club was not set in stone despite his success last term and the fact that he had a year left on his contract, with Enrique admitting himself that the UCL final against Juventus could be his last for the club.

However, club president Bartomeu sees no reason why the 45-year-old should not continue at the Catalan club.

“There is no reason to break our contract with Enrique after he earned full marks for this season,” the club chief told Sport

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New gas discoveries to save Tanzania $1bn annually

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Tanzania’s current natural gas reserves now stand at about 55 trillion cubic feet (tcf) following new deep sea discoveries off its southern coast. According to the East African nation’s energy minister, George Simbachawene, natural gas resources discovered in the country increased by  18 percent to 55.08 tcf in April 2015, from 46.5 tcf in June 2014.

The United Republic of Tanzania has the second largest economy in East Africa, and the Twelfth largest in Africa. A great contributor to this is its agricultural sector, which accounts for 24.5 percent of the country’s GDP, 85 percent of exports and over half of the employed workforce. The country had relied heavily on this sector to drive its economy, but the emergence of natural gas is expected to change that narrative. Commercial production is scheduled to begin in September this year and expectations are high that the new commodity will rival the dominance of agriculture and enhance living conditions.

About 35 percent of Tanzanians currently live in poverty, making the news that gas discoveries could provide a similar number of jobs to agriculture mouthwatering. Sospeter Muhongo, Tanzania’s former Minister of Energy and minerals, said during a press conference last August in Dar es Salaam that developments have already been made towards the provision of jobs as many have been drafted into training programs to enhance their professional skills before they are deployed into the market. The goal is to train 300 workers by 2020, including lawyers, accountants, auditors and engineers. Some students already study abroad on scholarships from the government of China, as well as in Norway, U.K., U.S. and Brazil. “I am hopeful that in five years’ time our country will have the largest number of local expertise in the natural gas and oil industry,” he said.

The recent development is also viewed as a ticket to improving the unreliable electricity in the country. In Tanzanian, only 24 percent of the population is connected to the national power grid, a number that drops to 7 percent in rural areas. Simbachawene said the government will invest in new gas-fired power plants to boost electricity supply in the country, which has frequently been hit by chronic energy shortages. “During 2015/16 the government will start implementing the construction of a 240-megawatt power plant that is expected to cost $344 million.”

He also said a pipeline connecting offshore natural gas fields to Tanzania’s commercial capital Dar es Salaam will be commissioned in September. The government claims the pipeline will enable the country switch to gas-fired power plants and reduce oil imports, leading to annual savings of over $1 billion.

Although, there are high expectations set in place for the Tanzanian government with regards to the gas, the government is tasked with battling issues of public distrust and disillusionment with the covert trade deals.

By April Dokpesi

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Weight Loss Struggles! Khloe Kardashian Allegedly Undergoes Liposuction Surgery

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Khloe Kardashian might be flaunting her new curves but the real secret of her weight loss remains hidden.

Reports making the rounds claim that the 30-year-old reality star  got a little help with achieving her newly curvaceous figure by undergoing serious lipo on her tummy, waistline and legs. She is impressed with the results that she is thinking of reducing her butt as it is starting to look enormous in comparison to her new small frame.

Around the time Khloe had the surgery, she was trying to chalk up her drastically changing body to diet and exercise.






Image: mirror.co.uk

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71-Year-Old Security Man Dies After Marathon Sex With Mysterious Woman

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Fear inundated the street of Effurun, near Warri, Delta State, following the mysterious death of a 71-year-old security guard after alleged marathon sex with a commercial sex worker.

The victim, Borniface Madu, was reported to have taken the woman last week from his place of work and allegedly died in the process of having sex with her.

It was learnt that the security guard was working as gate man in a compound whose owner is not always around except the younger brother, who occasionally comes around to sleep in the house with his lovers.

After his demise, the body of the security guard was discovered by the younger brother of the owner of the compound after his efforts to drive into the house on his return from a night club failed.

The police PRO in the State, DSP Celestina Kalu confirmed that the security guard was killed in marathon sex with a strange woman.

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Nigeria Is Winning War Against HIV/AIDS – NACA

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The National Agency for the Control of AIDS (NACA) has revealed that Nigeria is winning the war against HIV/AIDS, even though the country is still suffering from other disease-related death.

In a recent survey by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) titled: ‘Statistical Report on Women and Men in Nigeria’, the country was allegedly prone to killer diseases like; malaria, pneumonia, tuberculosis, diarrhoea, hepatitis B and measles among others.

The report revealed that, HIV/AIDS accounted for the highest proportion of infected females (63.5 percent) as against 36.5 percent reported for males in the referenced period (2010-2013).

According to the report, Malaria, a second killer disease, accounted for 53.4 percent female patients and 46. 6 percent male patients within the same period.

NACA, which is the agency of the Federal Government with responsibility for the management and control of HIV/AIDS and the coordination of the activities of stakeholders involved in the fight against the pandemic, in collaboration with the Federal Ministry of Health, keeps record of AIDS deaths in the country.

The director-general of agency, Prof. John Idoko, disclosed that the report only gave unfounded percentages of AIDS deaths without stating the total number of deaths upon which the percentages were based.

The NACA DG insisted that if the factual AIDS deaths given were taken into cognizance, malaria which accounted for 108,453 deaths in 2012 and 46,612 deaths in 2013, according to the ‘Summary distribution of deaths by causes, year and sex’, by far accounted for more deaths than AIDS in Nigeria within the period.

Idoko, said HIV prevalence had declined from 5.8 percent in 2001 to 4.1 percent in 2010 and that new HIV infections declined by about 50 percent from 338,423 in 2005 to 176,701 in 2015. He maintained that HIV/AIDS had been in decline in Nigeria in the past five years, due to improved funding by the Federal Government and the sustained efforts of international partners.

He said, this has made it possible for the number of people living with HIV who are on Anti Retroviral Therapy to sharply increase from 359,181 in 2010 to 747,382 in 2014.

“There are more remarkable improvements attributable to Nigeria’s HIV response. For instance, the number of HIV counselling and testing sites across the country from 1,046 in 2010 to 8,114 in 2014. The number of people tested for HIV has significantly increased from 1,380,418 in 2010 to 7,101,636 in 2014,” he concluded.

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MURIC Wants Buhari To Declare June 12 As Democracy Day

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The Muslim Rights Concern, MURIC, has urged the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari to declare June 12, the day a remarkable free and fair election was held in the country, as Democracy Day.

Infusing light to the forgone, the late Moshood Abiola was declared winner of the presidential election that was held on the said date, but was annulled by the then Head of State, Gen. Ibrahim Babangida.

The Director of the group, Prof. Ishaq Akintola, in a statement maintained that, ” the progressives who constituted the opposition before and who controlled states in the South-West had always marked their own Democracy Day on June 12. They are the heroes of the June 12 revolution. Also, since the slogan and driving force of the new political dispensation is ‘Change’ and it was on that basis that Nigerians voted for the Buhari-Osinbajo combination, it is only proper that the ‘Change’ begins to manifest from an official recognition of June 12 as our Democracy Day.”

Read full statement below:

June 12, 1993 will remain sacrosanct in the annals of Nigerian history. It was the day Nigerians from all walks of life voted for Chief Moshood Kashimawo Abiola, presidential candidate of the defunct Social Democratic Party.

That election was the fairest and most peaceful ever held in Nigeria as there were no incidents of violence, ballot box snatching or allegations of rigging. Yet an infinitesimally tiny cabal comprising senior military officers in the then ruling military government and a handful of civilian turncoats ganged up to annul the election even after it was clear from the results announced so far that Chief M. K. O. Abiola had won the election.

That annulment turned Nigeria into a pariah nation as the West slammed economic sanctions on the country. Peace also eluded us for several years as civil unrest reigned supreme. Democracy was eventually restored when the military handed over to a civilian regime on May 29, 1999. But the fifth columnists were still able to influence government’s policies as the latter declared May 29 of every year as Democracy Day. Nigeria has since been marking its Democracy Day on May 29 of every year.

The Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC) hereby calls on the Federal Government of Nigeria (FG) to take steps to correct this anomaly by declaring June 12 as Democracy Day throughout Nigeria. May 29 is a monumental fraud. It is an attempt to rewrite the history of this great country. June 12 is Nigeria’s date with destiny. It is the plain truth. Alhaji Ahmadu Bello, the late Sardauna of Sokoto said, “The greatest weapon is truth”. We therefore urge FG to stand by that truth.

We hinge our position on the fact that the progressives who constituted the opposition before and who controlled states in the South-West had always marked their own Democracy Day on June 12. They are the heroes of the June 12 revolution. Also, since the slogan and driving force of the new political dispensation is ‘Change’ and it was on that basis that Nigerians voted for the Buhari-Osinbajo combination, it is only proper that the ‘Change’ begins to manifest from an official recognition of June 12 as our Democracy Day.

The present regime of President Muhammadu Buhari has a lot in common with the June 12 phenomenon. Just as June 12, 1993 marked the day Nigerians sank their tribal and religious differences to vote for MKO, the man in whom they had faith, Nigerians closed their eyes to ethnicity and creed and voted for ‘Change’ on March 28, 2015.

FG must therefore give Nigerians the ‘Change’ it promised them, the ‘Change’ they are yearning for. That ‘Change’ is to declare June 12 as Democracy Day and to jettison May 29.

Finally, MURIC posits that May 29 as Democracy Day was a military imposition concocted to spite the MKO revolution which is deeply rooted in June 12. We therefore charge FG to sow the wind of ‘Change’ by allowing the GENERAL WILL to take its due course. June 12 is the date of truth and transparent honesty. It is the date of ‘Change’, the date of destiny. On June 12 we stand.

Professor Ishaq Akintola,
Director, Muslim Rights Concern (MURIC)

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Policeman Allegedly Fires Tanker Driver For Giving N20 Bribe Instead Of N50

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Three members of the Nigerian Police Force have been arrested by the Bauchi state Police command over the death of a tanker driver in Ningi Local Government Area of the state.

According to report, the dead victim was allegedly shot by one of the three policemen for not co-operating with the stipulated amount required of him by the cops.

It was learnt that the tanker driver gave N20 instead of the demanded N50.

As he tried to flee the scene, he was chased by the cops and later shot by one of them along Guduba village, four kilometers away from Ningi.

Irate mob attempted to kill the policemen, but they were saved by security operatives, who later handed them over to the Area Commander.

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