4 Reasons Why Bad Boys Get All The Girls

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Everyone has at one time or the other heard a stereotypical statement that “women love bad boys” and it so seems there is some truth in the statement that goes beyond the stereotype it has come to be known for. The statement is mostly made by the good guys as they whine about how they are cheated. However, the truth behind the statement may be a little more than we expect, given the findings of a recent study that concluded that men with supposed “bad boy” traits including behavioural traits like disagreeableness, narcissism, psychopathy, and Machiavellianism as a matter of fact get to have more romantic partners than the otherwise humble and good guys.

Well, this is not to say we are in any way suggesting that any guy should become a bad boy in order to get the ladies or that all women love the bad guys, instead, this article presents one or two things good guys can learn from supposedly bad boys to become a well rounded and sought after person. Of course, these things exclude the pompous and jerk attitude. Follow us as we talk about the 4 interesting facts below.

Bad boys will talk to any woman they meet
The bad boys are always ready to take the bull by the horns and seize the moment. The nice guys will spend much time building up the courage to walk up and lay his mind bare to the woman he has known for years and why he waits, over 10 bad guys would have already walked up to her. She would have most probably been dating one out of the 10 while the nice guy is mentally psyching himself up to walk up to her.

The bad boy who takes so much pride in self importance has no issues whatsoever with grappling with the things to say, even if he meets more than fifty girls in a month. More so, he doesn’t wallow in self pity if 49 out of the 50 girls reject him as he is happy with that 1 he is successful with especially since it puts him above the good guys who are afraid to talk to any girl they like.

Bad boys are confident
The truth is a lot of people have a dislike for guys that are cocky and full of pride but even more truthful is the fact that most people tend to dislike whiny and needy guys much more. A bad guy may have a lot of negativities but his “Who cares what anybody thinks of me?” demeanor is much more acceptable and attractive than the “I suck so much, I can’t get a date” attitude of a lot of nice guys. Thus, regarding attracting women, confidence plays a huge role and it always beats insecurity all the time.

Bad boys are charming
Women love to be charmed with looks, appearance and overall attitude and this attribute is a key feature of bad boys. Bad boys are manipulative charmers who can use humor and compliments on a girl to the fullest even when they don’t mean it. By the time a nice guy is able to mutter an awkward “I kind of like you” statement, she’s already far gone with the bad guy.

Bad boys will talk to even the most conservative of women
Any guy that has been to a club can relate to seeing girls who seem out of place and appear to hate every moment they spend therein like they were dragged there by their friends. These kind of girls look around and seem to focus their attention on any guy that has the guts to look their way and approach them. These girls are turnoffs for most guys but not for the bad boys who take their hostility in stride and allow it have no effect whatsoever on them.

The bad boy uses his charm to approach these hostile girls and builds a connection. Same thing goes for girls that most guys are afraid to approach or women that most guys think are way “out of their league”. You may have asked yourself a few times why a pretty girl you know is with a bad boy, it’s mostly because the good guys were too scared to approach her.

This is not to say that guys must be bad to make the world more interesting, but the world needs more confident guys who are willing to take the risk to approach and get to know all types of women. If this process is left to the bad guys, they will continually get most of the good women.

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Adorable Photo Of Davido Feeding His Daughter

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The HKN act who is prepping up for the release of his sophomore album ‘The Baddest’ can be seen feeding his little bundle of joy at a corner of his living room.

He captioned the photo :



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Old Age will Limit My Performance –Buhari

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President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted that his age would limit his performance as the President of Nigeria

Come December 17, 2015, Buhari, who was a military governor at 33 and Head of State at the age of 40, will turn 73. He now says he would have loved being a President when he was at a younger age.

Speaking with Nigerians resident in South Africa on Monday after taking part in the 25th assembly of Heads of State and Government of the African Union in Johannesburg, Mr. President said:

 “I wish I became Head of State when I was a governor, just a few years as a young man. Now at 72, there is a limit to what I can do.”

Despite his advancement in age however, Buhari gave assurance that his administration would make a difference. That what brought him to his current position was his love for the country. The President promised that his administration would “kill” corruption before it wrecks the nation.

“Our government is determined to secure the country, manage the economy, create employment and fight corruption. Some articulate writers have said if we do not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. This APC administration intends to kill corruption in Nigeria. We will do our best, I assure you,” Buhari stated.


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Venezuelan Newscaster Goes Naked On TV After Copa America Win [PHOTOS/VIDEO]

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Venezuela‘s football team recorded a 1-0 win over Colombia in their opening Copa America match.

The team had more than enough motivation to win the match, including the fact that news reporters for website Desnudando la Noticia had promised to go naked if they won.

And true to their word, they did!

Should Nigeria employ this tactic to motivate her own teams? Check her out below!



Watch the video here. 

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Nigerian states need a stimulus, not a bailout

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About half of the 36 States in Nigeria, Africa’s largest economy, are broke. Some of them owe workers up to seven months salaries. They have exhausted all available options, including loans. Now they want the federal government to bail them out of the cash crunch caused by reduced allocation.

Governors of Nigeria’s 36 states met today in Abuja, the capital city, to discuss what seems the only way out for them – a financial bailout, at least to pay salaries.

One of the governors, Rochas Okorocha of Imo, a state in the southeastern part of Nigeria, told journalists yesterday that the governors will push for a bailout from the federal government to save the affected States from collapse. Most States in Nigeria depend on monthly allocations from the federal government. However, this has dropped by 30 percent since oil prices began to fall last year. Oil accounts for about 75 percent of Nigeria’s revenue.

Some governors have blamed the reduced allocation for their inability to pay salaries, and are seeking a bailout to meet their primary duties. Locals, however, are opposing the move. “President-elect should not give any kobo in the name of special bailout or intervention to states to pay salaries when he takes over. It is unfortunate and uncalled for that governors most of whom operate in their states flamboyantly and mismanage their states resources to say they cannot pay salaries and shamelessly the President-elect to bail them out. Is it the same people calling for change that are asking to be helped to pay salaries?” former National Chairman of the Labour Party, Alhaji Abdukadir Abdulsalam had said before the inauguration of President Muhammadu Buhari.

Ben Murray-Bruce, a Senator from oil-rich Bayelsa State, one of the states that are not owing their workers, had also expressed his displeasure.

Edo State Governor Adams Oshiomole said slump in oil prices was not an excuse. “It is not the drop in oil price that is causing the crisis, it may have accentuated it, but it is not the primary cause. Even at $60 per barrel we could do a lot better if so much hasn’t been stolen.”

Despite the cash crunch, some states in the country have been able to pay wages. According to a report by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) Task Force on employees salary arrears, Anambra, Adamawa, Bayelsa, Borno, Delta, Edo, the FCT, Gombe, Kaduna, Kwara, Lagos, Nasarawa, Niger, Sokoto and Taraba States do not owe their workers.

Nigerian states seem to be united in their expected demand for a bailout, but the ability of some states to continue to pay their workers amid reduced allocation shows they have pursued prudent fiscal policies. States unable to pay workers’ salaries might have been profligate in their spending, with crippling amounts of debts accumulated, making it impossible to turn to banks for loans. But the recent financial struggles of US City, Detroit, offer Nigeria a clue to navigating this challenge.

On July 18, 2013, Detroit became the largest US city ever to file for bankruptcy. It owed $18 billion, primarily due to two causes – pension obligations and money owed to bond holders. Others, though not significant, include unpaid taxes. However, the US administration and the private sector provided nearly $300 million, only a fraction of what the city owed, an action praised by Mark Skidmore, an economist at Michigan State University.

Professor Skidmore said that the US had no plans to help Detroit pay its debt, but to recharge the city after years of hemorrhaging money. “What they are trying to do is enable key investments that are needed to help the city once it emerges from all of these immediate [financial] challenges.”

For Nigerian states looking for a bailout, some of whose fiscal irresponsibility put them in the situation they are, only a stimulus will help. After now, states will be more serious about increasing their internally generated revenue to reduce reliance on federal allocation and move closer to self-sufficiency.

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Nigeria: NAEC Decides On Where To Build 4,800MW Nuclear Power Plants

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Following its plan to generate a massive 4,800 megawatts (mw) of electricity, the Nigeria Atomic Energy Commission (NAEC) has selected Geregu in Kogi State and Itu in Akwa Ibom State as the sites for building two nuclear power plants that is 2,400MW a piece.

The commission had in April revealed that it was holding talks with Russia’s Rosatom Corporation to build four nuclear power plants costing about $20 billion (about N3.9 trillion) which would generate 4,800 megawatts (mw).

The preliminary licensing of the approved sites is expected by the end of 2016 from the Nigerian Nuclear Regulatory Authority (NNRA).

The Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Power, Dr. Godknows Igali, revealed that government’s intervention in the power sector includes the diversification of the electricity sources from the present 80 percent gas and 20 percent hydro to integrate nuclear power to meet its target of generating 20,000 megawatts (mw) by year 2020.

“With NAEC’s plan to inject 1,200mw from first nuclear power plant in 2025 and increase to 4,800mw in 2035, the energy mix is expected to have increased to about 20 percent power generation from clean sources,” Igali stated.

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DSS Out, Soldiers Rumour To Take Over Pres. Buhari’s Security

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A top Presidency official, on Tuesday disclosed that soldiers might take over the responsibility of guarding the Presidential villa very soon as a lieutenant who will be leading 21 other military personnel had already been transferred to the Strike Force with an instruction to take over from the DSS officials.

According to the source, ‘it looks like soldiers will now run the Strike Force for President Muhammadu Buhari’.

“DSS officials are the ones that have been serving in the Strike Force. “With this development military personnel will take over from them henceforth.

“We are aware that the situation is causing palpable tension as there is a possibility of a showdown. But we are working hard to ensure that the situation does not degenerate,” he said.

In the same vein, another official confirmed this development. According to him, plans are in place to change the new Presidential Villa’s Administrative Officer, who was deployed by the DSS about two weeks ago and replaced with a military officer.

He said all DSS officials currently serving inside the Presidential Villa are not sure of their fate yet.

“The truth is that we are not sure of anything yet. Whichever way, we will only act based on signals from our headquarters whether to leave or remain inside the Villa,” he said.

If we recall, President Buhari revealed that he turned down the transfer of 253 DSS operatives to the presidential villa because he hasn’t yet forgiven them for hate campaigning against him during the last general elections.

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Africa offers Nestle a reality check

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Nestle, the world’s largest food company, announced today that it would be sending home almost a quarter of its African workforce. The move is in admittance of its overestimation of growth projections, particularly that of the continent’s middle class.

“We thought this would be the next Asia,” a deflated Cornel Krummenacher, told the Financial Times this week. Cornel is the Chief Executive for Nestle’s equatorial Africa region, covering over 21 countries including Kenya and Angola. He oversees a significant portion of its 11,000 employees spread across the continent, many of whom are expected to receive a notice of termination in the coming weeks.

Krummenacher explained that the food company is struggling to meet its 10 percent growth target, and with job cuts, might be lucky to break-even this year. “… we have realised the middle class here in the region is extremely small and it is not really growing,” he noted. There are a number of factors that may have discouraged the growth of the African middle class.

In South Africa, a combination of wage strikes—which cost the country’s mining sector $6 billion in lost output—and an unstable power sector have scared off mega companies like Ford from investing. This would have provided more jobs for South Africans, lifting many into the middle class. In Nigeria, the recent oil crisis has forced the government, which is heavily dependent on crude sales for revenue, to trim its budget for 2015 and close its coffers to new capital projects, while Ghana’s economic woes—including a soaring inflation and currency crash—are making it harder for entrepreneurs and start-ups to access cheap loans.

Beyond the middle class growth challenge, Nestle has battled with external issues across its top market. In Nigeria, one of Africa’s biggest consumer markets and Nestle’s most profitable, the year hasn’t been very rosy. Its first-quarter pretax profit fell 50.7 percent to 3.48 billion naira ($17.5 million), while revenue plunged to 27.55 billion naira, from 33.42 billion a year earlier. One of the key reasons for this drop is the lingering insecurity in the Northeast of Nigeria, one that has led to the death of over 10,000 people and rendered over 1 million more homeless. Nestle says the Boko Haram-led terror activities have grounded parts of its business in the North – crippling its distribution channels and shutting down its warehouses.

The rapid spread of Ebola also proved costly. According to Politico, the Ebola epidemic threatened to halt Cocoa imports from West Africa – the largest cocoa producing region in the world. Nestle had no factories situated in the three worst-hit countries–Liberia, Guinea, and Sierra Leone–but its major supply market, Ivory Coast, borders two of the countries. Fears of a possible outbreak in Ivory Coast at-the-time forced cocoa prices to skyrocket, raising the overall cost of production for the Swiss-based food company.

Nestle might have placed its bet on Africa’s middle class, but socio-economic challenges are also proving greater hiccups. If it intends to secure a long-term future with the continent, navigating the host of these socio-economic will be key.

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Shijuwomi, Behold My Redeemer

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Shijuwomi is an eponymous post-colonial story of a pampered girl, Shijuwomi, who travelled to England to study, but attempts suicide; prompting her repatriation. Back home, she is moved into an institution where she meets Dr. Ilori, a lecturer in Anthropology who eventually marries her. The marriage is full of thorns and pebbles, failing to provide the desired succour for Shijuwomi and this leads to another attempted suicide.

Shijuwomi, the cinematic adaptation of Behold my Redeemer, a play by renowned playwright, Rasheed Gbadamosi, stars Bimbo Manuel, Ayo Lijadu, Tina Mba, Judith Audu, Femi Adebayo, Olu Okekanye,  and Jude Chukwuka.  It is produced by veteran film-maker Bayo Awala while award-winning film-maker, Niji Akanni (Aramotu, Abobaku, Heroes and Zeros), is the film’s director. Akanni has also written many award-winning films including Dangerous Twins, Playing Games, Saving Alero and Narrow Path. He has also featured as director in several Reality TV shows in Nigeria – the Amstel Malta Box Office (Season One, 2005), Big Brother Nigeria (2006) and The Apprentice Africa (2008).

Awala, the producer of the film, is neither new to adaptations nor directing. As a film-maker, he acquired a lot of experience at the Nigerian Television Authority, NTA, where he directed such successful drama series as The Village Headmaster, Winds against My Soul, Adio Family, By the Road Side, The Turning Wheel, The Young Ones, Jagua Nana’s Daughter, Tight Rope, Trauma and Doctors Quarters.

In 2005, Awala directed the award winning political thriller, Prince of the Savannah, written by Yinka Ogun and starring Tunde Laniyan, Sam Loco Efe, Teni Aofiyebi and Chidi Ukwu, who won the Best Actor Award at the ZUMA Film Festival 2011 for his role in the movie.

“This project has been in the works for over two decades. I have always being fascinated with this story since I first directed it on stage in 1969. Its thematic relevance, the tempo-spatial canvass against which the narrative plays out and an opportunity to increase the volume of works adapted from our rich literary traditions are some of the reasons why we have decided to showcase this piece”, Awala said.

Renowned economist and accomplished art collector, Chief Rasheed Abiodun Gbadamosi serves as Executive Producer for this project. Gbadamosi is the author of many short stories and plays for radio, television and the theatre, including Tree Grows in the Desert, Behold my Redeemer, Echoes from the Lagoon, and Sunset over Nairobi, which won first prize in Radio Netherlands Golden Windmill Short Story competition.

Shijuwomi received support from Nollywood interventionist project; Project ACT Nollywood’s Film Production Fund (FPF) and is being produced with the active collaboration of Ogun State Government.

Below are some location pictures from the set of Shijuwomi:

shiju360nobsPicture 3 - Ayo Lijadu and Judith Audu on set shiju360nobsPicture 2 - Veteran Actor , Ayo Lijadu on set shiju360nobsPicture 1 - Niji Akanni directs Judith Audu and Ayo Lijadu shiju360nobsbts 6 shiju360nobsbts 7 shiju360nobsbts 9 shiju360nobsbts 10 shiju360nobsbts 5 shiju360nobsbts 4 shiju360nobsbts 3 shiju360nobsbts 2 shiju360nobsbts 1


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#Nollywood Movie Review: Iyore

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This is yet another film on the Benin (Bini) kingdom, coming after The Child (Izu Ojukwu, 2010), Invasion 1897: The Deposing of Oba Ovarhehem (Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen, 2014) and The Antique (Darasen Richards and Adetokunbo Odubawo (DJ Tee), 2014.  There are others, including Adesuwa – another Lancelot Oduwa Imasuen film – which yours truly is yet to see.

Iyore is the story of Osarugue (Rita Dominic), who is married to Ovie (Yemi Blaq), but whose heart is in a childhood friend, Eweka/Azuwa, (Joseph Benjamin); setting the stage for untold conflict and catastrophe.

There is full display of rich customs and traditions of the Bini people.  The costumes are striking; the dialogue is replete with countless proverbs, reminiscent of the era portrayed in the film and Bini actors are cast to perform the songs.

The reincarnation subplot is better developed in Iyore than in The Return, a Kingsley Ogoro production, which is at least a decade old; starring Uche Macaulay, Gloria Young and several other star actors.  Although it is a controversial concept, some cultures and religions cannot dispense with reincarnation.  There are slight variations on how it is propagated in various cultures and religions and Iyore handles it satisfactorily.

On the contrary, the main plot is the theme of hundreds of Nollywood films – a boy is in love with a girl, one from a wealthy background and the other from a wretched lowly one; of course, the affluent parents are opposed to the union, resulting in a lot of drama, at times excessive drama.

Movie fans are constantly in search of revitalizing stories and this is where Iyore fails.  Granted that this movie turns out to be unpredictable, a more exciting love story could have been told by Frank Rajah Arase than the story of a couple, who are barred from getting married because one of them comes from a nondescript background.

The film’s subtitle is poorly done and should be revisited.  There are countless errors in it.  When Osarugue asks Ovie why he did not deem it fit to tell her he was travelling, the subtitle reads, dim instead.  The lady diviner says, Strange as it may seem, the gods makes … (sic) and Rita Dominic is seen with her.  When actors fail to voice their observations on set, the mistakes mar the production and quest their credibility too even when they are not the ones who directly commit the blunder!  Someone also mentions ‘the crowned prince’ rather than ‘the crown prince’.

How come 2005 cars are used in a film that depicts 19 years ago?  Whereas Ovie’s car could pass for a vehicle common two decades ago, the same cannot be said of the cars used by the royals.

When the prince’s cousin takes Joke Adekoya into the room, he mentions being the rightful prince, who was denied of his rights because of his father’s early demise.  At the end of the film, Eweka is said to have returned to his rightful position right in the presence of his cousin.  The audience is not told that the prince’s cousin lied and so why is that anomaly not resolved?

In her review of Blood and Oil, a BBC thriller that stars David Oyelowo, Sam Dede, Johdi May and Naomi Harris; in NEXT on Sunday (4th April, 2010), Chimamanda Adichie stressed that ‘It is lazy at best and patronizing at worst to use characters who mostly speak a kind of generic Africanized English; they become caricatures.  Details matter because they lend authenticity and, for a knowledgeable viewer, can make the entire film believable or not’.

As a corollary, the actors in the film could not pronounce Bini names correctly.  What would it have cost the producers to hire a dialogue/speech coach to work with the cast?  If they hired one, then the person did not do a thorough job.

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Resign Now Since Your Age Will Limit Your Performance – PDP Watchdog To Buhari

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The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, has reacted to a statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari in which he declared and admitted that age will limit the rate of his performance in office as President of Nigeria.

Speaking via their watchdog, the President was called on to resign since his age will be a problem.

Here is an excerpt of the press release by the PDP Watchdog below:

The PDP Media Watchdog has reacted to the statement credited to President Muhammadu Buhari in which he declared and admitted that age will limit the rate of his performance in office as President of Nigeria.

The group while reacting to the statement on Wednesday June 17, 2015 said the APC and President Buhari are gang of hypocrites and liars. “The PDP is again vindicated by this confession from President Muhammadu Buhari and many more that are yet to come.

Nigerians will recall that during the presidential campaigns, the PDP and other well meaning Nigerians complained on the choice of sponsoring Pa. Muhammadu Buhari as Presidential Candidate of APC and the effect it will have on the country when it comes to managing the affairs of a multi dimensional nation like Nigeria, but the APC and its leaders said that age is just a number”.

The PDP Media Watchdog again reminded Nigerians of their earlier statements on the need for the people of this country to challenge the numerous inconsistencies of this APC administration and call on President Muhammadu Buhari to resign immediately to save the country of this four years of motion without movement because according to the group, all they have done since May 29th is that Pa. Buhari and the APC has hit the ground sitting instead of running as they promised.

“It’s barely three weeks into the administration of President Muhammadu Buhari and his age is already telling on him, so, what will happen to Nigeria in the remaining 1,440 days of this government. It’s better to find a black goat in the day time rather than looking for it in the night and this is why we are asking President Buhari to resign now because Nigerians will not entertain further excuses of why the APC cannot deliver on their campaign promises”. the group said.

The group also gave another example of how President Buhari’s age is affecting his performance and reminded Nigerians of how he disgraced the country in a world forum when he referred to the President of Germany as President of West Germany. “Nigerians saw this all along during the campaigns but could not resist the broom stick voodoo that the APC used to hypnotize the people. Nigerians will also recall that this same Pa. Buhari could not remember the complete name of His Vice Presidential Candidate and even the full name of his party, the All Progressive Congress (APC) under which platform he was contesting and instead referred to it as the All Progressive Confidence during the campaigns. How long will a nation like Nigeria, the giant of Africa remained under this hypnosis of the APC” the group queried.

Finally, the Watchdog urged the people of Nigeria to wake up to the challenge and resist this daylight robbery and blackmail of the All Progressive Congress (APC) and demand the immediate resignation of Pa. Muhammadu Buhari and call for another election to elect a more competent and vibrant Nigerian to lead to the people to the Nigeria of our Dreams.

Tunde Lawal
For: PDP Media Watchdog

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Ivory Coast to record double-digit growth in 2016

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Ivory Coast’s economy will grow by 7.9 percent this year and by an average of 7.6 percent in 2016 and 2017, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) said in a new report. The country, once torn by civil war, has been showing impressive economic recovery since the end of the crisis in 2011.

Increase in private sector investment under President Alassane Ouattara has largely spurred this growth. However, the outcome of the presidential election, slated for October, will play a key role in the economic prospects for next year. IMF forecasts were below the target the government set for itself this year — 9.4 percent — which it expects to run into double-digits in 2016. “While the staff recognises that a post-election end to the wait-and-see attitude of some private investors could push growth rates above its estimate in 2016, the mission felt that this factor is too uncertain to be incorporated in the baseline scenario,” the report said.

Frontier market investors, who are excited by Ivory Coast’s impressive growth in recent years, are believed to be keen to see Ouattara re-elected. The former deputy head of the IMF had embarked on large-scale infrastructure projects, previously stalled during years of political instability.

The French-speaking nation has also invested heavily in electricity generation, with a new output target set as 4,000 megawatts, from the current 1,600. That’ll be almost double the current output of Nigeria, its west African neighbour and the continent’s largest economy. Already, the country is exporting its excess power to neighbours like Ghana.

Investments into Ivory Coast is also growing rapidly, particularly into its resource sectors. Recently, Olam, a Singaporean firm with agricultural interests across Africa invested $75 million in the country’s cocoa industry, which accounts for 22 percent of the country’s GDP. The first chocolate making factory was also launched in the West African nation this year.

Overall, Ivory Coast’s macroeconomic outlook is positive but risks remain. Poor weather could affect agricultural output and power production while a continuation of recently discovered extra-budgetary spending may affect the economy and scare investors.

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Xenophobic attacks resurface in South Africa

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The Nigerian Union in South Africa yesterday reported new xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other foreigners in Sternkopf, Namakwa Municipality, Northern Cape Province of South Africa. The recent events are similar to the nasty acts that occurred in South Africa between March and April 2015, claiming the lives of many African immigrants.

The President of the Union, Ikechukwu Anyene, explained that the most recent attack was reported by the Northern Cape Province Chapter Chairman of the Union, Kennedy Osagie, to its National Secretariat. It was also stated that Nigerians were gravely affected. “Two cars belonging to Nigerians have been reportedly burnt and they have been going from house to house looting and destroying their property.”

Mr Ayene confirmed that six Nigerians have taken refuge with their families in nearby Springbok community, but the whereabouts of others affected remain unknown.

Public criticism 

In April about 5000 people, including religious leaders and influential politicians, marched in South Africa’s coastal city of Durban against xenophobia. Marchers in Durban sang solidarity songs, with many saying it was about time that all South Africans stood up for their brothers and sisters because we are all Africans. “It’s so important to show our support because xenophobia should not be tolerated,” one marcher told Al Jazeera.

South Africa which is host to between 2 and 5 million illegal migrants, many of whom are running from African countries with weak socio-economic and political systems, was hit by a wave of deadly xenophobic attacks two months ago. Tension was lowered until now.

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I can never insult Buhari-Tinubu denies alleged statement over Saraki’s victory

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Following different statements attributed to him in recent times, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has raised the alarm over a plot by some people to pit him against President Muhammadu Buhari.

Tinubu denied a report claiming he accused Buhari treachery by helping Senator Bukola Saraki to emerge as Senate President.In a statement by his media office Tinubu says

“The story first published on an online news site and later parroted by other online news outlet is an example of irresponsible journalism. This story has no source. It is a blatant fabrication to serve the interest of its sponsors. Tinubu has not spoken about the Senate election. This story is a perverse fiction. Not journalism.

“He has never said these lies so wrongly attributed to him. There is no chance he will ever utter such words against President Buhari, a man he worked very hard for to become President, along with millions of Nigerians who voted.
Tinubu would not accuse the President of plotting his own injury. If anything, he is alarmed by how this may impair the government’s substantive reform agenda.
“It is a mischievous attempt to drive a wedge between Tinubu and Buhari. There is no need to try to put words in Tinubu’s mouth. He will talk when and if it is necessary. His major preoccupation now is how Nigerians can support President Buhari and his administration to achieve the reform and change promised during the election.”
Tinubu’s media aide, Mr. Sunday Dare, also denied reports that Saraki visited Tinubu in Lagos recently.

 “The story about Senator Saraki visiting Bola Tinubu at his home in Lagos is a total fabrication. It’s a lie. During the time alleged in the story, Asiwaju Tinubu was overseas in France to condole a family friend. Thus it’s physically impossible for Tinubu to have received anybody at his home in Lagos.”

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2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup: Abby Wambach Sends Super Falcons Home — Highlights Here!

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The Super Falcons have been ejected from the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup.

The team lost 1-0 in their final group game to USA, with Abby Wambach dealing the painful blow.

The first half was finely balanced until just before the halftime whistle, when Wambach struck Megan Rapinoe’s corner home at the far post.

Hope was all but lost in the 69th minute for the Falcons when Sarah Nnodim got sent off for a second bookable offence.

Many Nigerians were displeased with the team’s performance, and took to Twitter to criticize the team’s head coach, Edwin Okon.

Okon had been bitter after the loss, and had refused to shake his USA counterpart after the match.

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2015 NBA Finals: Curry & Igoudala Dispatch The Cavaliers In 6 – Highlights Here

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The Golden State Warriors are your 2015 NBA Champions.

The Warriors dropped LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers in 6 games, winning their first NBA title in 40 years.

The Warriors took Game 6 105 – 97, with Steph Curry & Andre Igoudala combining for 50 points. Draymond Green added a triple-double, and the entire Bay Area went home in glee.

“I’m kind of speechless,” said Curry. “This is special. To be able to hold this trophy and all the hard work we’ve put into it this season, this is special. We’re definitely a great team and a team that should go down in history as one of the best teams from top to bottom.”

Igoudala, who had been amazing all series long with his defense on LeBron, was named the Finals MVP.

“This has been a long ride,” Iguodala said. “It’s been a great season.”

Watch the highlights of Game 6 below.

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Wike set to sack over 13,000 workers employed by Amaechi

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Governor Nyesom Wike is set to sack 13,000 workers employed by his predecessor, Rotimi Amaechi. This comes as Rivers House of Assembly passed a resolution empowering the Governor to sack the board of the State Civil Service Commission accusing them of breaching the rules and illegally employing workers into the state Service.

The Rivers lawmakers passed the resolution on Tuesday after grilling the Chairman of the Service Commission, Mr Ngo Martins Yellowe on the floor of the House based on petitions accusing the Commission of not passing through due process before employing workers in past three years.

Yellowe, however, told lawmakers that the Commission under his leadership obeyed the constitution and laws guiding employment into the service.

Observers of Rivers politics however see the invitation and quizzing of Ngo Martins Yellowe by the lawmakers as a prelude to the sacking of the Commission appointed by the immediate past administration of Governor Chibuike Amaechi and also the sacking the civil servants employed three years to date, especially over 13,200 teachers and others engaged by the immediate past administration of Governor Chibuike Amaechi.

The Rivers State Independent Electoral Commission, RSIEC, Chairman Prof Augustine Ahiazu was invited to answer questions about how local government election was conducted. Thereafter a resolution was passed mandating Governor Wike to sack the Commission.Wike sacked RSIEC the next day.
Similarly, the Rivers State Judiciary Service Commission suffered same fate after its members were invited to the floor of the House.
The fears of over 13,200 teachers in the state, over 400 doctors and nurses employed by the former Governor Amaechi is palpable if they fall into the category of workers adjudged to have been wrongly employed into the state civil service.

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Corps member raped to death by 51 year old ,others in Kwara

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A 51 year old man and his gang members raped a corps member to death.A prosecutor of the Kwara State Police Command, Mr. Matthew Ologbon, has informed an Ilorin Magistrate’s Court,that a female National Youth Service Corps member, Miss Yetunde Idowu was raped to death by a 51-year-old man, Abdullahi Tanko, and his gang members.
PUNCH Metro reports that, Idowu’ corpse was found at the Ilorin GRA.The police prosecutor told the court that on May 23, at about 12pm, the police found Idowu in a pool of blood. 
Ologbon told the court that investigation by the police revealed that Tanko and his collaborators, now at large, tricked Idowu from her residence to Fate Road, where they raped her to death.He added that Tanko and his gang members raped the deceased inside their car.
He said, 

  “After they had raped Idowu, they carried her dead body to a nearby junction. The police located Tanko’s house through the blood traces of the deceased and the suspected killer was arrested.The mobile phone of the deceased was found with Tanko.”
Yahaya ordered that Tanko be remanded in prison, while he adjourned the case till August 10, 2015.

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Copa America: Aguero Header Sinks Uruguay

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Argentina came through what was a very tough contest to beat defending Copa America champions Uruguay 1-0. Thanks to Manchester CIty forward, Sergio Aguero

In what was keenly contested midfield battle with tackles flying in and Uruguay looking to frustrtate Lionel Messi and his teammates, Gerardo Martino, the manager of Argentina was sent off in the 33rd minute for arguing with the officials. The sending off didn’t stop Martino’s team from scoring as in the 56th minute, Pastore picked out a cool pass for the overlapping Zabaleta who whipped in a low cross which was met by a diving header by Aguero to make it 1-0. After that, the Uruguayans struggled to hold their nerve and missed a few chances. Rolan had a shot cleared off the line but the Uruguayans desperately missed Luis Suarez.

Argentina were not convincing in their victory over Uruguay but nobody expected them to be as the Uruguayan style of play is the best antidote to the Argentine style.

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Tragic-6 students killed after apartment balcony collasped during birthday party(Photos)

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Six students tragically lost their lives after a balcony collapsed beneath them.The five Irish students and one American were standing on the apartment balcony,when it gave away during a party in the early hours of Tuesday

Olivia Burke, 21, Eoghan Culligan, 21, Niccolai Schuster, 21, Lorcan Miller, 21, and 21-year-old Eimear Walsh ,Ashley Donohoe, 22,were all foreign students, visiting Berkeley, California, on the popular J1 working visa program
Four of the students were pronounced dead at the scene and two of the young people passed away in hospital.

Seven other students, were injured. Some have critical, life-threatening wounds following the tragedy..

The group of around 14 people fell when the 5ft by 10ft balcony completely detached from the wall and flipped over.

One resident at the apartment block said he had called the police to make a complaint about a large party that was going on in the apartment.

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Super Falcons Crash Lose 1-0 To USA, Crash Out Of World Cup

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Nigeria’s senior female football team, the Super Falcon were narrowly beaten by an inspired USA side as the super falcons crashed out of the world cup in the group stage. Abby Wambach scored the only goal of the game just before half time.

In what began as a cagey affair with neither team unwilling to give anything away defensively, USA strted to take the initiative in the game and were rewarded in the 45th minute as Abby Wambch ran in at the back post to volley Rapinoe corner kick into the net. Nigeria struggled to get any smooth passage of play going in the second half and their job was made more difficult in the 69th minute when Nnodim received her marching orders after picking up a second yellow card. Nigeria threatened to equalize before the end of the game but USA held on to send Nigeria packing from the tournament.

USA’s win over Nigeria means they would top the group and go into the second round with a better chance of qualifying for the quarterfinals.


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Old Age Will Limit my Performance-Buhari

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Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari has admitted there is a limit to what he can do now, as a result of age.
Buhari,who turns 73 on the 17th of December became military governor at 33 and Head of State at the age of 40.He said he wished he became a President when he was at a younger age
Speaking with Nigerians resident in South Africa on Monday, he said 
“I wish I became Head of State when I was a governor, just a few years as a young man. Now at 72, there is a limit to what I can do.”
Notwithstanding,he assured his administration would make a difference,promising to kill corruption before it wrecks the nation..
“Our government is determined to secure the country, manage the economy, create employment and fight corruption. Some articulate writers have said if we do not kill corruption, corruption will kill Nigeria. This APC administration intends to kill corruption in Nigeria. We will do our best, I assure you,” Buhari stated

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