Sudan-Girl murdered by soldiers because they couldn’t decide who would rape her first

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Horrific reports have been released by the UN regarding the cruel conditions faced by women and children in Sudan..
According to a UN report into violence against children,a girl was murdered by two soldiers because they could not agree on who was going to rape her first,  during Sudan’s civil war has revealed.

According to Vice News,Christopher Tidey from UNICEF, said one girl was ‘killed because the attackers could not decide on who would rape the victim first. So the child was killed to resolve the dispute.He said other girls were abducted ‘to be used as wives’.
Witnesses who had arrived at the Bentiu camp said that some boys had their genitals cut off and were left to bleed to death. They recounted how entire families were thrown into burning houses, and girls as young as eight were raped before being murdered.

“In one incident, [boys] were tied up and had their throats slit,” said Tidey. “It seems that in a lot of these cases the children were targeted. The logic is that they don’t want the children to grow up to be the next generation who will then pick up the fight or exact some sort of revenge.”

UN children’s agency chief said:

 ‘Survivors report that boys have been castrated and left to bleed to death… girls as young as eight have been gang raped and murdered.

The conflict broke out in December 2013 when President Salva Kiir accused his former deputy Riek Machar of planning a coup, setting off a cycle of retaliatory killings across the country that has split the poverty-stricken, landlocked country along ethnic lines.

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  1. Sudan-Girl murdered by soldiers because they couldn’t decide who would rape her first