NFF In Talks With Sunday Oliseh To Become New Super Eagles Coach

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Ex-Super Eagles midfielder  Sunday Oliseh is reportedly set to become the head coach of the Super Eagles.


Talks are said to be advanced between the NFF and Oliseh, who won 63 caps for the Eagles.

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40-year old Oliseh will be taking over from a former Super Eagles star like himself, Stephen Keshi, who was sacked on Saturday.

Keshi was sacked after an investigation into his alleged interest in managing the Ivory Coast national team, and Oliseh will certainly be hoping for better days.

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Oliseh has very little coaching experience, having managed for only one year between 2008 and 2009 in the Belgium Lower League.

The former Borrusia Dortmund is one of the greatest players to ever play for the Super Eagles, winning the African Nations Cup in 1994 and the Olympic gold medal in Atlanta in 1996.

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Davido shows off his bodyguard

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Davido who is in London showed off his bodyguard..Many are surprised the bodyguard isn’t huge..Well, sometimes it’s not about size…

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It Hurts: Messi Says Losing A Final Is Painful

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He should know how it feels to win and lose a final. We’ve not seen that many final losses from a side that fields Messi. But that action has occurred in two consecutive national team finals.

Messi has reflected on the hurt that comes from a final loss and has called it in the greatest hurt a footballer can feel in a thank you to Argentina fans.

“There’s nothing more painful in football than losing a final,” he wrote on his official Facebook page.

“But I don’t want to leave it any longer to say thank you to everyone who has always supported us and continued to during the tough moments.”

Unconfirmed reports in Spain suggested Messi turned down the award for the Copa America’s best player following Argentina’s defeat.

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Photos : Bus Falls Into Lagoon On Ijebu-Ore Highway..

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A bus has fallen off a bridge and plunged into a lagoon at Ajibandele on Ijebu Ode- Ore Expressway. surprisingly no nobody died but passengers only sustained injuries. What a big save! See more photos below.





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Casillas Eager To Join Porto

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It seems Casillas is looking for an exit at the Santiago Bernabeu, with Navas set to be joined by De Gea it seems there’s no place for the veteran shot stopper.

Porto on the other hand are keen on a move for the Spaniard, which the Spaniard is eager to honor. The only thing stopping the deal, is Real Madrid weighing the options of losing money.

Porto offered the 34-year-old a two year deal worth €2.5 million per annum, with a possibility of a third year.

The goalkeeper is earning €7 million per annum at Madrid and still has two years left on his contract. This is how we know Casillas loves money. He wants Madrid to pay the difference, if they want to get rid of him.

Madrid are weighing that option, but are looking to reduce the payout fee when they meet with his agent.
“Casillas is pretty excited about the opportunity to join Porto,” the agent told Record. “We hope Real Madrid will allow him to move on and give him an easy exit.”

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Why ATMs and Mobile platforms are not the solution for financial exclusion

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Financial transactions via mobile and Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) have grown tremendously in recent years. They are believed to be the major drivers of financial inclusion in Africa where 53 percent of the world’s active mobile money accounts are used. But if 98 percent of transactions in Kenya believed to be the home of mobile money, is still happening in cash — what do these numbers really mean?

“ATMs are not the solution for Africa…and neither is mobile the only answer,” said John Staley, CFO and Executive Director of Kenya’s Equity Bank at the first Business Forum East Africa organised by the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).

Although, M-PESA has been largely described as an African success story, Staley says the platform is still not focused on the continent’s poor. He explained that the mobile money platform is largely digitising transactions of $30-40 upwards. “Poor people are transacting from $5 down. This is a huge gap.”

“We made an assumption that poor people have electronic money; they do not,” he stressed.

Staley admitted that the growth of mobile money in Kenya is impressive and is having a huge impact on transactions which are rising significantly. The accessibility is enjoyed by the people, he notes, but argued that for the service to truly improve financial inclusion, more needs to be done. “It’s not just about giving people accounts, it’s about giving people accounts that they can use.”

The International Monetary Fund, in its 2014 Financial Access Survey (FAS), reported a dramatic increase in the number of active mobile money accounts in Kenya. The number of mobile money transactions increased by more than 130 times, from 5.5 million in 2007 to more than 700 million in 2013.

This statistic is not surprising given the incredible uptake of M-Pesa, a mobile phone-based money transfer and micro-financing service launched in Kenya by Vodafone in 2007. Upwards of 75 percent of Kenya’s adult population now use M-Pesa to process payments for a range of goods and services, they are not just account holders as suggested by Staley.

Despite the growth of mobile money, the level of financial inclusion in East Africa remains generally low. In the continent’s rural communities, where most of the financially excluded reside, access to formal financial services, usage of financial tools and presence of mobile infrastructure are still a concern. This is an integral factor that could drive economic empowerment in rural communities, factors hindering the growth of financial inclusion needs to be addressed. The solution forms the foundation for the sustainable economic development of Africa’s poor.

Stephen Mwaura, Head, National Payments System at Central Bank of Kenya, adds that access to financial services and inclusion will be the best way of eliminating poverty. He challenged banks to be more innovative.

“In the 100 years that we have been doing banking in Kenya, only 20% of the population has gained access to banking. It makes you wonder whether the system is working properly. When 80% of the population is unbanked you cannot effectively implement monetary policy either,” he said.

While the growth of mobile money is forcing banks to be more creative in reaching the unbanked, Visa is also pushing to grow financial inclusion in East Africa. Through a public-private partnership with the government of Rwanda. “We are working to enable a government and empower a whole nation,” said Natalie Baatjies, Senior Director, Financial Inclusion, Visa.

The company has put in place a financial literacy programme, established a payment acceptance network – in shops, hotels, garages and supermarkets – and helped the government to increase the number of ATMs.

While Staley insists neither mobile money nor ATMs are going to solve the problem of financial exclusion, mobile money growth in East Africa and increase in interoperability and accessibility by banks and partners hold great hope for the future of financial inclusion in the region and Africa at large.

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APC’s only agenda was to remove GEJ,they have no plan-Rep Agbonayinma

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 Rep. Johnson Agbonayinma who represents Egor/Ikpoba/Okha Federal Constituency, Edo State ,has called the recent physical exchange in the House of Reps, disgraceful. He also says APC has no plan.

The PDP lawmaker was before now an associate of President Muhammadu Buhari, having been his coordinator in the 2003 presidential election on the platform of the All Nigeria People’s Party, ANPP  He told Vanguard

Their only agenda was to make sure that they removed President Jonathan, they never had any plan, they say if people fail to plan, they plan to fail, they never had any policy or to say these are the things we are going to do.
The change they were talking about, they came up with name change, we are coming for change, but they are
changing from good to bad which of course is what we are experiencing now.
Things were going well but what we are experiencing now is politics of catastrophe whereby they cannot even get their house together.
They have succeeded in defeating Jonathan, now they cannot even come together to share the food. They are not able to come together as one because they did not plan prior to getting this victory. Success has extended family, it has great grand parents, failure is an orphan. Yes, we lost the election, but guess what, we are more formidable as ever now in PDP. So, all the changes that they have been talking about, they now found that they are more in a deep shit let me use the word.
They are more in a deep problem they never expected. Now, people believe that they have been ignored, they have been used and dumped. They used the people and dumped them. That is the reason they are fighting among themselves because they never thought that it was that easy.
So it is their problem. You see their blame game. They are claiming that their National Chairman, Chief Oyegun collected bribe. I am not holding brief for Oyegun but I know that man, I know him very well, he is a man of integrity. I am of PDP, he is in APC, but I will tell you, that man is a man of integrity for years. I worked closely with him and Buhari in 2003. I was the coordinator of Buhari in ANPP in 2003 presidential election. And again Oyegun was one of the leaders.

On the recent physical exchange in the House of Reps, he said

It is unfortunate, appalling, disheartening and pathetic. It is very disgraceful, unacceptable and I was very worried especially when my children called me and said “Daddy we were watching you fighting on the floor of the House”. As a father, I have to try to do whatever to correct my children and make sure that they are responsible children, to guide them and direct them. So, for my children to be telling me about men and women, adults fighting, I was embarrassed.

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Barcelona Will Not Sign Pogba This Year, Says Bartomeu

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Barcelona President Josep Bartomeu has said that Pogba will not be coming to Camp Nou in 2015.

Bartomeu was the driving force behind the luring in of the midfielder, but after a €80 million bid was rejected by Juventus, it seems Bartomeu will calm down.

Barca were expected to launch an improved bid but Bartomeu revealed any deal for Pogba is now on hold until January next year at the earliest.

“We will not buy Pogba this year,” the current Barcelona president told reporters.

“We are not planning with him for next season. He is not part of our sporting plans for 2015-16 at this stage.”

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9 Tips On How To Be A Modern Lady

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Being a lady shouldn’t just be wearing clothes, make ups or doing what other girls are doing, You need to be modern in order to attract modern opposite sex in the society. A modern lady is someone who is hardworking, sociable and humble, check out these tips to know if you are one.


 Never discuss private matters in public, when receiving calls in public let it be decent and not screaming on top of your voice. When in cinemas or meetings turn your phone to silent or off and avoid texting during face to face conversation. Texting is extremely rude when in the presence of others. Be orderly in your manners especially when dealing with people in public places. Be kind and polite to everyone you come across because you don’t know where you might meet again. To improve your awareness of etiquette or to achieve excellent manners, expose yourself to elegance.

Be Generous

Being selfish will never help you, be kind and willing to extend help to others. Be generous with your time, resources and wisdom. Be a generous listener and know how to effectively connect with others and communicate your message. Your words should be tactful and free of gossip. Although it could be very tempting a time to have a quiet gossip about a friend or acquaintance, it is not a good sign to others (even if they are joining in), they will begin to worry if you openly gossip about them to others as well.

Dress Well

You need to dress the way you want to be addressed. Know how to select clothing that is modest, age appropriate, within your budget, and perfect for every occasion. Be well-groomed. You need to understand that the personal appearance; the way you choose to dress, groom, and carry yourself communicates instantly to others who sees you.

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Be Educated

The most important aspect of being a modern lady is to be educated. Be aware of the current events in the world, politics, entertainments and so on. Continue to educate yourself no matter what your age is, because it is the gateway to freedom, and ultimately to living the life of your dreams. Look at it this way, you’re at a party  and you are able to hold a conversation with anyone in the room due to your knowledge of the network of people who are in attendance will not only give you confidence, but will also perpetuate more networking opportunities. The point here is you do need to know quite a bit so that you can get to know the right people. And on a different note, being aware of the world around you puts the reins in your hands.

Be Independent

A truly modern lady is someone who lives by her own means, a lady who while enjoying the company she finds in relationships isn’t reliant on them for survival financially. A modern lady is hardworking, disciplined and at the same time passionate which ultimately makes her an asset in the field or career she pursues. And while wanting to spend her time and life with someone special, doesn’t need them to make her life whole, she is already self­­made.

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Be a peacemaker

Fighting every tom dick and harry will never make you a decent modern lady. If you are the hot-tempered type try to hide your feelings especially in public places. Be a lady that doesn’t contribute to dissension, discord or even division among friends. Don’t stir up drama, be a vessel of mediation and peace.

Be Truthful

Lies will never make you a modern lady but a worthless one. Never boast of what you are not. Try to be truthful in all your dealings and refrain from negative talks that can tarnish your image. There’s nothing more welcomed than a woman of her word.  If you say you’ll call, follow through.  Don’t offer to do something that, while sounding great at the moment, isn’t something you’ll be able to actually do. Don’t boast of non existing wealth in your family.

Live A Healthy Life

Make your health your priority, health is wealth so practice good hygiene and maintain your health.  A lady who cannot be dynamic in her purpose if she is not making her health a priority. Always be sure to have breath mints, body spray, perfumes and deodorant in an effort not to be offensive.

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Be Teachable

Being Miss know-all around everyone will not make you a modern lady. Be constantly thirsty for wisdom and be open to learning.

Modern ladies attract the best set of guys in the society and they always get opportunities when in need of it. Be yourself and not someone who pretend to be someone you are not to impress others and be confident always. So try to be a modern lady and your life will definitely change for better.




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Abraaj is gradually cornering the Nigerian market for itself

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The Abraaj group, one of the world’s largest private equity funds, has been increasingly turning its focus towards Africa, a market it considers the next realm for unprecedented growth driven largely by consumer spending. “Our faith and belief in the African consumer story is dramatic because the African consumer today, in my opinion, is well neglected,” Arif Naqvi, the group’s CEO, told Ventures Africa at the World Economic Forum last year in Davos. “Everybody looks at Sub-Saharan Africa and calls it a resources story. I’ve always called it a consumer story.”

Abraaj, which focuses mostly on emerging markets—known for their high risk, high reward business climate—has put its money where its mouth is, investing over $2.5 billion across the continent’s top markets (including Kenya, South Africa, and Nigeria) over the past couple of years. This April saw the firm close a $990 million sub-Saharan Africa fund, its third in the region.

In Africa, Nigeria offers the investment group its biggest consumer market. Despite a host of political and economic uncertainties—notably security, corruption, and the global oil crisis—Nigeria remains Africa’s most populous nation with more than 170 million people. It also has one of the world’s youngest and fastest growing populations, an attractive statistic for any consumer-driven investor.

Economically, Nigeria still holds Africa’s largest economy, with a GDP of $510 billion, though the recent oil crisis has dealt a huge blow to its growth forecast, which was previously one of the highest globally.

Abraaj has wasted little time taking advantage of the enormous potential offered by the Nigerian market. This week, the investment group announced that it had acquired a significant stake in Mouka Foam, a leading mattress manufacturer in Nigeria. “We’ve long been interested in the mattress-manufacturing space, and have carefully reviewed a number of opportunities in the past,” said Mustafa Abdel-Wadood, a Partner at The Abraaj Group. “The market opportunity for high quality sleeping products offers good potential for growth, and we believe Mouka is very well positioned to capitalize on this.” The Mouka stake was acquired from Actis, another global investment firm actively present in Africa.

Mouka is a household brand name in Nigeria and a leading manufacturer in the Nigerian foam and bedding space. The Company has an extensive distribution network across the country, partnering with over 500 distributors who operate through more than 1,000 outlets.

But this isn’t Abraaj’s first foray into the Nigerian market. In 2013, the group bought over the West African FMCG company, Fan Milk. The deal was reportedly the largest PE transaction in Sub-Saharan Africa outside of South Africa. “Abraaj is one of the most active investors on the African continent, with a particularly strong track record in Nigeria. We continue to see significant upside potential across the country in tandem with the fast growth of its population and the expansion of its middle class.”Abraaj’s deeply diversified investment portfolio for Nigeria now includes: AOS Orwell, C&I Leasing, Custodian & Allied Insurance, Computer Warehouse Group, The Bridge Clinic & PathCare, and Lily Hospitals.

Last year, Egyptian-born Mustafa Abdel Wadood, who serves as a partner and chairman of Abraaj’s Management Executive Committee, offered a peak into Abraaj’s strategy for achieving so much success despite investing in the world’s most difficult places. The key, he said, was engagement; being to close to your investment. So an on-the-ground team is paramount to the fund’s operations.

It is no different for its investment in Mouka Foam. Abraaj will team up with the Moukarim Family (Mouka’s founding family) to strengthen the mattress maker’s domestic leadership position and enhance the company’s product offering, distribution network and geographic presence.

As the years run by, Abraaj is gradually deepening its footprint not only across difficult but rewarding markets like Africa, but within Nigeria–a market that currently holds so much uncertainty but has a long history of providing investors with healthy returns.

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Cristiano Ronaldo takes lady on dinner date after finding her lost phone(Photos)

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 A lady had the date of her dreams after her lost phone was found by Cristiano Ronaldo.It appears while partying over the weekend in Vegas, she lost her phone and he found it,contacted her and took her and her friends to dinner.The excited lady  Austin Woolstenhulme,took to social media to post pictures and share the good news.

‘Bad news is I lost my phone two days ago. Good news is Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is he took us to dinner last night.’

Lucky girl..

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Kim Jong-Un executes terrapin farm owner for failing to produce any lobsters

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Pictured at the farm last may

North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un has ruthlessly executed a terrapin farm owner after reacting furiously to the farm on a tour last May.

Following the embarrassing tour, Kim Jong-un reportedly lashed out at the owner, promising ‘grave consequences’ for not producing any lobsters. He then ordered that the terrapin farm owner be brutally shot to death.According to Daily NK, the dictator was enraged by the farm not keeping the tanks clean and allowing several baby terrapins to die of starvation…

The leader visited the Taedonggang Terrapin Farm in May, where he was supposed to provide ‘field guidance’ to managers who he were struggling to produce any enough terrapins.
At the time of his visit, he issued a warning to managers, angered by their disrespect towards in his father in not having a room dedicated to teaching workers about his father’s greatness.

Kim said the party had sent freshwater lobsters to the facility more than two years ago in the expectation that they would be able to breed. The failure, according to the dictator, was due to incompetence.
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Brody Jenner reacts to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s breakup

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Brody Jenner has reacted to Kourtney Kardashian and Scott Disick’s recent breakup after 9 years and three kids While He made his thoughts known on NBC’s Today show as he promoted his upcoming E! series, Sex With Brody

“Obviously, Scott has gone through some issues in the past, “He’s worked through them.”Honestly, when I saw those pictures, I went, ‘Uh-oh. This isn’t good,It’s unfortunate.”

As E! News reported Monday, Kourtney “dumped” Scott “after she saw the pics” of her boyfriend of nine years with Chloe in Monte Carlo. Making matters worse, Scott

“hasn’t been home after a month-long party binge,” and he “has been running around saying he’s single.”Kourtney has always taken Scott back and been by his side, but now with three kids it has gotten old,” said a source. “Kourtney has to do what’s best for the kids.”

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Photos : Boy with enlarged arm begging for help in Lagos ..

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This young boy was spotted around Ikeja,Lagos roundabout .He is suffering from elephantiasis,a disease usually common in India.It causes unusual swelling of the limbs and legs…According to reports on twitter,he came seeking for help all the way from the North ..

Unfortunately,no further details were provided..Hope he gets help soon..So sad..



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Wimbledon 2015: Djokovic Holds Off Andersen, Progresses To Quarter Finals

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Novak Djokovic produced a superb comeback from 2 sets down to win Kevin Andersen in their 4th round match up at the 2015 Wimbledon.

Djokovic reacts during his match against Chiudinelli during the Australian Open tennis tournament in Melbourne

The game started on Monday, and Djokovic showed his class to level matters after Andersen took the first sets 6-7, 6-7.

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The game was postponed due to bad lighting, and continued on Tuesday, with Djokovic taking the last set 7-5.

“Kevin served exceptionally well,” Djokovic said. “This was one of the most difficult matches I have played at Wimbledon in my career.

“At times I was helpless with my return – it was very difficult to read his serve.”

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“I was two sets down and coming back to win gives me great satisfaction and confidence for my next challenge.”

Djokovic will be progressing to his 25th consecutive Grand Slam quarter final, and he’ll meet Marin Cilic for a place in the semi-final.


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3 arrested for gang raping 16-year old virgin in Lagos

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Three young men have been arrested for gang raping a 16 year old virgin in Orile area of Lagos while on her way from school. The suspects identified as Sunday Simeon, 18, from Akwa Ibom state; Adebayo Omoniyi 18, from Ondo state; Nnaemeka Uzodinma 24, from Imo state and Seyi (surname unknown) who is currently on the run attacked, abducted and gang raped the victim who is a JSS 3 student on June 23, 2015.

Vanguard learnt that the suspects attacked the victim after one of the suspects; Adebayo took the victim’s phone around Arikeuyo junction while returning from school at Orile. It was gathered that while the victim was struggling with Adebayo, his partners-in-crime dragged her into a tricycle and rode her to no 15 Unity Close in Orile Iganmu. When they got there they took off her school uniform and raped her one after the other starting from Adebayo.

Vanguard gathered that after successfully raping the victim, one of the suspects Adebayo suggested to the other gang members that they kill the victim and throw her corpse into the canal so that she won’t expose them. But another member of the gang, Seyi pleaded with them to be cautious with Adebayo’s advice, instead advice his colleagues to threaten the victim rather than kill her.

Hearkening to Seyi’s advice the suspects threatened to kill her with a cutlass if she ever mentioned to anyone what they did to her or that they gang raped her. Later they collected her phone number and rode her back to Alako area in Orile while Sunday gave her N100 to board a commercial vehicle home.

According to a source close to the family who spoke to Vanguard on the condition of anonymity said: “when the victim came back from school it was obvious that something was wrong as she was walking with difficulty, her uniform torn, she was bleeding because she sustained severe bruises all over her vagina”.

“Her parents who saw her torn uniform and noticed the way she walked asked what had happened to her and she told them how she was attacked by four men who raped her on her way back from school. Immediately her father took her to Orile Divisional Police station to report the incidence. Fortunately while she was at the station with her father the suspects kept calling and threatening to kill her if she told anyone what they did to her”.

Meanwhile the victim was taken to Ifelodun Ajeromi Government Hospital where she received treatment after a series of test were carried out on her which confirmed that he has been sexually abused.
Vanguard learnt that the police advised her to lure the suspects who were calling and threatening her by telling them that she was coming to see them again after school the next day. Unknown to them that it was a trap and that her parents had notified the police, they bought the idea.

At the agreed time she went there with the detectives who succeeded in arresting one of the suspect’s Nnaemeka Uzodinma, his arrest eventually led to the arrest of two others. It was gathered that the victim’s blood stained pant and the cutlass which was used to threaten her have been recovered from the suspects one-room apartment in Orile. The suspects who are currently being investigated at the State Criminal Investigation Department, yaba, Panti would soon be arraigned in court.

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Radio remains the main source of daily news in Nigeria

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Although we are in the 21st century, radio still remains the main source of daily news in Nigeria rather than social media/internet. This was revealed in a recent survey by a country-specific polling service in West Africa, NOI Polls. While the findings buttress the rising embrace of social media in Nigeria and the world, they do not discount the growing significance of social media as a news source in the country.

According to the survey, about 34 percent of Nigerians surveyed affirmed that ‘radio’ is their major source of information while television and social media accounted for 27 and 20 percent respectively.


The result of the survey illuminate that the use of radio as means of daily news is mostly true for residents in the north east, north west and south east of Nigeria.

Even though radio is the main source of information, its use declined by 18 percent in 2015, while the use of social media for daily news increased by 14 percent.


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MUSIC: Darey – Pray For Me ft. Soweto Gospel Choir (mp3 DOWNLOAD)

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On this mid-tempo Afro-soul groove, Pray for Me which features the five-time Grammy award nominated, two-time Grammy award winning and one Emmy award winning Soweto Gospel Choir, Darey channels the spirit of his forefathers, playing the role of a traditional folk storyteller as he relays a positive, relevant and inspirational message. “Pray For Me” is a story of triumph, even against the greatest odds. The rhythmically infused, yet soulful recording blends perfectly with Darey’s signature classic vocals and carries the audience through a picturesque sonic journey which crescendos with the rich harmonies of the 20+ fold Soweto Gospel Choir.


Benedito: I Want Verratti At Barcelona

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The air around the Camp Nou is probably thick with Election fever and presidential candidate, Benedito has promised the signing of Verratti to secure his election.

The 22-year-old midfielder still has a deal that will expire in 2019 with PSG, but Benedito is certain he will get the youngster’s signature.

Even though Barcelona recently signed Arda Turan, it seems Benedito wants to make Barcelona’s midfield formidable.

“For us, Verratti is our number one priority if we win the election,” Benedito told AS.

“He has shown to have the ability to come to Barcelona, but his club do not want to sell. He remains top of our list, though.

“We have not held negotiations with PSG or Verratti because that’s impossible, but we have been in touch and have a good relationship.

“We are confident we can convince PSG and Verratti to agree to a deal.

“I don’t know what Luis Enrique thinks of Verratti, but I think he will be interested in siging him.

“We will see how the election goes and then we can talk with PSG.”

Benedito faces competition from Josep Bartomeu, Joan Laporta, Toni Freixa and Joan Batiste in the race for the Barcelona presidency.

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How bad can it get for Nigeria’s President Buhari?

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President Muhammadu Buhari is still in his early days at the helm of Nigeria’s affairs, but his honeymoon is long over. Barely a month after triumphantly entering the oval office with the broom of change, the new president is already struggling to sweep off the barrage of attacks and expressions of discontent over his actions, inactions and pace of his government. His delay in setting up a cabinet and rolling out promised reforms have earned him the nickname ‘Baba Go-Slow‘. He is also being accused of political ineptitude, poor leadership in the rift in his party’s controlled National Assembly, nepotism, for favouring northerners in his first few appointments, and ineffectiveness, for the rapid increase in Boko Haram attacks.

Even seemingly trivial issues have drawn the ire of Nigerians. One of such was the wristwatch worn by President Buhari’s wife to his inauguration and in her official portrait as the first Lady. Several online blogs described the watch as a $52,000 Cartier Baignoire Folle 18-Carat White Gold Diamond Ladies Watch. So serious was the uproar about the watch that even mainstream global media houses like the BBC picked up the story. “Buhari underlined his humble credentials by raising money from ordinary voters. He even had to stretch his finances to pay the fee to register as a candidate. This image was diluted somewhat when his wife, Aisha Buhari, was pictured wearing an expensive-looking watch at her husband’s inauguration last week,” read an article published on BBC trending on June 3. While that furor seemed to die down days later, another has come up, just a month after, over comments alleged to have been made by his daughter, Zara on Twitter. Yesterday, the Presidency issued a statement that the Tweet came from an impersonating account, but even that move has been criticised.

While many of the current critics of President Buhari have never been his fans, some of the issues being raised are matters of serious concern to the general public. The delay in setting up the federal cabinet is one of such issues. The President has been widely criticised for failing to pick his ministers more than a month after his inauguration. “It’s approximately three months since Nigerians voted for Mr. Buhari, on his fourth try, to be their president. By any objective measure, three months is more than enough time for a man who sought power with a certain persistence to figure out his cabinet,” wrote popular political commentator, Okey Ndibe, in Sahara Reporters, an online platform famous for its harsh criticism of the past President Jonathan’s government. Okey Ndibe was himself very critical of the former president during his tenure often accusing him of being out-of-touch with the challenges of Nigerians.

Another issue that has brought much criticism on President Buhari is his inaction in the face of the parliamentary leadership crisis threatening to tear his party apart. The crisis has created huge worries even inside the president’s strong fanbase. Dele Momodu, the owner of popular celebrity magazine and a staunch supporter of Buhari, expressed his discontent with the retired military General’s stand: “There is no doubt that the present imbroglio in your Party is as a result of your lukewarm attitude to Party issues thinking you could merely concentrate on nation-building while others deal with political intrigues. However, it is not always as simple as that. As you can now see, you don’t seem to be on the same page with your Party,” Momodu wrote in an open letter to the President. Another part read, “Sir, let me say right away that the goodwill garnered during your campaigns and the jubilation that heralded your recent victory are fast fading and you need to, as a matter of urgency, convince the people of Nigeria that you’re now ready to hit the ground running. They are not going to listen to excuses since you had 30 years after quitting the high office to onerously prepare for the job again. For them it is immaterial that you met an empty treasury or that you are mostly surrounded by selfish, corruptive influences and impostors.”

Attacked for his passivity, President Buhari has also taken some flack for some of his actions. National newspaper, Punch, a few days ago reported of an uproar over the President’s appointments favouring the North which he hails from. “Of the nine appointments made by Buhari so far, eight are from the North, while one is from the South,” the paper said. It described the people from the South as “concerned” over the president’s moves, quoting several online commenters and chieftains of Southern ethnic pressure groups. “We expect the President to recognise other nationalities that make up Nigeria. Elections are over, it is time for governance. We expect that the principle of federal character, which is constitutional, should be respected,” Gary Enwo-Igariwey, the President-General of Ohanaeze Ndigbo, a pressure group which advocates the interest of the Igbos who dominates the South East, told the Punch.

The paper also cited complaints from the southwest-dominated Yoruba ethnic pressure groups. “What is more worrisome is that the immediate past INEC Chairman, Prof. Attahiru Jega, handed over to a Southerner but the Presidency changed it to a Northerner” A leader of one of the pan-Yoruba groups, Senator Anthony Adefuye, told Punch in reference to Buhari’s appointment of  Hajia Amina Bala Zakari as the Acting of the Independent Electoral Commission. The pressure is also mounting on President Buhari to deliver his promise of security in the face of increased attacks from Boko Haram. Nigeria’s online media space has been abuzz with the number of people killed since the new president’s innauguration, with some blogs putting the figure as high as 500. “Since the inauguration of President Muhammudu Buhari on May 29, over 500 people including soldiers have been killed by Boko Haram forces either through bombings, beheading or shootings”, Akinshilo Ayomide wrote in new generation news website,, yesterday. Fredrick Nwabufo’s figures in a similar platform, the Cable, was lower, he wrote on the 25th of June,  “Between May 29, 2015, when President Muhammadu Buhari was sworn in, and June 24, at least 221 lives have been lost in Boko Haram attacks, concentrated on Borno and Yobe states. This time around, the attacks have not been territorial — a battle the Nigerian military seemed to have won convincingly — but asymmetrical.” Just this morning, a bomb attack on a government building in Zaria has claimed at least 25 lives. While none of these reports are verified, they follow the rising trend of discontent towards President Buhari’s effort in shutting down the Islamist sect, a key promise of his campaign.

“The President is just being thorough and painstaking,” Lai Mohammed, the ruling party’s spokesman said in response to the growing concerns Nigerians have over the pace of the new government. True as that is, since it is still very early days in Buhari’s presidency and he still has almost all of his four years to turn around the present difficulties, the rising pressures tell of the difficulties of leading Nigeria, particularly through the change that the President has promised. Like former president Goodluck Jonathan, whose government was heavily criticised for virtually every move, Buhari is already getting a lot of slack. And that is unlikely to change, at least not anytime soon.

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Alan Shearer Shows He’s Still Got Some Of The Magic

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Alan Shearer is the highest goal scorer in the history of the English Premier League, which is no mean feat.

Alan Shearer in his Newcastle days

Alan Shearer in his Newcastle days

Shearer was able to rack up goals with his precise finishing, and he apparently hasn’t lost the touch.

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In a video uploaded on Twitter by his son, Will, the former Newcastle striker deftly fired a football into an outdoor couch 25 yards away.

Will aptly captioned the video: “The old man still got the technique!”

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As if he was reliving the old days, Shearer even added his trademark celebration.

Watch the video below!

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PREMIERE: Darey – Asiko Laiye ft Olamide (mp3 DOWNLOAD)

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Darey Returns With New Music Featuring Olamide Titled Asiko Laiye.

The diversity that forms part of the Darey’s latest album, Naked is apparent on a song like Asiko Laiye, which draws its prime influence from the Father of contemporary African music, Fela Anikulapo Kuti. The serious, yet light hearted tune is an ode to Afrobeat, but with the vocal delivery of an R n’ B song, fused with the African “street-hop” flavor contributed by Nigerian indigenous Hip-Hop superstar, Olamide who features on the track.

Despite the danceable nature of the song, true to the Spirit of Afrobeat, Darey is able to deliver a very strong message to the dance floor, without missing a beat.

Download Asiko laiye by Darey featuring Olamide below!