5 Things That Can Destroy Your Sex Life

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Ever wondered why can destroy your sex life? Find out here and ways you can save it

  1. Poor Nutrition

people who don’t eat well are bound to have problem with their sex life. According to a journal that was published in the” Journal Of Sex And Marital Therapy”, a clinical study shows that nutritional supplement significantly increases sexual desire, satisfaction with sexual relationship and improves vaginal dryness. So, eating healthy balanced diet can boost your sex drive more than you can imagine. But really, who wants to have sex when they have had nothing good to eat in a long while; absolutely nobody. Poor nutrition is a sure way to destroy your sex life.

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  1. Stress:

Stress is a common factor when it comes to depletion of sex drive. It is hard to not be stressed when you have a lot on your mind especially how to survive the hustle of the day, create a better means of livelihood for yourself and deal with the various hectic conditions that come with living in a country like Nigeria where you have poor electricity supply, terrible roads that lead to even more terrible traffic, delay in the payment of salary, unemployment and so on.  Your mind is filled with truck load of worries and of course, sex is the least of those worries. In no time, your sex life will begin to suffer and your drive for sex will no longer be what it used to be. In order to counter stress, try calming exercises like deep breathing, meditation or yoga. You can also listen to music to calm you. Good health and nutrients are other ways you can battle stress.

  1. Low energy:

Sleep is one of the major causes of low energy and low energy is also one of the major things that can destroy your sex drive. When you’re tired, sex is the least thing on your mind and it feels like a burden. It is advisable to get enough sleep in order to boost sex drive. Go to bed earlier than you normally do, take a relaxing bath, light body massage or foot rub before you go to bed in order to improve your sleep quality. It is also a very great idea to have sex in the morning as the energy is always high then especially after a fitful night sleep.

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  1. Terrible Timing:

We can all agree that there are times when we are not in the mood for any form of  romance at all especially times when you are anxious, depressed or in a foul mood. It is hard to feel any passion at these times and so, when the partner meets them for sex, it often feels as if they are being cornered or pressured into doing what they are not meant to do. This will make you always cringe at the idea of sex and run completely from it. Lack of “us time” with your partner can also ruin you sex drive. Find time for your partner and always try to meet him halfway.

  1. Medical conditions:

Medical conditions like low hormone levels, erectile dysfunction, pelvic pains etc are also major things that can ruin your libido. As you grow older or when you start to notice your sex drive dropping and it is not any of the above, consult your doctor for a thorough medical checkup. Do not wait till it is totally bad before you go for a thorough examination at the hospital.

When you notice your partner’s sex drive dropping, you should be of help by asking them what is going on and be open to learn to get better. Lack of communication can also ruin your sex drive.


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