Amber Rose MUVA Gets Own Digital App

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Amber Rose MUVA debuts her alter ego on digital app company Zoobe. She opines Kim Kardashian CAN NOT be the only one with a character app.

The happy mother-of-one quoted:

“I can’t wait for y’all to see my full 3D MUVA character in the @Zoobeapp. Only five more days until I reveal my digital alter ego. It’s gonna be so fun to see what all my Rosebuds come up with, download this now so you’re ready to go when MUVA drops on Sunday, March 13th at SXSW. #AmberRoseZoobe”

The Amber Rose MUVA video is giving many people some ‘MUVA’ goals as they prepare to line up to see Amber’s full 3D character.

Nevertheless, there’re #TeamDieForKimKardashian fans who called Amber a ‘follow-follow’ as that was Kim’s idea first. Doesn’t matter who started it when anyone can benefit from it. Success should be about sharing right? Let Kim share some with Amber Rose.

  • msamericalia supports Amber Rose debuts Muva app – More than one person can have a phone app — way to expand your brand Amber!

Some weren’t so supportive of Amber Rose MUVA body type and called out Amber Rose over it – @socabells said: You’re promoting the original Barbie body type. It doesn’t exist!! I thought you were real. 

In defense of Amber Rose @0riginal__indig0 responded: I don’t think that’s what’s happening I think she made it look like her and emphasized the breast and butt. I don’t believe it’s an attempt to make people believe this is that “right” body type. I think it’s just hers and it’s her game about her, she can’t make a character that she knows nothing about ya know?

Team Amber Rose MUVA App:

  • runshirlzrun – I know it’s an app but damn hahaha where my booty at yo?

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