Hulk Hogan Swears, ‘I Do Not Have A 10-inch Penis’

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Hulk Hogan swears, ‘I do not have a 10-inch penis’. Real name Terry Bollea, has been embroiled in a legal battle with Gawkers magazine after it secretly made and shared a video of him having sex with his best-friend’s wife in 2012.

The release of the video caused the wrestler his career.

360nobs - Hulk Hogan swears

Hulk Hogan swears, ‘I do not have a ten-inch penis’

Hogan sued Gawkers for one-million dollars in charges which include, damages for invasion of privacy; while the media house rebuffed the charge stating that there is a radio-show evidence which proves Hulk was bragging to possess a ten-inch penis and therefore made his sex-life a public matter.

This claim Hulk Hogan declared in court, Wednesday, while swearing under oath, ‘I do not have a ten-inch penis’ in front of a judge, jury and observers that he didn’t have a 10-inch penis.

360nobs - Hulk Hogan swears

Hulk Hogan swears, ‘I do not have a ten-inch penis’.

He said he ‘exaggerated his sex-life in an interview’ and ‘ that was Hulk Hogan talking’ and not him ‘Terry Bollea’ personally.

When asked about the penis being discussed in the interview, Hulk said: ‘Well, it’s not mine, because mine is not the size we’re discussing.’ He added ‘No, seriously. I do not have a 10-inch penis’ when the lawyer pushed the question further.

Hogan stated that his comments in the radio interview was him playing his Hulk Hogan character: ‘Because Terry Bollea’s penis is not 10 inches, like you’re trying to say,’ said Hogan. He added, ‘I am not the same person I was before all this craziness happened’.

360nobs - Hulk Hogan swears

Hulk Hogan swears, ‘I do not have a ten-inch penis’.

The Hulk/Gawk case which is peculiar as it represents the problem with the ‘boundaries between celebrity privacy rights and press freedoms’ was heard by a six-person jury.

The video was originally recorded in 2007 and posted on the internet in 2012, five years after it was recorded.

By revealing the video without his knowledge, Hulk Hogan declared ‘it showed his betrayal by a trusted friend’; in addition, the expelled hall-of-fame said his celebrity status asides, ‘Gawker crossed a line when it posted the video’.

‘My problem is this whole videotape that you guys put out that lives forever. It will be there forever on the Internet’.

Hulk Hogan was one of the wrestling world’s biggest attractions in the 1980s and ’90s.

360nobs - Hulk Hogan swears - with wife, Heather

Hulk Hogan swears, ‘I do not have a ten-inch penis’.

The video which was shared by Gawker showed Hogan and his best friend’s (Buddha the Love Sponge) wife engage in consensual sex in a private room in Buddha’s house.

Following the recording of the sex-tape, Gawker said ‘the footage was made available’ to them though they ‘did not know where exactly it came from’. The WWE veteran said he considered himself safe among friends and had no idea he was being recorded in a private bedroom at Buddha’s house.

Telegraph confirms, ‘a loss could put Gawker out of business, though the website will appeal an unfavourable verdict, another of its attorneys said’.

Both sides claimed success after the trial’s opening. The wrestler’s attorney highlighted his testimony about suffering, and Gawker pointed out the disparities in what he said in character as opposed to his true persona.

360nobs - Hulk Hogan swears - best friend Budha

Hogan’s best friend Budha, with his wife whom Hulk slept with

Hulk Hogan said the incident occurred at a low-point when his marriage was ending and he had let his guard down in his best friend’s home.

So he slept with his best friend’s wife, his best friend probably released it through Gawker magazine and now he is suing the magazine for exposing his deceit in the name of ‘invasion of privacy’?

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