Allegri: Juventus Can Cope With The Injuries

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Juventus manager Massimiliano Allegri believes his side can cope without Dybala, Chiellini and Marchisio as they plan to play Bayern.

Juventus fought back to play a 2-2 draw against Bayern in the first leg at Turin.

And Allegri is certain they can cope with the absence of the trio.

Nevertheless, Allegri is optimistic about his side’s chances of making it through.

“Our squad is capable of dealing with injuries. It’s not important who plays, but how they play,” Allegri said at a news conference on Tuesday.

“Whoever crosses the white line for us will put in a great display. Dybala does not have any torn muscles, but I decided to leave him at home because I didn’t want to risk him.

“We’ll decide [on Wednesday] about Mario Mandzukic. He trained with the team [on Tuesday] and is in good shape.

“‘Alvaro Morata’s condition is improving, he’s in great shape. It would have been tough for me to leave him out.

“I still haven’t decided on my starting XI.”

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It’s 5 Years; And Here Are 5 Hits “Nate Dogg” Left Behind

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Bass so deep, you can’t even seem to feel your feet… even if you tried you still can’t separate good music from yourself.

Known as one of the trailblazers of West Cost Hip-HopNathaniel Dwayne Hale better known by his artistic name “Nate Dogg” joined the likes of “The Notorious B.I.G.” and “2Pac” on this day 5years ago (March 15, 2011).

The “Music And Me” crooner who was a former member of hip-hop trio in California formed from Los Angeles’ original telephone area code “213” alongside Warren G and his cousin “Snoop Dogg”; lost his life after suffering from “Stroke” which rendered some part of his body paralyzed.

In remembrance of an icon and pacesetter of good music, we are sharing 5 irresistible tunes Nate Dogg left the world with.

And did we forget to tell you he formed a choir group called Innate Praise?


  1. Area Codes (feat. Nate Dogg)


  2. 21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg)
    50 Cent


  3. Shake That (feat. Nate Dogg)


  4. Music And Me
    Nate Dogg


  5. Why
    Nate Dogg


{“thumbnail”:””,”tracks”:[{“title”:”Area Codes (feat. Nate Dogg)”,”artist”:”Ludacris”,”audioId”:471057,”audioUrl”:”″,”format”:”mp3″,”length”:”3:40″,”artworkId”:0,”artworkUrl”:””,”order”:0,”mp3″:”″,”meta”:{“artist”:”Ludacris”,”length_formatted”:”3:40″},”src”:”″,”thumb”:{“src”:””}},{“title”:”21 Questions (feat. Nate Dogg)”,”artist”:”50 Cent”,”audioId”:471059,”audioUrl”:”″,”format”:”mp3″,”length”:”3:45″,”artworkId”:0,”artworkUrl”:””,”order”:1,”mp3″:”″,”meta”:{“artist”:”50 Cent”,”length_formatted”:”3:45″},”src”:”″,”thumb”:{“src”:””}},{“title”:”Shake That (feat. Nate Dogg)”,”artist”:”Eminem”,”audioId”:471063,”audioUrl”:”″,”format”:”mp3″,”length”:”4:37″,”artworkId”:0,”artworkUrl”:””,”order”:2,”mp3″:”″,”meta”:{“artist”:”Eminem”,”length_formatted”:”4:37″},”src”:”″,”thumb”:{“src”:””}},{“title”:”Music And Me”,”artist”:”Nate Dogg”,”audioId”:471069,”audioUrl”:”″,”format”:”mp3″,”length”:”4:01″,”artworkId”:0,”artworkUrl”:””,”order”:3,”mp3″:”″,”meta”:{“artist”:”Nate Dogg”,”length_formatted”:”4:01″},”src”:”″,”thumb”:{“src”:””}},{“title”:”Why”,”artist”:”Nate Dogg”,”audioId”:471067,”audioUrl”:”″,”format”:”mp3″,”length”:”5:13″,”artworkId”:0,”artworkUrl”:””,”order”:4,”mp3″:”″,”meta”:{“artist”:”Nate Dogg”,”length_formatted”:”5:13″},”src”:”″,”thumb”:{“src”:””}}]}

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Sunday Oliseh Withdraws Suit Against NFF

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Sunday Oliseh withdraws suit against NFF – Former Super Eagles head coach Sunday Oliseh has withdrawn his lawsuit against the Nigerian Football Federation.

Sunday Oliseh withdraws suit against NFF

Sunday Oliseh withdraws suit against NFF

In a video posted on his personal website, Oliseh revealed the reason behind the decision and also exposed facts about his relationship with the NFF.

Was Sunday Oliseh A Failure As Super Eagles Coach?

“Hello my name is Sunday Oliseh. I have instructed my lawyers to withdraw the lawsuit against the Nigeria Football Federation. After speaking with well-meaning Nigerians, whom I respect a lot, I also believe that it is useless joining issues with people who are bent on deceiving Nigerians and misleading Nigerians and diverting attentions from the reality. And the reality is that I decided to resign on the 25th of February because certain vested interest in the NFF put in their own interest first before the interest of our country,” Oliseh started.

“But I also believe that Nigerians deserve to know the truth. I feel that it is important to know that my position as regards Nigeria coming first was a hinderance to the personal interest of certain vested interest in the NFF. And for that reason, anybody who is going to come in and be in my position as chief coach and who puts Nigeria first will always have problems. That is for sure.

“Now, this also explains why important or very necessary expenditures that are important for the progression of our country, like wages of the players, the coaches are always placed secondary. Whereas other expenditures that have very little bearing to the progression of our country, will always be catered for first.

“I also feel in order not to let Nigerians get the true picture, they are hell-bent on tarnishing my credibility. And that is why they’ve come up with this story like they’ve paid me and then I left. I have attached underneath here, since I am no longer going with the lawsuit, the statement of my account, of the bank which the NFF deals with in the few occasions that I have been paid. I have attached it underneath here and you can see that there is no payment that was made by the NFF to me. Up till the time I resigned on the 25th and even after that, up to the 29th that the month ended, you can see that.

“I also feel that it is right you know that I asked the technical committee for information, for materials to help us as regards Egypt. And I asked them way back in July 2015. As at the time I resigned on the 25th of February 2016, there was no information for us. Even though I demanded on several occasions. By emails also, so there is prove of it, so they dare not deny it.

“But what I feel they regarded more important about was trying to influence who plays for Nigeria, who gets invited, who would play. And obviously, I refused because they are not coaches.

Sunday Oliseh Ready For NFF Court Battle: “We Will See Who Is Telling Lies”

“I also feel that it is unfair, but that notwithstanding, to treat players the way the players have been treated. Because it influences how the players perform and how they react. So, for that reason, I have attached here also, the invoice of the food they are saying I didn’t buy in South Africa, I have attached it here for you to see. And that shows you that there is nowhere in the world the national team coach of the first team buys food for the team? And we are the richest African nation. So on that, I leave you to judge by yourself.

“Since I do not want to be a part of this, of putting Nigeria secondary, and personal interest first, there was no way this could continue. And I felt it was time to let it be, that was why I resigned, nothing else.”

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Neymar: I Want To Represent Brazil At The Olympics

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Barcelona forward Neymar has a strong desire to represent Brazil at the Olympics, holding in Rio De Janeiro later this year.

The 24-year-old will represent Brazil at the Copa America in June, with the La Liga coming in a couple of months. But Neymar will love to delay his return to his club for a chance to win gold in home soil at the Olympics.

“For me, to play once again at the Olympics would be a dream, a great honour to represent Brazil once again at the Games, especially as these will take place back home,” the 24-year-old, who won a silver medal at the 2012 London Olympics, told Goal.

“I’m very keen to be there, not only for the gold medal that Brazil misses, but for doing it in my country.

“It’s hard to send a message to the Brazilian people and promise something. The only thing that I can assure them of is that I’ll do my best to honour our shirt with all my strength, my football, so we can go as far as possible.”

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Senate Leader, Ndume‘s Statement On ‘Bill On Gender Equality In Marriage’

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The bill on gender equality in marriage – designed to grant women the same marital rights as their husbands – has been rejected by the Nigerian Senate at the plenary on Tuesday, March 15.

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Speaking on the bill proposed by Senator Biodun Olujimi, representing Ekiti south senatorial district, titled: ‘Gender Parity and Prohibition of Violence against Women’, Senate leader, Ali Ndume urged Nigerians to stick with the norms of either religious or traditional marriage.

Senate rejects bill on gender equality in marriage
Senate rejects bill on gender equality in marriage

The Senate Leader said that crisis usually occurs when couples who had performed both traditional and religious marriage rites find themselves in the middle of a divorce saga.

He said: “This law that is being amended is very important especially when there is a clear conflict when it comes to dealing with widows, inheritance, divorce, even marriage itself in our society.”

“There are various traditions. The problem we have is the combination of our traditions and new religious beliefs. You will find an Igbo man who cannot speak Igbo language because he studied abroad. He will do traditional marriage then go to church again to get married in the church.

“The church wedding says if you marry, the couple become one while the Igbo tradition says when you marry a wife, she becomes your property. So when issues come up after the marriage, you now wonder which one to take.

“As for inheritance and divorce, in Islam, it is very clear how it is being done, but if you combine that with your tradition, you find out that women are being discriminated in a disadvantageous manner. There is a need for women who are involved in this advocacy to also engage in enlightenment.

“If you will marry, you will marry; either Christian or Muslim. I think this bill is timely and important and at the public hearing stage, we will look at this bill very well.”

However, while clarifying the content of her bill, Senator Olujimi, who is the deputy minority whip of the senate, said that it seeks equal rights for women in marriage, education and job.

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The sponsor of the bill stated that according to the content of the bill, a widow would automatically become the custodian of children in the event of the death of her husband, and would also inherit his property.

The likes of Ike Ekweremadu, the deputy senate president, Senator Ibn Na’allah representing Kebbi south senatorial district, Ibrahim Gobir representing Sokoto east senatorial district pledged their support for the passage of the bill.

However, when the Senate President Bukola Saraki put the bill to a vote, the opposing senators shouted a thunderous “nay”, and subsequently had their way.

The bill, which was first read on October 20, 2015, seeks to reduce all forms of violence against women including sexual abuse and discrimination.


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Agatu Massacre, The Police And The Tragedy Of A Peace Talk – Jude Ndukwe

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The recent massacre of the people of Agatu in Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen has left a very sour taste in the mouths of well-meaning Nigerians. What baffles a lot of Nigerians, more than the actual killings, was the pussyfooting with which the authorities have reacted to the issue.

In a situation where innocent and defenceless Nigerians, including hapless women and helpless children were massacred in such a large number, with brazen notoriety and in one fell swoop, which should have attracted a massive, definitive and relentless manhunt for the perpetrators, the government is yet to do anything concrete to smoke these people out and make them face justice for their crimes.

However, after this pogrom, the perpetrators were invited by the country’s chief police officer to a “roundtable peace talk” as ordered by the president!

In this case of the Agatu massacre, the leader of the cowardly Fulani herdsmen appeared before the Inspector-General of Police and sounded bullish, while reeling out the reasons why his men had to kill harmless Nigerian citizens in their hundreds. He said that the people of Agatu killed their cows and therefore must pay for these with their blood, their land, churches, schools, houses, etc.

He made the IGP understand that the herdsmen are a law unto themselves – a people who are not obliged to report to the police about those they suspect to be killing their cows.

The tragedy of the whole episode is that after the “peace talk”, the leader and his delegation walked away from the meeting without being arrested, interrogated and or prosecuted. No one, not even the IGP dared to ask them about the source of their weapons.

It is unbelievable that the Fulani herdsmen were not questioned about their weapons nor were these weapons seized. The IGP allowed them to go and “sin no more”, possibly with pats on the back, while keeping their weapons that are enough to overrun vast communities.

What a country!

Is it then any surprise that just days after the Agatu massacre, the herdsmen marched down to Ngorukgan, Tse Chia, Deghkia and Nhumbe, all in Logo Local Government Area of the same Benue State, hacking down anyone in sight?

As if that was not horrid enough, these same blood-thirsty herdsmen had the temerity to attack the convoy of Senator David Mark who was in Agatu on a solidarity visit and fact-finding mission. This is in spite of the fact that the senator had the security cover of armed personnel in his entourage who, of course, returned the fire of the herdsmen.

The most tragic of all is that in his recent visit to Minna where he held a stakeholders’ meeting with the people of the area, the Inspector-General of Police mindlessly claimed that the number of victims in the Agatu killings had been exaggerated.

He said: “I was around; I travelled to Makurdi, I did not see where 300 people were buried…If you kill, you don’t just bury; you must take the corpse to the police station before you bury. We don’t have that number of people”. Yet our IGP failed to give the number of casualties he actually saw. This is highly unfortunate!

This is most disgraceful coming from the nation’s number one police officer. The approximate driving distance from Agatu to Makurdi is 239km, a journey of about four to five hours. With such great expanse, how exhaustive could have the IGP been before reaching the apparently contrived conclusion that he did not see where 300 people were buried.

How could he even see these when he stayed in the comfort of the state capital and nowhere near the theatre of the pogrom? Was he expecting the Agatus to take their dead through that great distance to bury, so that he could see them?

Was the IGP expecting the Agatus who fled the scene of massacre in all directions and are today taking refuge in places other than their homes to have the luxury of having time to collect their dead and bury them, even when those alive to bury the dead are still scared stiff of going back to their communities? Was he expecting them to first carry the dead to the police station that was also not spared by the Fulani militia who burnt every building in sight?

If we must call a spade by its name and no other, it is highly unfortunate that IGP Arase would make some of the claims he did – it was unexpected of him.

Apart from the foregoing, there are still many questions for the IGP to answer: Why did he not get to Agatu to see things for himself? What was he afraid of? Why did he choose to see things from 239 kilometres away? He could as well have remained in Abuja and received reports from the field.

Contrast this to the report of Senator David Mark who braved the odds and visited Agatu, even when he came under the heavy unprovoked attack of the herdsmen, and one would discover the needless copious discrepancies between their reports, one coming from the field and the other from outside it.

On getting to Agatu, David Mark had lamented the barbaric actions of the herdsmen who, in any case, have been rated the fourth most dangerous terrorist group in the whole world by the Global Terrorism Index. He said “I’m shocked beyond words at the extent of destruction I have seen here in Agatu today.

This is unbelievable. It is unimaginable. Nothing whatsoever justifies the brazen act of destruction meted out to the people of Agatu. My heart bleeds”. The difference is clear.

What one expected after such level of destruction was not a “peace talk”. One expected the police and other security agencies to have swung into action and bring the perpetrators to book. Anything short of this amounts to complicity, negligence, cowardice, and injustice to fellow citizens wickedly hacked down by an evil group.

The IGP’s failure, neglect or refusal to arrest the leader of the herdsmen, who appeared to have known everything about the attack from his narrative at the meeting, and an order for the seizure of all the weapons of the militia is criminal in itself, and the IGP has a lot of explanation to do to Nigerians. The failures on the part of our security agencies have made the herdsmen grow bolder to spread their deadly attacks to other parts of the country. This is most unfortunate!

While those who embark on peaceful protests without arms in the South are mowed down by security agents, the Fulani herdsmen who murder people in their hundreds in the Middle Belt and other places are invited to “peace talks” by the same security agents. What a tragedy!

Since the authorities have proved to be powerless in this matter, the least we owe those murdered in Agatu and other places is to continue to cry for justice on their behalf so that we are not caught in the web of inadvertent complicity in a crime committed by a felonious lot.

This piece was written by Jude Ndukwe, He can be reached on; Twitter: @stjudendukwe

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Medical Students Will Now Spend 11 Years In University – NUC

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The National Universities Commission (NUC) has announced that any student who wants to study medicine will henceforth spend a minimum of 10 years in the university.

Medical students to spend 11 years in varsity – NUC

Medical students to spend 11 years in varsity – NUC

This declaration was made by the Executive Secretary of the Commission, Prof. Julius Okojie, during a lecture delivered at the maiden matriculation and inauguration of the University of Medical Science, Ondo, Ondo State.

In the lecture titled ‘Development of Medical Education: Prospects and Challenges‘, Okojie, who was represented by the Deputy Executive Secretary of the commission, Prof. Chiedu Mafiana, said the development was imperative in order to enable the students mature psychologically for the profession.

Okojie explained that students would be spending the first four years studying basic sciences in university, after which they would proceed to the medical school to spend another seven years.

This, he explained, would help the students “mature psychologically” for the profession.

Initially, to study medicine in Nigerian Universities last seven years – housemanship included – however, following the new declaration, it can last more than 10 years where admission into five or six years of medical school is preceded by three to four years of studying for a first degree.

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Funke Akindele Denies Dating Falz

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Funke Akindele denies dating Falz – Actress Funke Akindele has denied dating rapper Folarin “Falz” Falana, saying their relationship was purely professional.

Funke Akindele denies dating Falz

Funke Akindele denies dating Falz

The two of them play a couple on Akindele’s TV show, Jenifa’s Diary, and rumors had been swirling that there might be more between the two.

OFFICIAL VIDEO: Falz Featuring Simi – Soldier

“I was listening to his rap one day and liked the way he rapped,” Akindele said in an interview with Vanguard describing how she met Falz.

“So I met him during Dr Sid’s wedding and we exchanged contacts. So, we got talking and one day I invited him over to my place and he came with his manager. I cooked for him and we all ate. While we were discussing, I asked him if he would like to be featured as my boyfriend in the latest edition of Jennifer’s Diary and he responded positively. Apart from work relationship, we have nothing between us. We work together and enjoy ourselves, that’s all.”

What do you think? Would they make a nice couple?

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Lil Kesh Unveils Artwork For The Soon To Be Released ‘Young And Getting It’ #YAGI Album

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Lil Kesh has just unveiled the rather impressive artwork to his forthcoming debut album; Young And Getting It. #YAGI album.

The YBNL soldier who recently released ‘Cause Trouble Part 1 Featuring YCee and Cause Trouble Part 2 featuring International rapping superstar Wale, is set to make his very audible statement upon release.


Lil Kesh - Young And Getting It

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Cocu: PSV Ready To Silence Atletico Fans

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Philip Cocu is confident PSV can qualify for the last eight against Atletico.

The match is even, with the first leg ending in a goalless draw last month.

Atletico have lost just one match at the Vicente Calderon in their last 16 matches.

However, Cocu is bullish over PSV’s chances of booking a spot in the last eight.

“The great atmosphere in [Estadio Vicente Calderon] can give us a power boost. In this stage of European football, all the stadiums where you play will be impressive in talks of ambiance,” Cocu told reporters.

“We want to silence the fans of Atletico with playing good football.

“We feel good after Ajax drew with NEC, but no we are not thinking about the Eredivisie because we have to concentrate on the Champions League. We have a good chance to reach the quarter-finals.

“Atletico are favourites because of their home advantage. It will be difficult, but it is not impossible to go through.”

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N45.9bn Fraud: Tompolo Seeks Change Of Judge

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Former Niger Delta militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, better known as Tompolo, has called on the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal to order Justice Ibrahim Buba of a Federal High Court in Lagos to withdraw from the fraud charges filed against him by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

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This disclosure was made known in a statement issued on Tuesday by one of his counsels, Mr. Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa.

Adegboruwa said that his client had since last Friday filed his appellant’s brief of argument before the Lagos Division of the Court of Appeal, adding that Justice Buba is expected to cease action on the case in deference to the appellate court.

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The anti-graft commission had charged Tompolo and nine others with an alleged fraud of N45.9bn before Justice Buba.

Since the 40 counts were filed by the EFCC against Tompolo and his co-suspects early January, efforts to arraign them had proved abortive as Tompolo had repeatedly shunned the summons issued on him to appear in court.

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On two occasions Justice Buba had issued a bench warrant against Tompolo and ordered his arrest.

Tompolo, who had earlier contended that the summons were not properly served on him had on February 8 urged Justice Buba to set aside the warrant issued on January 14 for his arrest.

However, the judge rejected his application and re-validated the arrest warrant.

Not satisfied, through his lawyers, Mr. Tayo Oyetibo (SAN) and Adegboruwa, Tompolo headed for the Court of Appeal, seeking to set aside the arrest warrant.

The statement read: “In further demonstration of his commitment to the rule of law and due process, Tompolo filed his appellant’s brief of argument, through the law firms of Tayo Oyetibo, SAN and Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa, Esq., on Friday, March 11, 2016, thus activating the judicial process for the prompt and effective determination of the said appeal.

“The consequence of this in law is that Tompolo’s case is now before the Court of Appeal, with the concomitant effect that the Federal High Court will willingly cede jurisdiction over Tompolo’s case, to the Court of Appeal, since the appeal has now been entered in the Court of Appeal.”

“Tompolo is thus asking the Court of Appeal to set aside the warrant for his arrest and vacate all subsequent proceedings emanating from the flawed process of the criminal charge.

“He is further seeking that the charge against him should be transferred from the current judge, to another judge of the Federal High Court.”

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Buhari Gets Equatorial Guinea’s Highest Honour [Photos]

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President Muhammadu Buhari was on Monday evening conferred with the highest national honour in the Republic of Equatorial Guinea by the Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo.

Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo decorates Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari with country’s highest honour

Guinean President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo decorates Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari with the country’s highest honour

A statement issued by the Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, confirmed that the President was given the national honour in Malabo on Monday for his personal integrity, exemplary leadership style and courage to fight terrorism in order to ensure peace and safety of Africa.

Buhari 2The honour of “Gran Collar De La Orden De La Independencia” translated “Grand Collar of the Order of the Independence” was said to have been conferred on President Buhari by President Mbasogo of Equatorial Guinea at the Presidential Palace.

Buhari 3Speaking at the ceremony, Buhari was said to have dedicated the recognition to the people of Nigeria who had worked relentlessly to sustain peace in the country and across other neighbouring countries in Africa.

He said, “On behalf of my country, Nigeria, and the people, I will like to express profound gratitude for the honour given to me and my people. The reality of the situation now is that there had never been a time in history for greater neighbourliness, for security and economic stability than now.”

President Mbasogo said the honour was conferred on President Buhari for his “personal integrity, exemplary leadership style and courage to fight terrorism in order to ensure peace and safety in Africa”.

He said: “We deemed it fit and appropriate to honour this son of Africa for the great work he is doing, which includes tackling Boko Haram, a great menace to the continent.”

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Pogba Names Ronaldo And Zidane As His Idols

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Juventus midfielder Paul Pogba has named former Brazil international and Real Madrid boss, Zidane as his idols growing up.

Pogba turner 23 today and is the future of France, as they look to win the Euro 2016.

Pogba revealed the pair left a mark on him and have helped him become the player he is today.

“We watched it on TV at home and I remember going out in our car afterwards to celebrate with friends and sound our horns,” he told Fifa’s official website.

“Ronaldo is my footballing role model and the player that made me fall in love with football. I was enthralled by him as I used to play up front when I was younger. His technique, pace and eye for goal, as well as the variety of his play, was something I liked and admired.

“And of course Zidane too. He’s a French icon and someone who made a real impression on us. We won’t forget him. Everyone respects and admires him and we all want to emulate what he’s achieved in his career.”

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Koscielny: Arsenal Are Not Under Pressure Against Barcelona

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Laurent Koscielny believes Arsenal are under no pressure against Barcelona, but face a tough task of overturning the deficit.

Wenger’s men fell to a 2-0 loss in the first leg of the last 16 clash and have a mountain to climb in the return leg at Camp Nou.

Since losing to Barcelona, Arsenal have won just one match in all competition, falling 11 points behind leaders Leicester City and crashing out of the FA cup.

Progressing in Europe looks unlikely too, but Koscielny still believes they could cause an upset against Luis Enrique’s side.

“We don’t have pressure like in the first game, because we play against the best team in the world,” he told Arsenal Player.

“Now we need to play the second leg away at Barca and we have nothing to lose. People always talk about the statistics and I think we have maybe a five per cent chance to qualify.

“You know when you play against the best players in the world, the best team with a good collective side, it’s very important for us. It can be very important if we can have a [good] result.

“They have a lot of quality, they can have a lot of possession during the game and when they accelerate with their top players, they create chances.

“We need to play with freedom and believe in our quality because we did well during the first six months of this season. I don’t see why we can’t [play like that] against Barcelona and for the rest of the season.

“You know we are in a difficult period and we need to stay like a unit to be stronger. We will fight until the end of the season.”

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Ex-CDS, Badeh May Have Worn ‘Same’ Attire For 7 Days | Trial Starts Wednesday

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The Federal High Court in Abuja has on Monday adjourned the trial of the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh, till Wednesday, March 15, amid speculations that he (Badeh) arrived at the court premises clad in the same style of attire he wore on March 7.

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The former CDS, it was learnt, looked exactly as he did on his previous appearances in court, fuelling speculations that he was repeating exactly the same dress.

Though, in separate clothing, the attire remained the same style he had appeared in over the past seven days. The only difference was that he looked a little bit rumpled showing that he has started settling to life in Kuje prisons.

The immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh approaches the entrance of the court
The immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh approaches the entrance of the court

The EFCC is prosecuting Badeh and Iyalikam Nigeria Limited on 10 counts of money laundering involving alleged fraudulent diversion of about N3.97bn from the account of the Nigerian Air Force between January and December 2013.

READ ALSO: Arms Deal: Court Remands Ex-CDS, Alex Badeh At Kuje Prison

After the defendants were arraigned on March 7, Justice Okon Abang, ordered that Badeh be remanded in Kuje prison pending the hearing and determination of his bail application.

The judge had fixed Monday for commencement of trial, and subsequently on March 10 granted bail to Badeh in the sum of N2bn.

Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh prepares for court proceedings
Former Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh prepares for court proceedings

However, Badeh could not immediately meet the bail conditions in order to leave the prison.

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In his ruling on Monday, Justice Abang granted the application for adjournment only on the basis of the newly filed additional proof of evidence.

He fixed Wednesday for “commencement of trial without fail”.

It will be recalled, Badeh, while at Kuje prisons, had refused to eat the food given to other inmates, preferring food from home.

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It was also gathered that his presence generated excitement and curiosity as the inmates were amazed to see the former military chief in prison custody barely a year after his reputation soared high across the country.

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Wendy Williams Reveals Her Son Once Caught Her Doing ‘SumTin’

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The talk-show host of self-named ‘Wendy Williams Show’ revealed her son, Kevin Hunter Jr, 15, once walked in on her doing the down-low on her husband.

Why? Because they have a no-lock and open-door policy in their home.

Sharing this story on Conan, with Conan O’Brien, the hilarious guest talked about how her son refused to kiss her again afterwards.

360nobs - Wendy Williams

As a member of the public eye, Wendy Williams is used to gossips and tell-tales been peddled about how she really is at home.

When asked if she is an uptight mum or more free-handed, Wendy said : ‘I am kinda turning into my own mum. I find myself scrutinizing him a lot since he turned fifteen. I am loose in some ways and uptight in others. Like we do not close doors in our house. There is no need for him to be in his room with the door closed’. 

Talk host, Conan tries to reason with Wendy while explaining that he was also a fifteen year old boy.

Wendy corrected him : ‘I get it, the same thing with fifteen year old girls, I know what you are talking about but here is the thing; We walk hard at our house or we clear out throats, that is the warning sign for here I come. You do not just tiptoe to somebody’s room, I respect him so when I come to see his room (I stump my feet) or you hear it (clears throat) and I say Kevin here I come. So I can give him the chance to clean up’. 

She continued: ‘We don’t close our doors either, so if you walk in on me and my husband you are going to get a surprise’.

What?! the host of Conan is shocked at this reveal, he poked further ; ‘has this happened with your son?’, Wendy stuttered with, ‘once, three uh, when he was thirteen’... Did she really forget?

O’Brien wanted to get the real story with ‘tell us what happened then’ but the 51 year-old mum said ‘Nooo… but I would tell you this, he got a surprise and he would never do that again’, she added with a wicked grin.

Host of Conan did not give up as he cited the rules of Talk-show which is ‘spill it’ and Wendy, a fellow talk-show host could not resist. He asked, ‘What the hell did he walk in on’ at which Wendy Williams spilled : ‘He walked in on me giving my husband a favor, at two o’clock in the morning’. 

Wendy narrated how she continued giving her husband the ‘favor’ until her son stepped out.

She said she ‘looked up and looked down as she continued the act and her husband who was above her gave their son an ‘it’s okay thumb sign’ before he left.

The New-Jersey-born star said her son refused to kiss her again afterwards.

It’s another family policy to hug and kiss Wendy stated, but after the sight of his momma’s mouth somewhere the other night, Kevin Jr would not be kissing his momma’s mouth anytime soon.

What’s up with the policies anyway.

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VIDEO: JJC ft Justina Lee Brown – A Da (Starring Funke Akindele)

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In remembrance of his Late Mother JJC Drops Video to “A DA”

JJC ft JUSTINA LEE BROWN – A DA which means IT WILL BE GOOD. from his previous studio album #AFRICANDREAM

The video is an amazing short story about a Mother and daughter struggling to make a dream come true. Written and staring the popular Nollywood actress FUNKE AKINDELE.

Music produced and Video directed by @JJCSKILLZ and dedicated to his late Mother MRS FAUSAT BELLO BUHARI Born 15th march 1933 to 18th Jan. 2014. Survived by 12 children, 39 Grand children and 52 Great grand children. May her soul forever rest in peace.

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Click here to view the embedded video.

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South African rapper AKA, recently premiered his first official single for 2016 titled One Time on SA’s highly rated music show – LiveAMP. The video of AKA’s live performance is yet to be officially released but here’s a good news for his fans even though we know he (AKA) might not find this friendly, we just got our hands on the audio version of the performance by South Africa’s self-proclaimed Prince of POP music.

Download the mp3 version of One Time by AKA below and let us know your thoughts.

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EFCC Indicts Fani-Kayode, Olu Falae In N3.145billion Fraud

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Operatives of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) have on Monday traced N3.145bn transferred to the private accounts of some members of the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Campaign Organisation – money shared during the build up to the 2015 presidential election.

Chief Femi Fani-Kayode

Chief Femi Fani-Kayodecc

While presenting evidence, the anti-graft agency said the money emanated from the account of the Central Bank of Nigeria and was transferred to the account of a company, Joint Dimensions Limited, and then sent to various accounts.

Olu Falae ashamed over Dasuki link

Chief Olu Falae

Those allegedly involved in the splitting of the slush funds are a former aviation minister and director of media for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign organization, Femi Fani-kayode; former Secretary to the Government of the Federation and leader of the Social Democratic Party, Olu Falae; a former finance minister, Nenadi Usman; a former Imo state governor, Achike Udenwa; former minister of state for foreign affairs, Viola Onwuliri and politician Okey Ezenwa.

According to the EFCC documents, out of the money shared, Fani-Kayode allegedly received N840m, through his Zenith bank account, Maitama Branch with number 1004735721 on February 19, 2015.

Falae was said to have received N100m through a company, Marreco Limited, where he is chairman. The fund was credited into the company’s United Bank for Africa Plc account number 1000627022

A source at the anti-graft agency who pleaded not to be named because he is not authorised to speak said:

“The money was paid by the Central Bank of Nigeria into the account of the Ministry of External Affairs Library, from where it was moved into the account of Joint Trust Dimension Nigeria Limited.

“It was from the Joint Dimension’s account with Zenith bank that the money was shared to various individuals and organisations for purposes that are not stated.

“Fani-Kayode was the chief beneficiary of the disbursement as he allegedly received a whooping N840m, paid in three tranches into his Zenith bank, Maitama branch account with number 1004735721.

“The first tranche of payment involving N350m hit the account on February 19, 2015. Another N250m was also paid into the account on February19, 2015 while N240m was similarly credited to the account a month later; precisely, March 19, 2015.

“The balance in this account as of December 31, 2015 was N189, 402.72.”

Reacting, Fani-Kayode said he never received money from the CBN, adding that the monies that were spent were received from Usman who was the director of finance of the campaign organisation.

He said, “I served as the director of publicity and I was told to set up an account for the directorate, which I did. I never received money from the CBN but like all the other directors, we received money from the director of finance.

“I was assured that the monies were not public funds but were sourced from private individuals. I never knowingly spent government money all through. The monies were spent specifically on the campaigns. The accounts were audited and we were commended by the President.”

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