Nigeria! A Nation Where ‘Head Pass Head, Pikin Pass Pikin’ – Ahmed Oluwasanjo

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An exclusive story published by SaharaReporters that reported that, “at least 91 people tied to influential or highly placed Nigerians…were recently offered juicy appointments by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) in a hiring process that was highly secretive”, inspired the title of this piece.

Of course, asking whether, ‘head pass head or pikin pass pikin?’ in Nigeria would elicit different responses from different quarters. Those who believe in the gospel of ‘God created all of us equal’ would argue that one head is no better than the other, while some would argue otherwise, appealing to the fact that there is a natural hierarchy in the scheme of things, leaving some people as lords and other as serfs, no doubt with the issue of power relations involved. But whichever way we choose to look at it, the truth is obvious that ‘head pass head and pikin pass pikin’, which goes beyond mere physical attributes of the sizes of our heads.
To understand this in the Nigerian context, a simple comparison of the ordeals of an average young Nigerian, born with no wooden or plastic spoon with the ‘life-is-good’ experiences of those born with silver, golden and diamond spoons would substantiate that, indeed, ‘head pass head, pikin pass pikin’.

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To start with, quality education should be to develop the potentials in both children of the leaders and those of the led in any sane country. However, an average Nigerian faces a lot of challenges in acquiring education.

Aside meeting up all necessary requirements for admission, gaining admission into one of our higher institutions of learning without bribing or influencing someone in the system – using one’s connection – is a miracle. Likewise, surviving the unfriendly learning environment, the scheming of maniac bride-taking lecturers and frequent strikes to graduate from our higher institutions within the stipulated period of study is a big achievement. And above all, getting a decent job after the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) programme to start out in adult life is a struggle that calls for one adorn the “whole armour of God.”

As a matter of fact, after the NYSC programme, most Nigerian youth usually wake up to the bitter truth that getting a job is not as easy as imagined during their service year. Once the bitter realities of living unemployed catches up with them, those who believe unemployment has a spiritual cure would start seeking spiritual help to break free from it. Others who have the penchant to cut corners would resort to job racketeers, while those who are realistic and resolute after job-hunting for a while, drop their certificates under their beds to hustle; some as taxi drivers, okada riders or masons.

It’s so sad.

On the contrary, in this same Nigeria, children of politicians and high ranking government officials have no single idea of what their contemporaries from poor homes go through. They attend the best private international primary and secondary schools, and they get best of quality education abroad at the tertiary level, so having an idea of the poor education their parents provide ordinary Nigerians is impossible. Also, the fact that they return to Nigeria only to pick up juicy jobs in government agencies, ministries and multinational companies as result of their by fathers’, mothers’ or uncles’ influence in the country does not give them a feel of how and where the shoe pinches.

Whenever children of the influential/highly placed Nigerians are to be recruited into public institutions, it is referred to as replacement. In this case, vacancies would not be announced in line with best practice and there would be no aptitude test to assess the competence of those recruited. Beneficiaries of such recruitments simply seat at home and get their employment letters on a platter of their parents’ connection.

It’s very much unlike the open recruitments for the hapless Nigerian youth which are usually characterised by numerous irregularities, including extortion and bribery. Recalling the 2014 Nigeria Immigration Service recruitment that escalated into a national tragedy, claiming the lives of about 16 young Nigerians across the country, would resonate well several with Nigerians.

Indeed, “life is bread to some, while to others it is an oven”.

Of course, we know all fingers cannot be equal. Even in more developed countries, there is a gap between the political class and the led. However, the political class in these places do not eat both the harvest and the seeds, leaving the poor with nothing to eat, as obtainable in our system.

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This brings me to the crux of this piece: the secret recruitment of children and relatives of some Nigerian politicians by the Central Bank of Nigeria, as reported by SaharaReporters a few days ago, and the some salient issues that should not be swept under the carpet just like that.

According to the news platform, “The recruitments are deemed irregular because the CBN failed to advertise the vacancies in order to allow opportunities to all qualified Nigerians to apply for the jobs. In addition, the bank’s “political” recruitments did not follow principles of federal character set out for employment by government agencies and other public institutions.’Jobs were just handed to the children of ministers in the current administration,’ one bank official stated. The source added that many of the new hires were asked to pick their department of choice after their irregular employment was concluded.”

After this news broke, I had to read that part of the report over and again to be sure I was reading right. Could this still be happening under the present ‘change’ administration? But I thought we had voted things like this out with the immediate past administration? Frankly, this should give us reasons to fear that we might be far from realising the new Nigeria we all voted for. We voted for a new Nigeria where “corruption is to be killed if we do not want it to kill us”; a Nigeria where recruitments are done on the basis of competence and merit, and not on: who is your father? Who do you know? Or who knows you? It becomes more perturbing seeing ministers in this ‘change’ administration involving in nepotism, cronyism and job racketeering, which were some of the reasons Nigerians rejected the last administration.

In fact, many of the Nigerian youth who vehemently campaigned and voted for change, did so not for the promise of the N5,000 stipend for the vulnerable, but in order to see a working system that provides a level playing ground for all in Nigeria. I recall that candidate Muhammadu Buhari, in one of his campaign videos said that, he should be given a chance to prove to us that “Nigeria can work again”. If I may ask, is this how Nigeria would continue to work? Will Nigeria work better when the president’s ministers are championing nepotism, cronyism and job racketeering in public institutions? From this development, wouldn’t it be right to assume that similar clandestine recruitment exercises have been carried out in other public institutions in favour of the children, relatives and girlfriends of ministers and high ranking government officials since this administration came on board?

Please don’t tell me that the president should not be brought into this, because we never listened to such excuses in the days of Goodluck Jonathan. In other words, what we collectively condemned in the days of Jonathan cannot be applauded today under Buhari’s watch.

I also have no doubt that those who defended the padded budget proposal, even after President Muhammadu Buhari publicly admitted that it was greatly flawed by irregularities, would defend this fraudulent recruitment. Perhaps, this clandestine recruitment would be blamed on chimps in the government or trivialised as blackmail from the opposition. But whatever twist they chose to give it, It would be better they blame it on Lord Lugard or Tafawa Balewa because Nigerians will not want to hear that it was also part of the mess inherited from the immediate past administration of Goodluck Jonathan.

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As far as I am concerned, the CBN’s statement on this issue is nothing but hogwash. Do they think Nigerians are yam heads? If we may probe further, are beneficiaries of this fraudulent recruitment more qualified than millions of unemployed Nigerians out there? Of course no and I have no doubt that many of them – children, relatives and girlfriends of our minsters who were recruited – might not make it if subjected to aptitude tests alongside several other unemployed Nigerians. Second, how do we expect them to uphold the core principles of the public service: neutrality, non-partisanism and impartiality when their employments are offshoots of nepotism and cronyism? Of course, it is not out of place to assume that they would end up bringing in their brothers and sisters the same way they came into the system. Third, how do we expect them to be effective and efficient in their work when their competence were not tested before being employed? Again, this explains why incompetent hands pervade public institutions. And lastly, how do we expect those who, according to report, chose the departments they wished to work in not to become demi-gods there in CBN?

Ironically, this is manifesting in a government that belongs to ‘nobody and also to everybody’! It is taking place while the government is begging the youth to be patient for the jobs it avows to create at no fixed time.
A few months ago, our Minister for Labour, Senator Chris Ngige told the Nigerian youth to “forget white collar jobs”. In his words: “our children should forget about white collar jobs for now. They should use their hands and learn how to make tiles, make POP, do some carpentry work. These are jobs that are paying even in the western climes.”(sic). Of course, his biological children and close relatives are very likely not to be among those he addressed as such, and one could also conclude that by saying “our children” in this context, Nigige was referring to Nigerian youth who could be used for electoral campaign and maybe, as willing thugs during elections.

Let’s face it. Without soothsaying, we know that the beneficiaries of this fraudulent recruitments, who according to SaharaReporters are children and relatives of highly placed Nigerians, are regarded as having better heads than millions of unemployed Nigerian youth; they are special children – better pikin – who can never be told to learn plumbering or carpentry as their father’s friend, Ngige has advised. And by extension, whenever we hear any of these politicians deceiving the youth by calling them the “leaders of tomorrow”, we now know they are actually referring to their children.

At this juncture, I would like to remind President Buhari of one of his statements that I held to my heart for a day like this. I recall that on September 6, 2013, in his widely published article, “It is About Nigeria, Not Buhari” he said, “Nigeria has been good to me. I was an orphan but it educated me and trained me and offered me the ultimate prize…” Today, the army of unemployed Nigerian youth are not calling for half of what he has benefitted from Nigeria. They are not calling for too much likewise. All they are saying is: let there be fairness in the recruitments into public institutions. If everyone is subjected to the same aptitude test and the children of the poor fail, fine. Of course, they will have no complain that children and relatives of high ranking government officials who performed better in the aptitude test have the jobs.

Summarily, sacking one senior officials and redeploying many others at this time would definitely not stop job racketeering in the public service. This is why those found guilty in this case should be prosecuted to convince Nigerians that the president truly belongs to everybody and not just his political cronies. If this is not done, we should not be surprised when the Nigerian youth start changing their surnames to names of serving ministers in his cabinet to qualify for CBN or NNPC jobs. Perhaps, then we would have names like Arase Kachiku or Atiku Dambazau applying for jobs at the CBN. Just saying.

This article was written by Ahmed Oluwasanjo. He writes from Abuja and can be reached on

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Arsenal Announce Asisat Oshoala Signing

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Arsenal announce Asisat Oshoala signing – Arsenal Ladies FC have announced the signing of Nigerian superstar, Asisat Oshoala.

Arsenal announce Asisat Oshoala signing

Arsenal announce Asisat Oshoala signing

Oshoala signed for Arsenal from Liverpool, where she scored 3 goals in 12 games over the course of the 2015 season.

Asisat Oshoala wins BBC Women’s Footballer of the Year

21-year old Oshoala had burst onto scene in 2014, where she was named Player of the Tournament at both the Under-20 World Cup and the African Women’s Championship, performances that earned her the BBC Women’s Player of The Year for 2015.

“She is quick, with excellent feet and has proven she can score goals so it’s very positive she has decided to join us,” Arsenal Ladies coach Pedro Losa said of Oshoala.

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CCT To Rule On Saraki’s Motion To Dismiss Charges On March 24

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The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), has rescheduled the ruling on a motion by the Senate President, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, seeking to quash the false assets declaration charges preferred against him till March 24.

Senate President Bukola Saraki in the dock during the trial bordering on false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Tribunal

Senate President Bukola Saraki in the dock during the trial bordering on false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Tribunal

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The prosecution lawyer, Rotimi Jacobs told the Tribunal that he has been served with defendant’s motion dated 4 March, 2015. But he argued that going by sections 220, 221 and 396 of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, the motion cannot be moved before beginning of hearing of the substantive case.

“The only thing the court can do now is to proceed to trial. I want Your Lordship to determine the issue now,” Jacobs said.

However, Saraki’s lawyer, Chief Kanu Agabi (SAN), argued that the tribunal lacked jurisdiction to entertain the charges, on among other grounds, that the Attorney-General of the Federation and Minister of Justice lacked the powers to file charges before the tribunal. Agabi, said the defence is happy to be in court and the opportunity to defend him.

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The Justice Danladi Umar-led tribunal fixed the date for ruling to March 24 after entertaining arguments for and against the motion.

Some of the 80 lawyers representing Senate President Bukola Saraki at the Friday’s proceedings

Some of the 80 lawyers representing Senate President Bukola Saraki at Friday’s proceedings

It was gathered that Saraki was represented by 80 lawyers at the Friday’s proceedings while the prosecution by 10.

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Tragedy As Fleeing Boko Haram Fighters Get Killed By ‘Own Land Mines’

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In what should be described as a typical case of ‘whosoever digs a pit shall fall into it’, a gang of fleeing Boko Haram fighters in Kumala, who were being chased by troops of the Nigerian Army on Wednesday, drove their getaway vehicle into a heavy land mine and got killed by the forgotten bombs they buried long ago.

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According to a statement issued on Thursday evening by the spokesman of the Nigerian Army, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, the unfortunate fate that befell the insurgents in Kumala area of Damboa Local Government of Borno state was a clear signal that Boko Haram is now in disarray as the Nigerian soldiers are only battling a residue of their long decimated force.

The statement read: “Troops of 81 Battalion and 251 Task Force Battalion of 25 Task Force Brigade on Wednesday engaged in hot pursuit of remnants of Boko Haram terrorists in Kumala”.

“This followed an earlier incident in which suspected Boko Haram terrorists ambushed fighting patrol elements of 25 Task Force Brigade. After clearing the ambush, the troops exploited further off Damboa road from Kumala.

“During the pursuit, the troops traced the axis of withdrawal of the terrorists and discovered that the terrorist vehicle mounted with an Anti-Aircraft Gun tasted a bit of the Boko Haram terrorists’ evil intents as it ran into an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) buried by them.

“The vehicle was shredded into pieces by the IED while 2 of the Boko Haram terrorists died in the process. The troops recovered 1 General Purpose Machine Gun (GPMG), 2 AK-47 Assault Rifles as well as one Boko Haram terrorists’ flag, 6 primed IEDs, Anti-Aircraft Gun links and rounds of ammunition. Other recoveries include 43 rounds of 7.62mm (NATO) ammunition and a mobile telephone handset”.

“By this incident of the terrorists group falling victims of its evil plans against the troops, the wrath of God has been aroused by the retributive justice against the devilish Boko Haram terrorists”.

During their inglorious days of territorial conquests, Boko Haram had buried hundreds of improvised land mines along major routes and communities to prevent invasion of troops into their new domain.

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However, the ruthless ‘death society’ is now being paid in their own kind of coin.

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Alonso: Bayern Will Respect Benfica

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Bayern Munich midfielder Xabi Alonso has asked his teammates to take Benfica seriously.

Bayern had to claw back from 2-0 down to win 4-2 on the night and 6-4 on aggregate against Juventus to qualify for the last eight.

In this same stage last season, Bayern were paired with Porto and fell to a 3-1 defeat in the first leg and staged an amazing comeback in the second leg, winning 6-1 at Allianz Arena.

“We have learned from the experience of last year against Porto – at this stage everyone is difficult,” the Spaniard said.

“Of course there are bigger names, but we have to focus on our tie; you can’t take anything for granted.

“We came through a tough tie against Juventus and need to keep going. We have to respect Benfica, but we have plenty of time to analyse them.”

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Aduriz Earns Spain Call Up, With Costa Getting Snubbed

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Athletic Bilbao striker Aritz Aduriz has been handed his first Spain call up in over five years, with Chelsea’s Diego Costa not making the cut.

Aduriz has been exceptional for Athletic, scoring 31 goals in 44 appearances in all competitions.

Spain coach Vicente del Bosque said of the 35-year-old: “Aduriz deserves to be here. He has scored a lot of goals and he is a player we all like.”

Del Bosque stresses Costa was dropped due to fitness issues and not as a form of disciplinary action for his actions following his dismissal in the quarterfinals of the FA Cup against Everton.

Del Bosque said: “If Diego Costa was 100 per cent fit he would have been picked. The situation the other day was not so serious – and we are not here to punish.”

Barcelona captain Andres Iniesta has also been left out with his club team-mate Sergi Roberto included.

“I spoke personally with Andres. He has a bit of a muscle problem, so we thought it better for him not to come,” said Del Bosque. “Sergi Roberto has played everywhere and is capable of playing different positions. But we see him as a midfielder.”

European champions Spain continue their preparations for Euro 2016 by taking on Italy in Udine on March 24. They then travel to face Romania in Cluj three days later.

Spain squad to face Italy and Romania:

Goalkeepers: Iker Casillas (Porto), David De Gea (Manchester United), Sergio Rico (Sevilla).

Defenders: Juanfran (Atletico Madrid), Mario Gaspar (Villarreal), Gerard Pique (Barcelona), Sergio Ramos (Real Madrid), Marc Bartra (Barcelona), Nacho (Real Madrid), Jordi Alba (Barcelona), Cesar Azpilicueta (Chelsea).

Midfielders: Sergio Busquets (Barcelona), Mikel San Jose (Athletic Bilbao), Sergi Roberto (Barcelona), Koke (Atletico Madrid), Cesc Fabregas (Chelsea), Thiago (Bayern Munich), Isco (Real Madrid), Nolito (Celta Vigo), Pedro (Chelsea), Juan Mata (Manchester United), David Silva (Manchester City).

Forwards: Aritz Aduriz (Athletic Bilbao), Alvaro Morata (Juventus), Paco Alcacer (Valencia).

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Tuchel Happy With Liverpool Draw

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Thomas Tuchel is looking forward to playing against Liverpool, and has named the match up the dream draw of the stage.

Liverpool saw off Manchester United 3-1 on aggregate in the previous round, with Klopp facing his former side in the quarterfinals.

Tuchel’s men beat another English team, Tottenham, 5-1 on aggregate to qualify for the quarterfinals.

“We want to play the best and again we meet a top opponent,” he said after Friday’s draw in Nyon. “For every football fan this is a dream draw, and in a sporting way it is a big test for us.

“We will need two top performances to advance. I am looking forward to two matches of the highest level.”

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How Airtel is Driving Brand Love with Consumer Rewards

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How Airtel is Driving Brand Love with Consumer Rewards

It felt like a dream for many of the winners who were in the expansive hall of the premium Chinese restaurant in Ikeja, Lagos, that Friday morning. Every winner was with, at least, three loved ones – family and friends – eagerly awaiting their grand prizes, all-expense paid trip to Dubai, commercial capital of the United Arab Emirate (UAE), in line with the reward for winners in the just concluded season 3 of the Airtel Redhot Promo.

Even though they had their bags and luggage packed, many were still hesitant, a bit unsure of their winnings. But after a brief event at the Ikeja venue, the winners were transported to the Airport to board an Emirate Flight to Dubai. Aboard the plane, it was a different feeling – a feeling of a dream coming to fruition. Their faces lit up, big smiles playing on the lips of all the winners as they shared hearty jokes ahead of the all-expense paid experience in Dubai. But that was just the beginning of great moments. The eight hours flight felt shorter as excitement amongst the Airtel winners hit feverish pitch.


Needless to say, Dubai is a beautiful city and the winners were enthralled by a city that shone brightly and dazzled in absolute beauty and glamour on a Friday (February 26th) night. The winners were welcomed by extremely courteous and professional Emirate staff who took them to their five star Hotel rooms in the centre of an amazing city. From that point, it was a celebration galore and many breathtaking moments for the Airtel winners and their friends and family members.

On the first day, the winners were taken on a tour of Dubai, visiting many great places including the Burj Khalifa as well as spending quality time at the Jumeira Beach. It was fun at the seashore as winners played games and engaged in other exciting activities. Later in the evening, the Nigerian contingent was aboard a boat for a cruise. It was no ordinary boat cruise as winners were entertained by different local entertainment groups just as the cruise experience quickly transformed to a night club party, featuring Nigerian hit songs.

For those winners who thought that the trip was limited to Dubai alone got the shock of their lives when the amiable Indian tour guide informed the winners that they will be visiting the Ferrari World at Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari World lived up to its billings as winners enjoyed breathtaking ride in the world’s largest rollercoaster. They also visited the World’s largest and most expensive Mosque, which is still under construction in Abu Dhabi. On the way back, the winners made a stop at the popular Nigerian restaurant dubbed Kiza for a soiree.

The following day, winners visited several notable malls on a shopping spree. Later in the day, they hit the Desert for a bumpy SUV ride, reminiscent of the rollercoaster ride at the Ferrari world. The evening was capped with an amazing camp night at the desert. Different entertainment groups held the guests spellbound as they performed.


Speaking on the Dubai trip, one of the winners, Sadiq Hakeem Adegbenga, Insurance Marketer with IGI said: “My experience has been very sweet, very lovely, nice one, I enjoyed it. It is just as if they should say we should stay and live here for at least two years. Where I went to yesterday, the Ferari World was just amazing. However, The Kiza Nigerian restaurant stood out as my best experience. Kiza was awesome. The boat cruise too was also great, very entertaining.”

For another winner, Mamiyo Abisu, a barber in Bauchi, “I have experienced many things here in Dubai. If not because of Airtel, I wouldn’t have been here. I have seen many things and I have observed many things. I thank Airtel. I enjoyed the Ferari World, it was amazing. The rollercoaster ride stood out as one of my best experiences in Dubai.”

James Jondi, Politician, who accompanied his friend, Abisu on the trip, said: “I had a lot of amazing experiences. The visit to Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is just too much for me. I had a very nice experience, which I will never forget in my life. Also, the tour to the Ferrari world was nice and fantastic, I enjoyed it. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. In fact, I enjoyed all the rides. In fact, to me, Airtel is the best line so far. I want to tell Airtel to keep this programme. When I get back, I and my family, our best line must be Airtel. I will help Airtel to advertise their programmes.”

Nsikan Emmanuel Ette, 100 level Economics Student of Akwa Ibom State University, who accompanied his mum on the trip said: “it is very exciting and fun-filled. The Ferrari world is my best moment so far. I enjoyed the rollercoaster ride. Dubai is a nice city and a nice place to be. Airtel is a nice network with good quality.”

Also recounting the Dubai experience, Danjuma Gwarzo, a Businessman in Bauchi, said: “I feel better because there is no problem and the trip is just simply amazing. I enjoyed Dubai very well. It is very comfortable. I enjoyed the Ferrari world. I will say thanks to Airtel and Airtel is the best line in Nigeria.”

“The Dubai trip is pure fun – everything has been fun. The Ferrari world is the most outstanding. The night cruise was fun. Airtel is the best. They should keep it up,” said Prince Lucky Edobor, a Civil Servant, Ministry of Sports.

Another winner, Sadiq Fatai, Businessman in Oshodi, said: “I just got a call from Airtel. When they called me I was surprised and very happy. I chose my family to come with me. My experience in Dubai has been great. I have been to Ferrari World and I love the Burj Khalifa experience. I enjoyed the Ferrari World the most, it was so exciting. Airtel should keep on encouraging their customers.”


For Peter Obande, Entertainment Marketer in Kaduna, “Dubai is like a world of its own. They import everything. They don’t produce. God has blessed the people here. The Ferrari world has been most exciting. I see it as an adventure because of the games and the African restaurant we visited.  Airtel is doing a great job. This is my first time of travelling outside the country and it was through Airtel. I must say, Airtel, thumbs up!”

Uchenna Emmanuel Ukpabi, Painter in Anambra State said of his experience in Dubai, “it has been wonderful. I am very happy being here. All I have to say is glory be to God for this opportunity. I have enjoyed Ferrari World the most, it is a beautiful place. I want to say God will bless Airtel all the time in Jesus name.”

Another winner, Noel Ukuje, Account Officer with Mowatek Nig. Ltd. in Lagos, said, “the trip has been very exciting and educating. It is an eye opener. My wife, my son and my spiritual father accompanied me on this trip. My most interesting experience is the development in Dubai in terms of infrastructure; it is, indeed, something to talk about.

For Veronica Emmanuel Ette, Teacher with St Michael’s School in Akwa Ibom, the trip was just amazing for her and her family members. Someone called me from Airtel office to say I have won. I brought my three sons. Well, I enjoyed the trip, I enjoyed the food and I enjoyed visiting all the great places we went to. I like the Ferari World. I thank Airtel for they have done for me and my family.”


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Death Verdict Passed On 89 Boko Haram Fighters Will ‘Spark Reprisal Attacks’

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Cameroonian Government sentences 89 members of Nigerian Islamic militant group, Boko Haram to death

Soldiers Engage Boko Haram Fighters In Fierce Battle In Borno

Soldiers apprehends a Boko Haram fighter

The death sentence passed on to about 89 members of Nigerian nefarious death cult, Boko Haram by the Cameroonian government has been described by a counter-terrorism expert as being counterproductive.

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David Otto, CEO of UK-based global security provider TGS Intelligence Consultants claimed that the latest judgement will only prompt retaliatory attacks on civilians from the Islamist terrorists, adding that they may even start targeting southern Cameroon.

He said: “The government has no clue on the potential martyrdom effects this will create. One must be reminded that no amount of punishment frightens a man who is not afraid of death. Boko Haram will surely react and possibly reach the South.”

“The Cameroonian government has weighed the cost benefit analysis of deradicalisation and reintegration into society and it has chosen the cheapest option, attaching a legal justification on it,” said Otto. “The government has to be careful not to draw Cameroon into a global jihadist lens. I suspect we will see some attacks within the next eight weeks.”

A military court had in Cameroon issued the judgement on Boko Haram prisoners after the country passed an anti-terrorism law permitting the death penalty in 2014.

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The 89 Boko Haram fighters, who were among 850 people arrested, have been convicted on terror charges for their roles in several attacks in Cameroon’s northern region which borders Nigeria.

Also corroborating with Otto’s views, a preventive terrorism expert and author, Temitope Olodo, maintained that the death sentence will increase the possibility of attacks.

She said; “The use of the death sentence should be discouraged because it is not an effective deterrent to violent extremism. The sentencing would rather motivate the insurgent that encourage them to carry out more attacks against Cameroon in the name of revenging the death of their falling comrade.”

Boko Haram has killed thousands of people since its insurgency became violent in 2009, however, the death sentence passed on 89 members of the ruthless death cult has drawn criticism from human rights groups, while some Cameroonians hope it would put a halt to the insurgency.

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Arms Probe: Metuh Petitions To Have ‘Ex-Classmate Judge’ Replaced From His Trial

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The spokesperson for the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Olisa Metuh has written a petition to the Chief Judge of Federal High Court, Justice Ibrahim Auta, demanding the replacement of Justice Okon Abang as the trial judge in his corruption case.

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Olisa Metuh Petitions To Have Judge Transferred From His Corruption Trial: Sahara Reporters

Olisa Metuh Petitions To Have Judge Transferred From His Corruption Trial: Sahara Reporters

Metuh, speaking through his lawyer representative, Emeka Etiaba, demanded a re-assigning of his trial to a new judge as he said that the current judge deliberating his case was a former classmate of his at the University of Lagos.

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According to the petition, made public by the judge as the case resumed on Thursday, “[Mr. Metuh] got very worried [when Justice Abang was assigned to the case] because he feared that he may not get justice in his court” based off of previous engagements they had together.

It was gathered that Mr. Metuh feared that his case could be prejudiced because he met with Mr. Abang last year at the Meridien Hotel in Akwa Ibom State when they discussed many issues which did not go down well.

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In the intervening time, Justice Abang asked prosecution and defence lawyers whether they were aware of the letter sent to the Chief Justice of the Federal High Court, Ibrahim Auta.

He said: “Are you aware that after eight witnesses were called by the prosecution, and the court gave its ruling on an application of no case submission by the defence, that Mr. Emeka Etiaba wrote the registrar to the Chief Justice of the Court, asking that this case be transferred to another judge?”

The judge further denied giving certain interlocutory judgements in favour of the prosecution, and that he (Mr. Abang) was not Mr. Metuh’s former classmate.

“I am not aware that the first defendant was my classmate, he said he is my classmate,” said Justice Abang on Thursday.

Bear in mind, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) is accusing Mr. Metuh of illegally receiving and spending N400 million, being part of $2.1 billion arms money diverted by former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

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#TPL042: Twitter Premier League Live in Enugu (19.03.2016)

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#TPL042! #SeizeTheGame!

The first out-of-Lagos TPL, tagged #TPL042, symbolising the phone dial code of the chosen city, will be held this month (March 19th) just before Easter at UNEC Temporary Stadium, Enugu with four new teams to represent 4 major areas in Enugu Metropolis.

The teams are @OtigbaFC (New Haven), @ConneFC (GRA), @OringoFC (Trans Ekulu) and @FCBisala (Independence Layout).

The teams have weekly trainings, club photoshoots and engage with their new fans through giveaways in a bid to grow local support.

The TPL is not just about highly talented and passionate footballers competing for the much coveted TPL Championship title; it is also a networking event for youths to connect with each other, strengthen old bonds and foster new long lasting friendships whilst promoting grassroot football. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for young entrepreneurs and SME owners to promote, market and sell their products and services.

At the #TPL042, there will be side attractions at the event such as dancers/cheerleaders, medical team, food and drink (palm wine, abacha with nkwobi, small chops etc) vendors, great music, video games, snooker, table tennis and Dart. This is a great way to relax after an exhausting week at the office or school. It’s also a great way to support grassroot football and entrepreneurship in the City so don’t be left out, be part of history.

Follow the TPL handle@thetpl as well as the Team handles on Twitter and Instagram. Also visit TPL’s official website to find out mor about the game for tomorrow.  This event is a ticketed event, purchase your ticket here.

South East! Ndi Igbo! Enugu State! This is Your Game! Support Your Team!

TPL042_twitter league_360nobs

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Arsene Wenger : “No Zlatan Ibrahimovic Interest At The Moment”

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Arsenal are not attempting to sign Zlatan Ibrahimovic “at the moment”, according to Arsene Wenger.

Earlier today we reported that Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been offered to the Gunners but Wenger has revealed that isn’t entirely true.

Reports : Zlatan Ibrahimovic Offered To Arsenal

“At the moment no we are not on that case,” he said. “Where we are at the moment is short term. We are not on Zlatan’s case.


“At the moment my priority is not to go in the transfer market about possible signings. We are not at the moment thinking of signing anybody.”


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Odion Ighalo’s Manager Not Bothered About Contract Talks

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Quique Sanchez Flores is happy to discuss a new Watford contract – at the end of the season.

The Hornets boss has enjoyed a strong campaign in charge, with the newly promoted side looking set for another season in the Premier League.


Quique Sanchez Flores

“I don’t like to talk about contracts when we are in the most important part of the season,” Flores said as reported by the Watford Observer.

“I am happy and really comfortable here. I am pleased with the fans of Watford and I know how they support the team and support me.


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Massimiliano Allegri To Extend Juventus Contract

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Gazzetta dello Sport in Italy report Massimiliano Allegri will sign a new Juventus contract.

The Italian will sign a new deal tying him to the Serie A club to 2018, with an option for 2019, and with an annual salary in the 5m euros a year range.


Massimiliano Allegri

Massimiliano Allegri’s Juventus are looking to win Serie A for the fifth consecutive year, while the 2015 Champions League finalists were knocked out of the competition by Bayern Munich earlier this week.


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Saraki’s CCT Trial: Senate President Arrives Court In Company Of 80 Lawyers

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The Senate President of Nigeria, Dr Abubakar Bukola Saraki has arrived the vicinity of the Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), where he is facing charges of alleged false assets declaration and corruption in company of about 80 counsels.

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 Senate President Bukola Saraki in the dock during the trial bordering on false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Tribunal

Senate President Bukola Saraki placed in the dock during his trial bordering on false assets declaration by the Code of Conduct Tribunal

The corruption trial experienced delay owing to the late arrival of the Chairman of the Tribunal, Danladi Umar, however, Saraki was then placed in the dock as soon as the tribunal chair arrived and the proceedings commenced in Abuja.

READ ALSO: False Assets Declaration: Saraki’s CCT Trial Postponed Till 18 March

It was gathered that aside the lead counsel to the Senate President, Kanu Agabi, 79 other lawyers were at the court premises as early as 9:55am, while the lead prosecution counsel, Rotimi Jacobs,leads a 9-member government team of lawyers.

His counsel, Mr. Agabi, who said that there were 80 lawyers on Saraki’s team, averred that his client would surely emerge winner in the event of a voting contest.

“We are 80 of us on this side, my lord,” he said. “At some point let the matter be put to vote.”

It will be recalled, the bid by the senate president to prevent the trial failed after the Supreme Court ruled that the tribunal had powers and was properly constituted to hear the case against him.

READ ALSO: Supreme Court Upholds Saraki’s Trial At CCT

Should Saraki lose out in the emerging case, the Senate could be headed for a fresh leadership election in which the PDP now revitalised after its bruising losses in 2015, could as well challenge whosoever the APC could produce.

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UEL Draw In Full: Klopp Gets Early Dortmund Return

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The UCL draw threw a twist and the UEL would not be outdone, as Klopp will be returning to former club Dortmund.

Dortmund were paired with Liverpool, who eliminated Manchester United, in the quarterfinals of the Europa.

Sevilla will face La Liga counterparts Athletic Club, as they look to hold on to the trophy.

While Villarreal will face Sparta Prague, with Shakhtar Donetsk getting Sporting Braga.


Sporting Braga vs Shakhtar Donetsk
Villarreal vs Sparta Prague
Athletic Bilbao vs Sevilla
Borussia Dortmund vs Liverpool

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15 Feared Dead As Fulani Herdsmen Wreak More Havoc In Benue State

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Despite the national outcry that has trailed the spate of killings by suspected Fulani militia, the marauders have again stormed Tombo in Buruku local government area of the state, on Thursday afternoon, killing no fewer than 15 persons.

READ ALSO: 8 Killed, Houses Burnt, Many Injured As Fulani Herdsmen Wreak More Havoc In Benue State

The cattle rustlers, it was learnt, set ablaze part of the deserted community that it had already dominated.

A source from the besieged community squealed that: “As I speak with you the people are shooting sporadically and the villagers are fleeing for fear of being killed.

“The situation in Tombo at the moment is scary and we are helpless, it’s as if we are in a war situation where the mission of the invaders is to occupy and take over our villages.

“It’s a pathetic situation because corpses are littering the community though one cannot give a specific number of the dead which should not be less than 15 but I know that the casualty figure could be huge because many have been wounded as bullets continue to fly around.

“The people are also burning down houses, farms and food stuff as they move into the villages in what looked like a well coordinated attack.”

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer, PPRO, Assistant Superintendent, ASP, Moses Yamu, disclosed that about seven persons had been killed in the attack that occurred around 3pm on Thursday.

READ ALSO: #IStandWithAgatu: Gory Images Of Bloody Carnage Wrought By Fulani Herdsmen [Viewer Discretion Is Advised]

The PPRO also said that the Commissioner of Police, Mr. Paul Yakadi had led a team to the crisis zone to ascertain the cause of the renewed clash in order to compel the feuding parties to cease hostilities.

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Northern Entertainers Plead For Ibinabo Fiberesima’s Freedom [PHOTOS]

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Northern entertainers plead for Ibinabo Fiberesima’s freedom – A group of entertainers in Northern Nigeria recently advocated for the pardon of actress, Ibinabo Fiberesima.

The Actor’s Guild of Nigeria president is due to face a 5-year jail sentence after losing an appeal. On Tuesday, March 16, a group of actors, musicians and other entertainers held a walk in Abuja to plead for mercy for her.

Sister Of Doctor Killed In Accident With Ibinabo Fiberesima Says Justice Was Served, Explains What Transpired

The walk was titled #FreeIbinaboFiberesima, and was led by Michael Yusuf Michael. Fiberesima’s ordeal dates back ten years ago when she hit and killed a doctor, Suraj Giwa, on the Lekki express way.

On their posters, the entertainers begged the “families and friends of the late Mr. Giwa” for forgiveness. See photos from the walk below!

Northern entertainers plead for Ibinabo Fiberesima's freedom

Northern entertainers plead for Ibinabo Fiberesima’s freedom

ibina3 (1) ibina2 ibina1

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With Ruby Gyang’s This is love (EP), a star is born

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Ruby Gyang has been bubbling under nicely for a while now, first as part of M.I’s Loopy records, contributing quietly to projects from her label mates, and then as part of the extended team of Chocolate City Music acts that is also known as Choc Boi Nation.

Ruby Gyang This is love Review

Ruby Gyang – This is love (EP) [Artwork]

For reasons best known to her and her management, Gyang has mostly kept a low profile, letting her talent speak of her. And this talent has always spoken volumes even when not enough people have been listening. She possesses a voice that is both big enough to sell out stadium arenas and can be modulated to power sexy, intimate performances in byte sized swanky bars.

Ruby Gyang has been the best thing in records by M.I (Remember me) and Ice Prince (Stars and lights) and on last year’s compilation collective, The Incredible Choc Boi Nation, she delivered two songs (Loose soul, No more) that proved that even in the midst of top notch talent, she remains in a class of her own.

Her debut EP, a 7 track record, titled This is love consists of gems written, performed and arranged with one intent, announcing the arrival of a major talent. If there is any justice in the world, no industry player should ever have to ask who Ruby Gyang is anymore after listening to the record.

Some of the songs on This is love have been around for some time now- Good man was released in 2014 while Down dates back a year earlier- but real stuff is recognized when they exist side by side with the new stuff and still retain the freshness that made them cult favourites upon initial release.

This is love confronts love head on; romantic love is the primary target but Gyang accommodates the other different stages of the love spectrum. Most of the output from female singers in these parts have been restricted to the woman as virtuous vessel, consigned to pledging undying love to her man, who on his own part, may or may not be behaving badly. Either that or she is the sex bomb and object of affection for drooling males from Lagos to Kafanchan. It is rare to find songs powered by a female singer that views the romantic experience from normal, simple, everyday pleasures like being spaced out. Gyang is able to upend this and pass across a different perspective on the opening number, High.

With clever song writing at her disposal, Gyang sings of the kind of heady love that is enough to cause acute confusional states. She cannot recall taking a drink or lighting up a toke but can remember the physical contact that led to her present state. Naeto C assists with a naughty verse that sits well within the song but Ruby Gyang would have carried this one without any help. At the end she goes on a vocal trail that would make some of her colleagues green with envy.

Her smoky voice is the perfect fit for the next song No No No, a soulful stunner that takes lessons from seventies American church soul. Easily the best song in show, Gyang is at home with the material and delivers it with relish, her powerful voice torching through the arrangement with all the skill of an experienced diva. One can easily picture this one being performed live.

Shakara (with new age alt kid Ajebutter 22) is a strange hybrid of House, Afrobeat and today’s pop leanings with radio airplay in mind and it works as well as it should. Nneka is right at home on the reggae, girl power love yourself anthem, Beautiful while Bez makes an already good song better with his verse on the Good man remix.

At just over 30 minutes long, This is love ends just when it starts growing on you and the only option is to hit the repeat button. With production credits from M.I, Cobhams Asuquo and Chopstix amongst others, the quality of the material isn’t exactly surprising. What surprises instead is Ms Gyang’s total and confident ownership of the record. M.I and Loopy may have kept her in the background all this while but This is Love proves without a doubt that Gyang is no back-up singer material and her place is front and center.

The EP teases and sets Gyang up as a superior talent to watch out for. If she stays true to her roots, it is safe to expect that her next project (hopefully a full length album,) will blow us all out of the water.


— Wilfred Okiche (@DrWill20)


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UCL Draw In Full: City Gets PSG, And Barcelona Meet Atleti

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In the just concluded UCL draw, first timers in the quarterfinals, Manchester City face PSG, with defending champions Barcelona facing Atletico Madrid.

PSG, who have already won the Ligue 1, will face an English team, after sending Chelsea packing in the previous stage.

An all Spanish encounter between Barcelona and Atletico, with both teams fighting for the La Liga on the local front.

Real Madrid have been handed Wolfsburg, with Bayern Munich paired with Benfica.


Wolfsburg vs Real Madrid
Bayern Munich vs Benfica
Barcelona vs Atletico Madrid
Paris Saint-Germain vs Manchester City

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#Nepotism: Reps Probe CBN’s Secret Recruitment Of 909 Workers

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The House of Representatives has embarked on a thorough investigation into the alleged secret recruitment of 909 employees by the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN).

CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele,

CBN Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele,

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The apex bank is at the centre of a recruitment scandal which was reportedly carried out by the directive of the Governor, Mr. Godwin Emefiele, with a reasonable number of the beneficiaries being children and relatives of highly-placed persons in the country.

During a session presided over by the Speaker, Mr. Yakubu Dogara, in Abuja, the House asked its Committees on Federal Character, Banking/Currency to complete the investigation within three weeks.

A lawmaker of the All Progressives Congress (APC) from Kano state, Mr. Aliyu Madaki, had drawn the attention of the House to the recruitment under ‘matters of urgent public importance’.

He stated, “The recruitment by the CBN is in breach of the Federal Character Principle as enshrined in the 1999 Constitution (as amended).

“The recruitment breached section 14(1); 14(3); and Section 17(1) of the constitution.

“There was no fairness, no justice in this exercise conducted by the CBN.”

However, the motion was not debated upon by lawmakers before passing through unanimous voice vote.

READ ALSO: CBN Responds To Illegal Recruitment Reports

Dogara had overruled any debate on the issue on the grounds that it could pre-judge the outcome of the investigation.

“This is an investigation; let us not allow any debate so that we won’t pre-empt the outcome,” he said.

The controversial recruitment was brought to public notice by two Newspapers.

Daily Trust had on Wednesday published that the CBN secretly recruited 909 staff between June 2014 and February 2015, in violation of due process and federal character principles.

The report followed a news story by Sahara Reporters, on Tuesday, showing how children and relatives of some influential Nigerians, including a nephew of President Muhammadu Buhari, were dubiously and secretly hired by the CBN.

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MUSIC: Moozlie – Solo Troop Freestyle

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South African femcee and MTV base VJ – Moozlie drops a new tune for her fast growing fans titled Solo Troop Freestyle. Moozlie like always, delivers effortlessly on this new one.

Check on it below.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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#WomanRISING2016: A Music Concert Celebrating Women (20.03.2016)

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The Life House is proud to present Woman Rising 2016 in special celebration of International Women’s Day (IWD).

WomanRising 2016 is the sixth in the IWD celebration series, which The Life House began in 2011. Over the past six years, The Life House IWD celebration series have infused various aspects of the arts such as literature, visual art, theatre, poetry, film etc. This year we are delighted to retain that tradition and promise an uplifting fusion of music, spoken word, theatre and pure unadulterated connection with our best art and our best selves – all very needed in these hard times.
Woman Rising 2016 is scheduled to hold on Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th of March 2016 respectively.
The two-day event kicks off with an invitation-only Champagne Brunch Mixer followed by a fabulous music concert to wrap up the weekend.
The music concert is this Sunday 20th March 2016 and will feature an extra special all-female line-up of performers – Temi Doll Face, Aramide, SimiRanti and Ruby who do amazing work with transporting audiences with their vocal range and depth.
Musicianship and mastery of non-vocal instruments will also be on full show as South African baritone saxophonist Tamar Osborn will join classical jazz pianist Rolake Akinkugbe and violinist Jennifer Obaze to perform solo and group medleys of classical and afrobeat compositions.
Acclaimed and award-winning thespian, Lala Akindoju will not only be our gracious host and MC, she will also perform a brand new theatrical piece and  last but not least our favourite men will, in Woman Rising tradition, join the stage to read select literary pieces adding some poetic lyrical energy to the night.
The Woman Rising 2016 Music Concert will hold in the Marquee at Federal Palace in a unique all-sofa layout and will be a great night out. So tell your friends to tell their friends.
It will be a night to remember!
WOMAN RISING 2016 is proudly and lovingly produced by The Life House with major sponsorship from FCMB and FBN Quest.
Our friends and supporters include – The Wheatbaker, The Guardian, COINTREAU, Montaigne Place, Smooth 98.1FM, Etisalat, The Bobby Taylor Company. Kamdora, Ruff N Tumble, Guardian TV, Guardian Life, W91.7FM, 360Nobs, Ono Bello,, Afritickets, Exquisite Magazine, Nothing To Do In Lagos & Zebra Living
 For Tickets:
Concert Tickets are N25,000 (VIP) and N12,500 (Regular) | VIP tickets are sold out at this time | Regular tickets are available at this time.
Doors open at 5PM for a cocktail hour till 6.30PM sponsored generously by COINTREAU & Royal Popsicles – and everyone is welcome to sample delicious Cointreau cocktails and refreshing Royal Popsicles Poptails, mingle and anticipate a great show.

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Reports : Zlatan Ibrahimovic Offered To Arsenal

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According to The Daily Mirror Swedish striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic has been offered to the Gunners, with the free-agent-to-be set to leave PSG this summer.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic reportedly favours London amid interest from Manchester United, although the potential appointment of Jose Mourinho could throw a spanner in the works.


Mourinho and Ibra enjoyed a close working relationship at Inter Milan, and, if the report is correct, the former Chelsea boss would look to sign Ibrahimovic should he take charge at Old Trafford.



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Claudio Ranieri Warns Mahrez And Kante Over La Liga Moves

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Leicester boss Claudio Ranieri has warned Riyad Mahrez and N’Golo Kante about the pressure of playing for Spain’s biggest clubs.

Mahrez and Kante have played an integral role in Leicester’s unlikely title bid this season and the pair are likely to be in demand in the summer. The former is reportedly on Barcelona’s radar, while the latter has been linked with Real Madrid.


Ranieri, who has managed in Spain, says the pair are “kings” at Leicester and would have to deal with a different kind of pressure if they sought pastures new.

When asked if Mahrez and Kante would be ready for moves to Spain’s big two clubs, Ranieri told Marca: “It must be seen. Here, at Leicester, they are kings.


“Everything goes well and they are all happy, but when you go to a big club the pressure is enormous and you have to give everything.”

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