Bale Welcomes Second Daughter

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Real Madrid winger Gareth Bale welcomes a second daughter, announcing via social media.

The Wales international did not join up with the squad, due to his wife’s due date being near.

And, sure enough, the Welsh couple welcomed daughter Nava Valentina into the world on Tuesday, with Bale announcing the news via Twitter with the message: “Delighted to welcome another beautiful baby daughter into our family today. Nava Valentina Bale.”

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Jose Mourinho Signs A Coaching Deal Of Sorts With Man Utd

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Jose Mourinho has reportedly signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United to take over as the new coach of the club this summer.

The Portuguese coach has been linked with Manchester United ever since he was sacked by former club Chelsea in December, but has now signed a pre-contract agreement with Manchester United according to an exclusive report by top Spanish newspaper El País.

According to the report Mourinho will be paid up to £15m if by June 1, 2016 the club refuses to employ him.

“If United do not sign the final contract [with Mourinho] before 1 May, they must pay £5m; if by 1 June he’s still not signed, they shall pay another £10m. May is the key, because it’s the month in which the vast majority of the signings of players are closed and the plans formed,” read the report.

El País claim that the clause has been included because senior figures at Old Trafford, including Sir Alex Ferguson and Sir Bobby Charlton, are not entirely convinced that Mourinho is the right man to succeed Louis van Gaal.

Senior officials at Manchester United like Ed Woodward have refused to deny the report.

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Luis Garcia: Costa Can Win Euro 2016 For Spain

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Former Spain international Luis Garcia is confident that, with Diego Costa leading the attack for La Roja at the Euro 2016, they can win it.

Costa was dropped from the Spain squad for the friendlies against Italy and Romania, with a quadriceps injury keeping him out.

And Garcia believes with the chelsea striker up front, Spain can lift the Euro’s a third successive time.

“I think Diego Costa is the man for Spain, yes,” the former Liverpool winger told Omnisport.

“If he finishes the way he does with [Cesc] Fabregas, the way he does right now at Chelsea, then he’s going to be our striker with [Paco] Alcacer and maybe [Fernando] Torres, or maybe another player who is coming through right now.”

The 37-year-old believes Costa will not be the only key figure for Spain in France, saying Real Madrid’s Isco could also make the difference for Del Bosque’s side.

“I think Isco is going to be one of our main men; with [Andres] Iniesta, with Santi Cazorla – hopefully he gets fit – [David] Silva of course, another player [Sergio] Busquets, the midfield is going to be very strong,” the ex-Liverpool man added.

“And for me one of the most important players is going to be Isco for the national team because he’s got something different.

“It’s not about passing, or it’s not about pace, it’s about having something different and he’s going to probably be the key player to break some of the defenders of the other national teams.”

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‘Sterling Made A Mistake Joining Manchester City’

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Liverpool legend John Barnes believes Raheem Sterling made a mistake when he swapped the red of Liverpool, for the sky blue of Manchester City.

Sterling joined City for a fee, reportedly worth £50 million, but has not lived up to his price tag.

And Barnes has blamed the England international’s quick exit from Liverpool as the reason, and has advised other promising youngsters to become a key figure at their own club before considering a move.

“What I always say is that young players who do well for one season and have got great potential should stay at their clubs for four or five years,” Barnes

“I said it about Adam Johnson when he went to Manchester City, Jack Rodwell, Scott Sinclair. Until you’re sure of a four or five-year-period of consistent quality, all you are is potential. And unfortunately in this day and age and all of a sudden they go. John Stones, look at him now…

“So I said for Raheem’s sake that he should forget the money and should have stayed at Liverpool for himself to improve, where he’s not being judged as a £50m player who’s earning £180,000 a week.

“He’s just judged as a player who’s come through the ranks. But he’s gone to Manchester City and you can see what’s actually happened.

“So that is why with Ross Barkley it’s the same, he should stay at Everton, Harry Kane at Tottenham. Stay there to prove that you can do this for four or five years, not just one season. Then if you’re ready for a move to what you may consider a bigger club, you’re able to handle it. You’ve improved, you’re the finished article, then you can be judged as a £50m player.”

Sterling has made 42 appearances in all competitions for City this term, scoring 11 goals in the process.

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Troops Raid Boko Haram Hideout In Borno, Kill 58 Terrorists

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The Nigerian Army has announced that its troops deployed to Borno state have slaughtered 58 Boko Haram terrorists during a mop up operation to rid the insurgents from their hideout in Musari.

boko haram

Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman

This was made known in a statement on Tuesday by the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, who also lamented that the troops lost a soldier in the fierce encounter.

He said, “In continuation with the clearance of the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists, troops of 153 Task Force Brigade, 5 Brigade had an encounter with terrorists at Musari village on Monday.

“During the clearance operations, a soldier paid the supreme price, while the troops killed 58 terrorist and recovered 2 hand grenades, 52 motorcycles, and several bags of foodstuffs such as beans, onions, sweet potatoes and guinea corn, as well as cartons of fish.”
Bear in mind, the Islamic group – which has caused havoc in Africa’s most populous country through a wave of bombings, assassinations and abductions – is fighting to overthrow the government and create an Islamic state.

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The ferocious death cult yearn to promote a version of Islam which makes it “haram”, or forbidden, for Muslims to take part in any political or social activity associated with Western society.

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The Gathering Of Vultures – Fani-Kayode

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The vultures are circling yet I am not disturbed because they cannot eat my flesh. The wolves are howling yet I shall not retreat because they cannot crush my bones.

The bullies are threatening yet I shall not bow because they cannot break my spirit or conquer my soul.

The demons are baying yet I shall not fear because they cannot drink my blood. The liars are lying yet I shall not be deterred for I know the Ancient of Days, the mighty God that I serve.

The foxes are plotting yet I shall not be moved and I shall treat them with the contempt and disdain they deserve. The snakes are hissing yet I am not perturbed knowing that their poison and hate cannot overwhelm or blind me.

The dogs are barking yet I continue to rejoice, knowing that lions do not tremble at the bark of an accursed mongrel.

The Accuser of the Brethren has begun his devlish work of slander yet I shall lose no sleep, knowing that in the end truth always prevails.

There is evil in the land and the ravenous beasts of our dark forest are roaring, yet I shall not run. As always, I shall stand and I shall fight. As always I will speak against the persecution of the innocent and the cruelty and injustice of the wicked.

As always I will resist the hidden agenda to violate our nation’s secularity and to Islamise our nation. As always I shall preach the equality of all men and the humanity of all souls.

As always I will stand against the enthronement and the empowerment of bloodthirsty and evil men.

As always I shall stand against the terrorists and jihadists in our midst who have wrought destruction on our nation and who have shattered the lives of so many.

As always I shall speak up for the oppressed, the voiceless, the weak, the vulnerable, the misrepresented, the hated and the despised.

As always I will resist the cruelty that has been inflicted upon the unlawful captive and those who have been subjected to an unconstitutional, unlawful and indefinite detention.

As always I shall speak against the violation of court orders and the intimidation and humiliation of the Judiciary.

As always I shall oppose a foreign policy that turns our nation into a shadow of her once glorious past and nothing more than an appendage of the Salifists and Wahabbists of Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

As always I will speak out against violence, genocide, ethnic cleansing and all crimes against humanity. As always I shall speak up for the vulnerable, the weak, the less privilaged and the deprived.

As always I shall stand against the tyrants and despots that use their position of power and privilege to destroy the lives of others.

As always I shall stand against state-sponsored murder and politically-inspired and selective criminal prosecutions.

As always I shall speak the bitter truth and voice my support for the self-determination and the liberation of the oppressed ethnic nationalities of Nigeria, including those of the Middle Belt, the South-East and the South-South.

As always I will resist those that abduct our citizens, commit rape, indulge in mass murder and that torment our people with their satanic hordes and demonic herds, all in an attempt to subjugate and conquer us and impose their will.

As always I will oppose pedophelia, child rape and the abduction, enslavement and forced Islamisation of little girls in distant lands and sinister palaces.

As always I will fight a good fight and stand for truth. As always I will stand against the licensing of Churches and the violation of our constitutionally-guaranteed religious freedoms. As always I will stand against those who ban prayers in our schools.

As always I will gladly offer my very life as a living sacrifice for my faith and I will defend the honour and dignity of Christianity wherever I go.

No matter what they say or do, as long as God gives me life, I shall never be silenced. I shall fulfill my destiny because His love will see me through and it will nullify their evil projections and manifest hate.

The vultures are circling yet I am not disturbed because they cannot eat my flesh. In my case they say it is personal and that they have a score to settle.

They say that they have been told by their idol and their little god to “punish me ruthlessly for my insolence” and “to give me hell”. Others have tried before and I saw their end.

I await them: let the God that answers by fire, let Him be my God. In the meantime I count it all as joy, for in the end my innocence shall speak for me and I shall prevail.

Until then let them rest assured of one thing: I have no fear because the Lord is with me. I make my boast in Him and none other. Without Him I am nothing but with Him I am everything. No matter how long it takes, He will never abandon me because I have done absolutely nothing wrong.

As long as Jesus is on the throne He will preserve my life and I shall fulfill the purpose for which He gave it to me. They shall not thwart that purpose, they shall not break me, they shall not destroy me and neither shall they have their wicked way with me. They shall fall into the pit that they have dug for me themselves and their end shall be bitter. The Bible says “He suffered no man to do them wrong. He reproved kings for their sake saying ‘touch not my anointed and do my prophets no harm’”.

They seek to touch the anointed of the Lord: let us put God’s word to the test.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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BREAKING! Judge Withdraws From Saraki’s Case Over N2bn Bribery Scandal

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Following an allegation that N2billion bribe was traced to his bank account, Justice Abdul Kafarati of the Federal High Court sitting in Abuja, has on Tuesday, withdrawn from a suit seeking ‎to stop the ongoing trial of the Senate President, Dr. Bukola Saraki, before the Code of Conduct Tribunal, (CCT).

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The development came against the backdrop of reports accusing the judge of being compromised by Saraki in stalling the judgment that was to be delivered in the case on Tuesday.

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Justice Abdu-Kafarati lamented that his integrity had been maligned by the reports and that he was left with no option than to hands-off from the case.

He said: “The two publications made allegations against my person, alleging that I have been compromised with N2bn. They also alleged that I am known in the legal cycle for being susceptible to corruption.

“What this has done is to put my integrity to question. I however regard the publishers as people of unsound mind. They know that what they said is not true. They just derive ‎pleasure when they malign the integrity of a judicial office.

“It is unfortunate that we don’t have the appropriate laws to take care of this. As it stands, I am caught between two devils, if the ‎judgment goes in favour of Saraki now they will say that I have been compromised, on the other hand, if it goes against him they will say I have been intimidated.

“In light of the allegation, the right and appropriate thing to do is to disqualify myself and return the case-file to the Chief Judge for re-assignment to another Judge”.

It was gathered that the decision resulted to a war-of-words between Saraki’s lawyer, Dr. Kayode Oluyode and EFCC lawyer, Mr. Adebisi Adeniyi.

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While Oluyode pointed accusing fingers at the EFCC as being the brain behind the publications, Adeniyi maintained that it was improper for him to make such “spurious allegation” without proof.


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360Downloads: Eclipse – City Of Dreams EP

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The debut release from AbOriginal Music recording artist Eclipse, “City of Dreams” is a compilation of strong, diverse and indisputably African hip hop songs with both international and mainstream appeal and the essence of hip hop: solid beats, dope rhymes and relatable content.

Vibrant, accessible, informative and always entertaining “City of Dreams” is a project that stands right up there with the best Nigerian and African hip hop out right now. The project features M.I Abaga, Eva Alordiah, Demmie V, Ruby Gyang, Poe and Evaezi.

Bear witness to the elevation—and inevitable rise to power—of Eclipse Nkasiobi.


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Schmeichel To Leicester: We Are Yet To Win Anything

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Kasper Schmeichel is playing down the possibility of Leicester winning the EPL, after he was named Danish FA’s player of the year.

Schmeichel has played a major role in Leicester’s title push, with the foxes five points clear of Tottenham.

But having beaten Spurs star Christian Eriksen to the award in Copenhagen on Monday, Schmeichel did not rule out his international colleague having the last laugh in England’s top flight come May.

“We haven’t won anything yet. I think people need to relax a little,” he told the Daily Mail. “There is still a very long way to go.

“We keep our feet firmly on the ground and do what we’ve done all season, namely to take one match at a time.

“There’s no pressure on us. We just enjoy playing the games.

“I probably hadn’t expected that we’d be so high at the moment, but I have always believed that we could do something special as to guarantee us a place in the European tournaments.

“We have great players, but most of all we have a great team spirit.”

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Reps Set To Honour UNILAG’s Record Breaker, Ayodele Dada

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The House of Representatives will be recognising the exceptional academic performance of a graduate of the University of Lagos, Mr. Ayodele Dada – who finished with a perfect CGPA of 5.0 – at one of its sessions.

Femi Gbajabiamila and Ayodele Dada

Femi Gbajabiamila and Ayodele Dada

The event, which had been scheduled for March 22 was shifted by the House because it would not be sitting.

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Dada, who studied Psychology, broke the school’s record, becoming the first ever graduate of the institution to have a perfect CGPA.

The rare feat beamed the spotlight on him, making him a topic for discussion, particularly in the academic community in the country in the past weeks.

The House views Dada’s unique performance as inspirational and should be celebrated to encourage other students.

A senior legislative official told Punch correspondent: “He will be ushered in and a motion will be moved to honour the young man, during which members will speak on Dada’s achievement.”

Also speaking on the need to honour Dada, the Leader of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, said:

“In the last two weeks, Nigeria and Nigerians have been inundated with the news of the incredible performance of Mr. Ayodele Dada, a student of the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Lagos, who set a new academic record by graduating with a 5.0 Cumulative Grade Point Average. The first time ever in the university and perhaps Nigeria’s history.

“I believe, as leaders and as a country, it is time we started celebrating our successes, particularly in a period of great national despondency that has enveloped us for years now.

“As a House, I believe we should recognise, celebrate and commend Mr. Ayodele so as to encourage him and give hope and inspiration to many others.

“To this end, I wish you join me as we suspend the House rules to invite Mr. Ayodele Dada to the floor of the House on March 22 to honour the young man and his remarkable achievement.

“His story is compelling and inspirational to the youth and he represents and mirrors the hope of our tomorrow.”

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VIDEO: Yemi Alade ft. Jeff – Kissing (Remix)

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Africa’s leading diva Yemi Alade and Project Fame winner Jeff teams up for the remix of“Kissing”; and the duo have unleashed a Paul Gambit directed music video for the number.

Yemi Alade’s have remixed “Kissing” in the past with Tanzanian music star Diamond and French tenor Marvin. This time Yemi Alade and Jeff serves a rich and arousing highlife duet produced by DJ Coublon.

The track is not featured on Yemi Alade’s sopH0more album “Mama Africa” which hit stores on the 25th of March, 2016.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Tabarez: Suarez Cannot Afford Another Biting Incident

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Uruguay head coach Oscar Tabarez does not expect Luis Suarez to misbehave, with his international ban nearing an end.

Suarez was banned for nine international matches and for four months from all football related activities, for biting Chiellini at the 2014 Fifa world cup.

The Uruguay international’s ban is close to an end, as he will feature in the world cup qualifiers against Brazil and Peru.

Speaking at a news conference, Tabarez said the least he expected was that Suarez would avoid another biting incident.

“He must have feelings and one of the targets we have is to try to get him to only think about football. Nothing else, nothing that may bother him,” he said.

“We will get rid of anything that may disturb a sense of calm. Of course, that would be always speaking with him. That’s the idea we have.

“This is not the right moment, but some serious things have happened, the least we can expect is that they won’t happen again. Just that.

“I recognise how important he is as a player, the symbol he represents for this country, but he arrives to join a team.

“He’ll face teams that know how valuable he is and they’ll do everything they can to limit him, and he has to be fresh, beyond what’s mature and everything else, he needs help and I know that for sure.”

Even without Suarez, Uruguay have started qualifying well – winning three of their four games to sit second in the table.

But the return of a player who has scored 43 goals for his club this season is sure to come as a boost.

“Luis arrives having conquered many things,” Tabarez said.

“And being in a club like Barcelona, a club that has made something of an institution out of a way of playing football, he has become a part of things.

“I know that a lot of people said, ‘How can he go to Barcelona? He’s a Real Madrid kind of player. He can’t play that way.’

“Perhaps they were right about their comments, but Luis showed once again that he overcomes challenges.

“Obviously I think that the numbers show what he’s done. He’s conquered challenges.”

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Pique Loves To Stir Up Rivalry Between Barcelona And Madrid

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Barcelona defender Gerard Pique has admitted he likes to rekindle the rivalry between Barcelona and Madrid.

Pique has been the source of major Madrid taunts, with the defender famously mocking Cristiano Ronaldo after Barcelona won the treble last season.

And also mocked Madrid after the capital club was expelled from the Copa del rey, resulting in a war of words with Spanish teammate, Alvaro Arbeloa.

But Pique believes the competition between the sides is what makes them among the best in the world.

“I am clear in what is my way of being and behave according to it,” he said in an interview with GQ magazine.

“The Barca-Madrid rivalry is what has always made us be among the greatest.

“So, from time to time I like to stir up the rivalry.”

Barca remain on course to repeat last season’s treble as they hold a nine-point lead at the top of La Liga, are in the final of the Copa del Rey and the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

On their success, Pique added: “It is a family. We are team-mates who have shared the jersey for many years.

“We share losses, wins, questions, problems, joys, injuries. And I don’t just mean the players. I also speak of physios, doctors, coaches. We have had many good experiences.”

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Students Deny ‘Sexual Harassment’ Claim As Queens College PTA Sets Up Investigative Panel

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Senior students of Queens College, Yaba have described the allegations of sexual harassment by their teachers as ‘untrue’, even as the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) of the school said that it had set up an investigative panel.

It will be recalled, a mother who simply identified herself as Chinyere had alleged that one Mr. Oshifala who teaches Integrated Science sexually harassed her daughter but nothing was done despite that she had reported the case to the school management.

She then took to social media to vent her grievance, which led to the setting up of an investigative panel by the school’s PTA in order to look into the issue.

Chinyere said, “Mr Oshifala has been harassing my daughter and some other students. I asked her if the man had touched her and she said no, he only tells them that they are looking beautiful and he wants to marry them. I dismissed her complaints as typical compliments from a teacher.’

However, she continued, “Mr Oshifala, who by the way, lives in the boarding house area had cornered her on her way back from easing herself just before lights out. She told me that he called her and she thought he wanted to punish her for leaving her dorm room when it was almost lights out.

But when she got closer to him, he was smelling of alcohol and she ran away from him. But he ran after her and grabbed her and tried to kiss her while touching her private parts. She started screaming and then students started coming out so he left her and pretended to punish her.”

“I got to the school first thing the next day and spoke with the housemistress who confirmed to me that the story was true but she warned me that the Mr Oshifala is a favourite of the Vice Principal Mrs Kayode. I spoke to a couple of other teachers and they all confirmed this story and the Mr Oshifala’s tendencies.

The teachers also mentioned that he had been reported before at the Abuja Headquarters for sexual harassment and he was almost sacked until he begged this same Vice Principal who squashed the complaints.”

Reacting swiftly to the allegations at a news conference, the Chairman of the PTA, Mrs Beatrice Akhetuanen, said that the body had set up a panel that would be working with the Police Station in Sabo, Yaba to investigate the teacher.

Meanwhile the PTA Chairman Akhetuanen said no parent had reported any sexual harassment to the principal or vice principal and that the teacher in question was not living in the school as alleged by Chinyere.

The PTA chairman, however, pleaded with the aggrieved parent to come forth so that the case could be looked into.

”The so-called parent has not shown herself, all efforts to get her has proved abortive.

“When I tried calling the number I saw on the report, she did not pick her call”, she said.


Previously, the SSS III students were seen protesting, saying that the accused had been set up by someone and was unjustly accused.

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Ozil: I Don’t Need To Shout To Be A Leader

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Mesut Ozil has stated he does not need to shout before he can be a leader for Arsenal.

Ozil has been brilliant for Arsenal all season, though they look to end the season without a trophy.

Arsenal have been criticised for their inconsistent form, that has seen them crash out of the FA and the UCL, they have also fallen 11 points behind Leicester, but Ozil says he does try to motivate his team.

“I don’t have to be loud, I don’t have to slate people in the dressing room,” Ozil told the April edition of Arsenal Magazine.

“That’s never been my way, but I’ve spoken a lot in front of the squad this season, especially in the situations where we’ve been behind at half-time and I’ve encouraged the team.

“It’s the same on the pitch. When you’re always there for the team, when you’re playing every week, you become a leader.

“Like I mentioned, I don’t shout at my team-mates, I don’t have a go at them when they do something wrong. I prefer to talk to them and help where I can. I want to be there for the team but I think that’s a normal way to look at things.”

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#RiversRerun: INEC Vows Not To Conduct Polls Until Peace Returns

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), has vowed that it will not return to Rivers State until it is conducive to conduct elections.

This is coming on the heels of the weekend’s legislative re-run election in the state, which was characterized by monumental violence even as the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), and All Progressives Congress (APC), traded blames over the issue.

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Speaking on the matter, INEC’s Director of Voter Education and Publicity, Mr Oluwole Osaze-Uzzi, said that INEC had scheduled a meeting for tomorrow to review the situation in Rivers, adding: “I don’t want to pre-empt anything ahead of the Wednesday meeting.”

In an interview in Abuja with The Cable, yesterday, Osaze-Uzzi also said the commission would investigate the allegations levelled against it during the election, adding that the commission annulled the election in eight local government areas and also suspended collation of results after declaring few results following the widespread irregularities that ensued.

He said the decision on when the remaining results of the election would be taken at the meeting.

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Meanwhile, the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), has confirmed the death of a corps member, Okonta Samuel, with call-up number RV/15B/5539, during the re-run elections.

Mr. Samuel, who served at GCSS Ukpeliede, was shot dead by unknown gunmen in Ahoada West Local Government Area.

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National Assembly May Pass 2016 Budget On Wednesday

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Barring any last minute changes, some members of the National Assembly have maintained that the 2016 budget is ready and will be passed on Wednesday.

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President Buhari places the 2016 Budget before a joint session of the National Assembly

President Buhari places the 2016 Budget before a joint session of the National Assembly

Speaking in an exclusive interview with LeadershipNg on Monday, Senator Babajide Omoworare, the chairman of the Senate Committee on Rules and Business, said that the Red Chamber has reworked the document and would debate and pass it today or tomorrow.

He said: “To the best of my knowledge, the budget will be laid tomorrow (today), March 22 and debated, except something happens that we may not be in control of. We may even pass the budget tomorrow.”

“Over the years, there have been errors in the budgets that we passed, but we passed them”.

“We urge Nigerians to be patient with the Senate and the House of Representatives on the Budget, as thorough efforts of the parliament would turn out in the best interest of the masses.”

In the same vein, a member of the Federal House of Representatives, Abdulmumin Jibrin, who represents Kiru/Bebeji Federal constituency of Kano State, stated that the Senate will pass its version of the Appropriations Bill on Wednesday.

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In a series of tweets made today, Jibrin, who serves as the Chairman House Committee on Finance, described the allegations that the 2016 budget was padded as untrue.

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VIDEO: Wande Coal – Super Woman

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Black Diamond ceo and African superstar Wande Coal finally releases the highly anticipated visuals to his hit single “super woman ” from his platinum selling album “wanted”. The video shot entirely in the UK by acclaimed video director Moe Musa tells the story of a ride or die chick . Wande coal says this video is a story everyone can relate to “as we all have one superwoman in our lives”.

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Corruption Case Against Orubebe Not Withdrawn – CCT

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The Code of Conduct Tribunal (CCT), has reacted to reports that the corruption case against Mr Godsday Peter Orubebe, a former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs had been withdrawn by the Federal Government.

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Refuting these allegations in a statement on Monday, the spokesperson for the tribunal, Ibrahim Al-hassan, said that the case was ongoing and that new charges were substituted with the initial ones filed against the former minister.

The statement reads, “Our attention at the Code of Conduct Tribunal has been drawn to recent publications from some section of mass media, indicating that the Federal Government has withdrawn charges against former Minister of Niger Delta Affairs, Mr Godsday Peter Orubebe.

“The Tribunal is compelled to refute the said publications, particularly those contained in ThisDay Newspaper, Leadership and some online media, dated March 21st, 2016. The purported withdrawal of the case was quoted to be based on the case being fundamentally defective.

“Pursuant to the above, CCT advices that, to the best of our knowledge based on available records, as at the time of this report, the information is misleading, distortive and as such it should be ignored.

“The case of Mr Godsday Peter Orubebe before CCT in Charge NO: CCT/ABJ/02/15 is ongoing. What transpired in court in the last session held on 8th March, 2016 was a substitution of the initial charge with a newly filed charge by the prosecution, of which leave was sought from, and granted by the Tribunal.

“The case had been adjourned to 7th April, 2016. Thus; there is no withdrawal of the case by the prosecution.”

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Horrible! Seven Year Old-Girl Gang-Raped By Five Arab Men In German Asylum

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Seven Year-Old Girl Gang-Raped In An Asylum By Five Arab Men

The seven year-old girl gang-raped in an asylum in Hamburg, Germany; was sexually-abused in the shelter where she lived.

Five Arab men are presently being investigated by German authorities after a report was made.

German Police was notified by the asylum where the refugee-girl whose identity is protected had been accepted as a first registration home in the city’s quarter of Bahrenfeld.

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They were called to a report on the shocking gang-rape which happened to the child at the centre on the Albert-Einstein-Ring road.

According to German media the suspected attackers are five Arabs. It’s inconclusive at the moment if they were also registered residents in the asylum too.

Speaking on the case, Prosecutor Nana Frombach said: ‘We have opened an investigation against five people. The circumstances or what happened are still unclear. The investigation is continuing.’

The incident which occurred in a former office building is home to over five-hundred-and-fifty refugees. It’s also undergoing a make-over.

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Terry Richardson, Shares Some ‘Oh My Gross’ Photos Of His Pregnant Lady Love

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Terry Richardson shares some ‘oh my gross’ snaps of pregnant girlfriend

Terry Richardson and partner, Alexandria ‘Skinny’ Bolotow shared some very indescribable pregnant shots on social media; much to the bewilderment of many.

The 50 year-old famous photographer took to Instagram to post the photo of nine months pregnant Alexandria who is carrying twins.

Richard revealed his delight with the racy shot while captioning it ‘TGIF I think someone is very happy to be at the end of their pregnancy!’

Skinny posed in her bra and underwear as she gives the camera two middle fingers.

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This is their first children together. A journey Terry Richardson has been sharing via social media.

The couple who have been described by many as the craziest they have ever met, celebrated the expectant mother’s 33rd birthday in the weirdest way possible. Her baby bump was decorated with white frosting to make it look like a cake.

It was also topped with four colorful birthday candles, each of which was lit and artfully angled away from her body.

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If you think you’ve seen anything yet, hold on a bit.

These expectant parents are destined for each other. In January, the prospective parents celebrated one of the most X-Rated baby shower ever.

Rather than go with the norm many are accustomed to when decorating, choosing party favors and accessories; Terry Richardson opted for his signature ‘lewd and crude’. One would have though it was a bachelorette party unlike a baby shower.

The event which occurred in January saw a cake featuring the mini model of mother-to-be Alexandra created in icing, with the naked figure leaning back on a red blanket, legs spread, while two small heads poke out from in between them.

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Terry first confirmed the news of their pregnancy after it was featured in New York Post’s Page Six.

He wrote on Instagram : ‘Babies. We weren’t planning to make this news quite so public quite so soon, because we are very cautious after going through some very difficult and heartbreaking losses, and always afraid of jinxing it, but since the cat is out of the bag… Skinny and I are very excited to let you guys know that we are expecting TWINS in the spring!!! This has been a difficult journey and we are so thankful to be surrounded by so much love and support from our friends and family, and some incredibly smart doctors! I’m sure the kids will be excited to use this as a Throwback Thursday one of these days!’

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We’re sure they’ll be excited too. Just don’t throw back any of the pregnant nudes. That will just be mental-torture for the poor kids. Plus Skinny’s panties though. She could have at least worn better lingerie. Her pant is already slack. Lol.

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Real Madrid Target Romelu Lukaku

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Real Madrid are planning a 60m pound bid for Everton striker Romelu Lukaku, according to The Sun.

The Belgium international has fired 25 goals in all competitions so far this season which has reportedly caught the attention of Real Madrid.

The report suggests Real Madrid, who are looking to strengthen their strike force, have watched the 22-year-old on five occasions this season and that discussions between Lukaku’s agent , Mino Raiola, and representatives of the Spanish club have already taken place.


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Football Papers : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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Real Madrid will launch a 60m pound summer raid for prolific Everton forward Romelu Lukaku.

Arsene Wenger is being ordered to go on the biggest spending spree of his career. Arsenal will not consider giving him a new deal unless he competes for the likes of Toni Kroos, Gonzalo Higuain, Paul Pogba, Zlatan Ibrahimovic and John Stones in the transfer market this summer.

Mesut Ozil will leave Arsenal if Wenger stays, according to reports in Spain.

Sergio Romero is determined to become Manchester United’s No 1 ‘keeper and will resist interest from Argentinian club River Plate.

Kyle Lafferty is set to spurn interest from Leeds United and join Sheffield Wednesday on loan for the rest of the season.

Real Madrid are ready to open talks over a contract extension for Gareth Bale as they look to ward off interest from Chelsea, Manchester United and Paris St Germain.

Pep Guardiola will still take over as Manchester City manager this summer even if they drop into the Europa League. There is no get-out clause in his contract and he remains committed to the job.

Members of the Liverpool first team squad not on international duty have flown to Tenerife for a week-long warm weather training camp.

Steven Pienaar hopes to secure a loan move away from Everton by Thursday’s loan deadline.

Anderlecht manager Besnik Hasi has emerged as a strong contender to take over as Aston Villa manager if Remi Garde is removed from his role.

Manchester City are planning a summer rebuild under new boss Guardiola but skipper Vincent Kompany will not be a casualty.

The Football Association has failed in a last-ditch bid to persuade Alex Iwobi to play for England rather than Nigeria.

Jay Spearing and Mark Davies will spearhead the exodus from cash-strapped Bolton, with the club’s highest-earners set to leave before Thursday’s loan deadline.

QPR boss Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink has confirmed Jay Emmanuel-Thomas will be allowed to leave the club in the summer.


Gary Neville’s time at Valencia will not extend beyond the end of the season unless there is a dramatic turnaround in results.

Liverpool defender Martin Skrtel could be sold this summer as Jurgen Klopp looks to revamp his squad.

Manchester City believe that Pep Guardiola will find their club a more natural home than either Barcelona or Bayern Munich, and that it may be the place where he builds his first managerial dynasty by staying for longer than four years.

Watford hope to sign Chelsea loanee Nathan Ake on a permanent basis this summer.

Michael Carrick admits he has no idea whether he will be staying with Manchester United beyond the summer, when his Old Trafford contract expires.

Eliaquim Mangala will be one of Pep Guardiola’s first sales when he takes over as Manchester City boss this summer, with the club expecting to make a big loss on the French defender. signed for £32m.

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Photos From The Premiere Of Nollywood Movie ‘Remember Me’

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“Remember Me” stars Uru Eke, OC Ukeje, Victor Olaotan, Femi Jacobs, Anthony Monjaro, Chioma ‘Chigul’ Omeruah and Enyinna Nwigwe. The movie centres on accountability and transparency through citizen engagement.

Remember Me premiered on 20th March,  2016 at Lagos Oriental Hotel, Victoria Island.

Here are some red carpet photos featuring A-list celebrities

remembermeAnthory Monjaro (3)360nobs remembermeBola Adeuwo (2)360nobs remembermeBosola Makinde (1)360nobs remembermeChika Chiukwu (2)360nobs remembermeChinonso Young (1)360nobs remembermeChioma Awoso (2)360nobs remembermeDSC_2234360nobs remembermeDSC_2244360nobs remembermeDSC_2258360nobs remembermeDSC_2265360nobs remembermeDSC_2267360nobs remembermeDSC_2286360nobs remembermeDSC_2310360nobs remembermeDSC_2314360nobs remembermeDSC_2328360nobs remembermeDSC_2334360nobs remembermeDSC_2337360nobs remembermeDSC_2342360nobs remembermeDSC_2344360nobs remembermeDSC_2347360nobs remembermeDSC_2362360nobs remembermeDSC_2370360nobs remembermeDSC_2372360nobs remembermeDSC_2376360nobs remembermeDSC_2379360nobs remembermeDSC_2387360nobs remembermeDSC_2389360nobs remembermeDSC_2394360nobs remembermeDSC_2396360nobs remembermeDSC_2400360nobs remembermeDSC_2417360nobs remembermeDSC_2419360nobs remembermeDSC_2428360nobs remembermeDSC_2433360nobs remembermeDSC_2446360nobs remembermeDSC_2457360nobs remembermeDSC_2462360nobs remembermeDSC_2465360nobs remembermeDSC_2478360nobs remembermeDSC_2484360nobs remembermeDSC_2490360nobs remembermeDSC_2493360nobs remembermeDSC_2500360nobs remembermeDSC_2503360nobs remembermeDSC_2505360nobs remembermeDSC_2509360nobs remembermeDSC_2510360nobs remembermeDSC_2515360nobs remembermeDSC_2521360nobs remembermeDSC_2525360nobs remembermeDSC_2528360nobs remembermeDSC_2531360nobs remembermeDSC_2533360nobs remembermeDSC_2536360nobs remembermeDSC_2537360nobs remembermeDSC_2542360nobs remembermeDSC_2553360nobs remembermeDSC_2555360nobs remembermeDSC_2556360nobs remembermeDSC_2561360nobs remembermeDSC_2568360nobs remembermeDSC_2574360nobs remembermeDSC_2578360nobs remembermeDSC_2580360nobs remembermeDSC_2583360nobs remembermeDSC_2585360nobs remembermeDSC_2588360nobs remembermeDSC_2591360nobs remembermeDSC_2594360nobs remembermeDSC_2599360nobs remembermeDSC_2601360nobs remembermeDSC_2609360nobs remembermeDSC_2634360nobs remembermeDSC_2637360nobs remembermeDSC_2641360nobs remembermeDSC_2643360nobs remembermeDSC_2652360nobs remembermeDSC_2656360nobs remembermeDSC_2670360nobs remembermeDSC_2673360nobs remembermeDSC_2683360nobs remembermeDSC_2699360nobs remembermeDSC_2712360nobs remembermeDSC_2720360nobs remembermeDSC_2730360nobs remembermeDSC_2734360nobs remembermeDSC_2746360nobs remembermeDSC_2760360nobs remembermeDSC_2762360nobs remembermeDSC_2764360nobs remembermeDSC_2772360nobs remembermeDSC_2773360nobs remembermeDSC_2843360nobs remembermeDSC_2845360nobs remembermeDSC_2848360nobs remembermeDSC_2853360nobs remembermeDSC_2856360nobs remembermeDSC_2858360nobs remembermeDSC_2867360nobs remembermeGenny Uzoma (2)360nobs remembermeIgwege and Nomath, samuel (1)360nobs remembermeMr Bayo (2)360nobs remembermeNomath Emba (1)360nobs remembermeNsikaw Isaac (2)360nobs remembermeNsikaw Isaac (8)360nobs remembermeOghenekaro Iiene (2)360nobs remembermeOjideh Maureen (2)360nobs remembermeProf Paul Nwulu and Miss Ihuoma (5)360nobs remembermeProf Paul Nwulu360nobs remembermeSeun Ajayi360nobs remembermeStanlee Ohikhuare (2)360nobs remembermeTeey Brown (2)360nobs remembermeTomi Adeoye (1)360nobs remembermeUduak Isong (1)360nobs remembermeValerie Okeke (2)360nobs remembermeVictory Mba (4)360nobs

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