Simeone: Atletico Can Still Hurt Barcelona

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Diego Simeone is confident Atletico Madrid can still hurt Barcelona with the attacking options they have.

Atletico Madrid welcome Barcelona to the Calderon in the second leg of the quarterfinal UCL clash, with a 2-1 deficit.

And, despite Torres being suspended, Simeone feels Atletico have the quality to take advantage of a Barca side that suddenly appears more fragile.

In his pre-match media conference ahead of the encounter at the Vicente Calderon, Simeone said: “Being Atletico means being perseverant, competitive, to never give up and struggle against difficulties.

“We know there are better teams than us. We know we can compete against [Barcelona].

“We try to improve what we are doing game after game [against Barcelona]. We will try to find an angle and see if we can damage them and win.

“We have many options in attack, with [Luciano] Vietto, [Yannick Ferreira] Carrasco, [Antoine] Griezmann. We will see which combination works.”

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Lahm: Bayern Will Attack Benfica

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Bayern Munich captain Philippe Lahm believes they will attack against Benfica.

Bayern Munich played a 1-0 win in the first leg at the Allianz Arena, with Vidal getting the lone goal.

But club captain Lahm, speaking to reporters before flying to Portugal, rejected suggestions his team could seek to sit on their lead.

“That’s not our nature,” he said.

“We go to Lisbon to win there. It’s our task to play offensive, preferably to score goals. Still, it’s important not to give away too many chances at the back. We’re pretty good in defence currently, but in attack we were inaccurate, especially in the first leg. It’s necessary to improve in this area.”

Benfica will be without Jonas due to suspension, but Lahm is not expecting the absence of the Brazilian striker to significantly weaken the hosts.

“I think that it hurts [Benfica] a bit that Jonas will miss the game,” he said.

“But a team who plays the quarter-final of the Champions League probably has enough players that didn’t play in the first leg, who have enough quality to play there.

“We go to Lisbon to win, to attack, that’s our style of play – offensive football. So we will try to reach the next round.”

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Chibok Girls: Two Years In Mind, And Still Counting – Amma Ogan

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Truth sometimes has nothing to do with what you hope for.

This was always an anniversary one feared would come.

Two years, one election and two presidents later, the nightmare of April 14, 2014, when 279 girls, aged 16 to 18, were abducted from their secondary school in Chibok by members of the terrorist group Boko Haram, is still haunting us. Fifty girls took their lives into their hands and escaped, jumping from the lorries into which they had been herded and running into the surrounding darkness. Till date, 219 of that group remain abducted, not one rescued, not one accounted for, dead or alive.

The views and opinions expressed in this post are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Mine was a resolve to keep writing, every month, until the girls are found, but I found myself flagging not just because other personal tragedies got in the way but also because of the sheer debilitation of watching little happen on this singular matter. Thousands have been rescued from Boko Haram, territory has been regained and the insurgents routed from the communities they savaged, men and women of our armed forces have died in this quest, but no single girl from the 219 has been returned to her parents.

What follows is a journey through two years and excerpts from 16 columns of writing about Nigeria and the Girls of Chibok. I buried one brother in April 2014, the month the girls were abducted. I buried a second brother in January 2016, with still no single Chibok girl recovered.

1) May 27, 2014: “Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad”:

“Goodluck Jonathan, the president of this country, who cannot ensure the safety and security of our children, is running for reelection. Can’t see the problem, can’t solve the problem, but wants another go in the seat of power. His wife has actually dismissed the abduction of the girls of Chibok as a ruse to scuttle her husband’s campaign for reelection.”

2) June 13, 2014: “Two Months and Counting”:

“The girls of Chibok have now been in captivity for two months since April 14. Their story has drawn the attention of the world from New York to Cannes. Movie stars, First Ladies, and school children have tweeted and protested holding up banners, rallying in the streets demanding that our girls be brought back.”

3) July 17, 2014: “Three Months and Counting”:

“The girls of Chibok remain in captivity despite:
• The Nigerian Army declaring it knows where they are;
• The US, Britain, France, Israel, Australia, South Africa the AU and others having pledged assistance in men, materiel and expertise;
• African power heads of state, namely Kagame of Rwanda and Museveni of Uganda having chided and shamed their colleagues for showing a complete absence of leadership;
• Obasanjo’s declaration that all this could be history if Jonathan would give him the go ahead to talk with Boko Haram…

Meanwhile, first one and now two Public Relations firms are reportedly engaged in brushing up the reputation of the Nigerian President…

Some of these efforts resulted in the publication of an Op-Ed by President Jonathan in the Washington Post about the girls… You would think that if you know the source of your troubles the best solution would be to focus on that and not hire an expensive firm to help you place articles on an American newspaper website.”

4) August 11, 2014: “Four Months and Counting”:

“On a trip to London on the eve of the 100th day of the Chibok girls’ captivity, Oby Ezekwesili, one of the leaders of the campaign to BringBackOurGirls had a “brush” with the SSS that included a fleeting abduction of her passport, and the conversation went the way it has always gone. It followed the steps of the perennial ‘them’ and ‘us’ dance, in which there is no ‘us’, no ‘We the People’, and describes the relationship that has existed from ‘time Imo River’ between the governors and the non-governed in this Federal Republic.”

The school in Chibok, where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists
The school in Chibok, where more than 200 schoolgirls were abducted by Boko Haram terrorists. Getty Images

5) September 14, 2014: “Five Months and Counting”:

“President Goodluck Jonathan’s supporters hit on a new campaign slogan. ‘Bring back Jonathan’ the banners read… Today, five months and counting, where do we draw the line between bring back our girls and ‘Bring back Jonathan’?

Is it to say that if we want to bring back Jonathan we must also bring back our girls?

Is it to say that if Jonathan does not bring back our girls then he should just keep walking?”

6) October 11, 2014: “Six Months of Tomorrows”:

“And so we come to the recourse of the ‘powerless’: the clinging to hope, the counting of days, the chanting of mantras, the focus on keeping the “story” alive, the siege on social media, the prayer that something will give…
But questions remain.

Are those girls in one place?

Should we be looking at a different kind of search for individual girls, tracking them one by one?”

7) November 11, 2014: “What We Know For Sure”:


…In the last month events have swept thick and fast with horror tales and blockbusters opening every day. Escape from Mubi. Exodus to Niger. The Agony of Yobe. Nightmare in Potiskum. Northeast Badlands. No Deliverance. Abuja Holiday. Cowards’ Valley. Invasion of the State Snatchers. The Brides of Boko Haram. Cry Mayhem, and if you want Nollywood, Wind of Sorrow.

…Seven months and counting…”

8) December 10, 2014: “The New Normal”:

“In May of this year the story of the abducted schoolgirls of Chibok topped the agenda of a meeting jointly held by the European Union and the African Union committees on politics and security. This was coming a month after Boko Haram attacked Government Girls Secondary School Chibok and made off with 279 girls in trucks in the middle of the night.

Last Friday, just six months later the AU Special Envoy for Peace Women and Security Benita Diop landed in Abuja accompanied by the Nigerien ambassador to the AU, Diallo Amina Jibo and a former president of the African Court of Human and People’s Rights, Justice Sophia Kufor, among others. According to the news release their purpose was to reinforce the commitment of the AU to ‘continue to engage officials and all concerned on the best measures to protect the girl-child through robust policies on education, employment opportunities and better welfare.’

…Seems quite clear that what ensued from that meeting in May in Brussels did not make any difference to the fate of the Chibok Girls and the matter has now morphed into a general concern about the welfare of the girl child that has less urgency than an emergency situation requiring immediate response.”

9) January 6, 2015: “New Year New Birth”:

“Nine months and counting since the Chibok Girls were abducted and the question is: Will some Chibok couples be grandparents without knowing it?

It is a harsh, even cruel question to confront a grieving and traumatised parent with, but we are past such considerations. After nine torturous months our eyes should be wide open, no looking to the Aso hills from whence no change has come.”

…It is true that 30 years is a long time in which to look back and reform ones ideas and learn how to do better the things we attempted in our youth.

Is this the case with Buhari? Will he, should he win the election, understand that between him and Jonathan it is not a matter of choice, but a case of how for do, and that the imperative to govern better is based on very, very high stakes right now…

What we need is an effective person who can run an administration and has an understanding of the value of institutions, the efficacy of process, the definition of governance, the value of systems and a knowledge and interest in what is going on in the rest of the world. A leader who can distinguish between the present and the future, and plans with this in mind, would be so great to have.”

10) February 15, 2015: “Love and War”:

“The ostensible reason for the postponement of the elections as declared by INEC is the state of insecurity in the nation. Having inexplicably played this down in campaign speeches and at sound bite opportunities in the last quarter of 2014, the administration of je suis Charlie Jonathan is now prepared to accept that things cannot go on without a concerted attempt to stem the onslaught of Boko Haram and focus on providing stability so normal life can resume and credible elections be guaranteed.”

11) March 17, 2015: “Still Hoping”:

“Since the postponement of the elections from February 14 to March 28, the Nigerian Military has reported a significant reclaim of territory from Boko Haram…

As I write come reports from the Nigerian Army Defence Headquarters that Bama has been retaken leaving only Gworza still in the hands of the sect…

It is often a struggle to find a hook to hang the hopes for a resurgent Nigeria on. Something that reaches beyond our ability to continue to survive and that reinforces the nation we are striving to be and presents our children with a foundation to build on.

Perhaps routing Boko Haram will be a first step and rescuing the Chibok Girls will be another.
Eleven months and counting…”

12) April 14, 2015: “Twelve Months and Still Counting”:

“The only girls who got away that night a year ago, took their lives into their own hands and saved themselves…

The awful truth about the abduction of young girls is that time compounds the problem in a way that makes simply rebuilding their lives if they are found, no longer feasible. This is why that delay in acknowledging the abduction by the Jonathan administration is nothing short of criminal…

A week ago there was consternation over a speculation by an official from UNHCR that the Chibok Girls may have been killed by Boko Haram on the run from Gworza during the push back by the Nigerian Military and its allies following the postponement of the elections from February 14 to March 28th. The very thought of that was unbearable, but surely, given what we know of Boko Haram, not beyond the realms of possibility? Do we know or do we just not want to think about it? Nigerian soldiers came across mass gravesites as they fought to push Boko Haram out. Who was buried there?”

13) May 19, 2015: “The Search Must Go On”:

“Many held captive by Boko Haram have now been rescued from Sambisa Forest. International Aid agencies are helping pregnant, and traumatised victims of rape with counseling and rehabilitation. There are large questions looming here that Nigeria must contend with when it comes to responding to pregnant victims of rape and the plight of the displaced and now destitute. Individuals using social media have launched appeals for donations of clothes, money and food for those rescued from Boko Haram prison camps: All power to Nigeria’s Armed Forces who are carrying out this national duty of location and rescue.

For some the torture is over but not yet the 219 girls from Chibok School …

“Nothing done in secrecy remains hidden and the stories of how the media and school authorities were asked by the outgoing administration to keep quiet about earlier abductions in 2013, and did so, will come to light because questions must be asked and failure explained, unless we really want to keep on wandering blindly in a forest.”

14) June 18, 2015: “Repurposing”:

“There were tears amid and hugs and commiseration when two mothers of the girls abducted from Chibok by Boko Haram met with the wives of the new president and vice president, Mrs. Aisha Buhari and Mrs. Oludolapo Osibajo respectively.

At least there have been signs about a repurposing of the battle against Boko Haram. President Buhari has conferred with the African allies joined in the fight and redirected the agenda. The US has committed funds to help in this.

Buhari’s inauguration speech contained these statements; ‘we can not claim to have defeated Boko Haram without rescuing the Chibok girls and all other innocent persons held hostage by insurgents.

For now the Armed Forces will be fully charged with prosecuting the fight against Boko Haram. We shall overhaul the rules of engagement to avoid human rights violations in operations. We shall improve operational and legal mechanisms so that disciplinary steps are taken against proven human right violations by the Armed Forces.’
…Fourteen months and counting.”

16) August 12, 2015: “Exercising our Patience”:

“President Buhari announced he would be willing to negotiate with Boko Haram for the release of the Chibok girls who remain in captivity. Despite a determined effort to rout them in the run up to the elections, a resurging Boko Haram is back in action with suicide bombings and more mayhem. According to news reports, Buhari’s one caveat to a bargain with Boko Haram was if he could only be sure he was dealing with the genuine agents of the terrorist group.

We have been there before with the hapless Goodluck Jonathan. Counterfeit negotiators meeting sham terrorists, genuine, “budget free” money exchanging hands with no girls to be had.”

19) November 26, 2015: “We Need More”:

“If you don’t know who is dead, how can you confirm those who are alive and how do you determine who to continue looking for, if you are in fact looking?

Buhari’s inaugural speech contained a commitment to find the Chibok girls and made no bones that doing so would be a signal achievement of his administration and set it apart from that of his predecessor. It goes without saying that the more time passes before this is achieved, the less distinct Buhari’s government becomes from that of Goodluck Jonathan, who fiddled while our daughters were violated.

Nineteen months and counting.”

23) April 11, 2016: “Two years and Counting…”:

Where are our girls? It appears there is no way to answer this question. It is a difficult and complex situation. Too much time was allowed to elapse before any serious consideration was given to this matter. The harm was done well before President Goodluck Jonathan woke up to it.

President Buhari’s spokesperson on media and publicity, Garba Shehu, made this statement, three months ago, in January in an article published on this website:

“For President Buhari, there is no place for the overdone political posturing over the sad incident. He is not seeking applause because this problem is far more serious than most people think…

The last battle-ground, the Sambisa forest is large and expansive. It covers about 3,000 square kilometres of Nigerian territory and it ordinarily harbours the remaining terrorists and their captives. But Sambisa presents a number of challenges, not only to our own fighting forces but to the terrorists themselves. The place has been heavily mined. The terrorist operatives who planted the mines are believed to be mostly dead or have fled, so those left too can easily fall victim to these mines as they move in the forest because they don’t know where the mines are planted.
With recent military procurements by the present administration, mine-sweeping equipment have been deployed to pave the way for our soldiers. The Air Force is doing its duty of providing air cover and the Navy is active in Lake Chad waters. Our neighbours, Cameroon, Chad, Niger and Benin are collectively standing with Nigeria to deny terrorists a foothold on their soil.

In addition to these efforts, there are daily intelligence reconnaissance flights by our Air Force, the UK, US and France, which are partnering with the Lake Chad Basin Commission Countries. In the light of all these, a serious advance is being made towards liberating the forest and hopefully, government will be laying its hands on whatever is left of the terrorists and their hostages.”

Agreed this tone is a welcome change from the depraved indifference of Goodluck Jonathan’s administration, but to put it in our local parlance, “na dat one we go chop?”

The struggle continues.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Amma Ogan and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Adam Johnson Lodges Appeal Against Six Years Prison Sentence

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Adam Johnson has lodged an appealed against his six-year prison sentence.

The former England international and Sunderland winger was sentenced last month by the jury at Bradford Crown Court for one charge of sexual activity with a minor.

Johnson, who had already pleaded guilty to a lesser charge and one of grooming, has already begun an appeal against that conviction.

An official at Bradford Crown Court confirmed to Omnisport that the 28-year-old has now applied for a review of his six-year prison sentence.

On the Adam Johnson’s Appeal Fight Facebook page, set up by his sister Faye, a post said: “Adam’s appeal against his sentence has now been lodged! Thanks everyone for your support it means a lot!”

Johnson had his contract terminated by Sunderland after his guilty plea.

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Messi: Barcelona Continue To Believe

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Lionel Messi says Barcelona continue to believe in themselves, despite losing two matches in a row.

Barcelona dropped points after back-to-back losses and a draw, putting them three points ahead of Atleti.

The defending champions’ lead at the summit has been cut to three points as a result, with Atletico Madrid in increasingly close pursuit.

Atleti are the opposition on Wednesday as European champions Barca look to turn their 2-1 first-leg advantage into a passage to the Champions League semi-finals.

And Messi insists Barca will not allow their season to collapse, posting on Facebook: “Our mindset remains the same. We work hard all year to have a chance of winning trophies at the end of the season.

“We continue to believe in ourselves.”

Barca still remain on course to retain the treble they won last season, with Sevilla awaiting in next month’s Copa del Rey final.

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Kyla On Featuring With Drake And Wizkid: “I Thought It Was April Fool’s”

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Kyla On Featuring With Drake And Wizkid – Filipino singer Kyla has spoken about what it felt like being featured by Drake on his upcoming album.

Kyla On Featuring With Drake And Wizkid

Kyla On Featuring With Drake And Wizkid

According to Kyla, she didn’t believe it when she was told Drake wanted to feature her on a track, thinking it was April Fool’s.

360HAWT: Drake ft Wizkid x Kyla – One Dance

“I got a call a while back,” Kyla told BBC Radio 1Xtra. “And I was getting loads of emails. To be honest, I was really bad and kept putting them aside like, ‘I’ll call later.’ You know how it is, sometimes we’ve had things come in and they fall through at the last minute.”

“When we phoned, the company said, ‘A huge international star wants to sample your tune, and they wanna have a meeting with you.’ I was like, ‘Yeah ok, who?’ And when they said Drake, I was like, ‘Yeah right!”We signed papers, and I still didn’t believe it,” she continued. “I had a feeling someone was gonna say to me ‘April Fools.’”

Meek Mill Beat Quentin Miller For Denying He Was Drake’s Ghostwriter

Kyla added that the deal then moved from Drake sampling her song to her actually being given a feature. “They said they wanted it to be a sample at first,” she said. “That’s what they originally contacted me for, then when we got on the phone and had chats, they were like ‘how would you like to be a feature instead?’”

Kyla featured with Wizkid on the song titled One Dance, off Views From The 6, which drops later this month.

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#RememberingDebbie: CandleLight Walk And Burial Arrangements (Details)

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Debbie Osarere Idiagbonya lost her battle to cancer April 1, 2016 and her burial arrangements have been disclosed by her family.

The Ex-Nigerian model was high spirited until she passed away after a six-year battle with cancer. In Nigeria, #RememberingDebbie candlelight walk is slated for Friday April 15 by 6pm.

The candlelight walk will commence from CONOIL filling station in Onipanu, Lagos (not too far from where Debbie used to live before moving to the United States for treatment) all the way to Stadium in Surulere.

Service of songs would take place on the 29th of April 2016, while her burial would both take place on the 30th of April 2016 in Washington DC, United States.

Also, a T-shirt has been made available for the walk, it’s sold for N2,000 – all proceeds from the sale will be put into the funeral arrangements that would take place in Washington DC where she will be buried on April 30th.

US residents interested in the burial details of #RememberingDebbie, please visit her Instagram page which is being managed by her friends.



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‘Prove To The World How We Killed Fulani Herdsmen’ – IPOB Challenges DSS

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The Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has on Monday, dismissed the allegations by the Department of State Services (DSS) that they murdered and buried five ‘’Hausa-Fulani” in Abia state, adding that it has given the country’s spy agency a seven-day ultimatum to apologise for the false accusation.

READ ALSO: IPOB Reacts To DSS Claim Of Killing And Burying 5 ‘Hausa-Fulani’ Residents

This is just as the secessionist group, challenged the APC Federal Government and their DSS to prove to the world with the evidences how they killed five Fulani herdsmen and dumped their bodies in shallow graves.

READ ALSO: Radio Biafra Back On Air Again, ‘We Are Unstoppable’—IPOB

In the message, which was conveyed in a statement issued after the meeting in Nnewi by the IPOB spokesman, Mr. Emma Powerful, the group questioned why the APC led Federal Government was worried when the cattle rustlers were killed but never reacted when same herdsmen brutally killed and ransacked villages in Benue and Enugu states.

The statement reads, “DSS allegation was fabricated and aimed at painting the non violent IPOB as if it is a violent group, we are not surprised that DSS will come with such allegations, having been exposed in all their attempt to kill our leader by our intelligence arm which has always foiled all their attempts by raising the alarm before they carry out their dastardly acts.

“We challenge the APC Federal Government and their DSS to prove to the world with the evidences how IPOB killed Fulani herdsmen in Abia state by showing the video clips of how they were killed and where the shallow grave they were buried is located within 7days, or they should tender unreserved apology to IPOB, otherwise we will tell the world with evidence how the DSS and APC Federal Government wants to use fabricated lies to cause ethnic cleansing of Ndigbo.

“The world has known IPOB as a peaceful group and no amount of campaign of calumny by the APC led Federal Government and DSS will dent our records of non violent agitations.

“DSS can go about fabricating lies in order to influence the outcome of our leader’s trial in the upcoming appeal court hearing, Nigerian government is responsible for all the killings of our people, raping our women and girls through their Fulani herdsmen and also the alleged killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state.”

“IPOB totally reject this amateurish smear campaign by Federal Government secret police called DSS. If APC government thinks that this is the way they can escape justice at The Hague, when their leaders will be tried for genocide against Biafra agitators, they are clearly making a big mistake and mockery of their directionless government.

“We are also wondering why they are reacting APC government is worried about the alleged killing of Fulani herdsmen in Abia state when they did not show similar worry women and girls were raped and killed in Enugu State, while their husbands and relations who went to search for their corpses and rescue raped victims were arrested and detained for weeks before they were granted bail by the court.

“We think that APC should leaders and those who are directing their directionless government should burry their face in shame for encouraging discrimination in Nigeria, treating people in one country they their claim to be one unequally, showing concern to issues affecting one group of people and non concern to the other groups they feel are less Nigeria, shame to government that promised heaven on earth to Nigerians, yet they cannot keep to a single out of many promises to the people.”

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In Lagos: Suspended Principal, Teachers Recalled As NUT Claims Pupil’s Injuries Were Concocted

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The Lagos State Government (LASG), has recalled the Principal of Eva Adelaja Girls Secondary School and four other teachers, who were suspended after thorough investigation into a case of alleged brutality against a pupil named Ogechi Anyalewechi.

It was gathered that Anyalewechi – a Senior Secondary School 2 student – ‘returned’ a slap given to her by a school prefect, simply identified as Zainab after the latter had served her with abusive words.

NUT claims GSS pupil’s injuries fabricated, recalls suspended Lagos principal, teachers

NUT claims GSS pupil’s injuries fabricated, recalls suspended Lagos principal, teachers. The Punch

Zainab then complained to the principal that Ogechi ‘returned’ a slap she gave her for being rude.

The principal, Mrs. C.O. Coker alongside the four suspended teachers; Mr. Bello (Mathematics); Mrs. Tejumaye (English language); Mrs. Omoge (Physical Education) and Mr. Bakare (Economics), reportedly whipped Ogechi severely leading to injuries that landed her at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital (LASUTH).

The NUT conducted a thorough investigation that proved the injuries initially reported on Ogechi Anyalewechi (pictured above) were fabricated.

The NUT conducted a thorough investigation that proved the injuries initially reported on Ogechi Anyalewechi (pictured above) were fabricated.

Due to this, LASG ordered that the principal and the teachers be suspended for their roles in the incident.

However, a source told The Punch that the decision had been rescinded and the affected workers recalled after the intervention of the Nigerian Union of Teachers, (NUT).

The source said, “The principal of the school has been recalled to the school, as well as all the affected teachers. Immediately the state government ordered their suspension, the case was reported to the NUT. The union then wrote the government, asking that the decision be rescinded.

“The NUT kicked against the suspension and advised that they should be returned to the school. They have been asked to go back, and that was just few days after the suspension. There is no way the pupil can stay in the school with what has happened.”

Speaking on the matter, the Chairman of the NUT, Segun Raheem, claimed that investigations showed that Ogechi’s injuries were concocted.

He said, “When we heard of the case, we swung into action. We went to the school and the education district to have firsthand information of what actually transpired.

“Immediately the incident happened, what the district did was to ask all of them to stop working and start reporting to the district. We felt the decision was wrong. How can you just take action against people without hearing from them or issuing queries?

“The district said a committee was set up by the Ministry of Youths and Sports, and we said it was wrong because the workers were under the Ministry of Education.”

“The Ministry of Education in conjunction with the district set up a Personnel Management Board, PMB, which said “the principal and teachers did not do enough to save the situation, the PMB however recommended some punishments for the teachers.”

Furthermore, the Chairman said that the claim that she was taken to a hospital after the beating was untrue.

He said, “We went to the school and took a real life photograph of the girl and there were signs of strokes of cane on her back because she’s fair. Any fair-complexioned person, even if you hold the person, there will be marks. And that was exactly what we felt.

“The marks were fabricated. It is the work of an expert. The claim that the girl was sick or taken to the hospital are all lies. They are the handiwork of a non-governmental organisation that wants to be relevant. The case was exaggerated out of proportion.”

Meanwhile, the victim’s brother, Joseph, said he was disappointed in the NUT for saying the photos were fabricated, adding that the family was awaiting school’s resumption before taking a decision on the matter.

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MUSIC: MoBlow Ft. Orezi x CDQ – Wiggle remix

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Finally the wait is over, after so much demand from fans and lovers of good music and dance alike, MoBlow releases the long anticipated remix to his hit single dance track “Wiggle” which was produced by Fliptyce. Formerly signed to confam ent, MoBlow who is now under new management called “Salad Music” teams up on the remix with two other very talented artistes Orezi and CDQ, who all delivered on yet another monster hit record. So be ready to follow the dance trend “ijo wiggle” and get your Wiggle on.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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N3.9bn Fraud: How I Helped Badeh Convert N558m Of Air Force Money To Dollars – Witness

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The trial of the immediate past Chief of Defence Staff, Alex Badeh at the Federal High Court in Abuja resumes today, Tuesday with the interrogation of the first prosecution witness, Comodore Abdullahi Yushau (rtd).

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Yushau, a former Director of Accounts with the Nigerian Air Force, while testifying before the court, explained how he helped the ex-NSA to convert N558m from funds meant for the payment of salaries for the Nigerian Air Force into dollars and then delivered it to the former military chief in his then official residence at Niger barracks Abuja.

READ ALSO: Badeh Rejects Prison’s Food | His Presence Excites Kuje Inmates

Yusuf, who had on March 24, told the court how Badeh diverted the sum of N1.1bn to purchase a property in Maitama area of Abuja where he will retire, said, at the resumed hearing today, that Badeh directed the posting of a junior officer to him, Captain Sini, whose job was to personally change the money into dollars as he only directs.

He said, “Badeh ordered the posting of Group Captain Sini to me, to personally handle the changing of over N558m into dollars.

“When Sini converts the money into dollars, he brings the money to me and I personally take the dollar equivalent to Badeh in his house.”

“My Command Finance Officers has all the records of all the money I gave to Badeh.”

“While I was in custody of the EFCC, my finance officers were also invited and they gave the records of all the properties procured for Badeh.

In the meantime, the trial Justice, Okon Abang rescheduled the trial till April 19 for further cross-examination of the prosecution witness and continuation of case.

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MUSIC: Yung6ix Ft. Percy – Money Is Relevant

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Still basking in the success of the release of his “Billionaire Ambitions” extended play; KKTBM hip-hop star, Yung6ix unwraps a new hip-hop/high-life fusion single titled Money Is Relevant and he features label-mate Percy who also collaborated with him on his hip-hop gem “First Class”. Production credit goes to OteeBeatz.

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Liverpool FC Transfer News And Gossips

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Liverpool target Piotr Zielinski has revealed that he has held talks with Jurgen Klopp over a potential summer move to Anfield.

The 21-year-old midfielder, who is on loan at Empoli from Udinese, was quoted by Polish media outlet Sportowe Fakty as saying: “There is a lot of truth in (talk of) the interest of (Liverpool boss) Jurgen Klopp in me.

“There was contact, I do not deny that.”


Piotr Zielinski


Schalke defender Sead Kolasinac has played down speculation that he could join Liverpool in the summer.

There have been reports that the 22-year-old has been watched several times by the Reds.

But he told Sky Deutschland: “At Schalke I found a second home and my desire is to renew the contract.”


Sead Kolasinac

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Thiago Silva : “Moving To The English Premier League Will Be A Step Down For Zlatan Ibrahimovic”

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Zlatan Ibrahimovic would be taking a step down if he left Paris Saint-Germain for the Premier League, according to team-mate Thiago Silva.

The Sweden striker has been heavily linked with a move to England, and according to Sky Sports News HQ it was reported yesterday the 34-year-old would be open to a move to Manchester United if Louis van Gaal left the club.


Despite this, Silva is adamant his team-mate should stay in the French capital. Speaking to the Daily Mirror, he said: “He is one of the best in the world, he is unique, there is not another player like him. Of course I want him to stay at PSG, I cannot imagine us without him.

“I know he has offers from England – and it is a big league – but I don’t think there is a team in England that is at the level of PSG at the moment. For me it would be a step down in quality for him.”

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Report : Real Madrid Still Interested In Atletico Madrid’s Jose Maria Gimenez

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Real Madrid remain committed to signing Atletico Madrid centre-back Jose Maria Gimenez this summer, reports Mundo Deportivo.

Madrid’s principal objective ahead of next season is to bring in a new centre-back with Gimenez, the Uruguay international, top of their defensive wishlist.


However, Mundo Deportivo reports that Atletico Madrid would absolutely refuse to negotiate the transfer of the 21-year-old, who has formed a rock-solid partnership alongside his compatriot Diego Godin at the Vicente Calderon. Gimenez is under contract until 2018.


In addition, Mundo Deportivo states that Real Madrid defender Nacho could be sold by the Bernabeu giants this summer.

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Neymar’s Barcelona Buyout Clause Leaked

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Barcelona star Neymar has a buyout clause of 153m pounds , but earns just 77,000 poundsa week, according to Football Leaks.

The 24-year-old, who signed a five-year contract in a 49m pounds move from Santos in June 2013 and has since formed a lethal partnership up front alongside Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez, earns far less than his team-mates, with Messi reportedly earning £
250,000 pounds a week after tax.


However, the Brazilian is guaranteed to earn at least 39.7m pounds over the five years of his deal, which also guarantees that Barcelona will make up the shortfall should the player not receive enough performance-related bonuses to earn that sum.


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Kostas Manolas : “I Know Nothing About Manchester United”

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In-demand Roma centre-back Kostas Manolas says he knows nothing about interest in him from Man Utd.

The Greece international is also understood to be wanted by Chelsea this summer.


“Manchester United? I know nothing, my agent tells me nothing,” the 24-year-old told Sky in Italy.

“I have to be focused on Roma, I still have three years on my contract.
“After the end of the season we will look at things together with Roma.”

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Football Papers : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips Today

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Furious Manchester United players turned on Louis van Gaal after Sunday’s 3-0 defeat to Tottenham at White Hart Lane.

Sir Alex Ferguson was so angry at Augusta when he saw Manchester United had lost 3-0 at Tottenham that he threw his sausage sandwich down in disgust.

Liverpool target Piotr Zielinski has confirmed he is in talks with Jurgen Klopp about a move to Anfield.

Arsenal are ready to rival Manchester United in the race across Europe to sign Benfica whizz kid Renato Sanches.

Roma centre-back Kostas Manolas is being targeted by Manchester United – despite long-time interest from Chelsea.

Leicester City are closing in on Fiorentina’s 11.5m pounds-rated attacking midfielder Josip Ilicic.

Manchester City are expected to beat Premier League rivals to the signing of Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte this summer.

Liverpool have leapt to the head of the queue to sign Ipswich wonderkid Andre Dozzell.

Former Argentina boss Marcelo Bielsa is back in the frame for the Swansea job with the Welsh club set for a 140m pounds takeover.

Pep Guardiola wants to make Arsenal captain Mikel Arteta part of his coaching set-up at Manchester City.

Former Argentina boss Marcelo Bielsa is back in the frame for the Swansea job with the Welsh club set for a 140m pounds takeover.

Swansea have joined the Premier League queue for 26-year-old Toulouse striker Martin Braithwaite.

West Ham United are following Racing Club striker Gustavo Bou with a view to a 9m pounds move for the Argentine forward.

Roma want to sign Chelsea’s Branislav Ivanovic – and the Blues are open to a swap deal involving midfielder Radja Nainggolan.

Michael Carrick remains in limbo with Manchester United still to indicate whether he will be offered a new contract.

Premier League clubs will have to fork out 153m pounds if they are to tempt Brazilian ace Neymar away from Spanish giants Barcelona this summer.

Daryl Janmaat took his anger out on a dressing room wall during Newcastle United’s dire defeat by Southampton on Saturday in an incident that is believed to have left him with two broken fingers.


Morgan Schneiderlin admits Manchester United are solely to blame for their collapse against Tottenham on Sunday, and believes there could be a mental problem in the squad.

Manchester United watched Renato Sanches star for Benfica once again on Saturday but were joined in the stands by a scout from Arsenal too.

Kevin Nolan is set to leave Leyton Orient this week less than three months after taking over as player-manager.

Bayern Munich chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge says he is happy to meet with Mario Gotze at the end of the season to discuss his future.

Antonio Conte wants Real Madrid defender Sergio Ramos at Chelsea.

Bournemouth and Crystal Palace are both tracking Ashley Nadesan, who has hit 50 goals for ninth tier side Horley Town this season.

A group of senior figures at Manchester United aren’t convinced Jose Mourinho is the right man for the club.

Erik Lamela looks set to sign a contract extension with Tottenham.

Chelsea are concerned about their goalkeeping situation as incoming head coach Antonio Conte attempts to shape his squad for next season.

Jan Vertonghen has claimed that it is feasible for Tottenham Hotspur to join Manchester United among world football’s elite.

West Ham United will attempt to replace Diafra Sakho if the striker forces his way out of Upton Park this summer, with Aston Villa’s leading scorer Jordan Ayew on a list of second-tier targets.

Newcastle could be paying January signing Jonjo Shelvey 80,000 pounds a week next season, as he does not have a relegation clause in his contract.

Liverpool have made contact with the Poland international Piotr Zielinski, according to the midfielder.

Leicester’s finances have come under scrutiny as it is reported that the club may have broken financial fair play rules when they were promoted from the Championship.

Mario Gotze is ready to sever his ties with Bayern Munich at the end of this season having set his heart on a summer move to Liverpoo

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Ciara is Dreamy on the May Cover of Essence Magazine

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Ciara is a vision of beauty on the May cover of ESSENCE.

The singer and recently-engaged mum reveals what it’s like be a woman in love and living her bliss.

This is the life the 30-year-old has always imagined since she was a teenager. She remembers telling her friends at Clayton High School in College Park, Georgia how she would grow up to become a world-famous singer. “I made a goal sheet,” Ciara tells writer Jeannine Amber. On that list was also the dream of selling “3 to 4 million” records and “have longevity.” Those dreams came true by the time she was 21.

Magcover_Ciara Essenceciara-a-600x800_360nobs

Taking about Motherhood 

Magcover_Ciara Essenceciara-600x450_360nobs

The dream of motherhood and a family came. “I’d always wanted to have my own family,” she said. “And my pregnancy was planned when I was at a point in my life when I was finally ready to take on the responsibility.” Her son Future, born May 19, 2014, fulfilled the dream of being a mother.

Speaking on her breakup 

Her very public breakup with her fiancé and Future’s father, rapper Future, could have made Ciara give up on the dream of a family. “That wasn’t necessarily part of my vision,” she recalls. “But the moment I realized I was going to be a single mother, I had to reflect and reorganize my thoughts. I decided to trust that God had a plan for me, and move forward one day at a time.”

Her relationship with Russell 

Less than a year after her breakup, Ciara went public with her relationship with Seattle Seahawks quarterback, Russell Wilson, who recently asked for her hand in marriage during a romantic trip to the Seychelles.
“I remember telling my friend the kind of guy I wanted: a God-fearing man with a very fun spirit who loves kids and would really, truly care for me. I was very specific because I do believe you can have it all.”

Check out some more pictures below;

Magcover_Ciara EssenceCiara-Essence-2016-9-520x366_360nobs

Magcover_Ciara EssenceCiara-Essence-2016-8-520x506_360nobs


Magcover_Ciara EssenceCiara-and-baby-Future-in-Essence_360nobs


Read Full interview here

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347 Corpses Buried After Shiites and Soldiers Clash In Kaduna

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The Kaduna State Government has on Monday said that the 347 persons killed during the December 12 deadly clash between soldiers and members of the Shiite’s sect in Zaria, were given a secret mass burial at the Mando cemetery on December 14, 2015.

Kaduna Government says 347 Shiites killed by Nigerian troops were given secret mass burial

Kaduna Government says 347 Shiites killed by Nigerian troops were given secret mass burial

This disclosure was made by the Secretary to the Kaduna State Government, Mallam Balarabe Lawal, during government submission at the ongoing public hearing of the Judicial Commission of Inquiry into the clash.

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The SSG, who led six government witnesses before the panel, said a total of 191 unknown corpses were recovered from the Army Depot in Zaria and another batch of 156 corpses were recovered from the Ahmadu Bello University Teaching Hospital, Shika.

Speaking similarly with the SSG, the Director-General of Interfaith, Muhammad Namadi Musa said the mass burial was conducted on December 14 and 15, respectively, and it took the officials about six hours to complete the burial.

Musa said, “On December 13, 2015, I received a phone call from the SSG to come to the Government House after which I was directed to go to Zaria to find out the number of corpses and how they would be buried.

“I moved in company of the state Commissioner of Police straight to ABUTH, Zaria to ascertain the number of corpses. There we counted 156 corpses.

“At the Nigerian Depot, the SSG directed me to meet with one Maj. Ogundare regarding the corpses there. After introducing myself, he refused to let me know the number; but later on, the SSG called me and told me the number.

“He also confirmed the number while they were being buried; as he counted them one after the other as they were laid in one grave.

“We left the Nigerian Army Depot with three heavy-duty trucks and 60 young officers who escorted us to assist in offloading the corpses. From ABUTH, Zaria, five small trucks carried the 196 corpses. Most corpses were covered with black materials and they included women and children.”

On why the state government demolished the Gyelasu resident of the Shiite leader, the witnesses said that the demolitions were based on recommendations of a committee set up by the state government.

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Enough Is Enough! Senate Gives Buhari Final Warning To Sign 2016 Budget

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The Nigerian Senate has on Monday given the presidency what it described as a final warning, following its dealings with the legislative branch of government on matters relating to the 2016 budget, adding that it would no longer tolerate the presidency blaming the legislature for its woes.

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President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Budget and National Planning Minister Udoma Udo Udoma discussing the 2016 budget. TheGuardian

President Muhammadu Buhari, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo and Budget and National Planning Minister Udoma Udo Udoma discussing the 2016 budget. TheGuardian

This is coming against the backdrop of a simmering feud between President Muhammadu Buhari and National Assembly over the Appropriation Bill, as the Senate accused the Presidency of “gross incompetence”, “arrogance” and “lack of coordination.”

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It was gathered that the rationale behind the rift was the removal of the Calabar – Lagos rail project from the final budget.

Officials of the presidency, yesterday, affirmed that the rail project was in the budget but removed by the committees of Appropriation in the Senate and the House of Representatives.

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The allegation was, however, stoutly rebuffed by the members of the Senate and the House of Representatives.

Reacting to the allegation, the Chairman Senate Committee on Land Transport, Gbenga Ashafa, in a statement, yesterday, confirmed that the Lagos-Calabar rail line project was not included in the original document presented to the National Assembly by the Executive.

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Also, a statement issued by Senate’s spokesman and chairman of the Senate Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Senator Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi read in part:

“While the executive is mandated to prepare and lay before the National Assembly a proposed budget detailing projects to be executed, it should be made clear that the responsibility and power of appropriation lie with the National Assembly.

If the presidency expects us to return the budget proposal to them without any adjustments, then some people must be living in a different era and probably have not come to terms with democracy.

“We make bold to say, however, that the said Lagos-Calabar rail project was not included in the budget proposal presented to the National Assembly by President Muhammadu Buhari, and we challenge anyone who has any evidence to the contrary to present such to Nigerians.

“Since the beginning of the 2016 budget process, it is clear that the National Assembly has suffered all manners of falsehood, deliberate distortion of facts, and outright blackmail, deliberately aimed at poisoning the minds of the people against the institution of the National Assembly.

We have endured this with equanimity in the overall interest of Nigerians. Even when the original submission was surreptitiously swapped and we ended up having two versions of the budget, which was almost incomprehensible and heavily padded in a manner that betrays lack of coordination and gross incompetence, we refused to play to the gallery and instead helped the Executive to manage the hugely embarrassing situation it has brought upon itself; but enough is enough.

“This latest antics of this particular minister of transportation, Rotimi Amaechi, is reckless, uncalled for and dangerously divisive. Apart from setting the people of the southern part of the country against their northern compatriots, it potentially sets the people against their lawmakers from the concerned constituencies and sets the lawmakers against themselves. This manner of reprehensible mischief has no place in a democracy. We hereby demand from Mr. Amaechi a publicly tendered apology if he is not able to show evidence that the Lagos-Calabar rail project was included in the budget. Otherwise, he should resign forthwith.

“Finally, by the provision of Section 81 (4) (a) and (b) of the constitution, the President is allowed to sign the budget and kick-start the implementation of the other areas that constitute over 90 per cent of the budget where there is agreement between both arms, even as we engage ourselves to resolve the contentious areas, if there were any. We, therefore, maintain that even these contrived discrepancies are not sufficient excuse not to sign the budget into law.

“We, therefore, urge President Buhari to sign the 2016 budget without any further delay. For every additional day that the president withholds his assent from the bill, the hardship in the land, which is already becoming intolerable for the masses of our people gets even more complicated. Certainly, as primary representatives of the people, we shall not vacate our responsibility and watch the people continue to suffer unduly.”

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Ranieri Will Congratulate Tottenham If They Win EPL

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Claudio Ranieri has stated he will congratulate Tottenham, should they manage to win the EPL.

Leicester are seven points clear at the top of the table and will win the league should they win three our of their five matches.

Ranieri says he is not concerned with whether Mauricio Pochettino’s side drop points to aid their challenge and is only focused on his team extending their run of five straight victories.

However, the Italian manager says he would not begrudge Spurs the title should they manage to reel the Foxes in.

“I’m not focused on what other clubs are doing. Instead I look at what I have to do to improve my side,” Ranieri told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“That is our goal and if Tottenham is able to overtake us, I would have to congratulate them as that is part of sports.

“We haven’t won yet. We’ve reached the Champions League, actually just the play-offs, but our last five matches are difficult. Tottenham aren’t giving up and we must remain focused.”

Ranieri did, however, laud the work-rate and mentality of his team, who were tipped for relegation at the start of the campaign.

“They are great players that are facing a historical moment in their life with a lot of responsibility,” he added.

“We work hard during the week, then the match arrives, but we laugh and smile in the dressing room before then. Nobody ever holds back.”

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AC Milan Sack Sinisa Mihajlovic

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Serie A club, AC Milan have sacked Sinisa Mihajlovic, replacing him with youth team coach Cristian Brocchi.

Mihajlovic took over from Filippo Inzaghi back in June and has not lasted 10 months on the job.

AC Milan currently sit sixth on the table and are in the Coppa Italia final, but a fifth consecutive loss sees them 15 points behind Roma.

A statement on the club’s official website read: “Sinisa Mihajlovic has been relieved of his role as AC Milan coach.

“The club would like to thank Mihajlovic for the dedication and hard work carried out this season.”

Mihajlovic’s replacement until the end of the campaign has been confirmed as Brocchi, who had two separate spells as a Rossoneri player from 1994-1998 and 2001-2008 and had been coaching the youth team since 2014.

Brocchi took over that position from Inzaghi, but will look to avoid his predecessor’s fate when in charge of the first team.

The 40-year-old becomes the fifth coach to take charge of Milan in the past three seasons.

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NYSC DG Speaks On Delay Of Corps Members’ March Allowance

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The Director-General of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brigadier-General Johnson Bamidele Olawumi has on Tuesday morning, issued a statement on the Scheme’s online portal with respect to the delay in March allowance for its Youth Corps Members.

Director-General of the NYSC, Brig- General Johnson Olawumi.

The Director-General of the NYSC, Brig- General Johnson Olawumi.

The statement, as posted on NYSC Facebook page reads:


My dear Corps members, l sincerely regret the late payment of your March allowance.

For avoidance of doubt, your allowances do not come to the NYSC as the scheme has no account.

Once it is approved by the Federal Ministry of Finance, it goes to the Central Bank account from where it is disbursed directly to Corps members account.

It is the beauty of the Treasury Single Account and that explains why you get the whole allowance in full without any charges.

As at now, we are liaising vigorously with the Ministry so that fund is released to the CBN GIFMIS account and once it is done, it takes us just minutes through the online platform to remit straight to all the 244,532 Corps members in service.

We are equally mounting pressure on the Ministry to ensure that the April allowance for 2015 Batch A and the outstanding one month allowance for Stream 2, Batch A 2015 is also paid as quickly as possible.

It has become necessary to explain this so as to clear the erroneous believe that the Scheme is holding Corps members allowance.

Please just exercise patience as this will be resolved in a couple of days.

God bless you my children!

Brig Gen Olawumi

The statement was also confirmed on its twitter page, (@nysc_ng):

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