Barcelona Slump Motivates Luis Enrique

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Luis Enrique remains defiant and motivated by Barcelona’s slump, as he looks to restore them in the clash against Deportivo La Coruna.

Barcelona have taken just one point from their last four liga games and only top the table by a superior head-to-head record over Atletico Madrid, with Real Madrid just one point behind the pair.

Sunday’s 2-1 loss at home to Valencia was Barcelona’s third in a row in La Liga, having previously lost the Clasico to Real and been defeated by Real Sociedad.

Atleti have also dumped Barca out of the Champions League but Luis Enrique is remaining bullish as he tries to arrest his side’s slump, crediting his upbringing in the northern Spanish city of Gijon for firing his passion for a fight.

“Maybe it’s because I’m from Gijon but I get high on adversity,” he told reporters.

“You might find that strange – some people enjoy winning more; I like these kind of challenges. They motivate me. You can’t imagine how I feel going into tomorrow’s game and how thrilled we will be if we break this run.

“If it doesn’t work out then I will be the first to congratulate who wins the league.

“Of course [I believe Barcelona will retain La Liga]. If I had any doubt about that I wouldn’t be sitting here.

“We’re on a negative run in a sporting sense but I don’t think we need to take things out of their context. We just need to focus on what we can control.”

Barcelona’s recent collapse marks a stark contrast to the run of 39 games unbeaten in all competitions that preceded their Clasico loss, but Luis Enrique remains content with his players’ form.

“There is not one solution, it is the sum of a number of different factors that have accumulated,” he explained.

“Against Valencia it was quite unfair that we lost that game because we were clearly the superior side.

“We were playing all the football, creating all the chances but didn’t manage to turn the result around. I have nothing to criticise my team for, I think they have been doing the right things.”

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MUSIC: Frank Edwards – God Over Everything

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A week after sharing a video announcing his forthcoming album aptly titled Frankincense due for release on 20th April, 2016, Frank Edwards dishes out two hot tracks, God Over Everything and Idi Ebube.
God Over Everything is a different type of offering from the Rocktown boss himself. It’s hip, it’s fresh and urban. Mr Edwards, who bust a few bars on the track dedicates “…this to every youth out there who is born again despite peer pressure and all I celebrate you “.

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Fans Rudely Shun Iggy Azalea’s Request For Privacy In Her Relationship With Nick Young

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Nick Young cheated on Iggy Azalea but the pop singer has decided to stick with her man through thick and cheat.

Iggy tweeted today that she hasn’t broken up with Nick and would love a bit of privacy but her fans aren’t having it.


She posted:

“I always answer questions honestly. But my job is to promote my music, not my relationship. I’d love to be interviewed about the former only.

For the record, I haven’t broken up with Nick. We are together and I would love to be given a little (a lot) of privacy on the matter”.

Iggy Azalea’s fans – and frenemies, are informing the rapper that the price for fame include zero privacy as her life is a public ffair therefore she shouldn’t make any such ‘privacy’ requests as she wouldn’t get it.

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Here are the comments:

  • famousbullets – She alwasy whining abiut something. I swear this chick never has anything upbeat to say
  • iam_queen_sj – They jus got back together , that’s y she’s saying that but nobody cares …. & nobody wants to hear about her music
  • saigebeauu – She always asks for the impossible like people are going to respect her wishes or care about her music.
  • shestaytakinselfies – Shiiiidddd she better stay with him… Its not like she have a solid career. Get them NBA checks and call it a day boo
  • amarie2829 – man she’s dumb..I hate dumb clueless girls.! get it together
  • iamdydavis – Well duh she gone stay with him. That’s the only man that want her lmaoooo she Wack
  • purnellporscha – Why did this girl just say she want privacy about her relationship with your poster all over social media I mean come on now if you get your mind right nobody could care less about what you got going on with your man but what we do know is that u ain’t make song’s in a minute????


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Stars deserve their privacy, or don’t they?

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T.I Shuts Down Allegations That He Demanded $40K To Attend A Child’s Burial

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Every fan of T.I has been taken aback following allegations that the ‘Mediocre’ singer demanded forty-thousand grand from a family who lost their little son before he could appear for the slain child’s funeral.

T.I refused to condone any media house publishing such damaging stories about him so he made a move to shut the false accusation down immediately.

Posting on his Instagram, Tuesday, T.I wrote starting with the hashtag #lies and ending with #knockitoff.


T.I clamps down on fase allegations that he demanded money to attend a child’s burial

T.I wrote:

#LIES ain’t nobody contacted me for no such thing. Let alone me charge someone to attend a funeral. What people should do is be aware of who they’re contacting & not believe every Tom Dick & Hank who says they’re connected. BUT I’d appreciate it if y’all could quit wit da 💩…. I been in dis game too long… Check my resume’ I’ve payed for funerals & sent kids to college… Charging 40k to attend a funeral ain’t even in my repertoire…. #KnockItOFF

Many people have called out the site that published the story, saying that they are unprofessional for not fact-checking first before publishing an article that can ruin his image.

(Reminds us of someone we know here)

A source commented: “What’s sad is this is a child in my community and for life of me I can’t even figure out why they would be worried about a celebrity attending his funeral. It’s not about you it’s about this little boy who lost his life tragically. This isn’t a show. It’s just sad that the first thing they thought of was trying to have a celebrity at his funeral. You don’t owe anybody anything and your not obligated to do a thing. I wouldn’t even pay it attention!”.

T.I 2

T.I seemingly has a clean slate as the story was too hard for his fans to believe

T.I seems to have a clean slate so far as no one really believed the story to begin with and with T.I coming out to clear his name, the rapper shut down futuristic trash talk and unworthy speculations.

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One of T.I’s fans said: “If u really know him u would know Tip isn’t cut like that, all this negative energy about nothing. Tip have millions an billions of dollars paying for anyone funeral wouldn’t be nothing. If my folks said they didn’t ask, they didn’t ask, what he supposed too volunteer coins”.


T.I is major image goals

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More stars should be like T.I where your fans don’t believe every bad thing they read about you; rather, they’ll give you a chance to prove you are still the star they love.

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Kanye West’s Twitter Rants Get Him, Jay Z And Tidal In Legal Trouble

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Kanye West’s twitter rants have finally gotten him a class action suit.

A Tidal subscriber Justin Baker-Rhett filed a class-action complaint against Tidal which is Kanye and Jay Z’s S Carter Enterprises for Kanye’s tweet where the rapper tweeted, “My album will never never never be on Apple. You can only get it on Tidal”.

Baker says he and other subscribers were misled by the tweet as it was only used to inflate Tidal’s subscriber base.

The Life of Pablo was originally exclusive to Tidal. Kanye’s tweet on the exclusivity of the album increased subscribers on Tidal’s streaming service but on April 1, The Life of Pablo hit Spotify and Apple music despite Kanye also tweeting his album “will never” be on Apple music.

Kanye West, Tidal and Jay Z are facing a false advertising lawsuit from Baker.

Baker-Rhett notes: “User data and subscriber numbers are some of the most important factors in a start-up’s prospects; Jay Z himself is currently suing the previous owners of Tidal for inflating subscriber numbers when they originally sold it to him. In addition, there’s the fact that the publicity tour for The Life of Pablo found West publicly claiming the making of the album had put him into debt, at one point even pegging the exact number at $53 million”.

Kanye West
Kanye West, Jay Z and Tidal face legal action

Baker had done his research plus he had heard murmurs about Tidal’s financial troubles, to back his theory that ‘West and Jay Z misled consumers about Tidal’s exclusivity in order to drive up their subscriber base and enrich themselves (since both musicians have an ownership stake in the streaming service)’.

Before Tidal went to other streaming services, Kanye’s tweet on exclusivity helped get the service get up to 3 million subscribers according to its March service report.

Though majority of the subscribers were ‘free trials’, Baker insists subscribers were made to provide payment information to Tidal.


Baker’s lawsuit read:

“Once a consumer completes the sign up process and starts using the service, Tidal begins collecting a massive amount of analytics data, user habits, and browsing history.

By increasing their user base multiple times over, Tidal is able to create valuable usage information to aid them in better monetizing their site as well sharing with or selling that information to third parties (such as record labels, artists on its platform, and other media companies).

As a result of their misrepresentations, each Defendant, as a stakeholder of Tidal, benefited from having their shares of Tidal increase in value.”

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Kanye West, Jay Z and Tidal are accused of false advertising

Baker’s lawsuit which was filed to the U.S. District Court of northern California, is requesting:

(a) certification as a class-action (potentially including anyone in California who bought a Tidal subscription during its month-and-a-half exclusive access to The Life of Pablo),

(b)that the plaintiffs be awarded both actual and punitive damages,

and (c) that Tidal be forced to delete all personal user data acquired during that time period.

Kanye’s twitter has been silent for a bit. Next time, he will ask ten people to proofread his tweets or comments before hitting send.

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The National Grazing Reserve Bill: The Greatest Evil Of All – Fani-Kayode

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On April 18th 2016, Mr. Okonkwo Afamefuna wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

“I decided to read a copy of the National Grazing Reserve Bill and I was surprised at what I saw. The Bill creates a council to be chaired by a chairman to be appointed by the president. The council shall have the power to take your land anywhere the land is located in the country and then pay you compensation. Your land, when taken, shall be assigned to herdsmen who shall use your land for grazing purposes. They shall bring cows to the land and you shall lose the land permanently to those Fulani cattlemen”. This is the Sudan downloading right here in Nigeria.”

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Femi Fani-Kayode and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

On April 18th, Mr. Gabriel Ogbonnaya wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

“I decided to read a copy of the National Grazing Reserve Bill and I was surprised at what I saw. The Bill creates a commission to be chaired by a Chairman to be appointed by the president, to be confirmed by the senate. The commission shall have the power to take your land anywhere the land is located in the country and then pay you compensation. Your land, when taken, shall be assigned to herdsmen who shall use your land for grazing purposes. They shall bring cows to the land and you shall lose the land permanently to those cattlemen. If you feel that the commission was not right to take your land, you can go to court but before you go to court, you must first of all notify the federal attorney general of your intention to sue the commission. Apart from notifying, you must get the consent and authority of the federal attorney general before you can sue. So that means that if the attorney general refuses to give his consent to the suit, you have lost your land forever to the herdsmen. And this law, when passed, shall apply to the whole country so it means that your land in the village or anywhere is not safe. The National Grazing Reserve Commission would have the power to take away your land from you anytime they want and pay you whatever they want as compensation (even when you don’t want to sell, and remember that for you to get compensation, you must have documents showing or proving ownership). So I think that we all in the South-West, South-South and South-East must rise up and reject this Bill. We must do all things to force our national Assembly members from passing that Bill into law. That Bill is a deliberate attempt to take our lands and hand the land over to the Fulani cattlemen since it is only the Fulanis that rear cattle in Nigeria. That law, when passed, shall fulfill the directive of Uthman Dan Fodio and other northern leaders to take over other parts of Nigeria. I implore you to use all available means to implore your senator and Reps not to pass that law. That law will destroy Nigeria. All over the world, ranches are established and used to rear cattle. The farmers buy land and put their cattle there. There is no country where the land of the citizens are compulsorily acquired and given to others.

This is evil, and designed to favour the Fulanis, the stock the president comes from. We must resist the passage of that Bill into law to save Nigeria, and to protect our future generations.” This is Yugoslavia and Rwanda unfolding right here in Nigeria.

On April 18th 2016, Mr. Duru Collins wrote the following on his Facebook wall:

“This National Grazing Reserve Bill if passed into law will just mark the beginning of apartheid in our country. When the government of Zimbabwe collected land from the white people who naturalised there the whole world worked against President Robert Mugabe. Sanctions were stiffened against his regime even though the whites in Zimbabwe were not African by origin. In our country today there are people that are not Nigerians by origin and these people are making laws to take over our inheritance. This nation will burn once this law is passed.” This is Lebanon and Zimbabwe downloading right here in Nigeria.”

On 19th April 2016, Mr. Oyinemi Nicholas Endeley wrote the following on Facebook:

“The National Grazing Reserve Bill is the ticket to kill us ALL down south. This is not the time to sit and watch evil triumph over good.

I have called the Senator representing me and I have spoken common sense to his senses! He KNOWS what this is all about NOW. Listen people of God, it’s time to get angry! You will come to understand how devilish Buhari’s APC government is the moment you realise they are talking about a Bill that will protect the Fulani militants who, according to the Global Terror Index, are “the 4th deadliest terrorist group” in the world, and neglect tens of thousands of victims that have suffered gory attacks by these daredevils. This government is gradually telling us their priorities and it’s clear the lives of the southerners are not their priority. THIS GOVERNMENT IS EVIL. The ploy is on. They want to send the Trojan horses to our walls. They want to start the war from our lands. They will fail. They can’t send their militants here in the guise of herdsmen. Those herdsmen don’t own those cows, the rich Fulanis do. And I know their plans. Subsequently I will tell you guys more, you will be shocked. But for now, please get on your phones and call those representing you. Tell them not to accept this Trojan horse. It will burn our region, it will kill our children’s future. Let idiots that are southerners keep supporting APC. They don’t care about you, they don’t. You will BURN if their plans work!”

This is colonial India (before she won her independence from the British and broke three ways into Pakistan, Bangladesh and India) downloading right here in Nigeria.

Finally in an article titled “The Outlaws Of Islam”, I wrote the following:

“And if they are still in any doubt about where all this is heading in the Nigerian context they should consider the following. On December 30th 1964, Mallam Bala Garba told the West African Pilot newspaper that:

“the conquest to the sea is now in sight. When our god-sent Ahmadu Bello said some years ago that our conquest will reach the sea shores of Nigeria, some idiots in the South were doubting its possibilities. Today have we not reached the sea? Lagos is reached. It remains Port-Harcourt. It must be conquered and taken.”

This is an eloquent expression of radical Islam, with its pervasive use of violence as a tool of conquest and subjugation, in its purest and most obvious form.

Inspired and equipped with this Janjaweed philosophy and ethos, the whole of core northern Nigeria was conquered by Sheikh Usman Dan Fodio through the use of terror and by the power of the sword in the name of Jihad. Millions of innocent non-Muslims were cut to pieces in the process.

Given the activities of Boko Haram and the Fulani herdsmen in our country today it appears that some in our shores are still interested in implementing that satanic agenda.

They wish to continue where Usman Dan Fodio stopped and they wish to “dip the Koran in the Atlantic ocean.”


Their latest attempt is the introduction and proposal of what is known as the National Grazing Reserve Bill which will give the Fulani herdsmen the right to claim other peoples land all over the country and which will empower them by law to create their own settlements and communities in the territory of others.

Worse still under that law the government will be compelled to fund those settlements and put all that they need in terms of infrastructure in place for them. That is why our Minister of Agriculture is now talking about importing Brazilian grass for the Fulani herdsmen and their cattle.

This subtle and exceptionally brilliant attempt to infiltrate and conquer by guile and assimilation reminds me of the frightful laws that were put in place in the old wild western prairies of 19th century America.

Those laws gave the white settlers rights over the lands of the indigenous Red Indians and saw the Indians themselves subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing and herded into barren reservations that were not fit for human habitation.

It was in this way that the “wild west” was conquered and the once proud and noble war-like Indian tribes of the western prairies were subjugated and subdued.

Sadly our legislators in the National Assembly from the South and the Middle Belt simply do not appreciate and cannot comprehend the serious implications of what they are doing by supporting this evil legislation and neither will the consequences of their naivety and folly be suffered by their constituents until it is far too late.

If that law is ever passed and implemented, two years from that time we will regret it deeply as a nation because it will result in nothing but conflict, chaos and strife between the Fulani herdsmen and settlers on the one hand and the local indigenous population on the other.

The tragedy that unfolded in Jos, Plateau State between the indigenous Christian Beroms and the settler Muslim Fulani for many years is a graphic example of what will be replicated all over the south and the Middle Belt between the Fulani and the various local indigenous populations if that law is ever passed and implemented.


As a matter of fact it will be far worse than anything that Jos ever saw. The National Grazing Reserve Bill will not result in enhancing unity and peace but instead it will result in division, bloodshed, carnage and chaos”.

My conclusion? This is Iraq, Syria and Libya unfolding right here in Nigeria.

When you create a conflict which has its roots in religion, ethnicity, land rights, the attempt to marginalise, dominate, subjugate and conquer others and the quest for liberation and freedom from slavery and bondage all mixed into one, you are toying with a conflagration that will not only be simply horrendous and that will not only affect the whole of Africa but will also last for the next fifty years.

Let me be clear: the greatest evil that we are confronted with in Nigeria today is the National Grazing Reserve Bill. It is more evil than anything that we have ever seen before. It is more insidious and dangerous than anything that we can possibly imagine.

It will do more harm to us than Boko Haram and the Nigerian civil war put together and it will result in open war and the total disintegration of Nigeria. I am speaking prophetically and I am saying this under the leading and guidance of the Holy Spirit. We must stop this cantankerous and divisive Bill from seeing the light of the day and being made into law. There are some things that are bigger, greater and more important than partisan politics and this is one of them.

We must all stand together regardless of our political affiliation and stop this evil Trojan horse from being smuggled into our ranks by those that seek to subjugate and conquer us. We must resist those that seek to strip us of our self-respect, self-worth, liberty and dignity.

We must stand up against those that seek to destroy us and rob us of our faith and our ancestral lands. We must say “never” to those that seek to belittle and enslave us and that are hell bent on reducing us to nothing even within our own shores.

May God help our people and our country and may He deliver us from evil.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Tuchel Yet To Forget Dortmund Loss To Liverpool

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Thomas Tuchel is yet to forget the Europa league loss dealt to Dortmund by Liverpool, but has charged his men to move past that.

Liverpool came from 3-1 down to win 4-3 in a dramatic match at Anfield, that saw Dortmund crash put of the Europa.

And although they bounced back with a 3-0 win over Hamburg on Sunday, Tuchel, speaking ahead of Wednesday’s DFB-Pokal semi-final at Hertha Berlin, concedes that the scars of the setback at Anfield have yet to heal.

He told a news conference: “It’d be hypocritical to say we’ve processed the Liverpool match already.

“We are on the way to processing it, although it’s not the end of the world either.

“The best way to get over it is to win more games. We have to drastically improve our performances.

“It wasn’t just the Liverpool match that showed we have to be more physically robust.”

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MUSIC: Kid Konnect – SnapChat

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Hit music producer Kid Konnect hops on the mic for a change, dropping the ultimate Snap-ready single, titled “Snapchat”.

It comes on the heels of Konnect’s last release “Judgment”, the song featuring M.anifest, Loose Kaynon & Nneka. That track closed out the highly praised “Collectiv3 EP” and its conceptual video set the tone for 2016’s alternative music scene.

But “Snapchat” is ready for the clubs! The hitmaker’s new single gives a taste of what’s to come as Konnect readies his new album, due out later this summer.

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Tension As Fulani Herdsmen Kidnap Enugu Auditor, Demand N5m Ransom

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There was tension in Uzo-Uwani local government area of Enugu state, following the abduction of an Enugu state auditor during the weekend by Fulani herdsmen along Nsukka-Adani express road.

This is just as the suspected cattle rustlers demanded N5 million as ransom for his release, Vanguard Newspaper reports.

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The auditor, Ogbobe Stephen, an indigene of Ukpabi Nimbo in Uzo-Uwani LGA, had gone home in company of six others for a town hall meeting of the community, only to be kidnapped by herdsmen on his way back to Nsukka after the meeting.

It was gathered that the herdsmen around 4pm blocked the busy Nsukka- Adani road at Ukpabi junction, waiting for unsuspecting victims to abduct.

The abductors, it was learnt, flagged down the car conveying the six men and then ordered them to lay face down.

The raiders also tied the hands and legs of three out of the six victims for about 45 minutes before untying two and then dragging the victims into the bush.

Confirming the kidnap, the victim’s wife, Mrs Ogbobe told the media house that on Sunday night, the kidnappers demanded N5 million as ransom for his freedom.

This led to the entire family resignation to prayers and fasting as the cash could not be provided.

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The family members’ fasting and prayers paid off as the kidnappers dropped the ransom to N1.5m on Monday but still the ransom is on the high side for the family.

In spite of the council’s payment to 30 vigilantes to assist the police beef up security along the road, the kidnappers still strike at intervals.

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#ArmsGate: Dasuki Loses Bid To Quash His Trial

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A Federal High Court sitting in Abuja has on Tuesday dismissed an application filed by the former National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (retd), to halt the charges levelled against him by the Federal Government with connection to the $2.1 billion arms deal scandal.

In his ruling, the presiding judge, Justice Adeniyi Ademola, held that the application lacked merit, adding that Dasuki’s trial must continue.

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Today’s ruling is the third after two previous rulings of two other judges of the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Maitama, dismissing similar applications which was filed by Dasuki in respect of two sets of separate charges preferred against him before the judges.

The judge held that Dasuki did not follow the proper process of filing a contempt charge against the federal government, adding that it was out of place for a defendant in a suit to ask that charges against him be dropped for no reasons.

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In a separate ruling today, Justice Ademola dismissed a separate application by the Federal Government seeking protection of its 11 listed witnesses ‎whom it said were afraid of appearing to testify in the case for fear of reprisal.

The court also ordered the Federal Government to allow former NSA access to his lawyers and family.

The Court fixed May 3, 2016 for Dasuki’s trial.

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In Abuja: Troops Nab 92 Armed Fulani Herdsmen ‘On A Mission’

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In an attempt to ensure a crime-free environment within the premises of the Federal Capital Territory (FCT), troops of the Guards Brigade of the Nigeria Army have apprehended about 92 Fulani Herdsmen within Abuja and Nasarawa State.

This announcement was made known in a statement on Monday by the Assistant Director Army Public Relations (ADAPR), Guards Brigade, Capt Bashir Jajira.

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According to him, 36 of the suspects, who claimed to be on a mission to recover their alleged stolen cattle, were arrested by the troops at a military checkpoint between the FCT and Nasarawa State.

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Jajira said another 56 set of armed suspected herdsmen were arrested by soldiers in Dantata, the military checkpoint along airport road also entering the FCT on Sunday.

He said that the troops recovered ‘one pump action gun, 19 cartridge dane guns, 118 cartridge ammo, 28 cutlasses, 3 jack knives, 14 sticks, 7 torch lights, certificate of occupancy, assorted charms and hard drugs.’

“A group of 36 herdsmen in Diana Truck and Toyota Camry car with registration number Abu Kuje 994 FX and Niger SUL 541 XA were intercepted and arrested at 177 Guards Battalion location by Keffi checkpoint.

“During the interrogation by troops at the checkpoint, they claimed to be going to Nasarawa Local Government in Nasarawa State.”

Jajira assured that the suspects would be handed over to the civil Police authority for prosecution.

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Capello: Rooney Should Get England Call Up

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Fabio Capello believes Wayne Rooney is deserving of a spot on England’s euro 2016 squad.

Rooney was instrumental in helping England qualify for the continental competition, but just returned from injury and is battling for fitness.

However Capello – who was in charge of England between 2008 and 2012 – believes Rooney is still worthy of a spot in Hodgson’s 23-man squad for the Euros in France.

“He is important because it’s important to have him on the pitch because he understands the game well and he sets an example for the other players,” the Italian said. “This is a very important role he can play.”

Considering Kane and Vardy’s form this season, Capello believes Rooney should play more of a playmaker role behind both men instead.

“He is changing,” he said. “He will play not like a first forward, he will be like a second forward and his movement between the line of the defenders is important and he knows that movement really well.

But Capello’s main concern for England is the lack of quality defenders at Roy Hodgson’s disposal, not who will fill his striking department.

“The problem for England is not the forwards. You’ve got a lot of centre-forwards – you need to decide which one you need to stay home,” he continued.

“The problem is with the defence, the lack of centre-backs.”

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Allegri: Beating Lazio Could Be Last Step To Winning Scudetto

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According to Massimiliano Allegri, securing victory over Lazio on Wednesday could be the final step in Juventus’ quest to retain the scudetto.

Juventus secured a nine point leaf at the top of the table after thrashing Palermo 4-0, with Inter beating Napoli 2-0.

Allegri’s side need, at most, seven points in order to be crowned champions for a fifth straight season, and their coach is confident that overcoming Lazio will play a crucial role.

“The only numbers that interest me relate to mathematics – we need seven points, hopefully fewer after tonight, although it is unlikely that Napoli will not beat Bologna,” said Allegri.

“We must be careful against Lazio. The three points would make a nice leap forward, probably the final one, to the fifth title. A fifth successive Scudetto would represent an extraordinary achievement.

“They are fighting for the Europa League and are a dangerous opponent, not to mention that we lack [Alvaro] Morata to a suspension. We’re facing a Lazio side who come into the game following consecutive victories without conceding.

“We’ve got a decent advantage over Napoli, but nothing’s guaranteed until the mathematics state otherwise.

“Everyone’s praising us, but we still haven’t won anything as it stands.”

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Jilted Girlfriend Frustrates Ex’s Life With Raunchy Nudes And Videos

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Some women don’t understand the concept of ‘leave me alone’ and Nicole Peri is one of them.

Peri, 30, frustrated her ex’s life by sending him hundreds of racy videos and sexually explicit pictures of herself after he ended their on-and-off relationship.

The jilted boutique-owner hounded her run-away boyfriend, Timothy Harris, with over three-hundred missed calls and emotional audio messages over a five-week period following his act of jilting her.

332D540700000578-0-image-m-72_1460649659259 (1)

The court heard Peri begged Harris to see her, contacting him for one-hundred-and-thirty-times and when he refused, she began sending him the photos and videos to try and win him back.

Harris blocked her when he had enough, but she began using lots of different numbers to contact him.

Prosecuting attorney, Sharon Hall, told Chelmsford magistrates court that ‘police were called out several times to deal with altercations between the couple whose relationship was described as ‘on-off’.

The distraught man said: “All I want is for her to leave me alone and stop harassing me. The whole thing is making me feel low, like I cannot live a normal life and move on”.

332D8FC600000578-0-image-a-70_1460649611203 (1)

Hall read out a statement by Harris to the court: “I estimate I’ve had over 300 missed calls from private numbers. I don’t answer all the calls.  One day in March I was at the gym and had 130 missed calls. I have ignored all these messages, hoping they would stop but they didn’t. I don’t know what else I can do to stop her contacting me. I continue to feel there is no escape from Nicole”.

The court heard how Peri’s mother called and begged him to meet her daughter after they broke up and ‘he agreed to meet up’.

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Harris said Peri was in a ‘really bad way’ when he met up with her and encouraged her to move on as he couldn’t continue the relationship, which led to a violent argument.

Peri refused to take ‘No’ for an answer as she continued to contact him.

332EACC300000578-3540278-image-a-87_1460650476153 (1)

Peri pleaded guilty to harassment and was imposed a ‘twenty hours’ unpaid work and was ordered to ‘pay £165 in costs’.

She was spared jail but was served a restraining order against Harris for a year and received a ban from the court to never contact Harris in any way including visiting his house.

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The judge instructed her to attend a “twelve-month rehabilitation class to support her ’emotional management’ and help her with problem solving”.

If he says he’s done, let him be.  A good’ol revenge shag with his friend will always make the heartbreak easier to deal with

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Cassper Nyovest Designs New Smartphone After Breaking Up With Boity

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Cassper Nyovest, one of the most celebrated hip-hop artistes in South Africa adds another accomplishment to his list following the launch of his low cost smartphone which was produced in partnership with AG Mobile.

Nyovest told media regarding the handset: “It was designed for someone who loves music, being in the mix, and socializing with their crew. Basically it has everything I would want in a phone”.

The star has also turned to retail therapy following his breakup with TV personality Boity Thulo last year after the pair dated for five months.

Pre order yours now on

A photo posted by Refiloe Phoolo 🇿🇦 (@casspernyovest) on Apr 19, 2016 at 3:30am PDT

During an exclusive interview with True Love magazine March edition, Boity confirmed the split.

In a video posted by the magazine, Boity said, “We broke up in December and I cried about it, I got angry about it, I tried to convince myself that it’s okay then eventually you are just like life actually continues”.

Last week Cassper Nyovest released a song which revealed how deeply he felt about the heartbreak.

In the song titled, Super Ex/Power Couple, Cassper sang: “Man I just broke up with my girlfriend/She used to mean the world/Maybe I am just committed to the music, maybe I’m stupid, too much of a cool kid.”

He added: “What if she finds another rap and they fall in love with each other and live happily forever/Sometimes I find myself feeling lonely/Thinking what if she really was my soulmate”.

He sure sounds pretty heartbroken, at least he can afford a Bentley, Rolex, new houses and his own smartphone range.

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Nothing beats shopping your tears away.

Just bought some property in the upper… To God be the glory… Anything is possible… Work hard and pray harder!!! #Blessed

A photo posted by Refiloe Phoolo 🇿🇦 (@casspernyovest) on Apr 17, 2016 at 7:28am PDT

Nyovest dealt with his heartbreak by shopping his pain away, how did you deal with your own heartbreak?

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NYSC To Increase Corps Members’ Allowances Soon – Outgoing DG

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The outgoing Director-General of National Youth Service Corps (NYSC), Brig.-Gen. Johnson Olawumi, has announced that plans have been made to increase allowances of corps members very soon.

Brig-Gen JB Olawunmi passing on the flag of leadership of the scheme to the incoming DG Brig-Gen Sule Kazaure

Brig-Gen JB Olawunmi passing on the flag of leadership of the scheme to the incoming DG Brig-Gen Sule Kazaure

Olawunmi made this disclosure known during a handing over ceremony in Abuja on Monday, April 18 to the new director-general of the scheme, Brig.-Gen. Sule Kazaure.

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He also added that the federal government is aware of lack of funding and would likely grant the request.

Olawumi urged Kazaure to make the welfare of corps members and his top
Olawumi urged Kazaure to make the welfare of corps members and his top

The outgoing NYSC Boss, who will now serve as Acting Commandant of the Nigerian Army School of Electrical and Mechanical Engineering, said:

“We have brought to federal government’s attention the urgent need to increase some of the allowances due to corps members and recent response suggests a strong ray of light at the end of the tunnel.

The major challenge I had as director-general of the scheme is the increasing corps population which was accompanied with dwindling financial resources. It is rather unfortunate that we could not execute some major programmes and activities due to paucity of funds. The scheme was not able to handle some of its programmes especially the sports and cultural festival in 2015.

“You may not be aware that series of letters that have been written and necessary follow up to the appropriate authorities on the need for proper funding of the scheme.

“This is especially important now that the current corps population has risen to 260,000 per year,”

Olawumi also urged Kazaure to make the welfare of corps members and staff his top priority to boost their morale for effective service delivery.

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Corroborating with Olawunmi, the new DG, Brigadier-General Sule Kazaure, promised to give priority to the welfare of corps members and its staff and ensure transparency of the scheme.

“The task ahead is enormous and the road looks very rough but with sincerity of purpose we will make progress,’’ he concluded.

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EFCC Nigeria Is Currently Recruiting Nationwide | Here Is What You Need To Do

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Nigeria’s anti-graft agency Economic and financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has commenced nationwide recruitment into various cadres in the agency.

The advertised positions are SSCE Cadre, ONF/ND carder, as well as the graduate recruitment cadres.

APPLY NOW: Nigerian Army Commences 2016 Recruitment Process 

FINANCIAL WATCH investigations show that the commission is currently recruiting as seen from a publication in a national daily by the EFCC.

Attached below is the newspaper publication and the mail confirmation by the commission.

EFCC confirmation
EFCC confirmation
EFCC Recruitment as shown on a National Daily
EFCC Recruitment as shown on a National Daily

In February, the Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes, Hon. Kayode Oladele, had announced the planned recruitment of additional 750 staff of different cadres in 2016.

APPLY NOW: Nigerian Army DSSC 2016 Recruitment Exercise Is Ongoing – Register Here

Interested applicants are directed to apply by addressing a hardcopy application to the following address:

Head, Human Resources,
P.M.B. 166,
Garki- Abuja.

The application closing date is 20th May, 2016.

APPLY HERE: Nigeria Police Recruitment 2016 

The commission adopted the hardcopy style of application unlike the Police force and Airforce recruitment which can be applied through their websites.

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Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer [VIDEO]

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Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer – Beyonce has released a new trailer for something, and the only thing we know is that the title is Lemonade.

Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer

Beyonce Releases Lemonade Trailer

Beyonce had dropped her eponymous 5th studio album to a huge success in December 2013, and might most lileky be using the same tactics for her upcoming 6th album, which has been reportedly called #B6.

Don’t Bey Greedy! Clothing Line Disses Beyonce For Hugging Photo Credits

HBO has however now released an official trailer for Lemonade, which is simply described as: “Beyoncé’s exclusive world premiere event premieres April 23 on HBO at 9PM ET/6PM PT.”

Is Lemonade a new video? Or is it the album itself? The suspense is killing! Watch the trailer below!

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Nigerian Army DSSC 2016 Recruitment Exercise Is Ongoing – Register Here

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The Nigerian Army has announced the commencement of applications from Nigerians as Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) Course 23/2016 and Short Service Combatant (SSC) Course 44/2016.

READ ALSO: Nigerian Navy Rating 2016 Recruitment Exercise Ongoing | Register Here

1. Applications are invited from eligible Nigerians for commission into the Nigerian Army (NA) as Direct Short Service Commission (DSSC) officers. The DSSC is open to both civilians and serving military personnel.  Only serving military personnel sponsored by any of the Services of the Nigerian Armed Forces to civil institutions shall be considered..


2. Applications should be into any of the following Corps and Services of the NA:

A. Nigerian Army Medical Corps.

(1) Medical and Dental Consultants.    Applicants could belong to either of the following  fields of specialization such as General Surgery, Orthopaedic Surgery, Anaesthesia, Neuro  Surgery, Cadiothoracic, ENT Surgeons, Physicians (Cardiologists, Endocrinologist, Nephrologists  and Neurologists), Ophthalmologists as well as Obstetrics and Gynaecologists, Paediatricians  and Family Physicians.  Applicants must also consider the following criteria:

APPLY HERE: Nigeria Police Recruitment 2016 

(a) Must be Fellow of the National Postgraduate Medical College of Nigeria or equivalent   Postgraduate Medical College.
(b) Not be more than 40 years of age.
(c) Must have full registration of Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria (MDCN) for the   undergraduate degree and additional qualification registration as appropriate.
(d) Must have current MDCN licence to practice as a specialist.

(2) General Duty Medical/Dental Officers.  Applicants must possess MBBS/BDS or equivalent with not more than 5 years post – qualification experience and must be fully registered with the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria.
Note:  All applicants for Medical Corps, are expected to present proof of registration with their professional regulatory bodies and current practicing license.

B. Directorate of Army Aviation.

Applicants must possess a minimum of BSc/B Eng (Second Class Lower) degree or HND (Lower Credit) with other relevant trade qualification from government – approved institutions for the following fields:
(1) Aerospace/Aeronautical Engineering. Minimum of B Eng or HND in Aerospace/Aeronautical   Engineering with not less than 3 years work experience.
(2) Mechanical Engineering. Minimum of B Eng or HND in Mechanical Engineering with not less   than 2 years work experience.
(3) Electrical Engineering. Minimum of B Eng or HND in Electrical Electronics (Power    option).
(4) Air Traffic Controller. BSc in Geography/Physics/Mathematics with NCAA approved Air   Traffic Control License.
(5) Fire Fighter. BSc in Chemistry/Physics with NCAA approved Fire Fighting License from any  reputable organization.

C. Directorate of Chaplain Services (Protestant).

Applicants must possess minimum of BA (Second Class Lower) degree in Pastoral Psychology, New Testament Theology, Old Testament Theology, Pastoral Counseling and Child Evangelism from any of the Seminaries/Universities recognized by the NA Directorate of Chaplain Services (Protestant). Applicants must belong to one of the 18 major denominations of the protestant faith.  Soldier applicants must have served the NA with a minimum of 5 years experience in Chaplaincy work and must be vetted and recommended by the NA Directorate of Chaplain Services (Protestant).

D. Directorate of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic).

Applicants must possess a minimum of Bachelor (Second Class Lower) degree in any of the following areas:  Philosophy and Theology from a Roman Catholic approved seminary, affiliated to a National Universities Commission accredited University or Urbanian University, Rome. Applicants must have good standing in the church and be also released by a Diocesan Bishop.  Applicants must be vetted and recommended by the NA Directorate of Chaplain Services (Roman Catholic).

E. Directorate of Islamic Affairs.

Applicants must possess a minimum of BA, B Ed (Second Class Lower) degree in Arabic and Islamic Studies, LLB Sharia with Diploma in Arabic from recognized Nigerian universities, Azhar University, Cairo or Saudi University. Each applicant would be required to produce testimony of excellent character from a reputable religious organization in Nigeria.  Applicants must be able to speak English Language.

F. Directorate of Legal Service.

Applicants must possess LLB BL from a recognized institution.  A minimum of 2 years post Law School legal practice is required and applicants must present evidence of this.

G. Directorate of Army Public Relations.

Applicants must possess a minimum of BSc, BA (Second Class Lower) degree or HND (Lower Credit) in Journalism, Radio and Television Broadcasting, Radio Operation and Performance.  Applicants must have evidence of Membership to any Professional body in relation to media operation and journalism.


3. All applicants must satisfy the following conditions:

APPLY NOW: Nigerian Army Commences 2016 Recruitment Process 

a. Be a Nigerian as defined in the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

b. Be a male or female between the ages of 22 and 35 years, while medical consultants be not  more than 40 years of age by October 2016.
c. Be medically, mentally and physically fit according to NA standards.
d. Be recommended by at least 2 recognizable referees who must attest to the applicant character and integrity. These could be by a Local Government Chairman/Secretary or an officer  of the Armed Forces not below the rank of a Lieutenant Colonel and equivalent or an Assistant  Commissioner of Police and above who must hail from the state of the applicant.  Passport  photographs of referees must be affixed to the letter of attestation.
e. Candidates must submit a letter of Attestation from their former institutions.
f. Measure at least 1.68m (for male) and 1.65m (for female) in height.
g. Must not have been convicted by any court of law.  Military personnel must be free from any   disciplinary case (This is to be endorsed by the Commanding Officer/Commander).
h. Possess at least a first degree with not less than Second Class Lower Division or HND of not  less than Lower Credit from any recognized institution of learning.
i. Possess valid birth certificate endorsed by the National Population Commission, Hospital or  Local Government Council or valid age declaration.
j. Possess a valid certificate of state of origin.
k. Applicants (Less serving members of the Armed Forces) must possess NYSC discharge  certificate or a valid exemption as the case may be.
l. Graduates with professional qualifications must be duly registered by relevant bodies  recognized by Nigerian Laws at the commencement of cadet training.
m. Only academic credentials obtained from 2006 to date will be considered.
n. Candidates must present contact addresses and telephone numbers of parent/guardians and Next  of Kin.
o. Candidates must not have any body inscriptions or tattoos.
p. Candidates must tender all original copies of educational certificates (primary to post  secondary).
q. Service personnel must present valid military identity cards and letters of recommendations  by their Commanding Officers/Commanders.  They must also present valid letter(s) of NA  sponsorship in tertiary academic institutions.  Additionally, they must have served for a  period of not less than 5 years in the unit.
r. Candidates must not be members of any cult/society/fraternity.
s. All female applicants are advised to seek for commission into specialist corps e;g Medical,  Legal Service or Army Public Relations.


  1. Direct Short Service Commission will be granted for 10 years, for an initial probation period of 3 years, renewable yearly for another period of 7 years.  Direct Regular Commission may be granted on conversion after 3 years as a commissioned officer.

a. Conversion to Direct Regular Commission is not automatic.  It is based on availability of  vacancy and other criteria that are or will be in force from time to time.
b. All graduating officer cadets must sign an acceptance on the terms and conditions governing  the Direct Short Service Commission before they are granted commission into the Nigerian Army.

c. The reckonable period of service will be based on the date of commencement of cadet training  of both civilian and military personnel entrants.

d. Medical Consultants Officers on successful completion of military training shall be granted  the rank of Major and Direct Regular Commission.
e. Officer cadets who successfully complete the military training shall be granted the rank of  Lieutenant with no advantage of seniority.


  1. Applications are to be made online free of charge from the 18th of April 2016.

a. How to apply:
(1) Log on to to create an account.
(2) Read the Qualification Criteria.
(3) From the Home Page, Select DSSC application.
(4)  On successful registration, you will receive an email notification
containing your login details.

(5) Click on ‘Login’ to complete the application form.
(6) Ensure all required documents are uploaded:
– passport photograph.
– educational certificates.
– evidence of membership of any professional body.
– certificate of state of origin.
–  birth certificate or age declaration.

b. Print Out. Applicants must print out their online generated photo-slip on completion of  their application. The first page is to be signed by a Court of Law and the second page is to  be signed by the Local Government Chairman/Secretary or any military officer of the rank of  Lieutenant Colonel or equivalent and above who hails from your state. Successful applicants are  required to present their printed photo-slip to the selection board during interview.

6. All applications must be submitted not later than 13th June 2016.

7. For further information, you may call 07046349788 and 09099170154, or visit


Army Headquarters
Department of Military Secretary
Mambilla Barracks
Asokoro – Abuja

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David Furnish Cheats On Elton John In Threesome With Another Couple

Featured Image

Elton John and David Furnish are in an extra-marital scandal as media revealed Furnish had unprotected sex severally with another gay couple.

Over the past few months, there have been news about a celebrity couple who had been banned from being named after a man came forward to reveal he had sex with one of them.


In a bid to protect their identity, the celebrity couple which have been revealed as Elton and his partner Furnish – initially identified as PJS – gagged the individual with a court injunction, banning him and his partner and their lawyers from revealing their famous names to media.

British business man Daniel Laurence had been dating Furnish for the past three years and the duo had sex numerous times before Furnish invited Laurence’s husband, Pieter Van den Bergh, to join them for a “threesome that involved cavorting in a kiddie pool filled with olive oil”, in December 2011.

elton john and david furnish

Elton John and David Furnish have been together for twenty-three years

The verdict caused conflict between ‘right to privacy’ and ‘freedom of expression’ as Judges in the Court of Appeal said “PJS’s right to “private and family life” outweighed the newspaper’s right to publish the article under laws of freedom of expression”.

While media houses in the England and Wales can’t publish the couple’s names, news outlets around the globe have received not only the identity of the couple’, but also details of how David Furnish had an extramarital affair – the worst part, he had unprotected sex multiple times with Laurence.

Elton John and David Furnish are the celebrity couple gagging UK and Welsh media

Elton John and David Furnish are the celebrity couple gagging UK and Welsh media

Read: Elton John Officially Gets Married To David Furnish After 21 Years Of Being Together!

A source said: “Being named in America and online is what they have long feared. They have spent a great deal of money trying to keep this a secret and it is now well and truly out in the open. We were barred from revealing how one half of the famous couple committed adultery, including the three-way, in a ruling that has shocked the legal and media worlds”.

The gag was placed on the media as the couple did not want their two children to find out about the affair.

elton john

The couple and their kids

David Furnish and Elton John have been married for twenty-three years and have always kept an open relationship which is why it comes as a shock to many why the celebrity couple will make a mountain out of a mole hill.

Daniel Laurence said:

“The whole thing is absolutely ridiculous. We have been threatened with perjury, contempt of court and prison — all for telling the truth about this threesome. We have had endless calls and emails from the star’s lawyers, and even had a threatening letter hand-delivered letter through our door.

The famous couple don’t deny that it happened. But they have used the courts to cover up what the partner has done in a way they should not be used. We are normal human beings and have had problems and threats non-stop. What about our human rights and freedom of expression?

It is not just about this story any more — it’s a wider issue; and people like them should not be able to use the courts to stop this stuff just because they have got pots of money.”

His partner Pieter Van den Bergh said:

“Using your children for publicity and then for protection from it is disgraceful. We cannot tell anyone what happened to us and it seems that the couple have extra rights.

Publishing this story would send a message to celebs that they cannot get away with any old behavior and then use the courts to cover it up”.


david furnish

This gagged couple sound hypocritical. Why would you even want to make it public knowledge you were involved in a threesome with a celebrity if it’s not to ruin their name or sue for compensation of some sorts?

Now they make it seem like they were the ones hurt?

You were invited for a threesome, you agreed to it, move on. That’s my two-cents, what’s yours?

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Troops Repel Boko Haram Attack, Kill 30 Terrorists In Kareto, Borno State

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Troops of the 113 Battalion of the Nigerian Army have successfully repelled terror group, Boko Haram attack at Kareto, Mobbar local government of Borno state, killing about 30 terrorists while scores escaped with gunshot injuries.

READ ALSO: Troops Currently Engaged In Fierce Battle With Boko Haram Fighters in Kareto, Borno State

On Monday, the Boko Haram fighters, who were reported over 100 in numbers, started the attack by launching IEDS on positions of the troops and followed with shooting from different angles all in a bid to confuse the troops but the soldiers aware of the tactic, stood their ground and fought back gallantly.

In contrast to early report by some media houses that many soldiers were feared killed, the acting Director Army public relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, said the Nigerian troops successfully repelled the attack, and many terrorists were killed.

READ ALSO: Troops Repel Boko Haram Attack, Slaughter 34 Terrorists And Rescue 455 Hostages

Although two of their officers and 22 soldiers were wounded in the battle, and currently receiving treatment at a military hospital in Maiduguri, no life was lost.

The statement read: “Please recall that Boko Haram terrorists attacked our troops’ location at Kareto, northern Borno State Monday morning.

“The troops successfully repelled the attack and killed quite a number of the terrorists.

“The situation has since been brought under control and reinforcement sent.

“So far our troops had 2 officers and 22 soldiers wounded in action.

“All of them have been evacuated to Military Hospital Maiduguri where they are receiving treatment.

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MUSIC: Oladips – Asalamalekun (Cover)

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If hip hop is to be named after five [5] fast rising acts presently in the Nigerian music industry, I’m very optimistic ’bout this new Edge records signee, OlaDips. With his previously released material, My Story; still gaining appreciation from his still growing fan base, OlaDips decides to hop on Reminisce’s ‘Asalamalekun’ and he did just fine as he took charge of the beat exactly “1 minute, 23 seconds [1:23]”.

Listen below and get familiar.


Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Toyin Aimakhu Describes Relationship With Seun Egbegbe As A “Mess”

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Toyin Aimakhu describes Relationship With Seun Egbegbe As A “Mess” – Actress Toyin Aimakhu has described her relationship with ex-boyfriend Seun Egbegbe as a “mess” and a “mistake.”

Toyin Aimakhu describes Relationship With Seun Egbegbe As A "Mess"

Toyin Aimakhu describes Relationship With Seun Egbegbe As A “Mess”

The couple had begun dating after Aimakhu split with former husband Adeniyi Johnson, and the two had a whirlwind romance which ended after Aimakhu accused Egbegbe of kidnapping her.

Actress, Toyin Aimakhu Weeps On Instagram As She Pleads With Comedian Not To Commit Suicide

In a recent Instagram post, Aimakhu opened up about the relationship, saying she was only human. “I was outta a marriage with someone I was so much in love with which left me traumatized,” she wrote. “In the process of getting my life together and moving on quickly with my life I made another mistake of getting myself into another mess which only makes me human and i believe every disapointment is a blessing.”

She also cleared the air on the kidnapping allegations, saying she never accused him of it and that their relationship was now over.

She added: “For the record I never for once stated that I was kidnapped by Mr Seun Egbegbe or anyone… I have a life of my own which consists of my father, mother, sibllings and extended family. They also are not happy and it eats me up, please I beseech u all no one should mention my name along with no man anymore. Please enough is enough.”

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