Benitez Aiming For Victory Against Liverpool

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Newcastle manager Rafael Benitez wants Liverpool to claim Europa league glory, but wants three points this weekend.

Newcastle are showing signs of life, as they fight for their spot in the EPL.

The magpies followed up their 3-0 win over Stoke with a 1-1 draw against Manchester City days later.

Liverpool have Wednesday’s Merseyside derby against Everton and a Europa League semi-final tie against Villarreal either side of the Newcastle match – something Benitez hopes can work to his side’s advantage.

“We have to try and win every game – it doesn’t matter where,” he said.

“My connection with Liverpool is obvious, but hopefully they will do really well in the Europa League and we can get three points in the Premier League.

“We are doing well at the moment – hopefully in a game away against a very good team like Liverpool, we can see the same reaction [as against City]. We have belief that we can fight and beat anyone.

“The players are playing with passion and commitment and the fans can see that. So hopefully we can do the same for the next four games.

“We cannot look at the table too much. We just have to concentrate on the next game.”

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Cattle Ranches Or Prisons For Fulani Herdsmen? – Sale Bayari

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It appears the Nigerian Constitution is under an unprecedented attack and assault by farmers, their academic and media sons and daughters. Not only is the Nigerian Constitution under an aggressive, brutal and savage affront but also the government and all those law abiding citizens that seek to protect the country and its constitution. These fiendish and scurrilous attacks are all geared towards the herdsmen’s freedom or its curtailment in an effort to make their lives worthless. As much as Nigerians love freedom, both local, national and international, when it comes to the rights and privileges of the Nigerian herdsmen, constitutional freedoms and rights can go to hell.

Some recently arrested Fulani Herdsmen

Some recently arrested Fulani Herdsmen

Doesn’t the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria say under Chapter IV, Section 41 (1), “Every citizen of Nigeria is entitled to move freely throughout Nigeria and to reside in any part thereof, and no citizen of Nigeria shall be expelled from Nigeria or refused entry or exit there from”? Section 42 (1) adds that, “A citizen of Nigeria of a particular community, ethnic group, place of origin, sex, religion or political opinion shall not, by reason only that he is such a person – (a) be subjected either expressly by, or in practical application of any law in force in Nigeria or any executive or administrative action of the government, to disabilities or restrictions to which citizens of Nigeria of other communities, ethnic groups, places of origin, sex, religious or political opinions are not made subjects…”

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Sale Bayari and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

With all these constitutional provisions, how come we have these multitudes of protests and demonstrations against herdsmen and cattle grazing in Nigeria? The most recent are those carried out in Makurdi, Benue State; Okada, Edo State; Ugwuleshi, Enugu State; Ogbomoso, Oke Ogun, Oyo State etc. All the reports are those of ‘chase the herdsmen out, through any means necessary’, out of the so-called Middle Belt of North, the South-East, the South-South and the South-West. The patterns and the peculiarities of these southern zones’ ethno-religious and socio-economic intolerance of, gang-up against the Fulani herdsmen are glaring to any discerning observer.

Going through the mercenary, inflammatory, one-sided, unbalanced and felonious Southern media reports of the so-called farmers-herdsmen crises leaves one with a sense of national outrage at how things have degenerated to this point, through the agency of the media. They have completely sided their parents/farmers or their kith and kin against other Nigerians in a sectional ethno-religious and socio-economic bigotry. From news stories, features, editorials, advertorials etc, the southern press is awash with screaming headlines that betray the Southern/Middle Belt ethno-religious war against the Fulani herdsmen through such headlines as “The Impunity of Fulani Herdsmen”, “Grazing Fields of Blood”, “Terror Nomads”, “Patrons of Fulani Herdsmen” etc, etc!

I wish to recall what a Tiv, Prof. Iyorwuese Hagher, Executive Director, African Leadership Institute, Dayton, Ohio USA said that, “Recent happenings in Nigeria have unfortunately given the impression that top ranking Fulani elite have already taken sides with the Fulani herdsmen, in agenda to partition Tiv farm lands into Fulani cattle grazing reserves and resources are being garnered to actualise this agenda through the acquiescence of the Jonathan Administration.” He went on, “A national grazing bill is being introduced at the NASS to give legality to this conspiracy of land dispossession and usurpation”, and concluded that, “Worse still, since the Muslims seem to be tacitly taking sides with the Fulani as was the case in Plateau State, this may be the incendiary point where the Christians in the South may come to support the Tiv farmers and Nigeria could go in flames.”

When the Presidential Advisory Committee on National Dialogue visited Jos on October 21, 2013, in continuation of its North-Central “Meet the People Consultative Tour”, the leadership of the herdsmen, which I led, was there to officially support the convocation of the Conference in a letter dated October 21, 2013. We made fundamental and far-reaching contributions to why we felt there was need for this Conference or dialogue. Yet, when the Conference modalities were worked out the “Socio-Political/Cultural and Ethnic National Groups” were allocated 90 seats, yet none was allocated to the entire Fulani herdsmen in Nigeria, despite our pleadings and official applications to the Conference and government officials. We have since remained the most populously affected ethnic group denied any form of participation at this otherwise very important national assignment. The bigotry, partiality, narrow-mindedness and intolerance that led to our being treated this way have remained in our minds as being highly repugnant, offensive, unpatriotic and odious.

Yet without any feelings of pathos, moral, ethical and righteous clemency, the decisions and actions of that Conference are to become the binding laws and rules that govern us as Nigerians! Its decisions shall be the laws that we shall abide by or be treated as outlaws. We shall not have the freedom, like all Nigerians, to move from one part of Nigeria to another and if we break the law, would we be tried like other Nigerians? No. We will be mobbed, massacred, driven out like mice and be called all kinds of names – rapists, jihadists, insurgents, kidnappers, Boko Haram, armed robbers, murderers etc, without proving it in any court of law. Might is right against us and it will always be justified through hate, propaganda, blackmail and malice, based on ethno religious gang-ups against us. Otherwise, how could you use the Conference that you completely and entirely excluded us from, to make laws or decisions against us?

If we had participated, we should have told you the difference between the types of animals that we have which cannot survive in ranches, may be only in grazing reserves or through traditional grazing only. We should have told you the difference between our ancestral and traditional pastoralism, which is a culture, and commercial, mechanised agricultural cattle breeding done in ranches in Western countries. We should have told you the difference between our traditional, local cattle (Zebu) which can only survive on transhumance as against Western exotic breed that can only survive in ranches. Even there, they have the ranges which are manned by the rangers’ migratory cowboys who move the lighter cattle breed across five to seven states – from Arizona, to California, San Joaquin, and Sacramento Valleys, and back again seasonally. We would have told you that one of the Angus, Dexter, Brahman, Cracker, Simmental exotic ranch breeds sell for $1,159 dollars (N425,000.00) in Europe and America, which we cannot afford to buy and breed in Nigerian ranches, that you exclusively decreed for us in your Conference.

If we were at this so-called Conference, we should have told you that there is no African country that has totally banned traditional pastoralism and herd management because of its attendant unpleasant social, psychological and physiological adjustments and huge financial requirements, and the traditional, cultural and historical ecosystem difficulties. Traditional, cultural and commercial livestock grazing and breeding subsist side by side. The cattle genetics of the Nigerian herdsmen are not meant for ranches as they are poor, local small-sized breeds, not the exotic types. Let the Nigerian poultry farmers feed their exotic layers and broilers with the local chicken feeds and let’s see the eggs and meat quality they would get. The herdsmen extended family sizes and ties cannot be accommodated by the small size mono-agric business ranches that people and some state governments are talking about. The entire Nigerian landmass will not accommodate the Nigerian herdsmen cattle in ranches. In the traditional, cultural non-commercial African pastoralist cattle rearing, it is the quantity and not the quality that count due to lack of good quality exotic breeds. The quantity makes up for the poor quality to take care of massive needs.

By the way, why are Nigerian herdsmen expected to modernise and rear their cattle in ranches as practised in Europe and America, amongst others, while the Nigerian farmers are left to practise non-commercial, traditional, cultural and historical farming which has no land conservation and improvement management? The Nigerian farmers should also modernise into industrial and commercial farming with sophisticated machines such as ploughs, planters, harvesters, tractors, trucks etc. so that they would provide grasses, forages, feedlots of cattle feeds for the herdsmen to buy and feed their ranch cattle. Until then, it is completely and entirely impracticable, and impossible to even dream of implementing in Nigeria any cattle ranch breeding, no matter how beautifully it has been crafted in the Conference that excluded the herdsmen.

Sale Bayari, is the National Secretary-General, Gan Allah Fulani Development Association (GAFDAN).

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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All Hail Rihanna As She Smashes The Beatles’ Record On Billboard Top 100

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Rihanna has smashed The Beatles record for the total number of weeks spent as No. 1 on Billboard Hot 100.

Her song “Work” is spending it’s solid ninth week at the top of US charts placing her at No. 1 with 14 songs over a tally of sixty weeks.

The Beatles overall count lost to the Caribbean singer by just one week.

rihanna breaks beatles record

Rihanna beat The Beatles with just one week count for the No. 1 spot

RiRi makes her way into the list of all-time chart toppers but for her to get the crown, she has to knock off Mariah Carey whose record is still strong at seventy-nine weeks.

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Rihanna’s number spot has been majorly influenced by features as ‘some of the songs counted as number one are actually collaborations Rihanna had with other artistes’.

rihanna breaks beatles record

Rihanna beat The Beatles for The Billboards Top 100, now she has to contend with Mariah Carey

For instance, the hit single, ‘Live Your Life’ spent six weeks at number one in 2008, and was performed by rapper T.I.

Rihanna appeared in the song as a guest vocalist.

Also hit songs like ‘Monster’ and ‘Love the Way You Lie’ spent a combined total of eleven weeks at number one and were both performed by Eminem.

Rihanna featured by singing the choruses to both songs.

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The Billboard Hot 100 was set up in August 1958 –and had sales data been collected before this cutoff, Elvis Presley would have shared the No 1 mantle with Carey.

rihanna breaks beatles record

Rihanna’s ‘Work’ and other song collaborations helped push The Beatles a week down

Do you think Rihanna can break Mariah’s record?

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Anti-Preaching Bill: Prepare To Jail 5,000 Pastors In Kaduna – PFN Dares El-Rufai

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The Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN) Kaduna State Chapter has dared the State Governor Nasir El-Rufai, to come and jail 5,000 pastors if the Religious Bill currently before the state House of Assembly is passed into law.

This is just as the Pentecostal group stated that it would rather obey God than to comply with the proposed anti-preaching bill.

Speaking on Tuesday at a stakeholders’ roundtable conference in Kaduna, the state PFN chairman, Prof. Femi Ehinmidu, criticised the bill being sponsored by the state government.

Ehinmidu argued that the bill would ultimately lead to crisis in the state if the government and the state assembly go ahead to pass it into law.

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The forum was tagged Kaduna State Religious Preaching Regulation Bill: Intention and Perception.

The PFN state Chairman also said that the state government should be ready to jail the over 5,000 pastors in the state’s PFN if the government believed it could muzzle the citizens to pass the bill into law.

In a related development, El-Rufai, has, however, cautioned religious leaders against politicising the bill before the Assembly.

El-Rufai told the stakeholders that the preaching bill he sent to the state Assembly had no intention of banning evangelism in the state but aimed at curbing emerging religious extremism.

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He explained that the bill, when passed into law, would allow the Christian Association of Nigeria and the Jama’atu Nasir Islam to check strange ideological beliefs that were not in tandem with Christianity and Islam.

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No Writing Ability? Prestigious Songwriters Awards Rejects Adele’s Songs

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The prestigious Ivor Novello Awards, which recognizes achievement in songwriting and is voted for by composers and songwriters has rejected Adele’s songs as the singer didn’t get any nomination.

Adele’s album ’25’ which was the highest-selling song of 2015 was ignored by the awards.


Adele received zero nominations from the prestigious award

The Ivor Novello Awards is priceless for musicians because they are voted for by their peers and not fans.

Singers that made the 2016 nominations list include, Ed Sheeran, Jess Glynne and James Bay.

Also, Roots Manuva and Skepta were listed for best contemporary song due to the row over diversity at the Brits awards.

Broadcaster Paul Gambaccini, who has hosted the ceremony since 1987, said: “Grime and UK hip-hop had been recognized because of the way the awards were set up. This is what the Ivor judges do – they do deep listening, so the type of song that may not make it to The Brits has a chance here”.


Paul Gambaccini (centre) with 2016 Ivor Novello nominees Jack Patterson (left) and Conor O’Brien (right)

Jack Patterson, from dance act Clean Bandit, got a nomination this year for co-writing Jess Glynne’s number one hit Hold My Hand, according to BBC.

Patterson said: “It’s really nice that it’s celebrating the graft. It’s about the stuff that you don’t see – [working] in these grotty rooms for hours and hours with scraps of paper and gigabytes of discarded voice notes”.

Conor O’Brien, of The Villagers was nominated for best album also added: “Music awards are funny things – but these ones seem to be actually controlled by writers and the writing community.

Which feels good because writing can be a strange, solitary existence. So it can be nice to peek your head above the parapet and say ‘hello.’”

Adele received two special awards in 2011

Adele received two special awards in 2011

Adele who didn’t get a nomination nod can still pick up special awards for “outstanding song collection” and “songwriter of the year”, at the event on 19, May 2016 in London.

The awards is decided by a panel from the British Academy of Songwriters Composers and Authors.

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In 2011, Adele’s breakthrough album, 21, won two special awards; ‘songwriter of the year’ recognition and ‘most performed work’ for Rolling in the Deep.

Gambaccini said: “All this means is that she was not nominated in the five categories in which there were judges. It does not mean that she hasn’t won anything that was in the gift of the academy.”

The full list of nominees is as follows:

Best song musically and lyrically

  • Bloodstream – Ed Sheeran
  • Bros – Wolf Alice
  • Wasn’t Expecting That – Jamie Lawson

Best contemporary song

  • All My Friends – Snakehips ft Tinashe & Chance The Rapper
  • Cargo – Roots Manuva
  • Shutdown – Skepta

Most performed work

  • Hold Back The River – James Bay
  • Hold My Hand – Jess Glynne
  • King – Years & Years

Best album

  • Darling Arithmetic – Villagers
  • In Colour – Jamie xx
  • Matador – Gaz Coombes

Best film score

  • Ex Machina
  • Pan
  • The Duke of Burgundy

Best television soundtrack

  • And Then There Were None
  • From Darkness
  • London Spy

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Trending Right Now: Happy 420 And The Pothead’s Folklore

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Today is the World Pothead day aka Happy 420.

How did that number get into pop-culture and become the puff-puff-pass version of the Oktoberfest?

The Happy 420 tradition began with a group of teens known as the Waldos who grew up in Marin County, California. (Delightfully, they were called “the Waldos” because they liked to hang out beside a wall near San Rafael High School.)

The Waldos, among them Mark Gravitch, Dave Reddix and Steve Capper, initially attempted to conceal their identities to protect their adult lives and careers.

420 was when all the boys got out of detention. After detention, they would meetup at 420 and everyone would go get high. Thus, 4:20 was the time of day after detention for everyone to go get ripped.

Here are some untrue Pothead folklore about 420:

420 is not police code for marijuana violations.

420 is not the number of active chemical compounds in marijuana. (It’s 315.)

420 is Adolf Hitler’s birthday, but that’s not where the tradition comes from.

The actual reason the five original Waldos used the number is because 4:20 was the time they would meet each day to go search for a legendary lost marijuana crop near the Point Reyes Coast Guard Station.

4.20 was the time they usually got out of detention and met up to go weed-hunting and smoking.

So, as you share a Happy 420, also puff-puff pass for peace.

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#RebuildBorno: IDPs Consume 1,800 Bags Of Rice Daily – Gov Shettima

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Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State has said that the internally displaced persons (IDPs) in different parts of the state consumed about 1,800 bags of 50 kilograms rice which constitute three trailer loads, on daily basis.

Governor Shettima says IDPs eat 1,800 bags of rice daily in borno

Governor Shettima says IDPs eat 1,800 bags of rice daily in borno

The governor said this on Tuesday, in his keynote address at the ‘first annual dialogue on Rebuilding Peace in Borno State’ organized by a humanitarian advocacy group, AOA Global in collaboration with the Borno State Government which was held at Borno room of the Transcorp Hilton Hotel.

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The meeting had the Ministers of Health, Professor Isaac Folorunso Adewole, Industry, John Kayode Fayemi, Statistician General of Nigeria, Dr Yemi Kale, the Director of the United States Agency for International Development, the UK Department for International Development, the UNDP, Norwegian government, other foreign and local development partners in attendance.

Shettima also highlighted on what he called the food emergency as a result of the influx of displaced persons who were trapped by insurgents before they were recently freed by the military.

The governor said: “As we speak, we are battling with a crisis of feeding mass of humanity in Borno. The Military has succeeded in rescuing communities that we trapped due to presence of Boko Haram insurgency on certain routes. This cheering rescue has led to mass exodus of internally displaced persons from these trapped communities to emergency camps we had to establish.

“In Borno today, about 1,800 bags of 50 kilograms of rice which constitutes three trailers of 600 bags each, is required Daily to cater for internally displaced persons across the state and this does not include ingredients like tomatoes, vegetable oil, beans to balance carbohydrate, onions, salt and other elements. For our regular camps, a total of 984 bags of rice is consumed daily based on a Data Tracking Matrix of the International Organization on Migration working with the National Emergency Management Agency and the Borno State Emergency Management Agency. This figure of 978 bags is for the camps in Maiduguri and Jere, Dikwa, Bama and Damboa. For Maiduguri and Jere, 787 bags of rice are consumed daily for the 152,000 displaced persons in 17 camps and two relief points at Madinatu and Muna Garrage where distribution of food items are made to IDPs living outside camps in Maiduguri. For Dikwa which has 75,000 displaced persons, 101 bags are required daily.

“Bama requires 50 bags daily for 32,000 displaced persons while Damboa requires 40 bags daily. These are as per the Data Tracking Mtarix of the International Organization on Migration. There are areas where interventions are made on bi-weekly basis. In Gwoza for instance, two trucks totaling 1,200 bags of rice are conveyed every two weeks which comes down to 85 bags daily. In Banki, the same 1,200 bags in two trucks are conveyed every two weeks.”

“At Ngala where we have 7,000 persons in camps and 60,000 living around communities with no source of food, a minimum of 140 bags of 50 kilograms of rice is consumed daily. In Monguno which has 48,000 IDPS from both Monguno and Marte, 60 bags are required daily; in Baga and Kroskawa, 58 bags are required daily for 33,000 IDP’s. In Sabon-Gari, 21,000 IDP’s require 40 bags daily while Nganzai has the least which is 1,300 displaced persons. Beside population, consumption is also dependent on ratio of women and children who consume less than men.”

“Only yesterday, the International Community of the Red Cross and Red Crescent which has been of unimaginable humanitarian support to Borno, conveyed 33 trucks, each carrying 600 bags of rice, to intervene on feeding and this after an initial 37 trucks donated by the same ICRC have been exhausted. The World Food Programme has been of great help and so are the American Government through the USAID, the United Kingdom through the DFID, the Norwegian government, the UNICEF and other humanitarian organizations.

He also revealed that the President Muhammadu Buhari led government has recently approved the release of 21,000 bags of 50 kilograms of contraband rice, some v‎egetable oil and clothes seized by the Nigerian Customs.

He said: “The Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari has just approved the release of 21,000 bags of contraband rice seized by the Nigerian Customs along with vegetable oil and some clothes which we are trying to move from Lagos to Maiduguri this week. I left Maiduguri for Lagos yesterday to supervise the evacuation of the food items because I wanted to be to confront any bottle neck that would be required to fast-track the evacuation.

We are in a desperate situation. When crude was over 100 dollars per barrel Borno was receiving about 4.5 billion naira monthly but last month, Borno received 2.6 billion naira as its federal allocation due to the fall in price of crude oil. We had to top seventy million naira from our savings to pay salaries because as a strategy, we have never failed to pay salaries by 26th of every month and we took that decision knowing that Boko Haram insurgents where capitalizing on joblessness to recruit fighters they pay as little as N5,000 to set schools ablaze and spy on soldiers. We realized that failure to pay salaries in a economy that was brought down by war could portend grave danger. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been talking about food crisis and this is aside the monumental infrastructure and economic losses Borno has suffered.”

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Gov’t Lost N1bn To The 37,395 Ghost Workers We Uncovered In Federal Civil Service -EFCC

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has announced that the agency uncovered 37,395 ghost workers on the Federal Civil Service payroll.

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Making the announcement known on Tuesday during an anti-corruption sensitisation programme organised by the commission for staff of works and housing sectors, the Acting Chairman of the anti-corruption agency, Mr. Ibrahim Magu, said that the government lost about N1 billion to the ghost workers.

He said, beside the widespread procurement fraud in Ministries, Departments and Agencies (MDAs), the issue of ghost workers was a source of serious concern to the commission.

“EFCC has uncovered 37,395 ghost workers in the Federal Civil Service and investigation is still on.

“Our investigation has shown that the Federal Government lost close to N1 billion to these ghost workers.

“The figure will definitely increase as we unravel more ghost workers buried deep in Federal Civil Service payrolls,’’ the commission’s chairman said.

He explained that the commission had established a Procurement Fraud Unit to handle the increasing petitions relating to violations of the Public Procurement Laws.

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Magu advised civil servants to avoid any act in breach of public procurement, warning that violators risked imprisonment and dismissal from service.

“In regard to procurement fraud, there has been a sharp rise in the number of petitions relating to violations of the Public Procurement Act (2007).

“That is what informed my setting up a Procurement Fraud Unit, which has commenced investigation of procurement fraud cases, with some already in courts.

“Let me warn that civil servants found guilty under the Public Procurement Act risk terms of imprisonment, ranging from five to 10 years, and in addition, may face dismissal from service.

“The commission is determined more than ever before to rid MDAs of fraudulent activities.’’

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VIDEO: Kiss Daniel – Mama

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G-Worldwide Entertainment presents the official video to Kiss Daniel’s latest single “Mama”.

Mama is one of the singles off his album.

Produced by Young John and directed by Aje Films.

On 1st of May, 2016, Kiss Daniel will release his much-anticipated first studio album NEW ERA followed by a concert on the 15th of May at Eko Hotel & Suites.

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#ILoyal: Blackmagic And Fans Pay Tribute To National Heroes

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Afro Centric rapper Blackmagic in the last few days has sprung engaging discussions and trends with fans on social media with his #iLoyal trend.

He made this fun with engaging photos and tweets.

Black Magic began this trend by posting the tweet “Are You Loyal? What are you Loyal to? #iLoyal #BOB”. He continued by posting photos of National heroes like Fela Kuti, MKO Abiola & Attahiru Jega with powerful quotes on loyalty. Fans soon joined the band wagon and began to tweet the #iLoyal hashtag and retweet photos and formed their own quotes for the #iLoyal trend, On Monday evening this hashtag began to trend and engage fans so far.
This social media activity leads to Blackmagic’s birthday tomorrow, one can only wonder what he has planned to celebrate him adding another year.
Join the conversation, tweet @ejayblackmagic with the #iLoyal hashtag and shine a light on someone who has expressed loyalty towards you.

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How Nigerian Army Commander Escaped Death In Boko Haram Ambush

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Militants of the deadly terror group, Boko Haram on Tuesday ambushed the convoy of the Acting, General Officer, Commanding Division 7 of the Nigeria Army, Victor Ezugwu, the Nigerian Army said.

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According to a statement issued by the Acting Director Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, “the leading elements of the Acting General Officer Commanding, GOC, 7 Division Nigerian Army, Brigadier General Victor Ezugwu’s leading convoy was about 8.30am on Tuesday morning ambushed by suspected Boko Haram terrorists enroute to visit troops in Bama, Borno state, north east Nigeria”.

While the GOC escaped the ambush, Usman also said “although 1 soldier lost his live and 2 others were injured, they were able to clear the ambush, killing some of the terrorists and recovered vehicle and weapons from them”.

The recovered items include a Toyota Hilux vehicle, 2 AK-47 rifles and several ammunitions.

“The acting GOC has continued his operational visit to Bama, while the body of the late soldier and the two wounded have been evacuated to Maiduguri.

“The chief of army staff, Lieutenant General Tukur Yusuf Buratai, has also spoken with the GOC.
The Nigeria army wishes to reiterate its unalloyed commitment and determination to continue to clear the remnants of the Boko Haram terrorists wherever they might be hiding.”

“Thank you for your kind cooperation.”

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BREAKING! Ekweremadu Rejected By EFCC As Anti-Corruption Ambassador

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has rejected the appointment and decoration of the Deputy Senate President of Nigeria, Ike Ekweremadu as its anti-corruption ambassador.

This disclosure was made known in a statement made available by the Head, Media & Publicity to EFCC, Wilson Uwujaren on Wednesday morning.

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On Tuesday, the deputy senate president was reportedly decorated as an ambassador of the anti-graft agency by its National Assembly Liaison Officer, Sulaiman Bakari.

Peeved by the appointment and decoration of the DSP, the commission kicked against it on Wednesday morning, saying that Bakari was not authorised to confer such status on Ekweremadu or any other politician for that matter.

The statement clarified that Bakari acted on his own as the commission does not give awards but investigates economic and Financial crimes.

The statement read: “The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been drawn to some reports in the print and online media, on April 20, 2016 claiming that the anti-graft agency has decorated the Deputy Senate President, Ike Ekweremadu, as “Anti-Corruption Ambassador”.

“According to a statement issued to the Press by the Special Adviser to the Deputy Senate President, Uche Anichukwu, the purported decoration, was carried out by the EFCC National Assembly Liaison Officer, Suleiman Bakari who was quoted to have said: “ On behalf of my acting chairman, Mr. Ibrahim Mustafa Magu and the entire management and staff of the EFCC, decorate you as an Anti- Corruption Ambassador and formally present this frame, as a token of our appreciation to your person and office, and as a symbol of the institutional partnership between the EFCC and the National Assembly”.

“The EFCC totally dissociates itself from the purported action of Sulaiman Bakari as he acted entirely on his own.

“He clearly acted outside his brief as a liaison officer as the management of the Commission at no time mandated him to decorate Ekweremadu or any officer of the National Assembly as Anti- Corruption Ambassador.

“The statutory mandate of the EFCC is the investigation and prosecution of all economic and financial crimes cases, which does not include the decoration of individuals as anti- corruption ambassadors.

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Saraki’s CCT Trial: ‘You Have No Power To Summon Justice Umar’ – SERAP Tells Senate

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The Socio-Economic Rights and Accountability Project (SERAP) has cautioned the authorities of the Senate to “immediately withdraw the unconstitutional summon for Justice Danladi Umar, Chairman Code of Conduct Tribunal to appear before its Ethics Committee, as the Senate cannot arrogate to itself the power to summon judges without violating constitutional safeguards.”

According to the group: “The summon represents a direct assault upon the principle of judicial independence as it undermines the constitutional principle of separation of powers and guarantee of a judicial system that is free from outside influence of whatever kind and from whatever source. The Senate of Dr Bukola Saraki is perpetrating a parliament of men and not of laws,” the group said in a statement by its executive director, Adetokunbo Mumuni.

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The executive director of SERAP, Adetokunbo Mumuni said in a statement that reads in part:

“The constitutional power of the Senate can only be validly exercised if it’s intended to be in aid of the function of law-making itself. There is clearly no suggestion of contemplated legislation in this case. The Senate not only has exceeded the limit of its own authority, but assumed a power which could only be properly exercised by another branch of the government. We therefore advise Justice Umar to ignore its invitation as it is of no legal effect whatsoever.”

“The Senate in its blind zeal to protect the Senate President Dr Bukola Saraki who is facing corruption charges before the Tribunal is working hard to destroy the foundation of the country’s constitutional democracy. This is a blatant usurpation of power, and an attack upon the integrity of constitutional government and the rule of law.”

“The Senate doesn’t have the power to summon any judge, including Justice Umar. If there is any credible allegation of corruption against Justice Umar, it ought to be dealt with by the appropriate law enforcement agencies and that cannot be the Senate.”

“The Senate can’t lawfully exercise any authority beyond the limits marked out by the constitution. It’s manifestly repugnant to constitutional safeguards which assign to each organ of the government its exclusive functions and a limited sphere of action. This invitation, coming on the heels of the decision by the Tribunal for Saraki’s trial to be conducted day-by-day pursuant to Section 396(6) of the Administration of Criminal Justice Act, 2015, is clearly politically motivated.”

“While the Senate is empowered under Section 88 of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) to conduct an inquiry for the purpose of enabling it to among others make laws, correct any defects in existing laws, expose corruption, inefficiency or waste in the execution or administration of laws within its legislative competence, it doesn’t possess the power to get involved in alleged criminal matter. The Senate is in no sense a court, police or anti-corruption agency, and for it to attempt to act as one, would bring about insurmountable legal and political problems.”

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VIDEO PREMIERE: M.I Abaga – Everything

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M.I Abaga Wants You To See ‘Everything’ He’s also Seen

The undisputed KING of Rap, M.I Abaga, is out with the stunning visuals to ‘Everything’ off his highly revered Illegal Music 3 (The Finale) Mixtape that literally broke the internet becoming the most discussed topic in Nigeria on social media in its release week and shattering download records as it has surpassed 1 million downloads across all platforms since its release.

M.I Abaga – Everything

M.I Abaga – Everything I Have Seen Video

The Three Kings; (@RCubeOshodi, @ThemythCreate & @Psalmurai) directed visuals, paints a vivid picture of the rapper’s thoughts as he takes us through a journey of his experiences in the music industry, the good, the bad and the best.

Watch and enjoy!




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Neuer Signs Contract Extension With Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich goalie Manuel Neuer has signed a contract extension that keeps him at the club till 2021.

It was rumoured that Neuer could be joining Pep Guardiola at Manchester City, but the world cup winner has ended any such speculation.

The Germany international who joined Bayern in 2011/12 season joins the likes of Muller, Boateng, Martinez and Alaba in cementing their future at the club.

It has been a trophy-laded stint for Neuer since making the move to Bayern, with the goalkeeper winning three league titles, two DFB-Pokals and the Champions League in 2013.

The 30-year-old appears set to add to his already impressive medal haul this season, as Bayern sit seven points clear at the top of the Bundesliga with four matches remaining.

Guardiola’s men beat Werder Bremen 2-0 on Tuesday to reach the Pokal final and also have a Champions League semi-final against La Liga high-flyers Atletico Madrid to look forward to.

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Van Gaal: Rooney Must Work For His Spot

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Manchester United manager Louis van Gaal has stated captain Wayne Rooney will have to prove himself against Crystal Palace should he want a spot in the semifinal against Everton.

Rooney will be making his second start since returning from a knee injury against Crystal Palace later today.

The timing appears ideal for Van Gaal, with United heading to Wembley to take on the Toffees, but the Dutchman has told Rooney he will need to prove he deserves his place when his side take on Palace at Old Trafford.

“It’s dependable how he plays, like every player,” Van Gaal said.

“You are presuming that he plays on Saturday. He played very well in the first half against Aston Villa. In the second half he was tiring but he has already got 60 minutes in his legs.

“He trained on Tuesday and he has recovered so we have to see how he is feeling in the second half against Crystal Palace and still he has to play well.”

Rooney has scored seven league goals this season, trailing only Anthony Martial (eight) for United, while he also has four assists.

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“Appointing Benitez Was A Mistake”

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Former Inter Milan president, Massimo Moratti has admitted it was a mistake appointing Rafael Benitez as Mourinho’s replacement.

Mourinho won the treble for Inter Milan, before leaving the club for Real Madrid.

And Moratti has admitted he went after the wrong coach, criticising Benitez for the way he tried to distance the club from the memories of the treble-winning season.

“We went after the wrong coach,” Moratti told reporters.

“Benitez was alert and prepared, a great connoisseur of football, but there was a huge difference in terms of his character and how he communicated with club.

“Benitez felt the weight of wanting to win everything, but asked that everything that happened in the past be forgotten.

“We were afraid to look back and be proud of what we had done.

“We could not celebrate, and so there was no longer the enthusiasm of the previous season.”

Current Newcastle United Benitez was appointed as Inter coach in June 2010 and sacked in December, with the club sitting 13 points off the league leaders.

The Nerazzurri have struggled since but have improved under Roberto Mancini this term. While they currently sit 18 points behind Juventus, they are fighting for Champions League qualification and Moratti is hopeful of bigger and better things under Mancini.

“We believe and we remain hopeful,” Moratti said. “Mancini battled back in England … and he can do it again.”

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MUSIC: Runtown ft. Demarco – Walahi (Remix)

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Runtown continues his Caribbean reign after with another remix, right after the biggest Soca Artist Machel Montano jumped on Bend Down Pause remix. In this one, he Features Jamaican dancehall & reggae recording Artist Demarco in Walahi Remix, produced by Maleek Berry.

Demarco is the Jamaican dancehall superstar behind the popular hit “i Love my Life” .

Runtown is scheduled to go on a Caribbean tour with Machel Montano & Olatunji Starting with Dominican Republic this Summer. He is also billed to go on tour with Major Lazer this summer in the United States.


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MUSIC: Ola Dips – Asalamalekun (Cover)

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Edge records signee jumps, Ola Dips jumps on Reminisce’s chart topping track “Asalamalekun”.

This is pure dopeness. Listen below and share your thoughts on Ola Dips’ delivery.


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