Atletico Madrid Qualify For 2016 Champions League Final

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Atletico Madrid Qualify For 2016 Champions League Final – Atletico Madrid produced yet another superb defensive effort to qualify for the 2016 UEFA Champions League Final.

Atletico Madrid Qualify For 2016 Champions League Final

Atletico Madrid Qualify For 2016 Champions League Final

Atletico Madrid won Bayern Munich 1-0 in the first leg  of their semi-final clash last week, and despite losing 2-1 tonight, were able to qualify on the away goals rule. It’s the 2nd Champions League final appearance for the Spanish side in 3 years, and are likely to face Real Madrid again in the final, whom they lost to in 2014.

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Xabi Alonso had given Bayern the lead through a deflected free kick, but Antoine Griezmann had given Atletico the deciding away goal shortly after the start of the second half. Robert Lewandowski had put Bayern ahead once again in the 74th minute, but Atletico held on for the aggregate win.

Both sides missed penalties, with Jan Oblak denying Thomas Muller in the first half, and Manuel Neuer preventing Fernando Torres from dealing a killing blow. The match was tense all night long, with on-the-pitch squabbles and even on the bench, with Atletico Madrid coach Diego Simeone frequently animated on the touchline.

Atletico Madrid will now be headed to Milan for the Champions League final, where they will meet the winner of tomorrow’s match between Real Madrid and Manchester City.

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Of Herdsmen From Hell: An Interesting Conversation With An Old Friend – Fani-Kayode

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The following discussion took place on my Facebook friend’s page on May 2nd, 2016. Since it is already in the public realm I have taken the liberty of sharing it in my column as well.

Though we have not seen much of each other for a while, I have known Alhaji Muktari Shinkafi for the better part of the last 35 years and we are more like brothers than friends.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Chief Femi Fani-Kayode and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

We spent a lot of time together in our youth and in those heady and blissful days of the early and mid-1980s when I was still at Cambridge University, and when I spent most of my leisure time playing polo at the Lagos Polo Club or at the Guards Polo Club in the U.K., eating caviar and drinking champagne. We had great fun in those days and Nigeria was a much better and happier place than it is now.

At that time Lagos was something of a melting pot and everybody that was anybody in the country had a home there. These were the days before Abuja was built and Lagos was still our nation’s capital.

Most people were very comfortable then because the naira was still strong at approximately two naira to one dollar. It was often the case that people would travel to London, the South of France or the Bahamas for long weekends with their loved ones and be back in Lagos for Monday morning. Then, of course, there was the late night chicken suya in Obalende which was always a delight. I wonder if that still exists.

More importantly, it really didn’t matter which part of the country you came from or what your religious faith was because nobody cared in those days.

The only thing that mattered was whether you had a good education, a good pedigree and whether you had class. Whether you were a Northerner, a Southerner, a Christian or a Muslim didn’t matter at all. Lagos was home to all and we loved it.

It was in that pleasant setting that Muktari and I became close together with a large number of other Polo Club buffs.

His older brother, a legend in intelligence circles and in the world of spying, the former head of Nigeria’s dreaded spy agency, the then NSO, a much loved and revered elder statesman and the former presidential candidate of the defunct National Republican Convention, Alhaji Umaru Shinkafi, the Marafan Sokoto, brought me into politics in 1989 and he was my leader and political mentor for many years.

Simply put Marafan was like a second father to me. He was an arch-conservative and a man of immense discipline and courage, and all of us at the Lagos Polo Club were in absolute awe of him. Whenever he walked in with his head held up high, there would be pin drop silence as we all stood up.

We were his boys and we were all very proud of that fact. I learnt everything from him, from the art of politics to the murky and grey world of espionage.

In addition to that, I had the distinct honour and privilege of being appointed as his Special Assistant in 1992 when he ran for the presidency before General Ibrahim Babangida banned him, General Shehu Musa Yar’Adua (who was the presidential flagbearer for the rival Social Democratic Party) and all the other “old breed” politicians from contesting.

I have nothing but the deepest respect and affection for the Shinkafi family and that remains so till today. I was therefore delighted when Muktari made his contributions on my Facebook wall.

The conversation was prompted by the fact that I posted some graphic pictures of the victims of the Fulani herdsmen in Agatu and Enugu. Those pictures can still be seen on my Facebook friend’s page.

Muktari did not feel that it was appropriate  to post the pictures and the following conversation took place between him and I on the thread.

I believe that it was an interesting discussion which brought out two distinct and separate perspectives (if you like call them the Northern and Southern ones) to the whole issue of the Fulani herdsmen.

I believe that both sides have something to learn from one another on this issue which is why I have chosen to share it with my readers. Enjoy!

Muktari Shinkafi wrote:

“Since we already have the Senate and House of Representatives in place, it will be easier to bring the issue next week of dividing Nigeria immediately after the budget issue.

The division of the country should be proposed based on six geopolitical zones based on the following basis and natural/human resources to sustain each zone.

  1. South-South – oil, sea port;
  2. South-West – service industry, sea port, agriculture;
  3. South-East – oil, commerce;
  4. Middle Belt – agriculture, solid minerals;
  5. North-East – oil, agriculture;
  6. North-West – oil, strategic solid minerals, agriculture.

We in the North don’t deserve this negative propaganda and name-calling.

Let us separate peacefully for the sake of our children since even after the separation, we will be surely bonded together by commerce and personal relationships.

We have millions down there that we are friends through business, marriages etc. I don’t think posting these pictures is necessary as no one is sure of their source, they may be accident victims but some people are posting them to propagate messages of hate among us.”

My response:

“Before I would post such pictures on my wall I have to be certain of their authenticity and in this case I am.


There are other pictures which are far worse and which I cannot post here. My brother, your people kill ours and we are not supposed to even complain about it or let the world know what is happening?

Enough of this madness. If the Fulani leaders cannot reign in their herdsmen and terrorists themselves then we will do it for them.

This barbarity has been going on in the Middle Belt and core North for years unchallenged and now you guys want to extend it to the South.

We will not take it, we will not allow it and we will not sit by idly as your kinsmen slaughter, rape and abduct our men, women and children and occupy our land.

It has been going on for far too long and now we are prepared to resist it. I agree with you that maybe it is time that we begin to consider the division of this country and the best way to start is simply to let the core North go its separate way first and leave the rest of us alone.

Either that or a clean North/South break. We in the South cannot be expected to continue to live peacefully with what the Global Terror Index has described as the first (Boko Haram) and the fourth (Fulani militants/herdsmen) most deadly terror organisations in the world.

They both come from the North and the so-called Northern leaders would do well to look within, accept the fact that they have a major problem with their youth and try to fix it.

What baffles me is that most Northern leaders are more concerned about the fact that these atrocities are being exposed before the world and evidence of it is being adduced than the fact that people are being killed.

They are very comfortable with it when the slaughter is being done in silence but when we scream about it they get upset. This strange and alien mindset is unacceptable to us.

If this rubbish goes on, sooner or later, the South will rise up as one together with our brothers in the Middle Belt and there will be a terrible reckoning.

I do not spread hate and I have no hate in me for anyone or any ethnic group. The truth is that, as you know, one eighth of the blood that flows through my veins is Fulani. I cannot hate myself.

You know very well that our leader and older brother, the Marafan Sokoto, brought me into politics in 1989 and I love him as if he were my father.

Yet the North no longer has strong, decisive and fair minded political leaders like Marafan or gentle, kind, wise and accommodating ones like President Shehu Shagari. That is the problem. If Marafan were president today this herdsmen problem would have been history long ago and so would Boko Haram.

He would care as much for the South and the safety of its people as he would have for the North where he comes from. Yet how many Northern leaders think like that today?

As I wrote in my last column there are a few like Col. Abubakar Dangiwa Umar, Nuhu Ribadu, Kashim Ibrahim Imam, Col. Sambo Dasuki, Ibrahim Turaki SAN, Atiku Abubakar and a few others but not many.

What is in me and millions of other Southerners and Middle Belters is not hate for the Fulani or the core North but anger: a very great and powerful anger that is growing by the day.

We trusted and loved you like brothers for the last 56 years but in recent times what have we got in return except for suspicion, persecution, misunderstanding, violence and pain. First it was Boko Haram and now it is cold blooded murder and the claiming of our lands by your herdsmen.

Nobody can take all that with a smile. Nobody can tell us to take it all and keep quiet. You are my brother and you always will be. We go back such a long way and it pains me to write all these.

Yet the truth is that if only the North could change its attitude and leadership we could all be one big happy family again.

Sadly though they will not because there are a few Northern leaders who relish all that is happening today and who believe in the utter crushing, destruction and subjugation of everything and everyone south of the River Niger”.

Muktari Shinkafi replied:

“Honestly we the Northerners have been at the receiving end since the beginning of this insurgency and Fulani herdsmen terrorism. If the division of Nigeria will bring peace, we wholeheartedly welcome the idea and the sooner the National Assembly begins deliberation the better.”

I then responded:

“We both know that the National Assembly will not do it because the Northern legislators and those that they represent are addicted to Southern oil.

We can do it without the National Assembly if we so wish and the way things are going now we are getting close to that final parting day.

All we have to do is to begin to mobilise our people and tell them the benefits of going our separate ways and breaking up the country.

I guess it is long overdue. When that day comes the parting of ways will be peaceful if the North lets us go in peace but if they try to stop us it will not be so peaceful.”

Muktari Shinkafi responded:

“I think the issue here is that you refuse to acknowledge the frustrations of all Nigerians. We are all making these comments and postings because of the total failure of the APC government to address critical challenges facing the nation instead, its over one year now but they are still associating their failure with PDP which to me is a sign that they just won the election without proper plan but based on change propaganda.

Where are Bakassi boys, kidnappers and the Niger Delta militants? Since the government cannot protect our brothers and communities there, let them come out and protect their people against these bandits (herdsmen).

They killed 25 people in my local government 10 days ago, stole grains and their valuables.

We resorted to use the vigilantes and our young men to protect our farmers from the so called herdsmen bandits from neighbouring countries. Its time the government takes this issue seriously and I believe our police, armed forces and civil defence can take them on squarely; grazing reserve will not solve the problems because these criminals are not the same Fulanis we knew years ago.

They used to live peacefully on Hausa farmlands grazing their animals, but today Hausas are their worst enemies.”

I then responded:

“I acknowledge the fact that it happens in the core North too but if the leaders and people of the core North can live with it, the rest of us cannot.

They have a duty to fight it and to put a stop to it more than anyone else because these beasts, militants and religious extremists that call themselves Fulani herdsmen are their kinsmen.

They are their slaves and their serfs. The cows that they are herding all over the country and destroying peoples lives for belong to the Fulani elites and not to the herdsmen or cattle-rearers themselves.

The herdsmen are too poor to own the cows and they do not have the resources to purchase the AK 47’s that they carry around and kill people with.

It is their sponsors, the Fulani elites that provide all that and, together with the government agencies, they also give them protection and free passage. Since President Buhari came to power they have been virtually untouchable and so have their cows!

What you said about APC’s incompetence and inability to run government is true though. The APC, more than anyone else, used religion and ethnicity to win power at the centre.

They are not only the Boko Haram party but also the Fulani herdsmen party. Even though there are a few token and Uncle Tom christians in their midst, they are essentially like the banned Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

They believe in the total and complete domination of all other tribes by the Fulani and they wish to Islamise our country.

That is their agenda and for the last ten months we have witnessed it all unfold before our very eyes. That together with the obsessive drive to use the various security agencies to discredit and destroy President Goodluck Jonathan’s legacy and to ruthlessly silence and persecute all dissenting voices.

I warned Nigerians during the presidential campaign that this was their agenda but they wouldn’t listen. Now they know better.”

The conversation ended there. My brother Muktari did not respond to my final contribution and we have not spoken since then. Despite all I still cherish him and I hope that we shall remain brothers even after the great divide if it ever comes.

No matter what happens, in the end I will never forget those beautiful and youthful days in Lagos when we were proud of our rainbow nation, when we were all one and when tribe, faith and tongue did not matter.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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N45.9bn Fraud: Tompolo Goes Spiritual, Embarks On Fasting And Prayers

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Former militant leader, Government Ekpemupolo, better known as Tompolo has embarked on fasting and prayers in his hideout for God’s intervention in his current travails with the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The anti-graft commission had charged Tompolo and nine others with an alleged fraud of N45.9bn before Justice Buba.

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In January 2016, a Federal High Court sitting in Lagos issued a bench warrant for his arrest over fraud charges, even as the court ordered the confiscation of some of his assets in Warri and other parts of Delta State.

The country’s anti-graft agency and the police also declared Tompolo wanted even as he went underground.

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However, reports have it that the ex-militant leader, an evangelist and adherent of the Amasiekumor deity of Gbaramatu Kingdom, Delta State, has gone spiritual.

On Monday, a source close to the polity said: “Yes, he has gone into fasting and prayers because he knows that it is only God and not any human being that can deliver him from his present problems, planned by his enemies to undo him.”

Also corroborating with the source, the Media Adviser and Consultant to Tompolo, Mr. Paul Bebenimibo, said:

“When one is in travail, which is his case, you will take your case to God and that is what he has done.

“I can confirm to you that Tompolo is presently on fasting and prayers to God so that He will intervene because he knows that He is a God of justice and will fight for him because he is innocent,” he said.

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24 Year-Old Woman Caught Smuggling 193 Wraps Of Cocaine Wrapped In Sweets

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Rose Uche Igbinoba was caught by security officials at the departure lounge of the Murtala Mohammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos State, where she was about to board a flight to Dubai.

Anti-narcotics officials at the airport discovered the whitish substance she had carefully concealed in sweets after her luggage tested positive to cocaine and weighed 3.230kgs ie 193 wraps of cocaine in total.


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NDLEA commander at the Lagos Airport, Ahmadu Garba, said, “One Igbinoba Uche Rose, who concealed 3.230kgs inside sweets, was apprehended at the arrival hall during inward screening of passengers.

A suspected member of the cartel, Ofor Kamsochukwu Chimezie was arrested on a follow-up operation. The suspects are being investigated.”

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During interrogation, Rose said, “I work as a clerical staff after I completed my primary school because there was no money to further my studies.

I have suffered hardship in life but a man offered to assist me set up my personal business. He promised to pay me half a million naira. This was how I got involved in this problem.”


Source, BusinessDayOnline

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MUSIC: Tipsy Araga Ft. Xino X Chinko Ekun X Pepenazi – Designer (Remix)

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OMO ALHAJA ‘’Tipsy Araga” Takes on a journey of DESIGNER remix ft PEPENAZI , XINO , CHINKO EKUN & TUSHKID.Well its sounds like a Perfect version but not the final version.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Arms Deal: Nigerian Government Fails To Produce Dasuki In Court For Trial

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The trial on corruption charges of the former National Security Adviser, NSA, Colonel Sambo Dasuki (rtd) before the Federal Capital Territory High Court in Abuja was stalled as the Federal Government failed to produce him before the court on Tuesday, May 3.

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In spite of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), presenting its witnesses before the Justice Baba Yusuf-led court, the trial could not continue as the ex-NSA did not show up in court following the failure of the FG, via its agency, the Department of State Security (DSS) to release him to the anti-graft agency.

As the trial resumed today, the counsel to the EFCC, Mr Oluwaleke Atolagbe informed the court that several attempts had been made to contact the DSS to produce Dasuki in court, but the efforts proved abortive.

Atolagbe also told the court that there was no indication that Dasuki would be produced by the DSS, but pleaded with the court to stand down until Jacobs would be present to give more knowledge about the defendant’s absence.

However, Counsel to Salisu Shuaib, a former Director of Finance ONSA, Akin Olujimi, SAN, told the court that the prosecution had failed to produce the defendant in court and ought to admit that and ask for an adjournment.

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In his ruling, Justice Baba Yusuf said that it was the responsibility of the prosecution to produce the defendant in court as required by law, but regretted that the prosecution has unfortunately abdicated this responsibility today as far as this case is concerned.

However, the Judge said, because the conduct of the prosecution had been good in the past, he granted an adjournment of the trial till May 23, 2016.

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CEO Of Fidelity Bank, Okonkwo, Detained for 7 Days As EFCC Continues Investigation

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The chief executive of Fidelity Bank of Nigeria, Nnamdi Okonkwo, has been remanded in custody on Tuesday, upon his detainment last week, by the country’s premier anti-graft agency, prompting the lender to appoint a temporary replacement.

According to Reuters, the spokesperson for the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Wilson Uwujaren, revealed that the commission was granted a court order to keep Okonkwo in custody, while the investigation last.

He said: “It is an ongoing investigation that requires his attention and that was why he was arrested. He has been assisting the commission with the investigation.”

Okonkwo has been in the custody of the EFCC since last Wednesday, as part of investigations into transactions made in the run-up to presidential elections last year.

The bank has said that “the transactions were duly reported as required by the regulators” and that it is cooperating with the authorities.

Meanwhile, the Fidelity bank has on Monday appointed one of its executive directors Mohammed Lawal Balarabe as acting chief executive with “immediate effect”.

The appointment was announced after a board meeting which ended last night.

A two-paragraph statement at the end of the meeting said Balarabe’s appointment, which took effect last night, was subject to regulatory approval even as the bank assured its stakeholders of continued seamless services.

“In the absence of the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Nnamdi Okonkwo, the Board of Directors has appointed Alhaji Mohammed Lawal Balarabe, Executive Director North as Acting Managing Director/Chief Executive of Fidelity Bank Plc with immediate effect subject to regulatory approval,” it said, adding: “The bank reassures all its stakeholders including over 400,000 shareholders and 3.4 million customers of its continued seamless services.”

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In Benue: BSU Students Protest Hike In School Fees, Shut Down Markudi

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Activities in the ‘ever pulsating’ city of Markudi, the state capital of Benue, have been shut down temporarily, following a peaceful protest by the students of the state owned University, BSU, over the hike in their school fees.

Daily Post gathered that this is the second time the students would be protesting since the university management introduced new conditional charges that resulted in an over 400% hike in school fees early last month.

The online media house also revealed that the students are currently protesting along the highway, as they demand that the state governor, Samuel Ortom reverse the decision without delay.

Stay tuned! More details to be added as the story develops…

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Afeni Shakur Mother Of Hip-Hop Icon Tupac Dies At 69

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Hip Hop lovers all over the world have to thank Afeni Shakur Davis for the gift of her late son, Tupac, through whom hip-hop sprung a life of its own.

Unfortunately, Afeni Shakur died on Monday (April, 2) at the age of 69.

On Monday night, Marin County deputies were called to her home in Sausalito, California, after she had suffered a cardiac arrest. The sheriff’s office said she was taken to a local hospital where she died at about 10.30PM(local time).

afeni shakur

Late Tupac & his mother, Afeni Shakur

Afeni can be described as her son’s motivation as she was the subject of his best works.

She also promoted her son’s posthumous legacy after he was shot to death in 1996 – at the age of 25.

Tupac’s hit song Dear Mama, produced in 1995 was dedicated to her. In it, Tupac lyrically described how he had to struggle through life as a child and his respect for his mother.

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He rapped, “There’s no way I can pay you back/But the plan is to show you that I understand/You are appreciated”.

Afeni, was born Alice Faye Williams, she changed her name after moving to New York City where she joined the Black Panther movement.


Afeni Shakur

In 1969, Afeni and other Black Panther members were arrested and convicted with conspiracy to bomb multiple, busy city landmarks. During her trial, she requested to serve as her defense attorney. Her request was sustained, and charges against her were acquitted. She served 11 months in prison.

While serving time, Afeni was pregnant with Tupac. She was released in May 1971, a month before the future hip hop legend was born in June.

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In 1997, a year after her son was killed, she founded the Tupac Amarachi Shakur Foundation. The Foundation catered for youth arts programs, and was responsible for overseeing Tupac’s unreleased material.

A biopic on the Tupac is currently being filmed which Afeni was the executive producer. The movie has been titled, All Eyes On Me; Danai Gurira will be playing Afeni’s character.

Source, NYdailynews

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Theft Of Food By The Hungry & Poor Is Not A Crime – Italy Supreme Court

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A homeless man has been acquitted of stealing cheese and sausages, by the highest court in Italy, which held that the theft of small amounts of food by the hungry & poor is not a crime.

The hungry & poor Ukrainian, Roman Ostriakov was caught in 2011 pocketing US$4.72 worth of food in a supermarket in Genoa, after a customer spotted him and reported him to a member of staff, Italian media reported on Tuesday.

Ostriakov was then sentenced to six months in prison and ordered to pay a US$100 fine.

However, the verdict was appealed on grounds that Ostriakov had been stopped before he had actually left the supermarket, and at a second appeal, Italy’s court of cassation acquitted him.

Italy’s Supreme Court of Cassation, which reviews only the application of the law and not the facts of the case, on Monday made a final and definitive ruling overturning the conviction entirely.

It was clear the defendant “could not live without feeding himself, so acted out of necessity,” the court said.

The Corriere della Sera daily was quick to point out the irony of a legal system in Italy, which saw the theft of goods worth less than five euros go through three costly rounds of justice — first instance, appeal and cassation — before being thrown out.


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Soul Music Is “Human” and She’s Called – Lánre

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British singer, songwriter, and captivating storyteller of Nigerian (Yoruba) descent – Lánre puts out yet another notable song off her recently released four [4] tracks soulful and profound extended play dubbed ‘Human EP – available for download via iTunes  – a follow up to her two [2] year old “Home EP“.

With the Human EP, Lánre enchants on each single with her prowess storytelling ability coupled with good vocals.

Below is the first track which takes after the EP’s title – Human, with notable hooks from the song like: “We are all broken so that light can come in“. Lánre uses the song to explain the typical human quality.

Listen to ‘Human‘ below and don’t forget to cop the “14 minutes, 28 seconds” Human EP HERE


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Ranieri Ready To Defend Title

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Claudio Ranieri is already talking title defence and would love to do that with happy players, insisting he won’t hinder a player that wants to leave.

Leicester were crowned champions of England yesterday, after closest rivals, Tottenham played out a 2-2 draw against Chelsea, with two games to spare.

Kante, Mahrez and Vardy, have all been linked with big European clubs, following their exploits with the foxes.

And even though they have the title defence and the UCL as incentives to keep them at the club, the Italian manager will not stop anyone from leaving.

“I don’t want to sell nobody,” said Ranieri. “Of course if some players don’t want to stay with us because they aren’t happy to continue with us, I don’t want unhappy people.

“Then we are looking to reinforce the team but with the same mentality. Because this is my mentality, this is the players’ mentality. We link very well together.

“Whoever comes must know that we are working hard.”
In contrast to the raucous celebrations much of the Leicester squad enjoyed when watching Chelsea versus Tottenham at Vardy’s house, Ranieri watched the match in the company of his wife and fielded congratulatory phone calls from Rome.

The 64-year-old has managed illustrious clubs such as Juventus, Inter, Atletico Madrid and Valencia during a respected career but his maiden top-flight title at Leicester came somewhat ahead of schedule in the plans the midlands club fleshed out upon his arrival last year.

Ranieri added: “I think no [Leicester cannot do this again] but of course we want to continue to build. When I came here the project was to build a very good foundation and slowly, slowly to grow up together – in three or four years to fight to be in the Europa League.

“Now, this season is out of our project but of course the foundations are very, very solid. We know very well we need to fight next season for 10th position and over. We want to do our best. I am positive and I want to fight.”

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Buhari Will Sign The 2016 Budget By Friday, Says Senator Ndume

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Since the grey areas in the 2016 budget causing the conflict between the National Assembly and the Presidency have been resolved, the Appropriation Bill will be signed unfailingly by Friday, Senate Leader, Ali Ndume said.

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Speaking in a private chat with The Punch Newspaper, Ndume also said the national assembly would ensure President Muhammadu Buhari signs the 2016 budget as soon as possible.

Ndume stated, “There is no cause for concern as all issues relating to the budget have been taken care of by the leadership of the National Assembly.

“I assure Nigerians that all the areas of concern would be resolved this week and the President will sign the budget.”

He also reiterated that the late signing of the budget would not affect the implementation of government laudable programmes for the people.

It was gathered that the reconciliation committee of the national assembly, chaired by Yusuf Lasun, is completing work on the production a clean copy of the budget, which will be submitted to President Buhari.

“The committee has been quite busy; the members worked all night Thursday and Friday last week.

“What is happening now is that the members are putting finishing touches to the budget before forwarding a clean copy to Mr. President.

“It will certainly be this week; counting Tuesday, Wednesday, the signed budget should be ready,” a senior legislative aide said.

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Gunmen Slaughter 20 Persons, 83 Cows In Nasarawa State

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Suspected gunmen have slaughtered 83 cows at Adayi in Nasarawa Local Government Area of Nasarawa State during the weekend, even as reports claim 20 persons were killed in what might be reprisal attacks in the last few weeks.

The traditional ruler of Loko, a town in Nasarawa state, Alhaji Abubakar Ahmed Sabo, alleged that Agatu youths might have perpetrated the act, arguing that the killings were suspected to be reprisals by gunmen who crossed over from Benue State.

Corroborating with the ruler of Loko, the Fulani leader of Adayi area of Loko, Mallam Bideri Ahmadu, also alleged that the suspected Agatu gunmen from Benue State might be responsible for the killings.

The Nation gathered that the Fulani leader said the suspects had wanted to “rustle the cows in their boats across River Benue, but the cattle went berserk because of sporadic shootings.”

“Upon realising they could not achieve their aim, the Agatu youth opened fire on the cows, killing 83. The injured ones are in the bush.”

The Mai Loko, Alhaji Abubakar Ahmed Sabo, said in the last few weeks that over 20 men, women and children were killed during attacks on Fulani people by Agatu youths from Benue State.

Also speaking on the matter, a security source, who pleaded anonymity, said: “There has been tension in the area since the killing of more than 300 people in Agatu area of Benue State by suspected Fulani herdsmen.

“We are suspecting reprisals by Agatu youths who do not want Fulani herdsmen in their area again.

“The crisis between the Fulani and the Agatu is posing a threat to life and property in the two states.

“Nasarawa and Benue governments have to step into the incessant clashes between the Fulani and the Agatu.”

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VIDEO: Jesse Jagz – Nigerian Gangster

Featured Image

The super-talented Chocolate City rapper and the Jagz Nation Emperor, Jesse Jagz, is out with a brand new freestyle with matching visuals to ‘Nigerian Gangster’ produced by ShadyBizniz and directed by UJ Pro Films.

Jesse Jagz’s ‘Nigerian Gangster’ comes off his recently released MTV Base Freestlye Session where he hopped on the instrumentals of YCee’s ‘Omo Alhaji’ freestyle that quickly became a fan favourite so much that it inspired Jesse’s ‘Nigerian Gangster’.

Jesse Jagz definitely lays claim to be one of the finest emcees to ever grace the stage with the level of quality material he keeps churning out.


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Zidane: Ronaldo 100 Per Cent Fit To Face City

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Zinedine Zidane has pointed out that star man, Cristiano Ronaldo is 100 per cent, ahead of the second leg clash against City.

Ronaldo missed the matches against Vallecano, City and Sociedad owing to a thigh injury.

But it appears the Portuguese star is back, unfortunately, Casemiro and Benzema will miss out.

“Cristiano is 100 per cent, but Benzema and Casemiro are different,” Zidane told a media conference ahead of the game.

“I’d have liked to have Casemiro and Benzema, but it is not like that, others will play and they will do well. Karim today still had an issue, and we did not want to take any risks.”

When asked whether his central midfielder was definitely ruled out of the match, the Frenchman stated he hoped the Brazilian would still be involved.

“We will try, Casemiro is Casemiro, but we have other players who can do same work as he does. (It is) not a (serious) injury, but he had bruise and did not train today. We have a big enough squad to cover, if he cant play.”

Real have fared well in the absence of their star striker Ronaldo, securing back to back wins domestically but looked off the pace against City at the Etihad without the Portugal international.

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Police Offer N5m Reward For Information On Abducted Ex-Minister

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Following the abduction of a former Minister of State for Education, Senator Iyabo Anisulowo on Wednesday, the Ogun State Police Command has offered a N5million reward for any useful information that could lead to her liberation.

Iyabo Anisulowo

Iyabo Anisulowo

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According to a statement issued on Monday, by the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Muyiwa Adejobi, the Command made the cash reward offer to boost Anisulowo’s rescue.

The statement read: “The Ogun State Police Command has offered N5m (Five million naira only) reward to any informant(s) who has useful information for the police on the kidnapping of the former senator and minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Senator Iyabo Anisulowo, who was kidnapped recently at Sawonjo/Iganokoto area of Ogun State.”

It was gathered that the 65-year-old has so far spent six days in captivity, even as her captors demanded N200 million ransom.

The spokesperson said that the Commissioner of Police, Abdulmajid Ali, made the call after a security meeting with officers of the command, and other security chiefs in the state.

Those at the meeting included the Commander, 35 Artillery Brigade of the Nigerian Army, Alamala, Abeokuta, S. Danwalis, and the Director of Department of State Security Ogun State, Kabir Sanni.

“The Commissioner of Police Ogun State therefore appeals to the general public to support the police and give useful information that can assist in the rescue operation of the kidnapped victim,” the statement said.

Adejobi added the command had dedicated 09020911911, 08081774631, 08081766937 for the public to reach the police, with the assurance that informants would enjoy adequate security as their information would be made confidential.

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Touch Not Jonathan, For He’s CAN’s Anointed – Ahmed Oluwasanjo

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One might not be completely wrong to say that the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) has lost its soul as it now appears to be more political than religious. Yet, some highly religious folks wouldn’t mind evoking the wrath of God on whosoever opines that CAN is compromised.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Ahmed Oluwasanjo and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Anyway, that we are all entitled to our different views doesn’t change the truth, and the truth remains obvious to those who appreciate it.

Last week, CAN issued a statement in which it called on the government to put an end to some prevailing unpleasant circumstances in the country. On the surface, the statement appeared highly objective as it raised serious issues, like that of the menace of the rampaging herdsmen across the country, the prolonged fuel scarcity and the appalling power supply.

However, the statement veered off altruism and became one of the regular shenanigans of hawks in cassock as it sought to pass across its main message – the defence of its anointed, former President Goodluck Jonathan.

In the usual manner charlatans would twist the popular “touch not my anointed” biblical verse to gag those who might raise constructive and deferring views, CAN declared that Jonathan’s arrest would “throw the country into chaos”, should the Muhammadu Buhari-led government dare it.

Please note that since the statement was published, CAN has not put forward any other statement to clarify its stance or debunk the explosive headlines the media gave it. Given this, the statement reminds keen observers of the dirty money sharing politics CAN was allegedly involved in, in the run up to the 2015 presidential election. It also makes one wonder if CAN has not lost its focus as a supposed sacred religious organisation.

Frankly, those who wrote the statement ought to have known that CAN is supposed to be a sacred association that speaks on behalf of Christians, and it’s contributions to national issues should not unnecessarily heat up the polity. On the contrary, it seems CAN is interested in narrowly speaking for its anointed, other than the larger Christian community.

For clarity, it’s good we ask some questions to understand the said statement in the right context. First, is CAN saying Jonathan should not be probed because he is a “Christian” or because he relinquished power after he was defeated in the 2015 presidential election? Second, has CAN done any investigation that revealed that Jonathan is innocent and therefore should not be probed at all? And third, should the fact that Jonathan has received awards as a ‘hero’ of democracy from international communities shield him from probe?

Even if CAN is under an oath to run a fool’s errand at all cost, preferable it could have called for the probe of all living former presidents and other public servants to avoid appearing like a group of hawks trying to cover up the mess of its anointed. And, the fact that CAN never advocated that Jonathan should not be arrested on the ground that he’s innocent should worry discerning observers.

By extension, that CAN cunningly brought in the “let him who is without sin among you be the first to cast the stone…” idea to portray the on-going war against corruption as lopsided is mischievous. Even our Lord Jesus Christ never absolved the two men who were crucified – on his left and right hand-sides – at Calvary from the legal penalty of their crimes.

So, why should CAN be acting like it has been contracted to seek to shield Jonathan from possible probe, whereas he has not even been invited yet for questioning on any matter in the first place? If brotherly love is a premise for this, I think CAN should extend such love to Sambo Dasuki and co by advocating that their probes be quashed immediately.

For the records, Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Ehud Olmert of Israel, Zine al-Abidine Ben Ali of Tunisia, Pasteur Bizimungu of Rwanda, were all former leaders of their respective countries who were duly prosecuted and sentenced after they left office for crimes they committed while in office. So, why is CAN making it appear as if Jonathan’s probe would lead to Armageddon?

I have no doubt that some folks out there might call me an infidel or a rebel for holding these views. That’s fine. I’ll advise them to be humble enough to admit the single fact that Christ died not for saints. And more importantly, I would prefer to be called a rebel than join those who would grovellingly call a pig ‘daddy’, in order to just have a bite of pork.

This article was written by Ahmed Oluwasanjo. He writes from Abuja and can be reached through

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Police Recruitment: 843,008 Nigerians Apply For 10,000 Slots | Closing Date Is May 13

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The Police Service Commission (PSC) said it received 843,008 applications as at 1.00p.m May 2 from applicants seeking enlistment into the Nigeria Police Force.

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This is contained in an update issued by Mr Ikechukwu Ani, Head, Press and Public Relations of the commission in Abuja on Monday.

He said that 243,327 applications were received for Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) cadre.
Ani added that 197,990 and 401,691 applicants applied for the Inspector and Police Constable (PC) cadres respectively.

READ ALSO: Police Recruitment: 796,152 Nigerians Apply For 10,000 Slots

The commission recently said in a statement that it would recruit 500 Cadet ASP, 500 Cadet Inspectors, 1,500 Specialist Officers and 7, 500 Constables in the recruitment of 10,000 policemen.

President Muhammadu Buhari approved the recruitment of 10,000 policemen into the nation’s Police Force to reinforce the police for better service.

READ ALSO: Police Recruitment: 807,000 Nigerians Apply For 10,000 Slots As Deadline Approaches

NAN reports that the deadline for the submission of forms is May 13, 2016.


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Troops Capture General Shuwa’s Murderer In Kano

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Troops of the Nigerian Army have apprehended a suspected Boko Haram militant believed to be the murderer of Major General Mohammed Shuwa (Rtd).

Late General Mamman Shuwa

Late General Mamman Shuwa

Speaking on the apprehension, the Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Colonel Sani Usman revealed that the alleged killer of Shuwa, who had been on the radar of the military intelligence since 2012, would be paraded to the public by the Commander, 3 Brigade Kano.

He said, “The ever hardworking military intelligence have grabbed the suspected killer of Maj. Gen. Mohammed Shuwa, (retd).

“Commander 3 Brigade will parade him and brief the press in Kano shortly.”

It would be recalled, General Shuwa was murdered on November 2, 2012, in his residence in Maiduguri, Borno State by suspected Boko Haram insurgents.

The late officer was the first General Officer Commanding of the Nigerian Army’s 1st Division, who also commanded the Nigerian Army’s 1st Division during the Nigerian Civil War.

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Drinkwater: Leicester Are Here To Stay

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Leicester City midfielder, Danny Drinkwater has stated that the foxes are here to stay after a fairytale win of the EPL.

Leicester’s victory was confirmed after second placed Tottenham, played out a 2-2 draw against last season’s holders, Chelsea at Stamford Bridge.

“It’s mad, it doesn’t sound right does it? It’s bonkers, it’s hard to put into words,” he told Sky Sports News when asked to explain how it felt to hear Leicester described as Premier League winners.

“But we’ve done it and we’re here to stay. We aren’t going to drop off, we are going to push on. It’s a bit surreal but we made a lot of dreams come true.”

The Leicester players gathered at striker Jamie Vardy’s house to watch the Chelsea-Spurs game – a night that started slowly as the visitors led 2-0 before Chelsea hit back to claim the point that crowned Claudio Ranieri’s men.

“The first half was a bit ‘what’s going on’,” added Drinkwater, “but then the goal went in and after the second goal it was 10 minutes of madness.

“At full-time it was four hours of madness. It was good that we were all together. It sums us up as a group of lads.

“It’s a brilliant time to be with the club and a special moment for us all.”

Drinkwater, who made his England debut against Netherlands in March, reserved special praise for Leicester boss Ranieri, who claimed his first national title at the age of 64.

“He’s done a fantastic job for us and I am happy for him. He’s never won it before and it’s good that he has put his trust in us. We’ve repaid him,” Drinkwater said.

“He’s a laid back kind of guy and it reflects on us, it helps when it comes to the games.

“He’s got a serious side, every manager has, but I’ve loved every minute of working under him. It’s been one hell of a season.”

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Van Gaal: I Am One Of The Best Managers

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Manchester United manager, Louis van Gaal has named himself as one of the best managers in the world.

The Dutchman has been under immense pressure following United’s form, and could be replaced by Mourinho.

However, Van Gaal is not bothered by the speculations surrounding his job.

“I can cope with it when the media is writing for six months I am sacked already. It is not new for me,” Van Gaal said at United’s Player of the Year awards evening.

“For my players, it is not so easy. They are reading it every day. How do you think that affects my authority? What do you think about the way they want to follow my advice, when their coach is portrayed like a nobody because I cannot do anything?

“But I am not like that. I am very arrogant. I am one of the best managers of the world.”

United sit fifth in the Premier League table with three games left and can still qualify for next season’s Champions League, while Crystal Palace await in the FA Cup final and Van Gaal feels the players deserve respect for their achievements.

“We have to meet the expectations of the biggest club in the world. Expectations are too high,” he added.

“We are in a period of transition. It is not so easy. We’re still in a position to qualify [for the Champions League], and we’re in the final of the FA Cup.

“We’ve fought back many times [this season], so you can applaud the players, because they’ve done it.

“I came to England to win a trophy, but first we have to qualify for the Champions League.”

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PHOTOS: Korede Bello, Reekado Banks and Tekno Thrill at Arins Angels Mayday Afrobeats Concert In London

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Opened by Dutch Da Don and hosted by hilarious award winning comedian SEYI LAW, the first ever Arin’s Angels MAYDAY AFROBEATS CONCERT on May 2nd, 2016 was an exciting show full of a variety of acts showcasing their musical talents to a packed audience.

Seyi Law Mayday Concert

Seyi Law

UK based artists who graced the stage last night included Moelogo, Selimax, CoolH, Kaybad, Ray, YFS, SK, BiLara, Jhybo, Paveway, Coalition Dancers amongst others.

UK “Bellovers” were most definitely in the building as KOREDE BELLO was loudly welcomed by screaming female fans. Looking angelic in a long sleeved white outfit with contrasting bright green sneakers, the handsome singer performed “African Princess”, “Mr Romantic”, “Mungu Park” and multi-award winning song “Godwin” as his adoring fans sang along.

Korede Bello-Mayday Concert

Korede Bello and the Bellovers

Towards the end of his performance, he was joined onstage by MAVIN RECORDS label mate REEKADO BANKS, launching into “Doro Bucci” and “Adoabi” together before Reekado’s solo set began.


Wearing a customised denim jacket, white jeans, signature hairstyle and dark sunglasses, REEKADO treated the crowd to “Oluwa Ni”, “Chop Am”, “Sugar Baby” and “Katapot” accompanied by his dancers. The singer even took the time to pose for selfies with “ReekAddicts” when they held out their phones as he ventured into the crowd. Lovely!

Last but certainly not least to hit the stage was TripleMG’s young prince TEKNO, whose highly choreographed dance moves and fashion forward look absolutely delighted the crowd. As he sang “Wash”, “Dance”, “Anything” and smash hit “Duro”, the level of excitement completely skyrocketed as the young artist threw both his hat AND designer watch into the crowd – sending the audience into an uncontrollable frenzy.

HUGE “Congratulations” are in order as the very first MAYDAY AFROBEATS CONCERT was absolutely one of a kind. Wisetola, Paul O, Ubi franklin in attendance.

*Images By Michael Tubes for 360NoBS*

Mayday Concerts-55
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Seyi Law Mayday Concert
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Mayday Concerts-25
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Mayday Concerts-45
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Mayday Concerts-8
Korede Bello-Mayday Concert

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