MUSIC: Cynthia Morgan x Burna Boy – Acting Bad

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Few days after the Burna Boy and Orbeat’s  drama over the record “Acting Bad” Star Gyal, Cynthia Morgan aka Madrina jumps on the record with this hot freestyle.

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MUSIC: Ruggedman – Oloshi ft. Milli

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Rugged Record Boss and veteran in the Nigerian rap scene, Ruggedman thrills on this new record titled “Oloshi”. The record titled “Oloshi” is laced on a beat produced by the man on keys, Reinhard and the record features former Chocolate City rapper, Milli.

Enjoy below and share your thoughts.

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VIDEO: Tekno – Where

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Made Men Music buzzing artist Tekno unleashes the highly creative and entertaining video for his recently released single – ‘Where‘, produced by fellow label mate and highly talented producer, Selebobo.

Whenever I see Tekno dance in his music video, he certainly reminds me of living legend – ‘Bright Chimezie’. Can anyone out there concur?

Tekno entertains so beautifully which goes to show that if you have it in you, it will be very noticeable with just little effort.

Enjoy and don’t forget to leave your comments behind.

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Does The National Assembly Have The Power To Alter Budget Estimates? – Femi Aborisade

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In this article, I examine a critical aspect of the controversy that surrounded the delay in the passage of the 2016 Budget because of the importance it has for future budgetary processes. The issue of interest here is: at the backdrop of ministers who disowned aspects of the 2016 Budget which emanated from their various ministries, could there a limit to the power of the National Assembly in making changes to the annual budgetary estimates prepared by the executive and placed before the National Assembly for passage? In other words, does the power of the National Assembly lie in either passing or rejecting the Executive’s budgetary estimates or does the National Assembly have the power to alter, either marginally or in its entirety, the budgetary estimates submitted by the Executive arm of government?

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Femi Aborisade and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Politicians, legislators and lawyers are divided on this issue. Though the Nigerian experience so far shows that the National Assembly has the power to alter the money bills submitted by the executive, it would appear that the executive has sufficiently succeeded in demonising the National Assembly (even on matters in which the Executive is equally guilty) that members of the legislature appear subdued to concede that the National Assembly lies in either passing or rejecting budgetary estimates submitted by the Executive, without making changes.

I argue in this article that in the interest of allowing inputs of trade unions, NGOs and other mass organisations through the opportunities provided by Public Hearings, it is in the larger public interest to sustain the operation of the current legal framework which supports, in my humble opinion, the power of the National Assembly to alter the budgetary estimates submitted by the executive, either marginally or fundamentally, as the National Assembly may deem fit. I support my argument with an overview of international practices, which vary, depending only on constitutional or legal provisions in individual countries.

The Legal Framework On Passage of Money Bills In Nigeria

The legal framework for passage of money bills at the central government level is governed mainly by sections 59, 80 and 81 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999, as amended, as well as the Fiscal Responsibility Act CAP F40, LFN 2004 (Updated to 31st December 2010).

Section 80(2) of the Constitution provides that no money shall be spent by the Federal Government unless such expenditure is either provided for directly by the Constitution or it is authorised [i.e. appropriated] by the National Assembly, as follows:

“(2) No moneys shall be withdrawn from the Consolidated Revenue Fund of the Federation except to meet expenditure that is charged upon the fund by this Constitution or where the issue of those moneys has been authorised by an Appropriation Act, Supplementary Appropriation Act or an Act passed in pursuance of section 81 of this Constitution.”

Section 81 (1) of the Constitution prescribes the role of the president in the annual budgetary process – to prepare the estimates of revenue and expenditure and place same before the National Assembly, as follows:

“81. (1) The President shall cause to be prepared and laid before each House of the National Assembly at any time in each financial year estimates of the revenues and expenditure of the Federation for the next following financial year.”

Section 59 of the Constitution sets out the role of the National Assembly in the passage of money bills. This section does not in any way limit the extent to which the National Assembly may alter the budgetary estimates submitted to the National Assembly by Mr. President. Indeed, Section 59(4) vests in the National Assembly the veto power, where the president declines to give his assent to what the National Assembly considers fit and proper for the country.

Where the president fails to assent to a money Bill within 30 days of his receipt of same, a Joint Sitting of both Houses of the National Assembly is required. If the Joint Sitting passes the Money Bill by two-thirds majority, the assent of the president is dispensed with and the Money Bill automatically becomes law.

By the provisions of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, we can only come to the conclusion that the legal framework for budgetary processes in Nigeria allows the National Assembly to exercise the power to alter the budgetary estimates prepared by the Executive, where necessary, as the National Assembly deems fit.

Section 3 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act (FRA) mandatorily empowers the Commission created under the Act to, among others, enforce the provisions of the Act, including promoting section 16 of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, 1999. Section 16 (2)(d) of the Constitution guarantees, among others, provision for all citizens of “suitable and adequate shelter, suitable and adequate food, reasonable national minimum living wage, old age care and pensions, and unemployment, sick benefits and welfare of the disabled”. Also, section 16 (2)(c) provides that the economy shall not be operated in such a way that permits concentration of the common wealth or the means of production in the hands of a few individuals or of a group.

The critical importance of section 3 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act is that where the president presents a budget in contravention of section 16 of the Constitution, the National Assembly may be brought under public pressure (through Public Hearing opportunities) to include estimates which would make the budget comply with the provisions of section 16.

Section 11 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act provides that the Federal Government, after consultation with the States, shall place before the National Assembly, a Medium Term Expenditure Framework covering a period of three (3) years, to serve as a macro-economic framework. By section 18 of the Fiscal Responsibility Act, the annual budget for each of the three years covered by the Medium Term Expenditure Framework is to be derived from the same Medium Term Expenditure Framework. Section 12 of the Act provides that aggregate expenditure shall not be more than the estimated aggregate revenue plus a deficit not exceeding three (3) percent of the estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Again, where the proposed budget prepared by the Executive arm of government is at variance with the Medium Term Expenditure Framework previously passed by the National Assembly, the National Assembly would have an opportunity to check the Executive.

From the foregoing, the idea that the legislature has no discretion but to either pass or reject the money bill (including the Annual Budget) does not have any support in the legal framework governing the budgetary process. Such an idea is a pro-executive arm politics, not law.

An Overview of International Experiences

The point must be made authoritatively that, from an overview of international experiences, the argument that the legislature cannot alter budgetary estimates is only half-truth; it represents the practice in some countries where their legal framework so provides. From the analysis of Nigeria’s legal framework examined above, the Nigerian legislature has the power to alter the budgetary estimates submitted by the president. This has been acknowledged in studies undertaken internationally. I provide three sources of such studies below from the works of Anwar Shah (ed.) (2007) and published by the World Bank, entitled Budgeting and Budgetary Institutions. World Bank (accessed online on 7/5/16 at; Richard Hemming, Barry Potter & Richard Allen [(2013) The International Handbook of Public Financial Management. Palgrave, Macmillan] and lastly, Alta Folscher (2011) Status Report: Good Financial Governance in Africa, March, CABRI Secretariat, Pretoria].


In a study by some experts edited by Anwar Shah (2007), it was established on page 273 of the book that:

“Legal powers of the legislature to amend the budget vary from one country to another. Three situations are possible:

  1. Unrestricted power gives the legislature power to change both expenditure and revenue up or down, without the consent of the executive. Some presidential systems (for example, in the United States and the Philippines) fit this model—although the “power of the purse” granted to the legislature is counterbalanced by a presidential veto. This situation implies substantial and direct legislative influence on the first two objectives of public expenditure management (fiscal discipline and expenditure allocation) as well as some indirect influence on the third (operational management).

  2. Restricted power is the power to amend the budget but within set limits, often relating to a maximum increase in expenditures or decrease in revenues. The extent of these restricted powers varies from country to country. In France, the United Kingdom, and the British Commonwealth countries, parliaments are not allowed to propose amendments that increase expenditure and have very restricted powers to propose any other amendment. By contrast, Germany allows such amendments, but only with the consent of the executive. This situation implies very limited legislative influence on resource allocation and (indirectly) on operational management.

  3. Balanced power is the ability to raise or lower expenditures or revenues as long as a counterbalancing measure maintains the budget balance. This intermediate arrangement, known in the United States as PAYGO, channels legislative influence to the sectoral allocation of resources, where it is more appropriate.

Limits on the power of the legislature to amend the budget are particularly needed where legislative debates lead systematically to increased expenditures, as was the case in a number of former Soviet republics in the 1990s. The organic budget law should stipulate that legislative actions that increase expenditures can take effect only if these expenditures themselves are authorised in the budget or its supplementary acts. However, these limits should never hamper legislative review of the budget. In some countries, the budgetary role of the legislature may need to be increased rather than limited.”

It is humbly submitted that the Nigerian legal framework fits the first model above. As the authors above conclude, it is more beneficial to expand the scope of the legislative power on the making of the budget through an enactment in conformity with constitutional provisions rather than restricting it.

Another empirical study by another set of experts [Richard Hemming, Barry Potter & Richard Allen {2013)] has confirmed the findings above in the World Bank publication. On pages 196/197, they established that:


“Relationship between legislative and executive branches. The powers of the legislative branch vary widely across countries, depending on the legal framework and the type of government system. The powers granted to the legislature by law with respect to its review and approval of, its oversight powers over, and (critically) its ability to change the executive’s budget proposals are determined by each country’s legal framework, often at the level of the constitution. As a consequence, there are large variations in the scope of these powers. In some countries the legislative branch can submit its own budget, reflecting its policy priorities, without reference to the executive branch’s proposals. In other countries the legislative branch has great powers to vary budget allocations and hence policy priorities as long as it does not exceed the total spending limits. In still others the legislature can exceed the total limits as long as it brings forth equivalent revenue increases to cover the difference. In contrast to this flexibility, a large number of countries follow a parliamentary system of government, where the legislative branch has the power only to approve or reject the budget, the latter decision typically forcing the government out of power. For many countries, therefore, policy priorities are subject to iterative and detailed negotiations, revisions and compromises, which can often cloud the policy content of the budget finally approved. Even once the annual budget law is approved, nearly all systems allow in-year amendments, usually limited in number, that often represent changes in policy priorities within the year. As a consequence, it is not unusual for countries’ budgets to exhibit major differences between ex ante and ex post policy priorities.”

The third source on this subject matter contains empirical findings on experiences in African countries. Alta Folscher (2011) also establishes a variety in the scope of the power of the legislature on causing variation in budgets prepared by the executive arm of government, emphasising again that it all depends on the legal framework in individual countries. The key findings, on pages 61/62 of the book on the issue of the amendment powers of the legislature, are as follows:

“The potential for legislative changes to the executive budget proposal is determined in law. In the African context, there are several legal restrictions that are noticeably shaped by administrative heritage. Legislatures in many Francophone countries are not allowed to increase the deficit, whereas a large number of countries with a Westminster heritage allow legislatures to make cuts to existing items only. According to the 2008 CABRI/OECD survey of budget practices, 19 of 26 surveyed African countries prohibit certain types of amendments. In five countries (Ethiopia, Liberia, Mozambique, Namibia and Nigeria) legislatures have unlimited amendment power. In one case (Malawi), the legislature may not make any changes; it can only approve or reject the budget. Originally, the South African parliament belonged to the latter category; however, the national assembly recently passed the Money Bills Amendment Procedure and Related Matters Act 9 of 2009, which outlines a procedure for amending the budget (CABRI & AfDB 2008).”


In the light of the foregoing survey of international experiences and an analysis of the legal framework governing an aspect of the budgeting process in Nigeria, I humbly submit that it is a misconception to argue that the legislature has no power to alter budgetary estimates prepared by the executive. The long term public interest would be better enhanced where the existing powers of the legislature in Nigeria to alter budgetary estimates by the executive are sustained. Rather than curtail the powers of the legislature, the National Assembly should in fact enact statutes to strengthen its powers over the budgetary process. It is in such a context that organised labour and other social forces may seize the opportunity provided by Public Hearings in the process of bills passage to pressurise the legislature at critical times and on critical issues.

Femi Aborisade, a legal practitioner, writes from Ibadan.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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UK Police Still Hunting For Dariye | Ex-Plateau Governor Allegedly Bought Pen For £7,000 In 2004

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A detective of the Metropolitan Police Service in London on Monday, has narrated to an Abuja High Court sitting in Gudu, how former governor of Plateau State, Joshua Dariye, jumped bail in London and was still wanted in the United Kingdom over his alleged involvement in money laundering.

The court was also made to understand that a 2004 warrant of arrest issued against Dariye – now a serving senator representing Plateau Central – who evaded bail in London and escaped to Nigeria to avoid prosecution, was still valid.

Speaking on Monday to the court as the ninth prosecution witness, the detective that led a team of Met police officers that arrested Dariye on September 28, 2004, Mr. Peter Clerk, testified before Justice Adebukola Banjoko on charges of alleged diversion of about N1.162bn Ecological Fund meant for Plateau State in 2004 leveled against Dariye.

Clerk, who is now retired, also gave details of Dariye’s alleged extravagant spending, including the purchase of a pen for £7,000 in London, before the former governor was arrested.

He said, “From the examination of Mr. Dariye’s account, he travelled all over the world. From his passport, we saw stamps of several countries.

“We found seven pairs of shoes which cost £700 per pair. He paid £7,000 for a pen. He purchased a lot of things in high luxurious stores.”

On how he was arrested in his hotel room in London on September 28, 2004, Clerk said:

“On September 28, 2004, we were informed that Joshua Dariye was in London in a hotel. I went there with two other officers who also identified themselves as police officers.

“I informed him (Dariye) that we were investigating his accounts and we arrested and informed him under caution that we believed that the money was stolen and proceeds of money laundering. He said nothing.”

“When Dariye was arrested, £43,000 was found in the former governor’s hotel room.”

“On the same day, £50,000, out of which £40,000 belonged to Dariye, was found with a lady, Christabel Bentu, who was said to have claimed to be a Personal Assistant to the former governor, in another room in the same hotel.

“In September 2004, £43,000 in cash was found in Dariye’s room when it was searched. There were various denominations and currencies including Scottish notes, dollars, euros.

“The cash seized was packed into a container, for which he signed. It was photographed. I have copies of the photograph. Dariye and Christopher Bentu were taken to the police.”

Clerk stated that Dariye was later released on bail and was expected to return to London in December 2004, but never did.

Clerk added, “Dariye was informed that if he attempted to move any money, he would be charged for further money laundering.

“In September 2004, I looked at Joshua Dariye in the eyes and said to him, ‘I know you are a religious man’, I asked him if he would come back on December 14, 2004. He said ‘yes’, he would, but he failed to show up. Bentu also failed to show up.

“My colleague searched his property and found £11,995 on the premises and some flyers. They also found three Barclays cheques. They were all seized immediately we made an application for his arrest in London. The arrest warrant is still valid till today. It was circulated in all computers that Dariye was wanted.”

The Punch gathered that the detective of the Metropolitan Police deliberately did not ask for Dariye’s extradition to London because he was under immunity as a serving governor, but that soon after he completed his tenure in 2007, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission filed charges against him.

He said, “He (Dariye) failed to return for his bail. I immediately applied for a warrant of arrest, which was granted by a Magistrate in London. That is still valid. He is wanted in London as of today.”

Meanwhile, Dariye, pleaded not guilty to the charge against him.

Justice Banjoko adjourned trial till June 6.

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2 Teenage Suicide Bombers On A Mission To Cameroon Die At Checkpoint

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Two teenage girls, suspected to be suicide bombers sent by the terror group, Boko Haram have died on Monday in Northern Cameroon after being stopped at a checkpoint, an official said.

Strapped with the explosives, the girls aged 13 and 15, were headed for crowded areas in Mora when they refused to allow themselves to be controlled at a checkpoint.

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According to regional governor, Midjiyawa Bakary, local vigilante groups manning the checkpoint shot the 13-year old dead, while the 15-year old blew herself up.

The girls, who had crossed into Cameroon from Nigeria, were believed to have been sent as suicide bombers by the Boko Haram.

Meanwhile, on Monday, at about 10.30pm, 3 Boko Haram terrorists went to Puchi village to tax the community. On received of information, troops of 7 Division mobilized in conjunction with some Civilian JTF to the area.

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On arrival, they found out that the residents have apprehended 2 of the terrorists and lynched them, while the third one narrowly escaped, according to reports.

The troops recovered1 AK-47 rifle, 1 rifle magazine and 8 rounds of 7.62mm ammunition and a Dane Gun.

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Nigerian Doctors To Embark On 5-Day Warning Strike From Tomorrow

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The President of the National Association of Resident Doctors of Nigeria (NARD), Dr Muhammad Askira has on Tuesday in Abuja announced that the association will embark on a five-day warning strike on May 11, 2016.

According to the president of NARD, the decision was part of resolutions reached by the association at its extraordinary executive council meeting held on May 8.

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Askira frowned at the failure of the federal government to meet their demands as promised, even as he said the strike would begin at 8 a.m on May 11, and then end on May 15, adding that all it members are expected to resume work on May 16 at 8 a.m.

He said the demands by the association include remuneration and residency training programmes, adding that some members in some states are yet to be paid their salaries.

He said that doctors in Federal Teaching Hospitals were among those whose salaries were yet to be paid.

He said that the decision was to push home their demands for implementation on one hand and also to enable government enough time to expedite action in areas not adequately addressed.

“These are issues that have been lingering for years, we gave them a 21-day ultimatum and extended the ultimatum with another 14 days, and we gave them another two more days before the warning strike.

“It is quite unfortunate that after all these we are embarking on a warning strike, we are supposed to proceed on an indefinite strike but we decided to proceed on a warning strike,’’ he said.

He said that the association decided to shelve the indefinite strike because of the respect it has for President Muhammadu Buhari and some National Assembly members that had intervened.

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Askira said that the association would embark on an indefinite strike after the five-day warning strike, if government fails to redeem its pledge.


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Court Orders DJ Zeez To Pay Record Label N23 Million

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Zeez To Pay Record Label N23 Million – A High Court in Lagos has ordered singer Zeez to pay over N23 million to his former record label, HF Music.

Zeez To Pay Record Label N23 Million

Zeez To Pay Record Label N23 Million

The lawsuit against the  Bobby FC singer was first filed  in June 2015, where the singer was accused of not fulfilling his contractual obligations. According to reports, Zeez was no longer making music according to schedule, and was performing at shows without the label’s consent.

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In a judgement given by honourable Justice B.A. Oke-Lawal on the 16th of April, Zeez, whose real name is Kingsley Elikpo, to pay back the sum of N22,378,605.70 to the label, as that was the sum the label claimed to have spent on him.

The singer, whose last song was released in February 2015, has not reacted to the ruling publicly on any of his social media pages.

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Hiddink Backs Terry To Continue At Chelsea

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Interim manager, Guus Hiddink believes John Terry capable of continuing at the club.

Terry has a contract with the blues that expires at the end of the season, with a contract renewal no where in sight.

The English defender was sent off in the match against Sunderland and will miss the final two games of the season, despite stating his desire to stay, a reply is not forthcoming from the club.

Hiddink stated he remains none the wiser about what direction the club will take regarding a renewal, telling reporters: “When I make a judgement on how he plays and his fitness, at his age, then he’s able to play and continue.

“But it’s up to the club, not for me to make declarations on that. When you come on the pitch for training after being sent off it’s not the most beautiful thing, of course.

“In training he started to lift up his morale and trained okay. Of course not being there in the last two games is a blow for him and for us of course as well.

“Yeah, that could have been the last game but that’s not up to me [to decide].”

Asked whether Terry would make a good coach in the future, Hiddink added: “The other day we were sitting next each other before the game in Bournemouth and we discussed about sitting on that spot. It felt good.

“John is very keen – he has always been a leader and tactically you can always rely on him. He can make that step, though you need time to switch off from your career in my experience.”

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Falcao To Spend Next Season With Monaco

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Radamel Falcao will be playing for Monaco next season, after enduring two difficult seasons in the EPL.

The Colombia international spent a year with United, and managed only four goals in 29 appearances.

His career went further downhill following another disastrous campaign with Chelsea, hindered by injuries, resulting in him missing out on the Copa.

“Monaco made a big investment in me and they want some return on that. They want me back at the club for next season,” he told TYC Sports.

“I need to have minutes, to play, and we’ll see what happens. Monaco want to see what my position is in a year, to see what possibilities I have.

“The project changed, it took a turn in every sense. Today they’re more of a selling club than they were three years ago, when they wanted to put a very strong team together.

“In principle, the idea is that I’ll be with Monaco for that season.”

Falcao says he rejected enquiries from clubs in China and South America in the mid-season transfer window as he is holding out for a return to River Plate in future.

“It looks very difficult to come back to River, because I have two years on my contract [at Monaco],” he said.

“Options in China, Mexico and Brazil were talked about a bit, but if I were to go back to America, the idea is River, so I didn’t move.”

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Hummels To Join Bayern Munich

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Bayern Munich have announced the capture of Borussia Dortmund captain, Mats Hummels.

The defender already stated his desire to return to his boyhood club and follow in the footsteps of Lewandowski and Gotze.

And both clubs have announced the switch, with Hummels signing a five year deal with a club he left in 2008 for Dortmund.

The 27-year-old appears set to captain BVB for one last time when Thomas Tuchel’s side meet Bayern in the DFB-Pokal final on May 21.

Hummels told Dortmund’s official website: “I have not made this decision easily after eight-and-a-half successful years at BVB.

“I was always proud and still am, to wear the BVB jersey and to be part of this exceptional team. Before I return to my hometown in the summer, we have a large, common goal all: once again to bring the DFB-Pokal to Dortmund.

“For that I will give everything just like my team-mates. I wholeheartedly thank my team-mates, all the staff and fans for this long and wonderful time in Black and Yellow.”

Confirmation of Hummels’ signing quickly followed Bayern’s capture of prodigal Portuguese winger Renato Sanches from Benfica in a deal that could be worth €45 million.

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Video Review: JLo Dances To Gender Equality In New “Ain’t Your Mama” Video

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JLo as pop culture knows her or Jennifer Lopez in full, has released her latest visual work, Ain’t Your Mama, and it has been widely accepted with over thirteen million views in four days.

In the video JLo encouraged women to be treated as equal to men and this has gotten nods from US Presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton as well as Rihanna.  Worthy of note, JLo is seen wearing the sexiest shoes from Rihanna’s recent collaboration with shoe designer, Manolo Blahnik – Denim Deserts 9-5 boots.

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The 46 year-old award winning singer went from housewife to amazon as she poured a bowl of food all over her male partner’s body while he was waiting to be served by her.

She went on to say her man was too comfortable by letting her do all the housechores while singing about being crazy in love with him and begging him to “let’s get back to how we used to be”.

In another clip, JLo also destroyed products at her workplace because her male boss was rude to her, encouraging other disgruntled female co-workers to cheer “ain’t your mama”. 


Rihanna shared on Instagram

Hillary Clinton’s tweet,

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Watch Ain’t Your Mama Video: 

Should we say women have gained another term to throw at men besides Beyonce’s ‘Boy, Bye and Middle Fingers Up’? Ladies, let him know you ‘ain’t his mama’ if he isn’t willing to at least share in the chores.

Source, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram

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Riyad Mahrez, Anthony Martial Win At 2016 Facebook Football Awards

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2016 Facebook Football Awards – Leicester City’s Riyad Mahrez has been named Player of the Year at the Facebook Football Awards.

2016 Facebook Football Awards: Anthony Martial (Photo: Mirror)

2016 Facebook Football Awards: Anthony Martial (Photo: Mirror)

Mahrez scored 17 goals and created 10 more for the Foxes in an amazing season that saw him named the PFA Player of the Year.

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“It’s something special, and something big as well, because it’s from all over the world, and I thank them, and thanks to all of my fans. I love all my fans. I am very happy,” the Algerian star said of the award.

Manchester United’s Anthony Martial won the Young Player award, beating Tottenham’s Dele Alli to the award.

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“Thanks to all Facebook fans for supporting me as the young player of the year,” said Martial. “I am happy to be playing in the Premier League and I hope that I will continue to score plenty more.”

Best XI of the year: David de Gea; Hector Bellerin, Robert Huth, Chris Smalling, Toby Alderweireld; Riyad Mahrez, Dele Alli, Dimitri Payet; Jamie Vardy, Harry Kane, Sergio Aguero. (4-3-3)

Manager of the year: Claudio Ranieri

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Man Utd What? Bayern Munich Announce Renato Sanches Signing

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Bayern Munich Announce Renato Sanches Signing – After being chased by Manchester United all year long, Benfica’s Renato Sanchez has signed for Bayern Munich.

Bayern Munich Announce Renato Sanches Signing

Bayern Munich Announce Renato Sanches Signing

The Bundesliga champions announced the deal on Tuesday morning, signing the Portuguese starlet for €35 million. The 18-year old playmaker has already completed a medical and has signed a 5-year contract.

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The deal will be a huge disappointment for Manchester United fans, as the club had reportedly been in lead for the signature for the highly-rated youngster.

Bayern Munich’s official Twitter account posted the news, writing: “DONE DEAL! 18-year-old Renato #Sanches will join from Benfica this summer. Welcome to #FCBayern!”

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Brymo Still Has Issues With Chocolate City: “They Are Not Being Nice To Me”

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Brymo Still Has Issues With Chocolate City – Singer Brymo has revealed he still has issues with his former record label, Chocolate City Records.

Brymo Still Has Issues With Chocolate City

Brymo Still Has Issues With Chocolate City

Brymo, speaking to Beat FM following the release of his latest album, Klitoris, revealed that though many thought he won the court case, the case actually never ended.

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“Even though it happened a long time ago and I am constantly trying to forget it. I feel like somebody needs to resurrect the case in court,” he said. We had the opportunity to iron it out in court but they fried it up. I don’t know what they did but they definitely spoke to the judge and spoke to the lawyers and scrapped the case, they are lawyers; they can do it.”

He said that he had no idea where the case was exactly. “I don’t know what they are doing right now, the last time I was in court was in May 2015 and they came out to tell everyone that Brymo won the case; the judge never even passed the sentence. The judge just came that day and said, “I can’t do this, they don’t trust me so I’m going to drop the case,” and so he dropped it.”

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Brymo revealed that he was still not on good terms with Choc City, and admitted that he didn’t see an end to it. He said: “While everyone is saying I should try and reconcile with Choc City and be nice to them, they are not even being nice to me. If they had their way, I would have stopped singing a long time ago, I’ll not even be on stage performing anymore.”

“So I think it’s sabotage and every time I try to find peace with them, they start to grow an erection and say this is what I must do now. I’m here to make music and have a great life and they are trying to sabotage that. There’s nothing I can do but to just keep moving forward in all the purity of my heart.”

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With Wizkid’s Help, Drake Gets His First Billboard Number 1

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Drake Gets His First Billboard Number 1 – In what has certainly  been a long time coming, rapper Drake has finally gotten his first Billboard number 1.

Drake Gets His First Billboard Number 1

Drake Gets His First Billboard Number 1

Drake has Filipino singer Kyla and Nigeria’s very own Wizkid to thank for this milestone, as the trio combined to make One Dance, which displaced Desiigner‘s Panda to sit atop the Billboard Hot 100. It’s Drake’s first number  one as a lead artiste, as he’d been at the top as a featured artiste before with Rihanna’s What’s My Name and Work.

READ: Wizkid Now Ranking 3rd Globally On Spotify

Before One Dance, Drake’s previous peak was the number two spot, which Best I Ever Had and Hotline Bling both reached.

The success isn’t limited to the song as Drake’s entire new album, Views, is doing well too. The album sold over 1 million copies in its first week, and set a record most streams in a week.

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Messi Sad To Miss Olympics

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Argentina captain Lionel Messi has stated he would have loved to play in the Olympics.

Gerardo Martino opted against picking the Barcelona star for both the Copa and the Rio event.

But Messi, who is on the cusp of another La Liga title heading into the final round of the season, has still conceded he is disappointed not be involved for the campaign in Rio de Janeiro.

“I would have liked to go because it was a spectacular experience for me to play in the [2008] Olympics, just as it was for the [2005] Under-20 World Cup,” Messi told ESPN.

“Not just because we won, but for the experience I gained.

“It was a great experience to stay in the Olympic Village and meet other elite athletes from other sports and to be just another athlete among them.

“That was very spectacular even though we didn’t spend a lot of time in the village.

“The World Cup is great but the Olympics are something special.”

Argentina – runners-up to Chile at last year’s Copa America – will now have a fully-focused Messi at their disposal as they bid to win the competition for the first time since 1993.

The 14-time champions – drawn in Group D – will face defending champions Chile in a rematch of the 2015 final on June 6 in the United States, followed by games against Panama and Bolivia.

“It is a new Copa, different. Very nice in the United States and very different from what I have played before because of the people, the stadiums,” Messi said.

“That will make it different and for us, a new chance.”

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Extreme Measures! The 45 Year-Old Bodybuilder Who Has No Regrets Using Steroids

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Rich Piana was first introduced to bodybuilding by his mother at the age of 11, he began competing at age 15 and moved up to taking steroids to boost his physique at age 18.

After decades of using steroids, this 45 year-old bodybuilder said he had no regrets in using the body enhancers while sharing his routine with his over eight-hundred faithful fans.

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bodybuilder steroid user

Piana’s watchword of Whatever It Takes has seen him pay less attention to the end result of steroids than using any means available to achieve that body.

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His extreme measures have also caused other extreme bodybuilders to make Youtube videos pleading with the 45 year-old to chill out on the pills.

body builder steroids

Piana admitted on one of his Vlogs that he knew fully the risk of using steroids though he was adamant on being happy with his life and the choices he had made so far.

steroid body builder 1

He said: ‘If you have the choice to do steroids or stay natural, stay natural. There’s no reason to do steroids, you’re only hurting your body and hurting yourself. 

But if you want to become a professional bodybuilder, guess what? You’re probably going to have to f***ing do them, you’re not going to have a choice. That’s the boat I was in”.


Source, Youtube, Deadspin

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Should A Child Be Stopped From Reading The Bible In Class?

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An incident which occurred in Ohio has left many wondering if reading the bible in class is appropriate.

Brionna Palmer, 9, a third grader in Lancaster, told her mother she was asked by her substitute teacher to stop reading her bible during free-period after she had finished an assignment.

Audra Palmer, the child’s mother told WKYC that her daughter had come home crying, and when she demanded what happened, the child explained how she had been asked to put her bible away by her teacher.

Brionna told her mother, ‘Mommy, the teacher made me put my Bible away’. Audra demanded with, ‘What do you mean she made you put your Bible away?’, the 9 year-old replied with, ‘The teacher come through and she was inspecting everybody’s books, and she said to put your book away and get out a different book’. 

Audra reassured her daughter she had done nothing wrong by reading her bible in class and encouraged her to never be ashamed or intimidated when reading the book.

Brionna’s school refuted the child’s claim stating that the substitute teacher was reading through a different book while the girl was reading the bible rather than the required reading material and was asked to put it away.

The school’s statement read: “The student was asked to put her book away while the lesson was going on. The book happened to be the Bible. The substitute had no problem with the young lady reading the Bible earlier in the day during free reading time.”

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This case has sparked debates as many are saying the substitute teacher was wrong in asking the child to put her bible away regardless she was reading from a different book; while there are those who support the teacher’s action while calling for religious books to be absent in schools.

What’s your take.


Source, WKYC

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Fani-Kayode Spends First Night In Underground Cell As EFCC Continues Grilling

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Strong indications have emerged that the former Minister of Aviation, Femi Fani-Kayode, spent the first night in the custody of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

This is coming in contradiction to earlier reports that Mr Fani-Kayode was allowed to go home with an administrative bail as authorities of the commission said they are quizzing Mr. Fani-Kayode over a sum of N840 million allegedly paid into his account on the eve of the 2015 general elections, Premium Times reports.

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Although, Fani-Kayode, the Spokesman for the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organisation, had insisted that the money was given to him after the successful conclusion of specific assignments directed at him by his principal, however, the premier anti-graft commission asked him to produce the cash or nothing else.

Chief Femi Fani -Kayode, arrived at the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission.
Chief Femi Fani -Kayode, arrived at the headquarters of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission. photo credit: Vanguardngr

The embattled former minister, who arrived at the anti-graft agency’s headquarters in Abuja around 9:35am, yesterday, was subjected to rigorous questioning by different investigators of the agency.

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An impeccable source close to the polity squealed that “Nobody has granted him administrative bail.”

“He is still being questioned and he will be passed to another set of investigators when he finishes answering here.”

“There is more than one case against him,” the source concluded.

Corroborating with the source on his Twitter account, the New Media Director of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Adeyanju Deji, said, in a series of tweets:

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Metuh’s Corruption Trial Adjourned As Judge Complained Of Seeing Shadows

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The Federal High Court sitting in Abuja on Monday adjourned the trial of the spokesperson of the Peoples Democratic Party, Olisa Metuh, due to the apparent impairment in vision of the presiding judge, Justice Ishaq Bello.

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Metuh is standing before the court on a two-count charge of allegedly destroying documents containing a statement he made to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission while being questioned by the operatives of the commission.

He is also facing multiple counts of criminal breach of trust and money laundering placed against him by the anti-graft commission at the Abuja court.

At the resumed trial, Bello, who had just concluded sitting on a case, said he could no longer see clearly because of a problem with his eyes, which were recently operated upon.

“I had surgery on my eyes, and I am already seeing shadows… so for this reason we will have to adjourn,” he said.

Thereafter the trial was adjourned to May 26.

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800 Repentant Boko Haram Militants Undergo Skills Acquisition Programme – NEMA

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At least 800 repentant members of the Islamic sect, Boko Haram, have been introduced to vocational skills’ training under the supervision of the office of the Chief of Defence Staff, the Director-General of the National Emergency Management Agency, Alhaji Sani Sidi, said on Monday in Abuja.

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Speaking at a two-day Public Hearing on the North East Development Commission Bill, 2016, Sidi stated that the programme under which repentant Boko Haram insurgents are being rehabilitated tagged: “Safe Corridor Initiative”, was conceived purposely to provide a leeway for them to turn a new leaf.

Although, Sidi did not say where the exercise is currently taking place, but he said, “It is not correct that the Federal Government does not have a plan for repentant sect members. The federal government has set up the safe corridor programme. I do know that over 800 sect members have been registered in it.

“They have exited the Boko Haram group through the programme in line with the International best practice. They are currently receiving various skills acquisitions programme, which is being handled by the military.”

Meanwhile, a former member of the House of Representatives, Hon. Kaka Kyari Gujbawu, had in his presentation at the event said that the NEDC Bill should include amnesty for repentant Boko Haram insurgents because most of the insurgents were conscripted and forced to fight along Boko Haram members.

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FRSC To begin Confiscation Of vehicles With Expired, Substandard Tyres

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Following the continuous highway mishaps experienced in the country, the Federal Road Safety Commission (FRSC) on Monday, announced that it would hence forth impound vehicles with expired and substandard tyres.

This is just as the commission blamed some of the road accidents in Nigeria on the importation of substandard tyres due to poor border control.

Speaking on the matter at the Stakeholders’ Forum on Tyres with the theme, “Promoting Safe Tyre use in Nigeria’’, the FRSC Corps Marshal, Mr Boboye Oyeyemi, said the measure became necessary to curb incessant road accidents usually caused by poor tyre usage in vehicles.

“What we’re going to commence immediately is that any vehicle that has expired tyres or substandard tyres, we’re going to impound the vehicles,” Oyeyemi said. “Enough is enough to this. All the crises we’re talking about from February this year to April, they were all tyre-related.

“After impounding it (the vehicle), we’ll ask the owner to go and replace it with a genuine one. The passengers we’ll arrange for their continuous journey so as to reduce the pains. But I will not allow an expired tyre fitted on a vehicle to continue the journey.”

“Nigerians will have to choose between life and death. “It’s either you use a fake or substandard tyre and then with the temperature of 41 degrees have a tyre blow out and a life is lost or you buy a genuine tyre and play safe.

“New tyres are not so costly: with N11, 000 now you can get a new tyre, whereas these fairly used tyres cost between N5, 000 and N6, 000: the choice is yours,“ Oyeyemi said.

The FRSC Boss also decried the lack of tyre manufacturing companies in the country, even as he appealed to Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) and its allies to do their utmost best in ensuring that the situation is addressed.

“It’s not a problem that started today, we’ve been raising this alarm since Dunlop and Michelin shut down in Nigeria and relocated,” the FRSC boss said.

“So it’s a result of this that led to over 250 different distorted substandard tyres in the country today and we appeal to Manufacturers Association of Nigeria and Nigerian Association of Chamber of Commerce Industry Mines and Agriculture to do their very best in looking into this and see how tyre manufacturing plants can be brought into life.”

“Nigeria is too big not to have a tyre manufacturing plant. That is the bane of the problem we have on ground today.”

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NDA Releases List Of Candidates Shortlisted For ’68th Regular Course’ Interview | Check Yours Here

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The authorities of the Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) have released the names of Shortlisted Candidates to appear for interview before the Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) – 68 Regular Course.

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1. The candidates whose names appear in this publication were successful at the Nigerian Defence Academy Entrance Examination held on Saturday 23 April 2016. They are to appear for interview before an Armed Forces Selection Board (AFSB) from Saturday, 28 May – 9 July 2016 at the Nigerian Defence Academy (Old Site), Kaduna. Candidates will appear before the AFSB in 2 batches as follows:

To view the Shortlisted Candidates for the Armed Forces Selection Board for 68th Regular Course, CLICK HERE

a.) Batch 1. (Candidates from the underlisted states are to report to NDA on Saturday 28 May 2016).

  1. Abia
  2. Adamawa
  3. Bauchi
  4. Benue
  5. Cross River
  6. Delta
  7. Ebonyi
  8. Ekiti
  9. Imo
  10. Kaduna
  11. Kebbi
  12. Kwara
  13. Nasarawa
  14. Ogun
  15. Oyo
  16. Rivers
  17. Yobe
  18. Taraba
  19. FCT

b.) Batch 2. (Candidates from the underlisted states are to report to NDA on Saturday 18th June 2016).

  1. Akwa Ibom
  2. Anambra
  3. Bayelsa
  4. Borno
  5. Edo
  6. Enugu
  7. Gombe
  8. Jigawa
  9. Kano
  10. Katsina
  11. Kogi
  12. Lagos
  13. Niger
  14. Ondo
  15. Osun
  16. Plateau
  17. Sokoto
  18. Zamfara

2. Candidates who fail to report by Saturday 28 May 2016 and Saturday 18 June 2016 for Batches 1 and 2 respectively, will not be allowed to attend the interview. Any candidate in Batch 2 who is seen around the NDA premises before 18 June 2016, will be disqualified. All candidates will be accommodated and fed throughout the duration of their stay for the AFSB.

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3. All candidates will undergo a screening exercise which will involve certificates/credentials screening, medical and physical fitness tests amongst Only candidates who pass the screening exercise will qualify to continue with the interview. Thus, any candidate that fails at any stage of the screening (documents verification and medical screening) will be asked to leave the NDA premises. One or 2 representatives from each state of the federation including the FCT will be allowed to screen and authenticate the indigeneship status of all candidates from their states on the first day of screening only. Such representatives must come along with a letter of introduction signed by the Secretary to the State Government (SSG). Details of the modalities for the indigeneship screening will be communicated to the Office of the SSG of the respective States as well as the FCT.

4. Candidates MUST bring along the original and 2 photocopies each of the following documents:

  • JAMB UTME Result Slip
  • Acknowledgement Form and NDA Examination Admission Card.
  • Academic Certificates / Statements of Result and Testimonials for Primary and Secondary Schools (Junior and Senior).
  • Birth Certificate or Declaration of Age, preferably Birth
  • Letter of Attestation of State/Local Government Indigeneship duly signed by the SSG or Chairman of Local Government, as the case may Certification obtained from a military officer from the candidate’s state of origin, who must be of the rank of Lieutenant Colonel and above or equivalent in the Nigerian Navy and Nigerian Air Force, may be used in place of Local Government Indigeneship Certificate. In this case, the officer must indicate his formation/unit, appointment, contact address, phone numbers and e-mail address. The officer must also affix formation/unit stamp and sign.
  • Letter of Consent from Parent/Guardian.

5. Applicants are hereby urged to download both the Attestation and Letter of Consent Forms from the NDA applications portal/NDA website and complete filling the form as any Candidate who fail to bring along the documents listed above will be disqualified. Any alterations on the documents will attract outright disqualification.

6. Candidates are also urged to bring along the following items:

  • Writing
  • Three blue shorts and 3 white (round-neck) T-shirts.
  • A pair of white canvas shoes and 3 pairs of white
  • Non-refundable fee of N2, 00 each for verification/confirmation of results at WAEC/NECO.
  • Scratch cards for WAEC and/or NECO results for online confirmation of
  • Four recent coloured passport
  • The second copy of Postcard Photograph that was presented and endorsed at the Exam Centre during the NDA Entrance
  • Transport money to and from
Brigadier General
Academy Registrar
Click here to view the Shortlisted Candidates for the Armed Forces Selection Board for 68th Regular Course.
Meanwhile, a notice issued on the website on the NDA read:
1. The attention of Nigerian Defence Academy (NDA) has been drawn to the nefarious activities of scammers using the NDA’s name through a website to defraud unsuspecting applicants seeking admission into NDA to pay a certain amount of money in order to have their names included in a supplementary list of successful candidates. The Academy wishes to state that the only authentic list of shortlisted candidates for the 68 Regular Course Armed Forces Selection Board is the list published on the Daily Trust of Friday 6 May 2016 and The Sun newspaper of Monday 9 May 2016. It is also the same list that is posted on the NDA website and the Comsoft Portal.

2. The General public is therefore advised to refer only to these sources as there will be no any supplementary list in respect of 68 Regular Course admission. Meanwhile, efforts are on the way to track down the fraudsters and hand them to law enforcement agencies.

Still not clear! send me your comments below.

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CBN Issues Guidelines On Operations Of Automatic Teller Machines (ATM) In Nigeria

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has recently issued a circular on the guidelines on operations and standards of electronic payment channels – Automatic Teller Machine operations (ATM) – in Nigeria.

In a circular issued on Tuesday, May 3, 2016, titled: “CENTRAL BANK OF NIGERIA GUIDELINES ON OPERATIONS OF ELECTRONIC PAYMENT CHANNELS IN NIGERIA”, the Apex Bank said:

The Standards – Standards on ATM Technology and Specification:

All ATMs shall be able to dispense all denominations of Naira. For deposit taking ATMs, acceptable denominations shall be displayed by the deployer.

No card scheme shall discriminate against any ATM owner or acquirer. Every card-scheme must publish for the benefit of every ATM owner or acquirer and the Central Bank of Nigeria, the requirements for acquiring ATM transactions under the card scheme.

No ATM owner or acquirer shall discriminate against any card scheme or issuer.

Stand-alone or closed ATMs are not allowed. ATMs should be situated in such a manner as to permit access at reasonable times. Access to these ATMs should be controlled and secured so that customers can safely use them.

All ATMs shall accept all cards issued in Nigeria under CBN regulations for any card-based value added service made available on the machine.

Cash retraction shall be disabled on all ATMs. Banks are to ensure that there is appropriate monitoring mechanism to determine failure to dispense cash. They also have to make sure that there is online monitoring mechanism to determine ATM vault cash levels

ATMs are not stocked with unfit notes.

Every ATM shall have cameras, which shall view and record all persons using the machines and every activity at the ATM, including but not limited to: card insertion, transaction selection, cash withdrawal, card taking, etc. However, such cameras should not be able to record the key strokes of customers using the ATM.

Click here to read the comprehensive guidelines..

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