Beyonce Accused Of Using Underpaid Workers To Make Ivy Park Range

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Beyonce’s new clothing line Ivy Park is being made by seamstresses in Sri Lanka who earn 44p an hour or £4.30 ie N1,229, a day.

Her clothing range which is distributed by Topshop and was created to “support and inspire women” – has come under fire after an unnamed seamstress from MAS Holdings dismissed claims of “empowerment” by the singer.

She said: “When they talk about women and empowerment this is just for the foreigners. They want the foreigners to think everything is OK.”

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One campaigner Jakub Sobik of Anti-Slavery International said, “Companies like Topshop have a duty to find out if these things are happening”, just as others have proclaimed the legal minimum wage should be closer to 43,000 rupees ie N127,802 in Naira.

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A spokeswoman for Topshop defended Beyonce’s “ethical trading program” for her Ivy Park range.

She told The Sun, “Ivy Park has a rigorous ethical trading program. We are proud of our sustained efforts in terms of factory inspections and audits, and our teams work very closely with our suppliers and their factories to ensure compliance.

We expect our suppliers to meet our code of conduct and we support them in achieving these requirements.”

MAS Holdings employ 74,000 workers, with 70 percent of them being women. The company is currently not breaking any laws as the poorest workers are still paid more than the legal minimum wage of 13,500 rupees a month ie N40,124 in Naira.

Put your money where your mouth is, the least Queen Bey can do with all her talk about women empowerment is by paying her seamstresses a tad bit high so they too can feel ’empowered’ and not just keep them on a ‘at least you get paid’ level.

I mean she’s Beyonce.


Source, IrishMirror

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Veteran Nollywood Actor Martins Njubuigbo Battles Liver Disease

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Martins Njubuigbo Battles Liver Disease – Veteran Nollywood actor Elder Maya, whose real name is Martins Njubuigbo, is said to be battling liver disease.

Martins Njubuigbo Battles Liver Disease

Martins Njubuigbo Battles Liver Disease

Elder Maya’s condition was revealed by actor Ernest Obi, who revealed his deteriorating condition and pleaded with the public to donate the N1 million needed for his surgery.

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Disappointed that Nollywood acts cannot between themselves raise just N1 million needed for a veteran act’s surgery. See Ernest Obi’s post below.

Help save ELDER MAYA’S LIFE. His real name is MARTINS NJUBUIGBO. an Actor, Poet, Singer. A full fledged thespian, who has given over twenty years of his life to film. Elder maya as he is fondly called, or Papa Labista from d film Labista.. Today he is not playing a role in any movie to entertain as usual. He is fighting for his life. His liver. He needs you. Needs me. Needs us. Pls help save ELDER MAYA.. PAPA LABISTA etc.. He needs about a million naira to bounce back, like d old war horse he is.. No amount is too small. Like he always says “I refuse to retire, for I am not tired”…God bless you. ERNEST OBI. NJUBIGBO MARTIN C ACCOUNT NOS ARE DIAMOUND BANK 0040375990 FIRST BANK 3040564787 PLS DO NOT PAY MONEY INTO ANY OTHER ACCOUNT.

A photo posted by ernest obi (@ernestmindset1) on May 14, 2016 at 7:42am PDT

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Nigeria To Begin Implementing New Aviation Rules From July 1 – NCAA

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The Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, NCAA, on Sunday said the new Nigeria Civil Aviation Regulations, Nig.CARs, promulgated in December 2015, would take effect from July 1.

This is contained in a statement made by the agency’s General Manager, Public Relations, Sam Adurogboye, also made available to the News Agency of Nigeria.

The statement said the announcement was contained in a Circular Ref: NCAA/DG/AOL/21/16/01 sent to all Airline Operators in April.

According to the statement, while operators are in possession of the copies of the regulations, the interregnum between April and the commencement date is a permissible transitional period.

It said during the time, stakeholders were expected to acquaint themselves with the contents therein for seamless implementation.

“The process of review was set in motion to align Nig.CARs with recent International Civil Aviation Organisations (ICAO) amendments and industry observations received by the authority.

“In other words, the reviewed Nig.CARs is to ensure a completion of the Annexes.

“Provisions have therefore been made for economic and consumer protection regulations that were hitherto not incorporated in the 2009 edition.


“In addition, the NCAA decided on the review to standardise the operational procedures, implementation and enforcement in the industry.

“All these have been done in conformity with the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) as contained in the Annexes to the Chicago Convention,” the statement said.

It therefore, enjoined airline operators and other stakeholders to ensure total and sustained adherence to the reviewed regulations, adding that any breach would be met with the stipulated sanctions.

The Nig.CARs 2015 has 19 parts comprising General Policies and Definitions, Personnel Licensing, Aviation Training Organisations, Registration and Marketing, Airworthiness and Approved Maintenance Organisations.

It also has Instrument and Equipment, Operation, Air Operator Certification and Administration and Commercial Air Transport by Foreign Air Carrier within Nigeria.

Others are Commercial Aircraft Operations used for Specialised Services (Aerial Works), Aerodrome Regulations; Air Navigation Services, Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Air, Environmental Protection Regulations, Aviation Security and Offences.


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Nigerians Bask In The Anxiety Of ‘Food Stockpile’ Ahead Of NLC Nationwide Strike

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The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) in collaboration with the Trade Union Congress (TUC) have vowed to do all it can to shut down the economy of the country as from Wednesday morning if the Federal Government does not revert petrol price to N86.50.

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Speaking to pressmen, after their meeting at the Labour House, Abuja on Saturday, the NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, who is currently not in an amiable mood with the federal government, said that if the government fails to accede to their demands by midnight Tuesday, the workers would have no option than to call out their members on an indefinite strike.

Wabba added:  “Nigerians are advised to stock sufficient food items that will last for a while, for the prosecution of the current struggle against neo-liberal agenda in the country.”

In a swift adherence to the directive of the organised labour, a cross section of Nigerians in different part of the country have started stockpiling food ahead of the impending industrial action.

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The Punch gathered that a businesswoman in Osogbo, Osun State, Mrs. Mayowa Bamisaiye, was in support of the looming nationwide strike.

She said, ‘‘I do not agree with the new increment and I expected the labour unions to resist it. I have bought some food and I will buy more that will be enough to cater for my family during the strike. I also intend to withdraw some money to cater for some domestic needs as the strike lasts.’’

Also speaking, a human resources officer in Ibadan, Oyo State, Mr. Paul Sodeinde, said:

‘‘I have enough fuel for my generator. There is food in the house and water. I am ready to endure the strike for as long as it lasts.’’

In support of the strike, a customer service officer, Bolade Osagie, said:

“We expect the NLC to go through the whole hog like they did in 2012. In order to prepare for next week, I have started to get as much foodstuffs at home as possible. Even though I do not expect this strike to drag on before the Federal Government yields to the demands of the labour unions, I won’t be so unwise as not to get some food from the market. I will also try to get some more fuel for the generator too.”

Corroborating with the others, a civil engineer, Shade Oguntuase, said she was going to do all her shopping on Sunday (today).

She said, “I’ll visit the market on Sunday to get some foodstuffs with the NLC threatening to shut down the country. I have kids at home to feed. I don’t think I want to be caught in a tight corner of not having enough food for the family, should the strike go on for days.”

In the same vein, a businesswoman at Alade Market, Lagos, Mrs. Atinuke Joda, said she knew that labour was going to fight the new petrol price.

“Immediately the price of fuel was increased, I knew labour would resist.  After church on Sunday, I will buy enough foodstuffs,” she said.

Meanwhile, a coalition of twenty civil society organizations have given votes of confidence to the deregulation of Nigeria’s downstream petroleum sector, thereby warning the organised labour to refrain from the proposed nationwide strike.

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This is contained in a joint statement issued on Sunday for the coalition by the Executive Director of Conscience Nigeria, Comrade Tosin Adeyanju.

The statement reads, “No nation can move forward without liberalization or deregulation of its critical economy sector like ours as it was done in the telecom sector, about 80% of our countries revenue comes from oil proceed and as the global economy meltdown continue there is need for this to take place if we must be taken seriously among committee of nations. Therefore, the step taking by the Minister of state to deregulate this critical sector is the best as at this material time.

“We All know the implication that will arise as a result of this sudden changes, however we must endure this face in other for our country to survive this present economy realities that is very obvious.

“We equally appeal on the Nigerian Labour Congress and our other Civil Society colleagues to shed the proposed nationwide strike and engage the government on the need to create immediate palliatives to Cushing the effect of this policy instead of worsening the already bad economy state of the country. If our country is shut down as proposed, billions of naira will be lost and the country will suffer for it in the long run.

“We proposed immediate intervention by government in areas of introduction of subsidized transportation system across the country to ameliorate the sudden hike of transportation across the country. We equally appeal to government to immediately begin the implementation of the budget and immediate engagement of all stakeholders across the country to inform them about the benefit of deregulation and its benefit to Nigerian people.

“Lastly, we all must be conscious of the fact that we have no other country than Nigeria and we all must strive to make sure that the country works for the good of all and the present leadership of the country has demonstrate that by its action thus far. As responsible citizen we all must support the administration effort in stamping out corruption from our nation fabric.”

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“Women Have Such Double Standards”, John Legend Splits ‘Mum-Shaming’ With His Wife

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John Legend has called out social vitriols against his wife, Chrissy Teigen for having a date night few weeks after just giving birth to their first child together, Luna.

Chrissy was seen in town barely a week after having Luna with her husband, John Legend as her companion.

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However, this didn’t stop media haters or online frenemies to doll out hurtful comments such as, “Wow, who do you trust with your week old baby. Ain’t nothing that important u have to go out. Poor Luna. Mommy smell like tuna in the streets bleeding for 5 more weeks”.

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John Legend wasn’t having any of the double standards as he took to Twitter to correct hypocrites with, “Funny there’s no dad-shaming. When both of us go out to dinner, shame both of us so Chrissy doesn’t have to take it all. We’ll split it.”

Most of the commenters were women who were shaming their ‘kind’ just because she chose a date-night with the father of her baby… not another man. And not one of these women slammed her husband, Legend.

Women and their double standards are one of the reasons why there’s little unity in the feminine world.

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My Deregulation And Oil Subsidy Conundrum – Femi Gbajabiamila

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Over the years, I have been vociferous and faithful in my near fanatic opposition to the deregulation of the downstream oil sector if what it meant was the removal of fuel subsidy. If deregulation could be achieved without subsidy removal, I was on board. I argued passionately against its removal at a time when most economic experts, talking heads and commentators were for it and when it was fashionable to support it. I have attached a copy of a rather caustic and scathing article and letter I wrote in 2010 to then Acting President Jonathan. I was at that time in the opposition and the then Leader of the Action Congress in parliament. I will restate my position at the time.

I felt there was something wrong with the notion that a country blessed with a natural resource should lack that resource or any of its by products. I believed that the citizens should have a marked advantage in the utility and consumption of that product over citizens of other countries not so blessed, and to that extent the pricing of that product found in the country’s backyard should be different from international pricing.

I gave examples such as the cost of tea in China, coffee in Brazil or coal in Sunderland. I felt as I still do, that there was something intrinsically whopped to have a natural resource in one’s backyard and at same time import same for consumption. It doesn’t make sense to me. I argued then and I still argue that if subsidy is to be removed, we must put the cart before the horse and get our refineries working so as not to import our own God given resource. Then perhaps after that we could entertain a debate on subsidy removal. Even then many of us would still have argued for subsidising even the production as opposed to its importation

During the 2012 subsidy debate, I argued vociferously and with a strong conviction that the idea of palliatives was irrelevant as the palliative measures proposed by the government then such as child care, transportation etc were things that belonged to citizens as of right and which government under Chapter 2 of the constitution were obligated to provide and therefore government was in no way doing Nigerians a favour, as you cannot give me something that’s already mine or at least should be and call it a palliative.

I further argued that subsidy connoted something negative only in Nigeria and not in other countries that subsidised one thing or the other for the benefit of citizens. There is and has been, for years, subsidy for transportation in the UK, agricultural subsidy in the US, and oil is subsidised in practically all major oil producing countries, and we don’t hear as much as a whimper. Why then Nigeria? Proponents argued because it is riddled with fraud and corruption and benefits only one percent of the populace. I bellowed back, well then why don’t you block the loopholes for the perpetration of the fraud and corruption? Why must the innocent 99 percent and poor masses suffer or be penalised for the inefficiency of government and the corruption of a few. Is it possible to argue that a government with all the might and power at its disposal cannot deal with this one percent? I couldn’t get a reasonable answer.

For me every spirited attempt to justify a removal of subsidy failed the common sense test or question of why Nigeria the fifth or sixth largest producer of crude (and the finest one at that) would be importing what it produced. There was definitely something nonsensical about such a proposition.

This was the position I held on to steadfastly over the years. It is now 2016 and if my position has changed to an extent, I owe It to my primary and larger constituents and indeed all Nigerians an explanation for the change.

I was at the Presidential Villa on Wednesday May 11th where a stakeholders meeting involving the leadership of the National Assembly, governors, Labour leadership, minister of state for Petroleum, ministers of Information and that of labour held. The meeting was chaired by the Vice President. It was a consultative meeting ostensibly to get the buy in of stakeholders. I was pumped and ready to challenge any proposition for an increase in pump price and my position was known to most people I spoke with.

However by the time the Honourable minister for petroleum finished his doomsday prognosis and gave a graphic account supported with facts and figures of where we are and where we would be in a matter of months if we did not alter the approach or fundamentally change the status quo, I had no option but to capitulate. It was the first time I had been confronted with such a gloomy picture. I found myself between a rock and a hard place. The facts were incontrovertible and the prognosis and consequences dire.

We were in an economic cul-de-sac and the country was spiraling down fast due to no fault of this present administration. In fact it was clear that any responsible administration needed to apply the brakes, bring this to a screeching and painful halt and at least for now remove subsidy and deregulate. It was a short term remedy which, all things being equal, would produce a long term solution when the economy would have recalibrated. I struggled with my inner angel and knew this was the only way out.

It was made abundantly clear to all seated that in two months there would be no federal allocation to states and no state would be able to pay salaries, including the buoyant ones. The Nigerian nation was on tenterhooks. That’s how bad a picture it was. Indeed I was the first to ask questions after the presentation still looking for a way out when I knew there was none.

Whilst I still believe in the principles I held on to so passionately years ago, including the need to bring any deregulation exercise in conformity with the law and the constitution, I believe this is such a time when we should look at the times we are in and our practical situation as a country. I believe (without sounding Trumpist) that Nigeria will be great again but we must rejig and reboot our economy and take another look at the subsidy regime. Many will say, but why did some of us kick in 2012 and if it was not good then why is it good now?

It’s a great question and they are right, but again the times are different. In 2012, we were earning a lot of money from oil. Oil was selling at about 100 dollars or thereabout. We had foreign exchange and petro dollars to continue with subsidy. Now things are different. The economy is comatose and Nigeria is on life support. Oil is selling at below 40 dollars and the currency (dollar) needed to purchase the refined petrol is no longer available.

I want to plead with my constituents and all Nigerians to work with government. You are the most important stakeholders, never mind those of us that gathered around a long table and cushy chairs in the Vice President’s Office on Wednesday May 11th to take this far reaching decision. We did so only in a representative capacity. I urge that you please give this government the benefit of doubt and lets take a chance on whether or not the analogy and parallel often drawn by proponents of deregulation in the oil industry to telecommunications industry may end up a truism and that the price of fuel in a laissez-faire, free market will come crashing in months. Lets consider it a temporary sacrifice for the greater good, with the hope that as promised we will be better off in the long term. This problem is not peculiar to Nigeria. It is instructive that other oil producing countries e.g. Bahrain, have been hit hard by the crash in oil price and are towing the same line and reviewing their subsidy policies.

With this new development I intend to fight with all I have for a review of the minimum wage of all workers in Nigeria. Our country was built on social justice and I cannot, no matter the realities, accept a situation where the cost of living will be increased without a corresponding increase in wages. The sacrifices that we need to make must be comprehensive. Indeed I believe the “wealthy” must not only pay their fair share of taxes, if need be, there must be an upward review of taxes paid by the highest income earners to enable government review the wages of those on the lower rung. It is time to be our brothers’ keepers.

I know this is a painful road to take and I hate that I have to flip flop on this one, but isn’t what they say “no pain, no gain”.

Femi Gbajabiamila is Leader of Nigeria’s House of Representatives, Abuja;

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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N4.8 Billion Fraud: EFCC Seals Off N860m Mansion From Ex-Air Force Chief

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In the light of the foregoing investigation into the alleged diversion of over N4.8bn from Nigerian Air Force accounts, there are indications that the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has sealed off a mansion allegedly belonging to a former Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Mohammed Umar (rtd).

The Punch Newspaper gathered that the gate of the house located on 1853 Deng Xiano Ping Street, off Mahathir Mohammed Street, Asokoro Extension, Abuja, upon visitation, was sealed off with stickers bearing the EFCC logo.

The former Chief of Air Staff, Air Vice Marshal was arraigned by the anti-graft agency before a Federal High Court in Abuja over alleged money laundering.

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In a seven-count charge by the EFCC, Umar was alleged to have diverted N4.8bn from Nigerian Air Force accounts between 2011 and 2012.

He was alleged to have converted the money into US dollars for the purchase of houses in Abuja, Kaduna and Kano.

The anti-graft agency had also alleged that Umar removed another N700m from the accounts of the NAF to purchase a property at 14, Vistula Close, off Panama Street, Maitama, Abuja, while N500m was removed from the accounts of the NAF to purchase a property comprising a four-bedroomed duplex at Road 3B, Street 2, Mabushi Ministers Hill, Abuja.

The ex-CAF had pleaded not guilty to the charges.

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Justice Binta Nyako granted him bail on self-recognition but ordered him to deposit his international passport with the court registrar and seek the court’s approval before travelling out of the country.

The trial was fixed for June 7 and 8.

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Not Good Enough? See All The Managers Sacked Across Europe This Season

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Managers Sacked Across Europe – When a football team plays badly, the brunt of the blame is put on the manager, and most times he gets sacked.

Managers Sacked Across Europe: Remi Garde

Managers Sacked Across Europe: Remi Garde

Bad results are not the only reason a manager can be sacked, with some managers also getting the book for losing control of the dressing room or the faith of the board.

Whatever the reason may be, plenty managers were sacked this season across Europe’s top 5 leagues. Check them out below!

Barclays Premier League

Roberto Martinez (Everton): Sacked,12th May, 2016
Remi Garde (Aston Villa): Mutual Consent , 29th March, 2016
Steve McClaren (Newcastle): Sacked, 11th March, 2016
Jose Mourinho (Chelsea): Sacked, 17th December, 2015
Garry Monk (Swansea): Sacked, 9th December, 2015
Tim Sherwood (Aston Villa): Sacked – Sunday 25th October, 2015
Brendan Rodgers (Liverpool): Sacked – Sunday 4th October, 2015
Dick Advocaat (Sunderland): Resigned – Sunday 4th October, 2015

Spanish La Liga

Fran Escriba (Getafe): Sacked, 11th April, 2016
Gary Neville (Valencia): Sacked, 30th March, 2016
Jose Ramon Sandoval (Granada): Sacked, 22nd February, 2016
Pepe Mel (Real Betis): Sacked, 10th January, 2016
Rafael Benitez (Real Madrid): Sacked 4th January, 2016
Sergio Gonzalez (Espanyol): Sacked, 14th December, 2015
Nuno Espirito Santo (Valencia): Resigned, 29th November, 2015
David Moyes (Real Sociedad): Sacked, 9th November, 2015
Lucas Alcaraz (Levante): Sacked, 26th October, 2015
Paco Herrera (Las Palmas): Sacked, 19th October, 2015
Gaizka Garitano (Eibar): Mutual Consent, 30th June, 2015
Pablo Franco (Getafe): Sacked, 1st June, 2015
Carlo Ancelotti (Real Madrid): Sacked, 25th May, 2015

Italian Serie A

Sinisa Mihajlovic (AC Milan): Sacked, 12th April, 2016
Walter Novelino (Parma): Sacked, 11th April, 2016
Stefano Pioli (Lazio): Sacked, 3rd April, 2016
Stefano Colantuono (Udinese): Sacked, 14th March, 2016
Giuseppe Iachini (Palermo): Sacked, 10th March, 2016
Giovanni Bosi (Palermo): Sacked, 15th February, 2016
Rudi Garcia (AS Roma): Sacked, 13th January, 2016
Davide Ballardini (Palermo): Sacked, 11th January, 2016
Andrea Mandorlini (Hellas Verona): Sacked, 30th November 2015
Walter Zenga (Sampdoria): Sacked, 10th November, 2015
Giuseppe Iachini (Palermo): Sacked, 10th November, 2015
Giuseppe Sannino (Carpi): Sacked, 3rd November, 2015
Delio Rossi (Bologna): Sacked, 28th October, 2015
Frabizio Castori (Carpi): Sacked, 28th September 2015
Vincenzo Montella (Fiorentina): Sacked, 8th June, 2015
Maurizio Sarri (Empoli): Resigned, 5th June, 2015
Filippo Inzaghi (AC Milan): Sacked, 4th June, 2015
Andrea Stramaccioni (Udinese): Resigned, 1st June, 2015

German Bundesliga

Thomas Schaaf (Hannover 96): Sacked, 3rd April, 2016
Armin Veh (Eintracht Frankfurt): Sacked, 6th March, 2016
Huub Stevens (TSG Hoffenheim): Resigned, 10th February, 2016
Michael Frontzeck (Hannover 96): Resigned, 21st December, 2015
Alexander Zorniger (Vfb Stuttgart): Sacked, 24th November, 2015
Markus Gisdol (TSG Hoffenheim): Sacked, 26th October, 2015
Lucien Favre (Borussia Mochengladbach): Resigned, 20th September, 2015

French Ligue 1

Olivier Guegan (Reims): Sacked, 23rd April, 2016
Michel (Marseille): Sacked, 19th April, 2016
Willy Sagnol (Bordeaux): Sacked, 14th March, 2016
Dominique Arribage (Toulouse): Resigned, 27th February, 2016
Claude Robin (Troyes): Sacked, 4th February, 2016
Ghislain Printant (Bastia): Sacked, 28th January, 2016
Philippe Monatanier (Rennes): Sacked, 20th January, 2016
Hubert Fournier (Lyon): Sacked, 24th December, 2015
Roland Courbis (Montpellier): Resigned, 23rd December, 2015
Jean-Marc Furlan (Troyes): Mutual Consent, 3rd December, 2015
Herve Renard (Lille): Mutual Consent, 11th November, 2015
Marcelo Bielsa (Marseille): Resigned, 8th August 2015
Rene Girard (Lille): 24th May, 2015

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Pochettino Wants A Stronger Tottenham Next Season

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Pochettino is not looking to sit back, as he wants a stronger squad for next season.

Tottenham pushed for the title, but fell by the wayside and also crashed out of the Europa league.

Pochettino is hoping to remedy their failed push for the EPL, by buying more players to strengthen their squad for next season.

“We need to improve our squad, this is very clear,” Pochettino said.

“Me, our supporters, our players, our squad, we are all agreed that we need to improve. It’s a different level to play in the Champions League.

“To play in the Champions League, the Premier League and the cups, it’s important to have a very good balance. We need to improve our squad.

“Replicating this season again is our challenge. For that, we need to improve our squad, to reduce the gap. The Champions League demands a lot of energy, more than the Europa League.”

Whoever Tottenham target, Pochettino will be seeking to add to the club’s impressive ensemble of young players.

“I think today at Tottenham, when you analyse the squad, you need to add not only the football side but the human profile,” he said.

“You have some limitations. But it’s true that younger players fit better, than older players. This is how our squad is different today than maybe a few years ago.”

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Ayo Jay Signs To RCA Records

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Ayo Jay Signs To RCA Records – Fast Nigerian singer Ayo Jay has signed a deal with a flagship of Sony Music Entertainment, RCA Records.

Ayo Jay Signs To RCA Records

Ayo Jay Signs To RCA Records

RCA Records is home to a number of a world-wide superstars like Alicia Keys, Chris Brown and Justin Timberlake, and the deal that brings Ayo Jay to the label is said to be a huge 7-figure deal.

READ: Ayo Jay Recognized By Rolling Stone Magazine

Ayo Jay was recently named by Rolling Stone magazine among a group of artistes to watch out for, with his Your Number remix with Fetty Wap garnering airplay both in Nigeria and the US.

Sharing videos and photos on his Instagram, the singer thanked One Records and his fans for their support to this day, and promised to continue delivering.

Congrats, Ayo Jay!

Say hello to latest addition to the Sony @rcarecords family. Words really can’t express what this moment means to me, but I’d like to give all the Glory to God for his continuous blessings. It’s been a real journey from recording voice note hooks on my phone, to learning how to record in the studio, to actually making good records. Can’t thank @onenationrecords enough for believing blindly in my ability and for developing me till date. As we move to the next level together, I have no doubt in my mind I’m with the right team. To my family and close friends, I’ll forever be grateful and will continue to make sure you are proud of me. To my new family @rcarecords, thanks for this wonderful opportunity to take what I love doing to the next level. I plan on making history here. And last but not the least my lovely fans, thank you for the LOVE and unwavering support you’ve shown me since I started putting out records online in 2011. Now more than ever, I need your love and support, and I pledge to always give you the very best of me. Love! Cc @melvitto_ @psalm139er @googswastaken @khittish @yinkavelli @showdemcamp @oogyi, @phemolala @seemeeon @sunkkeysnoop @dapssssss @graffiti06 @itsgabzy @youngdpondbeat @mister_kareem @djnorie @1bklnmystery @notjustok @itsadey @dj_tunez @bojonthemicrophone @iamsirnigel @tunesmictunes @micdada and many more that I may not have included. Thank you.

A photo posted by Ayo Jay (@iamayojay) on May 13, 2016 at 6:31pm PDT

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Moyes Wants A Chance At Rebuilding Everton

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David Moyes has a strong desire to return to Everton and help rebuild the club.

The former Everton manager, left the toffees for Manchester United after spending 11 years at Goodison Park.

Only to be sacked less than a year into the job, Moyes took over at Real Sociedad, buy was also sacked with six months left on his contract.

However, after Roberto Martinez was let go as Everton manager this week, Moyes revealed he is open to the idea of returning to the Merseyside club.

“Would I consider going back? I’ve said if I get an exciting challenge and something that makes me feel I could get my teeth into it then I would be really interested,” he told The Times.

“When we took over we had 11 great and successful years but we also had to rebuild the club a little bit. I just think now the change has been made and Everton need to now go and do it again.

“If you give David Moyes an opportunity, he tends to rebuild a club and he tends to get it going in the right direction. I’ll make sure that things are correct and I’m looking forward to getting the chance to do that again.”

Frank de Boer is favourite to become the new Everton boss, while Southampton manager Ronald Koeman is also reportedly in the running.

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Rooney Confident Of A Bright Manchester United Future

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Wayne Rooney believes Manchester United has a bright future, no matter how their season ends.

The red devils play Bournemouth today, hoping to pip Manchester City to the final UCL spot, as they sit two points away.

United will also be looking to win their first trophy since 2013, when they face Crystal Palace in the FA cup final.

However, Rooney insists that the club will only get better, given the ability of the young players who have flourished under Van Gaal.

“It’s always exciting working with young players,” Rooney told United Review. “People forget how young (20-year-old) Anthony Martial is.

“The club bought him so he hasn’t come through the academy, but he’s still only a really young lad.

“He’s still learning, improving and the same goes with the likes of Memphis Depay, Marcus Rashford, Jesse Lingard, so it’s an exciting time for the club.

“Hopefully they keep improving as players and it’ll be a really bright future for Manchester United.”

Rashford has enjoyed a remarkable rise at Old Trafford this season, having scored seven goals in 16 appearances since making his debut in February, and Rooney says allowing the 18-year-old to enjoy his football is the best way to encourage his development further.

“I think at the minute he’s a young lad and he doesn’t need that much advice from me,” said the England captain. “Just let him play and enjoy his football.

“I’m sure there’ll be a time when he does need it from myself, from the manager, from [assistant manager Ryan] Giggs and from other players. But I think the most important thing for him and the team is to just let him go and play and enjoy it.”

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VIDEO: Drake Addresses Memes With a New Song on Saturday Night Live

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Drake, who recently released his fourth studio album ‘Views‘ –from the 6–; is not just among-the-best rappers in the game but he’s easily that act who knows how to engage with the audience.

Apparently, Drake took over as the host of NBC’s Saturday Night Live not because he’s capable but for the fact that his comical and the man of the moment. Who else you think could do a better job?

As presumed, in the most recent edition of SNL which held yesterday, the self proclaimed Canadian god, opened the show with a super hilarious monologue addressing the internets best fun which according to him “it hurts”, and he came out prepared, with a befitting song titledHurts from the Memes‘ –wait, that’s kinda lame though, but, it’s unofficial/untitled so I have to call it that–.

Before kicking off the show, he also gave a short warning to Canadians in the hall should Donald Trump win the election.

Watch the video below:


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Download & Stream Kiss Daniel’s Brand New ‘New Era’ Album

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Kiss Daniel’s highly anticipated ‘New Era’ album is now out for you to purchase & stream on iTunes and other music sales plaform.

Major congratulations to the  G-Worldwide frontlining who been nothing short of exceptional with back to back hits in ‘Woju’ , ‘Laye’ , Good Time & Mama.

Buy, download and listen to Kiss Daniel’s New Era album here



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