Ese Oruru Gives Birth To A Bouncing Baby Girl [Photos]

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Ese Oruru, the 14-year-old girl, who was allegedly abducted from Bayelsa State by a certain man named Yinusa Dahiru and then taken to Kano State where she was forcefully married to him in August 2015, has been delivered of a bouncing baby girl in Yenagoa on Thursday morning.

Ese Oruru’s baby

Ese Oruru’s baby

It was gathered that the teenager had a safe delivery at the Bayelsa State Government House Clinic.

L-R: Ese Oruru’s mother, wife of Bayelsa State Governor, Mrs. Racheal Dickson with the new baby

L-R: Ese Oruru’s mother, wife of Bayelsa State Governor, Mrs. Racheal Dickson with the new baby
Wife of Bayelsa State Governor, Dr. (Mrs) Rachael Dickson and Dr. James Omietimi

Wife of Bayelsa State Governor, Dr. (Mrs) Rachael Dickson and Dr. James Omietimi

Speaking on Ese’s child delivery, her father said:

1“Yes, my daughter gave birth in the morning around a quarter past 10. The mother and the child are well. She gave birth to herself (a baby girl). We are very happy that she gave birth safely. Ese and her daughter are hale and hearty. I just came back from the hospital.”


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Jose Mourinho Agrees Personal Terms With Manchester United

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Former Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho looks set to join Manchester United, after personal terms were agreed following three days of negotiations.

Negotiations started on Tuesday, despite a delay due to Jose Mourinho’s image rights, an agreement was reached today.

Although no contract has been signed, the Portuguese could put pen to paper on a three-year-deal, with an official announcement to be made on Friday.

Jose Mourinho will replace Van Gaal, who was sacked two days after winning the FA cup for the red devils.

The acquisition of the Portuguese manager has been backed by several ex-United players.

And on Thursday, ex-defender Rio Ferdinand praised the 53-year-old former Chelsea, Inter Milan and Real Madrid boss.

“I have heard many say the ‘Mourinho WAY’ is not the Manchester United style of playing football,” the 37-year-old former England skipper wrote on his Facebook page.

“However, the Chelsea team that Jose put together first time round when he entered the Premier League played with wingers and hurt teams with quick attacking play.

“This is a sign he knows how to get a team playing in a way Manchester United fans can look forward to seeing.”

He added: “One thing I can tell Manchester United fans is that they have got themselves a true winner in all aspects. His CV shows success.”

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Messi Is Not Most Marketable Sportsperson Of The Year

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You would think with Messi’s dominance on the field of play, he will be very marketable, unfortunately he is not in the top ten of a recent survey published by magazine SportsPro.

The prolific player is behind India’s test captain, Virat Kohli, Juventus Paul Pogba and Golden State Warriors Stephen Curry.

Lionel Messi ranks 27th in the world, with Novak Djokovic in 23rd and Usain Bolt in 31st.

According to SportsPro, which does extensive research on business of sports, the criteria of ranking athletes from across the world is marketing potential over a three-year period from this summer.

The components they have been assessed are value for money, age, home market, charisma, willingness to be marketed and crossover appeal.

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At Least 5 More Power Rangers Movies Are Coming!

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5 More Power Rangers Movies Are Coming – Hollywood studio Lionsgate have been impressed with fans response to the upcoming reboot of the Power Rangers franchise.

5 More Power Rangers Movies Are Coming

5 More Power Rangers Movies Are Coming

So impressed, they might be planning up to 7 more movies! In a conference call with analysts per Variety, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer said: “We are really, really excited about the ‘Power Rangers’ movie. We could see doing five or six or seven.”

READ: ‘Power Rangers’ Actor Kills Roommate With Sword

Feltheimer reportedly pointed towards the excitement following the release of the new suits as one of the positive response that makes the studio believe the franchise could be a money spinner.

The  studio has already cast the movie’s stars: Becky G as the Yellow Ranger, Ludi Lin as the Black Ranger, Naomi Scott as the Pink Ranger, Dacre Montgomery as the Red Ranger and RJ Cyler as the Blue Ranger. The movie’s villain, evil alien witch Rita Repulsa, will be played by Elizabeth Banks.

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Football Papers : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Evening

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Arsenal are bracing themselves for another transfer battle with Barcelona after the Spanish giants made Hector Bellerin their top target to replace Dani Alves.

Thibaut Courtois expects to remain at Chelsea next season amid speculation linking him with a summer move away from Stamford Bridge.

Tottenham midfielder Ryan Mason has emerged as a transfer target for Crystal Palace.


John Stones is determined to leave Everton this summer – sparking a bidding war between Jose Mourinho and Pep Guardiola.

Man City want to sign Real Madrid pair Toni Kroos and Dani Carvajal, according to reports.


Frank de Boer has not yet been contacted by Everton for their vacant managerial position.

Gary McAllister believes Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp should consider adding an experienced head to their squad this summer.


Sunderland are tracking Leeds United left-back Charlie Taylor, according to sources.

Reports in Italy suggest that a number of clubs are interested in signing Sunderland winger Emanuele Giaccherini, including Watford.


Sunderland striker Danny Graham is top of new Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers’ wishlist according to reports.



QPR midfielder Sandro is reportedly on the brink of a move to Sporting Lisbon.


Walsall have rejected a bid from Preston for striker Tom Bradshaw.


Leicester City look set to make Spanish centre-back Luis Hernandez their first signing of the summer.

Leicester City have made contact with the agent of Ajax and Poland striker Arkadiusz Milik, but have not submitted a bid for the 22-year-old.
Leicester’s resolve will be tested by Liverpool, who are set to make a £4m bid for left-back Ben Chilwell, according to reports.


Nigel Pearson is the new bookies’ favourite to become the next Derby County boss.


Stoke striker Jon Walters has been linked with a possible summer move to Premier League newcomers Middlesbrough.


Arsenal and Tottenham are set to go-head-to-head in the battle to sign Hull City youngster Josh Tymon.


Ronald Koeman’s new representatives will meet with Les Reed this week as talks continue over a new contract for the record-breaking boss.


Blackburn have interviewed Manchester United Under-21 boss Warren Joyce about taking over the vacant manager’s job.


Swansea City have made a move for AZ Alkmaar’s attacking midfielder Markus Henriksen, according to reports.


Fulham have reportedly lodged a £1.5m bid for Grant Hanley.


Steve Cotterill, Chris Powell and Nigel Adkins are the front runners in the race to become the next manager of Bolton.

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Amina, Sambisa Forest, And The Parable Of A Wobbly Nigeria – Okey Ndibe

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A peculiarly Nigerian type of frenzy happened last week. The event was triggered by a report that a young woman named Amina Ali Nkeki, one of the more than 200 Chibok schoolgirls abducted the night of April 14, 2014, had been rescued. The initial reports disclosed that a vigilante group rescued Amina last Tuesday as she wandered along the edges of Sambisa Forest in the company of a man who claimed to be her husband, but was suspected to be a Boko Haram insurgent, and a four-month baby in her arms.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of Okey Ndibe and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

From there, it was brouhaha all the way. Governor Kashim Shettima of Borno State feted the 19-year-old mother. Then, a day later, President Muhammadu Buhari welcomed Amina and her baby to Aso Rock, his official residence. The misfortunate woman was cast in a dizzying drama that featured photo-ops, speeches, and global media coverage. The president cradled Amina’s baby in his arms as he and others beamed for the cameras. Speaking on behalf of the Nigerian state, the president promised that Amina would receive the best physical, psychological and emotional healthcare Nigeria can provide.

You’d think, watching all the excitement, that all 219 schoolgirls, not just one, had been spirited from their abductors. But that was the one narrative, thumbed with the imprimatur of the Nigerian state. There was an album of counter-narratives, running the gamut from those who insisted that the whole thing was an abject hoax, a stage-managed political theatre, to those who believe that the abduction saga never happened in the first place.

Last Thursday, two days after Amina’s rescue, the Nigerian military announced a second rescue, of a youngster named Serah Luka. For a moment, it appeared there was some momentum, Nigeria on the cusp of finding and liberating the 200 odd victims who remain unaccounted for.

But the second success story turned out a dud. Chibok parents, as well as activists who pressed former President Goodluck Jonathan—and are pressing Mr. Buhari—to bring back the schoolgirls questioned the military’s claim that Serah was one of the schoolgirls. Neither her name nor image was on the roster of the missing schoolgirls.

Whether it was an honest mistake or a calculated fib, the misidentification of Serah as one of the Chibok schoolgirls further fueled conspiracy theories. Some critics saw the first and second rescues as politically orchestrated manoeuvres, a plot by the Buhari administration and its champions to deflect attention from biting economic crises and deepening social misery.

Other doubters wondered why Amina, who was supposed to be sitting certificate exams at the time of her abduction, was incapable of expressing herself in English. Her apparent incapacity fed speculations that she was chosen and cast in a contrived melodrama.

This theory’s currency and traction demonstrate the depth of Nigeria’s fragmentation. I doubt that a plot as audacious as the feigned abduction of 200 plus schoolgirls could have been pulled off and sustained for more than two years. One inclines to a different theory. It is possible that Amina is a victim of an educational system that delivers little or no curricular content. As a Fulbright lecturer in Nigeria in 2002, I encountered English students whose proficiency in the language was simply awful. When I asked a student why she had not switched off her phone, she answered, “I thought I off it.” I asked her to correct herself, and she answered, “I thought I offed it.” Many a student could not make a complete sentence without mixing in pidgin.

Nigerian education, like other vital sectors of the country’s life, has been devastated by decades of neglect, poor funding, and a certain cultural disdain for learning and enlightenment. Most Nigerians have no praying chance of receiving good healthcare—unless they have the funds to fly away to destinations like India, the UK, South Africa, Dubai or the US.

In a perverse sort of way, then, Amina is “lucky” that abduction catapulted her to celebrity status. Most women of her social station have no access to physical or psychological care, regardless of the seriousness of their trauma. What should be widely available to Nigerians—decent healthcare—has become a rare and extraordinary treasure bestowed by presidential fiat on the odd beneficiary.

For me, the question isn’t whether Amina represents some political ruse but why the military establishment of Africa’s most populous country hasn’t been able to comb Sambisa Forest to rescue the other schoolgirls abducted more than two years ago. I am amazed that the military and the political authorities would make such fuss over the accidental—not planned—rescue of a solitary captive. One found the air of celebration around Amina altogether embarrassing. It’s absurd that the rescue of one out of 219 missing girls was turned into an occasion to blow the trumpet.

I’m not surprised at the din of contrarian responses to the official narrative. The contending responses point to a festering wound at the heart of the uneasy collectivity called Nigeria. Amina, Serah, and Sambisa Forest are metaphors of a country whose malaise is deep-rooted, increasingly troubling, and potentially tragic.

The malaise plays out on social media, an arena where Nigerians position themselves on different sides of the partisan, ethnic and religious divides and take delight in savaging one another, often hurling javelins of toxic epithets at real or imagined adversaries. To peek into some social media forums is to become aware of the Rwandaisation of Nigeria. Where there should be conversations or robust debates, too many Nigerians are content to reach for animal imagery in debasing the “Other,” whoever he or she may be. Some “educated” Nigerians exhibit little or no restraint in speech. They gleefully portray members of other ethnic groups or faiths as personifications of evils. Give them a sentence that begins, “Members of this or that ethnic group are…” or “Adherents of this or that faith are…”—and many a social media slugger would not waste a breath before describing his/her target in the most villainous, cruel terms.

A friend of mine visiting last week from Nigeria captured the sheer horror of it all. In a telephone conversation from New York, he voiced his growing apprehension about the state of affairs in the country. “We have been to the brink before, but always managed to pull back. My fear is that we might find ourselves at the brink one time too many—and be unable to find our way out.”

The bloody path to the 1994 Rwandan genocide—in which more than 500,000 people, most of them Tutsi, were massacred in less than four months—was prepared by Hutu demagogues who invented the name “cockroaches” for their would-be Tutsi victims. It was no wonder that so many people were enthusiastic participants in the orgy of killing. Once you imbibe the depraved baptism that fellow human beings are cockroaches, it becomes relatively—perhaps extremely—easy to kill them.

But Nigerians don’t need to travel all the way to Rwanda to gain a chastening sense of history. Long before Rwanda, there was the Biafran War. More than two million people perished in a war whose raison d’être was to keep Nigeria, a bequest of colonial Britain, one.

Mr. Buhari’s burden is to view and treat every Nigerian with the same concern and solicitude he showed to Amina. All Nigerians, not just Amina, deserve access to sound healthcare, good education, and the opportunity to realise their potential.

This article was written by Okey Ndibe. You can follow him on twitter @okeyndibe

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Ronaldo’s Son Tells Him Bale Is Faster Than He Is

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On a lighter note, Cristiano Ronaldo talks about how his kid teases him, who claims Bale is faster than his dad.

The Portuguese has a shot at claiming his third UCL trophy, as well as being the only player to have scored in three finals should they beat Atletico this Saturday.

Ahead of the anticipated final, the Madrid forward talks about his joy of having a son and how much he teases him.

“I always said it was a dream to have a son, he changed me a lot,” Ronaldo told Jugones de la Sexta.

“Sometimes he comes at home and says ‘daddy, Bale is faster than you’. And I say ‘what are you on about? No one is faster than your dad’.

“And he says ‘yes but at school they told me he is faster and in an interview Messi said that he’d like to have your right foot’. He comes up with these things and it gives me joy, he’s a kid.”

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Dani Alves Agent In Contact With Juventus

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Barcelona right-back Dani Alves’ agent says his client is a target for Juventus but denied suggestions the player has signed a pre-contract agreement with the Italian champions.

Reports in Spain claim Alves’ eight-year spell at the club would end with the Brazil international moving to Turin this summer on a three-year deal.

“Dani has not completed any deal with anyone and right now he is in Brazil and is only exclusively concerned with doing good things with the national team,” his agent and former wife Dinorah Santa Ana da Silva told Marca.


“It’s true that I’ve met with Juventus but not just with them. I have met with two Turkish clubs, one English club and another one in France but there is no offer and we have nothing to evaluate.”

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16-year-old Luxembourg Striker Vincent Thill Snubs Bayern Munich for FC Metz

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Luxembourg forward Vincent Thill has set aside rumoured interest from Bayern Munich to sign a first professional contract with Metz.

The 16-year-old has yet to make his senior debut for the club, who won promotion to Ligue 1 by finishing third in the second tier this season, but did win his first full international cap as a substitute  against Bosnia and Herzegovina in March.


Vincent Thill’s rise has brought speculation of a move to some of Europe’s biggest clubs, but he has now committed his future to his current team by signing a three-year contract with an option for a further two years.


In a statement announcing his signing, Metz noted: “Bayern Munich have been making eyes at the Luxembourg prodigy in recent weeks, though without offering the sums reported in the press.”

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Liverpool Make Transfer Bid For Raphael Guerreiro

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Liverpool have made an offer for Portuguese left-back Raphael Guerreiro according to the player’s French club Lorient.

Raphael Guerreiro – who is in the Portugal squad for Euro 2016- is being chased by the Reds and three other clubs but Lorient vice-president Alex Hayes insists none of them has offered enough money.

“He will only be transferred if a club makes an offer that we can’t refuse. For the moment four major foreign clubs, including Dortmund and Liverpool, have made an offer,” he said.


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Mesut Ozil’s Contract Talks Delayed?

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Mesut Ozil has delayed contract talks with Arsenal again, according to The Times.

However according to Sky Sports this is not the case.

Mesut Ozil and Arsenal had always intended to sit down after the Euros to discuss a new deal.

Mesut Ozil said this himself while in Dubai last week: “I still have two years contract with Arsenal, as you know, and we will be in talks with the club and we’ll see what happens in the future.


“But as I said, now I’m concentrating on Euro 2016 in France, which is very important for me and my team after the last World Cup. Then later on, I will see what I do with Arsenal.”

Ozil has two years left on his contract and sources close to the player insist he is happy at the club and not looking for a move away.

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Bayern Munich : “Mario Gotze Must Decide For Himself”

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Bayern Munich say Mario Gotze will have to decide for himself whether he wants to move away from the club.

It is understood that the 23-year-old is a transfer target for Liverpool, where he would be reunited with his former boss at Dortmund, Jurgen Klopp.

And with new head coach Carlo Ancelotti set to begin work at the Allianz Arena, Bayern’s CEO Karl-Heinz Rummenigge has refused to give Gotze any guarantees.


“I had talks with him (Mario) and (Carlo) Ancelotti. Mario knows the thoughts of Bayern,” Rummenigge told Kicker magazine. “Everything was clearly and seriously explained to Mario.

“He knows what the club thinks and what the new coach thinks. Mario has to evaluate for himself whether he wants to play constantly.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo : “Jose Mourinho Good For Manchester United”

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Cristiano Ronaldo says Jose Mourinho can restore Manchester United’s “identity” when he takes over.

It is understood that Jose Mourinho will be unveiled as Louis van Gaal’s successor by Friday this week.


“He’s already signed hasn’t he? I think it’s good,” Ronaldo said. “If it’s something United wanted I think it’s good – I hope Manchester United get back to what they were because it’s an impressive club but in the last years they lacked an identity a bit.

“And it hurts me seeing United like that because it’s a club I carry in my heart. I wish Mourinho can restore them back to the top.”

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Romelu Lukaku : “It’s Time To Leave Everton”

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Romelu Lukaku has revealed that he wants to leave Goodison Park over the summer in order to further his career.

The 23-year-old Belgium star scored 25 goals this season for the Toffees and has been linked with a return to former club Chelsea while his father believes he could join Manchester United or Bayern Munich.

“I’m at a point where I have to make a good career choice,” Lukaku is quoted as saying in the Daily Star.


“We have a new investor at Everton and out of courtesy I will listen to what he has to say. But I have my own ideas in mind. I want to win titles. I have had a very good season, but it is time for me to write myself a CV. That is why I play football. I got that trophy-winning mindset from Chelsea. People in Belgium don’t see me playing for Everton, but I am respected by fans, managers and experts like Jamie Carragher, Graeme Souness and Thierry Henry.”

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VIDEO: Korede Bello – One & Only

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Brand new song and video from Korede Bello. This cat is not resting on his laurels, and keeps dropping new heat. This is the follow up single to Mungo Park which was released back in March.
Check this one out. It’s titled, One & Only by Korede Bello. Enjoy.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Kanye Allegedly Fires Bodyguard For ‘Talking’ To Kim, Further Threatens To Sue Him For $10Million

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Kanye West is threatening to file a $10million lawsuit against former bodyguard Steve Stanulis who has revealed to the press that he was fired for ‘talking’ to Kim Kardashian.



Kanye has issued a statement about Steve after Steve let out details of his work relationship with Kanye and Kim that led to Kanye sacking him on the 2nd of May.

The couple want to file a breach of confidentiality suit against Steve if he does not apologise for the claims he laid against them in the media.

‘The West Family will no longer tolerate the spreading and selling of fake stories in a desperate, transparent and shameless attempt for publicity at their expense.

‘This sad, parasitic maniac has violated every basic human tenet of decency with his story of lies. As such, the Wests will explore all legal means at their disposal to silence this nonsense,’ a rep for the Wests told reports that Stanulis was sent a letter from Kim and Kanye’s lawyer as regards to this, and he’s being accused of breaking confidentiality agreement.

But Stanulis claims the Wests are asking him to sign the agreement post factum. He also adds that they are yet to pay him for three days of work which he did earlier this month.

Stanulis sticks to his story that his job was unjustly terminated by Kanye after he (Stanulis) tried to talk to Kim at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel minutes before they were to go in for the Met Gala.

He said he did no wrong as he only wanted to be sure of the couple’s movements after he heard that there was a change of transportation plans. Kim was the first he saw and thus he approached her, naturally; although Kanye had warned at an earlier time that Stanulis was never to engage in any form of conversation with her,

The ex cop has called Kanye ‘jealous’ and ‘the most condescending person I have ever met’.

He adds that the rapper’s other offences include refusing to press his own lift buttons, asking guards not to speak when he was in their midst, sulking when forced to sit in the front seat of a car and ‘never’ apologising for wrongs done.

A source from the security firm that Stanulis works for says that the bodyguard will get his pay the moment he puts forward a formal invoice.


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Nollywood Couple Osas & Gbenro Ajibade Are Expecting Their First Child

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Nollywood actors Osas and Gbenro Ajibade who got married in June 2015 are expecting their first child.

The couple announced the good news exclusively to Genevieve Magazine during an interview in March and it’s been the best kept secret till now.


Osas is said to be in her second trimester (that’s about five months gone) in the journey already and we didn’t even notice when she attended the AMVCA’s in March.

Congrats to the lovely couple!





Images: Instagram/ @genevievemagazine, 360NoBS

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Maria’s Matters: 5 Signs You’re Not Going To Be The Wife Ft Gideon Okeke (Episode 5)

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A question a lot single ladies have always wanted to know – How Does A Man Choose His Wife?

Welcome to the 5th episode of Maria‘s Matters!  Maria’s Matters is web series/vlog hosted by Beat 99.9FM presenter Maria Okanrende.

In Maria’s Matters, the Beat FM 99.9 OAP discusses the most controversial aspects of dating and relationships. Having worked as an OAP for over 3 years, Maria decided to create Maria’s Matters – a web series that truly forges her unique identity, sharing the things that matter to her the most!

Last week Thursday, we shared the fourth episode “5 Signs He’s Married (Part Two)’ featuring her celeb pal, singer, Emma Nyra.  Both ladies discussed the various ways women can protect themselves from falling into the traps of married men and why men pretend to be single.

In the fifth episode, chatty & cute Maria sits down with the handsome, sexy and talented actor Gideon Okeke to discuss the certain signs that assure a man will NOT pick you as his wife. Very interesting! This is a must watch.

Watch Maria’s Matters Season 1, Episode 5 with actor, Gideon Okeke below

Host/co-producer: Maria Okanrende
D.O.P/Editor: Flaev Beatz
Wardrobe: Frankie & Co/Zazaii
Make up: Nemar Beauty
Camera equipment: Mila Modal
Filmed at: B-Hive (Lekki, Lagos)

If you missed Maria’s Matters Episode 1, Click (“5 Ways To Save Money In A Relationship”) and Episode 2, (5 Signs She Sleeps Around Too Much (ft Ycee) [Episode 2]), Episode 3, 5 Signs He’s Married ft Emma Nyra (Part 1) and Episode 4, 5 Signs He’s Married ft Emma Nyra (Part 2).  

Catch the full episode and more about Maria Okanrende at:

You can also watch more on  Maria’s Matters/subscribe to her YouTube channel at

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Album Review: Relax and Let Joy Oladokun ‘Carry’ You Through Love

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In a café, going through mails, when a mail from one of my favorite sources of music –Charlotte Gomes– hits in. ‘Carry’, an album by Los Angeles based Nigerian singer and songwriter – Joy Oladokun.

You don’t come across good music always.

Embracing the idea of less is more, the 10 tracks of the love themed album ‘Carry’ starts off with ‘Fight for It’. A Roots-Rock (For those who don’t know, Roots-Rock is a blend of folk, blues and country music) tune coupled with the story aimed at the survival of love, how not to let go without a fight – if it’s worth it.   The next track, brings out what I’ll possibly describe as a bit of Sia & Adele, as Joy’s vocal game and writing skills merged perfectly for a ‘Shelter’.

Whilst she turned to God on the alternative rock song ‘Young’, love turned into a heartfelt ‘Poison’.  A personal track that she used to outline her past relationship.

Poison is a song I wrote about a relationship that I loved being in, but in the end we both knew that we weren’t bringing out the best in each other. I think one of the hardest lessons that I’ve had to learn in love, is that sometimes the most loving thing you can do for someone (and for yourself) is let them go. – Joy Oladokun.

Half way into the album, the title track is where Joy describes the world as ‘a wonderful Chaos and Color’. Another alternative soulful song which explains what two-old-souls are meant to do i.e. ‘Carry’ each other.

With tracks like Charleston, and Bread + Wine, Joy effortlessly makes the album ‘Cold as Fire’ you can’t even get over it after your first take even if you ‘Say You Will’.

Animals & Angels helps solidify the fact that Joy Oladokun is a fiend of soul music as she puts out her loneliness and fear outside for her listeners.

The album ‘Carry’ by Joy Oladokun, is a Roots-Rock classy music coupled with honesty, soul and trust of Joy’s songwriting skills –not ignoring her heartwarming vocals-.

It’s worth listening to. In other words, it’s worth every kobo/cent/penny – you should, get the album via iTunes HERE

By the way, who ever designed the album art deserves some trophies. Peep it below

Joy Oladokun Carry [Album Review]

Joy Oladokun Carry [Album Art]

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VIDEO: Willom – Money Ft. Runtown x Uhuru

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What better way is there to celebrate Africa Month than by showing appreciation to one of the currently buzzing hits in the continent? This time around, Shamiso Music & Entertainment signed Afro Jazz star, Willom Tight is all about the money!
Produced by Uhuru’s DJ Maphorisa, Willom Tight’s current single, “Money” features Nigerian artist, Runtown and four- man South African music group, Uhuru. The single is taken from his forthcoming album M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T.O which also features the legendary Afro pop singer, Salif Keita from Mali, Riot from South Africa and Tjay from Ghana.
From the first crack into the song, one could justly pick up the Uhuru trademark on it, with quite an enthusiastic vibe.
The M.A.N.I.F.E.S.T.O saga has officially begun.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Lahm Looking For UCL Triumph Under Ancelotti

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Philipp Lahm is eager to win a second UCL title and is hoping new boss, Carlo Ancelotti is the man to deliver that, as he looks to retire soon.

The Bayern defender and captain won the trophy in 2013, but has crashed out of three consecutive semifinals of the competition.

Ancelotti has won the trophy three times as a manager, and with Guardiola leaving for City and the Spaniard his replacement, Lahm is hoping he can deliver a much awaited UCL trophy to the Allianz Arena.

“I would like to win the Champions League again,” Lahm told the club’s official website. “But if it does not happen, I cannot change it – I will always look back on a career that has just been fun.

“I really had a good time, but I still have a little bit left! Ancelotti is an experienced coach, a top international coach, who has won the Champions League on a number of occasions.

“I’ve already had many top international coaches, and now I’ve got another one. This is a beautiful thing.

“For me, towards the end of my career, this is an absolute highlight.”

Despite Guardiola’s shortcomings in the Champions League, Lahm insisted the Spaniard had taken Bayern to new heights.

Lahm continued: “He’s taken us to another level in terms of tactics. We’ve lined up with a back three, a back four, a back five and did so well against Juventus in the Champions League last 16 without any recognised centre-backs.

“He has won three German championship titles in a row. That’s not to be taken for granted either.”

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Courtois To Stay On At Chelsea If Nothing ‘Strange’ Happens

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Thibaut Courtois, Chelsea shotstopper is aiming for a title challenge under incoming boss Antonio Conte.

Chelsea had a terrible title defense, which resulted in Mourinho’s sacking and a 10th place finish for the Stamford Bridge club.

And despite the lack of European football, the Belgium international is not seeking an exit yet, taking part of the blame for Chelsea’s disastrous season.

Courtois told Onda Cero: “It has been a difficult season, I was injured and when I returned I did not play well, my level was lower than the season before.

“Finishing 10th is not good for Chelsea.

“We’re going to have a new coach, and I have a three-year contract, so if nothing strange happens, I will continue at Chelsea.

“We hope to have a better year, and be champions.”

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Ibrahimovic Has Made His Choice, But Still Coy On United Links

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Ibrahimovic is a major drama queen, and the prolific striker stated he knows his next football club, but would not clarify on the link to Manchester United.

The Sweden international is a free agent, after his contract with PSG expired, with the EPL club reportedly close to acquiring his services.

And despite stating a decision on his future has been made, he will rather keep the media guessing than clearing up the rumours.

“The future is already written,” Ibra said at a press conference in Sweden. “I have made my choice.

“It’s not important for me to have a deal done before the Euros. I enjoy reading what the media write. It’s fun.”

“There is interest from every country. England, Italy, other concretes. There are concrete offers, many alternatives.

“There is nothing happening right now, it’s European Championships in force.”

United seem the club leading the race to sign the 34-year-old and with the club expected to hire Jose Mourinho as coach for next season, the striker backed his former coach to succeed.

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Nollywood Actress Rita Edochie Reveals How She Got Pregnant In Primary 6

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Rita Edochie Reveals How She Got Pregnant In Primary 6 – Nollywood actress Rita Edochie told her story of sexual abuse at a seminar against child abuse.

Rita Edochie Reveals How She Got Pregnant In Primary 6

Rita Edochie Reveals How She Got Pregnant In Primary 6

Speaking to NAN, she told her she got pregnant and gave birth while in Primary 6, after a boy used spiritual means to have sex with her.

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“I was a victim of sexual abuse; that was when I was in primary six; I was going to the hospital and somebody called me,” she said

The boy used some diabolic means and sexually violated me; when I could not see my period, I refuse to tell my mother, because she was very strict. I love sharing my experience because at the end of the day I succeeded; If I had not succeed, I would not have been able to be saying it.

“The pregnancy was about seven months before my mother noticed it. She was shocked because she thought her being strict would not allow such a thing to happen. She asked how it happened and I told her everything; my brother picked a knife and wanted to kill me, but my mother stopped him.

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“It happened that the mother of the boy that violated me was my mother’s friend; the boy’s mother was surprise but the boy denied. My mother took me to hospital to abort the pregnancy with a planned of taking me to my grandmother’s place to stay for one week before returning home.

“I told her I may lose my life in the process; and because she loved me, she then aborted the planned abortion; I feel it was God that spoke through me. My mother took care of the baby while I went to school; if not for my mother I would not be where I am today.’’

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MUSIC: Shatta Wale – Don’t Try (Criss Waddle Diss)

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The Dancehall King has been pushed to the edge with “Opana” by the Ayi hitmaker, Criss Waddle for this to happen. He calls this one“Don’t Try” and it is a direct warning to the “Fake American.”

Download and listen for yourself.

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