Brazilian Miss Bum Bum, Debora Dantas, Paralyzed After Failed Suicide Attempt

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Former Miss Bum Bum beauty contestant Debora Dantas has been left paralyzed from the waist down after she threw herself from the fourth floor of an apartment block in a desperate attempt to end her life.

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Dantas who was reportedly heavily intoxicated with alcohol and anti-depressants was battling depression and chose suicide as a way out.

Though she survived the fall, the 20-year-old model has been left with paraplegia.

Miss Bum Bum released a video from her hospital bed in Brazil after the terrible incident addressing her fans and urging them to pray for her.

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Dantas said, “I don’t know if the news has reached you yet but I’ve suffered paraplegia. For me and God, what’s impossible is only a matter of opinion. Keep on praying for me because I’m very happy with everything you’ve done for me so far.”

“I’m making this video to say thank you to my loved ones for their help, to everyone who’s come to visit me and are prepared to be here with me,” she concluded.

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A friend of Dantas told press that the Brazilian beauty had been drinking heavily before her fall.

She revealed: “She was always drinking a lot and taking lots of medication. She was depressed all the time and had emotional problems. She used to say her life was empty and made no sense.”

She’s one lucky lady. Now she has another shot to get her life back.

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