Reeva Steenkamp’s Parents Share Graphic Photos Of Her Death With The World

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Reeva Steenkamp’s parents Barry and June Steenkamp want the world to see what their daughter went through the night she died as they publish graphic images of the aftermath of her shooting on Valentines’ Day in 2013.

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Presiding Judge Thokozile Masipa had earlier refused a request by State prosecutor Gerrie Nel to have graphic images of Reeva Steenkamp’s body shown in public only to change her mind following a plea from Reeva’s parents.

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“Let us show the world what this accused did,” Nel said, and Judge Masipa granted the request.

“If the family of the deceased feel that protection is no longer necessary, it’s not for me to interfere,” said Masipa. “I grant that request that these photographs… may be made public.”

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Images of Reeva Steenkamp

Barry and June Steenkamp admitted making the call to show their daughter’s photographs to the world was a difficult decision, still, they wanted people to have knowledge about what their daughter went through on the night she died.

Barry Steenkamp, Reeva's father

Barry Steenkamp, Reeva’s father

They have given YOU permission to publish the pictures just as their legal representative Tania Koen added that it’s not true Reeva’s parents chose the images that would be released, as had been reported, rather this is the first time the parents are seeing the images themselves.

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“Gerrie Nel showed June and Barry the pictures for the very first time yesterday at lunchtime. That’s when they said the world should see what was done to their daughter, ” Tania Koen said.

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