Accused Serial Rapist Ian Connor Threatens Women On Twitter

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Ian Connor who has been accused as a serial rapist by almost ten women now, threatened two women on Twitter for calling him out.

On Monday (July, 18) Daniellas Broke, one of the women involved tweeted with screenshots of Connor’s comments in her DM, “Ian Connor is in my DMs like a goddam psycho threatening to find me and get revenge over a tweet. Imagine being that insecure.”

In the DM’s, Connor threatened to track her down as he wrote, “I’ll show you what disrespect gets you. That’s on my soul.”

As the banter and threats went back and forth, Connor stated that Twitter fame wasn’t reality and in the end someone else would hurt her as it wouldn’t be him.

Connor said, “And when it’s all said and done I won’t lay a finger on you. Promise it won’t be me.

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Ion Connor has been accused of rape by over ten women

Daniellas advised Connor to change as she said, “You need to get right and turn your life around. What you’re doing right now isn’t working. This is the last time I’m responding to you I’m done here. God Bless.”

Daily Beast writer Marlow Stern got a-hold of the tweets and shared them which encouraged the second woman to come forward with Twitter DM threats from Connor.

Ian Connor wrote to the second woman, “Btch, don’t get comfortable just because you used to fck my brother before he passed. You still a random a random ass groupie in my eyes. And will get treated as one if I see you, so stop trying to sh*t on niggas for retweets. This is the Internet, I don’t need this, niggas can catch you lacking in real life Remy don’t forget that.”

According to latest statistics by Complex, Connor has been accused of rape by over ten women.

Read the DMs below

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