Akarigbo Of Remoland, Oba Sonariwo, Is Dead

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The Akarigbo of Remoland, Oba Adeniyi Sonariwo is said to have died in the United Kingdom.

The foremost Yoruba traditional ruler who was until his rumoured death the Chairman of Ogun State Council of Obas died at the age of 90.

It was gathered that the monarch passed on after he had travelled out of the country to the United Kingdom for medical check-up.

“Unfortunately, he did not make it back,” a source said.

On Sunday, another source said: “He died Saturday evening in UK where he was flown to since July 17, this month, after a brief illness. He joined his ancestors in the presence of his Olori, Abosede, who accompanied him on the medical trip.”

Ola Sonariwo was born in Ita Eleye in Lagos State in 1936.

He attended St. John School, Aroloya, Lagos from 1941 to 1949.

He also attended Methodist Boys High School from 1950 till 1955.

He then went on to become an Accountant.

His dad died in 1942 when he was six years old, while his mother passed on earlier.

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Olympics: Russia Avoid Blanket Ban At Rio

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The International Olympic Committee (IOC) has stated that it is up to individual sports’ governing bodies to determine if Russian are clean, and should be allowed to take part in the Olympics.

The decision was made after Richard McLaren revealed that Russia has been operating on a state-sponsored doping between 2011-2015.

Competitors from Russia who want to take part in the Games will have to meet strict criteria laid down by the IOC.

Any Russian who has served a doping ban will not be eligible for next month’s Olympics. Track and field athletes have already been banned.

IOC president Thomas Bach said: “We have set the bar to the limit by establishing a number of very strict criteria which every Russian athlete will have to fulfil if he or she wants to participate in the Olympic Games Rio 2016.

“I think in this way, we have balanced on the one hand, the desire and need for collective responsibility versus the right to individual justice of every individual athlete.”

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The Illegality Of Recruiting Ex-Civilian JTF Members Into The Nigerian Army – Kennedy Emetulu

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I have just read about the recruitment of 250 former Civilian JTF members into the Nigerian Army. This should worry all peace-loving and law-abiding citizens, home and abroad.

This piece was written by Kennedy Emetulu. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

First, let me make one thing clear. The members of the Civilian JTF are patriots and national heroes who must be compensated for the gallant work they’ve done and are still doing with the Nigerian Armed Forces to combat Boko Haram. But whatever the form the reward must take, it must not and should not have included a special recruitment into the Nigerian Army in the manner it has been done. The membership of the Nigerian Army is not a reward to anybody for whatever they have done for Nigeria. The Nigerian Armed Forces are collectively the greatest symbol of our national unity, and recruitment into their ranks is constitutionally and lawfully determined.

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Section 217(3) of the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (1999) states: “The composition of the officer corps and other ranks of the armed forces of the Federation shall reflect the federal character of Nigeria”. In giving effect to the above, section 219(b) of the Constitution states that the National Assembly shall “establish a body which shall comprise such members as the National Assembly may determine, and which shall have power to ensure that the composition of the armed forces of the Federation shall reflect the federal character of Nigeria in the manner prescribed in section 217 of this Constitution”.

So, clearly, the drafters of the Constitution, being very much aware of the volatile history of our Armed Forces and the fragility of our ethnic relations, envisioned and sought to create a truly national institution. They did this not only by specifying in the Constitution the character of the composition of the Armed Forces, but they also mandated the National Assembly to ensure that this is so at all times. These constitutional mandates for composition and active oversight by the National Assembly do not give any room for derogation.

The Armed Forces, also very much aware of this, have traditionally followed the principle in practice by ensuring that its recruitment is done nationally through a national recruitment process that requires equal quotas from all states of the federation and a mix of recruits, officers and other ranks in units. This recruitment of the Civilian JTF members is the first time the Army will recruit only from one area/region/state. This is a bad precedence. It must not be allowed to stand.

Of course, as I stated earlier, I fully understand that the state must show gratitude to the Civilian JTF members, but should recruitment into the Army be the answer? I mean, it’s obvious that all those who joined did so because they simply needed a job, not because they set out to choose the military as a career. They did not take up arms to fight Boko Haram because they wanted to join the military; they did primarily to protect themselves, their families and their communities. Naturally, in the harsh economic situation and in the state of unemployment in the country, it would have been unconscionable to throw back these guys into their neighbourhoods without proper compensation, but this payback should not be in terms of an easy recruitment into the Army.

What the authorities should have done was to sit down with them to first find out what they really want to do. I’m sure there are many of them who would have wanted to further their education. Those should have been given scholarships to pursue education. Then there would be those who possibly want to learn a trade or pursue a business. Those too should have been supported along those lines. Then those who choose to join the military should have been prepared for the next national recruitment into the army as part of the process already in place in line with the federal character mandate in the Constitution. They should not have been given any special recruitment dispensation to join the Army against the law. If the above policy I am suggesting had been followed, we would have had a better programme of reward and compensation for the boys, something more meaningful than just dumping them in the army as recruits. They would have been more useful to Nigeria with such a diversified reward system that would have likely guaranteed them a brighter future than throwing them in as recruits of the army, irrespective of their individual talents and dreams.

In all I state above, I have not dealt with the danger this poses to the nation communally. I mean, there are people murmuring already that these recruits are actually Boko Haram militants being brought into the Army through a backdoor as some kind of settlement. Then there are those who say this is Lieutenant General Tukur Buratai recruiting mostly members of his own ethnic group or people from his region into the Army through the backdoor. While I do not believe the charge of them being Boko Haram militants, we cannot ignore the fact that these are people all from the area that the present Chief of Army Staff hails from. What kind of Army are we creating if people can be recruited this way in blatant disregard of the Constitution? What happens tomorrow if civilians join to help the army in other sections of the country to contain a similar insurgency in their region? Would we also be recruiting those persons into the Nigerian Army the same way? Where will that lead us?

I think the National Assembly should invoke its constitutional powers immediately and begin to look into this recruitment. It must immediately investigate the present composition of the Nigerian Army along the lines of its mandate under section 219(b) to ensure that the composition of the armed forces of the Federation reflects the federal character of Nigeria in the manner prescribed in section 217 of our Constitution. This type of sectional recruitment must be totally discouraged.

Kennedy Emetulu can be reached through kemetulu@googlemail.com.

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Mignolet Prepared To Battle Karius For No. 1 Spot

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Simon Mignolet is welcoming the challenge to be Liverpool’s first-choice goalkeeper, with new signing, Loris Karius providing a challenge for the Belgian.

The Belgium international has been the number one at Anfield for the past three seasons. However, his performance has been called into question, following a string of high-profile errors.

The arrival of Karius from Mainz for a reported £4.7 million has raised the possibility of Mignolet being demoted to the bench by Klopp next season.

But the former Sunderland keeper insists that competition for places can only be beneficial for the squad.

“I think the challenge is good,” Mignolet told reporters after an open training session in California, where Liverpool are preparing for an International Champions Cup friendly against Chelsea.

“For every place you need that competition if you are going to improve as a player and as a team. I am used to the competition for places. It’s happened over the last couple of seasons and it happened at the previous teams I was at.

“It is the same with the international team. If you want it, you have got to fight for it. You have got to take the challenge and ensure it gets the best out of you. It is nice to have.

“It all comes down to how you deal with it yourself. The biggest challenge is the fight you have on your own. You have to look at yourself and make sure you give your best in training and in your performances. That is what I will keep doing.

“There is no point looking at somebody else. You have just got to make sure you do your job in the best possible way.”

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Harrysong Thankful After Surviving Auto Accident

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Harrysong Thankful After Surviving Auto Accident – Singer Harrysong has much to be thankful for after surviving an auto accident.

The accident reportedly occurred along the Enugu-Onitsha expressway, as the Raggae Blues singer was on his way to Owerri to catch a flight to Lagos for the Opening Gala of the MTN Project Fame Season 9 event where he was due to perform.

Harrysong, who will be due back in Asaba later in the week for his Peace concert, revealed he almost thought he had died. He wrote on his Instagram, “At one point I thought I was crossing over to the other side. But no, God still has great plans for me.”

See his post below!

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Serena Williams Pulls Out Of Rodgers Cup Due To Injury

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Tennis star, Serena Williams has withdrawn from the Rodgers Cup, with an inflammation in her shoulder keeping her out of the competition.

The 3-time Rodgers Cup winner, was the top seed in the hard-court tournament, and was expected to have an easy first round.

Serena Williams Dreamt Of Winning A Grand Slam, Ends Up Winning 22

”Due to inflammation in my shoulder, I unfortunately must withdraw from the Rogers Cup,” Williams said in a statement. ”I was looking forward to competing in Montreal and I look forward to returning soon.”

Williams is coming off her seventh Wimbledon title earlier this month. The win tied Steffi Graf’s record of 22 Grand Slam titles.

”Because this is an Olympic year, the players have very full schedules,” tournament director Eugene Lapierre said. ”Sometimes your body needs rest. We hope that Serena will recover quickly and wish her much success for the rest of the season.”

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Raphael Varane Intent On Staying In Real Madrid

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Raphael Varane Intent On Staying In Real Madrid – Real Madrid’s young central defender Raphael Varane has spoken of his intention to remain at the club.

The Frenchman’s playing time has reduced since manager Zinedine Zidane joined the club, leading to reports that he might be quitting the Santiago Bernabeu. In a recent press conference however, he stated that he was not planning on leaving.

“Yes, I want to stay here this year. I think everything is here for me to continue my progression,” he said. “I feel loved by the club and by the fans who have always treated me almost like a youth product.

“The best players are here, everything is here for me to keep improving and I’m really enthusiastic about improving. The best is still ahead of me.”

“In life you take decisions, I spoke with the club, I spoke with Zizou and I trust that I’m going to keep improving here and the best of me is still to come,” he said. “In life you take decisions and I’ve chosen to stay here because I want to be here and I want to be in Madrid.”

“Finishing the season without playing in the Champions League final and the European Championship is difficult for me, it’s true,” he said.

“But I want to leave it behind me, I want to move forward and I think that I can keep improving. I love being at a club like Real Madrid, I want to stay here and for a long time.”

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Wayne Rooney Wants To Manage After Retirement

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Wayne Rooney Wants To Manage After Retirement – Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney has revealed his desire to manage when he’s done playing football.

Wayne Rooney Wants To Manage After Retirement

Wayne Rooney Wants To Manage After Retirement

The 30-year old England captain has already begun applying for his coaching badges, even though his playing career is still far from over.

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“I would [like to be a manager] one day,” Rooney is quoted in The Sun. “Football is what I’ve done my entire life.”

“Currently I’m in the process of doing my coaching badges. So hopefully when I’ve finished playing I have completed them. Hopefully one day a club will give me the opportunity to manage and I can be successful in doing that.”

Do you think Rooney would make a great coach?

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Tuchel: Schurrle The Perfect Replacement For Miki

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Dortmund manager, Thomas Tuchel has stated that Andriy Schurrle is the perfect replacement for Mkhitaryan, with the latter leaving BVB for Manchester United.

The attacking midfielder was in impressive form Dortmund last season. The bundesliga club opted to sell Mkhitaryan, following his refusal to sign a contract renewal.

Dortmund signed Schurrle from Wolfsburg, looking to fill the void left by the Armenia international. And Tuchel is certain the 25-year-old can become a star player for the club.

“With Mkhitaryan’s departure, we have lost a player who can play on the wings and there are not a whole lot of players like him. Schurrle is one of the them, though,” Tuchel told Bild.

“Players like them do not have an ego, but still contribute a lot of goals.

“It’s always easier when you are a defender playing behind one of them.

“That’s why we so desperately needed Schurrle, because we lost Mkhitaryan playing like this.”

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Security Operatives Nab ‘Fleeing’ Pastor Who Chained His Son For 4 Weeks

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The fleeing pastor of Joy Celestial Church, Ajibawo, Atan-Ota town‎ of Ogun State, Francis Taiwo, who chained his 9-year-old son for weeks, has been apprehended.


Nine-year-old Korede who was chained in Ogun State for weeks before his rescue on Friday, Photo credit: Premium Times

Nine-year-old Korede who was chained in Ogun State for weeks before his rescue on Friday, Photo credit: Premium Times

Confirming his arrest, the Public Relations Officer of the Ogun State Police Command, Muyiwa Adejobi, said that the suspect was arrested on Sunday, with the assistance of his church members.

Taiwo is accused of applying shackles on his son, Taiwo Korede, for close to a month, as punishment for allegedly stealing.

The lad was rescued on Friday by the police and officials of the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps, NSCDC.

Premium Times learnt that the victim’s stepmother had earlier been arrested by the police who announced that the malnourished boy will be handed to the Ministry of Women Affairs and Social Welfare for further rehabilitation.

Meanwhile, the police spokesman disclosed that Francis Taiwo will be charged to court as soon as investigations are completed.

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#TransferLatest: Celtic Sign Kolo Toure

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Scottish Champions, Celtic have confirmed the official signing of Ivorian defender, Kolo Toure on a one-year deal.

The 35-year-old defender reunites with Brendan Rodgers at Celtic, under whom he played while he was at Liverpool. Rodgers has already signed French striker, Moussa Dembele, with Toure the latest addition to his side.

And the Northern Irishman was delighted to team up with the former Arsenal and Manchester City player once again.

“I brought Kolo into Liverpool to add that bit of experience and help to the centre-halves there at the time,” Rodgers told the club’s official website.

“You saw from his impact there and in particular last season, he was a very important player for Jurgen Klopp towards the end of last season, playing in the Europa League final.

“He was outstanding in the big games for me when I was there. He looks after himself, he’s a wonderful professional and he has good experience.

“With a lot of young players in our squad, he can really help them and he can be of great assistance for the likes of Scott Brown, who is a wonderful leader.

“But he needs support and help around him as well. It will be nice for Scotty to have someone behind him who has that real big-game experience. Kolo can do very well for us.”

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#HungarianGP: Lewis Hamilton Does The Dab As He Wins Formula One Championship

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Lewis Hamilton does the dab in celebration as he wins the Formula One championship at the Hungarian Grand Prix, Sunday (July, 24).

For the first time this season, Hamilton takes the lead after cruising to break the record of five consecutive winnings out of six grand prixs.

A move tipped to be his hat-trick season.

Leading from the beginning of the race to the end, he overtook Mercedes team-mate, Nico Rosberg on the long-run to turn in at number one. This has moved him six points ahead of Rosberg.

hungarian grand prix

LLewis Hamilton is one count down on a hat-trick this season

Hamilton attributed his success at the Hungarian Grand Prix to starting right.

He said, “With the race the start was everything, and I got a good start. One of the Red Bulls was on the inside of me so I was pressured quite a lot in turn one.”

“Traffic was difficult today to navigate through, but it was amazing,” he concluded.

Hamilton, Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo and Mercedes’ Rosberg on the podium were the top three of the race.

Rosberg said after the race, “It was all down to the start and I lost out a little bit. Into turn one I had Daniel on the outside and Lewis on the inside so I ran out of space so I had to bail out of it.”

“I was happy to take Daniel back at turn two and then I was trying to put pressure on Lewis but it’s not possible on this track.”

Meanwhile, also a first time winner this season, Kimi Raikkonen is the DHL Fastest Lap Award winner #HungarianGP #F1

hungarian grand prix

Kimi Raikkonen wins DHL Fastest Lap Award

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254 Nigerian Residents In S/Africa Defraud FG Of N11m

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254 Nigerian Residents In South Africa Defraud Federal Government Of N11 Million

The Nigerian Consul-General in South Africa, Uche Ajulu-Okeke, has revealed that the Federal Government lost a sum of $39,370 – estimated N11 million – to visa and passport fees at processing centres in that country.

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) on Sunday morning in Johannesburg, South Africa, Okeke explained that the Online Integrated Solutions (OIS), a firm that processes passport and visa on behalf of the Nigeria Immigration Service abroad, reported the loss to the Consulate.

Her words: “Concrete evidence that we have got shows a recent compilation of 254 online payment fraudulent reversals of passport applications which occurred between the months of April and June 2016.

“These acts were deliberately done by Nigerians to defraud their government,” she said, adding that the acts were perpetrated through the banks.

She said the South African banking system allowed anyone with a credit card to reverse such payment if there was complain within 30 days.

“Unfortunately, some Nigerians in South Africa have perfected the act of defrauding the Federal Government by going to the banks to report loss or fraudulent use of such cards and the banks will reverse the payment,” she said.

The Consul-General also said “because of speed in service delivery accorded Nigerians by the Consulate at the instance of the Federal Government, the passport would have been produced’’.

She disclosed that the Nigerians will pay online; collect the passports within the stipulated 30 days with the passports in their pockets, go back to the bank and reverse the payments.

Ms. Okeke said it was very unfortunate that some Nigerians deliberately defrauded the government through such acts in a foreign land.

“The Consulate has compiled a list of those involved in this act and sent to Abuja. The Nigeria Immigration Service will decide whether those passports will be cancelled or withdrawn from circulation,” she said.


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Serena Williams Dreamt Of Winning A Grand Slam, Ends Up Winning 22

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Serena Williams had a dream to win the grand slam while growing up as a kid in the poor black-dominated neighbourhood of Compton little did she know she would later win 22 grand slams and six world best tennis player titles. 

Born Serena Jameka Williams on September 26, 1981, The Women’s Tennis Association has ranked her world No 1 in singles on six separate occasions.

serena williams

Serena Williams  and her sisters as a child in Compton

This 34-year-old world tennis champion practically set Instagram on fire on Thursday,( July, 21) after she shared a makeup-free face while wearing a lacey white bralette.

Her barely-there costume sent her followers in a frenzy as the comments applauded her sexy style while some wanted to know what brand her sports bra was.

Ten years ago, while on a visit to Melbourne, Serena’s mother, Oracene Price discovered the sports brand Berlei and introduced Williams to it.

The tennis star has been stuck on it for ever, wearing the company’s sports bras for all her training and competitions ever since.

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Picture shared by the World’s best female tennis player

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As always, Serena continues to inspire, especially young women as they took to Twitter to share their encouragement and praise at her resilience in going after her dream of being number one.

They also praised her for helping young black women believe they can be whatever they want if they have enough faith in themselves to go after their dreams.

Some of Serena’s fans on twitter
  •  – Did anyone ever imagine two of those girls would have ruled the lily white sport of tennis for nearly 20 years? Amazing.
  •  – ‏ Just keep on winning and keep on dreaming… You’re the best in the world
  •  –  You are a huge source of inspiration and an outstanding epitome for hard work and indefatigable fighting spirit!

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Dancer Beaten By Koffi Olomide Says He Did Not Attack Her

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Pamela, the woman identified as the dancer who was physically assaulted by Koffi Olomide has spoken out saying she was not attacked by the Congolese singer. What?

The video evidence showed Olomide kick Pamela after she was caught in a feud with another of Koffi’s dancers named Cindy Le Couer. Cindy is reportedly Koffi’s favorite dancer and alleged mistress that’s why he took her side during her feud with Pamela.

Pamela has said that Olomide who was deported from Kenya yesterday did not attack her despite evidence proving otherwise.

Koffi Olomide

Koffi Olomide deported from Kenya

In a video shared on The Selfie hitmaker’s Facebook page, Pamela said, “Dear fans of Koffi Olomide, I would like to tell you that Koffi did not attack me, it was a girl at the airport that was threatening me and Koffi came to defend me. Koffi can never beat us in public, and we all know that Koffi loves his dancers and he can never do something like that.”

“For your information, Koffi does not beat us. For all those who love Koffi, I want to tell you that Koffi is not someone who is aggressive… he loves us very much and it’s just a girl who came and started attacking us. As far as we are concerned, we don’t have any problem. We came for a concert. We are in good terms with Koffi. He is our president and he never harms us,” the dancer concluded.

Watch the video and observe the girl being kicked if she looks like “a girl at the airport that was threatening me and Koffi came to defend me,” according to Pamela.

Koffi started dating Cindy in 2012. According to allegations, the Congolese female singer had an impressive vocal range which placed her as a favorite among the rumba performer’s vocalists.

Meanwhile Olomide is married to Aliane Olomide and the couple have seven children: Nzau Twengi Aristotle O’Neill, Elvis, Minou Miss Universe, Didi Stone Nike, Rocky, Del pirlo Mourhino and Saint James Rolls.

He said, “I watched the video with a lot of distress where it seems that I was assaulting one of my dancers. On the contrary I was defending my dancers from a lady who was threatening them at the airport. I respect women and everyone knows that I do. I would like to apologize to all women because of my actions but I was defending my dancers.”

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Mourinho: I Want To Win The EPL

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Jose Mourinho has bemoaned the impossible situation United find themselves in due to Europa league football, believing it’ll affect their chances of winning the English Premier League.

Manchester United narrowly missed out on qualifying for the UCL, after finishing fifth behind Manchester City. They qualified for Europa league and will play on Thursdays.

Mourinho is concerned that their lack of rest between games could have a negative impact and believes Chelsea – who do not play in Europe at all – have a major advantage in the title race.

“The Premier League doesn’t do you any favours,” the Portuguese told The Sun.

“We will be playing [in the Europa League] on Thursday, but I don’t think they will then make us play on a Monday, they will make us play on Sunday and probably at 12 o’clock.

“So we are in the worst possible situation. It is the worst [if you want to fight] for the Premier League.

“It is much easier to be a Champions League team. And obviously it is much easier to be what Liverpool were two years ago and what Chelsea are next season [with no European football].

“One complete week to work every week, that is a dream. That is a dream for a manager who wants to improve his team.”

Nevertheless, Mourinho is determined to fight for the title in his first season in charge, even if the board of directors have given him three seasons to get United back to the top.

“The message from the owners and Mr Woodward was this: ‘Get your three years, do your work, improve the team and bring us back where we belong during a three-year period.’ My message was that I wanted to win the title in the first season,” he added.

“I want to be champion. To say before the season starts that the top four is the target? The top four is not the target. We want to play to be champions.

“If during the season we realise the points difference doesn’t allow us to fight for the title, we are going to establish a new target and when you can’t be champion the next target is to finish top four.”

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80 Dead, 230 Injured As ISIS Claims Responsibility For Kabul Attack

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No less than 80 persons have been killed and 230 injured in a twin explosions that ripped through a demonstration by members of Afghanistan’s mainly Shi’ite Hazara minority in the country’s capital, Kabul, on Saturday.

This is even as the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) group claimed responsibility for the double suicide attack, which is considered among the most deadly attacks since the U.S.-led force campaign to oust the Taliban in 2001,

“Two fighters from Islamic State detonated explosive belts at a gathering of Shi’ites in the city of Kabul in Afghanistan,” said a brief statement on the group’s Amaq news agency.

The attack in Deh Mazang square targeted thousands from the Shia Hazara minority who were protesting over a new power line, saying its route bypasses provinces where many of them live.

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Also, an impeccable Afghan intelligence source told the BBC that an IS commander named Abo Ali had sent three jihadists from the Achen district of Nangarhar province to carry out the Kabul attack.

The interior ministry said only one attacker had successfully detonated an explosives belt. The belt of the second failed to explode and the third attacker was killed by security forces.

Meanwhile, Afghan President, Ashraf Ghani addressed the nation on TV, declaring today (Sunday) a day of national mourning.

“I promise you I will take revenge against the culprits,” he said.

The United States and Russia condemned the attack and renewed pledges of security assistance to Kabul.

“We remain committed to work jointly with the Afghan security forces and countries in the region to confront the forces that threaten Afghanistan’s security, stability, and prosperity,” the White House said in a statement.

Russian President Vladimir Putin reiterated his “readiness to continue the most active cooperation with … Afghanistan in fighting all forms of terrorism”, Russian news agencies quoted a Kremlin statement as saying.

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Emery: Zidane May Be One Of The Best Managers In The World

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PSG manager, Unai Emery feels Zinedine Zidane may be one of the best managers in the World, after leading Madrid to UCL glory in the 2015/16 season.

Zidane replaced Benitez at Real Madrid turning around their form in the process, as they pushed Barcelona to the wire in the race to win La Liga. He also lifted the club’s 11th Champions league trophy.

“With Real Madrid and, in this case, Zidane, two great footballing icons are brought together,” Emery told reporters in a conference call as part of PSG’s participation in the International Champions Cup. “Real Madrid because of their history as a club and Zidane because of the great footballer he was.

“Logically, translating all of that into the role of coach is not easy and the first works of Zidane, with that title in the Champions League, show there is a continuity in his work as coach from what he was as a player.

“He is at a great club in Real Madrid, one of the best clubs in the world, he was one of the best players in the world and possibly, with the work he is carrying out, he may also be one of the best coaches in the world.”

Emery left Sevilla earlier in the summer after winning three successive Europa League crowns with the Andalusian club – and he admits he is looking forward to the challenge of seeking success in the Champions League with Paris Saint-Germain.

“For me it’s a challenge and a step in my career after the last few years with Sevilla and having won the Europa League,” he said.

“That gave a dimension to Sevilla, a dimension to the players, a dimension to the coach, with success, but that success has to be confirmed and the opportunity that PSG give me is to be able to grow with a great team towards ambitious heights.”

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Rodgers: Toure Will Join Celtic On Sunday

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Brendan Rodgers is confident Kolo Toure will complete the move to Celtic FC from Liverpool on Sunday.

The 35-year-old defender has completed his medical at Glasgow. And was in the stands for the ICC clash against Leicester, which the foxes won on penalties.

The former Liverpool manager signed the Ivorian from Manchester City for Liverpool. Rodgers also heaped praise on the centre back for his performances at Anfield, especially on their way to the Europa league final.

“Hopefully by tomorrow that will be done,” he said after the Leicester game.

“He’ll be great for us, I took him to Liverpool for his experience and you saw what he did there. He was so important in the back end of last season, too, in the Europa League.

“He’s looked after himself, he’s in good condition and he’ll be a great addition for us.”

Earlier, Toure told Sky Sports: “I am ready for a new challenge. I’m here to try to be ready and help the team as much as I can.

“The Champions League is a great competition and I always look forward to it.”

Toure could make his debut for Celtic in their Champions League qualifier against Astana on Wednesday.

The defender, an Africa Cup of Nations winner in 2015, has spent the last 14 years in England’s top flight, having won the Premier League and FA Cup with Arsenal before joining City in 2009.

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Pep Guardiola Talks “Polite” Rivalry With Jose Mourinho

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Pep Guardiola Talks “Polite” Rivalry With Jose Mourinho – New Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that there is no bad blood between himself and new Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho.

Pep Guardiola Talks "Polite" Rivalry With Jose Mourinho

Pep Guardiola Talks “Polite” Rivalry With Jose Mourinho

This duo have been rivals since Guardiola was manager at Barcelona and Mourinho at Real Madrid, but Guardiola says it’s all polite between them.

The two clubs meet on Monday in the International Champions Cup pre-season tournament, and Guardiola said he expected to shake hands with Mourinho.

“We are polite guys, why not?” Guardiola said. “Why should we not shake hands? No reason why. He will want to win and so will I, that’s all. It’s a friendly game, a really friendly game.”

With Mourinho the first beacon of hope at the red half of Manchester since the legendary Alex Ferguson left, Guardiola revealed he expected his new rivals to be much tougher.

“I’m pretty sure they will be stronger than in previous years,” said Guardiola. “With this manager I’m sure they will buy new players. They will be a strong team.”

“We didn’t see the pitch but there is a lot of water in the last days so we understand it’s not in a good condition,” said Guardiola of the poor condition of the Chinese stadium.

“But OK we’re going to adapt and adjust. The most important thing is that the players are not going to be injured. We know the humidity for the training is not ideal, but we also know that it’s so important to come here to know the people and to play a good two games against amazing teams like United and Dortmund.”

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Davido Gets Second International Record Deal

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Davido Gets Second International Record Deal – Singer Davido continues to get rewarded for his stellar hard work, and has now signed yet another international deal.

The Skelewu hitmaker had only last year signed a mega deal with Sony Music, and now has added RCA Records to the mix.

The deal was revealed by Davido’s new executive producer, Efe Ogbeni on Instagram. Davido joins superstars such as Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift and Alicia Keys, who are also signed to the label.

Congrats, Davido! Check him out below!

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Matic Prepared To Battle Kante For Starting Spot

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Chelsea midfielder, Nemanja Matic is not bothered about having to fight for his spot with new Chelsea signing, N’golo Kante in the midfield.

Kante became Antonio Conte’s second signing at the club, when the France international signed a five-year deal at the club. The deal is believed to have cost Chelsea £30 million.

Kante will subsequently battle with Matic for a berth in Antonio Conte’s starting lineup, but the Serbian insists that he is unfazed by the arrival of the 25-year-old, who played a major role in Leicester City’s Premier League title triumph last season.

“I am sure that 100,000 players want to come to play for Chelsea so there is always competition, all life is a fight so every player is ready for that,” Matic said.

“Yes, [it is great to have him] he is a good player and I am sure that he will bring a lot of qualities to our team and all good players are welcome to our team.

“He is a great player and it was difficult play against him [last season] and I am very happy because he is coming to Chelsea.”

In addition to Kante Chelsea also signed Michy Batshuayi this summer, with the striker arriving from Marseille for a fee of £33m.

And Matic has backed the 22-year-old to prove a major success at Stamford Bridge.

“He has quality of course and he is welcome because he is a great player,” he added. “I hope that he is going to bring quality to our team, they are going to improve with us and that’s it.

“Yes, he is a good striker and that’s why Chelsea bought him and I am sure he will bring quality to our team and I am sure he will score a lot of goals.”

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Albrighton Hoping Mahrez Stays

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Leicester City player, Marc Albrighton is hoping manager, Ranieri is right and Mahrez is not leaving the club. Speculations continue to mount, linking the Algerian with a move away from the club.

Arsenal are looking to sign the impressive midfielder for €50 million. However, the agent and the player have denied such deal will go through.

Claudio Ranieri Confident Riyad Mahrez Will Remain At Leicester City

Regardless, the Algerian is hot property after his exploits with the Premier League champions last season and Albrighton is hopeful that talk of a summer move is false.

“Hopefully what the manager says is right,” the Foxes’ number 11 said after their International Champions Cup win over Celtic. “You like to hear the likes of Riyad and Vards [Jamie Vardy] are staying and want to continue what we keep achieving.

“A player of his quality is always going to attract attention from other clubs and the media are only going to keep that up, which you can understand, but as far as Riyad’s concerned he’s a level headed guy and he does his talking on the pitch – he proved that today.

“You want to keep all your best players. Obviously N’Golo [Kante] we can only thank for being there last season and helping us to what we achieved. He was outstanding on and off the field, a great guy and as players we wish him all the best for the future.”

Leicester have signed a number of reinforcements since Kante’s exit to Chelsea, most notably midfielder Nampalys Mendy and striker Ahmed Musa, and Albrighton has lavished praise on the new faces.

“Musa looks sharp, quick – he likes to stretch defences. I don’t think he had too many chances to do that today but I think with the games that are coming this pre-season he’ll have plenty of opportunities.

“He’s a player that’ll excite the fans from what we’ve seen already – he’s one to look forward to.

“Mendy’s the same in the middle. He dominated the first half, got himself on the ball, didn’t look out of place, didn’t shy away from the ball – he wanted it. He made some good passes at times which we need with N’Golo gone. I thought he was brilliant.”

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VIDEO: StoneBwoy – By Grace

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Bhim Nation boss – Stonebwoy brings to us the official video to his first single for the year titled “By Grace”. A video edited by Babs Shot It.

Every thing we do in this world needs the backing of the Most High in the Heavens. Burniton Music Group signed act Stonebwoy drops this new one he titles “His Grace”. Wonderful track to begin the new year. Production credit goes to Touch Point and Beatz Dakay.

Watch Stonebwoy In By Grace Video Below!

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Claudio Ranieri Confident Riyad Mahrez Will Remain At Leicester City 

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​Claudio Ranieri says Riyad Mahrez risks ending up on the bench if he decides to leave Leicester this summer.

Mahrez scored a stunning goal in Leicester’s shoot-out win over Celtic today, and when asked if he was confident the attacker would stay at Leicester, Ranieri told Sky Sports after the match: “I am always confident. Of course, we know that there are other teams that want to win the Premier League.”

Ranieri added: “Did you see how Riyad is happy? He played so well, worked so hard for the team, he scored a goal and he stays with us.

“It is very important (to keep him) he is one of our stars.

“Other teams maybe have more stars and maybe he doesn’t play at the same level, because maybe is on the bench so it is much better he stays with me.”

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