Plenty Chill: John Dumelo Won’t Rush Into Marriage

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Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo joins the league of single stars such as Don Jazzy, Banky W, D’banj, Rita Dominic, Yvonne Nelson, – the list is quite endless – who do not wan’t to rush into marriage. 

He said in a chat with Ovwe Medeme, “I’ve seen a lot of people talking about the beauty of marriage. I’ve also seen a lot of people getting into marriage early and I’ve seen a lot of people getting into marriage and divorcing early.”

“I think people just like the idea of marriage but they don’t know how to stay in the marriage. They like the idea of love but they don’t know how to be in love or stay in love.” 

He continued. “So I thought, since I have some following, I decided to say that this is what I’ve heard, this is what I’ve seen. Let me just put it in writing.”

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John Dumelo says he would settle down for the right reasons

“I was just advising people not to rush into marriage because their friends are getting married or because they want to have beautiful wedding pictures in Bella Naija, or because you want to rent a nice place, play music and everything. That’s not what marriage is about.” Dumelo quipped.

“Marriage is making it work and that’s what is making a lot of marriages fail these days. People go into it with the wrong mindset… That’s why I’m taking my time now, so when I get married it would be for the right reasons.”

He also dispelled rumors he was dating fellow-countryman Yvonne Nelson.

“Yvonne is just my friend,” Dumelo clarified. “I mean we have enjoyed a beautiful relationship, by that, I mean friendship over a long period of time. And yes, we had some misunderstandings but I asked myself, what is life? Life is short. Let’s just make up.”

We hear ya.

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