Season Predictions For The EPL 2016/17 Season

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If you had read any sports betting sites review of last seasons English Barclays Premier League, they would have all said they same thing. No one had predicted that Leicester City would have been crowned the champions. It was one of the best seasons for surprises and if the 2016/17 follows suit, we are all in for a treat. It is the world’s toughest league and on their day anyone can beat anyone. It is why it is the most watched football league in the world. If you compare it to the Spanish League there are no comparisons. You are guaranteed either one of the teams from Madrid or Barcelona to win every single year.

On paper this season has all the ingredients to be the best. The two world’s best managers will compete head to head for the first time in the EPL. Jose Mourinho has a huge point to prove at Manchester United if he is to claim the title back from Pep Guardiola. The former also has it all to prove as now on his CV he has managed two teams that were almost guaranteed to win the title. With Manchester City, that is not the case and it will be exciting to see how he copes with the EPL demands.

After Chelsea’s unbelievably bad season, many sport betting sites review the team’s chances with the new the manager. It’s not great but currently the predictions are that they will do much better than last season. A manager with no experience in the league and a reputation of been tough with players, might affect negatively in the dressing room? They have the players to mount a serious challenge but do they have the tactics and desire?

Liverpool could be a surprise package this year due to Kloop being able to add his own players for the first time. With the added advantage of having half a season to start the process and being able to find out which players to keep and which to get rid of, if they start well they may be able to surprise everyone.

Arsenal should have been crowned champions last season according to many, it was theirs for the taking and they bottled it yet again !! If Wenger does not deliver this year it could well be his last as the fans at The Emirates are starting to loss patients.

Will Leicester City win it for a second year running. My answer to that is do pigs fly. It was a one-off and will not happen for a second year running. Like Chelsea the year before them, teams will have had time to work out the best way to beat them. Too many off their main star players have had their heads turned by offers and the main reason they won it last year was due to total focus on the job in hand from day one.

I think the winners for the EPL 2016/17 is going to be Tottenham Hotspur. They have bought perfectly over the summer and got their recruits in early. They now have a second world-class striker to back Harry Kane. Last year they were the youngest team in the league and with that experience plus the recruiters I believe the will be champions come the end of the season.

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