The Kardashian-Jenner Clan Is In Trouble Over ‘False Advertising’ On Instagram

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The Kardashian and Jenner sisters are knee-deep in trouble over “stealthily-disguised product placement” on Instagram. 

Truth in Advertising (TINA), a nonprofit organization which is aimed at uncovering “false advertising and deceptive marketing,” has issued an ultimatum to the Kardashians and Jenners to either remove over a hundred Instagram false advertisements or they’ll report to the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) of alleged violations.

In a press statement released on Monday, August 22, TINA Executive Director Bonnie Patten said, “When it comes to sponsored social media posts, the law is clear—unless it’s self-evident that an Instagram post is an advertisement, a clear and prominent disclosure is required so that consumers understand that what they are viewing is an ad.”

It continued, “The Kardashian-Jenner family and the companies that have a commercial relationship with them have ignored this law for far too long, and it’s time that they were held accountable.”

TINA added that deceptive methods of advertising were applied on those over one-hundred posts as they included “promotion of more than two dozen companies and related products.”

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JAMB, Nigerian Institutions Agree On Deadline For 2016 Admissions

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB), in collaboration with the proprietors of private tertiary institutions, and other relevant stakeholders have set a date as the deadline for completion of the 2016 admissions into universities and other tertiary institutions in the country.

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In a statement issued by the JAMB Registrar Professor Ishaq Oloyede, during the technical meeting on 2016 admissions at the Bayero University Kano, the deadline was set at November 30, 2016.

The JAMB Registrar also assured that the Board would not in any way interfere with the list of candidates sent by institutions for 2016 candidates admissions, either by addition or subtraction of names.

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Oloyede stressed that the meeting was convened to discuss the issue of suitable placements of qualified candidates into tertiary institutions, taking into consideration the available vacancies, respective institution, approved guidelines, preference expressed for the institutions and courses by the candidates.

The JAMB Chief Executive was optimistic that the 2016 admissions will be as smooth as ever, even as all other processes remain the same except that there won’t be written post-UTME test as a result of the recent abolition of the test by the Minister of Education, Malam Adamu Adamu.

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Prof. Oloyede challenged the stakeholders to focus on what is beneficial to the largest number of Nigerians, and also to avoid adding to the burden of the masses yearning for higher education as a veritable means to active participation in public life.

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Nicki Minaj Might Get Involved In Drake – Meek Mill Beef

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Nicki Minaj is tempted to butt into the beef between Drake and her boyfriend Meek Mill by giving Drake a diss track straight from her. 

In an exclusive to Hollywood Life, a source revealed, “Drake doesn’t want to start a war with Meek [Mill] again because, if he does, Nicki [Minaj]’s going to grab the mic and go in on Drake.”

“Nicki can put Drake on blast for a lot of things, including how he’s been after her for years, but she never gave in because she’s loyal to Meek.”

“No doubt Meek and Nicki have issues but at the end of the day, Meek’s her man and she’ll ride hard for him. If she’s got to get on the mic herself and start throwing shots at Drake, she will!” the source concluded.

Over the weekend, Drake had called Meek Mill a py after replacing the lines in his Back To Back song: “he still ain’t did sht about the other one” and changed it to “that py still ain’t did s**t about the other one.”


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Chelsea, Liverpool Win In League Cup

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Chelsea and Liverpool earned deserved victories in their League Cup encounters. With the blues beating Bristol Rovers 3-2 and Liverpool thrashing Burton 5-0.

Batshuayi opened the scoring thanks to an Azpilicueta, with Moses getting his first goal for Chelsea in three years. Bristol pulled one back, with Batshuayi restoring the two-goal margin before halftime.


The reda had an easy outing against Burton Albion, emerging 5-0 winners in the away encounter.

Daniel Sturridge grabbed a brace, with Origi and Firmino scoring one a piece. Tom Naylor scored a own goal to settle the match.

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45-Year Old DMX Brings His 15th Child Into The World

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Veteran rapper DMX has welcomed his fifteenth child into the world with his girlfriend Desiree Lindstrom.

The now father-of-fifteen wasn’t available for the child’s birth due to an appearance in Arizona where he was billed to perform, but immediately he was through, the proud father took a flight out to meet his girlfriend in New York.

The child has been named Exodus Simmons.

DMX revealed his baby was healthy and he was overjoyed at the new addition to the family just as he added that his baby Exodus was a blessing.

The 45-year-old and his estranged wife of 11 years, Tashera Simmons are still undergoing divorce after the latter claimed he cheated on her repeatedly while they were married.

In order to wriggle out of paying child support, the rapper had filed for bankruptcy in 2013 but his application was thrown out.

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Nigeria: Africa’s Fallen Giant And The Reign Of Political Kleptocracy

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Nigeria: Africa’s Fallen Giant And The Reign Of Political Kleptocracy – Datboyjerry

Once upon a time, Nigeria was graced with the iconic appellation of might and eminence in Africa, but now, she crawls from that splendour of historic glory and then flounders in the gale of global sympathy.

As a mirage, the slogan ‘Giant of Africa’ is now a cynical sobriquet meant to conceal the frightening rate of socio-economic and political malfeasances that have gorged hard to the very depth of national morality.

This article was written by Datboyjerry. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Blessed with abundant natural resources, the West African nation is on a progressive crumble fostered by the unofficial ratification of hegemonic venality, embezzlement and political witch-hunt at the dais of ignominious kleptocracy.

As mediocrity is being allowed to reign in entirety at the backdrop of hollowed selections and elections; impunity and immunity are being hallowed in sacrosanctity by the extremely prejudiced potentates at the upper echelon of voracity.

The only period in time that can embark on this fatal trip of economic decadency, under this ‘democratic era’ of incompetence and kleptomania, is a touch of military reign of brutal anarchy.

In Nigeria, the sovereign ruler, who obviously is the pioneer of the crusade against corruption, has shown quite a few cracks, which suggests him to be the ‘inviolable’ chief priest among the merry band of kleptocrats. Thus far, the controversy surrounding his WASC certificate remains a mystery even the oracles can’t demystify.

How about a situation where the Senate President is faced with three different charges of corruption – 16-count charge of alleged false asset declaration at the Code of Conduct Tribunal; alleged forgery of Senate rules in 2015 and the damning involvement in the list of people that subscribed to the services of the Panamanian firm, Mossack Fonseca to create off shore companies to hide properties from the regulators in their countries – and he is still not incriminated and impeached?

The anguished masses are only being fed with breaking news on litigation at the court of public opinion.

Imagine! In this country, an Appropriation Bill for 2016 would be transmuted from ‘missing’ to ‘padding’ in the National Assembly and the alleged culprits are not yet stripped of honour and respect due to their ranks.

A Nigerian, while reacting to the allegations of budget padding on The PUNCH, July 29, 2016, had said:

 “The National Assembly is a reflection of the larger Nigerian society. Whether it is called budget padding or budget stuffing, they are all synonyms of corruption. As of today, Nigeria cannot boast of any arm of government that is corruption-free… Is it the judiciary or the legislature or the executive? Sadly, the civil service is, incredibly, the “Mother of Corruption”. And that brings us to the dilemma of the Nigerian nation. It brings us to why we are stagnant. Who is going to check who? Who is going to investigate who? Where are the checks and balances?”

This has clearly indicated that the country is rife with thieves, who have continuously taken advantage of corruption, to steal from the commonwealth with no mercy, in a self-aggrandized attempt to fortify their personal wealth and political power.

A nation, where graduation from the upper stratum of academic institution with a certificate of service from the National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) to match, doesn’t necessarily guaranty you a place in the hostile labour market – for it is written, in the ignoble book of corruption: “Only the children of the well-to-do shall get hold of all the juicy positions in the country”.

In this country, it is indeed a miracle for a son-of-a-nobody to make it to the top.

The truth be laid nude, the federal government has neither endorsed corruption nor has it crusaded vigorously against it – all we read on National Newspapers  are either a campaign of calumny on dissenters or a prosecution of persecution.

The bane of monumental corruption has penetrated into the abysmal stem of the country’s geopolitical ecosystem, to a great extent, that even unemployed graduates have now mastered the act of shutting down recruitment websites with overwhelming views, in a bid to divulge their willingness for any job opportunity – imagine a recent situation where almost one million Nigerians were vying for 10, 000 slots in the Nigerian police 2016 recruitment!

Apparently on the brink of an indelible kakistocracy, government after government have continued to hoodwink the ‘languishing’ masses with demagogic propagandas only to assume power and then focus on the embezzlement from the nation’s coffer.

Nigeria: Africa’s Fallen Giant And The Reign Of Political Kleptocracy

Nigeria: Africa’s Fallen Giant And The Reign Of Political Kleptocracy. Photo credit: EFCC

A country, where a former military brass and his coterie of political bandits in the opposition party purloined and then shared over $2.1 billion – about N700 billion – from the nation’s purse – money meant for the purchase of weapons to fight Boko Haram insurgency, which directly led to the death of soldiers and innocent civilians across the North-Eastern states – and nobody has been sentenced to the penitentiary?

This is just as another military general, who instead of handing out a duly authorised salary increase to members of the Nigerian Air Force, kept the difference and collected $1.5 million a month throughout the duration of his tenure.

This is how some miserable, privileged collection of thieves and high office brigands, luxury in money meant for national usage and the judgemental rod is wielded on nobody?

You’d be so appalled by the amount of truths that lay beneath the veneer of their mendacious sleeves, for they have in shenanigan disguised a period of ‘holy fast’ to a feast in gluttony.

Should we then decide to use the N700billion as a benchmark on an estimated population of 170 million Nigerians? Each person would go home with the sum of N4,117, which would have at least put a smile on the faces of many.

A nation, where a rich and troublesome fellow in the Senate, who has an ostentatious avidity for fast cars and an exotic ego to complement his witless jocularity, is allowed to overtly threaten to beat and impregnate a colleague of equal status, and the country’s premier security agencies keep mum to the situation, but would be the first to smack the minors with lawsuit at the slightest of provocation.

This is merely a glimpse of corruption at the national level. How about the state and local government levels?

A country, where ‘change’ was the sloganized ‘bogus mantra’ of last year’s general elections but what is being dished to Nigerians is the flipside with the acute and spiralling inflation in almost all commodities in the country.

While the country is sandwiched in between a threat of secession in the Niger Delta region and a crave for Islamic Caliphate by militants of a notorious death cult in Northern Nigeria, the loquacious Minister of Information and Culture is engrossed in the evangelical ministry of advocacy for the ignoble cause of the presidency.

A nation, whose reputation is largely on the fall, while the local currency (Naira), and other commodities like; petrol; tomato; bread and even sachet water among others have soared, coupled with the severe slash in the salaries of angst-ridden civil servants.

The inimical scourge of austerity and untold hardship was made evident in the increase in the price of petrol, which further complicated the already compounded issue of epileptic power supply across the nation.

Following the inadequate supply of electricity, many Nigerians have relied on petrol to power their homes and offices, however with the increase in the twin – fuel and electricity bill – citizens have been left to rely on sunlight and trek among others to power productivity.

Sequel to the horrendous development, companies are shutting down, as the tempest of retrenchment has been provoked in every sector in the country, with thousands of Nigerians getting ripped apart by the repulsion of the economic tornado.

The way forward

In other for Nigeria to regain its depleting global veneration, all hands have to be on deck to ensure a stringent enforcement of the policies in the war against corruption.

Any person – from the President down to the junior-most civil servant – once indicted or charged should be impeached or allowed to resign before further interrogation can be conducted.

Once found guilt, (s)he should be made to feel the unadulterated wrath of the law not compromising the status, religion and ethnocentricity of the accused.

God Bless Nigeria!!

This article was written by Datboyjerry. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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MUSIC: Majek Fashek ft. 2Baba – No More Sorrow

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Majek Fashek and 2Baba Link Up, as they effortlessly shine on the remake of Majek’s 90’s hit tune – Holy Spirit. This remake is dubbed “No More Sorrow”.

“Music legend, Majek Fashek teams up with 2Baba for No More Sorrow, a re-worked version of his 90’s hit track Holy Spirit from the 1991 Spirit of Love album. The classic song is reintroduced to a new generation of music enthusiasts via this updated version produced by Majek and mixed/mastered by Wole Oni.

‘No More Sorrow’ is a soul-lifting song in which Majek prophecies about Eldorado, a future where humanity lives in peace and harmony. With lyrics are heavily inspired by Biblical scriptures, Majek and 2Baba, two of the most critically acclaimed African performers of the last quarter of a century serve a message of hope to a world grappling with strife and seemingly unending crises.

2Baba who has repeatedly listed Majek Fashek as one of his biggest influences shines effortlessly beside the returning reggae legend on a song he has identified as one of his favourite Majek classics. He stated, “It’s an honour to collaborate with one of Africa’s greatest musicians of all time. To go from admiring him from a distance to actually having the opportunity to record with him and contribute to his legacy is something I cherish”.

Majek Fashek remains a strong force to reckon with in music as seen by his headline-grabbing performances at notable events this year. With the GistMe-funded release, No More Sorrow marks the formal return to the buzzing recording scene for the legendary ‘Rain Maker’ as he is fondly called by fans all over the globe.”

Listen Below!

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VIDEO: Gentle ft. Oritsefemi – Damilare

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In a bid to continue his hot run of musical form, TMT Entertainment‘s signee and Eastern king of melody – GENTLE (Choko Master) drops the highly anticipated visuals to the already banging tune – DAMILARE, enlisting  the musical expertise of OritseFemi to deliver something different from the norm.

Shot and directed by the amazingly talented AVALON OKPE for Tokindrumz Picture, the video just about adds gloss to the already glowing tune which is tearing up the airwaves and becoming an anthem amongst music lovers both in and out of Nigeria. Published by Gusto Entertainment.

Watch out for more TMT Entertainment and GENTLE projects in 2016.”


Watch Video Below!

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Jennifer Lawrence Tops Forbes 2016 List Of Highest-Paid Actress With $46m [See Top 10]

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Jennifer Lawrence, for the second year in a row, has been named the world’s highest-paid actress, notching $46 million pre-tax over 12 months – $13 million more than second-ranked Melissa McCarthy, who pocketed $33 million, according to Forbes Magazine, on Tuesday.

The earnings of the 26-year-old, while decreasing 11.5% from 2015, were bumped up by a deal in which she took a share of the $653.4m box office of “The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2,” as well as a big upfront fee for her forthcoming space adventure movie “Passengers,” Forbes said.

Second on the list is McCarthy, who reportedly raked eight-figure payday for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot, having a 43.5% rise in her income.

McCarthy, who was the third highest-paid female actor last year, earned $10m more than in 2016 than in 2015.

Scarlett Johansson took third place in the 2016 list, dropping from second. Her $25m earnings are partly due to her returning role as Black Widow in Marvel’s Avengers films.

Johansson was recently named the US’s highest-grossing female film star of all time in a survey conducted by the industry analysis website Box Office Mojo.

The Top 5 was filled out by Jennifer Aniston ($21m) and Chinese star Fan Bingbing, the actor, producer and singer who topped Forbes’s China Celebrity 100 list in 2013, 2014 and 2015.

Aniston, a regular in the Top 5, has seen her earnings increase by 27.3% in the last year.

The only new addition to the list is Bollywood star Deepika Padukone in 10th place, with $10 million (£7.6 million) earned over the past year.

The rest of the top 10 2016 highest-paid actresses are:

4. Jennifer Aniston – $21 million

5. Fan Bingbing – $17 million

6. Charlize Theron – $16.5 million

7. Amy Adams – $13.5 million

8. Julia Roberts – $12 million

9. Mila Kunis – $11 million

10. Deepika Padukone – $10 million

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PHOTO: Michelle Obama Slays On The Cover Of Variety Magazine

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Michelle Obama is undisputedly the most stylish First Lady ever to grace the White House and her Variety magazine cover is giving us major goals.

Rocking a black and white Jonathan Simkhai pre-spring 2017 lace-dress on black pumps, FLOTUS talked about her journey from the First Lady to being one of the most respected voices in pop culture. 

The by-line of the magazine stated about ‘The Leading Lady’ as Variety calls her: Michelle Obama used her passion, smarts and entertainment savvy  to transition from White House supporting player to beloved media star.”

Her interview was conducted by Art Streiber. Check her out below!

michelle obama qp

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Clash Over Oil Between Rival Cults In Imo State Leaves Nine Dead

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There is chaos in Assa community in the Ohaji-Egbema Local Government Area of Imo State where clashes over oil between rival cult groups have left nine people dead. 

The fight over oil deposits which began last week Monday have seen members of the community flee the town in order not to add to the death toll.

32-year-old Vitalis Walata, a father of two and a pregnant wife was one of the victims. He was attacked in the market square where he was shot and killed.

Walata’s relative, Kinglsey Igwe said, “After he was killed on Monday, those gunmen shot two people dead on Tuesday. On Wednesday, another man in the community was killed. On Thursday, a taxi driver was waylaid and shot dead. A total of nine people were killed last week.

“As I speak to you, there is no school, market or church in the community that is functioning. Everybody has deserted the place. I have also run away.”

Emeka Ononomadu, who is a native of the town, said, “That place has been reduced to a war zone by cult members due to the deposit of oil in the community. And the problem started when the state government decided to encroach into the traditional selection process. Some groups, who did not want to be ruled by leaders imposed by the government, kicked and started fomenting trouble. This developed into a full-blown war among communities, led by cult groups.”

The Commissioner of Police in Imo State, Taiwo Lakanu, said the command was working with the military to end the crisis in the community.

Lakanu, who spoke with a Punch correspondent said, “We heard that some people were killed, but the situation is not as terrible as that. Two cults are involved in the crisis in that community and the problem has been on for about three years. After killing each other, they would retreat into the creeks.”

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Ronald de Boer: Cillessen Can Fight For Barcelona No. 1

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Ronald De Boer believes Jasper Cillessen has what it takes to challenge Ter Stegen for the No. 1 position at the club.

Claudio Bravo could be on his way out of Barcelona to City. And the Dutchman will be brought in to provide competition for Ter Stegen.

Former Ajax and Barcelona midfielder De Boer, now working as assistant manager for the Dutch club’s reserve side, told AS: “Cillessen is not a newcomer. He has been playing for some time at the top level and I’m certain he will battle hard with ter Stegen to play.”

Ronald’s twin brother Frank de Boer, now at Inter Milan, started Cillessen in 33 Eredivisie games at Ajax last season.

“My brother would say that he [Cillessen] is quiet, very hard working and doesn’t generate problems,” De Boer said. “He thought he was the whole package and that he can be a goalkeeper for many years.

“I’m convinced my brother thinks that Barca are doing the right thing by signing him.”

Cillessen arrived to the Dutch giants five years ago and is under contract with Ajax for another two seasons, but De Boer says Barca’s offer has come at the right time.

“He will learn a lot at Barcelona and will be able to continue to develop,” he said. “At 27, he is at an age where goalkeepers must showcase all that they have learned up to now.

“I like the way he reacts on the pitch. He is solid and convincing. He is good with his feet, something which is complicated.”

Cillessen is expected to start in Ajax’s Champions League qualifier against FC Rostov on Wednesday.

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Ballack: Dortmund The Right Fit For Gotze

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Michael Ballack believes Borussia Dortmund is a right fit for Mario Gotze, who returned from Bayern Munich.

The Germany international won two Bundesliga titles and DFB Pokal with Dortmund, before winning three Bundesliga titles and two Pokals at Bayern.

And Ballack, who spent four years at Bayern between 2002 and 2006, winning three successive Bundesligas, feels Dortmund are more likely to make the most of Gotze’s considerable talent.

“I can’t judge that move, just like most of us can’t. He grew up in Dortmund and he is for sure one of the most gifted players we have at the moment,” Ballack told Omnisport.

“There a few players like him who know what to do in every situation, just like he does. If he is able to perform on his highest level there are few others who are able to always make the right move like he does. But he has to feel good and he has to bring it.

“That he was not able to do so in the recent past, neither at Bayern nor the national team, is probably for many different reasons.

“Maybe it was trust, there were a lot of speculations, but I think Dortmund knows best how to treat him. Three years have passed, he has developed, his personality changed.

“But I think Dortmund knows how to handle the situation. If it is the best option for him to already return to Dortmund, I don’t know. But he made the step and we have to accept that.

“It is a top club, and he has to give us all the remaining answers on the pitch.”

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Fulani Herdsmen Ambush And Murder RCCG Pastor

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A Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) pastor has been killed by Fulani herdsmen. 

Pastor Luka Ubangari who ministered in the church at Unguwan Anjo, near Godogodo in the Jema’a Local Government Area of Kaduna State was returning from a missionary visit to another community when he was shot and killed after being ambushed while on his motorcycle on Sunday, August 21.

Few days to the pastor’s murder, the state’s Governor, Nasir el-Rufai had visited certain towns where he condemned the senseless incessant killings by herdsmen and made assurances to arrest the culprits.

An eyewitness said, “We were happy that Governor Nasir el-Rufai visited and assured us of improved security and that the killers would be found and punished.”

“To our shock, Pastor Luka Ubangari was ambushed, shot and killed as he was riding his motorcycle after an evangelical visit to Golkofa. He was killed by Fulani men who were out to remove us from our ancestral lands.”

It is obvious the Governor’s visit did nothing to deter them.

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Muslim Students Kill 8 Following Blasphemy By Christian Classmate

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Eight people have been confirmed dead after an angry Muslim mob set ablaze the home of a fellow Muslim who tried to save a Christian student.

The incident which occurred on Monday, August 22 in the Northern town of Talata Mafara, Zamfara state was incited after the Christian was accused of blasphemy against the Prophet Mohammed (SAW).

Police spokesman Shehu Mohammed said, “the mob of Muslim students in the town of Talata Mafara were enraged over alleged derogatory comments about the Prophet Mohammed by their Christian schoolmate, who they attacked.”

“The victim was later rescued by a passerby, a Muslim who rushed him to the police station for safety,” Shehu stated. “The mob then burned down the house of the rescuer with eight people inside.”

“The man who rescued the student and his wife were not among the dead,” he concluded.

A dusk-till-dawn curfew has been imposed in the town. The school has also been closed for now in order to curb further conflict.

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Chelsea Have Romagnoli Bid Rejected

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AC Milan have confirmed they’ve rejected Chelsea’s bid to sign defender Alessio Romagnoli.

The Italy club stated Chelsea bid in the region of €35 million for the 21-year-old Italian defender.

Antonio Conte has insisted he needs to sign defenders before the transfer window closes. And with Koulibaly not nearing a Chelsea move, Romagnoli is the Blues second option.

The 21-year-old Italian, who has been compared to Serie A greats such as Alessandro Nesta, joined the Milan last season for a fee of £21m.

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Nollywood Producer Chioma Okoye Beaten Over New Movie

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Nollywood actor-cum-producer, Chioma Okoye has declared she is being threatened over her latest movie production, “Lagos Men.”

The actress’ dilemma began when a woman approached her in confidence to narrate her story on how her husband was sleeping with their daughter and obliged her to use the story to make a movie only for her to change her mind and come after the actress.

In her words:

About two years ago, a friend of mine came to visit me in my house. During her visit, the lady that attacked me called that my friend and asked where she was. My friend told her that she was in my house at Ikeja and the person offered to come to my house because she wanted to see her friend urgently. When the woman got to my house and saw me, she recognized me from some of my movies and was very warm to me. She even said that I am prettier in real life.

Shortly after, we began talking and she narrated the story of her life to me. She said that her husband sleeps with their daughter and she would want me to use her story to make a movie. I agreed but asked if she had tried all she could to stop her husband from sleeping with her daughter and she said she had tried everything. I told her I was going to work on it.

Years have gone by, the movie is ready and I have been working on my online channel, only for the woman to show up on my doorstep on Saturday. She knocked on my door without prior notice and I opened the door for her as I live alone and I have no neighbor. I tried to recollect where we had met because we are not friends; we only have a mutual friend.

While I was still trying to figure out where I met her, she burst into my house with three other ladies and they began to ransack my house asking for my laptop. She told me to remove the movie from my website and asked why I used her husband’s story for a movie. She began to insult me and before I knew it, one of her friends slapped me.

They were four in number and they began to beat me. I live in a very quiet estate where everybody minds their business. Sadly for me, it was a Saturday and most people in my estate had gone out to jog, so it was a right timing for them to attack me. I was wearing a very short dress so it was easy for injuries to be inflicted on me.

She has been calling me and has started threatening my life because the news has been on blogs. She told me that since she has left her husband’s house, she would deal with me. She said that even if it means that she would do ‘juju’ for me, she would, just to deal with me. Then she cut of the phone, I could not call back because the number was hidden.

“I have since reported the case to the police and my lawyers are also working on it. We only met once and she never called me to tell me anything about the movie before she came to attack me. I wonder how she got my number because she is not my friend. The first time we met was about two years ago; we met in 2014.

It was the woman that told me her story and even told me that she was not sure if her husband was sleeping with their daughter for ritual purposes because her husband is very rich. When she came to my house the first time, she brought the latest Range Rover SUV.

I don’t want to die so I had to leave my house. Even rich men in Nigeria with all their security guards still get assassinated so what would happen to someone like me who cannot afford to pay security agents? I have left my house and I am relocating. I have to leave Lagos for a while. I am voicing out because I don’t want to die. I want everybody to hear about it.

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Military’s Air Strike Inflicts ‘Fatal’ Shoulder Wound On Shekau, Kills 3 Boko Haram Commanders

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The Nigerian military has revealed that an air bombardment by the Nigerian Air Force inflicted a fatal shoulder injury on Boko Haram leader, Abubakar  Shekau, even as three other Boko Haram terrorists were confirmed dead in the attack.

The Acting Director, Army Public Relations, Col. Sani Usman, who made the disclosure known on Tuesday morning, said that the air strike was carried out on 19 August.

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According to him, the air raid was carried out while the terrorists were performing their Friday rituals at Taye village, Gombale general area, within Sambisa forest, Borno state.

His words: “In what one could describe as the most unprecedented and spectacular air raid, we have just confirmed that as a result of the interdiction efforts of the Nigerian Air Force, some key leaders of the Boko Haram terrorists have been killed while others were fatally wounded.”

“The air interdiction took place last week Friday 19th August 2016, while the terrorists were performing Friday rituals at Taye village, Gombale general area within Sambisa forest, Borno State.

“Those Boko Haram terrorists commanders confirmed dead include Abubakar Mubi, Malam Nuhu and Malam Hamman, amongst others, while their leader, the so-called ‘Abubakar Shekau’, is believed to be fatally wounded on his shoulders. Several other terrorists were also wounded.”

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MUSIC: ScoobyNero Ft. Dj Dimplez – Nobody

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ScoobyNero goes hard on this latest Trap tune titled ‘Nobody’ featuring South Africa’s Multiple Award winning DJ Dimples.

Scooby Nero’s new release is titled Nobody featuring DJ Dimplez. TONY CHUKS (born mid 80’s) better known by his stage name, SCOOBYNERO is a SOUTH AFRICAN based Nigerian Afro-pop Artist. ScoobyNero, born in warri Local Government of Delta State, but was raised in Lagos Nigeria , was a devout student of Imagneto Dance Academy as well as Jigga Boxing Foundation.

After the success of Washkalakunda the SA based Nigerian artist has decided to follow up with a single featuring DJ Dimplez.

Scooby Nero’s new single is titled Nobody and the record is most definitely going to mess up the club scene because of it’s turn up nature and the quality of the music. This is definitely a summer banger, Listen below and share your thoughts.



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CBN Issues New Directive On Forex Sale To Nigerian Banks

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The Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) has directed all forex dealers – most of whom are deposit money banks – to begin the allocation of 60 percent of their transacted foreign exchange to manufacturers.

This is contained in a circular signed by W.D Gotring, acting director of the CBN trade and exchange department.

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The Apex bank said only 40 percent of transacted forexes should go outside the manufacturing sector.

The statement read: “Following the review of returns on the disbursement of foreign exchange to end users, it has been observed that negligible proportion of foreign exchange sales are being channelled towards the importation of raw materials for the manufacturing sector,” the circular stated.

“Against this background and in order to address the observed imbalance, authorised dealers are hereby directed to henceforth dedicate at least 60% of their total foreign exchange purchases from all sources (interbank inclusive) to end users strictly for the purpose of importation of raw materials, plant and machinery.

“The balance of 40% should be used to meet other trade obligations, visible and invisible transactions.”

The CBN also directed all authorised dealers to continue to publish weekly sales of foreign exchange to end users in national newspapers.

The CBN’s prohibition of forex sales to manufacturers importing 41 specific items listed by the bank still stands, as the bank has not lifted the prohibition.

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Durant: Rio Provided Escape From Criticism

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NBA all-star forward, Kevin Durant said his time with Team USA at Rio helped him escape from the criticism he received since leaving Thunder for Warriors.

The forward scored 30 points, as USA beat Serbia 96-66 in the gold-medal game. And is glad to go from villain to hero.

Durant’s 30 Points Wins Third Straight Gold For Team USA At Olympics

“It was therapy for me after making a big change in my life,” Durant told The Vertical. “It made my life easier … I knew [a backlash] was coming.

“It was definitely different for me, but to come here in an environment where people accepted me and didn’t care about anything except being my buddy, that’s what I needed.”

USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo agreed that Durant’s Olympic appearance was a needed distraction for the All-Star forward, who signed in June with the Warriors on a two-year, $54.3 million deal with a player option after the first year.

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Police Arrests Prophet Accused Of Chaining 28 ‘Sick’ Persons In Lagos Apartment

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The Lagos State Police Command has arrested a self-proclaimed prophet after 28 persons were allegedly found chained in his apartment in the Oke-Ira, Ogba area of the State.

Some of the chained victims: The Punch

Some of the chained victims: The Punch

Emmanuel Adeyemi was apprehended by operatives from Area G Command, Ogba on Friday after they stormed his apartment and found the victims chained in several rooms, Punch reports.

The policemen in Area G raided the vicinity following a tip-off from a neighbour that his own 17-year-old son, Toba Adeyemi, was among those chained in his apartment.

During the raid at noon, they found Toba chained and also discovered 27 others in a similar condition.

One of the chained victims

One of the chained victims

A police source, who spoke on the matter, said that the suspect claimed that his son, Toba, and the 27 others were deranged and he chained them to cure their illness.

He said, “The report we initially received was that a boy, Toba (Adeyemi), was being chained down by his father, a self-proclaimed prophet, in the estate. But when we got there, it was more than just the boy. There were 27 others chained in various rooms in the apartment.

“The suspect claims to be a spiritualist and a prophet. He said his work is to pray for sick people to get well. He said the victims were sick and he had been praying for their healing. The suspect has some magical inscriptions on the wall of his house. The victims comprised six adult males, nine adult females, seven female children, and six male children.

“The families of the victims have not shown up to identify them.”

Some of the victims have been handed over to officials of the Lagos State Ministry of Youths, Sport and Social Development, while others were taken to a shelter. This is even as a number of them were rushed to hospitals.

A resident by the name, Basirat, said that the prophet was known to run a home for mentally challenged people.

She said, “The police got a hint that the man chained his son, who has mental illness. But the place is a home the man built for mentally challenged people. Policemen were here on Friday and they arrested him and his wife. Toba is Adeyemi’s son, but a neighbour, who saw how the father chained him was not comfortable with it and reported to the police.”

Confirming the incident, the Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, SP Dolapo Badmos, said that the police had commenced investigation into whether the victims were mentally sick or not.

She said, “A total of 28 persons were rescued from the suspect’s apartment. The man has been arrested and he is undergoing interrogation. The command will get to the root of the matter. The police are also investigating to find out whether the victims are mentally sick or not.”

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Ayo Jay Recruits Labelmates “Chris Brown and Kid Ink” For Another Remix of “Your Number”

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Boy Wonder – Ayo Jay once again; gets us by surprise with another remix of his tune “Your Number,” and he features Chris Brown; and the Money and Power crooner – Kid Ink.

Ayo Jay Recruits Labelmates "Chris Brown and Kid Ink" For Another Remix of "Your Number"

Ayo Jay Recruits Labelmates “Chris Brown and Kid Ink” For Another Remix of “Your Number”

Every time she see me she starts kissing and biting“ Chris Brown sings, starting the song with an irresistible vibe; holding the listener(s) for Ayo’s turn. Kid Ink also came through “I go down I go under“.

The new RCA Records signee, with his vibe laced with that of Chris Brown and Kid Ink, made Your Number Remix better than you can imagine.

Get “Your Number Remix” featuring Chris Brown and Kid Ink by Ayo Jay below


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Klopp: Origi Must Sort His Skills

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After Liverpool failed to get a goal in the 2-0 loss to Burnley, Jurgen Klopp believes Origi must sort out his skills.

Klopp: Sturridge Not Fully Fit Yet

The Reds recorded an emphatic victory in the first match of the season, beating Arsenal 4-3 on match day one.

“Physically, he can make another step,” the manager said. “But on the other side, he has no rhythm at the moment, which you can see.

“Saturday was clear, we could have played another 20 minutes and not scored. He needs to find that rhythm again. He is so skilled, but he needs to use them all in the right moment.

“He is not a very experienced player, he needs to sort all of his skills.”

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Klopp: Sturridge Not Fully Fit Yet

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Jurgen Klopp does not worry about Sturridge’s lack of speed, and believes the forward need be fully fit to regain his rhythm.

The England international was not in the squad that beat Arsenal 4-3. And could not get on the score sheet in the 2-0 loss to Burnley.

Klopp believes as soon as the forward gets back in full flow both physically and mentally, he’ll be a nightmare for opposition defences again.

“Daniel is still a quick player, there’s no doubt about it. There were a lot of injuries for him in the last few years – a few muscle issues,” said the Reds boss.

“I have no idea exactly how this changes the mind of a player, but when you’ve never had an injury, it’s maybe the best thing as you never think about it.

“He is still on the way back [to full sharpness], but is still an outstanding player. Even an outstanding player needs rhythm.

“What we could see on Saturday, for example, was for sure not the best game of Daniel Sturridge since he played football but, even in a game like this, he could have scored – that’s another part of the truth.

“I don’t compare him with the younger Daniel Sturridge, if you like. He is a really good player with all you need when he is fit.”

Klopp also cited rhythm as a necessity for striker Divock Origi, who needs to “use the right skill in the right moment.”

When asked if he’d consider selecting the pair to operate in tandem, the 49-year-old said: “They played in Southampton together [the 6-1 League Cup win at St Mary’s] and it was not too bad. Obviously, they can play together.”

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