Loic Remy Closing In On Loan Moving To Crystal Palace 

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​Chelsea striker Loic Remy is set to join Crystal Palace on a season-long loan with the option to make the deal permanent for £12million. 

The 29-year-old is surplus to requirements at Chelsea despite Antonio Conte wanting to add another forward. 

He has been discussed by several Premier League sides including West Ham but is now set on teaming up once again with Alan Pardew.

Remy enjoyed his most prolific spell in the Premier League under Pardew at Newcastle where he scored 14 goals in 26 games while on loan from QPR.

Palace have also enquired about Lorient striker Majeed Waris while young striker Freddie Ladapo is due to join Oldham on loan on Monday.

Palace also remain keen on Everton midfielder James McCarthy and Liverpool centre back Mamadou Sakho who is wanted by Stoke also.

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Mino Raiola : Jose Mourinho Tried To Sign Pogba While He Was At Chelsea 

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​Jose Mourinho tried to sign Paul Pogba for Chelsea in 2015, according to his agent Mino Raiola.

France international Pogba signed for Mourinho at Manchester United in a world-record £93m deal this summer, and Raiola believes United’s gain is every other top club’s loss.

Real Madrid also wanted Pogba but were soon priced out of the move along with “five or six other clubs” according to super-agent.

“Mourinho already wanted to bring him to Chelsea last summer, but it was not the right time,” Raiola said.

“Zidane wanted him at Real Madrid, but five or six other clubs were after him too.

“Manchester United now are stronger thanks to Pogba, but Real Madrid are not.”

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Everton In Negotiations With Napoli To Sign Manolo Gabbiadini 

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​Everton are still in negotiations with Napoli for Manolo Gabbiadini 

It is understood Napoli want £25m for the 24-year-old, who has been capped six times by Italy.

Napoli coach Maurizio Sarri wants the player to stay but is happy to leave the final decision with him

Gabbiadini has scored 20 goals in 60 appearances since signing for Napoli from Sampdoria in 2014.
He is a versatile forward who can play anywhere across the front line, although as a left-footer he prefers cutting in from the right.

However, he only managed four starts for Napoli last season and was substituted after 53 minutes as the Italian side drew 2-2 with Pescara in their opening fixture.


Appearances: 23

Goals: 5

Shot accuracy: 45 per cent

Chance created: 11

Pass accuracy: 76 per cent

Duels won: 40 per cent

Yellow/Red card : 1/0

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Roma Set To Send Juan Iturbe Packing Again

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​Juan Iturbe could be set for yet another departure from Roma, according to Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Argentine, who spent six months on loan at Bournemouth last season, is reportedly attracting internet from Lyon.

Gazzetta claim Iturbe has failed to convince coach Luciano Spalletti, and could now face the Stadio Olimpico exit door once again.

 L’Equipe claim Lyon have made an offer to take Iturbe on loan this season.

The French side join the race, as there are also proposals from Spain via Villarreal and above all Malaga.

Roma paid Hellas Verona €24.5m to sign the forward in July 2014, beating Juventus in a bidding war.

He is under contract until June 2019, but his value has since plummeted to around half that.

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Mino Raiola : Zinedine Zidane Was Desperate To Sign Pogba 

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​Mino Raiola has claimed Zinedine Zidane was desperate to bring Paul Pogba to Real Madrid before he moved to Manchester United.

The France international was courted by the likes of Real, Barcelona and Bayern Munich this summer before completing his world-record £93m return to Old Trafford.

“Zidane wanted him at Real Madrid,” Raiola, Pogba’s agent, told Telefoot. “But there were another five or six clubs following him as well.

“Manchester United are now a lot stronger thanks to him, whilst Real Madrid are not.

“I never spoke about the market with Pogba whilst he was playing at the European Championship, and then he went on holiday because he was very disappointed.

“It was only when I arrived in Miami was it when things were put in motion. He explained to me what he wanted. Manchester is his home.”

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The Sunday Supplement : Daniel Sturridge Could Leave Liverpool 

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​Daniel Sturridge would “like to leave” Liverpool in this transfer window but he needs to prove his fitness first, according to the Sunday Supplement panel

The 26-year-old has started just once in the league for the Reds so far this season, and appeared to be nonplussed at being brought on as a substitute for just two minutes of the Reds’ draw at Spurs.

The Supplement panel had little sympathy for the England international’s plight, however, with Matt Dunn of the Daily Express suggesting a move away from Anfield may be on Sturridge’s mind.

“I think Sturridge would like to [leave],” he said. “He is speaking as someone who doesn’t see a long term harmony with his manager.

“He has got an England manager who says he needs to be playing regularly, he has ambitions to be scoring regularly and is a player who loves playing football – there are lots of reasons why he would want to leave.

“Whether Liverpool would want to sell him is another matter.”

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The Butchers From The North – Fani-Kayode

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The Butchers From The North – Femi Fani-Kayode

The butchers from the north are better known as the Fulani militants and herdsmen. They have unleashed horror and levied war against the people of Nigeria over the last one year. The saints are the Christians that they have slaughtered all over the country in that same period of time.I consider every single saint that they have killed as a martyr because they died for their faith. I honor them with this essay and I dedicate it to their memory.

This piece was written by Femi Fani-Kayode. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

On 24th August 2016 Mr. Phil Smart wrote the following on Facebook:

“Catholic seminarian butchered, pregnant woman’s stomach cut open….as Fulani herdsmen continue killing in Enugu”.

The words were accompanied by a picture of a Catholic priest whose body had been shredded into pieces like fresh mincemeat or a Japanese sirloin steak.

There was another of a pregnant woman whose stomach had been slit open right down the middle and whose unborn foetus and guts were hanging out for all to see. Clearly she had been carefully and clinically gutted.

Many other bodies were strewn all over the burnt out fields and compounds of the village and some were so badly mutilated and chopped up that it would have been difficult to convince anyone that they once belonged to human beings. Not even babies were spared.

In truth this was not the work of men but rather of demon-possesed hybrid entities that the famous British conspiracy-theorist Mr. David Icke describes as “shape-shifting reptilians” and sociopathic beasts.

Worse still this was the second time in a matter of weeks that the relative tranquility of Enugu was desecrated by the presence of these nomadic beasts and murdering bastards.

On the previous occasion they caused as much havoc, slaughtered as many people and engendered as much consternation and outrage as the succeeding one.

Yet it doesn’t stop there. On the very same day that the latest attack in Enugu was going on other Nigerians were being attacked and “burnt alive” by people of the same radical Islamist bent and spirit in far away Zamfara for “blaspheming against Islam”.

Other similar attacks by the same fanatics and jihadists took place on that day in southern Kaduna, Benue, Niger, Ondo, Plateau, Delta and various other parts of the country.

If the truth be told this carnage and butchery has now become a daily occurrence in our country and it is always the same people, namely the butchers from the north, that perpetrate them.

The worst aspect of it all is that no-one has ever been arrested, prosecuted or brought to justice by the government for these hideous crimes mainly because President Buhari himself is a Fulani and consequently the authorities seem to have cultivated a soft-spot for them.

Indeed Buhari is actually the life Patron and “protector-in-chief” of the umbrella organisation of all the Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria which is known as Miyetti Allah.

There is of course another view which is that the herdsmen are actually a tool of conquest who are being carefully cultivated, co-ordinated, controlled, organised, armed and funded by a sinister and dark hidden hand: that they are something akin to a Fulani “death squad” or armed militia.

Those that share that view, and yours truly is amongst them, often refer to the butchers from the north as Nigeria’s “Janjaweed”, after the ruthless camel-riding Arab Muslim militia which Sudanese President Al Bashir commissioned, armed and employed to decimate, slaughter and commit genocide against over one million defenceless black African Sudanese Christians in the vast region of Darfur for many years.

It is also why the U.S.-based Global Terror Index describes them as the “Fulani Militants” and has designated them as the “fourth most deadly terrorist organisation” in the world.

Whatever one chooses to call them, whoever is behind them and whatever their motives may be one thing is clear: their actions are outrageous and barbaric and such behaviour has no place in a civilised society.

I feel a deep sense of anger and outrage on the one hand and utter shame and frustration on the other about what is going on in our country today and what these butchers from the north are doing to our people.

Theirs is a scotched earth policy and they take no prisoners. They rape, kill, abduct, kidnap and terrorise people and they rob, burn down, destroy and pillage their homes, churches and farmlands at will.

Worse still they commit these atrocities with total impunity and without any fear of the law enforcement agencies or security forces.

And all this is done in the name and under the guise of herding cows and looking for grazing land for their cattle.
I feel a deep sense of anger and outrage towards President Buhari and his government, because they seem to believe that the constant spilling and shedding of innocent Christian blood is something that brings them good fortune.

It also appears to give them immense pleasure and joy otherwise they would have put a stop to it long ago.
I feel shame and frustration because the Nigerian people themselves seem wholly incapable of standing up to that which is nothing less than pure evil.

They seem incapable of protesting against anything, no matter how bestial and barbaric that thing may be.
I wonder who has bewitched us? Is this the work of the “mai chanji” sweeping broom brew?

Have the Nigerian people been charmed? Are we under a spell? Are we like the biblical Galatians who the Apostle Paul says were “bewitched”?

Our people appear to be wholly incapable of resisting and facing down those that have enthroned sadism and wickedness in their hearts and that take pleasure in indulging in mass murder, genocide and ethnic cleansing in our land.

It is not only the government that has failed but the political leaders from all the opposition parties, the traditional rulers, the clerics, the religious leaders, the media practitioners, the publishers, the columnists, the writers, the human rights activists, the editorial boards of newspapers, the bloggers, the intellectuals, the businessmen, the teachers, the students, the writers, the elites, the middle class, the workers, the unions and the ordinary people themselves have all failed too.

They have all been gripped by the spirit of fear. They have been bullied, intimidated, brow-beaten and shocked into pitiful submission and a sickening and cowardly timidity.

They have all failed to defend and speak up for the defenceless, the weak and the vulnerable in our midst.

They have failed to protect and shield the thousands that are hacked to pieces and burnt alive on a regular basis by the rabid islamist beasts and terrorists in our midst for no just cause other than the fact that they are perceived as being nothing but Christian, Middle Belt and southern slaves.

I am going to say some hard things and speak some home truths in this contribution and frankly I do not care who takes offence, whose ox is gored or who feels hurt by it.

People are being killed by the demons in flesh, the tsetse flies and the religious and ethnic bigots in our land every day. Buhari’s Nigeria is awash with blood and most of it is Christian blood that is being shed by his misguided and dark-hearted Fulani kinsmen.

It is time to speak the truth no matter how ugly that truth may be and no matter how politically incorrect it may be to speak it.

It is time to stand up to the evil in the land, to damn the consequeces and to bear the threats and insults that always come for speaking and exposing the truth in what has essentially become a police state.

It is time to coin that famous Ghanaian phrase that says “all die be die” and to remember Shakepeare’s words when he wrote “even though the heavens fall, let the truth be told and let justice be done”.

And that truth is that the evil that has seized our land has two columns, two heads and two primary sources of motivation. The first is the forceful and bloody quest for Fulani supremacy, ethnic hegemony and racial domination.

The second is the morbid obsession by the radical Muslims of core northern Nigeria to shed innocent blood, to take life in the name of their god, to effect Jihad against those that do not share their world view, to wipe out Christianity, to enslave our people and to islamise our country.

The truth is that every single CORE northern Muslim leader that has ever ruled this country has either died on the throne or been removed from power in a military coup. Not one of them ended well.

Whether the second coming of Buhari will end any differently remains to be seen. One thing that is clear to me though is that the whole thing is spiritual. It is being orchestrated and effected by the finger of God and not by any man.

It is God’s way of saying that they were never meant to rule and be there in the first place and that He has rejected them. It is the work of the Ancient of Days and the Lord God of Hosts.

They believe that they were “born to rule” but in actual fact they have been rejected by the Living God.

Those that employ mass murder, ethnic cleansing and genocide as a tool of conquest and a legitimate weapon of war, that consider their fellow Nigerians to be sub-human and that believe that those fellow Nigerians are nothing but chattel and serfs that are destined to be ruled over by some distant caliph are in grave error: they have not fully understood God’s plan and purpose for this country.

They cannot comprehend or understand what is slowly unfolding. They do not appreciate the fact that no matter how much evil they visit on the rest of us that God is at work and His counsel alone will stand over our people and in the affairs of our nation.

The truth is that the Lord regards them as nothing more than unbelieving slaves and they are far below us. They are of the darkness and we are of the light.

The bible describes it is a “great evil under the sun” when “the children of slaves ride on horseback” whilst “the sons of Kings walk around barefoot”.

That is what has been happening in Nigeria since 1960. The children of the “bonded woman” have been riding on horseback whilst the children “of promise” have been walking around barefoot.

This is indeed “a great evil under the sun”. It is a spiritual affliction. It is witchcraft. It is an abomination. It is unacceptable.

It is a total reversal of the way things ought to be. It is a rejection, usurpation and total corruption of God’s original plan. It is ungodly and it is anti-Christ.

I blame no-one but the leadership of the body of Christ in Nigeria for this mess.

There are a few good ones amongst them who stood firm and spoke out when it mattered the most but sadly there are others who are more interested in collecting tiny crumbs from the President’s table and buying fine clothes, expensive jewelry, fast cars and private jets than they are in standing up for their flock and effecting God’s purpose and plan for Nigeria.

Worst still there is also a small handful, like that short and vocal Rev. Father from Enugu, who have chosen to sell their souls to the devil, collaborate with the enemies of Christ and serve as the principal cheerleaders to the tyrant.

If our men and women of God were bold and courageous and if they were doing their job properly the radical Muslims could not have turned Christians in Nigeria into second class citizens and toilet paper and a sharia-loving, Muslim-fundamentalist, closet- jihadist and Fulani supremacist like Buhari would never have been in power today.

The bottom line is this: if you are not ready to die for Christ or to lose your life or liberty for defending and protecting the gospel, God’s children or the faith then you are not worthy of being called a Christian.

We must help the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) to stand firm and strengthen their collective resolve but we must not leave it at that.

We must also organise ourselves as well, not only in the political arena, but also by setting up strong Christian militias and defence squads to protect our churches and our people from the terrorists and butchers.

We must aspire to emulate the Christian Phalange militia in Lebanon which was formed just before the Lebanese civil war broke out in the ’70’s and 80’s.

They were disciplined, well organised, gallant and courageous and they defended the lives of their people and the honor of their faith. The truth is that had it not been for the Phalange the Christians of Lebanon would have been wiped out by the Muslims in that war.

I abhor violence and neither do I advocate its use. However we must accept the fact that, whether we like it or not, ultimately this matter will be settled not just by prayers, politics, long essays and press statements but also with guns and bullets.

This is because violence is the only language that the butchers from the north appreciate and can comprehend. If the state is either incapable or refuses to protect the Christian community in Nigeria we will be left with no choice but to defend ourselves and protect our own.

Permit me to conclude this contribution with the following.

I would urge all those that still love and support this government to take a long hard look at the pictures that are strewn all over the internet of their fellow Nigerians that have been mutilated and carved up like Christmas turkeys and sallah goats. This is the work of Buhari’s kinsmen, the Fulani militias and herdsmen.

He has refused to arrest any of them let alone bring them to justice. Instead he has ruined our economy, impoverished and destroyed the lives of our people and aborted their God-given destiny, divided our nation on religious and ethnic lines, demonised us before the international community and labelled every Nigerian, apart from himself, as being incompetent and corrupt.

This is a man that spends his time pontificating about corruption with long and boring speeches and pointing fingers at others. This is a man that told Mr. Shinzo Abe, the Prime Minister of Japan at the Tokyo summit in Nairobi just yesterday, that Nigeria’s “business environment is not friendly to investors” and that consistently tells other world leaders how supposedly “corrupt” his own people are.

He has conveniently refused to tell those same world leaders how his presidential campaign was funded, how much money those that ran his campaign paid Mr. David Axelrod, President Obama’s campaign advisor and publicist, and how many cars and how much “allowance” he collected from Col. Sambo Dasuki, President Goodluck Jonathan’s National Security Advisor, before being “elected” President.

The Bible says “let he who is free of sin cast the first stone”. Nigerians may not know the truth today but God does and He cannot be mocked. Let Him judge between us.

Yet the truth is that President Buhari’s administration is not only essentially hypocrital but they also have no shame. All those that continue to support them and cheer them on are equally shameless.

Worst still their supporters are cowards because they cannot find the courage to admit that they were wrong in supporting a government that is manifestly divisive, insensitive, incompetent, corrupt and intolerant of criticism and dissent.

They are the ones that we must hold responsible and accountable for what has happened to those unfortunate people in all those pictures.

They are the ones that we must blame for what has been happening to thousands of others at the hands of the Fulani militants and herdsmen all over the country for the last one year and three months.

I say this because they are the ones that have encouraged the beast and cheered him on. They are the ones that have fed his blood-lust and encouraged him in his morbid quest to steal, kill and destroy. They are the ones that wanted, and still want, “mai chanji”.

I say a pox on all their houses! Shame on them and shame on the beast and tyrant that they worship.

May the souls of all the saints, believers and Christian martyrs that were cut short by the butchers and barbarians from the north rest in peace and may the Lord God of Hosts avenge them speedily.

This piece was written by Femi Fani-Kayode. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Antoine Griezmann Was Arsene Wenger’s Main Target – But Griezmann  Turned Wenger Down 

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​Arsene Wenger’s priority transfer target this summer was Atletico Madrid talisman Antoine Griezmann, according to The Sun.

The Arsenal boss reportedly held talks with the France international during Euro 2016.

However Griezmann, who went on to score six goals in the tournament as the finished as runners-up, informed Wenger he is at the Vicente Calderon. 

An Arsenal source said: “Arsene and Griezmann held talks during the Euros about his situation.

“The player told him outright that he was happy in Spain, and his family were enjoying life there.

“There is still interest. Why wouldn’t there be in one of the best players in the world? But nothing will happen this summer at least.”

Wenger also made a move for Bayern Munich ace Robert Lewandowski, but could not match his huge wage demands.

The Polish star is now expected to sign a new long-term deal with the German giants.

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Asamoah Gyan Talks About His Return To English Football 

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​Asamoah Gyan has flown into the south-east of England on Sunday to evaluate a number of offers from English clubs.

The 30-year-old Ghana striker is the subject of interest from Sunderland, Fulham and several other Championship sides over a season-long loan from Chinese Super League team Shanghai SIPG.

Gyan, who spent two years at Sunderland until a move to UAE club Al Ain in 2012, says he is back to prove himself in England and will not necessarily choose the Premier League over the Championship.

Asamoah Gyan told Sky Sports News HQ: “I have a lot of options. Me and my agent are here to evaluate them and get the work done, and then I can continue doing what I do best, which is scoring goals and playing well.

“I am confident I will have a club in England. There are good options to think about, so we had to fly in quickly. Me being in England means there is something concrete, so we need to evaluate the options and do the work.

“I heard about Sunderland and Fulham but we will see what happens. There might be surprises. Football is full of them. The people around me are trying to benefit me. It doesn’t matter if it is Championship or Premier league, it’s about being comfortable where I am.

“Sunderland is a good club. It was unfortunate I didn’t play for many years there. I had to leave and that is football. Sometimes you stay for a long time at a club and then other times you go. I just want to prove myself again in England. I am ready to go.

“I went to the Middle East but I was scoring goals for the national team and in the world cup. I don’t regret it at all and now I am back to prove myself again. Maybe it is my destiny to be back to the Premier League or the Championship.

“Maybe we will make a decision tonight, or tomorrow.”

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De Laurentiis Rules Out Napoli Return For Cavani

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Napoli club president, Aurelio De Laurentiis has ruled out a return for Edison Cavani from Paris Saint Germain.

The Uruguayan joined PSG after spending three years at Napoli. He endured a poor display in PSG’s 3-0 win over Metz and has been linked with a move back to his former club.

But De Laurentiis is keen to put faith in Napoli’s young players rather than turn to an old fan favourite, despite the blow of losing Gonzalo Higuain to Juventus for €90m last month.

“I’m a big admirer of Edinson Cavani,” he said via the club’s official website. “We had great fun during his time with Napoli. He scored many beautiful goals – 104!

“But it’s difficult to bring a player to Napoli who we have had in the past.

“It’s not that it would seem like reheated soup, but that Napoli evolves tournament by tournament and takes on several different ways of playing.

“That’s why I always say we need young players, and the new arrivals who have come in already will contribute greatly to Napoli’s success.

“If we talk about strikers, players like [Arkadiusz] Milik and [Manolo] Gabbiadini have great a great chance of becoming superstars at Napoli.

“We are responsible for the future of the team and shouldn’t make transfers just for the effect it would have. We don’t need to enchant anyone. The fans are with us by faith, not because of the players we choose.”

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Sterling Thanks Guardiola For Boost In Form

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Raheem Sterling believes Pep Guardiola should take the credit for his boost in form, after scoring a brace in the 3-1 win over West Ham.

The England international struggled to make an impact under Pellegrini after joining from Liverpool.

Manchester City 3 -1 West Ham: Sterling Brace Sends Citizens Top

However, Sterling has notched two goals and assisted three under Pep Guardiola.

He said to Sky Sports: “Reborn? I keep seeing that word. It’s not unfair – obviously it was a difficult first season getting to know the club, but Pep Guardiola has come in and given us a lot of courage.

“I’m not saying Manuel didn’t do that, but the manager has come in and given me authority to go forward.

“He even had a go at me in the first half for not dibbling as much as I should do. So credit for him for really giving me that boost.”

Sterling scored the first and last of the match’s four goals on Sunday, his first rounding off a slick team-move and his second – in stoppage-time – a brilliant effort from a tight angle.

He continued: “We have players that get in pockets and are really good with one-twos. Credit to the boys, they had a cracking build-up on the left-hand side and it was my chance to get in there and get into a good position – luckily I did.

“For the second, if I did not pass and it hit the post, I would have probably got caned by my team-mates for it. I thought it was a difficult one to square back and that I would take my luck and shoot.”

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Nothing Like Kannywood Or Yoruwood, Nollywood Is Nollywood – Fathia Balogun

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Nollywood actress, Fathia Balogun expressed her notion regarding the citizens of Kano State in Nigeria rejecting a planned Film Village in the State; and the segregation that belies the Nigerian movie industry.

Fathia’s interview with Pulse TV was published on Youtube on Thursday, August 25, where the actress addressed certain segregating terminologies such as “Yoruwood, Kannywood and Nollywood” which are often used by members of the Nigerian movie industry and the general public.

According to her, there’s nothing like Yoruwood or Kannywood – the Yoruba and Hausa derivatives respectively of the Nigerian movie industry dubbed “Nollywood.”

“Nollywood is Nollywood,” she stated.

Ms Balogun shared that there was also nothing like “Yoruwood” actress or separation between Igbo, English or Hausa actresses.

“Actress is actress,” said Fathia.

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fathia balogun

Fathia Balogun

In the video, she declared that the refusal by the people of Kano State for the Kano Film Village idea which spurned from the Nigerian Federal Government, was proof the people of the state weren’t ready to advance to the next stage.

As far as she was concerned, despite it being rejected in one state, there were other states that could utilize the Film Village.

She said the Federal Government can set up one Film Village anywhere as it doesn’t have to be relegated to just in Kano State.

Fathia added there was only one village in America, though she wasn’t sure. We checked on Google and there was no proof of any term with the words “American Film Village.”

Hashtags such as #FilmVillage or #ImmoralityVillage and #WeSayNoToFilmVillageInKano had trended past July after news that the Federal Government of Nigeria had set aside the sum of N3billion for the construction of the Muhammadu Buhari Film Village.

The location of the Film Village was chosen to be at Kofa, in Bebeji local government area of Kano State.

The Film Village would have provided over 10,000 jobs in the State but it was rejected on grounds of “immorality.”

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Watch the full interview here:

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Rihanna Responds To Drake’s Congratulatory VMA Billboard

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Drake has put up a gigantic billboard in Los Angeles to celebrate Rihanna’s prestigious Vanguard Award at the VMAs and RiRi has reponded.

An event which is scheduled to hold, Sunday, August 28, MTV VMA will be celebrating Rihanna, Adele, Kanye West, Beyonce and a host of other stars as the grapple for awards in the various categories.

The Work hitmaker’s celebratory love from Drake came in form of a black billboard written on with fancy white italic which read, “Congratulations to Rihanna from Drake and Everyone at OVO.”

His message was signed off with the label’s little owl symbol in the lower right corner.

RiRi shared the message on her Instagram with her coded reply in form of a caption, “When he extra ❤🏆.”

When he extra ❤🏆!!!

A photo posted by badgalriri (@badgalriri) on Aug 26, 2016 at 3:43pm PDT

Drake and Rihanna have kept the world on a tippy-toe, guessing if they are an item or not and this act by Drizzy has been tagged by many as a call out for his lady.

An insider in RiRi’s camp told Hollywood Life, “It’s really hard for Rihanna to shake Drake, especially when he goes out of his way to do something so sweet and on the highest magnitude possible. His congratulatory Billboard is epic and one for the ages.”

“That’s the sweetest thing any man’s ever done for Ri. She’s still in shock and has been being all giddy about it since it’s gone up,” the source continued. “She certainly appreciates the gesture and once this weekend cools off she’s going to personally, like really really personally, thank Drake and talk to him about what they want to do now that she believes he’s interested in her and wants more.”

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Manchester City 3 -1 West Ham: Sterling Brace Sends Citizens Top

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Manchester City 3 -1 West Ham – Manchester City maintained their top of the table status with a 3-1 win over West Ham at the Etihad Stadium.

Rivals Chelsea and Manchester United have also won their first three games, but the Citizens have maintained their top spot due to their superior goal difference.

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Two goals from Raheem Sterling and Fernandinho in the first 18 minutes set City on course for an easy win, and though Michail Antonio scored one back for the Hammers, Sterling added his second in stoppage time to secure the win.

City have a goal difference of 6, ahead of Chelsea and Manchester United, who have 5 each.


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Boko Haram Landmine Kills 4 Chadian Soldiers

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A landmine believed to have been planted by Islamist terror group Boko Haram killed four Chadian soldiers on patrol near Chad’s border with Niger on Saturday, officials said.

The mine exploded after the vehicle in which the soldiers were travelling at Kaiga Kindji, close to the border of Chad and Niger drove over it.

About 12 other soldiers were wounded.

The incident is the latest in the series of attacks on Chadian soldiers by Boko Haram extremists.

The Nigerian-based Boko Haram wants to create a breakaway Islamic state in the region and once occupied an area the size of Belgium.

But a regional offensive led by Nigeria, Chad, Cameroon and Niger – the four countries most affected by Boko Haram – has chased it out of much of that territory.

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Thierry Henry Hoping To Become A Manager Someday – After Accepting Role  To Be Belgium’s Assistant Coach 

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​Belgium assistant coach Thierry Henry said it was ‘difficult to say no’ to Roberto Martinez and is looking forward to the ‘exciting challenge’ that coaching the Red Devils represents.

Henry was named as Martinez’s assistant on Friday and believes Belgium have the ability to ‘create history’, if they believe in themselves.

‘I’m very thankful for the opportunity Roberto and the Belgian Federation gave me. I think it’s an exciting challenge.’ Henry said on Sky Sports.

‘One of the things we’re going to have to work on is to match the quality that team has and make sure that team finally becomes a great team.

‘Knowing Roberto from the past and talking to him, we clicked in terms of the philosophy we had about the game and it was difficult to say no.

‘He is the main guy and I am going to try to help within the structure to make sure the team can go far. I think that team can create history, it’s just a matter of believing in it. 

Henry, who had a coaching position with Arsenal’s Under-18 squad before giving it up in order to continue his television career, harbours ambitions of becoming a manager one day but believes he needs to ‘go through the right process’ before taking full control of a team.

‘You have to start with the start. Being able to be part of Belgium and working with Roberto Martinez, who has been in the game a very long time, and learn under him is going to be key for me.

‘Let’s see how far we go but yes, eventually, if you work well and you go through the right process then maybe one day, why not (I’ll become a manager). 
‘You need to understand you can do it. The team has the quality to do it. We all know how hard it is to make a team be a team but that is the aim. 

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Gokhan Inler Told He Can Leave The Club By Leicester City 

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​Gokhan Inler looks set to leave the King Power Stadium.

Leicester have had approaches from both Lyon and Besiktas for the Swiss midfielder, who hasn’t played in the Premier League since last December.

Manager Claudio Ranieri has told Inler he can leave the club if the right offer comes in. 

Inler joined City a year ago from Napoli and it was hoped the experienced central midfielder would prove to be the replacement for Esteban Cambiasso, but Inler has failed to establish himself in Ranieri’s starting line-up.

As a result, Inler not only lost the captaincy of Switzerland, he was left out of the squad for Euro 2016 completely and is keen on a move away to secure regular first team football and to force his way back into the Swiss squad.

Turkish side Besiktas have retained an interest in Inler, while Ligue 1 side Lyon have joined the race to sign Inler and it is hoped a deal will be done before the transfer deadline on Wednesday.

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PICTURES: New Barcelona Goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen Trains With His Team-mates For The First Time 

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​New Barcelona goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen was straight into action as the Nou Camp giants trained on Saturday. 

Cillessen, whose move to the Catalan side allowed Claudio Bravo to switch to Manchester City, was put through his paces ahead of Luis Enrique’s men travelling to face Athletic Bilbao on Sunday evening. 

Despite the two set to lock horns for the Barcelona No 1 jersey, Cillessen has made it clear he hasn’t joined to be Ter Stegen’s enemy. 

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Buhari Threatens To Deliver Boko Haram Tactics On Militants

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President Muhammadu Buhari has threatened to unleash military forces on Niger Delta militants responsible for the destruction of the country’s petroleum infrastructure the same way he dealt with Boko Haram in the Northeast.

This vow was made on Saturday night at a bilateral meeting with Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, on the sidelines of the sixth Tokyo International Conference on African Development (TICAD) in Nairobi.

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The vow was made to strongly assure the existing and prospective foreign investors in Nigeria that their investments were fully secured and protected.

He told the Japanese leader that with the defeat of the Boko Haram terrorists by the military, the attention of the administration was now focused on stopping the destruction of the country’s economic assets by militants in the Niger Delta region.

Buhari warned the militants to dialogue with the Federal government or be dealt with in the same way like Boko Haram.

“We are talking to some of their leaders; we will deal with them as we dealt with Boko Haram if they refuse to talk to us.

“As a government, we know our responsibility, which is to secure the environment.

“It is clear to us that lenders won’t fund projects in insecure environments.

“We realize that we have to secure the country before we can efficiently manage it,’’ Buhari said.

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Sam Allardyce Tried To Lure Steven Nzonzi To Play For England 

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​England have been rebuked  in their attempt to lure Steven Nzonzi.

The French midfielder, 27, played for Sam Allardyce at Blackburn and is now at Europa League winners Sevilla. 

Nzonzi never won a full cap for France and Allardyce was interested in following up an approach from the player’s father to see if he was eligible for England. 

However, FIFA ruled he wasn’t, as he’d represented France Under 21s before he would have been eligible for England through residency.

Leicester City Considering Bid For Steven N’Zonzi

New England Boss, Sam Allardyce :

 ‘We did have a call, it would have been of interest to me and we did explore it. He’s very good and never got the credit he deserves because of his size. 

‘Being too big can be a hindrance to a footballer because they think their feet are not as clever and they’re not as mobile or sharp.

‘This lad won player of the year at Blackburn in his very first year.

‘I’m not surprised he went to Sevilla in the end, a club of that level and that size, that’s not being disrespectful to Blackburn or Stoke.

‘But [playing for England] was impossible. The issue is dead now.’

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Jose Mourinho Won’t Guarantee Marcus Rashford Starting Place Despite Scoring Winner Against Hull City 

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​Marcus Rashford  maintained Manchester  United’s 100 per cent league record in injury-time with a poacher’s finish from Wayne Rooney’s cross after coming off the bench.

But even after his heroic Rashford won’t be guaranteed his first competitive start under Mourinho for their next match against Manchester City on September 10 – despite scoring the winner against them last time under Louis van Gaal.

‘It’s not him being a match winner that makes me change my mind,’ said Mourinho. ‘You are not going to drop another player when they are doing well.

‘Our number one striker (Zlatan Ibrahimovic) is an amazing player. He is not just a goalscorer, he associates with other players, creates space.

‘We can start some matches with another player in front of Zlatan but you have to be very dominant to play that way.

‘Rashford can play or he can be on the bench. The kid is going to be playing a lot of matches this season.

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Former Eagles Captain Yobo To Bail ‘Many’ Inmates In Ikoyi Prisons

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A former Captain of the Super Eagles, Chief Joseph Yobo, has promised that his foundation – Joseph Yobo Foundation – would process the bail of many inmates of Ikoyi Prisons, especially those awaiting trial.

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This he said at the inauguration of Ikoyi Prisons Football Academy on Saturday in Lagos.

His words: ‘’I have never been to the prisons before but on getting to Ikoyi Prisons, I realised the need to give hope to someone.’’

“The Joseph Yobo Foundation is ready to do everything within its means to grant bail to as many as possible that are awaiting trial, especially those in the facility’s football academy.

“I am happy with what is going on in this facility. I have never been here before but when I got here, what I saw jolted me.’’

“I thought I will see persons looking very sad, rushing to go out but rather, I saw them very happy, cheerful and looking very hopeful.

“I must indeed commend the authorities of the Nigerian Prisons Service because from what I have seen on ground, the service is in the right track.’’

The former Everton of England star said that it was in this light that his foundation would seek to secure the bail for some of the inmates, train them and support them in the academy.

“We in our little way will want to give back to the society by giving hope to our brothers here behind the bars and give them a second chance because no one is above mistake.

“Having stayed here for a while, I am convinced that they must have undergone a great deal of reformation and rehabilitation,’’ he said.

Joseph Yobo Foundation is collaborating with Sisters Cities Vocational/Rehabilitation Centre and the Nigerian Prisons Service in the latter’s football academy project, “Football Stars Behind Bars’’.

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Inter Milan Officially Announce Signing Of Joao Mario From Sporting Lisbon 

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​Inter Milan have signed Portugal’s Euro 2016-winning midfielder Joao Mario from Sporting Lisbon for an undisclosed fee, the Serie A club said on Sunday.

Mario, who has moved for a reported fee of around 45m euros, cored six goals in 33 league appearances for Sporting last season.

“We’re delighted to have Joao Mario at Inter. He’s a top player and we’d been tracking him for a long time. He’ll further reinforce what is already a very strong squad,” the Italian club’s president Erick Thohir said.

Joao Mario’s transfer beats Sporting’s sales of Cristiano Ronaldo (£12.24m) and Nani (£25m) to Manchester United.

It is also the second-biggest move out of Portugal, marginally behind the fee Monaco paid Porto for Colombian James Rodriguez in 2013.

Midfielder Mario made 171 appearances for Sporting Lisbon and played in every game of Portugal’s Euro 2016 triumph, when they beat France 1-0 in the final.

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NPF Reacts To Accusation Of Massive Looting Levelled Against IGP Idris

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The Nigeria Police Force (NPF) has reacted with a rebuttal to an allegation of massive looting, violation of public funds, frequent abandonment of post, and sexual liaisons with subordinates levelled against its Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Ibrahim Idris.

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In a press release signed by the Director of News, (DCP) Don N. Awunah, Force Public Relations Officer, Force Headquarters, Abuja with Ref No.CZ:5300/FPRD/FHQ/ABJ/VOL.1., the Force described the accusation as spurious, completely misleading and malicious in its entirety.

The statement read:

The attention of the Nigeria Police Force has been drawn to a report by Sahara Reporters, New York on August 26, 2016 captioned Inspector General Idris accused of Massive looting, violation of public trust.

The Nigeria Police Force would ordinarily not join issue on news item that has no substance and completely false, but to put the record straight; the report was studied and all the allegations asserted against the Inspector General of Police, Ag. IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni and the Nigeria Police Force in the write up were found out to be completely false, misleading and malicious in its entirety, and obviously the hand work of distractors and mischief makers, whose intention is to distract the Inspector General of Police from carrying out its statutory duties of ensuring that Nigeria is secured and crime free.

The Inspector General of Police, Ag. IGP Ibrahim K. Idris NPM, mni have served in various capacities within the Nigeria Police Force and International Communities without blemish. The IGP is focused and determined to accomplish his statutory responsibilities to all Nigerians and continue to serve his country and will not be distracted by distractors who take advantage of the media to launch a personal attack and campaign of calumny against his personality and the Nigeria Police Force.

The Nigeria Police Force wishes to enjoin members of the general public and other persons who must have read the report to disregard and discountenance the story as totally unfounded without any iota of truth.

The media, most especially the new/social media outfits are hereby implored not to allow malicious/ mischief makers to take advantage of them to misinform and mislead the public. The Nigeria Police Force will continue to partner with the media, other stakeholders and the general public to ensure that Nigeria is safe for every Nigerian and visitors alike.

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Alan Pardew Praises Wilfred Zaha 

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​Crystal Palace boss Alan Pardew praised the response from Wilfried Zaha to a tumultuous week in which he was the subject of a bid from Tottenham.

Pardew left out Zaha, who told his manager that he wanted the move to White Hart Lane, from the Eagles’ 1-1 draw at home to Bournemouth on Saturday.

“Trust me, I didn’t want to leave him out, but I had to understand the pressures that were on him as well,” Pardew said.

“I made the decision on Friday. He didn’t take being a substitute badly at all. He understood that it was a disruptive week for him.”

“It wasn’t a punishment. It was just me saying ‘you’re probably not focused, let me leave you out on this one’. His actions have been terrific for us and it shows what a good character he is.”

“He had a very disruptive week and I thought it was only fair to him to see if we could get through the game, perhaps even without him.

“But we needed him and he was spot on for us. He was terrific when he came on and he showed why the chairman made the statement he did.

“He’s a young lad, he’s been to Manchester United, he’s come here and done terrifically for us – our player of the year – and, for me, I would play him every game.

“I suppose in hindsight, when you’re only drawing at home, I might wish I’d have started him. I can think of three or four things I would have liked to have done, particularly in the first half.

“But you have to use your experience and he couldn’t have done any more for us in the period he was on the pitch, and that’s all I can ask for.”

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