There Might Be A New Harry Potter Movie In 2020

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It’s been a long five years since the last Harry Potter movie dropped, but we might not have to wait that long for the next one.

Following the success of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child, it seems like film studio Warner Bros. Pictures, the sole distributor of every film in the Harry Potter franchise as well as the upcoming spin-off Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them movie are planning a release for a new Harry Potter movie in 2020.

Back in July, the studio filed a trademark for Harry Potter and The Cursed Child which would be totally unnecessary, unless of course they were actually planning to make a movie.

The Studio would have to convince Harry Potter writer J.K Rowling  into writing a new script especially after she had previously said there would be no new movie adaptations and Harry Potter And The Cursed Child as a story was best as a play.

Harry Potter


The Cursed Child play is however more focused on Harry and Ginny’s Son , Albus Severus Potter and his relationship with Draco Malfoy’s son Scorpius.

Warner Bros. would also have to convince Daniel Radcliffe to reprise his role as Harry Potter as earlier this summer he was quoted as saying “It would depend on the script. The circumstances would have to be pretty extraordinary. But then I am sure Harrison Ford said that with Han Solo and look what happened there! So I am saying ‘no’ for now, but leaving room to backtrack in the future” when asked.

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Recruitment: N-Power Application Ends, Verification Follows

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Recruitment: N-Power Application Ends, Verification Follows

The Federal Government’s extension for the N-Power online jobs and training applications came to an end on August 31, 2016.

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Information made available on the N-Power website stated that there will be verification and evaluation which will begin shortly.

N-Power recruitment
N-Power recruitment

Further details on the processes and procedures were also made available in a disclaimer published in the official website for N-Power program:


  1. The processes for applying for and / or being selected for the N-power programme are open and transparent.

  2. The selection criteria will be published and made public. The criteria will seek to identify the applicants that will be best suited to the objectives of the programme in a fair. reasonable and consistent manner.

  3. Any claim by any individual and / or group suggesting any influence of a political, religious or similar nature will be a factor in the N-power programme is false and should be rejected.

  4. There is no truth in any claim that suggests there are set allocations or quota under the N-power programme for any political group or party.

  5. Exchange of money and/or services for placement in the N-power programme is prohibited. Any individual and / or group making any financial request or similar demands from any applicant do so fraudulently and must be reported to the appropriate authorities.

  6. Registration and selection for the N-power programme is absolutely free.

  7. It is your duty to be vigilant and beware of fraudsters who intend to take advantage of gullible or uninformed citizens.

The Federal Government has NOT and will NOT place additional burden on citizens who wish to be employed.

The Federal Government of Nigeria has designed the N-Power Programme to drastically reduce youth unemployment. The focus is to provide our young graduates and non-graduates with the skills, tools and livelihood to enable them advance from unemployment to employment, entrepreneurship and innovation.

The first phase of N-Power will target Nigeria’s critical needs in education, agriculture, technology, creative, construction and artisanal industries. N-Power is also preparing Nigeria for a global outsourcing push where our young Nigerians can export their services to work on global projects that earn Nigeria, foreign exchange.

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At The Gate Of Political Hell, The Godfather’s Last Gamble

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At The Gate Of Political Hell, The Godfather’s Last Gamble, By Louis Odion

Ordinarily, the choice before Edo voters on September 10 should not pose a burden heavier than the simple ceremony of sieving the grain from the chaff. The contention is between APC and PDP.

But given the ongoing legal cockfight in PDP resulting in its iconic umbrella being literally torn in the courts of law between Markafi and Sheriff, it is safe to assume that a fatal preliminary own goal is already scored against the Edo branch of the once “biggest party in Africa”.

This piece was written by Louis Odion. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Barely a week to the election, no one is able to answer a very simple question with confidence yet: Is PDP’s votes on the D-Day for Markafi’s Osagie Ize-Iyamu or Sheriff’s Mathew Iduoriyekemwen?

If the foregoing observation is legal, the second test is material. From 1999, PDP ruled the acclaimed “heartbeat of the nation” for 114 months, while APC has administered it for 94 months so far.

However, looking back, whereas the majority of Edo people will ascribe to APC under Comrade Adams Oshiomhole plaudits for improving the human condition appreciably with a surfeit of monuments across the state as further proofs, PDP’s testimonial is hideously scanty besides the cultivation of a small oligarchy whose hierarchs have either successfully completed jail term for colossal looting or are today luxuriating in obscene wealth amassed solely through the grace of Tuketuke politics.

Based on these verifiable facts, it will not be out of place to submit therefore that PDP is already too morally fractured, facially disfigured to stand a chance in the coming election. But drawing the curtains on the debate there so summarily would rob distant observers the opportunity to fully understand the shape and nature of the real forces now at play, ferociously angling for Edo’s political soul. It is actually a titanic battle between defenders of a movement that boasts of delivering something to the society regardless of its own imperfections and the barons of a discredited past plotting a return to power.

The historic challenge before the intelligentsia today therefore is to help bring some illumination that the people can make informed choice in the leadership recruitment process. For clarity, I do not only hail from that section of the country but was also privileged to have served as a commissioner in Edo until my resignation last November. During the period, I gained sufficient insight and had one-on-one interactions with the key players across the divides.

So, as a writer, one is not shy to admit one has a professional interest, and as a native, a civic responsibility to share one’s perspective for Edo’s advancement.

True, no one will say incumbent Adams Oshiomhole is perfect. All known angels will be found in heaven. To me, whatever personal inadequacies the comrade governor may have pale into insignificance considering the weight and value of his contributions in the past eight years. Really, it is impossible to change society without making some enemies. The tale of transformed physical landscape under his watch is now all too familiar to warrant a recap here.

This leads us to the next question: so who is better equipped among the gladiators on the field to extend the frontiers? From all the candidates have said, shown or promised in the last three months of campaigns, I make bold to say Godwin Obaseki represents the best hope for Edo’s tomorrow. For the four years I spent in government in Edo State, I happened to have interacted closely with him.

To be sure, he is not as gifted as Oshiomhole in terms of oratory. He is decidedly a man of short speech whose few words however carry deep intellection and almost evangelical zeal to follow through ideas from conception, incubation, implementation to evaluation in an otherwise treacherous environment where most people view tasks only from the naira and kobo that comes back to their pockets.

In these economically perilous times, Edo surely needs a conscientious steward who can think and act on his feet to chart a new course, and is irrevocably committed to working for the poor and not the coven of famished godfathers feverishly seeking to regain a paradise already lost.

Such sterling qualities are however in acute deficit in PDP, the bastion of Tuketuke politics. For non-speakers of Bini, Tuketute is a generic name for any vehicle on the verge of falling apart, but still commercially exploited by the owner by being forced on the road.

Tuketuke therefore describes rent-seeking politics where the provincial godfather continues to milk a dysfunctional order in self-aggrandisement at the people’s expense. People famish for the godfather to flourish.

To sustain the hero-worship of the godfather, Tuketuke politics abhors men of ideas or intelligence or other evidence of demonstrable independence of the mind. In the new world otherwise driven by big ideas, the only skills required in Tuketuke politics are not more than rigging, seamlessly sharing bribes and bottles of Schnapps gin on election’s eve and maybe suborning of the most pathetic species of the media running dogs, eager to plant articles praising the godfather in the newspapers but too ashamed to affix their real names on such panegyric.

Only the Tuketuke magic could have explained the transmogrification overnight of Chief Tony Anenih. Between 1993 and 1998, it is public knowledge he had fallen on hard times, only surviving on crumbs from the table of Chief Tom Ikimi (who was quite influential during the Abacha junta), and maybe the little return from his “short time” hotel Nova in Uromi. But after just a short career as PDP’s “Mr. Fix It”, Anenih had become so stupendously rich he could by 2014 now afford to lend hundreds of millions to sitting President Goodluck Jonathan! (At least, that is his claim in a statement to EFCC earlier this year when asked to account for his N260 million share from Dasuki’s $15 billion loot).

It is in this dim light that Anenih’s desperation to have PDP restored to power in Edo today should be situated. Having had his political oxygen mask abruptly demobilised in Abuja, he now seeks rehabilitation at home. As for the other PDP campaigner, Ikimi, parables have been made about an old Chevrolet jalopy, which guzzles 10 litres of gas for a mere kilometre. That Tuketuke contraption is obviously in dire need of affiliation to a big depot for sustenance.

At corporate level, the Tuketuke spirit is what also manifests in PDP’s continued obsession with building new industries as key campaign promise (as if the chain of phony industries Igbinedion claimed he built ever functioned for a single day)!

In the market-driven economy of the 21th century, you allow the private sector to take the driver’s seat. On account of its structure and orientation, government no longer has business running businesses. Rather, its remit is to create the enabling environment – like durable social infrastructure and formulate coherent policies – to help businesses grow.

One can therefore relate with Obaseki’s promise to create 200,000 fresh jobs. The bouquet of durable social infrastructure – including more than 1,000 kilometers of roads – delivered by Oshiomhole in the past eight years already offers a solid foundation to build on. Vast opportunities surely abound in the agriculture sector where the state has comparative advantage. The big mechanised farms will accelerate urbanisation of our rural communities, particularly in Edo South, thereby helping to curb rural-urban drift.

Requiring sustenance is the land reforms started by Oshiomhole which has removed swathes of land from the control of old political godfathers who only use same to secure personal bank loans or sublet to tenants. Genuine agro entrepreneurs who benefit will certainly deliver more jobs.

Only last Monday, Pat Utomi, the renowned professor of Political Economy, flagged off a $136m farm project located in at Ugbokun Community in Ovia North East in Edo. This will deliver thousands of fresh jobs. It is perhaps instructive that Utomi hails from neighbouring Delta State. In choosing Edo to locate such gigantic industry, the discerning intellectual must have noted Edo’s comparative advantage.

Apart from Utomi’s Integrated Produce City, there are no fewer than a dozen other mega agro-allied companies including the $750m farm promoted by Idahosa Okunbo that have either taken off or are nearing completion stage under an investment-friendly climate Oshiomhole has created in the last eight years. Really, these are the terms in which Edo’s economy of the future should be discussed, not fantasising over the new “sharing formula” likely to be approved by the godfather for the state’s next monthly allocation from Abuja as suggested by the incoherent economic agenda so far touted by PDP – high on utopian promises but short on how-to.

Under PDP’s suzerainty in the past, the state’s land stock was only parlayed into primitive feudal racketeering. In the twilight of Lucky Igbinedion’s administration in 2007, more than 120,000 hectares, representing more than 70 percent of Edo’s reserved land stock, was released and not less than half of that allocated to Esama directly or shell companies linked to the family alone under the guise of utilising same for agro-allied enterprises. The “His Excellency, sir, chief, doctor of Okadaland” simply added his loot to the stock already sub-let to Yoruba farmers who, in turn, would pay him royalties running into hundreds of million yearly!

The culture of predation perfected by PDP also explains why whereas the state-owned TV/radio station, the EBS, withered during PDP’s reign, Igbinedion’s ITV prospered. And while state-owned Ambrose Ali University floundered, Igbinedion University in Okada flowered.

On discovering the land scam in 2012, an angry Oshiomhole issued an executive order revoking the allocation. The imperial Esama has not forgiven the governor ever since.

Well, the aforementioned illustrations are provided today to assist Edo people connect the dots and realise where the rain began to beat them. The desperation to re-foist PDP on the state is actually a disingenuous design to restore the old thieving Tuketuke order.

How ironic that PDP is now whining about the desirability of “a level-playing field” come September 10. But when it had the fabled “federal might” in 2012, it wielded it without the fear of God or man. When Anenih still had his finger on the trigger, raw power and awesome financial war-chest were crudely deployed. State institutions were openly induced and compromised. One of the few exemplars was Major General Obi Umahi, the then Commander of the Fourth Brigade, Benin City.

A thoroughly professional soldier with steely Christian values (said to carry a small Bible around in his pocket), Umahi (elder brother to the present Ebonyi governor) consistently refused mouth-watering bribes and choking pressures from the PDP godfather already assured by the “Niger Delta militants” they would invade Edo and help orchestrate violence, thereby creating an enabling climate for election results to be fixed, but only on the guaranty that the military would “cooperate”.

The brave officer threw the final bombshell at the joint-security council meeting held on the eve of the July 14, 2012 polls when the time came for him to speak at the gathering attended by heads of all the security and paramilitary agencies: “I’ve told my soldiers to shoot to kill anyone who tries to do anything funny or rig the election!”

Of course, it is easily recalled today that the exemplary patriotic conduct of officers and men of the Nigerian Army made the difference on the D-Day as all the thugs and mercenaries imported into Edo to enforce the rigging plot chose to keep a safe distance as the battle-ready soldiers kept vigil across the state. Oshiomhole won his reelection by an unprecedented 75 percent.

Expectedly, Major General Umahi eventually paid a huge price for his principle. In a matter of weeks, he was redeployed from Benin to an obscure post in Lagos through intrigues believed to have been masterminded by the politically wounded Anenih. A kangaroo panel raised by the then clearly partisan leadership of the Army to probe Umahi on trumped up charges soon recommended his summary retirement. But apparently pricked by conscience, the then Chief of Army Staff, General Azubuike Ihejirika, curiously chose to foot-drag on the implementation. But once Major-General Kenneth Minimah, the favourite of PDP wheeler-dealers, took over, Umahi’s retirement was one of his earliest actions. The rest, as they, is now history.

Indeed, statecraft remains a work-in-progress. Wherever Oshiomhole may have failed in the past 94 months, I am sure Obaseki has the wisdom, the depth, the range and, most fundamentally, the integrity to make amends if voted.

So, at the dawn of September 10, the Edo voter should appreciate the enormity of the historic rite ahead. Voting Obaseki is the covenant. It is not a favour to anyone, but the duty of every Edo freeborn to secure a better Edo tomorrow for our children.

Enter Chief Zebrudiah Okorocha Alias 3.0

Viewers – particularly the older generations – missing “The New Masquerade” (what an oxymoron!) should find consolation in the comic turn of events in Imo State today. The nostalgia would most likely be for the lead actor of the old television comedy series, Chief Zebrudiah Okoroigwe alias 4.30. For instance, awarded the coveted national honour “MON”, he would later tease that “EY” was not added to fetch him “MONEY”.

Overwhelmed by the challenge of governance today, Governor Rochas Okorocha would seem to have resorted to trying on the costume of the old comic, obviously to divert public attention and stave possible civil revolt at being swindled by a political conman.

When the other day questions were raised over Okorocha’s absence from his duty post Owerri for weeks, the government spokesman rose stoutly to the occasion. With a straight face, he lectured that his boss only travelled abroad to – what else – “attract foreign investment”. But the stark truth finally emerged last week when the new Zebrudiah of Imo landed Owerri airport. Apparently unaware of the lie his publicist had told on his behalf, Okorocha said: “I went to the land of the dead and our ancestors turned me back, saying it was not yet time.” Thus confirming the earlier speculation that he was stretchered out of the country in a grave condition. So, people are now left wondering when “foreign investors” became a synonym of “our ancestors”.

Earlier, Okorocha had blissfully advertised his poor political education by announcing the formation of the “fourth tier of government” to bring governance much closer to the people. He boasted the idea would catapult rural folks into the boardroom of power. But other than the champagne bottles later popped that night at the Government House in toast of his “wizardry” and “sagacity” for such ground-breaking innovation, nothing else has been seen. The truth: it is only the fulmination of a confused mind.

The same brainwave apparently led the Zebrudiah of Owerri into his latest brew, which, for ease of reference, we can roughly term “Formula 3.0”. In spite of the billions of naira that the state received from Abuja in bailout funds, civil servants are still owed arrears of salaries. Of course, prioritising contractors’ pay is far more lucrative to the approving authority for obvious reasons.

But not to worry, the governor of comedy in Imo soon announced that state workers are now to work for three days and spend the remaining two working days on their own personal farms or in pursuit of anything “to keep body and soul together”. With that, he must have expected to be garlanded as the most ingeniously considerate governor in history.

But the long-suffering state branch of the Nigeria Labour Congress are not amused and have, in fact, responded by staging yet another march against the governor. The same way the Federal Government – though not exactly known for any profundity of thought either – observed the proposal must be the next worst voodoo visited on Imo after the Otokoto saga of the 90s.

Without shame or remorse, Okorocha brought more comedy to the debate a few days ago by shedding light on the rationale behind his proposal: “Instead of being devoted to the work they (civil servants) are paid for, they use their official hours to loiter about; they sell groundnut, gala, chin-chin and sieve egusi (melon seed chaff), among others in the office. I decided to reduce the working days because I want to enhance agriculture in the state.”

But short-sighted Okorocha is unable to appreciate the original idea behind the civil service. Really, in these lean times, the real challenge is how to optimise manpower to create wealth to augment government earnings. If workers were found to be idle, shouldn’t the duty of a wise manager be to reassign them where their energies are better utilised to enhance productivity?

Myopic Okorocha will not know he invariably shortchanges the state further by suggesting workers would continue to earn full pay for less work. Only a small mind thinks that way.

Without conscience still, Okorocha took his pontification to another level a few days ago by advising President Buhari to declare “state of economic emergency” to revive the economy from the present coma: “We have to declare a state of economic emergency right now in Nigeria and all hands must be on deck… For some us and I think for all Nigerians who travel out, we know that we need to stand up and avoid sentiment and face the issue.”

Sharp words indeed. But if there is indeed anything to say of the globe-trotting politician of Owerri, it should begin with an admission that elsewhere public accountability would have forbidden him from lying that he travelled abroad to seek investors when in reality he was bedridden at taxpayer’s expense.

Before asking Buhari to declare emergency in Abuja, one would have thought Okorocha would set a good example by proclaiming one in Imo already overtaken by filth, buffoonery and tales of graft. For instance, before he took over in 2011, Owerri was rated by the Federal Ministry of Environment as the cleanest city in Nigeria on account on an aggressive green advocacy and urban-renewal initiative. But that is now history as the new Zebrudiah literally turns every thing up side down.

Once upon a time, Imo was a shining beacon in the education industry. Not any more. Nothing perhaps emblematises the story of a worsening crisis than a statement by JAMB recently that no fresh students would be admitted into Imo State University (IMSU) for the next academic year. Reason: those offered admission for the 2015/2016 are still languishing at the gate since the institution has been under lock and key for several months due to a protracted industrial action that has brought to bold relief Okorocha’s poor managerial skill. Sadly, just as workers wait on Okorocha’s for the arrears of back pay, admission into IMSU will certainly now be conducted in arrears in future!

All told, what baffles is the air of indifference Okorocha continues to exude at home over these serial derelictions and the shamelessness he exhibits outside. When he arrived Owerri in 2011, he said he came on a rescue mission. But it is obvious the rescuer himself is now urgently in need of a rescue. Meanwhile, the performance of the new Zebrudiah continues. As I heard they say openly in Owerri these days, this Okorocha comedy “has no part II”.

Louis Odion is a Fellow of the Nigerian Guild of Editors (FNGE).

This piece was written by Louis Odion. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Iheanacho In As Man City Exclude Yaya Toure From Champions League Squad

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Super Eagles’ striker Kelechi Iheanacho was selected as Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola decided to leave midfielder Yaya Toure out of his 2016-17 Champions League squad.

The Ivory Coast international, who featured once this season, in City’s 1-0 win over Steaua Bucharest in the Champions League knockout round second leg – a game that was virtually meaningless because City led 5-0 from the first leg – was excluded in Europe by UEFA rules on the minimum number of locally trained players in European squads.

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Although teams can name up to 25 players, eight of those must be homegrown.

The sad news is coming barely days after Joe Hart’s loan move to Torino after being dropped as first choice keeper at the club by Guardiola.

City are in Group C, alongside Barcelona, Celtic and Borussia Mönchengladbach. Guardiola’s side host Borussia in the group opener on 13 September.

Manchester City Champions League squad for 2016/2017 group stages:
Claudio Bravo, Willy Caballero; Bacary Sagna, Vincent Kompany, Pablo Zabaleta, Aleksandar Kolarov, Gael Clichy, John Stones, Nicolas Otamendi; Fernando, Raheem Sterling, Ilkay Gundogan, Jesus Navas, Kevin De Bruyne, Fabian Delph, Leroy Sane, David Silva, Fernandinho; Nolito, Sergio Aguero, Kelechi Iheanacho.

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The Black Eyed Peas Remake “Where Is The Love” With Kendall Jenner & Jaden Smith

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Kendall Jenner and Jaden Smith are finally taking their relationship to the studio.

It seems one of the Kardashian/Jenner clan has a talent in singing.

Kendall and Jaden who are one of the most famous BFFs will be joining the Black Eyed Peas for a “Where Is The Love” remix.

The original score was released following the 9/11 attack in the US.

Thirteen years later, these BFFs will team with the likes of Mary J. Blige, Nicole Scherzinger, Jessie J, Usher, Jamie Foxx, Diddy, DJ Khaled, Andra Day, Tori Kelly, Ty Dolla $ign and The Game for a reworked rendition.

According to Will.I.Am., who is a member of the Black Eyed Peas group, “The millennials are powerful,” he said in a statement referencing Jaden and Kendall.

kendall jenner

Jaden Smith and Kendall Jenner

Will.I.Am added, “I don’t think they realize just how powerful they are. I hope this song inspires the millennials to go all out, scream from the tallest mountain, care like your freedom depends on it, pay attention like that is at risk.”

Some have heard Jaden spit a few lines but Kendall on the other hand, well we’ve never heard her sing, not even on her family’s reality show, Keeping up with the Kardashians which makes this more interesting as everyone would love to hear what she has to serve in that department.

If Kendall Jenner nails whatever lines she has to vocalize on, she’ll add singer to her world wide supermodel status; and who knows, other singers and rappers might want to lay down her voice on their track.

It’s still uncleal  if either of the two will be taking Fergie’s vocals in the chorus or Will.I.Am’s part or maybe lines from Taboo’s rap verses.

Whatever the case may be, we’ll be waiting.

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“It’s A Weak Song” – John Legend Supports Colin Kaepernick For Boycotting The American Anthem

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John Legend has weighed in on the national anthem controversy facing NFL player, Colin Kaepernick, who sat down during the American national anthem, Star Spangled Banner, prior to a game last Friday.

Legend tweeted firstly on Friday, August 30, “For those defending the current anthem, do you really truly love that song?. I don’t and I’m very good at singing it. Like, one of the best.”

The 37-years old Grammy winner then posted a second tweet saying, “My vote is for ‘America the Beautiful. Star-Spangled Banner’ is a weak song anyway.”

Kaepernick plays for the San Francisco 49ers and is biracial with an African father and an American mother, Heidi Russo. His parents gave him up for adoption at birth to a Caucasian family.

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick

The 28-years-old athlete later explained the reason for his action to NFL media saying, “I am not going to stand up to show pride in a flag for a country that oppresses black people and people of color. To me, this is bigger than football and it would be selfish on my part to look the other way. There are bodies in the street and people getting paid leave and getting away with murder.”

While Colin Kaepernick was criticized by NASCAR driver Tony Stewart who said Kaepernick was an “idiot who needs to learn the fact about police before running his dumbass mouth,” former NFL player and current NFL analyst Rodney Harrison got into trouble for saying Kaepernick was not even “black” to be defending black people.

49ers won’t sanction Kaepernick

The San Francisco 49ers also released a statement saying it was an individual’s right to participate in the anthem or not.

It read:

The national anthem is and always will be a special part of the pre-game ceremony. It is an opportunity to honor our country and reflect on the great liberties we are afforded as its citizens.

In respecting such American principles as freedom of religion and freedom of expression, we recognize the right of an individual to choose and participate, or not, in our celebration of the national anthem.

The club also said he’s still a member of the team. He is thus expected to play in another game in November.

Watch John Legend sing the National Anthem.

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NOUN Shuts Down 5 Illegal Study Centres In Lagos

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The management of the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN), on Friday, announced that it had spotted and shut down five illegal study centres operating in different parts of Lagos state.

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Speaking on the closure, Malam Ibrahim Sheme, the Director, Media and Information of the institution, stated that the decision followed reports from some Nigerians who were concerned.

As a result of this, NOUN had to set up a committee to monitor the activities of its study centres nationwide, in the interest of the general public, The Punch reports.

His words: “We will continue to clamp down on the activities of such centres, whose main aim is to defraud Nigerians of their hard-earned incomes, given the economic situation in the country today.

“We just visited Lagos to monitor our centres and their operations and discovered five illegal study centres operating there.

“Anyone who wants to run a study centre must go through due process by officially registering with the institution, subject to meeting all the laid-down criteria.

“It is not by doing it illegally or by way of fraud. Those who discuss with NOUN for such purpose are given permission to do that, after meeting the prescribed requirements.”

“These owners of such schools who allowed the centres to be cited in their school premises will also face sanctions because they ought to have made their findings.

“NOUN’s major mandate is to give access to education to all Nigerians who desire quality education, irrespective of age or social status.

“We will, therefore, not allow anyone or group of persons to infiltrate that mandate and that is why we will continue to monitor the nooks and crannies of the country to keep these people in check.

“We will also do more in sensitising the public concerning the activities of such persons and the existence of their illegal centres.

“We also want to seize this opportunity to plead with the general public to be on the lookout for such centres and to continue to inform us, for necessary action.”

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PHOTOS: Mark Zuckerberg Is Back In Nigeria

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Barely 48 hours after leaving Lagos, Nigeria for Kenya, Facebook founder and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg is back in Nigeria.

The tech guru is in Abuja for the Aso Villa Demo Day Finale and get this, HE’S WEARING A SUIT.

Mark Zuckerberg


He’s already met the President Muhammadu Buhari and also Vice President, Professor Yemi Osibanjo. Just yesterday, Zuckerberg was in Nairobi, Kenya where he also met with a few engineers at iHub Nairobi. He even had lunch with the Kenyan Cabinet Secretary of Information and Communications, Joseph Mucheru.

Mark Zuckerberg speaks in Lagos

Before that he stayed two days in Lagos, Nigeria where he met with tech developers at  Co-creation Hub in Yaba. He also visited Andela, a tech incubation company he invested in. He most noteworthy hosted a Q&A session at the Landmark Event Centre with software developers and tech entrepreneurs .

Mark Zuckerberg

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PhotoNews: Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg Meets Buhari

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The founder of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg returned to Nigeria to meet with President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Villa on Friday, September 2, 2016.

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg visits President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Villa on Friday, September 2, 2016.

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg visits President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Villa on Friday, September 2, 2016.

The meeting is currently holding at the President’s Office at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg visits President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Villa on Friday, September 2, 2016.

Facebook Founder, Mark Zuckerberg visits President Muhammadu Buhari in Aso Villa on Friday, September 2, 2016.

Reports had suggested that Mr Zukerberg, who landed Nairobi, Kenya on Thursday, returned to Nigeria at the early hour of today (Friday), following criticisms that he did not meet with any political figure during his stay in the country – but had interactions with software developers, bloggers and entertainers.

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JAMB: LASU Adopts Online Method Of Screening For 2016/2017 Admission

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The Lagos State University (LASU) has on Friday announced that it would adopt the online screening approach for the admission of candidates for the 2016/2017 academic session.

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The institution’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olanrewaju Fagbohun, said that the institution had begun to use the system, adding that candidates, who chose LASU as their first choice as directed ‎by the Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB), would be screened online.

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In a statement made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the VC said an online application portal had already been designed for the candidates to upload their results, certificates and other relevant data.

His words: “The university will go online and shortlist the credentials of successful candidates, who chose LASU as their first choice, for onward transmission to JAMB.

“We are aware that our prospective students are expecting us to invite them for the screening but it will be done online and we have already started that.”

Fagbohun said that there was no discord between the institution or any other university with JAMB as various positions were being harmonised.

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He said that every university is complying with JAMB’s directives not to conduct the Post-Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination.

He said, “We are acting in accordance ‎with JAMB’s directive to screen the candidates’ certificates and other requirements and make our selection from there.”


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Waka Flocka Flame Wants Baylee Curran Put In Jail

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Waka Flocka Flame supports Chris Brown and wants his accuser Baylee Curran to be locked up.

He said to paparazzi who caught up with him at the airport on Wednesday, August 31, “I think that girl needs to get her ass in jail.”

When asked about the allegations of drugs being found in Brown’s house, Flocka said, “Who don’t gat weed. This is California.”

Waka Flocka Flame isn’t Brown’s only support system.

Other stars such as K. Michelle took to Twitter to question the motives of the officers who went to Chris Brown’s house with a SWAT team and choppers just for a 911 call which claimed the singer had a gun in his house while black men are gunned down and no one hears about the case.

waka flocka flame

Chris Brown and Waka Flocka Flame

K.Michelle tweeted, Wednesday, August 31, “They have a helicopter over this man’s house, but they leave a black man laying dead in the street for hours. Hmmm.”

She posted a second tweet saying, “You do this to a man over something he was ‘Accused’ of, but you have video footage of them killing my black men. What a world we live in.”

50 Cent also expressed his doubts on the manner which Brown always got unfairly caught up with law enforcement.

The rapper wrote on Instagram with a photograph of Chris Brown, “I have a different relationship with Chris, That’s my boy. I watched him come up, a lot of the shit he go threw is crazy to me. If your not safe at home when do you get a break? If someone calls 911 and says you pulled a gun on them in your house, are the police coming to create a bunker at the end of your drive way for 11 hours to wait for a search warrant? Then live stream it, This must be VIP Treatment. SMH”

Apparently, neither guns nor drugs were found in his house though TMZ reported police had found a duffel bag which Brown had thrown out his window while he left the authorities to get a search warrant before entering his home.

The credibility of his accuser, Baylee Curran, has also been questioned seeing as she’s a wanted thief in New York and she was admiring a diamond jewelry which started the whole drama in the first place.

Maybe she intended to steal the diamonds, maybe she didn’t, maybe it was for the five-minutes of fame, either way, she has caused more damage to her reputation as no one would even touch her now that the world knows she’s a famous thief.

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Miss California Regional Committee Says Chris Brown’s Accuser, Baylee Curran Was Dethroned

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Baylee Curran, who claimed to be the 2016 winner of the Miss California Regional, has been outed by the pageant’s committee.

The pageant’s organizers released a statement denouncing Curran’s claim, saying she only held the title for three months before getting dethroned due to certain questionable allegations that trailed her short reign.

Upon her removal from the position, Miss Curran refused to return the crown and the sash and has been posting photographs on social media under false pretense as the winner of the pageantry.

baylee curran

Baylee Curran, outed Miss California Regional

The official statement from the pageant on Wednesday, August 31, read:

Miss Curran has been dethroned as of July this year due to a breach of contract. Baylee Curran has been asked numerous times to return her crown/sash which she has refused to do.

We do not condone the alleged actions of Mr. Brown or his associates, however, Miss Curran has incorrectly identified herself as Miss California Regional.

Baylee held the title for three months, and was removed after the committee investigated certain allegations that occurred during her reign.

The California Regional said it “prohibits any form of alcohol or paraphernalia use nor do they allow any behavior not befitting a queen.”

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Host Announced For Brymo’s Organised Chaos Concert

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With the countdown to Brymo’s Organised Chaos ongoing, an official host has been announced for the event.

Hosting proceedings on the night will be music icon Ade Bantu.

“Ade Bantu is the founder of the Afropolitan Vibes, the monthly musical event cum festival and magazine. We are drawn to his experience as an artiste and entertainment personality. We believe there’s nobody better to host the maiden edition of “Organised Chaos” than Bantu,” the organizers of the show said.

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Tagged ‘Organised Chaos’, the music concert is Brymo’s first major own concert and is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at the prestigious Freedom Park, Lagos.

Early birds tickets for the event are selling now at and for N2,000 flat.

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Host Announced For Brymo’s Organised Chaos Concert

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With the countdown to Brymo’s Organised Chaos ongoing, an official host has been announced for the event.

Hosting proceedings on the night will be music icon Ade Bantu.

“Ade Bantu is the founder of the Afropolitan Vibes, the monthly musical event cum festival and magazine. We are drawn to his experience as an artiste and entertainment personality. We believe there’s nobody better to host the maiden edition of “Organised Chaos” than Bantu,” the organizers of the show said.

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Tagged ‘Organised Chaos’, the music concert is Brymo’s first major own concert and is scheduled to take place on Sunday, October 2, 2016, at the prestigious Freedom Park, Lagos.

Early birds tickets for the event are selling now at and for N2,000 flat.

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Blac Chyna And Rob Kardashian Share Their Love With PEOPLE Magazine

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Blac Chyna and Robert Kardashian have been very brave about their love and they’re sharing it with the world through People Magazine’s September issue.

Despite many haters claiming what they share is just a farce, their love is still standing strong.

Rob and Chyna are prepping for the arrival of their first child together and though there have been speculations about the sex of the child, Chyna revealed to US Weekly she was expecting a baby girl.

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While other sources have claimed it’s a boy, we’ll just have to wait till October which is one-month away to be proven wrong or right.

blac chyna

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna

During their interview with PEOPLE, shared on Wednesday, August 31; 29-year-old Rob said when grilled about the baby’s sex, “We leave that up to God. We’re going to wait to find out when the baby comes out.”

His fiancee Chyna responded, “Rob is going to cry for sure.”

Rob admitted he might shed a few tears but if he did, it would be rivulets of joy.

“I’m going to be very happy,” Kardashian stated, “If there are tears, they’re going to be tears of joy.”

ChyRo are expecting a large family with at least four kids.

“We definitely discussed having kids,” Chyna told the magazine. “Rob made it very clear that he wanted to have a baby. Babies, actually! He wants me to have, like, four.”

blac chyna

Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian

Rob added that if he had found someone at the age 19, he still would have wanted a child back then.

In his words, “If I had found somebody at 19, I would have wanted the same thing then. But I never found anybody. Part of life is to build a family and have kids. And I thank God that we’re able to. It’s very exciting to me to be a first-time dad.”

Blac Chyna covered the latest edition of Elle USA where she revealed she wanted people to see her through who she’s making herself out to be and not the stripper ho she used to be.

Their E! reality series Rob & Chyna, will be premiering on September 11.

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Kante: Mourinho Wanted Me At United

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N’golo Kante has revealed that Mourinho was keen on bringing him to Old Trafford, before he joined Chelsea.

The former Leicester midfielder was contacted by Mourinho mere weeks after helping the foxes win the EPL.

#TransferLatest: Chelsea Sign Kante

However, Kante could not be convinced by Mourinho, with the Frenchman completing a £32m move to the Blues.

“It was amazing to have Mourinho call me, even though I’d been warned before how he would appeal to me,” Kante said.

“I listened to his arguments about why I should move to United.

“But at that time I was hesitant between staying at Leicester or leaving for Chelsea.

“My discussions with them were already well underway. But when I spoke, I had a good feeling with Conte.”

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Luke Shaw Unfazed By Injury

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England international Luke Shaw has stated he does not want to be known as “the left-back who broke his leg” and is aiming to win silverware with England and United.

The defender suffered a double leg break against PSV in the UCL and was ruled out for almost a year.

Shaw, 21, returned to fitness at the beginning of the season and has since been called up to the England squad for the word cup qualifiers.

And the highly-rated full-back says he now wants to be known for his success on the pitch, rather than his horrific injury.

“Of course I don’t want people to know me as the left-back who broke his leg when he was young,” he said.

“I want to be winning trophies, not just with United but with England as well.

“I want them to know me for how I play on the pitch and for how many trophies I hopefully win.”

Despite the seriousness of his injury, Shaw is happy to talk about the incident and insists he has no problem watching it back.

“I don’t mind answering questions about my leg. I think sometimes people don’t like talking about it, but I’m not bothered,” he said.

“I wasn’t bothered watching videos of it or pictures of my leg. That might sound a bit weird but I feel comfortable talking about it because now I feel stronger than ever.

“At first I did start thinking ‘am I really like this?’ But it’s my leg at the end of the day.

“Obviously I went through a bad time during the leg break but I came through that stronger as a person. Now it does not faze me.”

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Sneijder Bemoans Loss To Greece

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Netherlands captain Wesley Sneijder has registered his disappointment at the 2-1 friendly loss to Greece.

The Oranje took the lead thanks to Wijnaldum, only for Kostas Mitrlogou and Giannis Gianniotas to complete the comeback for Greece.

And Sneijder, returning to the Netherlands side after missing their four-match unbeaten run, admitted this was not ideal preparation for a qualifying clash with Sweden on Tuesday.

“This is hard,” he told SBS6. “You want to take a good feeling to leave for Sweden.

“You know that the match against Greece is not for qualifying, but for the confidence.

“In both the first half and the second half we started well. After leading 1-0 we should have anticipated [a Greece response]. We have failed. Then we gave it away.”

Netherlands are looking for a return to tournament football after failing to qualify for Euro 2016.

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Martinez Unhappy With Belgium Debut Loss

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Roberto Martinez recorded a 2-0 loss in his first match as Belgium manager, and has called it a painful loss.

David Silva scored both goals for Spain, scoring on either side of halftime to hand Lopetegui a win.

Martinez believes Belgium has a lot of work to do, with their World Cup qualifying campaign starting against Cyprus.

“This game shows that we have a lot of work,” Martinez said. “We knew we would be tested.

“Sometimes you play friendly games in which you have little information, but it’s different now.

“The result is painful, but this is the reality. Against Cyprus becomes a different game, but every game is difficult.”

Belgium have often been described as having a ‘golden generation’ of players and Martinez conceded it is up to him to get more out of the “talent” available.

“As a team we need to find the right balance and we have to work hard,” the former Everton manager said. “With talent alone you become a winning team.

“We had the information we needed and we must now work hard. We played against a good opponent. That’s the level we want to achieve. We now know our weaknesses.

“Obviously it was not a fine spectacle for the fans. No one wants such a defeat, but it can also be a starting point.

“The talent is there, everybody knows that. We especially need to improve a lot mentally and work hard every day.”

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Nani: Portugal Can Play Without Ronaldo

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Portugal winger Nani could not hide his delight after the 5-0 thrashing of Gibraltar in the absence of captain Ronaldo.

The Real Madrid forward has not featured for his country since limping off in the Euro 2016 final, Renato Sanches was also unavailable.

However, after scoring twice himself, Nani insisted he and his team mates have again shown they can still perform when their star men are missing.

“I am very pleased with the team performance,” he said. “I think we did a good job but we are aware that the next game [a World Cup qualifier against Switzerland] will be much more difficult and certainly we will have to give much more.

“We have shown that we have a strong team, a team that is confident.

“Of course, Cristiano Ronaldo and Renato Sanches are very important but we have to adapt to the absence of these players. We have players who are able to give a good answer as I have demonstrated.”

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Nigerian Army Confirms Death Of Boko Haram Kingpin Shekau

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The Nigerian Army has confirmed the death of Abubakar Shekau, a factional leader of the notorious terror group Boko Haram, on Thursday.

The Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, Major General Lucky Irabor stood his ground that the ousted leader of the Islamic death cult is no longer alive.

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The army general, who is in charge of troops fighting insurgency in the Northeast, averred that the original individual identified as Shekau had been killed.

General Irabor who made this clarification during a tour of formations under his command in Adamawa State said:

“I can confirm to you that the original Shekau was killed, the second Shekau was killed, and the man presenting himself as Shekau, I can also confirm to you that few days ago, he was wounded. We are yet to confirm whether he is dead or not”.

The Commander further said that the Army does not make statements that are not based on facts, adding that it troops will continue the operations against insurgency until the last terrorist is taken out.

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He also mentioned that there had been division amongst the Boko Haram hegemony as a result of the constant pressure put on them by the Army.

According to him, “They released videos to prove that they are still active, but that’s just a façade.”

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