WAEC: Show Of Shame [Must Read]

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WAEC: Show Of Shame – Ken Ugbechie

On its website the West African Examinations Council (WAEC) boldly advertises its vision and mission including the core values that drive its operations. WAEC is the over 60-year-old examination body for English-speaking West African nations. It is the bridge a student must cross to transit from secondary school to tertiary institution. In Nigeria, it was a monstrous monopoly until the emergence of the National Examination Council (NECO).

This piece was written by Ken Ugbechie. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

I recall those days preceding the emergence of NECO. Officials of WAEC, directly and by proxy, mounted a vehement campaign to discredit NECO. They had argued that the need for uniformity of standard in examination should not be compromised; that there was no need for another body administering similar examination. I stood on the side of WAEC on this matter that Nigeria does not need a duplicity of examination bodies for the same candidates.

But those who mooted the idea of NECO also mounted a strong argument. They argued that WAEC has lapsed into some sort of monopolistic arrogance; they canvassed the necessity and desirability of an alternative body to put WAEC in check. Obviously, at that time, a significant quantum of inefficiency has crept into the operations of WAEC in Nigeria. Examination papers were leaked (Expo) by officials of the organisation, marks were awarded for cash, results were altered right inside WAEC offices by officials of its IT department and many more rackets.

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The examination body which started out as a model for high, unimpeachable standard thus became a trading post for fraudsters and fixers of results: the more money you pay, the higher your grades. Yes, WAEC sunk to such low depth at a time

Yet, its vision “is to be a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders”, while its mission “is to remain Africa’s foremost examining body, providing qualitative and reliable educational assessment, encouraging academic and moral excellence and promoting sustainable human resource development and international cooperation”.

In its over sixty years of existence, the Council claims it has achieved its mission in very large measure. For instance, it claims to have “over the years developed a team of well-trained and highly motivated staff and has administered examinations that are both valid and relevant to the educational aspirations of member countries”.  WAEC has every right to stake any claim. It is akin to setting examination for yourself and marking the papers all by yourself. Failure is not an option, in this instance.

But WAEC should not be marking its own script. It is the candidates and their parents/guardians who should be periscoping the activities of the examination body. This moment, I am sorry to be the harbinger of bad news for WAEC. The verdict out there among parents and their wards is that WAEC has slid into the cesspit of irresponsibility and inefficiency.  Those who mouth this verdict find justification for their claim in the on-going General Certificate of Examination (GCE) across the country.

By omission, commission or sheer mischief, officials of WAEC have frustrated the desire of some young Nigerians to begin a journey into the complex, dynamic but rewarding world of electronics. In modern learning ambience, forward-looking nations across the world have adopted the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) curriculum.  Some jurisdictions have tweaked theirs to integrate ‘robotics’ and applied mathematics (STREM and STEAM). The purpose is to introduce students to the core areas of technology as early as possible. It has the advantage of equipping them for the challenges of innovation, enhancing their value in the workplace and making them graduates who are sufficiently fired up for the digital dynamics of the 21st century.

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It was therefore heartwarming when Nigeria introduced electronics as a subject in its curriculum. This will give science and technology students an opportunity for early romance with the subject that is the foundation of all modern appliances, gadgets and applications in the digital ecosystem. But WAEC officials have elected to make this noble cause a national nightmare.

This article was prompted by the ordeal of a teenager in the on-going GCE conducted by WAEC, a core science student whose dream is to become a globally-recognised nerd in the spooky world of electronics engineering and informatics. His centre is Ilupeju Senior Secondary School in mainland Lagos. For his electronics practical paper he was directed by one of the WAEC officials at Ilupeju to go to another school, New State High School in Mushin, also in Lagos mainland. He obediently found his way to the new venue on the morning of the exam only to be jolted by yet another WAEC official simply identified as Tunde that he was misled by the WAEC official at Ilupeju.

He was told that all electronics practical exams were to hold at Federal Government College (Technical), Yaba. This was about 9am on the exam day for a paper advertised to commence by 9.30 am. Distraught and disappointed, the starry-eyed lad found his way to the technical college where he finally sat for the electronics practical. Remember, this is just a 16-year-old lad who does not know his way around Lagos. But he was not alone. Other candidates who sat for the electronics practical suffered the same ordeal. They were made to migrate from school to school until they got to the right venue all down to the inefficiency of WAEC officials who failed to pass the right information to the candidates at the right time. Many of the candidates actually arrived at the venue very, very late.

That’s not the end of the ordeal. On the day of Electronics theory, precisely Tuesday, September 20, WAEC officials decided to bungle it again. At Ilupeju Senior Secondary School where the young lad wrote his Chemistry paper that morning, hoping to write his Electronic theory paper at same venue later in the day according to the time table, he got the shock of his life when he was told by 2.00pm when the paper was advertised to start that Ilupeju was not his centre for the Electronics theory paper but Mushin.  That means he was to write his Chemistry paper in Ilupeju and then proceed to Mushin to sit for his Electronics theory paper same day. Such clumsy arrangement from a clumsy WAEC! The bottomline was that the young lad could not make it to the so-called centre for his Electronics theory paper. He would be marked absent not on account of his negligence but on account of the lack of coordination among WAEC officials who have demonstrated obtuse incompetence in the discharge of their duties.

Many questions here: why did the WAEC officials hoard information on issues as critical of centres for special papers? Why wait till the day or even hour of commencement of the papers before you inform the candidates of their real centres for such special and critical subject as Electronics?

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An organisation which aspires to “be a world-class examining body, adding value to the educational goals of its stakeholders” ought to do better with simple information management. This writer was right in the midst of all these bungling by WAEC officials who exhibited grumpy attitude even when parents and guardians sought clarification on some of their ill-tempered behaviour.

WAEC should scrutinize the kind of persons it recruits either as ad hoc or permanent staff to superintend its examination. The representatives of the organisation at Ilupeju and Mushin centres and in fact other centres that misled a crop of budding electronics and computer engineers do not deserve to wear the badge of honour. They are men of dishonour and WAEC should show responsibility by investigating such bovine show of shame and dereliction of duty.

This piece was written by Ken Ugbechie and first published on Daily Sun. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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EFCC Arrests Own Detective For Accepting N15m Bribe From Lawmaker

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has apprehended one of its operatives, Uzodinma Agbazue – a deputy detective superintendent of the agency – for allegedly collecting a N15 million bribe.

In a statement issued on Friday by its spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, the commission said Agbazue was arrested on Thursday for “offences bordering on criminal conspiracy and extortion”.

Uwujaren said Agbazue was arrested following a complaint by a lawmaker currently under investigation.

According to the spokesman, the lawmaker alleged that the detective collected N15 million from him with a promise to compromise the investigation.

The statement read: “Following the approach, a sum of N15 million was given to Agbazue whose game plan collapsed after the Investigating officer, who was ignorant of his scheme, refused to do his bidding.”

“With the investigation gathering increased momentum after parting with the hefty sum, the complainant became uncomfortable and demanded a refund.

“The complainant stated that, when he requested for the refund of his money, Agbazue only returned N5 million claiming that the balance of N10 million had been given to someone ‘to kill the case from the top’.”

The lawmaker also alleged that the operative collected N1 million at a different time as assistance for settlement of his wife’s medical bill.

The statement continued: “Agbazue’s action is in contravention of the commission’s mandate and ideals as the EFCC will not solicit or accept gratification from a suspect to compromise a case under investigation.”

“The suspect will be subjected to administrative action as precursor to possible prosecution at the end of the investigation.”

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What Does The President Carry In His Pocket?

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What Does The President Carry In His Pocket?, By Banji Ojewale

There is this apocryphal tale that the president of the United States of America, said to be our planet’s most powerful country, travels carrying a bag that holds the key to war and peace in the world. It is claimed that the briefcase contains the codes the US leader may unravel to release the huge atomic arsenal of God’s Own Country in the event of an attack.

This article was written by Banji Ojewale. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

If he’s away from the US and he’s briefed on his hotline, all he does to enable a lethal hit-back is to go for the bag and probably a key in his pocket. But if he wants peace, he simply allows his pocket to be at peace.

Early in 2016, however, President Barack Obama spiked this story of one man playing God; one man who upon a cryptic call from thousands of kilometres in Washington, can decide the fate of billions of souls worldwide, and can trigger a contest to destroy mankind. He told a YouTube interviewer that all he holds in the trousers pocket are harmless mementoes, none approximating a nuclear lock.

The broadcaster Ingrid Nilsen fired the question that laid all bare: what does President Obama carry in his pocket? The US leader dug into his right trouser pocket and out came an assortment of keepsakes: a rosary given to him by Pope Francis, a tiny Buddha, a metal poker chip he said he got from ‘a bald biker with a weird moustache’ in 2007, a Coptic Cross from Ethiopia and a Hindu statuette of a monkey god.

What a strange collection for a head of state to carry! But he says when he feels tired or discouraged as he battles American and global headaches, he reaches into the pocket for relief and mental refreshment. According to Obama, they inspire him and help him “get back to work”.

Now after thrilling myself with Obama’s revelation and observing the travels of our own President Muhammadu Buhari, I have begun to wonder what the Nigerian leader also takes along in the trousers under his flowing agbada. Surely Buhari, the leader of the world’s most populous black nation, would have run into numerous people and well-wishers who would deposit some gifts with him after each encounter.

It is doubtful though if this Spartan ex-general would encumber himself with the sentimental symbolism that these oddities appear to stand for.

By the way, Buhari, being a devout Muslim, would not be expected to be a devotee of images. Islam forbids any appearance of idol adoration which the possession or admiration of a metal bust suggests. Not known to be a faith extremist, Buhari would nevertheless not likely lend himself to breach Islam’s tenets on images.

So what does our president carry in his pocket? We can safely submit that he carries with him his prayer beads. These would encourage and animate him, not weigh him down as heavy metal trinkets might. If he’s away from home in Nigeria and unpalatable news reaches him, the president can go for the supplication chain in his pocket and cry to God for help. If the Nigerian leader is at a gathering where it may look out of place to pull out the tesbiu to pray for Nigeria, I think the president, while silently praying, would simply press his fingers against the beads in the pocket for assurance that God is always there for Nigeria. There can’t be a greater source of succour.

This reminds me of an undercover policeman who went to a newspaper house to arrest an editor and one of his deputies in the dark days of the military dictator, Sani Abacha. He and colleagues failed to get their quarries and in exasperation, as the journalists milled about in defiance, the officer kept on touching his trouser pocket for assurance that a pistol was within reach for action if the newsmen tried to be heroic.

But President Buhari has gone beyond the age of personal metallic security the pistol stands for. He enjoys what they now call virtual security surveillance.

Buhari must travel light; he must guard against adding to the burden brought on him daily by worrying about his 170 million compatriots.

Ironically, Obama says he shifts the lumbering weight and stress of office on to the metals he carries around. They are items from two groups of people: fellow Americans and those from outside keeping a partisan watch on his conduct. The mementoes therefore are not hollow tokens.

When they tinkle in the pocket they assume a cry urging the president not to fail to deliver. Obama sees them as citizens groaning and prompting him to remember his campaign promises.

So what should our own Buhari carry in his pocket?

In Nigeria, the underclass like Obama’s “bald biker” would not enjoy space enough to pump a gift into the president’s palm. So let’s rule out such precious experience.

Now there are more inspiring items Buhari needs to have with him as he travels. He must have an independent record of what the citizens say about him and his government beyond what the media reports and what his aides tell him. When he’s taken up and down in his numerous trips in and out of Nigeria, let him closely observe the palpable frown and anxiety on the faces of his people. Let him breach protocol by showing up unannounced at public places at odd hours. Let him make random calls to fellow Nigerians and to interactive radio and TV shows. Let him follow it up with visits to the people in their homes and offices.

What Buhari comes up with is what he would put in black and white and carry about to reorient and inspirit him.

Babatunde Raji Fashola, the man Buhari has picked to oversee three utility departments, attributes his phenomenal success as Lagos governor to a pact he struck with a small document he called the Black Book. He packed it with his campaign promises along with ’little things’ he observed among the people. He had the book as his companion wherever he went. Each time the heaviness of work seemed to overwhelm him, Fashola would fetch the book in his sokoto. Reinvigorated, he would say like Obama: ”I better get back to work”.

Let President Muhammadu Buhari also carry with him ‘little things’, not in his pocket, not in his briefcase, nor in his iPad. He should keep his own Black Book in his heart. No safer place to secure a sacred treasure! The ancient Latin scholars called such dear notes vade mecum (carry me wherever you go).

Banji Ojewale is a writer and journalist in Ota, Ogun State.

This article was written by Banji Ojewale. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Niger Delta Avengers Blow Up Bonny Crude Oil Export Line

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Notorious militant group, Niger Delta Avengers, on Friday evening, blew up the Bonny crude oil export line in Rivers State.

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According to a statement issued on Saturday by its spokesman, Mudoch Agbinibo, on the group’s website, the avengers said the attack was to protest against the “over dramatisation of the so-called dialogue and negotiation process on the side of President Muhammadu Buhari and his government”.

In the statement, the group said:

“On the 23rd September 2016, our strike team, at 20:40pm, brought down oil productions activities at the Bonny 48 inches crude oil Export Line.

“Since, the cessation of hostilities and the commitment of the PAN-Niger Delta elders and stakeholders team, the Nigerian government and her agents are turning the expectations of the Niger Delta to shameful scenes obtainable in Nollywood acts and as well intimidation, blackmail and continuous profiling of Niger Delta sons and daughters.

“This is only a wake-up call; we may not have another way to say it better.”

The group, which had ceased its attack on oil facilities since the Chief Edwin Clark-led dialogue team intervened to allow for a dialogue with the Federal Government, said it was still open to dialogue.

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It, however, said it would only accept a peace process that comes with honour.

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Mourinho – “Rooney Is My Man, I Trust Him

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Jose Mourinho is insisting Wayne Rooney is still a crucial part of his plans at Manchester United, despite dropping him to the substitute’s bench.

United were on fire in the first half, scoring four goals before the break and eventually winning 4-1.

Juan Mata, who took the spot of the captain scored the second goal of the match, but Mourinho insists Rooney is still important.

He told Sky Sports: “A big player for me, a big player for United and a big player for this country. I have nothing else to say, he is my man, I trust him completely, he is happy as I am in this moment.”

Asked if Rooney was happy in the dressing room after the game, Moruinho added: “Of course, his team won, his United won. That’s normal.”

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Hummels Sustains Injury In Bayern Clash

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Bayern Munich will be missing Mats Hummels when they play AC Milan in the UCL champions, after the defender sustained an injury against Hamburg.

The Germany defender was subsequently substituted midway through the first half, as he could not go on.

Hummels, 27, originally re-entered the field after pulling up for a first time, before flagging up that he was unable to continue at Volksparkstadion.

Jerome Boateng came on to replace Hummels, who joined Bayern from rivals Borussia Dortmund in the summer.

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Manchester City To Offer Aleksandr Kolarov New Contract After Impressing Pep Guardiola

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Aleksandar Kolarov will be offered a new deal by Manchester City in recognition of his fine start to the season.

Kolarov, 30, is rejuvenated under Pep Guardiola and the City boss says the club will open contract talks in the coming months because the Serbian’s current deal expires in 2018.

Guardiola wants Kolarov to stay, although he is after another left-back, and will respect the defender’s decision.

“We’re in September so we have time,” he said. “What I want is that Kola is happy here.

“Of course we are going to be interested to speak to him. But what I want now is that he is happy and everyday he feels comfortable playing.

“He’s a guy who has helped us a lot from the beginning. That is the most important thing.

“We have time to speak, but ultimately, the players decide. If he wants to stay, he’s going to stay.

“If he wants to leave because he wants a change, he’s going to change.​

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PSG Considering Bid For Carlos Bacca In January 

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PSG are pondering a January swoop for Milan striker Carlos Bacca, reports Tuttosport.

The Ligue 1 club’s new coach Unai Emery worked with the Colombia international during their time together at Sevilla.

According to the report, PSG were unable to bid for Bacca this summer because they didn’t have space in their squad for another non-EU player.

It is claimed Spanish manager Unai Emery is a fan of the player and is already seeking to bolster his front line after failing to adequately replace Zlatan Ibrahimovic over the summer.​

Chelsea and West Ham are also linked to the Colombian and Former Sevilla striker. 

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Antoine Griezmann Confirms He Rejected Transfer Offer From Paris Saint-Germain 

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France star Antoine Griezmann has revealed that Paris Saint-Germain contacted his agent during the summer’s European Championship, but says he dismissed the idea to focus on his country’s Euro campaign.

Atletico have been placed under a transfer ban until 2017, meaning any attempt to purchase Griezmann could be complicated.

“Yes, but as it was during Euros I told my agent I do not want to listen,” Griezmann said. “I told him: ‘I do not want you talking to me of Atletico or Paris – I want you to leave me in Clairefontaine.’ But I know they were very interested. 

“They are a big club that wants to become even bigger. I hope for them that they will get there.”​

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Real Madrid Considering Recalling Marcos Llorente From Loan Spell At Alaves 

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Real Madrid are considering recalling Marcos Llorente from his loan spell at Alaves in January, reports AS.

Madrid suffered a blow earlier this week when Casemiro sustained an injury which is expected to keep him out of action for at least one month.

The Brazilian is the only out-and-out defensive midfielder in Zinedine Zidane’s squad and his absence has prompted the European champions to contemplate bringing back Llorente.

The 21-year-old anchorman, who came through the ranks at Real, has impressed for newly promoted Alaves since joining them on loan last month.​

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Mamadou Sakho Calls Liverpool Liars In Snapchat Post 

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Mamadou Sakho’s Liverpool future has been put in doubt after the out-of-favour defender vented his frustrations at the club on Snapchat having being frozen out of the first-team this season.

The 26-year-old France international, who was sent home early from the club’s pre-season tour of the US before rejecting a move to Stoke, has not played for the Reds this season.

And it would seem Sakho in unhappy with his treatment and said on Snapchat: “Now it’s three weeks since I am fit to play games.

“I finish all my rehabilitation work. They don’t want me to play also with second team lol! Why I don’t know.

“I accept my situation but I can’t accept the lie… The fans deserve to know the true! Thanks for your support.”​

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AC Milan Striker M’Baye Niang Has No Regrets Over Not Signing For Leicester City 

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AC Milan striker M’Baye Niang says he has no regrets about missing out on a move to Leicester in January.

“The Premier League could’ve been the right football for me and I hope one day it will be. Playing there is my dream as it suits my style of play,” he told La Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I could’ve been there twice already. The first was when I chose Milan, even if Caen had already accepted offers from Arsenal and Everton.

“The second was in January, two or three days before the derby. My agent called and said Leicester had made an offer to Milan, but the club didn’t want me to go.

“Sinisa Mihajlovic also told me I would stay and score in the derby. So I did and I have no regrets, even after Leicester won the Premier League title. After all, I risked being Jamie Vardy’s alternate. They are so full of money there, they can pay €20m and then not bother to play you.”​

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‘My Manhood Was Too Big For Her’ – Man Accused Of Raping Girl To Coma In Benue

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A certain man has been arrested in Otukpo, Benue State after he attempted to rape an eight-year-old girl in his room on Ogiri Okoh Street, to a point where the minor became unconscious.

The suspect, simply identified as Daniel, an okada rider, was apprehended on Wednesday by vigilantes from Igbanonmaje, after the girl’s mother learnt of the incident.

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Saturday Punch gathered that after the girl became unconscious, the suspect poured water on her to resuscitate her, after which he sent her home.

All these and more were revealed by a resident of the street, on which the victim’s mother lived.

The resident, who seems to know a lot on the incident, quoted the girl as stating that Daniel forced himself on her after he had told her to help him buy food.

According to the resident, the mother, who became suspicious when the girl came back home, walking with her legs apart, raised the alarm, after the girl said Daniel inserted his manhood in her and after then, she did not know anything again.

“She said by the time she woke up in his room, he saw the man pouring water on her,” the resident said.

On his own part, the suspect, who admitted to have attempted to rape her, said he left her alone because he could not penetrate her.

Speaking to the vigilantes, the okada rider said: “Because my manhood was too big for her, I could not penetrate and had to leave her alone.”

He however denied raping the girl to the point of coma.

Confirming the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr. Moses Yamu, stated that the victim was now in police custody

He said investigation was still ongoing on the case.

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Terrorists Threaten To Bomb The University Of Ibadan Before October 1

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On Friday, a threatening message from a group called Al-Wilayat Al-Islamiyya Gharb Afriqiyyah was circulated among staff in the University of Ibadan.

The message from the group said that they had plans to carry out an attack on the school before Independence day on October 1st, calling the school’s students and staff their target.

The Director of Communication for the University, Mr Olatunji Oladejo, however dismissed the threat saying it was the work of mischievous individuals who wanted to cause commotion in the school.

The lecturers got the message through their university e-mail addresses, while others were copied through social media platforms such as Whatsapp. In the mail, the group described the university as an embarrassment to Nigeria for bringing western education.

Security has been beefed up at the University with scanning devices deployed at the school gates and stop and search procedures conducted with every vehicle leading to a gridlock. The letter read “You people are an embarrassment to Nigeria and are the people that brought in western education to Nigeria. You doomed this nation and in turn you all are going to be doomed. Most of you are going to die before Independence Day. You will not spend the Independence Day in peace, you and your students. Detonation will start going from tomorrow till Independence Day and there is nothing you can do as we are among you. Even your little searches at the gate won’t do anything. By the time we are through with you, your government will be sorry.”

Speaking on the alleged threat, Oladejo said he also received the message but that it had not affected the peace of the school.

I also got it. Anyone could instigate such thing. Some people could be mischievous. Our international students are having their carnival on the campus and everywhere is peaceful. I attribute it to the handiwork of mischievous individuals and vehemently deny any commotion.” Oladejo said.

Police Public Relations Officer of the Oyo State Police Command, Adekunle Ajisebutu,said that the command had received information on the threat on the campus and had responded appropriately.

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MUSIC: Danagog Ft. Burna Boy, Stone Bwoy, Davido – Hookah Remix

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Following days of its availability on iTunes Pre-order triggering excitement from fans & music pundits, Danagog finally unveils the official remix to his 2016 smash hit – Hookah which was produced by a combined effort of Mix Masta Garzy & Kiddominant

‘Hookah Remix’ sees Burna Boy & Stone boy lay new verses, joining forces with ‘Danagog & Davido‘. Here’s undoubtedly the biggest remix of the year & is expected to take the song to yet another level.

He’s currently signed to HKN/Davido Music Worldwide.

Download and listen to mp3 of Hookah Remix by ‘Danagog‘ featuring Burna Boy, StoneBwoy and Davido below

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Gareth Bale Unhappy At Real Madrid

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Real Madrid forward Gareth Bale is unhappy with life at the Santiago Bernabeu, according to Diario Gol.

The Wales international’s agent is understood to have made contact with Man Utd to discuss the possibility of his client moving to Old Trafford next season.

The Welsh wing wizard, 27, is unhappy with boss Zinedine Zidane and president Florentino Perez as he believes they have not fulfilled promises they made to him over his role in the Bernabeu setup.

Gareth Bale wants a more important role in the team, according to Spanish website Diario Gol and feels the preferential treatment of fellow superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is unfair.

In the recent match against Villareal, which ended 1-1, Bale was subbed off after 70 minutes much to his annoyance – and was bemused by his replacement Lucas Vazquez.

Bale’s agent Jonathan Barnett has spoken to United for months, with Red Devils’ boss Jose Mourinho aiming to sign the star next summer, according to the report.

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Super Agents Mino Riaola And Jorge Mendes Battle For PSG Goalkeeper Alphonse Areola

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According to a new report from French publication L’Equipe PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola is the subject of a super agents battle.

L’Equipe says Jorge Mendes was in contact with Real Madrid over the summer to offer Areola.

However, the youngster is now a target for Mino Raiola, who boasts four players at Manchester United – Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Paul Pogba, Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Sergio Romero.

Like Mendes, Raiola wants to add Areola to his stable, but is struggling to convince the keeper’s current rep, Franck Belhtassen, to release him.

The 23 year-old has displaced Kevin Trapp in recent weeks in the PSG goal.


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Real Madrid And Barcelona Tracking Paris Saint-German’s Goalkeeper Alphonse Areola

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Barcelona and Real are tracking PSG goalkeeper Alphonse Areola, reports L’Equipe.

The 23-year-old, who spent last season on loan at La Liga side Villarreal, has emerged as a first-team player at PSG under new coach Unai Emery.

And according to the French sports daily, he has captured the attentions of the Spanish duo.

L’Équipe claims that the ‘El Clásico’ rivals are both tracking the 23-year-old custodian, who spent last season on loan in the Spanish league with Villarreal.

Featuring 32 times in LaLiga for the Submarino Amarillo as they finished fourth in the top flight, he is said to have impressed Real and Barça while at El Madrigal.

Since returning to PSG at the end of the campaign, Areola has so far made four appearances in all competitions under new coach Unai Emery this term.

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has agreed a new four-year deal with winger Jesse Lingard, who will double his wages to £50,000 a week.
Yaya Toure’s father has begged Pep Guardiola to forgive his son and give him another chance, with the midfielder having been exiled from the team following a row with agent Dimitri Seluk.

Cologne are suing one of their own fans after the supporter threw a flare in the stadium and the Bundesliga club had to pay the fine.
Slaven Bilic has still not decided on the name of his four-year-old daughter because he is too busy sorting out the problems at West Ham.

daily mirror
Aleksandar Kolarov will be offered a new deal by Manchester City in recognition of his impressive start to the season.
Leicester goalkeeper Kasper Schmeichel has been ruled out of the Premier League game with Manchester United and could miss three weeks due to a groin problem.
Jamie Carragher insists Jose Mourinho should be able to criticise Manchester United’s players in the way Sir Alex Ferguson did after the Portuguese was attacked for his public criticism of Luke Shaw.
Bastian Schweinsteiger has been left out of the club’s photoshoot in yet another snub.

daily express
Manchester United legend Bryan Robson says Jose Mourinho should start picking Michael Carrick.

Ronald Koeman believes Everton’s rivals were guilty of branding Idrissa Gueye a dud as he backed the midfielder to become as influential as N’Golo Kante was for Leicester City last season.

Vincent Kompany will miss Manchester City’s next three matches with a groin injury.

the guardian
Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola has urged Sergio Aguero to be ‘smart’ on his return from a three-match ban for elbowing West Ham’s Winston Reid.

Sunderland manager David Moyes has urged Patrick van Aanholt and his team-mates to behave like role models after the Dutchman was photographed appearing to be smoking shisha pipes.

Arsene Wenger says he would have liked to sign Chelsea striker Diego Costa two years ago.

daily telegraph
Arsene Wenger insisted that the strength of Chelsea after the arrival of Jose Mourinho in 2004 was their players and not their new manager.

the times
West Brom boss Tony Pulis will oversee his 1,000th game at the weekend and says “it’s all about survival”.

daily mail
Everton speed demon Yannick Bolasie has recalled the time he beat the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt.

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MUSIC: Eileen – Miracles Abound

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Following the successful debut of Wonderful God, Houston based gospel music minister Eileen is set to release her sophomore single Miracles Abound.

Her debut single “Wonderful God” talked about God’s sovereign reign. But on this song Miracles Abound, the singer admonishes the listener to stand in faith, believe in God, believe in His word and see the Miracles that our faith produces. Over the years, the singer says she has watched the move of the Spirit of God and how the response of the human spirit to the word of God produces the supernatural/miraculous.

The music minister who is also the Regional Choir Coordinator of Christ Embassy Texas Region, is passionate about the gospel of christ and proclaiming the goodness and wondrous deeds of God through the expression of music. With the blessing of her regional pastor, Pst. Chidi Ezimako and the vision and love of the senior pastor Christ Embassy, Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome she is set to blaze the trail for Christ and impact her world through music.

The song is written by Eileen, compose and arranged by John Godfrey, produced by Da Genius.

Download mp3 of Miracles Abound by Eileen below

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Westbrook Yet To Talk To Durant

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There has not been any news from either Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook since the former left OKC Thunder for Warriors. Until now.

Kevin Durant To Sign With Warriors

The OKC Thunder point guard was candid and precise at Thunder’s media day when asked about his relationship with Durant.

NBA: Should OKC Trade For Rudy Gay As A Durant Replacement?

“I haven’t talked to him,” he said.

The Thunder officially begin life without the former franchise player on Saturday as training camp opens, and Westbrook said he’s excited about transitioning into a new era.

“I mean, it’s definitely different,” Westbrook said. “It’s not the same. Just missing Kevin, Dion [Waiters], Serge [Ibaka], been with Serge, the same amount of time. Different guys but I’m happy, ready to start camp with the new guys and embrace the moment.

“I think any change you have to get used to making a transition, got a new coach, got to get used to the transition,” Westbrook said. “I think any change you have to get used to.”

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ICYMI: Rockets To Retire Yao Ming’s Jersey

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NBA hall-of-famer and Houston Rockets legend, Yao Ming will not be forgotten for his influence on the sport. The Chinese basketball player took the game global, with his impact on the NBA in China.

NBA: Kevin Garnett Announces Retirement After 21 Years

Yao was recently granted the honour of being inducted in the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame, alongside Shaquille O’Neal and Iverson. He will forever be cemented in Rockets’ history, as Houston plans to retire his jersey.

Houston Rockets and owner Leslie Alexander announced that Ming’s no. 11 jersey will be retired come February 2, 2017.

“We’re having Yao’s jersey retirement on Feb. 2 during Chinese New Year,” Alexander said. “It will be the maximum audience we can have because of the Chinese New Year. It’s meant to for the organization and the growth of the NBA and games globally to celebrate him as great person, player and the fact that he’s in the Hall of Fame now.”

Yao’s No.11 will join Clyde Drexler’s No. 22, Calvin Murphy’s No. 23, Moses Malone’s 24, Hakeem Olajuwon’s 34, Rudy Tomjanovich’s 45, and “CD” jersey for former assistant coach and general manager Carroll Dawson.

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Fury-Klitschko Rematch Postponed, Again

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This is the second time the rematch between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko will be postponed, with the British boxer pulling out due to injury.

Tyson Fury Defeats Wladimir Klitschko To Win World Title

The undefeated heavyweight champion was slated to fight the Ukrainian come October 29 in defence of his WBO and WBA belts.

However, having pulled out of the original July 9 date due to an ankle injury, he is citing that same reason for his inability to fight.

ICYMI: Fury V Klitschko Rematch On 29 October

Fury’s management team Hennessy Sports confirmed the news in a statement released on Friday night.

“It is with the deepest regret that we have to announce that the world heavyweight championship rematch between Tyson Fury and Wladimir Klitschko, scheduled to take place on the 29th October 2016 at the Manchester Arena, will not be going ahead,” said Hennessy Sports.

“Tyson has, this week, been declared medically unfit to fight. Medical specialists have advised that the condition is too severe to allow him to participate in the rematch and that he will require treatment before going back into the ring. Tyson will now immediately undergo the treatment he needs to make a full recovery.

“We and Tyson wish to express our sincerest apologies to all those concerned with the event and all the boxing fans who had been looking forward to the rematch. Tyson is understandably devastated by the development.

“We will be making a further statement in due course. Until then, we ask that Tyson and his family be given the privacy and the space he needs to recover during this difficult time.”

Fury (25-0-KO18) claimed a shock points’ win over Klitschko (64-4-KO53) to claim the WBA Super, WBO and IBF titles in November last year.

WBA president Gilberto Mendoza said his organisation would look into the reason for Fury’s withdrawal.

“I heard the news,” Mendoza told Sky Sports Richard Damerell. “I have not received anything official from Tyson Fury’s camp.

“Let’s see what happens. I think we’re going to enquire with Tyson Fury to see what has happened.”

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Conte: I Want To Be Chelsea’s Wenger

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Antonio Conte is quite impressed with how long Wenger has stayed at Arsenal and would love to mirror that at Chelsea.

The blues play Arsenal today at the Emirates stadium. Both Chelsea and Arsenal are level on points going into the match.

And when asked whether he could see himself at Chelsea for as long as his Arsenal counterpart, Conte said: “Yes, I would like this because I think when you do this then you can organise your work.

Conte admires ‘fantastic’ Wenger
“Then there is a great satisfaction from both sides [the club and the manager]. I think there are all the possibilities [if you stay longer at one club] to achieve good work.

“And no, [I haven’t thought about managing another club], my dream is to continue at Chelsea, to do my job, to continue to get to know all the players, the fans and this atmosphere because it is fantastic. I am happy. I think this is my real dream.”

Conte: Terry Won’t Play Against Arsenal

Chelsea have appointed 12 different managers during the Roman Abramovich era but Conte insists he is not fearing the sack despite the trigger-happy nature of the club’s Russian owner.

He added: “When you trust your work, you are never afraid [of being sacked]. I am doing my work and I will continue to do my work in the same way that I did in the past.

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MUSIC: Acetune – Rasheeda

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Str8.2.One artiste Acetune drops new single ‘Rasheeda’ following his show-stealing performance of the song at the much talked about concert Buckwyld ‘n’ Breathless: The Disruption headlined by music icons 2baba and M.I.

‘Rasheeda’ is an emotional love ballad produced by super talented Boljibeatz whose production credits include radio charting ‘Jeje’ by 2Baba. The track displays one of Acetune’s biggest assets, his sweet vocals. The emotionally charged song will inspire the hardest of hearts to fall in love.

Acetune’s career has been on the upward trajectory since his big break came via winning the regional Airtel One Mic Competition in Portharcourt. Since then he has collaborated with top stars 2baba and vector on tracks ‘Drum Roll’ as part of One Mic Allstars and Green Light respectively. The latter track has received critical acclaim from several blogs most notable is the mention by renowned music blogger Ovie of Notjustok who mentioned the song in an article 10 Nigerian Songs I Can’t Stop Listening To.

Acetune is also making a name for himself in the live performance circuit as he keeps delivering unforgettable performances as witnessed at the Buckwyld ‘n’ Breathless: The Disruption Concert, 5ive Music Launch and Industry Nite which he co-headlined with Kelly Hansome.

Enjoy Rasheeda by Acetune as well as the video of his rousing performance at Buckwyld ‘n’ Breathless: The Disruption concert.

Acetune is managed by Now Muzik entertainment services limited a premiere music management outfit whose list of clients include super talented singer and producer Kelly Hansome and music legend 2Baba.

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