MLS Boss Don Barber Wants Bastian Schweinsteiger

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​MLS boss Don Barber wants Manchester United misfit Bastian Schweinsteiger to cross the pond

Major League Soccer chief Don Barber has heaped praise on the German and has said he would be welcome in America.

Manchester Evening News claim his exit is investable with Dallas to offer him a way out of Old Trafford.

Speaking about Schweinsteiger, Barber insists he has always admired the 32-year-old’s success.

“He is an incredible player,” he said.

“I always admired him and the success that his teams had. That is no coincidence, he is a winner.

“At the moment we only have space for one designated player and we wanted to fill this with a striker. Maybe it will change, we will see.“

“Should Schweinsteiger continue his unique career, we would appreciate it if he thinks about the MLS,” Garber told Eurosport.  “Bastian can be a leader for the many young talents.”

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Arsene Wenger Was Manchester United’s Choice To Replace Sir Alex Ferguson 

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Manchester United wanted Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to replace Sir Alex Ferguson, the Daily Star reports this morning.

It came in 2002 when the legendary United manager considered retirement for the first time, but Wenger rebuffed their advances.

The legendary Gunners boss is celebrating 20 years in charge of Arsenal this week, and it has been revealed that he had an offer to leave them for one of their biggest rivals.

Despite the bitter rivalry between the two managers at the time, the Daily Star claim that United were keen to land the impressive Wenger after his fine work at Arsenal.

It has previously been reported that the Gunners boss has also turned down offers from Ligue 1 champions PSG.

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Georginio Wijnaldum Reveals Why He Decided To Sign For Liverpool 

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Georginio Wijnaldum says it took him just one meeting with Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp to decide to move to Anfield last summer.

“We had one meeting, which was already convincing, and after that I was with my agent and I said: ‘Let’s see how serious they are,’” said Wijnaldum in an exclusive interview with Sky Sports.

“But we had a meeting on the Sunday and on the Monday they called my agent to make me an offer and they went to Newcastle to make the deal. So that already gave me a feeling that he [Klopp] really wants me in his team, and that was a great feeling.”

“Before we even had a conversation, he asked me: ‘Why were you sitting on the bench last season?’ because I had two games I was on the bench last season,” he said.

“I explained to him and said: ‘OK we can now have a conversation.’ We talked about football and how he wants to play, how he sees me in his team.

“And also that he can make me a much better player because he said: ‘You can develop much more than you have now.’

“I also had it in my head that I can be much better than right now and I had a feeling that he was the right man to help me with that.”

Despite seamlessly settling into life on Merseyside, Wijnaldum – who has started every Premier League matches so far for Liverpool, providing two assists along the way – still thinks he can improve certain aspects of his game.

“To be fair, I settled in quite quick, but I am not really happy with my own performances, because I know I can do better,” said the Dutchman who captained PSV Eindhoven at the age of just 22 while leading them to their first Eredivisie title for seven years.

“I will strive to do better. I am happy with our results and how I played, but not really happy as I know I can do better.

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The Late Episode : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Night

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​Manchester United wanted Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger to replace Sir Alex Ferguson.

Slaven Bilic admits Dimitri Payet is unhappy at West Ham – just like everybody else.

MLS boss Don Barber wants Manchester United misfit Bastian Schweinsteiger to cross the pond.

Simone Zaza has been compared to Dennis Bergkamp by West Ham boss Slaven Bilic.

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola could extend his three-year deal just three months into his reign.

Philippe Coutinho tells Reds fans “Liverpool is my home” – and insists his best is yet to come.

Jose Mourinho is to give Sir Alex Ferguson a bigger say at Manchester United under his reign.

West Brom planning new Saido Berahino contract to hang onto their transfer-window stalwart long-term.

Luis Suarez has become embroiled in a fresh controversy after appearing to shout obscenities at a linesman during Barcelona’s recent win over Borussia Monchengladbach.

FIFA have fined Slovakian defender Jan Durica just under £4,000 after he claimed that England’s World Cup qualifying victory over his side was a fix by the referee.

Claudio Ranieri is content for Jamie Vardy to carry on his unique pre-game routine of port, Red Bull and coffee – but told his striker the practice is purely superstitious.

Santi Cazorla has confirmed he is yet to receive a new contract offer from Arsenal.

Jose Mourinho’s link with top Ukrainian agent Vadim Shablii prompts talk of Andriy Yarmolenko move to Old Trafford.

Ezequiel Garay reveals he snubbed a move to Chelsea in order to join Spanish club Valencia.

Jose Mourinho believes this month’s demanding fixture list will serve as motivation to Manchester United and provide valuable insight into the quality of his squad.

Former England boss Sam Allardyce is facing a ban from football with the FA ready to charge him with bringing the game into disrepute.

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Granit Xhaka Gunning For Success At Arsenal 

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​Granit Xhaka hopes the continuation of his blistering start to life at Arsenal can yield silverware in his debut Premier League season.

The Switzerland international has already endeared himself to Gunners supporters with a series of robust midfield performances following his £34m summer switch from Borussia Monchengladbach.

“I’m happy that I’ve scored those two goals – don’t expect me to give that every week – but what’s most important is that the team play and perform well and that we reach our objectives,” he exclusively told Sky Sports. 

“We obviously want to have a consistently good season and show the fans that we’re going to give absolutely everything in every game. Of course to do that we’re going to need a bit of luck along the way but we’re really going to give our all to have a successful season.”

Asked how well Arsenal can do this season, he added: “It’s probably too early to say but we’re having a really positive phase and that’s something that we’re happy with.

“We need to do the same against Burnley on Sunday, we need to approach the game in the same way and make sure we go into the international break still in this positive phase.”

“I’m very pleased with the fans’ support,” he said. “It’s been amazing the way they’ve supported the whole team and me.

“The fans are amazing, I’m really happy here at Arsenal and I’m going to do my best for this club.

“London is really nice and I’m really happy here but, of course, I’ve moved here to play football and not just to be in the city.

“I’m happy with how it’s gone so far and I’m really satisfied with my first couple of months here and I’m enjoying being at Arsenal.”

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#NigeriaAt56: The Titanic In Trouble?

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Nigeria At 56: The Titanic In Trouble? By Fola Ojo

Tomorrow, Saturday, October 1, Nigeria will turn 56.  I want someone to please direct me to towns and villages where the confetti of celebration will be rocking the atmosphere.  I will need an approximated headcount of Nigerians who will put on some dancing shoes singing “Kumbayah”. This will be tasking. There won’t be too many excited because human beings dance and rejoice only when they are happy. They foot-it and hoof-it when their needs are met. But this time, hearts of men are weary.

This piece was written by Fola Ojo. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Over many years, the country has been garnitured with strifes, struggles and jarring discordance. The status quo of misery, mess and dystopia remains what it was when she became Independent of the British fiefdom. Is the tunnel before Nigeria dark or lucent?Nigeria is growing old, but not growing up. The reasons are etched in the past as they are in the present. It’s always more profitable looking forward than glancing backwards.The past has passed, the present and future are all Nigerians have to figure things out.

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A nation that dwells in the past will grow old but never grow up. A country that dwells in the past will continue to have a blast dwelling in misery. But sometimes when we glance over our shoulders into yesterday, we are just trying to put history in perspective. In the days of boom and abundance, Nigerians had testimonies of doom and scarcity. The throes which have always come in droves will not let up because those who are captains of the Titanic called Nigeria have let us down. Anytime we glance backwards into history, it helps us pave a course towards the future.

What truly is Nigeria’s future? It depends on who you ask. Some Nigerians from a particular region will enthusiastically respond that the future is when their territory is freed from the shackle called Nigeria. They feel no sense of belonging in the laggard Lord Lugard arrangement. They believe that their continued consociation is a soulless, cold-blooded callous coercion. Are they right? That’s not the question. Are they wrong? Must anyone be forced into a marital relationship against their wishes?  Must a woman be forced into intimacy in a bed of discomfort, delinquency and nonfeasance? In the law of God and Man, this is called RAPE.

The cry against RAPE is not just from one region. A woman from another thinks Nigeria has hijacked her breastmilk and fed it to children of Belial. Maybe, on the grounds of compassion, other people’s children deserve a bit; but not the big proportion now on the resource allocation touchstone where strangers have the biggest portion. Worst of all, she is daily taunted and tortured with her own breastmilk. The woman from that region is not the only one who feels taunted and tortured; unemployed and hungry men from other regions do too. Only politicians and their cronies who have always been in power and have always stacked up on stolen money will be popping the champagne bottle tomorrow.

To safety and salvation Nigeria is presently crawling. The pace, however, is not reassuring enough to 120 million people who are still locked up in the closet of poverty and hopelessness. It is not reassuring enough that the N8.5tn in domestic debt will not be rolled over as a burden to generations not yet conceived in the womb. The speed does not affirm that Nigeria’s decaying infrastructure that require about N1tn injection will be refurbished. The strides don’t guarantee that ethnic hate and religious snafu will abate. The sing-song of “One Nigeria” is looking more like a lingering lie from la-di-da land. 170 million people are in self-deception about One Love.The Nigerian trumpeted love is not one. It is worn out! I hope I am not missing something.

When I was younger, the jingle: “I love my country I no go lie; na inside am I go live and die”, was a sort of jingo we chanted without end. But now decades after, those who should be LIVING‘inside am’ are LEAVING the shores. Those who should sacrifice for her are running away from being “murdered” by the same country they are supposed to die for. RES IPSA LOQUITUR- the thing speaks for itself.

“It is not the oath that makes us believe the man, but the man that makes us believe the oath”, said Aeschylus in 446 BC. Where are men with character and integrity who once swore to an oath to let selfless service trump selfishness, greed and avarice in Nigeria?

President Olusegun Obasanjo’s civilian administration earned N17tn from crude oil sales within eight years in office. His successor, Umaru Yar’Adua, earned N9tn from crude oil sales within the short period he was in power. Goodluck Jonathan’s administration earned N51tn within a period of five years.  From October 2014, Nigeria started borrowing money to pay workers’ salaries. Muhammadu Buhari’s administration will soon go cap-in-hand to money-men to obtain loans for capital projects. We all know great nations of the world also borrow money to fund projects and run government.  America owes about $21tn today. But all of these nations were not just transparent with their incomes, they embarked on projects that that made sense and that touched lives of ordinary citizens. If I attempt unearthing what transpired during the military misrule in Nigeria, some people will be so angry while others will go into depression. I don’t want to be the cause of any man’s bodily sickness. The figures I gave above are just from crude oil alone, not incomes from Customs, Nigeria Ports Authority, and other taxes and levies.  Nigeria is making money but making no progress. Do you wonder why many Nigerians are angry and want out of Nigeria? When men are hungry, they are understandably angry. Don’t tell me this TITANIC called Nigeria is not in deep trouble.

Our politicians built big hospitals running into billions of dollars, but when they have a migraine headache, they run to London for a splash of Mentholatum. They designed a free education programme, but ask them where their children attend elementary school. Some leaders came to steal valuables; and some came to sell assets. Between thieves and auctioneers, the orphan called NIGERIA has always been left to gasp for breath. Is Nigeria the TITANIC not in trouble?

Truth does not cry for justice nor beg for help.You can cage it if you want to; but you cannot break it even if you tried. Don’t think you are super-dominant when you suppress it; don’t sleep with both eyes closed when you repress it. When truth breaks out, it signals the daybreak; when the day breaks with TRUTH, it breaks the back of its suppressor.If you are a specialist in UNTRUTH, understand that TRUTH is irrepressible and unsurpassable.  At the appropriate time and season, it will jump out of the cage and defend itself.

Nigeria is nearing that time when TRUTH will loom large over falsity and falsehood. And all false prophets and their myrmidons will drop off the scene like dead fleas. Nigeria must face the truth of regional restructuring and reconfiguration NOW, yes now. Nigerians have nowhere else they can call home. The affluent and influential among them also know this to be true. Even if you have houses all over the world, there can only be one place called home. Nigeria is home to many. She is our Garden of Eden. And just like the instructions given to the biblical Adam by the Designer of the Universe, we must “dress it and keep it”. If we don’t, we will be undressed in the public market of ridicule.Can I still give a HAPPY BIRTHDAY shout-out to Naija? Yes, I will. It’s one right I can’t be denied. May God bless Nigeria!

This piece was written by Fola Ojo. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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VIDEO: Jahdiel – Uwese (Thank You)

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Gospel songstress & First Lady of Hammer House Records, Jahdiel known for hit single Heritage returns with Uwese (Thank You). Produced by Micah, this beautiful gospel rendition sees Jahdiel give thanks to God for his mercies & love.

Enjoy this “Egyptian themed, dance-centric” video with flicks and flips like you’ve never seen before as directed by Frizzle & Bizzle Films for Hammer House Records. The melody and sound is definitely #Jahdielfied



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‘Abducted’ CBN Gov’s Wife, Margaret Emefiele Regains Freedom

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Mrs Margaret Emefiele, the wife of the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emiefele, who was abducted on Thursday, along the Benin-Agbor road, has been released by her abductors.

According to sources close to the family, Mrs Emefiele alongside 4 other persons, who were kidnapped, were released in the early hours of Saturday “due to the gallantry of the Armed Forces, Police and Security Forces”, after they combed every nook and cranny within the area.

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It was learnt that she is currently recuperating in the State Government House, Asaba.

NAN reports that Mrs. Emefiele was on her way from Lagos to her hometown in Agbor, Delta State when her convoy was attacked by heavily armed men, who overpowered her security.

Her abductors later established contact with her husband and demanded a ransom of N100million.

It however remains unknown if any ransom was paid for her release.

NAN also gathered that the Inspector-General of Police, IGP Ibrahim Idris, had deployed helicopters along the Benin-Agbor Road in a bid to track the abductors.

The kidnappers had whisked Margaret, three other women and a male driver, to an unknown location.

But in a move to pile pressure on the kidnappers, the IGP also flooded the area with hundreds of police operatives and sniffer dogs.

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#NigeriaAt56: Read Full Text Of Pres. Buhari’s Independence Day Speech

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To celebrate Nigeria’s 56th Independence Anniversary, President Muhammadu Buhari, in a 25-minute broadcast, earlier this morning (October 1, 2016), addressed the nation.

Read full text of President Buhari’s independence day speech below:

Today – 1st October is a day of celebration for us Nigerians. On this day, 56 years ago our people achieved the most important of all human desires – freedom and independence. We should all therefore give thanks and pray for our founding fathers without whose efforts and toil we would not reap the bounties of today.

  1. I know that uppermost in your minds today is the economic crisis. The recession for many individuals and families is real. For some It means not being able to pay school fees, for others it’s not being able to afford the high cost of food (rice and millet) or the high cost of local or international travel, and for many of our young people the recession means joblessness, sometimes after graduating from university or polytechnic.

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3. I know how difficult things are, and how rough business is. All my adult life I have always earned a salary and I know what it is like when your salary simply is not enough. In every part of our nation people are making incredible sacrifices.

4. But let me say to all Nigerians today, I ran for office four times to make the point that we can rule this nation with honesty and transparency, that we can stop the stealing of Nigeria’s resources so that the resources could be used to provide jobs for our young people, security, infrastructure for commerce, education and healthcare.

5. I ran for office because I know that good government is the only way to ensure prosperity and abundance for all. I remain resolutely committed to this objective.

6. I believe that this recession will not last.

7. Temporary problems should not blind or divert us from the corrective course this government has charted for our nation. We have identified the country’s salient problems and we are working hard at lasting solutions.

8. To re-cap what I have been saying since the inception of this administration, our problems are security, corruption and the economy, especially unemployment and the alarming level of poverty.

9. On Security, we have made progress. Boko Haram was defeated by last December – only resorting to cowardly attacks on soft targets, killing innocent men, women and children.

10.Nigerians should thank our gallant men of the Armed Forces and Police for rescuing large areas of the country captured by insurgents. Now, residents in Borno, Yobe and Adamawa States, as well as several neighbouring states go about their daily business in relative safety. People can go to mosques, churches, market places in reasonable safety.

11. Commuters can travel between cities, towns and villages without fear. Credit for this remarkable turn-round should go to our Armed Forces, the Police, various sponsored and private vigilante groups, the local traditional leaders. Security is a top to bottom concern and responsibility.

12. Besides Boko Haram, we are confronting other long-running security issues, namely herdsmen vs farmers, cattle rustling, kidnappings. This Administration is firmly resolved to tackle these challenges and to defeat them.

13. A new insurgency has reared up its head in the shape of blowing up gas and oil pipelines by groups of Niger Delta Militants. This Administration will not allow these mindless groups to hold the country to ransom.

14. What sense is there to damage a gas line as a result of which many towns in the country including their own town or village is put in darkness as a result? What logic is there in blowing up an export pipeline and as a result income to your state and local governments and consequently their ability to provide services to your own people is reduced?

15. No group can unlawfully challenge the authority of the Federal Government and succeed. Our Administration is fully sympathetic to the plight of the good people of Niger Delta and we are in touch with the State Governments and leaderships of the region. It is known that the clean-up of the Ogoniland has started. Infrastructural projects financed by the Federal Government and post amnesty programme financing will continue.

16. We have however, continued to dialogue with all groups and leaders of thought in the region to bring lasting peace.

17. Corruption is a cancer which must be fought with all the weapons at our disposal. It corrodes the very fabric of government and destroys society. Fighting corruption is Key, not only to restoring the moral health of the nation, but also to freeing our enormous resources for urgent socio-economic development.

18.In fighting corruption, however, the government would adhere strictly by the rule of law. Not for the first time I am appealing to the judiciary to join the fight against corruption.

19. The Third Plank in this Administration’s drive to CHANGE Nigeria is re-structuring the economy. Economies behaviour is cyclical. All countries face ups and downs. Our own recession has been brought about by a critical shortage of foreign exchange. Oil price dropped from an average of hundred USD per barrel over the last decade to an average of forty USD per barrel this year and last.

20. Worse still, the damage perpetrated by Niger Delta thugs on pipelines sometimes reduced Nigeria’s production to below One million barrels per day against the normal two point two million barrels per day. Consequently, the naira is at its weakest, but the situation will stabilize.

21. But this is only temporary. Historically about half our dollar export earnings go to importation of petroleum and food products! Nothing was saved for the rainy days during the periods of prosperity. We are now reaping the whirlwinds of corruption, recklessness and impunity.

22.There are no easy solutions, but there are solutions nonetheless and Government is pursuing them in earnest. We are to repair our four refineries so that Nigeria can produce most of our petrol requirements locally, pending the coming on stream of new refineries. That way we will save ten billion USD yearly in importing fuel.

23. At the same time, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture and the Central Bank have been mobilized to encourage local production of rice, maize, sorghum, millet and soya beans. Our target is to achieve domestic self-sufficiency in these staples by 2018.

24. Already farmers in thirteen out of thirty six states are receiving credit support through the Central Bank of Nigeria’s Anchor Borrowers Programme. Kebbi state alone this year is expected to produce one million tonnes of locally grown rice, thanks to a favourable harvest this year. As part of the 13 states, Lagos and Ogun are also starting this programme. Rice alone for example costs Nigeria two billion USD to import.

25.The country should be self-sufficient in basic staples by 2019. Foreign exchange thus saved can go to industrial revival requirements for retooling, essential raw materials and spare parts. It is in recognition of the need to re-invigorate agriculture in our rural communities that we are introducing the LIFE programme.

26. Government recognises that irrigation is key to modern agriculture: that is why the Ministries of Agriculture and Water Resources are embarking on a huge programme of development of lakes, earth dams and water harvesting schemes throughout the country to ensure that we are no longer dependent on rain-fed agriculture for our food requirements.

27. In addition, government is introducing Water Resources Bill encompassing the National Water Resources Policy and National Irrigation and Drainage Policy to improve management of water and irrigation development in the country. We are reviving all the twelve River Basin Authorities, namely;

I. Anambra – Imo
II. Benin – Owena
III. Chad Basin
IV. Cross River
V. Hadejia – Jama’are
VI. Lower Benue
VII. Lower Niger
VIII. Niger Delta
IX. Ogun – Osun
X. Sokoto – Rima
XI. Upper Benue
XII. Upper Niger

28. The intention is eventually to fully commercialise them to better support crop production, aqua –culture and accelerated rural development.

29.This Administration is committed to the revival of Lake Chad and improvement of the hydrology and ecology of the basin. This will tune in with efforts to rehabilitate the thirty million people affected by the Boko Haram insurgency in the Lake Chad basin countries.

30. The second plank in our economic revival strategy is centred on the Ministry of Power, Works and Housing. The Ministry will lead and oversee the provision of critical infrastructure of power, road transport network and housing development.

31. Power generation has steadily risen since our Administration came on board from three thousand three hundred and twenty four megawatts in June 2015, rising to a peak of five thousand and seventy four megawatts in February 2016.

32. For the first time in our history the country was producing five thousand megawatts. However, renewed militancy and destruction of gas pipelines caused acute shortage of gas and constant drop in electricity output available on the grid.

33. There has been during the period June 2015 to September 2016 big improvement in transmission capacity from five thousand five hundred megawatts to the present seven thousand three hundred megawatts.

34.There were only two system collapses between June and December 2015, but due to vandalism by Niger Delta militants the over-all system suffered 16 system collapses between March and July 2016 alone. As I have said earlier, we are engaging with responsible leadership in the region to find lasting solutions to genuine grievances of the area but we will not allow a tiny minority of thugs to cripple the country’s economy.

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35. In the meantime, government is going ahead with projects utilizing alternate technologies such as hydro, wind, and solar to contribute to our energy mix. In this respect, the Mambilla Hydro project, after many years of delay is taking off this year. Contract negotiations are nearing completion with Chinese firms for technical and financial commitments.

  1. The project is to be jointly financed by Nigeria and the Chinese-Export-Import Bank. In addition, fourteen Solar Power Projects have had their power purchase agreements concluded. Hence the plan to produce one thousand two hundred megawatts of solar electricity for the country would be realized on schedule.

  2. And in line with the objective of government to complete all abandoned projects across the country, the Rural Electrification Agency’s projects needing completion are provided for in the 2016 Budget. Bringing electricity to rural areas will help farmers, small scale and cottage industries to integrate with the national economy.

38.Roads Construction and Rehabilitation has taken off. The sum of twelve billion naira was allocated to this sector in the 2015 Budget, not enough even to pay interest on outstanding unpaid claims.

  1. Notwithstanding the budgetary constraints, the current budget allocated two hundred and forty billion naira for highway projects against twelve billion naira in 2015. Many contractors who have not been paid for three years have now remobilized to sites. Seven hundred and twenty point five billion naira has so far been released this budget year to capital projects.

  2. The Ministry of Power, Works and Housing has received one hundred and ninety seven point five billion naira. Work on the following highways has now resumed.

  3. Dualization of Calabar – Itu Road in Cross River/Akwa Ibom States.

  4. Dualization of Lokoja – Benin Road, Ehor – Benin city, Edo State.
  5. Re-construction of outstanding sections of Benin – Shagamu Express way, Edo/Ogun States.
  6. Expansion works on Lagos – Ibadan Dual carriageway, Ogun/Oyo States
  7. Rehabilitation of Onitsha – Enugu Expressway, Anambra/Enugu States.
  8. Rehabilitation and Reconstruction of Enugu – Port Harcourt Dual carriageway, Abia/Rivers States.
  9. Rehabilitation of Hadejia – Nguru Road, Jigawa State.
  10. Dualization of Kano – Katsina Road, Kano State.
  11. Dualization of Kano – Maiduguri Road, Borno State.
  12. Dualization of Azare – Potiskum Road, Azare – Sharuri Road, Bauchi State.

  13. Rehabilitation of Ilorin – Jebba – Mokwa – Birnin Gwari Road, Kwara State.

  14. Construction of Oju/Lokoja – Oweto Bridge over River Benue, Benue State.

  15. Other major highways are in the queue for rehabilitation or new construction.

  16. Already contractors have recalled about nine thousand workers laid off and Government expects that several hundreds of thousands of workers will be reengaged in the next few months as our public works programme gains momentum.

  17. On railways, we have provided our counterpart funding to China for the building of our standard gauge Lagos -Kano railway. Meanwhile, General Electric is investing two point two billion USD in a concession to revamp, provide rolling stock, and manage the existing lines, including the Port Harcourt-Maiduguri Line. The Lagos-Calabar railway will also be on stream soon.

  18. We have initiated the National Housing Programme. In 2014 four hundred million naira was voted for Housing. In 2015 nothing. Our first budget this year is devoting thirty five point six billion naira. Much of the house building will be private – sector led but Government is initiating a pilot housing scheme of two thousand eight hundred and thirty eight units uniformly spread across the 36 states and FCT.

45.We expect these units to be completed within 4 – 6 months. These experimental Nigeria House model Units will be constructed using only made in Nigeria building materials and components. This initiative is expected to reactivate the building materials manufacturing sector, generate massive employment opportunities and develop sector capacity and expertise.

  1. The programmes I have outlined will revive the economy, restore the value of the naira and drive hunger from our land.

  2. Abroad, Nigeria’s standing has changed beyond belief in the last 18 months. We are no longer a pariah state. Wherever I go, I have been received with un-accustomed hospitality. Investors from all over the world are falling over themselves to come and do business in Nigeria. This government intends to make business environment more friendly because we can not develop ourselves alone.

  3. All countries, no matter how advanced, welcome foreign investments to their economy. This is the essence of globalization and no country in the 21st century can be an island. Our reforms are therefore designed to prepare Nigeria for the 21st century.

  4. Finally, let me commend Nigerians for your patience, steadfastness and perseverance. You know that I am trying to do the right things for our country.

  5. Thank you and may God bless our country.

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RIP! Veteran Nollywood Actor, Elder Maya Passes On

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According to information gathered, veteran Nollywood actor, Martins Njubuigbo, prominently known as Elder Maya has passed on after a prolonged battle with liver disease.

As of yesterday, the news of his death filtered as speculations, however, it was officially confirmed in the early hours of today, Saturday, by one of his sons on social media.

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The actor who is famous for his roles as village chief priest had nursed swollen legs that had left him bedridden for several months.

In May, distressing images of the actor surfaced on social media, with a fellow Nollywood actor, Ernest Obi, appealing to well-meaning Nigerians to contribute N1 million to offset Ndubuigbo’s hospital bills.

Nollywood Actor Martins Njubigbo (aka Elder Maya) is Dead
Nollywood Actor Martins Njubigbo (aka Elder Maya) is Dead

He said: “Today he is not playing a role in any movie to entertain as usual. He is fighting for his life. His liver. He needs you. Needs me. Needs us. Please help save Elder Maya aka Papa Labista.”

Weeks after the appeal was made, popular Abuja pastor, Joshua Iginla, offered to pay for Elder Maya’s bills with a promise to help the actor through his recovery after he had undergone all necessary treatments.

It however remained unclear whether the money was released to the late actor or not.

Elder Maya is dead
Elder Maya is dead

Also confirming his death, Actor Yomi Fabiyi yesterday wrote:

RIP Elder Mayah. You were a veteran and a hard working one at that. Journey well papa. My concerns and sympathy with his families and close colleagues.

#SAVENIGERIAMOVIEINDUSTRY register shares in the grief of AGN<!

May His Soul Rest In Peace!!!

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Nigerian Army Hands Over 348 ‘Cleared’ Boko Haram Suspects To Borno Gov’t

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The Nigerian Army on Saturday handed over 348 suspected but cleared persons belonging to the Boko Haram terrorists group to the Borno state government.

The detainees were handed over to Governor Kashim Shettima at a ceremony held at the Ramat square civic centre in Maiduguri today.

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During the handing over, the General Officer Commanding 7 Division of the Nigerian Army, Brig.-Gen. Victor Ezugwu, said the army had upon the directives of the Chief of Army Staff, Tukur Buratai, investigated the suspects who were arrested at different locations in the state.

Mr. Ezugwu, a Brigadier General, also added that those found to be innocent, were set free.

He said: “the review of the cases of terrorists suspects in our custody involves a painstaking and continuous process as directed by the Chief of Army Staff who emplaced measures to guarantee societal and individual human rights”.

“The process ensures that those captured while participating actively or passively in creating sorrow and mayhem in the society are screened out for necessary judicial recourse.”

“The overall goal is that the just and innocent citizens of Nigeria do not suffer injustice.”

Ezugwu said the detainees were made up of 114 adult male, 107 adult female and 127 children.

He said, “The Nigerian Army have duly investigated all the suspects who were arrested at various camps and found 348 of them innocent of involvement in terrorism.

“They are made up of 114 cleared male suspects, 107 cleared female suspects and 127 children.”

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Mathieu Announces Retirement From France Squad Due To Lack Of Motivation

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French defender Jeremy Mathieu, who plays for Barcelona has announced his retirement from the squad, stating he has no motivation to represent his country.

The Barcelona defender was set to feature for Les Bleus in their upcoming world cup qualifiers against Bulgaria and Netherlands.

However he abruptly opted to retire from the squad after talking with manager Didier Deschamps.

Mathieu has only won five caps for his country despite producing strong performances for Valencia and Barca, while he was unlucky to miss out on Euro 2016 with an injury.

And the 32-year-old now feels now is the time to put all his focus on his club career.

“I thought quite a bit before ending my international career,” Mathieu told L’Equipe. “I did not refuse the call up, it’s just that I wanted to stop.

“I do not have the motivation to continue. I want to devote myself to my club.

“I will be 35 in 2018 and I want to leave room for younger players.”

Mathieu discussed the injury that saw him miss out on the European championships on home soil over the summer, and he accepted it as part and parcel of football.

“I have no regrets,” he added. “It was not my decision to miss the Euros but there are worse things in life.”

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Alcacer Sure He’ll Score Goals For Barcelona

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Paco Alcacer is sure he’ll recover his goalscoring form and score for Barcelona soon enough.

The Spanish striker joined Barcelona from Valencia for a fee reportedly worth £25 million. However, he has not been able to justify his price tag.

“It’s clear that it is complicated to arrive to a top club like Barcelona with unique players,” Alacer, who also added that he has no regrets about joining Luis Enrique’s side, told Mundo Deportivo.

“All the strikers depend on goals but if I play for Barcelona it is because this club saw something to sign me.

“I will score goals. Last year I also had problems to score my first goal but when I score the first, I will score more.

“My team-mates make my life and training easy and help me a lot. I thank all of them. I can understand that they could be haughty because they’re big stars but they are humble.

“Barcelona players can improve each player that plays with them. I based my decision to come here on the hopeful project of Barcelona and it is a big step forward in my career. I took a correct decision.”

Barca – second in LaLiga, a point adrift of leaders Real Madrid – face Luis Enrique’s former club Celta Vigo on Sunday.

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Tyson Fury Tests Positive For Cocaine

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British boxer Tyson Fury, who recently pulled out of his October 29 rematch with Klitschko has been notified he tested positive for cocaine.

Both boxers agreed to have drug testing for their rematch at the Las Vegas office of Voluntary Anti-Doping Association.

In a letter from VADA president Dr. Margaret Goodman sent to representatives for Fury, Klitschko, the British Boxing Board of Control and the United States’ Association of Boxing Commissions on Thursday night, a copy of which was obtained by, she wrote, “This letter is to advise you that the ‘A’ sample urine specimen number 4006253 collected from Tyson Fury on September 22, 2016 in Lancaster, England through his participation in the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) program has been analyzed for anabolic agents, diuretics, beta-2 agonists, stimulants and drugs of abuse. The results of the analysis are as follows: Adverse. Urine specimen contains benzoylecgonine.

“Mr. Fury has the right to promptly request analysis of the ‘B’ sample at his expense.”

The VADA testing for performance-enhancing drugs is done separately and takes longer, so those results are not yet available.

Fury promoter Mick Hennessy did not respond to requests for comment.

“Tyson will now immediately undergo the treatment he needs to make a full recovery,” Hennessy said.

“We and Tyson wish to express our sincerest apologies to all those concerned with the event and all the boxing fans who had been looking forward to the rematch. Tyson is understandably devastated by the development.”

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No. 1 Draft Pick Ben Simmons Fractures Foot

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Phila 76ers forward, Ben Simmons, who is also the No. 1 draft pick has broken the fifth metatarsal of his right foot.

The rookie, who might miss his first year, sustained the injury during a scuffle on Friday and there seems to be no timetable on his return.

An MRI and X-ray helped determine the injury.

In a news release, the team said, “Further medical evaluation and treatment options are being considered at this time and additional updates will be provided when appropriate.”

Simmons, the No. 1 overall pick in the June draft, was scheduled to start in Philadelphia’s first preseason game.

Simmons averaged 19.2 points, 11.8 rebounds and 4.8 assists per game at LSU, the only SEC player ever to finish in the top five in all three categories.

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Tragedy As Unknown Gunmen Kill Family Of Six In Lagos

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In the early hours of yesterday, gunmen stormed into the Igbogbo community of Ikorodu, Lagos, and shot dead six members of same family.

The victims were identified as Mr Celestine Nwokoye, a taxi driver at the Murtala Mohammed Airport, his wife, his three-year old son, his eight-month old baby boy and two daughters.

Reports say that the gunmen announced their presence with sporadic gun shots. As some made straight for the apartment occupied by the Nwokoye family, others stood outside, waiting for any intruder.

One resident, John Udah said the Nwokoye family were shot one after another at their residence. According to Udah, “it happened in the early hours. We heard gunshots but nobody knew what was happening and nobody could come out at that unholy hour.  While the gun shots sounded, we all concluded they were robbers.”
“I even brought out the only N3,500 I had at home, placed it on the table with the intention of giving it to them if they break into our apartment. I told my wife and children to hide and never come out should the thieves enter our apartment.”
“It was after we were sure that they had gone that some people went out, only to find Celestine and every member of his family on the ground.”

The man and his sons died on the spot but his wife and two daughters were still breathing when they were found. They were rushed to the Ikorodu General Hospital where they were later confirmed dead.

Spokesperson for Lagos State Police Command, SP Dolapo Badmus, has confirmed the incident.

She said: “There was a report that one Celestine Nwokoye attached to the taxi park at the Lagos airport and all members of his family were found in pools of their own blood. The command is working assiduously to unravel the occurrence. We have a lead we are working on and we are optimistic that there will be a breakthrough.



Dolapo Badmos


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2016’s Top 10 Point Guards In The NBA

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The point guards position in the NBA has easily become the most important position on the floor, packed with amazing talent all through the league.

The importance of having quality at the point can’t be overemphasized as it was shown last season when teams like the New York Knicks, Brooklyn Nets and Philadelphia 76ers were basically out-matched in games because of their lack of production from the point guard spot.

A good point guard means the team’s offense can flow seamlessly, a quality point guard adds points, assists and as we’ve seen in recent times even rebounds to that. Point guards these days run the court, they’re the quarterbacks, they’re the all-seeing eye on the court and I’ve done my best to rank ‘my’ top 10 in the league at the moment.

The 2015/2016 season majorly influenced the ranking so in case you don’t see your favorite team’s point guard, I didn’t think he was better than this ten guys in 2015/2016.


10. Rajon Rondo

I have a small confession, I was blackmailed into putting Rondo in this list by my head editor. Rondo had to go in the list or this post would never see the light of day (Happy now Wana?). Anyway that takes nothing away from how amazing Rondo was for the Sacramento Kings in 2015/2016, his one and only season in Sacramento as he’s moved to the Chicago Bulls now. Rondo averaged 11.9 points, a joint career high of 11.7 assists and 6 rebounds per game last season, even hitting a Sacramento Kings high of 22 assists in one game. He topped the assists table in the NBA last season and the four-time All Star played the most games of any player on the Kings roster at 72.


point guards


  1. Kemba Walker

The Charlotte Hornets front office must have been delighted with Kemba’s last season. 2015/2016 was his best season as a scorer since he got in the NBA in 2011. Kemba set career-highs in points, rebounds, blocks, shooting percentage, three-point shooting percentage and free-throw percentage in 2015/2016. He averaged 20.9 points, 5.2 assists and 4.4 rebounds per game, playing in 81 games. He shot 42.7% from the field, 84.7% from the free throw line and 37.1% in threes.

Walker also led the NBA in clutch scoring (last two minutes of the final quarter when the game is within four points) last season. He scored a total of 83 points in such situations, shot 44.7% from the field and was 39/43 (90.7%) from the free-throw line in crunch time.

He led the Hornets to a sixth placed finish in the East and a 48-34 record, their best since the 1999/2000 season.

point guards


  1. Isaiah Thomas

At 5 feet 9 inches tall, Isaiah Thomas is the shortest player on this list.  In 2015/2016, Thomas made his All-Star debut and also became just the fourth player since 2005 to average at least 22 points, six assists and two made three-pointers per game over the course of a full NBA season. He also joined Larry Bird and John Havlicek as the only Celtics in history to record at least 1,600 points and 500 assists in a single season.  His playmaking ability led the Celtics to fifth place in the East and a playoff spot. Thomas averaged a career high 22.2 points per game, 6.2 assists and 3 rebounds per game as well. It’s almost easy to forget that he was drafted 60th overall in the 2011 NBA draft, Isaiah has blossomed into an elite point guard.

point guards


  1. Kyle Lowry

Even though Lowry had a difficult post-season in the playoffs, his 2015/2016 season still puts him in my top 10. Along with Demar DeRozan, Kyle Lowry brought the Toronto Raptors to the Playoffs on the back of a very successful season statistically. He averaged a career-high 21.2 points, 4.7 rebounds and a team-high 6.4 assists per game. He also shot a career-best 38.8% from three-point range, while ranking fifth in the NBA in made three-pointers.

point guards


6. John Wall

John Wall watched his partner in the Washington Wizards back court , Bradley Beal struggle through 2015/2016 with different injuries and had to live up to the pressure of being Washington’s No. 1 option, and he did. Wall averaged 19.9 points, 10.2 assists and 4.9 rebounds per game, shooting 42.4% from the floor and 32.1% from three point range.

Wall made the top 10 in points, rebounds, assists, steals, blocks and double-doubles among all point guards in the NBA. Sadly, the three-time All Star doesn’t crack my top five.

point guards


  1. Damian Lillard

Anybody that watched Dame Lillard’s 2015/2016 season and still doubts that this is a top five point guard needs to stop watching the NBA, go watch the Euro league or the WNBA. The Portland Trailblazers lost 4 of its 5 starters coming into the season and every body marked the team for doom, Lillard found the perfect sidekick in C.J McCollum and together they carried the Blazers to a 44-38 overall record finishing in fifth place in what was a deadly Western Conference.

Lillard had a statement season, averaging 25.1 points, 4 rebounds and 6.8 assists per game.  He became just the second player in NBA history to average at least 25 points, six assists and three made threes per contest.


point guards


  1. Kyrie Irving

Against the greatest team the league has seen, the 73-win Golden State Warriors in the 7 games of the 2015/2016 NBA finals, Kyrie Irving hit 27.1 points, 3.9 assists with 40.3% FG shooting on the way to becoming an NBA Champion with the Cleveland Cavaliers. On his day, Kyrie is nearly unstoppable, with his incredible ball handling and efficient shooting, he’s a defender’s nightmare.

During the regular season, he averaged 19.6 points, 4.7 assists and 3 rebounds per game in 53 games. At just 24, there’s still so much to come from the Australian superstar.

point guards


  1. Chris Paul

If I wrote a basketball dictionary, there would be a picture of Chris Paul beside the word ‘Point Guard’. The only thing missing from Chris Paul’s career as a professional basketballer is an NBA title.  He is still undoubtedly one of the best and most valuable players in the league today. Since entering the league in 2005, the nine-time NBA All-Star has been infiltrating opposing defenses with top notch passing, fast forward to 2016 and he still is keeping opposing coaches sleepless at 31 years old.

For 11 professional seasons, Paul has showed his consistency on the court, averaging no less than 16 points, seven assists and 1.7 steals per game in a season. In 2015/2016, Chris Paul ended the season with 19.5 points, 10 assists and 4.2 rebounds per game. There was a time when Chris Paul was hands-down the best point guard in the NBA, but as new players blossom into the freaky superstars that we’ve seen today, third place isn’t so bad.


point guards


  1. Russell Westbrook

FREAK! Yes, that’s what i say everytime I watch Russ play. I read a post once, someone described Westbrook like this “If a lightning bolt and a volcano could have offspring, that offspring would play basketball like Russell Westbrook” and i agree with every word. Russell Westbrook is a freak. I mean how else will you describe someone that rebounds like a big man, defends like a forward and goes into every game like its a battle for the hidden treasure of Atlantis. What can Russell Westbrook not do on a basketball court?

He finished the regular season averaging 23.5 points, 10.4 assists and 7.8 rebounds per game, he also had 18 triple doubles. Listen, HE HAD EIGHTEEN TRIPLE DOUBLES! In March alone, Westbrook posted seven triple-doubles to become the first player since Michael Jordan (in April of 1989) to register seven triple-doubles in a single month.

The 6 feet 3 inch man goes into every game looking to snatch the souls of his opponents and break the rim on every dunk. Now that Kevin Durant has moved to the Golden State Warriors, Russell Westbrook is the main man in Oklahoma City, one can only wonder what Russell would pull in 2016/2017.


point guards


  1. Stephen Curry

Three-time All-Star, reigning back to back MVP (as well as the first unanimous MVP in NBA history), Steph Curry is the best point guard in the NBA to me and highly regarded as the best shooter in league history.  Steph Curry is revolutionizing basketball like the Internet revolutionized the world.

Last season, he became the first guard to average at least 30 points while shooting 50 percent or better from the floor since Michael Jordan did it in 1991-92. He finished the season with 30.1 points, 6.7 assists and 5.4 rebounds per game. He hit a three-pointer in each of the 79 games he played in 2015-16, setting an NBA record by hitting at least one three in 152-straight regular season games. He also destroyed the record he set in 2014/2015 of 286 three pointers made by making a whooping 402 threes in 2015/2016. He’s such a dead-eye shooter, multiple times last season his teammates were seen celebrating before the ball had even left his hands.

point guards

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Angelina Jolie And Brad Pitt Reach Temporary Custody Agreement

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According to reports, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have reached a temporary custody agreement that will allow the actor to visit his six children.

The custody deal will be in place for three weeks and it states that Brad Pitt’s first visit will be monitored by a therapist, it is not clear if this will be a compulsory requirement for future visits. Pitt will also have to undergo drug and alcohol tests as part of the agreement.

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Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt agree over custody

Both actors have agreed to undergo individual counselling, and they agreed to attend counseling sessions as a family with the children.

Angelina Jolie filed for divorce on 19 September, with her attorney saying that her decision was “for the health of the family“. In the documents for the divorce, she asked for sole physical custody of the couple’s children, who are aged from eight to 15. The temporary agreement has not been filed with the court, and Pitt has not responded to the case.

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Taribo West Is Not Dead

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Former Africa Player of the Year, Victor Ikpeba, has reacted with a rebuttal to stories making the round that former Super Eagles and AC Milan of Italy defender, Taribo West, is dead.

A local media [not 360 Nobs] had on Friday evening published a false story reporting the demise of the ex-Super Eagles’ defender – on the basis of a report on a South African radio station.

The media house claimed that Taribo was flown into South Africa for medical treatment but did not state what he was diagnosed of.

However, Ikpeba took to Twitter to rebuff the claims:

Several close associates of the versatile defender also reacted to the news:

In an attempt to quell the panic that is ensuing following the rumour, Mr West said he is very much alive and that Nigerians should reject the “satanic” rumour that he is dead.

The Gold medalist at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games told TheCable:

“It’s really shocking, I must tell you. Imagine getting hundreds of calls all at the same time.

“You just cut off my daughter with your own persistent call now; its really terrible. I can’t begin to imagine how someone I don’t know will just write that I was dead.

“That, I am sure, means I will live far more decades in great health; it is well.”

“There is no need to sue anyone; I leave them to their conscience and God.”

“I am really actually happy because in spite of the satanic intentions behind their terrible motive, there is an advantage as it has made me connect back with lots and lots of people all over the world, people whom I have not been in touch with in years and decades.

“I am a pastor of God; I will leave them to their conscience if they have any and God. Taribo West will surely live to be an old man in good health.”

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#360TvSeries : Season 10 Confirmed To Be The Last Season Of Animated Series ‘Archer’

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Archer fans will not be happy to read this.

During a recent appearance on the Modern School of Film’s Murmur podcast, series creator Adam Reed said he plans to end the comedy — which returns in Jan. 2017 with its eighth season — after Season 10.

“I don’t know that anybody has talked about that, but that is definitely my plan – to do 8, 9, and 10 and they’re gonna be each shorter seasons of just eight episodes – and then wind it up,” Reed explained. “I was gonna end it after 8, but then I had sort of a brain explosion of a way that I could do three more seasons and really keep my interest up. So the three seasons that are coming up are gonna be pretty different from what has come before, and they’re gonna be different from each other.”

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