VIDEO: Small Doctor Tumbles Off Stage At Jimmy’s Jump Off

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Singer Small Doctor took a not-so-small tumble off the stage at last weekend’s Jimmy’s Jump Off.

He was performing his hit single, Mosquito Killer at the event which held at the Ikeja City Mall when the incident happened.

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Small Doctor falls off stage

Moving around the stage energetically, he failed to accurately measure his steps, leading to the embarrassing tumble.

He joins artistes like Tonto Dikeh and Burna Boy, who have both taken a dive on stage. Watch the video below!

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Christensen “Bundesliga More Exciting Than EPL”

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Chelsea defender Andreas Christensen who is currently on loan at Borussia Mochengladbach believes the bundesliga is more exciting than the EPL.

The Denmark international has not had much playing experience in the EPL, but is in his second year on loan at Borussia Park.

“I have only played one game in the Premier League so far, but I obviously trained with my Chelsea team-mates on a daily basis. It is still a different comparison to make, though,” the centre-back told the Bundesliga’s official website.

“Perhaps the Premier League is a bit more organised defensively. It is very difficult to create chances in the Premier League.

“The Bundesliga is the more entertaining league. Almost every game is [played] at a breathtaking pace, up and down, back and forth, attack and counter-attack.

“And another thing that is different is the training culture, which is much harder in the Bundesliga than in the Premier League. It is really hard work here.”

Christensen, 20, has been a key figure for Monchengladbach this campaign, making 10 appearances in all competitions.

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109 Senators To Contribute N300,000 Each For IDPs

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109 Senators of the upper legislative chamber have agreed to donate N300,000 each to alleviate the plight of Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) in all camps in northeast Nigeria.

The senate also expressed concern over the humanitarian crisis in the North East ravaged by Boko Haram insurgency, despite funds and supplies released to ameliorate conditions of the IDPs.

Motion on North East will examine why we are losing so many of our children under 5 years to this extreme conditions in affected areas

Motion on North East will examine why we are losing so many of our children under 5 years to this extreme conditions in affected areas [Twitter]

The agreement was made immediately after the senate concluded deliberation on the Mounting Humanitarian crisis in the North East.

In a motion on Tuesday, Bashir Gabai, a senator from Borno central, recalled that on November 17, 2015, the senate raised the amount proposed by the executive in the budget for IDPs from N6bn to 10bn, in recognition of the magnitude of the crisis.

See more details on the outcome of senate meeting via tweets below:

Gabai alleged that “rather than use the money appropriated for the IDPs and the northeast to ameliorate the problems, the focus of the disbursement so far made has been used to feather other interest”,

He therefore called on the senate to constitute an adhoc committee to ascertain how much had been released to the presidential initiative on the northeast and how these funds had been utilised from inception to date.

He also asked the senate to investigate the diversion of grains and other food items meant for IDPs from strategic grain reserves.

After a debate on the motion, the senate agreed to do more than just investigate by donating money to the IDPs.

Take note! The Senate is the upper house of the National Assembly of Nigeria. It consists of 109 senators: the 36 states are each divided in 3 senatorial districts each electing one senator; the Federal Capital Territory elects only one senator.

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Nominees Have Been Announced For The 2016 ELOY Awards

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The nominees have been announced by Exquisite Magazine for the 2016 ELOY Awards.

The show is set to hold on the 27th of November at the Intercontinental Hotel, Lagos.

Tewa Onasanya, the founder and editor-in-chief of Exquisite Magazine said, “The criteria for the ELOY Awards focuses on the character of the individual, her ability and achievements and how her work impacts the Nigerian society, through Direct and Indirect leadership, Service, Commitment, Achievement, Integrity and Character and we look forward to celebrating all nominees and winners and all women”.

To vote: text “ELOY” followed by “Nominee fullname” to 35070 and vote online at

See the nominees below!

unnamed (1) unnamed (2) unnamed (3) unnamed (4) unnamed (5) unnamed (6) unnamed (7) unnamed (8) unnamed (9) unnamed (10) unnamed (11) unnamed (12) unnamed


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Time To Rally Round Bola Tinubu – Femi Aribisala

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Time To Rally Round Bola Tinubu, By Femi Aribisala

Let me re-introduce myself in case you have forgotten. I have been an implacable critic of the politics of Bola Tinubu. Among others, I have written articles against Tinubu entitled: “What Does Tinubu Want?” “Time to Get Rid of Tinubu’s Cronies”; “Time to Disgrace the South-West Godfather”; and “Don’t Cry for Bola Tinubu.” I stand by every one of those articles, even though the warnings I gave in them went largely ignored.

This piece was written by Femi Aribisala. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Although many Tinubu supporters don’t seem to realise this, my opposition to Tinubu was not personal. My opposition was based on the grounds that Tinubu’s politics was shortsighted. In that regard, my position has been proved right. The strategic political objectives of Tinubu were unattainable and have been not been attained.

In the first place, Tinubu’s recent politics were designed to make him a key player at the national level, as he has been at the regional level. He really wanted to become the vice-president of Nigeria. This has proved unattainable, and we warned him about that. Most of his so-called friends at the national level are fair-weather friends. They never really liked him and were afraid of him. Under no circumstances would they allow him to duplicate his stranglehold on South-West politics outside the South-West.

The reality of Tinubu’s politics in Nigeria is that he can be a king-maker but will not be allowed to be king. The best Tinubu has been able to achieve has been to nominate a vice-president who, to all intents and purposes, is not even a major power-broker in government. As vice-president, Professor Yemi Osinbajo has only succeeded in being a fall-guy; for the collapse of the naira and for the failure to date of the 2016 budget.

In the second place, the strategic design of Tinubu’s politics was to make him a power behind the throne at the national level. This objective has also proved to be a pie-in-the-sky. Since becoming president, Buhari has largely ignored Tinubu’s counsels. Not a single Tinubu nominee became a minister in the president’s cabinet. Those who made it from the South-West were deliberately the people he did not want.

Tinubu nominees failed to make the position of Senate president or Speaker of the House of Representatives. The APC has also failed to make Tinubu Chairman of its Board of Trustees. To date, Tinubu has no statutory post in the party he midwifed. The party chairman, thought to be a Tinubu man, has been bought over, so much so that Tinubu is now asking for his resignation; but to no effect.

Having used Tinubu to win the election, he has been dumped like a used rag. It was because we anticipated this reversal of fortunes, that some of us were loud in warning Tinubu in the heady days of APC coalition-building. It was in that context that I later wrote my article saying: “Don’t Cry for Bola Tinubu” on the grounds that he deserved what happened to him. We warned that this would happen but he refused to listen.

But now times have changed. The bombastic change platform on which APC fought and won the election has failed to materialise. The change we are now facing is one far worse than anything hitherto experienced. It is absolutely incredible that, in spite of the grandiloquent promises made during the 2015 election campaign, the dollar is now exchanging for the naira on the parallel market at virtually 500 to 1. Like the naira, the Nigerian economy is in freefall, going from bad to worse.

But another change has also taken place and this one is political. It is finally apparent to Bola Tinubu that his friends in the APC are really not his friends at all. That is why he has now complained publicly and resigned as inconsequential “National Leader” of the party. Having used him to achieve their ends at the polls, his fair-weather APC friends have now indicated that they are not merely interested in dumping him, their plan is to decimate his ranks and render him powerless. They are now out to use their new-found vantage point to attack him in his hearth of the South-West and to split his coalition by sponsoring those in opposition to him and, if necessary, by rigging them into power at his expense.

Given this development, this is not the time to tell Tinubu “we told you so; we warned you but you did not listen.” This is not the time to say: “Don’t Cry for Bola Tinubu.” This is the time to cry for Tinubu. As a mater of fact, this is the time for all true progressives to rally round Bola Tinubu. The reason for this is simple.

Now that Tinubu has hopefully learnt his lesson, he should be more open to those of us who he thought were his enemies in the past but should now realise have always had his back. Tinubu should now be more amenable to wise counsel. Now that he has resigned from the honorific, but irrelevant, title of leader of the APC, he should start making plans to extricate himself from the APC altogether. At the very least, he should leave no one in doubt that he would not be taken for granted by leaving the door open for a realignment with a more agreeable coalition as the APC begins inevitably to unravel.

The nullification or dilution of Bola Tinubu’s power in the South-West, at this juncture of Nigeria’s economic hopelessness, renders Nigeria at the mercy of Abuja’s incompetence for the foreseeable future. Since coming to power, President Buhari has been unapologetic about the Northernisation of the Nigerian government. He has completely jettisoned any pretensions to the principles of federal character but has placed Northerners in every strategic sector of the government. This is part of the rationale behind the resurgence of pro-Biafra agitators, as well as the emergence of the Niger-Delta Avengers. In the process of consolidating the North, the agenda is now to decimate the South-West. This should not be allowed to happen.

At the moment, Nigerian democracy has no opposition; which is why nobody is complaining about the disastrous collapse of the naira and the adverse economic climate. The government is even floating the idea of further increases in the price of petrol, and nobody is up in arms. The PDP is at war with itself, and the cynical anti-corruption campaign of the government has been used effectively to silence it. That is why the burgeoning attack on Bola Tinubu deserves a rallying response.

Progressive Nigerians should not allow anyone in these climes to make a fool of Bola Tinubu. We must help him to consolidate and even enhance his position. At strength, Buhari can only be a one-term president without Bola Tinubu. All Tinubu needs to do is to start making plans to form another alliance that links truly progressive Northerners with those of the South-West, South-East and South-South. The possibility of that happening should give him a new fillip. At the very least, it would put him back into reckoning, ensuring he can only be ignored at great cost.

Without Tinubu, Buhari would not be the president of Nigeria today. Buhari’s wife, Aisha, acknowledged as much after the 2015 election. Without Tinubu, Buhari would not have secured the presidential ticket of the APC. Without Tinubu, Buhari would not have had the semblance of widespread national acceptability. Without Tinubu, Buhari would not have had the funds to mount a national campaign. Without Tinubu, Buhari only obtained 370,000 votes from the entire Southern Nigeria in the 2011 election. Without Tinubu, Buhari has no political future; unless the unproductive hegemonists currently ranged against Tinubu succeed in turning him into a toothless bulldog.

Therefore, I insist, this must not be allowed to happen. This is the time for all truly progressive people, North and South; East and West to rally to Tinubu’s support. Let us forget the past; even the immediate past. In politics, there are no permanent enemies and no permanent friends. Let us be united in one purpose; the unity of Nigeria is paramount. Nigeria should not be conceded to hegemonists. It is now abundantly clear that those that have clamoured for power for long and have now attained it have no clue what to do with it; other than to put their kinsmen and family members in key positions, while the nation’s economy has gone to the dogs.

We must not be in any doubt as to what is going on now. Instead of investing in the future of Nigeria, the only real investment taking place now is towards the hegemonic control of the country by a small segment of the population for the foreseeable future. This is not only anti-democratic; it is anti-Nigeria. It must be resisted politically with wisdom and clear-sightedness. It must be resisted adroitly by the formation of a new, truly national non-sectarian coalition that stretches across the Niger. In this design, Bola Tinubu would be invaluable once again as one of its principal architects.

Equally important, the South-West must learn from the past when Akintola was used to divide it from Awolowo. That kind of history must not be allowed to repeat itself. From my point of view, the bottom line is as follows. My democratic instincts have always made me opposed to Tinubu’s status as the godfather of South-West politics. But under the present circumstances, I would rather have Tinubu as the godfather of South-West politics, than have Buhari as the godfather of South-West politics. To the extent that a Tinubu can never be the godfather of North-West politics, then Buhari must never be the godfather of South-West politics.

The Naira Has Gone Bananas

I walked into Dream Plaza, a supermarket in Victoria Island, Lagos recently and a Lebanese man handling the pharmacy beckoned to me. He wanted to know what is going on in Nigeria. I was puzzled because the man lives in Nigeria. Why is he asking me? What do I know that he does not?

He went further. “Do you know,” he asked, “that this morning the naira exchange-rate for the dollar is now 492?” I did not know and was shocked to hear this. “What are you going to do about it?” he asked. What can I do? I thought. He went on: “Why are Nigerians not saying anything?” “Why is there no reaction?” “Why is everybody keeping quiet?”

I did not know what to tell him. Neither did I know what to do. But I knew the situation is already untenable. How low, in fact, is the naira going to fall? Are we just going to keep watching until Nigeria becomes another Zimbabwe or another Venezuela? This situation has gone far beyond partisan politics. It is abundantly clear that those currently charged with the handling of the Nigerian economy are clearly out of their depths.

Now is the time for all good men to stand up in defense of Nigeria. This is the time for a government of national unity. We cannot just keep silent and allow Nigeria to go to the dogs.

This piece was written by Femi Aribisala. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Dear Buhari, ‘Change Begins With Me’ Was A ‘Stolen’ Initiative – Afe Babalola (SAN)

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Afe Babalola, a senior advocate of Nigeria, has penned a ‘strong worded’ letter to President Muhammadu Buhari, in which he claimed that the ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign was not an initiative of the Minister of Information and Culture, Lai Mohammed.

The campaign, which was launched in September, by the minister, has come under intense scrutiny, with several critics reacting negatively to it.

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First and foremost, they spotted that the speech given by the president was lifted from a victory speech delivered by US President Barack Obama in 2008.

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Afterward, Akin Fadeyi, a businessman, alleged that he conceived the idea under the theme: ‘Not in My Country’, and even pitched it to Mohammed but he was sidelined along the way.

Mr. Mohammed, in disavowal to the allegation, threatened to file legal action against him alongside a national newspaper.

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However, in a letter written to the President and made available to TheCable, Babalola dared Mohammed to go ahead with his threat, adding that his client has enough evidence to prove his claims.


29th September, 2016

President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR

President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria,

Aso Rock Villa,


Your Excellency,


We have the instruction of Akin Fadeyi to write you this letter. Our client, Akin Fadeyi is the creator of the anti-corruption media campaign project “Not in My Country”. The ‘Not In My Country’ project has been the subject of a heated media exchange over allegations of copyright infringement and counter-allegations of blackmail between some actors and other concerned citizens who were privy to the ‘Not in My Country’ anti-corruption campaign project and the Hon. Minister of Information, Culture and Tourism, Alhaji Lai Mohammed. By this letter, we seek to state our client’s position for the first time in a public space, on the many issues thrown up by the media fray. It is our hope that upon reading this letter, Your Excellency will come to appreciate our client’s status as a partner in the pious goals of this administration and the need to thoroughly investigate the issues surrounding the media report.

For the records, our client chose to remain silent for three crucial reasons. First, our client is a private business man genuinely concerned with advancing our Nigerian society by innovative thinking and development projects, not a politician with any vested interests.

Second, as shown below, the ‘Not in My Country’ anti-corruption campaign project is a product of our client’s lifelong vision to do something towards ridding our society of the cankerworm of decadence. On this point alone, our client has the same goals as the present administration in tackling corruption effectively at the grassroots.

Third, our client will not sacrifice this noblest of goals on the altar of claiming his personal individual rights, especially not in a way capable of being bastardized or confused with propaganda, among other distractions. That is not to say our client will not defend his work and hard-earned intellectual property rights in a court of competent jurisdiction at the appropriate time. Indeed, our client awaits Alhaji Lai Mohammed to make good his threats to sue him, in preparation for which he has instructed our law firm to commence the preparation of processes in answer to any summons filed against him. Without a doubt, when our client responds to any processes filed, his actions and motives will be clear and unmistakable.


Your Excellency, our client is an enterprising young man with over a decade experience in initiating, coordinating and executing national (re)orientation and other development projects in Nigeria. Specifically, our client conceived and initiated the ‘Not in My Country’ anti-corruption campaign project as far back as the year 2007 at the University of Lagos. In a Letter granting his request to use the University premises for ‘a three minutes clip demo tape on Saturday, September 29, 2007’, the Principal Assistant Registrar acknowledged that the “…project is on national re-orientation campaign aimed at changing the attitudes of youths for the better especially in the area of examination malpractices and moral integrity” (Please find attached Letter dated September 26, 2007).

From those days of little beginnings, our client kept working hard at his vision for this project- an effective anti-corruption media campaign which the Nigerian public would easily connect with and ultimately respond to. Thus, our client has records of having presented some of his drama skits to officials of the Independent Corrupt Practices and Other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) in 2007. In 2008, our client took the project to Messrs Joseph Adeyeye, Casmir Igbokwe and Steve Ayorinde, the current Honorable Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Lagos, who was then Editor of the Punch. Since then, our client kept developing this project into the media campaign to eradicate corruption over time- using the 1-minute drama skit model- which our client has perfected in his ‘Not in My Country’ project.


It was this fully developed 1-minute drama skit model our client presented in a proposal to the Honourable Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Muhammed on the 30th of December, 2015. The point of the proposal, which was the sole purpose of that meeting, was to enlist the cooperation of the Hon. Minister to facilitate the broadcast of our client’s already prepared skits on the nation’s largest free- to- air network (Nigerian Television Authority). Our client showed three 1-minute skits to the Minister and his team. Indeed, the Hon. Minister was so impressed with the project that he commended our client for having effectively harnessed the ‘power of drama and time (one minute)’ and agreed in principle to partner with him on this project.

However, the Hon. Minister indicated that he was yet ruminating on a ‘Change Begins with Me’ idea of his own which he wanted our client to reflect in the ‘Not in my Country’ project. Thus, it was agreed at that meeting that our client should go back to location and re-shoot the drama skits to reflect the Hon. Minister’s ‘Change Begins with Me’ as the pay-off line in the ‘Not in My Country’ videos.

Our client set to work immediately with his crew at his own cost. Upon completion of the video reshoot, our client sent the minister text messages intimating him that the job was done. Our client later met with the Hon. Minister at the Southern Sun Hotel, Ikoyi, Lagos, where the minister was meeting with some musical artists. The minister gave our client his email contact and asked that the reworked videos be sent to him via email. Accordingly, our client sent the files to the Minister’s email ( with a Cover Letter dated 3rd February, 2016. Receipt of the letter was duly acknowledged.


Having received our client’s drama materials, the Hon. Minister held on to them without communicating with our client any further. All attempts to reach and meet with him again were evidently rebuffed by the Hon. Minister. Undaunted, our client reverted to the original skits first presented to the Hon. Minister and produced many more skits of the Not in My Country drama. This was launched publicly to wide media coverage on the 3rd of May, 2016 in a well-attended event at Leadway/Protea Hotel, Maryland, Ikeja. The countless media coverage of news stories, opinions and columns are available in print and electronic media for all to see. Thereafter, our client embarked on an aggressive nationwide stakeholder engagement. Despite the Minister’s silence after receiving the work, our client sent him a reminder letter, newspaper cuttings of his launch and a comprehensive copy of his Not in My Country project on the 9th of June 2016. Till date, the Hon. Minister has not replied any of these correspondences.

When on the 8th of September, 2016 the Hon Minister launched a drama skit model of the Change Begins with Me campaign, certain persons who were privy to our client’s project and others who witnessed his protracted exchanges with the Minister have made statements and accusations. Rather, contrary to all the Hon. Minister has said about him, our client has neither released nor commissioned anyone to release any comment on this matter before now. For the avoidance of doubt, let the following be known to the government, the Hon Minister and the Nigerian public as our client’s stand on this issue:

  1. our client has read every reaction, some spontaneous, some self serving and some others patriotic since Alhaji Lai Mohammed launched his ‘Change Begins With Me’ campaign;
  2. our client has read some concerned public reaction to the campaign questioning the originality of some of its components and accusing the Hon Minister of re-adapting the drama concept of our client’s project to his change campaign;

iii.         our client has read the Hon. Minister’s sponsored and orchestrated media attacks on his person and associates, tagging him as someone “seeking shortcut to success”, a blackmailer etc;

  1. in all of this, our client has urged his group of very patriotic young Nigerians and his hardworking crew not to say a word in response. Our client has equally consistently refrained from uttering any rejoinder to the Minister’s publications and correspondences. Naturally, our client wishes to state his side of the story, but does not want to be mistaken for a sponsored detractor of this government;
  2. our client has read the comments of all those who believe the Minister’s account simply because they are not aware of every shred of evidence that shows all that transpired between the parties till the Minister launched this Change Begins with Me campaign on September 8, 2016;
  3. our client is away in the United States to further the traction his Not In My Country project has gained and enhance it further through strategic and sustainable ingredients from a global dimension pursuant to negotiations that began long before the advent of this administration;

Without taking a stance on the issue and without prejudice to a more robust response to the Hon Minister’s threatened suit, we believe that the law and reason will vindicate our client’s narrative over and above any contrary incredible narrative.


At the opposite end of our client’s private rights in the media reports, is a very crucial project of the Federal Government of Nigeria by which the government seeks to encourage individual change in the citizenry in the hopes of a holistic national change. Such a project is not one that ought to kick-off dogged with debate and controversy. Already, an important orientation project is being overwhelmed by negative reports and backlash. We consequently urge Your Excellency to initiate a thorough investigation of the respective positions of the parties in the ultimate interest of the all-important war on corruption.

We also wish to reiterate to Your Excellency that in the event that Alhaji Lai Muhammed makes good his threat to go to court, which our client urges him to do, our client reserves his right to come all out to put up his defence, and that whatever steps our client takes in defending his right should not be interpreted as fighting the government. Our client has no intention of taking up any dispute with the government in appreciation of its laudable anti-corruption campaign. Whenever our client is called upon to defend himself and his work before a court of justice, he will do so to the full extent allowed by law as the matter is strictly between Akin Fadeyi and Alhaji Lai Muhammed.

Your Excellency, please accept the assurances of our highest regards.

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Conte: We Need To Improve To Play City And United

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Antonio Conte has warned Chelsea Aguero against relaxing and says they must build on their 2-0 win over Hull City.

The blues came off a three-game winless streak, with losses to Liverpool and Arsenal along the way, with an away win over Hull City.

“We need to understand there is a lot to improve,” Conte said. “Then we can play better in the games against Liverpool, Arsenal, Manchester United, Manchester City and Tottenham.

“Now I think that we must work, we must continue to work because we know that to change the past then we need to work a lot and together.”

Conte faces a tough run of games after his players return from international duty, with Chelsea’s next two games coming against Premier League champions Leicester City and Jose Mourinho’s United

Chelsea switched to a 3-4-3 system for the win over Hull and Conte was pleased with how well his charges adapted to the change.

“The principles are to try to maintain always very short and narrow [when we don’t have the ball],” he added. “To try to do, obviously dependent on the situation, like if we lose the ball to try to win the ball back very quickly to maintain a good balance and I think this principle is very good.

“We have the width and these are the principles of my idea of football. If we play with three or four centre backs we have to bring these principles.”

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Demi Lovato Disses Taylor Swift And Her Entire Squad

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Singer Demi Lovato has fired major shots at singer Taylor Swift and her clique, calling them abnormal.

Lovato recently covered Glamour magazine, and she attacked Taylor for dissing Katy Perry in a previous song.

“Just speaking out,” the Confident singer said when asked why she attacked Taylor a lot.

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Demi Lovato slams Taylor Swift over Katy Perry

“I’m not afraid to talk about the fact that women get paid less than men in the United States and how unfair that is. Talking about it at all is doing the work.”

“And I think every woman does her part in some way. But I think in certain situations, certain people could be doing more if they’re going to claim that as part of their brand. To be honest, and this will probably get me in trouble, I don’t see anybody in any sort of squad that has a normal body.”

“It’s kind of this false image of what people should look like. And what they should be like, and it’s not real … It’s not realistic. And I think that having a song and a video about tearing Katy Perry down, that’s not women’s empowerment. We all do things that aren’t, but I have to ask myself, Am I content with calling myself a feminist? Yes, because I speak out.”

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Cristiano Ronaldo Might Play Until He’s 41

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Real Madrid’s super star winger Cristiano Ronaldo has revealed he might still play for 10 years.

Ronaldo, who was speaking at the launch of his new hotel in Lisbon, revealed he was already beginning to consider his future.

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Cristiano Ronaldo talks retirement

“Life is not just about football,” he said. “Although football is my grand passion, I must start to think about the future.”

“I don’t have many years left, about 10 more or less, so I must look to the future.”

The iconic Portuguese is one of the greatest footballers of all time. He’s won the Ballon D’Or award 3 times, and has a ton of trophies for both club and country.

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‘I Feared I Was Going To Be Raped,’ Kim Kardashian Narrates Paris Robbery Incident

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Kim Kardashian has revealed that she feared she was going to be raped during the break-in that left her tied up in her luxury Paris apartment as men dressed as police officers stole millions of dollars worth of jewelry.

Kim Kardashian said she heard French-speaking robbers repeating 'ring, ring', realized they were looking for 20-carat diamond [Instagram]

Kim Kardashian said she heard French-speaking robbers repeating ‘ring, ring’, and then realized they were looking for 20-carat diamond [Instagram]

The reality TV star said she courageously released herself by ‘wriggling her hands’ after five masked men bound her wrists and ankles with zip ties and left her in a bathtub during her terrifying robbery ordeal in Paris.

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TMZ reported that Kim was lying in bed on Monday with only her robe on when she heard boots pounding up the stairs of her 2 story apartment.

Kim Kardashian was ordered out of bed by masked men she initially thought were going to rape her and was lying in bed with only her robe on when she heard boots pounding up the stairs of her 2 story apartment.

We’re told Kim saw at least one masked man and another wearing a police hat through a sliding glass door. She knew something was amiss, so she rolled off the bed and tried dialing her bodyguard on her cell phone.

Before she could finish dialing one of the men yanked the phone out of her hands. They zip tied her hands with plastic handcuffs and duct taped her to make it more secure. We’re told one of the men grabbed her by the ankles … Kim told cops at that point she believed she was about to be raped.

The robbers duct taped her ankles, picked her up and put her in the bathtub. She then started screaming … begging them not to kill her because she had babies. She went on to say she had money and they could take whatever they wanted.

Kim told cops the robbers did not know English and only spoke French. The only thing she understood … the men kept saying, “ring, ring.” Kim knew what they were after — the new ring she got from Kanye. She told them where it was in the apartment, but that was not the end.

Kim continued to beg and cry, and at that point the robbers duct taped her mouth shut.

We’re told a friend of Kim’s — Simone — was also in the apartment … sleeping in the downstairs bedroom. Simone heard the commotion and locked herself in the bathroom and called Pascal, the bodyguard, and Kourtney … telling them to hurry back because something was terribly wrong.

Pascal got back to the apartment 2 minutes after the robbers left.

The entire incident took around 6 minutes.

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Comedian Basketmouth’s Mother Passes Away

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Nigeria’s foremost comedian Basketmouth is mourning the passing away of his mother.

The tearful news comes barely a month after the comedian was also robbed at gunpoint in his Lekki home.

Taking to his Instagram, he shared a picture of her and mourned her with a very touching ode.

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Basketmouth loses mother

“Last night my angel left me, my first love stopped breathing and it’s the deepest pain I’ve ever felt,” he wrote. “I love you for every sacrifice you made to make me the man I am today, I’ve loved you through the tough times. I’ve loved you through happier days. All I can say at this point is that I will love you forever. I will miss you mummy.”

Our condolences are even more with the comedian and his family.

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Timipre Sylva, EFCC Lock Horns Over The Existence Of ’48 Houses’

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Timipre Sylva, an erstwhile Governor of Bayelsa State, and the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission have locked horns over the existence and the ownership of 48 houses allegedly traced to the ex-governor.

While Sylva was of the opinion that only three houses in Abuja, belonged to him, the spokesman of the premier anti-graft agency Mr. Wilson Uwujaren, maintained on Monday that the ex-governor owned the 48 houses, allegedly returned to him by a court’s order.

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The spokesman also averred that the anti-corruption agency had commenced fresh moves to object to the return of the said houses to Sylva before the Court of Appeal, adding that the ex-governor should not have access to the properties.

Uwujaren said: “I have just spoken to Mr. Rotimi Jacobs (SAN), who is in charge of the case. He confirmed to me that the EFCC has begun moves to appeal the case which means that he (Sylva) should have no access to the houses.”

Uwujaren’s statement is coming on the heels of Sylva’s rebuttal on the ownership of the 48 houses, insisting that he owned only three houses in Abuja.

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The former governor had yesterday through his Media Adviser, Mr. Doifie Buokoribo, referred to the report as “strange, speculative and malicious”, saying he did “not own 48 buildings in Abuja or anywhere in the world,” threatening legal action.

The statement read, “We have  read a report in a national newspaper, which was reproduced by a few online publications and in the social media, claiming that Chief Timipre Sylva had ‘retrieved 48 of his properties, which the EFCC seized during the administration of (former President) Goodluck Jonathan. We view this report with disgust, given its unconcealed speculation and vindictiveness regarding such a sensitive matter.

“For the avoidance of doubt, Sylva does not own 48 buildings in Abuja or anywhere in the world. So the issue of reclaiming ‘48 houses’ does not arise. He has only three houses in Abuja, which he built before he became the governor of Bayelsa State. This point has been made several times before, and neither the EFCC nor those who had used EFCC as a tool of persecution against Sylva during the Goodluck Jonathan administration have contradicted this fact.

“EFCC had taken their allegations of property ownership against Sylva to several courts without establishing anything against the former governor during the Jonathan era. Beyond the commission’s routine media prosecution, no court of law has found Sylva guilty of any crime.

“Indeed, in the course of the trial at the Federal High Court, Abuja, owners of some of the properties wrongfully attributed to him joined to claim their houses. The court ruled on the matter of the said 48 properties since 2013. Why is it now a subject of media attention?”

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Devalue The Naira To Tackle Recession – EU Tells Nigeria

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A top official of the European Union (EU), Fillippo Amato, has recommended the Federal Government to devalue the Naira as part of measures to tackle the economic recession in the country.

Speaking on Monday to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), Amato, who is the Counsellor, Head of Trade and Economics Section of EU, said recession should not be addressed with traditional development tools.

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While he blamed the current recession on the fall in oil prices and resurgence of militancy in the Niger Delta, Amato averred that “to come out of recession, the country has to take brave decisions, regardless of how unpopular they may be such as fully and effectively devaluing the Naira.

“Devaluing the Naira is a measure, which will finally reassure investors and attract new capitals to the country.

“At the same time, it will further reduce imports, thereby removing artificial forex restrictions, and removing any potential waste of scarce resources such as the fuel subsidy.

“Improving security (in the Northeast and Niger-delta) and ease of doing business are also key factors on which the government must urgently work to re-launch the economy.’’

Amato said that EU had been at the forefront of aid for trade support activities in Nigeria and ECOWAS.

He said the most important programme the EU was implementing in Nigeria with its partners – GIZ, DFID/Adam Smith International and UNIDO – was the Nigeria competitiveness Support Programme.

“The programme aims at improving the quality of Nigeria products to comply with international standards.

“The programme is providing capacity building to several Ministries, Departments and Agencies such as Ministry of Agriculture, Standards Organisation of Nigeria, Consumer Protection Council, Nigerian Customs Services and NADFAC.

“We support the trade institutions in the formulation and implementation of a sound trade policy (support to the Federal Minister of Industry, Trade & Investment, and Nigerian Customs Service).

“This is to improve the business environment, with pilot projects in Kano and Kaduna to improve the procedures for obtaining land titles, and business licences,’’ he said.

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Kanywood Expulsion: Embattled Actress, Rahama Sadau Finally Reacts In A Statement

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Prominent Kannywood actress Rahama Sadau, who was recently banished from the Hausa Movie Industry for featuring in a romantic musical video, has finally reacted to her expulsion.

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On Sunday, the Motion Pictures Practitioners Association of Nigeria (MOPPAN) had expelled her from the Hausa Movie Industry following her role in a romantic musical video by Jos born singer, ClassiQ – where she appeared in series of visuals hugging and cuddling the music artist.

Click Here To Watch Video

Kanywood Expulsion: Embattled Actress, Rahama Sadau Finally Reacts In A Statement
Kanywood Expulsion: Embattled Actress, Rahama Sadau Finally Reacts In A Statement

However, the embattled actress today took to her Twitter account to react.

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Part of her statement reads:

“It was a job and I was carrying out my role in my profession as I would in any other production.”

“To those that I have offended in any way, shape or form and who I have caused any anxiety by featuring in the said music video, I sincerely apologise.

“The outcome of the events that have taken place has come as a surprise to us all. I may have fallen short of some people’s expectations, but it was never my intentions. I make no excuses for my actions and I take full responsibility.

“I implore us all to be more tolerant and forgiving towards one another and to cease all the senseless abuse, name calling and back biting. This achieves nothing other than to cause a huge divide among us.”

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‘JAMB Cut-Off Points For Colleges Of Education Should Be The Highest’

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Dimeji Bankole, a former Speaker, House of Representatives, has called on the Joint admissions and matriculation board (JAMB) to increase the entry cut-off points into the nation’s colleges of education.

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Speaking on Thursday at the second distinguished guest lecture of the Year 2016 Registry Day of the Federal College of Education, Osiele, Abeokuta, the former speaker stated that Nigerians have the potentials to change the country and further influence global development in a big way.

But in other for this to become conceivable, the country must put her best foot forward.

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Bankole, while advocating for the increase of the current cut-off points of 130 for entry into the colleges of education, stated that the present cut-off points did not augur well for the builders and moulders of future leaders.

He noted that Nigeria was suffering from bad leadership because of bad teachers.

He said, “At present, to gain admission into universities and polytechnics, students must achieve pass marks at or above the cut-off points of 160-180.

“On the same scale of measurement, the cut-off point for admission to a college of education is 130. This means that the system is pre-disposed to select poorer academic performers to train as teachers for our children.”

“If we are selecting poorer academic performers to train and teach our students, how can we expect our students to be high achievers, if all through their formative academic years, they are separated from the brightest  minds and not forced to push themselves past the standards and achievements of individuals who are unable to gain admission into university?

“This is no joking matter. Our colleges of education should have the highest cut-off points, attract the smartest students, because they matter too much for the future of this country.”

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Nigerian Troops Slaughter 5 kidnappers In Bauchi

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Troops of the Nigerian Army on Sunday slaughtered five suspected kidnappers at their hideout in Bauchi State.

The showdown with the kidnappers took place almost the same time soldiers in southern part of Borno State captured a Boko Haram suspect alongside three women believed to be wives of Boko Haram members.

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A statement was issued on Sunday by the spokesman of the Nigeria Army, Sani Usman, a Colonel, with respect to this.

According to the statement, at about 1.30p.m., “troops of 33 Brigade Nigerian Army deployed at Forward Operation Base (FOB) Ningi, on routine patrol, came across suspected kidnappers at Dutsen Makurd, Ningi Local Government Area”.

It added that the suspected kidnappers opened fire on the troops, leading to an exchange of fire and the killing of five of the kidnappers.

Mr. Usman, in the statement, divulged that the troops recovered three guns and other weapons.

The statement also said that in faraway Kwaya-Kusar local government areas of Borno, a suspected Boko Haram terrorist, Adamu Nuhu, was arrested.

He was nabbed following a tip-off, Mr. Usman said.

“Similarly, at about 5.43pm yesterday 3 women suspected to be spouses of wanted Boko Haram terrorists and logistics suppliers were arrested at Miringa market by vigilante members in the town”, said Mr. Usman.

The women were later handed over to soldiers.

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D’Antoni Experimenting With Rockets Rotation

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Rockets head coach Mike D’Antoni could once again pick a different five to play the Knicks on Tuesday, and a different one next week in China against Pelicans.

According to him, the tweaks are experiments to determine his final rotation that he’ll use in his last two preseason games and then the regular season.

On Sunday, Pat Beverley, James Harden, Trevor Ariza, Ryan Anderson and Clint Capela started, with Eric Gordon, Nene, Corey Brewer and K.J. McDaniels first off the bench. Pablo Prigioni followed at point guard with Sam Dekker playing as a power forward.

“You look at who would be a good starter and who would be good coming off the bench, who plays with whom, and we’ll try different things on Tuesday,” D’Antoni said. “We’ll try something different over in China. Every coach has an inkling of what it should be. That doesn’t mean it is. We’ll just try to evaluate the best we can.

“When the season starts, it could change again to something different. But right now, we’re trying to figure out opening night what we’re going to do.”

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Aymeric Laporte Reveals He Spoke To Pep Guardiola And Then Rejected A Chance To Join Manchester City

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Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte has revealed he spoke with Manchester City for ‘a long time’ before snubbing a move to the Etihad.

Laporte penned a new deal with the La Liga outfit after extensive talks with Blues boss Pep Guardiola over the summer.

The 22-year-old has earned his first call-up to the France squad after recovering from a broken leg suffered just before Euro 2016.

Laporte told RTL: “How did I say no to Pep? By looking at the pros and cons. I spoke with him for a long time, as well as with my club. I also looked at my family, my entourage.

“It wasn’t too early. It was just pros and cons: amount of time on the pitch, me recovering from injury. These aren’t easy things to think about at my age. In the end, I had to make a choice. I did, and I’m happy.”

Laporte also revealed the release clause in his new contract, which stands at €65million for the first two years and €70million for the following two.

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Mario Balotelli : I Only Spoke To Jurgen Klopp Once 

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Mario Balotelli claims he spoke to Jurgen Klopp “once” and says neither Liverpool nor AC Milan were “ideal environments” for him.

The 26-year-old joined Milan in January 2013 before moving to Liverpool the following year but never settled on Merseyside and returned to the San Siro on loan last season where he struggled with injury.

He appears to be more settled after joining Nice, where he has scored six goals in five games.

Klopp doesn’t know me, I spoke to him once, he told me to go somewhere else, work hard and then return,” Balotelli told Sky Italia.

“So I said goodbye to them, and that we wouldn’t be seeing each other again.”

He also claimed both Milan and Liverpool “weren’t adapted to me”, adding: “It wasn’t anyone’s fault. They weren’t ideal environments for me.

“I didn’t make mistakes in terms of my game or my behaviour, but I did get injured and that’s not something I can control.”

Balotelli described the climate at Milan as confusing but, despite picking up a red card after scoring the winner for Nice against Lorient on Sunday, he says he is feeling settled in France.

“The problem there [Milan] is the administration,” Balotelli said. “There’s only one person who is phenomenal, and that’s [club CEO, Adriano] Galliani. All the rest is just… confusion.

“At the start, I chose Nice for the climate, I wanted to be in a relaxing but beautiful place, where it’s difficult to get out the wrong side of the bed. The other reason I chose Nice is because there’s a decent group of young players. We’re all about the same age.”

Balotelli was not selected for Italy’s upcoming World Cup qualifiers at home to Spain and away in Macedonia and has not played for the national side since the defeat to Uruguay in the final group match of the 2014 World Cup.

However, he says he wants to get back to his best form before a return to Giampiero Ventura’s squad.

“It was right not to select me because I didn’t deserve it,” Balotelli said. “It’s better for Ventura to not select me this time around because when I return, I want to be at my best.”

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte watched Torino’s 2-1 victory over Fiorentina on Sunday, triggering speculation the Blues could make a move for on-loan Manchester City and England ‘keeper Joe Hart.

Steve Bruce has been backed for the vacant Aston Villa job, despite his past as a player and manager of Birmingham City, by Alex McLeish.

Athletic Bilbao defender Aymeric Laporte has revealed he spoke with Manchester City for “a long time” before snubbing a move to the Etihad.

Chelsea do not have a buy-back clause inserted in Thorgan Hazard’s contract, according to the Belgian’s club Borussia Monchengladbach.

Arsene Wenger is the ideal choice to replace Sam Allardyce as England manager believes former Arsenal favourite Marc Overmars.

Swansea snubbed Manchester United legend Ryan Giggs for the manager’s job after an ‘underwhelming’ interview.

Manchester United have sent scouts to watch Genk’s highly-rated Jamaican winger Leon Bailey.

Ander Herrera is taking heart from Manchester United’s title capitulation of 2012 as they struggle for consistency.

Sam Allardyce renamed the WIFI connection in his St George’s Park base ‘BIG SAM’S OFFICE’.

Paul Pogba needs time to settle at Manchester United, claims France boss Didier Deschamps.

Cesc Fabregas could be set to leave Chelsea and join Italian giants AC Milan in a player plus cash deal.

Gareth Southgate will be hoping it is a sign of things to come with England U17s smashing Germany 8-1 on Monday.

Video referees could be used in the Premier League next season.

Chelsea boss Antonio Conte wants to start a stunning January restructure with four signings from La Liga, according to reports in Spain.

Thibaut Courtois has hit back at criticism of him this season and lamented the fact that in England the goalkeeper always gets the blame.

Gareth Southgate has warned Wayne Rooney over tactical discipline ahead of the World Cup Qualifiers.

West Ham remain hopeful that police will be deployed inside the London Stadium for this month’s potentially volatile League Cup clash with Chelsea, even though a new radio system will not have been installed.

Manchester United scouts watched Antoine Griezmann at the weekend with the club weighing up a big money swoop.

Manchester United legend Teddy Sheringham reckons Wayne Rooney needs to get aggressive to rediscover his form.

Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi could be offered a swift return to Marseille, according to sensational reports in France.

Aston Villa will turn to Steve Bruce if they can’t persuade Huddersfield manager David Wagner to give up the team he has taken to the top of the Championship.

Sam Allardyce has not apologised to Roy Hodgson for mocking his speech impediment during conversations with undercover reporters that led to his losing the England job last Thursday.

Hector Bellerin could reject an offer to stay at Arsenal and leave for Manchester City in the summer.

In his posthumously released autobiography, Johan Cruyff, has revealed how he saved future Manchester City head coach Pep Guardiola from the axe at Barcelona.

Chelsea goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois has insisted he is ‘happy’ at the club, despite links of a move back to Spain.

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Arsenal To Offer Hector Bellerin New Contract

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Arsenal are set to offer Hector Bellerin a five-year contract to warn off interest from Barcelona and Manchester City, according to the Daily Mirror.

Bellerin’s future has been the subject of speculation recently with Manchester City and Barcelona both reportedly keeping tabs on his situation.

The 21-year-old has three years to run on his current deal, but Arsenal are keen to offer him lucrative new terms in a bid to ward off potential interest.

Bellerin joined Arsenal from Barcelona as a 16-year-old in 2011 and the Catalan club have continued to monitor his progress, with vice-president Jordi Mestre expressing his admiration for the player.

Mastre told SPORT: “We’ve already seen him as a Cule! He’s a great player, there’s no doubt about that.

“Wenger convinced him to move [in 2011] and promised him something which we couldn’t.

“We could not promise him that within two years he would be playing in Dani Alves’ place.”

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Ander Herrera Gets First Spain Call Up

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Ander Herrera might be getting his first international start with Spain’s national team, after he was included in the world cup qualifiers squad.

The Manchester United man has previously played for Spain in the U-21 and U-23 class, but has not been picked at the senior level.

However, his showing in the EPL has prompted his selection to the squad to face Italy and Albania by coach Julen Lopetegui.

After spending the first few weeks on the bench, Herrera has forced his way into United’s starting XI under Jose Mourinho and has forged a promising partnership with Paul Pogba.

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Tim Sherwood Open To Aston Villa Return 

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Tim Sherwood says he would consider a second spell in charge of Aston Villa after Roberto Di Matteo was sacked with the club sitting 19th in the Championship table.

The former Spurs coach worked under former chairman Randy Lerner. But while he doesn’t know new owner Dr Tony Xia, Sherwood would be keen to discuss the role with the new chairman.

Sherwood said: “I don’t know these owners. I was there under a different regime.

“The guy I was with (Randy Lerner) wanted out so it was a really difficult situation for me.

When you go into a club where someone where someone wants to really pick it up and take it forward then it’s a great opportunity for any young manager.

“I’d be no different to anyone else (in being interested).”

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Balotelli: I Have No Rapport With Klopp

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Mario Balotelli has revealed he has no relationship whatsoever with Jurgen Klopp, whose only instruction to him was to leave the Reds on loan.

The Italy forward was brought to Anfield by Brendan Rodgers in 2015 and was sent back to Milan on loan, after he failed to make a mark with Liverpool.

He is now playing for Nice – where he has scored six goals in his first five games – after leaving Liverpool on a free transfer late in the summer window.

And Balotelli has revealed that there was never any chance of him making a comeback at Anfield due to his non-existent rapport with Klopp.

“Klopp? I don’t know him,” Balotelli told Sky Sport Italia. “He just told me to leave Liverpool on loan and then to come back. I said: ‘Thanks, bye.’”

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