Ciara Drops Lawsuit Against Future

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Ciara has reportedly dropped her defamation lawsuit against rapper ex-fiance and father of her son, Future.

The lawsuit, which was filed back in February, sought $15 million for slandering her name in public and making it seem like she was a bad mother to their son, baby Future.

Then in July, she reportedly filed additional documents to support her lawsuit after claiming Future’s social media attacks on her caused her to lose out on half a million dollars and that he also threatened to murder her current husband, American football star Russell Wilson on his song ‘Juice’ rapping “Tryna f**k my baby mama, dog what’s up with you? / You gon’ make me get that heat, I’m pulling up on you”.

Earlier this year, Future had filed a countersuit against the singer, claiming his alleged social media slander could not affect her reputation since she didn’t have that large of a following anyway, a suit he later dismissed after he won joint custody of their son.

For her to have won the defamation lawsuit, Ciara would’ve had to prove that she had suffered financially because of Future’s tweets, which she couldn’t. So she’s dropped the libel claim.

However, the legal battle between the both of them is far from over as Ciara is still suing Future for something called a “false light,” which legally means that he has portrayed her as someone she’s not. Unlike her initial libel suit, she doesn’t need to prove her financial loss to continue with this suit so the case will continue.

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Africa’s Stars To Pay Tribute To Manu Dibango, King Sunny Ade, Papa Wemba At AFRIMA 2016

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The performance stage of the 2016 All Africa Music,Awards,  AFRIMA, will come alive on Sunday, November 6 at Eko Hotels & Suites, Lagos in Nigeria as African music stars line up for pulsating and emotive tribute performances in honour of Manu Dibango, King Sunny Ade and late Papa Wemba, three of Africa’s renowned music legends.

In partnership with the African Union Commission, AUC, and the support of the Official Host City, Lagos State, AFRIMA 2016 grand awards ceremony is preceded by The AFRIMA Music Village on Friday November 4, 2016, a non-stop music concert with over 40 African artistes performing live at the Waterfront, Bar Beach, Victoria Island, Lagos in Nigeria. Thousands of guests expected in Lagos for the various events.

82-year-old Cameroonian saxophonist and vibraphone player Manu Dibango, is hailed for making an enormous contribution to African music as a whole. Nicknamed ‘The Lion of Cameroon’, Manu Dibango is recognised for developing a music style fusing jazz, funk and traditional Cameroonian music. His song “Soul Makossa” has influenced several popular music hits, including Michael Jackson’s “Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin”, as well as his recording of that song with Akon, the Fugees’ “Cowboys”, and Rihanna’s “Don’t Stop the Music” and Comedian Eddie Murphy in his 1982 parody song “Boogie in your butt”.

Artiste-in-Residence at the Obafemi Awolowo University, Nigeria, King Sunny Ade is classified as one of the most influential musicians of his time. The Nigerian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist and two-time Grammy award nominee is known for his pioneering of modern world music. His stage performance is characterised by dexterous dancing steps and use of the guitar.

Papa Wemba, the late iconic musician from the Democratic Republic of Congo, who died at the age of 67 on April 24, 2016 during a stage performance in Cote d’Ívoire, also pioneered a blend of African, Cuban and Western sounds which became one of Africa’s most popular music styles. Dubbed the ‘King of Rhumba Rock’, Papa Wemba was also a fashion icon who popularised the La Sape look and style through his musical group Viva la Musica, with whom he performed on stages throughout the world.

Speaking about the purpose of the tribute, President and Executive Producer, AFRIMA, Mr. Mike Dada said: “Contemporary African stars will be pledging their loyalty to these grassroot legends of African music to show the beauty of their music through outstanding performances on stage during the AFRIMA awards. It is also a means of showing the younger generation that they can connect to music made by older generations of artistes and use this to unite the world through music.”

Mr. Dada described these three music icons as the ‘voices of African music and the epitome of Africanness’.

Some of the top African artistes billed to honour the legacy of the three African legends include: Kiss Daniel (Nigeria); Diamond Platnumz (Tanzania); Brymo (Nigeria); Wax Dey (Cameroon); Seyi Shay (Nigeria); Fally Ipupa (DRC), Yemi Alade (Nigeria); Victoria Kimani (Kenya); Tiwa Savage (Nigeria); Aramide (Nigeria); Niniola (Nigeria); YCee (Nigeria); TJAN (Nigeria) and Flavour (Nigeria) among others.

Meanwhile, public voting continues on AFRIMA website via the platform.

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First Trailer For ‘Logan’ Drops

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Come one, come all.. we have finally gotten a first look at what Logan would be like, and I must say I’m impressed.

The third Wolverine movie titled Logan would feature Hugh Jackman for one last time as the beast Wolverine. As it’s been reported, the movie will have a much darker vibe than the previous movies in the X-Men collection, and even superhero movies as a whole.



So what do we know about Logan so far? Well first and most obvious thing to notice is that we are getting Old Man Logan, yes, yes we are. The trailer shows us a bloody, pained and older looking Wolverine, an even older looking Patrick Stewart as Professor X and a mysterious young girl.

Now, according to what we’ve been hearing about the movie, it’s 2024 and all the other mutants have been eradicated so who is the young girl? Well if you listened properly while watching the trailer, you would have heard Professor X explain to Wolverine “she’s like you, very much like you”.  The young girl is most likely Laura Kinney a.k.a X-23.

Brief history of X-23, she’s the product of lab experiments. Some scientists were trying to recreate Weapon X (Wolverine) but they kept failing as the piece of Wolverine’s DNA they had contained only a healthy X-chromosome, the Y-chromosome was damaged. After failing 22 attempts, they succeeded on the 23rd which brought about the name X-23. Like Logan, she has the metallic claws but instead of three claws in both fists like him, she’s got two in both fists and one that comes out of her feet. However unlike Wolverine she was raised from birth to be a killer so she might be even more vicious.

Also even though we’ve been given hints of Caliban (played by Stephen Merchant) being in the movie, it looks like he didn’t make this first trailer… or did he? Caliban is an albino mutant with the ability to sense and track other mutants, also he rolls with a group of outlawed mutants collectively known as the Morlocks. So maybe we’ll also have the Morlocks eh? Man can but hope.



Is this Caliban?

Wolverine 3 a.k.a Logan hits cinemas March 3, 2017.

Watch the trailer here.

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South African Tourism Hosting – Day 1

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South African Tourism West Africa has organized an 8 day tour to South Africa for top celebrities & media personalities to explore the beautiful sceneries and culture of the country.

The fun-filled, eight-day experience, will focus on the North West Provinces of South Africa In attendance: Praiz, AY, Noble Igwe, Jackie Appiah, Sisi Yemmie, Olori Supergal, Taymi of Cool FM, Juliet Ibrahim, Idia Aisien, Ameyaw Debrah, Dami of Beat FM, Omalicha of Rhythm FM, Mamavi of Joy FM, Kelechi Amadi Obi, Okoka Dhanuska, Liz Osho, Abdulahi Mohammed, Ighorodge Okiemute (winner of MTN Project Fame), Hloni Pitso, Jennifer Awoh and Stella Aghedo.

After a 5 hours flight, the guests arrived at O.R Tambo International Airport Johannesburg this morning from Lagos on South African Airways (SAA). The guests where transferred to The Maslow hotel where they had breakfast and had time to relax at their Wayfarer Lounge to wear off their jet lag before departing to Sun-City.

The drive to Sun-City was a beautiful experience as the guests got to view the amazing beauty of South Africa. Sun-City is internationally recognized for its superb resort offering of hotels, attractions, and world class events. Sun-city is about 2 hours’ drive from Johannesburg and it provides plenty to see and do in a malaria free landscape.

The guests arrived at Sun-city and where conveyed to The Cascades hotel, a five star hotel that is surrounded by water falls. The group checked into their various rooms and then after transferred to The Palace of the lost City where they had lunch by the pool side.

After the well needed rest after lunch, the group went on a game drive at the Pilanesberg National Park where they got to see male lions, rhinoceros and elephants. It was fun to experience this as the animals where in their natural habitat and the guests got to see them up close.

Keep your eyes glued for the activities and experiences throughout the trip. It’s another fun day tomorrow.

image1 image1-4 image2-4 image3-2 image6 unnamed-1 unnamed-3 unspecified-8

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Nigeria Move Up To 60th Place In FIFA Rankings

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The Super Eagles of Nigeria on Thursday jumped four places to sit at 60th position in the latest rankings released by world football governing body, FIFA.

The Nigerian national team is also now the 11th ranked team in Africa, sharing the position with Morocco. Argentina remain in first position while Germany have moved to second as Belgium dropped to fourth. Brazil also moved from fourth to third with Colombia in fifth.

Spain, who beat Belgium in a friendly last month, are back in the top 10 while Euro 2016 surprise package Wales slid one place to 11th.

The Top 10 countries in the latest FIFA rankings are

  1. Argentina

  2. Germany

  3. Brazil

  4. Belgium

  5. Colombia

  6. Chile

  7. France

  8. Portugal

  9. Uruguay

  10. Spain

With Nigeria down in 60th.

  1. Nigeria (+4)

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Kitchen, Living Room And The Other Room, By Azu Ishiekwene

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Kitchen, Living Room And The Other Room, By Azu Ishiekwene

I feel sorry for the First Family. In a recession where everything seems down, gossip about the Buharis is obviously the new stimulus. And it’s trending as if our recovery depends on it. It all started with the interview that First Lady Aisha Buhari granted the BBC Hausa Service.

She said outsiders had hijacked the government, expressed the fear that we might soon witness the rebellion of 15 million voters, and warned that if her husband did not change course, she would not campaign for him in the next election.

This piece was written by Azu Ishiekwene. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Aisha’s comment caught fire, leaving the public sharply divided but with party insiders firmly behind her.

On one side are those who describe her interview as the anguished cry of a genuinely concerned wife, woman and citizen. While it may seem that she burned her husband at the stake, her sympathisers insist that she could not have granted the interview if she still had his ear. It’s the Nollywood equivalent of A Desperate Housewife.

Unpacking President Buhari’s Perspective On Women

The “hijackers” (three or four in number, according to Aisha) not only seized Buhari from his loyal base and from the public, they have also seized him from his wife. Her patriotic duty was to cry out to retrieve her husband for herself and country. She should therefore not be judged by the unintended consequences of her action, but by her pure, redeeming motive.

Nonsense, say those on the other side. There’s nothing altruistic about Aisha in the interview. It’s the outburst of a woman who has refused to come to terms with the fact that her husband had said, from the beginning, that he would have no place for the Office of First Lady. An additional personal slight, they say, might be the failure of her nominees – mostly party insiders – to get government appointments.

Yes, she campaigned for her husband but did she do so only to throw him under the bus at a time when he needs her support the most? Does she even need to talk about not campaigning for Buhari in 2019 when she had already given the opposition a long stick to beat him?

I don’t know what Aisha thought the morning after. A few insiders have even suggested that the BBC interview was not a mistake; that she knew exactly what she was doing. I think it was a mistake. Even though we all like to get high on gossip about the Joneses, let the spouse who would like to be at the receiving end of a public rebuke by their wife or husband raise his hand.

The Unaired Part Of Mrs Buhari’s Interview, By Jaafar Jaafar

I’ll come to Buhari’s response about the kitchen, the living room and the other room later.

It is convenient to create a hashtag standing by Aisha, or to argue that she had to do what she did for the millions of increasingly frustrated voters who brought her husband to power. But since this spat broke out, I’ve struggled in vain to find a spouse who would like to be in Buhari’s shoes. I’ve also looked in vain for the equivalent of this feud in recent history.

Of course, there’s plenty of it in beer parlour gossip. How Maryam Babangida purportedly charged at her husband, then military president, shortly before his pulling-out parade on his last day in office and mocked him along the corridor in the Villa for not being man enough to fend off Sani Abacha and other hawks who wanted him out.

Another example was the purported feud amongst Obasanjo’s wives and the former president’s futile battles to scrap the Office of First Lady. Rumours of how Bishop John Onaiyekan used to settle domestic quarrels between former President Jonathan and Dame Patience and how the dame fought hard to secure her territory from encroachment by some well-endowed intruders around the Villa.

But nothing like this. Not even at the height of Jonathan’s famous cluelessness as he danced on the verge of a self-inflicted electoral defeat did Patience call him out publicly.

‘My Wife Belongs To My Kitchen’ – Buhari Reacts To Aisha’s ‘Controversial’ BBC Interview

Buhari’s response did not help matters. He probably meant it as a joke, something to take the sting out of the public response to his wife’s interview. But it was all wrong and indefensible. For a Nigerian president to say – in the presence of Chancellor Angela Merkel and Defence Minister, Ursula Gertrud von der Leyen (both women) – that his own wife belongs to “the kitchen, the living room and the other room” is as tasteless as Donald Trump’s locker room joke.

That comment should not have been conceived or even made in a locker room.

It is troubling that Buhari’s family – his last line of defence – has become the butt of popular jokes at a time when his government is struggling. I cannot count how many articles I have read in the last one week – quite a good number by spouse beaters, couples whose marriages are collapsing and survivors of many failed marriages – all purporting to teach Buhari, a grandfather and a man married for decades, how to keep his home.

Regardless of his casual attempt to brush it off, Buhari must be asking himself how it came to this.

As Leo Tolstoy said, every family is different in its own way and endures its misery in its own peculiar way. We all go through rough times, believe me. It is not the time to suggest, as Senator Roland Owvie did in his interview with Vanguard, that Aisha should return to her parents in 24 hours or to insinuate, as Femi Fani-Kayode has done, that Buhari is possessed of resident demons in the Villa.

We feel badly let down, no doubt, and I believe that we should hold the First Family to a much higher standard. But before we post those sunny photos suggesting that our own marriages are made in heaven, perhaps we should remind ourselves that the Buharis are just human. Let’s find a place in our hearts to judge less harshly and to forgive more freely.

I May Not Support You In 2019 Election – Aisha Warns Her Husband, Buhari

I would like to think that Aisha intended to save her husband, and that Buhari intended to correct his wife, too. Regrettably, the rest is fodder.

Can we get back to the bread and butter issues, please?

Azu Ishiekwene is the MD/Editor-In-Chief of The Interview and member of the Board of the Paris-based Global Editors Network.

This piece was written by Azu Ishiekwene. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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2016 Recruitment: Navy Releases Names Of 2,850 Successful Candidates | Check Yours Here

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The Nigerian Navy has released the list of 2, 850 successful candidates for its 2016 Batch 25 Recruitment Exercise which was conducted as from 15 August to 12 September, 2016 at Navy Town, Lagos.

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A statement signed by Commodore Christian Ezekobe from the Naval Headquarters, read:

 “A total number of 2850 candidates were successful in the exercise.

“However, they are to be trained in two batches (Batch A and Batch B).

“While successful candidates in the first batch will commence training on 6 November 2016, Batch B will commence training on 21 May 2017.

“Consequently, candidates who participated in the final selection interview held on the date stated above are advised to log on to Nigerian Navy recruitment portal with effect from Wednesday 19 October 2016.”

The successful candidates are to check their results and other requirements for their training at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School Onne, Port Harcourt, Rivers State.

Read below as published on the official website of the Nigeria Navy:

The under listed candidates were successful in the 2016 Nigerian Navy Recruitment Exercise conducted nationwide. The candidates are to report for training in 2 different batches at the Nigerian Navy Basic Training School, Onne Port Harcourt as follows:

Candidates that fail to report 7 days after the indicated dates will be disqualified. Furthermore, all candidates are to report with the following:

  • Original and photocopies of credentials.
  • Six (6) passport photographs.
  • Two (2) white vest T shirts.
  • Two (2) white singlets.
  • Two (2) pairs of navy blue shorts.
  • One pair each of white and brown canvas shoes.
  • Personal items such as toothbrushes, toothpaste, underwears, toiletries, cutleries etc.
  • Two (2) black skin tight for females.
  • Two (2) set of civil dresses (English/Traditional).
  • Two (2) navy blue bed sheets.
  • Two (2) navy blue pillow cases.
  • Two (2) pairs of swimming trunks.
  • One plastic bucket.

All the items listed above will be checked before any candidate is admitted to commence training.

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Nigeria Customs Fires 29 Senior Officers

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The Nigeria Customs Service on Thursday announced the dismissal of 29 senior officers for various acts of gross misconduct.

READ ALSO: Governor Ambode Sacks 3 Commissioners In Lagos

The affected officers are among 44 senior officers who were punished for actions capable of compromising national economy and security, a statement signed by Custom’s spokesperson, Wale Adeniyi said.

The statement read:

“Twenty-nine (29) Senior officers of the Nigeria Customs Service have been dismissed for various acts of gross misconduct. The dismissed officers are among forty-four (44) Senior officers who were punished for actions capable of compromising national economy and security.

“Ten (10) other officers were retired from Service, while the appointment of one (1) was terminated. Four (4) officers were given written warnings to be of better conduct while another 4 officers who were investigated and tried for some offences were exonerated. Four (4) of the officers who got the hammer were of the rank of Deputy-Comptroller of Customs, while five (5) were Assistant-Comptroller. Others were seven (7) Chief Superintendents of Customs and four (4) Superintendents, among others.

“Comptroller-General of Customs, Col. Hammed Ali (Rtd) had made it clear upon his assumption of duties that the Service will not compromise on Corruption and Indiscipline among the officers corps. In line with this, the structure and process for investigation of offences was strengthened to handle cases reported promptly and professionally. “We will give all officers fair hearing in line with the principle of natural justice. We will however insist that sanctions be punitive, not only to match the offence committed, but to serve as deterrent to others”, the CGC remarked at Management meeting convened to consider the report of the Disciplinary Committee that investigated the cases.

“The process leading to the actions taken on the officers was painstaking in line with the Public Service Rules (PSR). All the officers were served with Queries indicating offences committed, before they made appearances before the Special Investigation Committee. The Committee’s recommendation was discussed and approved by the Customs Management. The recommendation was thereafter referred to the Presidency for ratification, in the absence of a substantive Board for the Nigeria Customs Service. All the officers affected in the exercise have been communicated accordingly.

“The Comptroller-General warned officers that punitive sanctions will continue to be used to discipline officers who refuse to embrace change.

“Officers affected in this exercise were investigated for involvement in improper examination and release of containers without proper documentation and payment of duties, illegal release of goods in advance before the arrival of vessels, collection of bribe to release prohibited items, release of export prohibitions, fraudulent sale of seized items, use of fake certificates and bribery to secure auctioned goods.

“Last week, seventeen (17) Junior officers were similarly dismissed from service for offences like bribery, drug addiction, use of fake certificates and absence from duty.”

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Religious Leaders, Monarchs, Others Grace Coronation Of Oba Of Benin

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The coronation of the Crown Prince Eheneden Erediauwa as the 39th Oba of Benin Kingdom is ongoing in Edo state as royal fathers, religious leaders, retired army generals and members of the State Executive Council grace the venue amidst tight security.

Religious Leaders, Monarchs, Others Grace Coronation Of Oba Of Benin

Religious Leaders, Monarchs, Others Grace Coronation Of Oba Of Benin [Twitter: Dave Osas]

The dignitaries started arriving Urhokpota as early as 8.00 a.m. amidst tight security within the Oba Ovoramwan Square.

The sitting positions have been made by the coronation planning committee with names of expected guests pinned to the specially designed chairs.

At the time of filling this report, President Muhammadu Buhari and members of the diplomatic corps, among other respected personalities, are still being expected.

Edo Declares Thursday Public Holiday As Benin Crown Prince Chooses Coronation Name

Some of the early arrivals are Eze Ogbunechende of Ezema Olo, Chairman of Enugu Council, Charles Airhvbere, Parry Osayande, Augustine Obiora Akubese, the Catholic Archbishop of Benin City, among others.

Also, members of the Diplomatic Corps are among dignitaries already seated at the coronation venue of Mr. Erediauwa as the 39th Oba of Benin Kingdom.

A correspondent of the News Agency of Nigeria reports that some of countries whose diplomats are present include Great Britain, Namibia, Senegal, Italy, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Mauritania, Mali and Spain.

Oba Of Benin’s Coronation Scheduled For October 20

Others are Denmark, Sweden, Tanzania, Sao Tome, South Sudan, Argentina, Botswana, Angola and Albania.

The Crown Prince is expected to walk from the Usama Palace few kilometres to Urhokpota, where he will be crowned by the Ezama Chiefs led by Oliha.

Governor Adams Oshiomhole is expected to present him with staff of office after which the Oba will unveil the new crest before the public.


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Cunningham Sure He Will KO Ogogo

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Craig Cunningham has told Anthony Ogogo to expect the toughest fight of his career when they box on Saturday.

Cunningham challenges Anthony Ogogo for the WBC international middleweight title at the Barclaycard Arena.

The undefeated boxer will face Cunningham who believes he has the punch power and can take a surprise knockout victory.

“This is a huge opportunity for me,” Cunningham said. “They might think this is an easy night for them, that all they’ve got to do is turn up to win the belt.

“It’s down to me to prove otherwise. I’ve had my small hall brawls, now this is something I can really sink my teeth into.

“I don’t care about his record and his past achievements, to be honest, and he can’t bring that into the ring with him.

“He’s got pedigree but this is the pro game now, it’s totally different. It’s going to be a hard, hard night for him I can promise him that. I’m going to be his toughest fight as a pro and I am a massive underdog so I have got nothing to lose.

“You are going to see a different Craig Cunningham – I’m going to take it to him, get in there and look for the KO. I think I can knock him out because he hasn’t been hit by anybody like me.

“The belt is coming home with me, I’ve had a great camp and I just want to get my hands on him and show everyone what I can do.”

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PLAIN AND PATTERN: The Tour, The Workshop, The show – #IFS2016 in Pictures

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Independence F-art-shion Show 2016 has come and gone but not without glitz and glamour.

The show which has become one of the most anticipated events in the ancient city of Ibadan kickoff on Wednesday 28th September with the crew and designers visit the Alaafin of Oyo’s palace and Oyo Town.

#IFS2016 Fashion Workshop tagged maximising the profits in your fashion enterprise: Online, Offline and Through Collaborations held on the 29th. The aim of the workshop was to further boost the fashion enterprise in the state has the Special Assistant to the Governor of Oyo State on Social Media, Mr Babajide Fadoju as one of the speakers.

The grand finale which held at the prestigious palms mall on ring road in Ibadan was lit and it features one of the leading jewellery brands in the world Pandora on the runway.

The Show train isn’t stopping, residence of Lagos Nigeria should get ready as the most interactive fashion event debuts in Lagos on November 26- 27th, hashtag is #FSLagos

For more pictures and all the juicy updates please follow F-art-shion Show on Instagram and Twitter @f_art_shion or just visit


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Pique Ruled Out For Three Weeks

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Gerard Pique’s ankle injury, which he sustained in the UCL match against Manchester City, will keep him out for three weeks.

Barcelona Suffers Brace Of Injury In UCL, With Pique And Alba Limping Off

The Spanish defender was expected to be out for just 10 days, however, that doesn’t seem to be the case, as he will miss the matches against Valencia, Granada, Sevilla and the second leg against City.

Pique Opens Up About Van Gaal Ridiculing Him At Barcelona

Jordi Alba, meanwhile will miss two weeks having re-aggravated a hamstring problem, which was the initial expectation after he limped off on Wednesday.

Barca released a statement on Friday saying: “Both players were examined by team doctors after the match and were then re-evaluated on Thursday morning.

“Alba was replaced by Lucas Digne early in the first half after pulling up lame with what has been diagnosed as a strained left hamstring. He is expected to be out around two weeks.

“Pique was injured later in the first half after a tackle from David Silva and, after attempting to play through the pain, was replaced.

“He has been diagnosed with sprained ligaments in his right ankle and is expected to be out for around three weeks.”

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Dipo Abdul’s Nollywood Film Nominated in Berlin (IFFWC) 2016

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Award winning movie producer and director, Dipo Abdul has been nominated at the 2016 International Filmmakers Festival of world Cinema that is to hold in Berlin, Germany this October.

Dipo Abdul

Dipo Abdul

The director’s short film Deluded (a fool’s tale) was nominated under the category of talented new director. The film also nominated for the best lead actress in a short film played by Kiki Omeili.

‘DELUDED’ a short film (2015) went on to win the Best short film at the 2015 Best of Nollywood Awards. The film also got nominated in seven Categories at the 2015 In-short Film Festival in Lagos, winning for Best Cinematography and Best Actress. In the same year Deluded was nominated for Best short film and Viewer’s choice Award at the 2015 African International film festival and the Abuja International Film festival.

The serial mogul is presently working on a new Detective Crime Drama TV series tentatively titled DECEIT. Written by a team of writers lead by Abigail Anaba, Deceit tells the story of Detective Aisha, Head of Police SCID (Special Criminal Investigation Division) who dedicates her herself to finding the abductors of the Multi-millionaire Pastor’s son. During the course of the investigation, she is faced with so many trials and threats.

Click HERE to see full list of nominees

Watch trailer of Dipo Abdul’s “Deluded“ below

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Buhari Sends Names Of 46 Nominees To Senate For Confirmation As Ambassadors

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President Muhammadu Buhari has sent the names of 46 nominees to the Senate for confirmation as ambassadors.

This was contained in a letter forwarded to the Senate President Bukola Saraki and read on the floor of the plenary on Thursday, October 20.

Among the nominees are Pauline Tallen, Olorunibe Mamora and Musa Ibeto – a formerly nominated minister before his nomination was withdrawn in 2015.

What President Buhari Told The Just-Released 21 Chibok Girls (Full Remarks)

Also nominated are Yusuf Tugar, Usman Bugaje, Suleiman Hassan, Nurudeen Mohammed, and Jamila Ahmadu-Suka.

The president had earlier on June 9 sent a list of 47 new career ambassadors to the Senate for confirmation.

That list included Obinna Chukwuemeka, Salisu Umoru,Iyang Udoh Iyang, Okeke Vivian Nwanaku, Liman Munir, Edem Jane Ada, Mohammed Hassan Hassan, Martin Young Cobham, Janet Molegbo Olisah, Itegbuoye Sunday, Olatunde Adesesan, Lilian Ijekwu, Onu Manaja, and Tulahi Isa.

Also on the list were Ngozi Ukeje, Bello Kazaure Husseini, Enoch Pierre Ducci, Garba Baba, Usman Bakori Aliyu, Umar Zainab Salisu, Momoh Seidu Omeiza, Kadiri Audu, Balogun Hakeem, Nosa Ahmed, Ibrahim Isa, Bankole Adegboyega Adeoye, Ibidapo Obe Oluwasegun, Ogundaro Sakirat, Eric A. Belgam, and Ateru Haliru.

The remaining nominees were Ramota Bulima, Musa Mamman, Kabiru Bala, Adamu Shuaibu, D. A Agiv, T.K Gonglong, Ibrahim Hamza, K.C Nwachukwu, Q.R Wolu, E.K Oguntuwase, A.I Paragauda, L.A Gasharga, Olufemi Abikoye, Abubakar Ibrahim, Rabiu Kawu, Odeka Janet Bisong and Adekunbi Habeebat.

See list below:buhari-senatebuhari-senate-jpg3

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Walcott Jokes About Ozil’s Anonymity In First Half

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Theo Walcott is at it with his banter, jokingly poking fun at Mesut Ozil, after the midfielder scored a late treble in the 6-0 win over Ludogrets.

The Germany international scored a treble in the second half. But Walcott jokingly questioned why it took so long for him to wake up.

Walcott joked to reporters: “I could really throw him under the bridge here, first half he wasn’t around though was he?

“No, he’s a fantastic professional, fantastic player and I think it’s the second hat-trick he’s scored.

“And how easy he did it – he showed me how to score a hat-trick anyway!”

According to Walcott, his team-mate is a new man with an “aggressive” attitude, who is setting a superb example for his Arsenal team-mates to follow.

Ozil now has six goals in all competitions this season in Arsenal’s strong start and Walcott, who himself has eight, has been hugely impressed.

“He’s worked really hard, he’s looking strong and fit,” the Englishman added.

“You can see a new, more aggressive level about his play at the moment in time.

“He’s getting more ruthless in front of goal, he’s chipping in with a lot more goals than he has. So hopefully it can continue.

“We are all sort of on the right sort of rhythm together and when you have got that on the team it bodes well for the future, I think.”

Having won seven consecutive matches, Arsenal are next in action at home to Middlesbrough in the Premier League on Saturday.

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Aramide Reveals Album Title

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Singer Aramide is finally ready for the release of her debut album!

In an acoustic video released this morning, the AfroSoul Diva announced that her debut album would be titled Suitcase
“I have been on this journey. Me and my Guitar, I have got the Rhythm and the blues, the Jazz all in my suitcase ”

Scheduled for a November release, Aramide says her album will take listeners on a journey “Today I welcome you to take this journey with me as I put together a suitcase full of who I am. 
With my album I will share the sounds in my ear and the feeling in my heart”


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Troops Kill 4 Cattle Rustlers, Arrest 3 Kidnappers

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Troops attached to 1 Division, Nigerian Army, on Wednesday embarked on a raid on armed bandits and kidnappers’ hideouts in Zamfara and Kaduna states during which four cattle rustlers were killed.

The spokesperson of the Army, Col. Sani Usman, made this disclosure known in a statement in Abuja on Thursday.

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The statement said the troops, deployed under the ‘Operation Sharan Daji’ a special military campaign aimed at dislodging all camps and hideouts of armed criminals, also arrested three suspected kidnappers at some bushy locations in Kaduna State.

It added that the operation, which was carried out on October 18 was a “raid on livestock rustlers and armed bandits’ camp at Barikin Daji forest near Masafa village in Talata Mafara Local Government Area of Zamfara State.”

“During the operation, the troops killed 4 bandits, recovered a motorcycle and destroyed all the camps at the forest.”

“Similarly troops of the same formation, in conjunction with local vigilante also carried out similar operation at the notorious livestock, armed bandits and kidnappers’ hideout in Anchau forest, Kubau Local Government Area, Kaduna State same day.

“During the operation, 3 kidnappers, Umaru Buje, Sanusi Shuaibu and Samaila Ibrahim were arrested by the troops.

“The arrested persons are currently being interrogated.”

Aside Boko Haram insurgency, kidnapping and cattle rustling have, in recent times, become another major threat to national security.

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FC Barcelona vs. Valencia CF – La Liga Matchup

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The sportsbook odds are used to showing a lot of love to FC Barcelona. But it’s perfectly understandable. After all, they have arguably the best player in all of football, surrounded by some of the best talent on the market. Barcelona has a long history of having incredible talents and the club is one of the few that always remains in the global spotlight. Because of this the odds are generally always tilted in Barcelona’s direction, and their next contest against Valencia CF is no exception.

Valencia has won three out of its previous four matches and many critics consider them to be a rising team within La Liga. They’ll be hosting the back-to-back champions in a 2016-17 La Liga regular season match to be held at the Mestalla Stadium on Saturday, October 22nd. Fans looking to tune in to find out the results of their predictions can do so at 10:15 am ET. The game can be streamed online via FuboTV.

La Liga – Saturday, October 22nd (Full Limits Available on Game Day)

FC Barcelona -1 ½ (+110) 3 ½ (+110) -245

Valencia CF +1 ½ (-130) 3 ½ (-130) +650

FC Barcelona – Valencia Draw +405

Odds Powered by

Keeping in line with the tradition, the sportsbook odds are heavily favoring Barcelona. But it’s not unwarranted, currently Barcelona ranks 4th in La Liga standing, while Valencia CF is much further down the list, sitting at a lowly 14th ranking. Coming into this game Barcelona sports 5 wins, 2 losses, and 1 draw in La Liga tournament, giving way to a total of 16 points. On the other hand, Valencia has 9 points after only winning 3 games and tying 0 (they also have 5 losses for the season). Even though their rankings are vastly different, both Valencia and Barcelona are coming into this contest with less than satisfactory standings and will be looking to turn that around against each other.

Valencia’s woes began last season, and despite all the changes in management, the club is still struggling to consistently find success. While it may be true that they’ve been struggling on the road, it’s also true that they’ve been struggling more at home. Valencia has lost the last 5 out of 6 La Liga home games. Since the game against Barcelona will be taking place in Valencia’s backyard, that figure is likely to become 6 out of 7.

In past years it didn’t matter whether Barcelona was playing on the road or at home. But in their last road game, Barcelona tasted defeat at the hands of Celta Virgo. Barcelona enjoyed an early 3 point lead but conceded 4 before the game was over. Last season, Barcelona lost against Valencia, and despite what the sportsbook odds say, Valencia could very well upset the favorite.

Barcelona is coming in as the overwhelming favorites, so picking them straight up isn’t going to be too advantageous. Likewise, the last time these teams drew against each other was in 2009, so it’s unlikely they’ll be drawing this Sunday. Looking over these lines, picking Barcelona to cover the spread seems like the most auspicious. Especially when considering that the vig is only 10%.

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Nigezie Launches #NigezieAtTen #FreedomFest Rap Contest

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8 Talented Rappers will go head to head in a live Freestyle Rap battle on Stage at the #NigezieAtTen #FreedomFest Concert at Muri Okunola park, Lagos on October 29th 2016.
To Qualify;
1. Upload a 1 minute video rapping about #NigezieAtTen
2. Post on Instagram with Caption including your Name, Stage Name and hashtag #NigezieAtTen #FreedomFest
3. Mention & Follow @nigezietv
4. When your video is reposted, tell your friends and family to like and view your video @nigezietv on instagram
5. The TOP 8 will qualify for the #FreedomFest  Rap Battle on concert day.
The winner will get an exclusive interview with Nigezie Tv, a free music recording session with a renowned music producer + A Free Music Video courtesy of NigezieTV.
This ONLINE Competition closes on August 27th,6pm
#NB: Participants with fake likes and views will be disqualified.

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VIDEO: Pro’Meth – Gotta Get It

Featured Image
Pro’meth resurfaces from the silent abyss with visuals for a single released earlier in 2016, Gotta Get It.

Although now Atlanta-based, this video was shot in Gwagwalada, Abuja during his visit in May. Pro’Meth returned to the STREETS of university of Abuja from which he graduated and built his impressive reputation and stream of competition wins (most notable being the Winner of Amshowtime’11 where he had a freestyle battle with Chocolate city veteran M.I Abaga, Winner of TraceTv/Nokia’s DBDB 2013 Rap Contest, VectorThaViper’s G.R.A.P music’s KingKong Contest 2015 and his appearance alongside ShowDemCamp at the very first Hennessy Cypher).

Check out the visuals and follow Pro’Meth on social media.


Social media handles:

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How Juventus Beat Manchester United To The Signing Of Rodrigo Bentancur

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Juventus have managed to pip Manchester United to the signing of Boca Juniors youngster Rodrigo Bentancur.

Boca Juniors president Daniel Angelici has revealed a number of clubs, including United, made offers for the 19-year-old midfielder

However, apparently Juventus had first option due to a stipulation in the deal that saw Carlos Tevez return to Boca last year, and the Serie A side have secured his signature.

“When I was in Switzerland recently Juventus informed me that that they were going to activate the option so I will travel to Turin soon in order to complete the deal,’ Angelici told TyC Sports.

“I think it’s very good business for Boca. Juventus will pay £6.7million for 50 per cent of his rights.

“He must have something because there were a lot of clubs interested. ‘Real Madrid made a proposal, Manchester [United] also came and Milan made a £12.5m formal offer to sign him.”

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Nigeria Set To End Disparity Between Polytechnic And University Graduates

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In an attempt to finally put an end to the academic disparity between polytechnic and university graduates, the Federal Government has stated that it will soon introduce a National Vocational Qualification Framework (NVQF).

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Announcing the plan on Wednesday in Lagos, the Rector of Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), Margareth Ladipo, at the 30th pre-convocation news briefing, said the framework was still being formulated by the National Board for Technical Education (NBTE), and would be adopted as soon as the paper work was completed.

With the framework in place, she said polytechnic graduates would write an examination which would place them at par with their counterparts in the university.

She said: “The Federal Government is working on the framework, the unions are also working on it and very soon, everything will be okay.

“If you go to developed countries, the framework is the way to end disparity between the HND and B.Sc.

“It is all about competency in education and on the job.

“Once you are skilled, if you have HND, by the time you take the NVQF examination and if you are more skilled than the person with the B.Sc., you are better.”

“The disparity will eventually be removed and there will be no problem again.

“For lecturers, they are not happy about the disparity because they are all parents and want the disparity to be removed.

“I want to assure that the only way it can be removed is to embrace skills acquisition.

“YABATECH is a centre for the United Nations Entrepreneur and Vocational Centre (UNEVOC) established to improve the skills of our youths.

“When our graduates pass through the centre, they do not have to look for white collar jobs.’’

On the upgrade of YABATECH to a degree awarding institution, the rector said the process was ongoing.

She added that a committee had visited the college to assess the facilities and staff strength.

The rector said that the college had also improved on its manpower, noting that many of the lecturers were PhD and Masters Degree holders.

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning 

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​Sam Allardyce is being lined up for a sensational return to Sunderland. A Chinese consortium bidding to buy the club will break the bank to bring back the former boss if they win control.

Hull City’s 17-year-old defender Josh Tymon is set for his Premier League debut on Saturday against Stoke while he is still on just £160 a week.

Sunderland have been handed a huge injury boost with Adnan Januzaj set to return from injury ahead of schedule.

In-demand Juventus defender Leonardo Bonucci was so desperate to play for Pep Guardiola that he called Manchester City about a transfer this summer, according to City’s chief executive.

Jurgen Klopp has admitted Liverpool are wary of West Brom’s threat from set-pieces ahead of their Anfield clash.

Gareth Southgate has been told his role as England’s Under-21s boss will be unaffected if he does not get the job with the senior team.

Former Everton and Manchester City striker Jo, now playing in China, has opened up about his battle with a drink habit.

MK Dons boss Karl Robinson has candidly declared that his team may have to “cheat more” in order to win matches.

Steve Bruce will hold talks with Jack Grealish after Aston Villa’s bad boy was handed a three-match ban for violent conduct.

Watford are ready to cut their losses and sell midfield misfit Mario Suarez.

Chelsea defender Tomas Kalas says he left the club to win something elsewhere.

David Moyes has been brought to Sunderland for the long term, the club’s chief executive has insisted.

Luke Shaw has lifted the lid on Manchester United’s antics in the dressing room by revealing Zlatan Ibrahimovic tells loads of jokes and Paul Pogba is dancing all the time.

Despite turning up late at both Tottenham and West Ham last season Manchester United will not change their travel plans when they head to London this weekend.

The question of whether England take Marcus Rashford to the European Under 21 Championship next summer has put the FA on a collision course with Manchester United.

Nottingham Forest owner Fawaz al-Hasawi has been asking potential buyers of the club for an annual salary that could rise above £1m and a series of financial demands that include an extraordinary clause entitling him to whatever the players earn in bonuses.

Manchester United made a bid for Uruguayan wonderkid Rodrigo Bentancur, who now looks set for Juventus after the Italian club activated a first option clause to buy the 19-year-old – part of the deal that saw Carlos Tevez go the other way.

Liverpool U23 boss Michael Beale has revealed Mamadou Sakho is close to full fitness as he eyes a return to the first-team.

Andre Ayew has returned to full training at West Ham well ahead of schedule from a serious thigh injury.

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Ancelotti: Bayern Fighting Atleti For Top Spot In Group

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Bayern manager Carlo Ancelotti has charged his men to build on the 4-1 victory over PSV in the champions league.

Muller and Kimmich were on target for Bayern, before Narsingh pulled one back for the visitors before the break.

Lewandowski scored the third goal for the Bavarians, before Robben rounded off a fine night with a header.

The result snapped a run of three games without a win for Bayern and Ancelotti is hoping that his side can still catch Atletico Madrid, who continue to lead Group D following their away win at Rostov.

“We played well – that was what I expected,” the Italian told reporters after the match. “We showed a good reaction. We had some problems at the end of the first half, but otherwise it was good.

“After 30 minutes of playing very well, we allowed the game to open up. We weren’t at 100 per cent for a few moments and they scored a fantastic goal from a counterattack. After the third goal, though, everything was good.

“We need to be at our best in the next few games as well to keep us in the battle with Atletico Madrid for top spot.”

Ancelotti’s assessment of the game was echoed by Robben who received a standing ovation from both sets of supporters when he was substituted with three minutes to go.

“Our start to the match was really good,” he said. “We dominated our opponents and, as a consequence, we scored two goals [in the first half].

“Our movements without the ball were not good at times and PSV created some chances. But during the second half we did it better and we dominated the match again.”

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Guardiola: Barcelona Thrashing Not The Worst Loss Of My Career

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Apparently losing to your old club by a 4-0 margin does not qualify as the worst loss for Pep Guardiola.

A hat trick from Messi and a lone goal from Neymar saw Barcelona cruise to a win at home against Manchester City on Wednesday.

Bravo was sent to the showers early in the second half, with City trailing by a goal. Matthieu was sent off later in the game.

Guardiola, however, denied it was his worst loss, pointing to a 4-0 defeat suffered against Real Madrid while he was at Bayern Munich in 2014.

“The worst defeat of my career was with Bayern against Madrid,” he said.

“It was the whole situation and the mistakes I made with the starting line-up.”

Guardiola felt his team created enough opportunities to get on the scoresheet, but he praised Barca’s quality.

“Last time with Bayern [in 2014] we didn’t create chances but today we did, we created chances to score one or two goals,” he said.

“But Barca can punish you, they have a lot of quality. We controlled, except the goal.”

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