1000 Graduates To Earn N50,000 ‘Each’ Per Month As Bus Conductors In Lagos

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In an attempt to stem the prevalent tide of unemployment, the government of Lagos state has reached an agreement with the Bus Conductors Association of Nigeria (BCAN), to employ 1000 graduates from different Universities as Bus Conductors.

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Speaking with Vanguard, the National President of BCAN, Comrade Israel Ade Adeshola, also averred that the new policy of the state government under the current leadership of Governor Akinwunmi Ambode is to give Bus Conducting profession a new look.

He said, “Presently Lagos state government through the Lagos State Drivers Institute, LASDRI is training and accrediting conductors in the state, adding that after the training the graduands would be employed as Bus Conductors and would be on the payroll of the government with a salary worth of N50,000 per month.

“The objective is to make the job of bus conducting attractive, respected and dignified as obtainable globally”.

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Goodbye, Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr. – Tope Oriola

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Goodbye, Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr., By ‘Tope Oriola

Ken Saro-Wiwa Jr. and I met at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua centre in Abuja in 2010 when I was conducting research for my book Criminal Resistance? The Politics of Kidnapping Oil Workers. I was eager to interview the scion of the Saro-Wiwa family. I was particularly interested in the symbolism of the extrajudicial assassination of the Ogoni Nine (including Ken’s father) and the turn to explicitly violent repertoires of protest in the Niger Delta. Ken sent me a text a few days after my interview with Alhaji Asari Dokubo. Ken was planning to travel to London and wanted to know if I was still in Abuja, so we could have the interview before his departure. It was quite thoughtful of him. I was no longer in Abuja but flew the following morning to meet him at the Nicon Hilton Hotel.

This article was written by Tope Oriola. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

I was shocked at the death of Ken on October 18, 2016 at the unripe age of 47. I remembered the one-hour-six-minute interview and Ken’s ebullience, confidence and acuity. I checked my records and listened once again to the interview. His voice, suave; his words, scintillatingly multichromatic and his understanding of the labyrinth of Nigeria’s oil-related insurgency profoundly befitting of the son of the lamb of Ogoni and lamp of the Niger Delta struggle for environmental justice and resource control. I also revisited Ken’s 261-page book In the Shadow of a Saint: A Son’s Journey To Understand His Father’s Legacy.

Ken’s life was shaped by the monumental size of his father’s life, oeuvre and legacy. The opening line of Ken’s book puts it succinctly: “My father. Where does he end and where do I begin? I seem to have spent my whole life chasing his shadow…Is my life predetermined by his?” Ken struggled (or was perhaps reluctant) to cope with the enormous pressure posed by the world-historical identity of his father. Ken senior once drove his son around the sites of his businesses and told his son that all he had was “for one purpose: to secure justice for our people”. Ken informed me that somehow everyone expected him to step into his father’s shoes without consideration for what he wanted for himself and the significant difference between his upbringing (largely in England) and that of his father. He did not have similar experiences as his father and did not want to be an activist.

However, fate had some other plans for the young Ken. He had to rally the world to avert the seemingly pre-determined judgment of the Justice Ibrahim Auta tribunal. Ken was in New Zealand making efforts to engage with the likes of Nelson Mandela and other heads of commonwealth states when it became clear that the Ogoni Nine had been executed. Ken was 26 years old when his father was hanged in 1995. The manner of Ken senior’s death was profoundly evocative for Ken Jr. The hangmen tried five times before succeeding: “His corpse was dumped in an unmarked grave; acid was poured on his remains and soldiers posted outside the cemetery”.

Ken Jr. was suddenly thrust on the world stage and was expected to lead a fight against global oil capital and its entrenched interests. Ken said that he “hesitated, then left the stage altogether, pleading political naiveté and the need for time” to mourn his father. The senior Ken’s novella Lemona’s Tale was delivered to Ken Jr. after his father’s death. Junior did not touch it for a year. After the deciding to read it, he realised that in some ways his father was communicating with his children through the book. The final line of Lemona’s Tale spoke volumes. In it, Ken senior writes: “As I mounted the doorsteps of the plane, I thought how unfair it is that children do not choose their parents.”

I asked Ken if he agreed that it was rather paradoxical that the man who stood for nonviolent protest would be the symbol of inspiration for agitators who were destroying pipelines. He said his father challenged the Nigerian state with the “tools at his disposal”, such as education and media savviness but “the new generation does not necessarily have those tools and they are responding the way they know how”.

The interview also covered the $15.5 million out-of-court settlement reached by families of the Ogoni Nine with Shell in June 2009. I read out loud to Ken an extract from his book where he claimed that: “It was evident that Shell was in some ways responsible. Its fingerprints were all over the hangings”. I asked him: “Why did you accept the settlement? Would you say that you allowed your head to overrule your heart?” Ken said he listened to various perspectives on the matter. He also received legal counsel from experts who had been involved in similar kinds of litigations for over 40 years. He said several families were involved in the lawsuit. Therefore, “what is important to Ken Saro-Wiwa and his son is not more important than what happens to (the woman) who had her arm chopped off and lost her baby… Nobody talked about her in the media and wondered how she manages to survive. So, her view and her needs are just as important as Ken Saro-Wiwa’s”. He said they had to get the agreement of everybody involved and the discussions were intense. The settlement was needed by some of the families involved despite the criticisms by some Nigerians.

Legitimate questions may be asked about Ken’s role in government and what he accomplished for the Ogoni as presidential adviser. Nonetheless, very few families and individuals than the Saro-Wiwas have contended with the complexities of global finance, geopolitics and the world’s insatiable appetite for oil. Governments and NGOs in developing countries must learn from the Ogoni struggle whenever they are tempted to rush to western capitals for solutions to their problems. Ken felt let down by the international community, particularly the Commonwealth Heads of Governments who chose to deploy “constructive engagement” rather than concise action in dealing with General Sani Abacha. A recent piece by Kialee Nyiayaana, a friend and colleague at the University of Port Harcourt, indicates that there are still some Ogoni refugees in the Republic of Benin over 20 years after Saro-Wiwa’s death. This is how Nigeria treats its own.

The insurgency 3.0 led by the Niger Delta Avengers continues in full swing. The Nigerian state has all the signifying power. Militarisation does not work and although the amnesty programme may buy a modicum of peace, wholesale infrastructural and industrial development in the Niger Delta and fiscal federalism remain some of the most viable solutions.

Overall, I was impressed by KSW’s fine mind. His perspective was nuanced — the type that can come from someone with a front row seat in life’s amphitheatre. As I gaze at the photographs of Ken and I from the day of the interview, Ken’s voice rings through my computer. I am left wondering: Why do the good ones die young? What a world! Goodbye, KSW.

‘Tope Oriola is professor of criminology at the University of Alberta, Canada. Twitter: @topeoriola

This article was written by Tope Oriola. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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360Recommends: The Philippians – God Is Here (prod. Johnny Drille)

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You don’t need a writing on the wall to know The Philippians are here to speak TRUTH.

What if I tell you that you haven’t heard Gospel Music this beautiful?

On this one, ‘The Philippians‘ musically raise the bar as they drop a joint so full that you might need to pause the song as you listen to digest the magic of its melody.

Marshaled by the Producer that is Johnny Drille, ‘the Philippians‘ are on a roll… more importantly, God Is Here.

Download and listen to mp3 of God Is Here by The Philippians below

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Manolo Gabbiadini Still Wanted By West Ham 

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West Ham remain interested in Napoli striker Manolo Gabbiadini, says Rai Sport.

The Hammers tried to sign the Italy international last summer, only for the Serie A club to opt to keep him in Naples following Gonzalo Higuain’s depature to Juventus.

However, with the 24-year-old currently struggling in front of goal this season, it is understood West Ham are set to return for the player when the January transfer window opens.

They hope Napoli will be convinced to sell the 24-year-old in return for a heavy up-front fee and replacement forward Zaza.

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Barcelona To Sign On-loan Defender Marlon Santos Permanently 

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Barcelona will sign on-loan defender Marlon Santos permanently before the end of the year, according to Sport.

The Brazilian joined Barca on loan from Fluminense earlier this year and he is currently turning out for the club’s reserve side Barcelona B on a regular basis.

Barcelona are now planning to activate their option to sign him permanently before the end of 2016.

According to Sport, if Barcelona activate that option before the 21-year-old has made five official first-team outings, they will not have to make an additional payment of €2m.

The Brazilian is not unknown to Luis Enrique. He impressed in preseason and was again good in Tuesday’s Catalan Super Cup game against Espanyol, despite the defeat.

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Casillas Wants To Remain At FC Porto For A Long Time

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Iker Casillas wants to stay at Porto for the foreseeable future.

The Spanish goalkeeper moved to the Portuguese club last year after 16 years in Real Madrid’s first team.

His contract at Porto ends next year, but he plans to stay at the club for the long term.

Speaking on his Facebook profile, he said: “I have the intention of being here for a long time and of being able to remain linked to Porto.

“I am very happy at Porto and in the city.”

Casillas also said that he feels he is playing “better and better” for the Portuguese giants, for whom he has now made 53 appearances.

Casillas has already demonstrated his willingness to continue at the club. His original contract ran until 2017 but when Porto president Jorge Nuno Pinta da Costa offered him a one-year extension he signed it immediately.

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Real Madrid Quietly Doubles Keylor Navas Salary 

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Real Madrid have improved Keylor Navas’s contract at the club, reports Marca.

The club have announced a spate of contract renewals in recent weeks – Toni Kroos, Luka Modric and Lucas Vazquez have all put pen to paper on new deals, while Gareth Bale and Cristiano Ronaldo are expected to do so soon.

Meanwhile, the club have privately improved goalkeeper Navas’s deal to reflect his increased importance at the Bernabeu.

The Costa Rican’s salary has increased from €2m to close to €4m, although the length of his contract has not changed. Navas is under contract at Madrid until the summer of 2020.

“It is only fair,” the club said on the matter.

Navas actually turned down higher salaries to continue at Real, something Los Blancos duly noted, Manchester United offering up to 8 million euros in the past.

Unlike his other teammates, the Costa Rican has extended the amount of time at the club, and as a result, his announcement won’t be accompanied by a celebratory press conference.

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Chelsea Register Interest In Paris Saint-Germain Midfielder Javier Pastore 

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Chelsea are preparing a bid for PSG playmaker Javier Pastore when the transfer window reopens in January, according to reports in France Football.

The Argentina international, 27, has a contract at the Parc des Princes until the summer of 2019.

However, the Blues are set to face a battle for the player’s signature from clubs in the Chinese Super League.

Pastore is “only thinking about PSG” at present, the source stressed, but admitted the 27-year-old’s future at Parc des Princes is far from certain with the French champions set to consider the his future over the next few weeks.

Chelsea coach Antonio Conte is known to be a fan of Pastore since his time with Palermo in Serie A and the Italian tactician has already registered an interest in signing the player, should he ultimately leave Paris.

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Scaremongers Keep Mum As Buhari’s Chief Of Staff, Abba Kyari, Resumes Work

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Malam Abba Kyari, the Chief of Staff to President Muhammadu Buhari, has left scaremongers mute, on Friday, when he resumed work, after about two weeks of short vacation.

Kyari resumed for duties at the Presidential Villa in Abuja, teasing those who were behind the recent insinuations on social media that he had been suspended.

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Rumours had filtered online by a section of the social media that President Buhari had suspended Kyari for allegedly receiving N500m from MTN to facilitate a reduction of a fine handed to the telecommunication firm by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC).

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However, on Friday, on his way to the President’s office, the Chief of Staff stopped by at the Press Gallery of the Council Chamber and jokingly asked the State House correspondents:

“Are you going to tweet that I am back? Can’t I go on leave?”

On his way back to his office, Kyari, when accosted for interview on the matter, repeated the same message, adding that:

“I don’t talk to the press. You know my job doesn’t allow me talking.’’

When probed further, the Chief of Staff asked, “Can’t I go on leave?”

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EFCC: Reuben Abati Still In Detention, Unable To Meet Bail Conditions

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Mr. Reuben Abati, the former Special Adviser to ex-President Goodluck Jonathan on Media, has been granted bail by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), five days after he was arrested.

Abati, a columnist, was apprehended by the anti-graft commission on Monday on allegations that he received N100 million from the former National Security Adviser, rtd Col. Sambo Dasuki.

He was subsequently released on Bail.

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The bail conditions require that Abati should drop his international passport with the EFCC and produce a surety, who should not be below a deputy director on Level 16 in the civil service of the country.

However, there are strong indications that the ex-presidential spokesman is still in the EFCC custody because he is unable to satisfy his bail conditions.

Premium Times quoted a source within the anti-graft agency as saying on Friday that “he will be released when he meets his bail conditions.”

Also in the custody of the premier anti-graft agency is Bala Mohammed, a former Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, who was taken into custody shortly after Mr. Abati’s arrest on Monday.

However, it was gathered that Mohammed’s case is more complex.

It was learnt that he might not be granted bail anytime soon as the agency had procured a remand order from a court to hold him for a while.

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Mohammed faces allegations of land racketeering which the EFCC said came in several petitions from citizens who dealt with him while he was a minister.

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9 Confirmed Dead, 24 Wounded In Maiduguri Twin Explosions

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Nine persons have been confirmed dead with 24 others injured after two ‘suicide bomb’ explosions ripped through the capital of Borno state, Maiduguri, in the early hours of Saturday.

Scene of one of the explosions [NEMA]

Scene of one of the explosions [NEMA]

The first incident of the explosion occurred at the entrance to Bakassi IDPs and the second at NNPC station along Damboa road in Maiduguri.

The National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA), while confirming the causalities, disclosed that both the deceased and the injured have been evacuated to various hospitals in the state.

Sources had earlier said that six bodies were evacuated from the two locations of the attack.

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However, a spokesperson for NEMA, while confirming the death toll, said in a statement, that three more people died and 25 were injured.

“Nine persons lost their lives with 24 persons injured and evacuated to various hospitals from the two scenes of explosions in Maiduguri this early morning”, said Mr. Datti.

Also speaking on the development, in a statement, the spokesman of the Nigeria Army 7 Division, Mustapha Anka, said that eight people died and 11 injured.

The Army statement reads:

“At about 7.05am this morning, there were twin simultaneous suicide bomb explosions at the entrance of Bakassi Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camp and NNPC Mega Filling Station, Damboa Road, Maiduguri.

“At the Bakassi IDPs camp, a suspected female suicide bomber ran into group of men and women at the entrance while they were coming out of the camp, killing 5 men and injured 11 women. The bodies of dead men and the injured women have been evacuated.

“At the NNPC, a female suicide bomber followed a fuel tanker in Keke NAPEP tricycle with the sole aim of gaining entry to cause maximum damage and casualty but was prevented from gaining access to the station by another vehicle. In that process, the suicide bomber exploded killing the 3 occupants of the tricycle. No reported injured persons at this instance.

“Troops and security agencies have been mobilized and the injured have been evacuated while efforts are ongoing to comb the general area as well as entries and exits of Maiduguri.

“While we commiserate with the families of the late victims of this cruel act and wish those injured speedy recovery, we would like to assure the public that efforts are o going to track those behind the dastardly acts. However, it is equally important to reiterate the need for more vigilance and security consciousness among all. Citizens are enjoined to report any suspicious persons or movements to the security agencies”.

Maiduguri, the economic hub of Borno state, has not witnessed bomb attacks in recent months.

With the twin blasts, panic and consternation have been triggered among residents who are beginning to anticipate more terrorist attacks.

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Boko Haram has devastated northeast Nigeria in its quest to create an Islamist state, killing over 20,000 people and displacing 2.6 million from their homes.

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UNICEF Frees 876 Children Held For Possible Ties With Boko Haram

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The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) has negotiated the release of close to 900 children detained by the Nigerian Army after they recaptured territories from the militants of Boko Haram Islamic sect.

Reuters quoted the UNICEF’s Regional Director for Western and Central Africa, Manuel Fontaine, as saying that the 876 children had been held in the barracks in Maiduguri, the capital of Borno state.

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While on a visit to the north-eastern city, fontaine revealed that it was not immediately clear how long they had been held.

However, the army routinely detains civilians who have been living in areas that had been ruled by the insurgents on suspicion that they too might be linked to militant activities.

Nonetheless, rights groups said there was no proper legal process for such civilians, including the children.

They said that they were not formally charged and some ended up in so-called rehabilitation centres or Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) camps.

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The United Nations said children should not be detained.

“We fear that there are still kids who are being at least temporarily detained because they are being released from Boko Haram areas by the army but then kept for a while,” Mr. Fontaine said.

The UNICEF’s Regional Director for Western and Central Africa gave no details of the ages of the children or how long they had been at the barracks.

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Davido’s Manager Brands Kaffy An “Attention Seeker”

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Davido is not bothered about dancer Kaffy’s online rant against him, according to his manager Kamal Ajiboye.

In an interview with Punch, Ajiboye said the dancer was just seeking attention which they were not prepared to give her.

“I am not aware of any problem between Davido and Kaffy,” he said. “Davido said that he didn’t need dancers for his performance and I don’t see how that is a problem. We saw what she posted online but we chose to ignore it because we are too busy to comment on such.

“Davido does not have any particular dancer that he works with. During the particular show, while he was about to perform, the organisers wanted to include dancers with his performance and he declined because the stage would not be big enough for him and the dancers to perform. I don’t know how that should be anybody’s problem.

“During a show that he had at Eko Hotel, he had about 30 dancers on stage with him. If he does not have regard for dancers, would he have employed their services? People just like to seek for attention and we would not give it to them.

“The only thing I can think of is that she is just seeking for attention. I mean they wanted to put dancers on his stage and all Davido said was that he did not want. How is that anyone’s problem? I think you should call Kaffy and ask if she has any problem with Davido.”


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Aramide Unveils Album Art for Suitcase

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Afro Soul diva, Aramide has released the album art for her anticipated album titled “Suitcase”.

One of the most creative album art this year, the photo shows a portion of a suitcase up-close with Aramide’s identity.

Aramide's Album Art for Suitcase

Aramide’s Album Art for ‘Suitcase’

“When you are going on a journey, the first thing you think about is a ‘Suitcase’, and that is why my debut album is titled Suitcase.  My ‘Suitcase‘ is filled with emotions, love, society; appreciation, God, my journey, heartbreak and I want everyone to come with me on this journey ” Aramide says

And that is all the singer has done on her social media pages since announcing the title of her debut album last week

“There is more to come when the album is released” Slated for a November release, ‘Suitcase‘ is Aramide’s first album since starting her music career.

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HeinekenLFDW2016: StreetStyle Day 2 (Lagos Fashion & Design Week) -The Girls

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We present to you Day 2 of HeinekenLFDW2016 streetstyle starring the girls.

On day two the girls seemed more demure in their approach to streetstyle more than the boys were (they aren’t in for the funnies anymore, it’s now serious business). 

After the pictures below be sure to see day 2 of #HKLFDW starring the boys. 

The girls at Lagos Fashion & Design Week took a less outlandish approach with more hits and than misses.

Nonetheless, Day 1 of #HeinekenLFDW2016 streetstyle was certainly just a warm up into day 2.

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Check out the streetstyle from the girls at Day 2 of this year’s HeinekenLFDW2016.


heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-3-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-4-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-5-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-6-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-8-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-13-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-17-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-22-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-24-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-29-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-31-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-34-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-36-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-37-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-39-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-41-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-42-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-45-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-46-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-49-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-50-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-51-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-54-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-59-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-60-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-61-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-62-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-63-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-64-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-65-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-67-360nobs   heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-72-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-73-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-74-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-77-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-79-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-81-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-83-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-85-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-88-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-89-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-91-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-93-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-96-360nobs  heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-102-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-104-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-106-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-107-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-108-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-110-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-115-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-116-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-117-360nobs


heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-129-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-130-360nobs

heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-135-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-136-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-137-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-138-360nobs heinekenlfdw2016-lagos-fashion-design-week-streetstyle-day-2-139-360nobs


Photo Credit: Richie Anazia for 360NoBS

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Organizers Of Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant Dissociate Themselves From Chidinma Okeke

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The Anambra Broadcasting Service, organizers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, have released a statement on past queen, Chidinma Okeke.

A video of Okeke participating in lesbian sex has surfaced on the internet recently,and the pageant owners have dissociated themselves from her.

The statement reads: “The attention of the management of the Anambra Broadcasting Service, organisers of the Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant, has been drawn to a video with lurid contents purportedly showing former Miss Anambra, Miss Chidinma Okeke (Miss Anambra 2015).

“The said Miss Chidinma Okeke, who is allegedly linked to the lurid content in circulation, has served out her term as Miss Anambra 2015 and handed over the crown in line with the terms and conditions of the Miss Anambra pageant.

“We condemn in clear terms any amoral behaviour/conduct as suggested by the alleged lurid content in circulation and do not condone such.

“It is on record that The Miss Anambra Beauty Pageant has been a platform to empower Anambra women and celebrate our rich culture and heritage. Winners of the pageant are bound to contracts to be of good conduct and moral behaviour and to uphold/maintain the honour in their position as queen.

“Winners of the pageant also contract to refrain from any personal relationship that could appear to hinder their ability to perform the duties of their office as queen and role model and we do not expect any less.

“We, therefore, wish to dissociate The Miss Anambra pageant from any discussions on the said allegations.

“We feel sufficiently perturbed by the mere reference already made to the pageant and hereby state that we are in no way connected to the controversy.

“We apologise to the government and good people of Anambra State, our sponsors, supporters, friends and all those associated with the Miss Anambra project for the embarrassment the mere reference to the pageant in the controversy may have caused; whilst reassuring of the good intentions of the Miss Anambra pageant franchise.”

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Jack Wilshere Admits Uncertainty Over Arsenal Future 

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Midfielder Jack Wilshere is unsure whether his Arsenal career is over.

The 24-year-old, who joined the Gunners aged nine, is currently on a season-long loan with Bournemouth as he tries to re-establish himself following a lengthy list of injuries.

“I haven’t really thought about my future beyond getting a season under my belt and just trying to improve as a player,” Wilshere told the Daily Mail.

“I genuinely don’t know if I am going to end up at Arsenal or somewhere else.

“If you’d asked me two months ago if I was going to finish my career at Arsenal then I would have said, ‘Yeah, of course’.

“Two months ago I wouldn’t have seen myself being here, but here I am. And I’m enjoying it.”

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West Brom Transfer Target Ignacio Camacho Set To Sign New Malaga Contract 

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One-time West Brom target Ignacio Camacho is in contract renewal talks with Malaga.

The Spanish anchorman was on the verge of a move to the Hawthorns during the summer transfer window, but the deal broke down.

Camacho is now in the process of extending his stay at Malaga.

Speaking to Marca, he said: “The [contract] negotiation is open, but it seems like there is no great hurry to get it done, although I am very calm.

“Without doubt [I want it to materialise]. I would love to renew [my contract] and for the club to recognise all of my work.”

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Jose Mourinho Continues To Insist Wayne Rooney Is Not For Sale

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Jose Mourinho has reiterated that Wayne Rooney is “going nowhere”, despite continuing speculation about the Man Utd captain’s future.

“With [his age being] 31, I know he can [play on],” said Mourinho. “I know he can, I know he’s a top player, I know he can play at the top level.

“I cannot make this kind of mental exercise of what is going to happen at 32, 33, 34 or 35. I can’t say that.

“What I can say is that he’s a very good player, he’s a very important player for us and he’s going nowhere. We like him, he likes us.

“He is not happy because in the last matches he was on the bench, but I think he’s even unhappier when he’s not on the bench because he’s been injured and has to stay in the stands. There is no problems at all.”

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Football Papers : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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​Manchester United and Manchester City could make audacious moves for Barcelona’s Luis Suarez, according to stunning reports in Spain.

The FA’s ‘bung’ investigation into Massimo Cellino is in danger of collapsing after their star witness withdrew his evidence against the Leeds United owner.

Manchester United’s Matteo Darmian has reportedly agreed to join Inter Milan.

David Moyes claims he’s ready “to take his poison” in his desperate bid to save Sunderland’s season.

Jose Mourinho insists that Ronald Koeman will be frustrated in his stated hope of bringing Wayne Rooney back to Everton.

Sam Allardyce has rejected interest from Wolverhampton Wanderers, even though the FA would not have blocked their attempt to lure him to Molineux.

Zinedine Zidane has hinted that he could drop his superstar front three – the much-vaunted ‘BBC’ – as their struggle for goals continues.

Real Madrid’s superstars have been criticised for disrespecting their lower-league opponents after leaving the changing room of third-tier Cultural Leonesa in a disgraceful state following their Copa del Rey game in Leon.

Everton outcast Oumar Niasse could be rescued by Turkish club Galatasaray.

Samir Nasri wants to quit Manchester City and move to Sevilla permanently in the summer.

Manchester United coach Warren Joyce will meet Wigan this weekend to discuss the possibility of becoming their new boss.

Manchester City’s Sergio Aguero is tipped for a sensational switch to Arsenal, according to the bookies who have cut his odds from 16/1 to 6/1.

Brighton are lining up a January bid for Exeter whizkid Ollie Watkins.
Chelsea are reportedly eyeing a move for Paris-Saint Germain star Javier Pastore in January.

Celtic and Scotland have been rocked after defender Kieran Tierney was ruled out for the rest of the year after a freak training ground injury.

Jack Wilshere says his England axe was the final straw and admits he had to leave Arsenal to revive his career.

Ryan Giggs admits he dreads the thought of Liverpool winning the Premier League and fears this could be the season the Anfield club win their first top division title in 27 years.

New China manager Marcello Lippi, who is reportedly earning a whopping £18m-a-year, has urged his team and the country to pull together for the ‘improbable’ task of qualifying for the 2018 World Cup before he begins a thorough overhaul of the struggling football program.

The row over Leo Messi’s added-time winner at Valencia last Saturday and the objects thrown at Barcelona from the home fans has escalated to the point where the Spanish champions are on the point of breaking ties with the Spanish League.

Kilmarnock public enemy No.1 Michael Johnston faces a showdown board meeting as quit calls grow.

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Steven N’Zonzi Admits He’s Very Happy At Sevilla 

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Former Stoke City midfielder Steven N’Zonzi has expressed his happiness with life at Sevilla.

The Frenchman has been an integral figure at the La Liga club this term, although he could have moved to Premier League champions Leicester City last summer.

He is in line for a new deal at the Europa League champions and has hinted that he would spurn any future offers from elsewhere.

Claudio Ranieri was weighing up another move in Janaury as he bids to beef up his engine room.

But the Foxes boss will have to look elsewhere with the ex-Blackburn midfielder, 27, revealing he is in no hurry to leave.

When asked if he is aware that he will receive offers once again in the future, he told AS: “I do not want to speak about my future, but I am very good here. I like the city, the team, the coach, the fans…”

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Everton Manager Ronald Koeman Would Be Happy To Re-sign Wayne Rooney

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Everton manager Ronald Koeman says he would be “pleased” to bring Manchester United captain Wayne Rooney back to the club.

Rooney, 31, has had his future questioned by several newspapers after being dropped from the starting line-up by Jose Mourinho.

“He is a great player, and he has still not finished his career,” said Koeman.

“I do not know how his situation is, and I need to respect that situation. That’s not my problem.

“But even when we get one time the possibility that Rooney is an option for Everton, I’m very pleased.”

Rooney joined United from Everton for £27m in 2004, since when he has scored 246 goals in 532 games for the club.

Everton host West Ham on Sunday having been on a poor run of four games without a win.

Despite that run they sit sixth in the Premier League table, but Koeman wants a victory to stay in touch with the leading group

“We know if you don’t win in four games then you get closer to a must-win game. We want to turn things around,” he added.

“We’re prepared. It’s not always sunny and everything doesn’t always go right but we need to support each other.”

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Juan Cuadrado A Target For Barcelona 

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Juan Cuadrado is a reported target for Barcelona, according to Don Balon.

The Colombia international is currently on loan at Juventus from Chelsea.

Barca are looking for a new right-sided player with Aleix Vidal increasingly likely to be sold either this winter or at the end of the season, he 27-year old has made only one appearance for the club this season.

Luis Enrique has had a number of doors closed in his face and considers Cuadrado to be attainable.

The Catalans also need some alternatives to allow the starting trio of Messi, Suarez and Neymar to rest up.

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Liverpool Close To Signing 15-year-old Nigerian Defender Emeka Obi

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Liverpool are confident of signing Bury’s 15-year-old centre-back Emeka Obi, according to Sky Sports

Despite some reports suggesting the move had been wrapped up, it is understood the deal is still to be completed with a number of issues to be resolved.

The Reds have scouted extensively the 6ft 5in teenage defender who has already appeared for the League One club’s first team. He also had a trial with Stoke City in the summer.

Obi made his professional debut on August 30, aged 15 years and 86 days, during Bury’s 4-1 win over Morecambe in the Checkatrade Trophy.

Bury boss David Flitcroft, named Sky Bet League One manager of the month for September, was full of praise for Obi in the summer after handing him his professional debut.

“I think he’s the best talent right now at 15 years old in the entire country,” Flitcroft said. “He only came in the building two years ago and nothing fazes him.

“He’s been training with the first team and he’s going back to school next week. We’ve had him for five weeks, training with the first team, training with Ryan Kidd and he’s been playing with the U18s.

“He’s a man mountain, but we teach them how to play football and he’s going to be an unbelievable asset to the football club. He’s a kid that’s really switched on, I’ve watched him while he’s been on summer holidays and he’s been in every single day.”

A big benefit to Bury if Obi is sold would be the finances involved. They are currently 11th in League One but have experienced large losses and recently received a fourth winding-up petition served on them this year.

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Jurgen Klopp : Christian Benteke Better Suited To Crystal Palace Than Liverpool 

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Former Liverpool striker Christian Benteke looks set to lead the line for Crystal Palace against the Reds tomorrow, with the forward having scored three Premier League goals so far this season, but Klopp expected his success…

“It’s no surprise. We knew about his qualities. Every player needs the space to develop and show things. The move made sense. Palace bought the player. In the last year he always showed his qualities, especially good at heading.

“We had to make decisions. I’m always honest. My door is always open. The agreement we have is work hard.”

Liverpool head into the weekend joint-top of the Premier League, alongside Arsenal and Manchester City – and the German has observed a feel-good factor around the club in recent weeks. “One reason for football is we can win together, we can lose sometimes together, but you can always have an optimistic view,” Klopp said.

“Maybe we had to change the minds of fans about the past, but while I don’t know too much about enthusiasm I feel there is a positive atmosphere in and around Melwood at the moment.”

Klopp said creating a positive atmosphere around the club was crucial to Liverpool realising their long-term ambitions. “It’s not cool when you always think about football that you’re 20% more upset, you should be feeling better. That’s our job to do,” he said. “Until now it’s worked somehow. It’s really, really intense even when football isn’t the most important thing.”

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