9 Feared Dead After Eating Poisoned Amala In Kogi

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Nine persons have been feared dead after eating from a ‘poisoned’ cassava flour meal (amala) in Okene, Kogi State.

It was earlier learnt that 7 people lost their lives, however, a recent toll claims 2 other persons died.

Two of the deceased, a 42-year-old woman and 10-year-old boy, died on Thursday at the Federal Medical Centre, Lokoja, the acting Chief Medical Director of the hospital, Dr Olatunde Alabi told NAN.

The medical practitioner added that three victims of the cassava flour meal were rushed to the hospital in critical condition on Wednesday morning from Ogaminana, Adavi Local Government Area, but two of them died Thursday morning.

According to him, the 10-year-old boy died at the earlier hours of Thursday while the woman gave up the ghost at about 10 a.m.

Alabi said that the third victim, a girl of about 13 years, is in critical condition.

The chief medical director confirmed that seven people actually died between Monday and Tuesday, and not six as speculated.

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According to him, the cause of the deaths is yet to be ascertained but the hospital is suspecting cyanide poison from the cassava meal.

He said, “Clinically, we are saying we are suspecting cyanide poison.”

He said that the hospital staff did their best to save their lives but the worst still happened.

He said that the state government appeared determined to ascertain the real cause of the death of the people as it has decided to send the blood samples of the victims for detoxincology test in South Africa.

A woman, three of her children and three of neighbours’ children lost their lives between Monday (Oct. 31) and Tuesday (Nov. 1), after a meal of cassava flour (amala).

The woman was said to have brought the cassava flour from her farm at Uhuepe village on October 30, from which she prepared a dinner (white amala) for her family.

She also extended the meal to the children of her neighbours.

The woman and three of her children died in their house on Oct. 31, while the three children of their neighbours who partook in the meal died at the Okene General Hospital on Nov. 1.


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Buhari’s $30 Billion Loan: A Looming Trap

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Buhari’s $30 Billion Loan: A Looming Trap, By Ken Tadaferua

Senate throws out President Buhari’s request for its approval to borrow $30 billion, which it seeks to use for infrastructural projects between 2016 and 2018. – News

Ten years ago, in 2006, President Olusegun Obasanjo’s government successfully negotiated an unprecedented deal. It was a debt relief for $18 billion with the Paris Club of creditors and an additional buy back of $12 billion with other creditor groups, resulting in a reduction of Nigeria’s external debt stock by $30 billion, leaving only $3.5 billion as debt.

This piece was written by Ken Tadaferua. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Today, President Muhammadu Buhari’s government is going, cap in hand, to the same creditors of yore, the international financial institutions from which Obasanjo sprung the nation out of debt, to borrow $30 billion. A pitiful nation is one that learns no lessons from the past and thus repeats its sad history.

It is interesting that in 1999, President Obasanjo met a thin reserve of $3.7 billion, a foreign debt stock of $33 billion, with oil price at $9 per barrel, yet his administration cut the foreign debt stock by $30 billion and more than doubled the GDP in his tenure. On the other hand, President Buhari met $30 billion in reserves, a foreign debt stock of only $10 billion and oil price at around $40 per barrel, yet he has led the economy into recession and wants to increase the nation’s foreign debt with a $30 billion loan.

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The loan story has even more curious turns. It was reported only a few days ago that foreign investors and global financial institutions, led by the World Bank and International Monetary Fund, had rebuffed Nigeria’s plans to borrow foreign loans. Why? It is said that the Buhari administration seeking billions of dollars in loans had no comprehensive economic blueprint detailing its utilisation plans for the loan. So it was nicely advised to go do some serious homework and produce an economic blueprint or a policy support instrument, if indeed it is to get the ears of the international financial institutions.

It was while the country was still reeling from this rebuff that Mr. President sent a letter to the Senate, the upper house of the National Assembly, requesting an approval to borrow $30 billion. The Senate dumped the president’s loan request without as much as a debate on its borrowing plan. Why? There was reportedly no attached borrowing plan to the president’s letter. Imagine a request, half way into Buhari’s four year term, for a loan bigger than the entire 2016 Federal Government budget, with no attached comprehensive blueprint.

We the citizens of this country need to pause and ponder the challenges the Buhari government might have with producing a comprehensive economic plan in the 17 months it has been in power. It is either the government is too deaf to hear the strident calls for the economic plan or is too intellectually ill-equipped to produce one. Or perhaps it is being deliberately opaque and obtuse in these matters. Whatever the reason, Nigeria cannot afford the luxury of being a rudderless ship on a stormy economic sea.

One other luxury we cannot afford is to assume that the rejection, by the Senate, of Buhari’s request is cause for celebration, in the hope that the upper house is in defence of the people. That will be a most erroneous assumption. The Presidency and the Senate are members of the same family of rampantly voracious politicians. So once the little technical matter of attaching some sort of plan to the letter is executed, the Senate will approve the huge loan without the rigour of scrutiny for performance as the international financial institutions would do. Election campaigns will be underway in a few months and this is the time to fill up the war chest for the bruising political battles to come. Elections apart, there is also the niggling matter of the politicians maintaining unearned billionaire lifestyles – the parasitic elite who can hardly wait to gobble up the $30 billion under the guise of building national infrastructure.

The historical standard ploy of Nigerian leadership and governments, which in the main lack initiative and visionary thinking, is to focus on only three sources of easy unearned money: crude oil revenues, taking loans and raising fuel prices. Today, global oil prices remain low and oil production is hampered by militant activities in the Niger Delta. In frantic response to these, the government has called in the military, while in negotiations with the militants in a bid to increase oil productivity.

The second easy money option is to obtain loans. This government has, for 17 months, been trundling, cap in hand, around international financial institutions for loans with no results to show. It seems that the requirement of a comprehensive economic blueprint for a loan request is asking too much of basic diligence of the Buhari government. Perhaps like the Jonathan government, which turned from the West to seek Chinese loans – a move that seemed to enrage the West, in particular America, the Buhari administration may soon turn East.

In the face of the slow responses from the two options above, the government will most likely embark on the third easy source of money: To hike the price of fuel. Despite raising the price of fuel to the highest level ever in Nigerian history, Buhari will, in desperation, hike fuel prices again. The promise to fully deregulate the fuel sector and get the refineries working is colossal deception so far.

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As it stands today, the tradition of squandering by the political class has put it in a desperate quandary. Easy money is not longer easy to come by, but their profligacy must continue. The people must remain beasts of burden. The National Assembly will approve the Buhari loans. It will okay another horrendous hike in fuel prices. Mark my words.

So it is up to the people to challenge the leadership and demand answers to the questions: Why another heavy debt burden? If it is imperative, why is it so difficult to produce an economic blueprint detailing the loans’ projects and programmes timelines, milestones, targets, quality standards monitoring, financing plans, contractors, short to long term benefits, repayment plans, performance measuring review standards, among others

The people must ask questions about transparency in government finances to build confidence that the $30 billion will be judiciously used: How much revenues has flowed into public coffers in the past 17 months and how were they expended in job creation, boosting agriculture and improving social services? Before shopping for jumbo loans, has the government reviewed and restructured its corrupt, leaky and inefficient financial systems and structures that is still being ruthlessly exploited by hordes of thieving politicians, contractors and civil servants across the country? What exactly does the government mean by projects and programmes that will gobble $11.274 billion, or the special national infrastructure projects, which will lick up a princely $10.686 billion and the Federal Government budget support that is to swallow $3.5 billion, among others?

I can see our dodgy government officials, crooked politicians and unprincipled contractors licking their lips in hot anticipation of the loans. And let nobody speak here of the irritation called Buhari’s body language or the padded language called incorruptible integrity. Or else I will puke violently. This is not about politicking. This is about our country. We must not borrow and throw the country into the hock for a bleeding $30 billion on the basis of whimsical emotions or political bias. We cannot sit idly and watch in languor while our future is fed to vicious parasites.

The $30 billion is a trap we can ill afford as a wasteful venture. It is not funny. We must be extra vigilant.

Ken Tadaferua is a media and marketing communications consultant. Twitter: @ktadaferua

This piece was written by Ken Tadaferua. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Bonang Matheba, Ahmed Soultan, Ika Jong, Hauwa Allahbura To Host AFRIMA 2016

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As preparations get into full gear towards the prestigious awards ceremony AFRIMA 2016 this weekend, the African Union and the International Committee of the All Africa Music Awards, have unveiled hosts for the Sunday November 6 ceremony in Lagos, Nigeria.

The hosts, who were drawn from the three majorly spoken languages in Africa— English, French and Arabic— are Ahmed Soultan (Morocco); Ms Bonang Matheba (South Africa) and Ika Jang(Congo).

Ahmed Soultan is a Moroccan music star, who is also an AFRIMA double award winner. He is a leader of the Moroccan Group, Nayda. Soultan is a multilingual artiste and celebrity, who speaks English, French, Portuguese and Arabic fluently. He has performed at the GLO CAF Awards and he is also a nominee for one of the categories of AFRIMA 2016. His albums include ‘Music Has No Boundaries’ (2004), ‘Tolerance’ (2005) and ‘Code’ (2009).

Bonang Matheba, is a versatile South African media personality, who anchors the popular SABC 1 Music Live Show. She is also a winner of the International Golden Horn Award for Best TV Presenter.

Ika Jong is a multi-talented bilingual Congolese TV Broadcaster and celebrity.

However, the Red Carpet hosts are Denola Grey, Denrele Edun, Hauwa AllahBura; and Pam Happi. Denola is a style blogger, model, fashion enthusiast, broadcaster on Ebonylife TV, Nigeria. He has carved a niche for himself in the fashion industry.

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Westbrook Not Putting Too Much Stock Into Warriors Game: I Play Every Game The Same

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The Western Conference has only one unbeaten team, and that’s the OKC Thunder, after Russell Westbrook led them to a 85-83 win against the LA Clippers to go 4-0.

Thunder’s next game is against the Golden State Warriors at the Oracle Arena on Thursday.

There is much hype surrounding the game, with former Thunder player, Durant playing against his former team for the first time since joining the Warriors.

NBA: Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder Preview

Asked if there’s any extra level of excitement going into Thursday’s game, Westbrook said it’s just another game on the schedule.

“I play every game like it’s my last,” Westbrook said. “I play every game the same, always. Like I’ve been saying for years. And regardless of who we play, I’m going to play the same way.”

Thunder coach Billy Donovan offered his take on the matchup.

“It’s not just Kevin. We’re playing the Warriors,” Donovan said. “He’s part of that. That’s Klay Thompson. Steph Curry. Draymond Green. It’s Kevin. It’s all those guys. It’s their whole team we have to prepare for.”

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Evening 

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Bertrand Traore is mystified by Chelsea’s decision to loan him out to Ajax this season.

Hugo Lloris admits things could not be much worse for Tottenham ahead of the north London derby with Arsenal on Sunday.

Nemanja Matic has lifted the lid on how he felt after being substituted on and then off again by Jose Mourinho in Chelsea’s loss to Southampton last season.

Arsenal legend Robert Pires has said Arsene Wenger’s side are significantly better than rivals Tottenham going into Sunday’s north London Derby.


Sergio Aguero says he had nothing but respect for Pep Guardiola’s decision to drop him for Manchester City’s Champions League game at Barcelona.


Liverpool U23s boss Michael Beale admits his youngsters were rocked by the news of Danny Ings’ season-ending injury.


Billy Jones admits Sunderland’s current woes have left him unsure of what reaction to expect from supporters when the team loses.


Sunderland could be set to turn to Domagoj Vida to solve their defensive problems.


West Brom are ready to swoop if contract negotiations between left-back Sead Kolasinac and his current club Schalke fall through.

Wolves are happy to take their time in appointing Walter Zenga’s successor – with interviews continuing this week.


Ramadan Sobhi has Joe Allen’s vote should Stoke City gamble on the young Egyptian from the start of this weekend’s clash at West Ham.


Fulham’s Ryan Fredericks is going back to Brentford tomorrow night determined to show how far he’s come since he was a Griffin Park rookie.


Crystal Palace’s academy has been dealt a blow as under-18 manager Ken Gillard is set to move on to take up a position in the academy set-up at Arsenal.


Nottingham Forest chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi looks to have confirmed he’s on his way out of the City Ground.


Former Norwich City keeper Rob Green insists his Carrow Road return must be all business this weekend, with Leeds United aiming to put one over the Canaries in Saturday’s Championship test.


Alvaro Negredo is relishing his Manchester City return this weekend, with Antonio Barragan claiming the Boro striker is still good enough to play for a top European club.


Bolton have moved to extend Sammy Ameobi’s loan from Newcastle until the end of the season.


David Sharpe believes new Wigan Athletic manager Warren Joyce has ‘everything we are looking for’ after making a ‘long-term commitment’ to him.


Joseph Mendes’ injury absence looks set to continue for another two weeks – with Jaap Stam admitting it is frustrating to be without the striker.


Ex-Ipswich Town manager George Burley believes the fit-again creative duo of David McGoldrick and Jonny Williams can spark a turnaround in fortunes for the Blues.


Head coach Carlos Carvalhal has vowed to take care of highly-rated Owls striker George Hirst.


Charlie Daniels says the onus is on him to adapt his game in order to help Jordon Ibe shine for Bournemouth.


Mark Warburton has admitted Rangers face a fight to keep hold of youngster Billy Gilmour.

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Derrick Rose Expecting To Be Booed On Bulls Return

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Derrick Rose is expecting to be booed by the Chicago Bulls crowd when he returns to the United Center on Friday with the New York Knicks.

“That would be a dream, but I know I’m going to get some boos here and there,” Rose said Wednesday night. “It’s all a part of the game, all a part of the sport. It’s not going to affect the way that I play and how bad I want to win that game.”

The point guard played his first seven seasons with the Bulls and was the face of the franchise, before he was traded to the Knicks.

The 28-year-old who is a native of the South Side of Chicago says he harbours no ill feelings towards the organisation as he prepares for his first return home.

“There’s no bad blood there at all,” Rose said. “I totally understand the business of this game, and yeah, there’s no bad blood. I never felt that way about getting traded or me coming to this team. I always took it as a blessing that I had the opportunity to come in this market, this franchise, and to be able to create a culture here.”

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Hernandez In The Dark On Rumoured Madrid Return

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Bayer Leverkusen striker Javier ‘Chicharito’ Hernandez has stated he has no idea about reports linking him with a move back to Real Madrid.

The Mexico international has scored seven goals in 14 appearances, following his impressive 26-goal haul last season, since leaving Manchester United.

Madrid director Santiago Aguado stated last month that he will welcome the striker back to the Bernabeu, after he scored nine times for the European champions in a loan spell in 2014-15.

The 28-year-old has made no secret that he enjoyed the latter part of his time in the Spanish capital, but he remains fully committed to Leverkusen.

“I don’t know anything about Real Madrid,” he said after his side’s 1-0 Champions League win over Tottenham at Wembley.

“I have always said that, when I lived there, I had two stages: the first was negative but the second one got better because I had more opportunities. It’s just a shame we couldn’t win anything.

“I am really grateful to the Real Madrid board and supporters but I haven’t heard anything about that, I am a Leverkusen player and I am very happy here.”

Hernandez played the full 90 minutes of Leverkusen’s victory on Wednesday, in which Kevin Kampl’s second-half strike enabled Roger Schmidt’s side to climb above Spurs and into second place in Group E.

“We came to Wembley and we were able to take the three points, which is massive for us,” said Hernandez.

“They’re one of the best teams in Europe with a top-class coach, so we tried to play our game. We had many chances and scored just one.
“We are happy and we have to think about next Saturday’s match in the Bundesliga, before we go to the national teams.”

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Bolton Keen To Sign Newcastle’s Sammy Ameobi Permanently

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Bolton have reportedly moved to extend Sammy Ameobi’s loan from Newcastle until the end of the season.

According to the Bolton News, negotiations have begun to extend the deal which currently runs until January.

Ameobi was given a standing ovation as he left the pitch in the 3-1 win over Port Vale after his tricks had wowed the crowd and put Wanderers on their way to a sixth straight win.

No firm decision has been made on whether his loan will be extended beyond January but his form during the club’s winning run put significant pressure on the Whites to sort something sooner, rather than later.

Though reared on Tyneside, born and raised in the city of Newcastle, Sammy does not boast the thick North East accent of his brother Shola.

“I’m not sure if it’s a good thing that I haven’t got the Geordie twang,” Ameobi said. “I’ve been with Newcastle since I was a kid but unfortunately, for one reason or another, it has never really happened for me there in the first team, so I have enjoyed a couple of loan spells over the years.

“The first one was with Middlesbrough, even though they have a rivalry with Newcastle they took to me really well and I got to play with some very talented players.

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Simone Zaza’s West Ham Future Looking Bleak

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Things aren’t looking too positive for Simone Zaza’s future at West Ham.

The forward has struggled since joining the Hammers from Juventus in the summer and now his father and agent, Antonio, says he ‘can’t guarantee’ he will stay for the rest of the season.

“I honestly don’t know, I think we’ll analyse the various situations,” he told Calciomercato.com. “Either tomorrow or the day after I’ll be in London to take stock of the situation with Simone and West Ham.

“The situation isn’t very clear, I can’t guarantee that he’ll stay in London until the end of the season or that he’ll definitely leave. Firstly it will be important to analyse everything with my son.”

“No, no-one from Napoli has called me recently. As you know, there was a concrete deal last summer but no-one has called me again.

“Milan? Not for the moment, no. These two destinations would be very welcome, if they called me I’d talk to them willingly.”

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PIB: Bill Seeking To Split NNPC Into 2 Passes 2nd Reading At Senate

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The long awaited Petroleum Industry Bill (PIB), which seeks to split the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) into two independent entities, has passed second reading at the senate.

The PIB, which was first introduced in 2008 but failed to make progress during the 6th and 7th assemblies, passed the second stage, and was referred to the committee on petroleum (upstream and downstream) for more legislative work after a brief debate on it.

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The bill, sponsored by Tayo Alasoadura, a senator from Ondo central and chairman senate committee on petroleum (upstream), seeks the splitting of the NNPC into Nigerian Petroleum Assets Management and the National Oil Company.

Mr. Alasoadura explained that the objective of the bill was to create efficient institutions, and to promote transparency in the administration of petroleum resources in the country‎.

His words: ”This bill provides for the unbundling of the NNPC into two independent entities, which are the National Petroleum Company (NPC) and National Asset Management Company.”

“It also provides for the establishment of a single petroleum regulatory commission which will focus mainly on regulating the industry.

“The poor performance of the NNPC is a major concern. The commercialisation of the corporation and its splitting into two entities is for more efficiency and to enhance performance.”‎

Quite a number of senators, including Bernabas Gemade (APC – Benue) and James Manager (PDP – Delta), spoke in support of the bill before the Senate resolved via voice vote to pass the bill for second reading.

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The Senate President Bukola Saraki also said the next part of the bill would focus on the petroleum producing communities.

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Nacer Chadli Talks About His Decision To Quit Tottenham

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Nacer Chadli says he joined West Brom in the summer because he wanted to play regular first-team football.

The Belgian was in and out of Tottenham’s starting XI, and told Sport/Foot Magazine in Belgium: “My priority is to play every week, to find consistency and to have a manager who believes in me.

“I immediately had a good feeling (about West Brom). I wanted to stay in the Premier League. It’s the most watched league in the world.

“It really is the best playing here: the intensity, the overall quality, the fact anyone can beat anyone; we saw it with Leicester last year. It really is an incredible league.”

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Dimitar Berbatov Wants To Play In The English Premier League Again 

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Former Manchester United forward Dimitar Berbatov is keen to return to the Premier League.

The 35-year-old, who is a free agent after leaving Greek side PAOK in the summer, had spells in England with Tottenham, United and then Fulham.

He left the Cottagers in 2014 to join Monaco, but says he would interested in a return to the Premier League.

“When you’ve played in the Premier League you don’t want to play anywhere else,” he told BBC Radio 5 live Sport. “In this stage of my career I know where I am – I would happily play for a team where they use my experience and my knowledge. “

“I can help young players develop and make the team stronger. In the end it’s all about helping the team play.”

Berbatov started his career at CSKA Sofia before moving on to Bayer Leverkusen, where he scored 91 goals in 201 appearances.

A successful spell at White Hart Lane followed before Berbatov secured a £30million move to Old Trafford.

The Bulgarian went on to win two Premier League titles during his four-year spell with the Red Devils before departing in 2012.

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“Memphis Depay Too Good For Manchester United Bench” – Dick Advocaat

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Memphis Depay may need to leave Manchester United after being left out of Thursday’s Europa League squad, says Fenerbahce coach Dick Advocaat.

Jose Mourinho has not included Depay in his 21-man selection for the tie against Fenerbahce in Turkey, despite confirming the 22-year-old is not injured.

“The potential is there for him to be a good player,” said Advocaat, who handed Depay his debut at PSV. “You cannot lose that, he has the quality to be a top player, but the problem for him is that there are so many quality players in that squad.

“So for himself it is important to start playing regularly at the age that he is at – otherwise the way, I think, is that maybe he has to find another solution [club] because he is too good to sit on the bench.

“I still believe in him, he has the right mentality, the right character to play for United, but there are so many options there. Regular playing time will help his progression.”

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I’ll Destroy My Green Card, Leave The United States If Trump Wins – Soyinka

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Nobel laureate, Prof Wole Soyinka, has stated that he would destroy his green card and thereafter leave the United States if Donald Trump becomes the next president.

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Soyinka brought this revelation to light on Wednesday while giving a speech to students of Oxford University, England, reports the Guardian UK.

Soyinka, who is scholar-in-residence at New York University’s Institute of African American Affairs, was quoted as saying:

“If in the unlikely event he does win, the first thing he’ll do is to say [that] all green-card holders must reapply to come back into the US. Well, I’m not waiting for that.

“The moment they announce his victory, I will cut my green card myself and start packing up.”

The internationally-acclaimed playwright and poet also criticised Brexit, warning that there is a rise of “ultranationalism” – describing Britain’s decision to exit the European Union as a “ridiculous decision”.

He said: “What is happening in Europe shouldn’t surprise any of us … It has happened before. We were here when Enoch Powell was leading his thugs out to drive blacks from here.

“It’s a constant fight to try to get a nation to recognise its own noble persuasions, its own persuasions of the loftiness of human possibility. It’s for young people like you to say no to them whenever that happens.”

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NBA: Golden State Warriors vs OKC Thunder Preview

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Well, the day we’ve been waiting for since the 4th of July when Kevin Durant announced he would be joining the Golden State Warriors is finally here.

Its the Warriors against the Thunder, super team vs one man team, beauties vs the beast, will the warriors and their sleek ball movement win or will the one-man wrecking crew that is the Beastbrook prevail? Basically its gonna be lit.

The Warriors come into this game on a three win streak, with their 127 -104 beatdown of the Portland Trailblazers the most recent, the Warriors haven’t looked like the force they were at the start of last season but it looks like it’s all coming together now. The Thunder however are unbeaten this season with a 4-0 record and they’ll be hoping to make it 5-0 when they face the warriors.

Last night, the Thunder relied on their superstar for an 85-83 win over the Los Angeles Clippers, as Westbrook finished with 35 points, no other Thunder player finished in double figures for scoring as the closest to him was Victor Oladipo with 9 points. Would they be able be to let Westbrook carry the entire load against a team with four All-Stars and still win? Unlikely.



Let’s not forget the battle within the war, former teammates/brothers turn foes, Kevin Durant vs Russell Westbrook.

The game tips off at 3:30am so set your alarms and prepare your midnight snacks.. Its going to be basketball at its finest.



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Photos: Big Brother’s Tayo Faniran Shoots New Video in South Africa

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Tayo Faniran the first runner up of 2014 Big Brother Africa is making a return to music in Grand style.

Tayo Faniran who now co-owns King Kong records with his childhood friend Olalekan Olaleye known as Lekan-Kingkong is ready to drop a new smash hit song in the coming weeks.

The official music video for the song titled  “Girl or Money” has just been shot and directed by “Samklef” in Cape Town.

According to Tayo, ‘I’ve been getting a lot of calls and messages from my fans wondering what I’ve been up to lately, well I’ve been working and they are about to see the results. This song will change a lot,  can’t wait for you all to listen to it”.

Tayo Faniran


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Nottingham Forest Owner Fawaz Al-Hasawi Bids Farwell To The Club

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Nottingham Forest’s takeover looks to be drawing closer after chairman Fawaz Al Hasawi seemingly said his goodbyes to the club on Twitter.

It is understood the Forest owner is in negotiations with an American consortium led by John Jay Moores and Charles Noell.

Al Hasawi, who purchased Forest in July 2012, posted a series of tweets admitting his time in charge had not worked out as he had hoped before appearing to confirm his impending departure.

He said: “I would like to wish all the supporters, the staff and the players all the best.

“I tried my best to take the club to the next level but unfortunately it did not work out. I hope that after the new takeover things would turn out as planned.

“At the end of the day I will always remain a supporter to this legendary football club. I wish all the best for Nottingham Forest.”

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20 Okada Riders Killed By Snatchers In Kebbi

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At least 20 Okada riders have been killed by snatchers in the last six months in Kebbi State, the Association of Commercial Motorcycle Operators said on Thursday.

According to the Chairman of the association, Malam Nafi’u Zaki, the killings were reported in three Local Government Areas.

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In a statement issued and made available to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), the chairman stated that about 800 members of the association had abandoned the business for fear of falling victims of bike snatchers.

He said, “From April to date, we have lost 20 of our members; 11 were from Birnin Kebbi Local Government while nine were from Argungu and Yauri Local Government Areas.

“They were manhandled, waylaid and sometimes strangled or stabbed to death. We registered 4,000 members as at last year; most of them were from neighbouring villages. But this year, we have only registered 3,200 members.

“We are aware of the circumstances behind the low registration; they were no longer at ease in operating their routine commercial services.”

Zaki also pleaded with the State Government and security agencies to come to the rescue of the association by tackling the menace, adding that the association hardly spend a month without recording incidents of motorcycle snatching.

He said, “Our members are in dire need of security protection as lawful and bonafide indigenes of the state.”

He, however, warned members of the association against taking law into their hands when such cases of snatching occurred.

He said, “We want to avert a situation in which our members would resort to taking law into their hands. That is why we are urgently calling on the authorities to take proactive measures.”

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Kevin De Bruyne : Leaving Chelsea An ‘Obvious’ Decision

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Manchester City’s Kevin de Bruyne has claimed leaving Chelsea was the ‘obvious choice’ and he did not care about impressing Jose Mourinho.

The Belgian left Chelsea in 2014 due to a lack of first-team action, joining Wolfsburg before moving to City the following year.

“I’ve no idea and I don’t care [why he never won over Mourinho]. I waited four months, then I said to myself that wanted to play football every week,” he told FourFourTwo.

“I couldn’t get the game time I wanted, so leaving was the obvious choice.

“I wanted to start a new chapter – not be loaned out and come back to the exact same situation. It was a really smart move on my part. But of all the choices I have made in my career, I don’t regret one of them – even going to Chelsea. It didn’t work out. I wanted to play football; I didn’t; so I left.”

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EKO Disco Threatens To Publish Names Of Energy Theft Customers

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The authorities of EKO Electricity Distribution Company Plc (EKEDCP) on Thursday threatened that it would soon commence the publication of the names of energy theft customers within its network.

Speaking in Lagos, the DISCO Chief Executive Officer, Mr Oladele Amoda, revealed that the company was losing over 30 per cent revenue to energy theft monthly.

He bemoaned in shock that those culpable of the offence were educated customers, as they constituted the bulk of energy thieves within its network.

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According to him, most of the energy theft customers caught stealing energy without paying were elites living in enlightened areas of our operations.

Amoda stated that he expected them to understand the essence of paying for electricity consumed, but instead, they engaged in stealing electricity.

Consequently, he threatened that the firm would ‘start publishing the names of energy theft customers within our operations in the dailies.’

He said: “We are going to start publishing the names of energy theft customers within our operations in the dailies.

“Most customers caught engaging in energy theft live in lkoyi, Lekki, Victoria Island and most high brow areas.”

He said that activities of the energy thieves and vandalism within its network cost the company over N1 billion monthly.

“In order to monitor our network effectively for fault detection, clearance and track energy theft, the company has awarded contract to automate the network.

“We have introduced specialist software to be used for the supervisory control and data acquisition of customers and faults.

“This is an industrial automation control system at the core of many modern industries to track defaulters and clear technical issues within the network,” he said.

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Section Of Lagos/Ibadan Expressway Closed For 10 Days

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Julius Berger Nigeria Plc, will temporarily close a section of the Lagos/Ibadan expressway by Sagamu Interchange to effect repair, officials said.

Speaking on Thursday in Abeokuta, the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) Sector Commander in Ogun, Mr Clement Oladele said that Julius Berger Nigeria Plc had informed the FRSC that the reason for the closure was to effect repairs on the section from November 3 – 12.

His words: “There will be temporary closure by Julius Berger Nigeria (JBN) of a section of the Ibadan/Lagos corridor by Sagamu Interchange from Thursday, Nov. 3 to Saturday Nov. 12 to effect repair.’’

Motorists, especially commercial vehicles operators, are urged to exercise caution and adhere to traffic rules.

He added:  “Motorists should exercise caution and adhere to traffic rules; cooperate with the FRSC and other traffic officers who will ensure minimal discomfort of motorists during the period.

“Demarcation with traffic signs have been made on appropriate routes to follow and our men will be on ground to control traffic.

“Motorists are advised to be patient and obey traffic signs and traffic controllers.‘’

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Why I Terminated The Appointment Of 5,000 Teachers – Gov. Udom

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Governor Emmanuel Udom of Akwa Ibom State has stated that the appointment of 5,000 teachers recruited last year was terminated because the exercise was characterised with ‘monumental’ fraud and irregularities.

According to him, his administration uncovered the illicit activities of a syndicate that was behind the issuance of fake appointment letters to thousands of unqualified applicants.

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Udom also cautioned that his government would not allow room for sentiments in ensuring that the right decisions were made in the interest of the people of the State.

In a statement issued, the governor said following the unsuccessful attempts to manage the situation, he found it necessary to cancel the recruitment because of the lapses noticed in the foundation of the recruitment process.

The statement continued: “Even the bible says if the foundation is not right, what can the righteous man do? We have tried to see how we could get something out of that recruitment process, but believe me, the foundation was very faulty.

“If we are putting people to teach our children, please let us leave sentiments apart and go for the right people. We need to make sure they went through the right process and have the right qualifications.”

He however urged the 5,000 ‘affected’ persons to re-apply in the subsequent recruitment exercise, adding that they stand a better chance of being employed should they meet the basic requirements of teaching.

 “It was discovered that the syndicate which had since been apprehended was involved in printing fake letters of appointment and fake school certificates at outrageous amounts ranging from 150,000 to 200,000 naira.

“We are assuring the 5,000 people that they need not worry, when we are calling for aptitude test, you need not re-apply, just walk into the venue of the exercise with that appointment letter and justify that you are qualified to teach our children,” he stated.

The governor maintained that those making the noise over the cancellation were likely those with the fake appointment letters, insisting that anyone qualified with a school certificate would always be ready to defend his qualification.

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Obanikoro: Embattled Ex-Minister Returns N100 Million To EFCC

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Senator Musiliu Obanikoro, a former Minister of State for Defence, has returned the sum of N100 million to the government following his arrest by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

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Premium Times quoted sources close to the former minister and others at the anti-graft agency as confirming that the payment was done.

It was learnt that while Obanikoro could only avoid to return N100 million to the anti-graft commission, the EFCC chairman, Ibrahim Magu, rejected the offer, requesting that he returned more.

The source squealed that the EFCC Boss demanded that the embattled former senator sign an undertaking to pay back N600 million within a stipulated time.

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However, the former minister rejected the demands, saying he had no means of raising such an amount.

The source said: “He refused to sign the pledge, saying the money was too much.”

But the EFCC source added that Mr. Obanikoro, nonetheless, continued to cooperate with his interrogators.

The source continued: “He had really carried himself very well since he got here, really cooperating with everyone.”

Also confirming that Mr. Obanikoro had indeed returned some money, the EFCC spokesman, Wilson Uwujaren, however, said the EFCC was still verifying the payments and continuing its investigation.

The embattled ex-minister was detained after turning himself in to the anti-graft agency on October 17, 2016.

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He is being tried for accepting more than N2 billion from the embattled former National Security Adviser, Sambo Dasuki.

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Manchester United Youth Coach Warren Joyce Appointed New Manager Of Wigan

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Wigan have named Manchester United youth-team coach Warren Joyce as their new manager.

Joyce has been on the coaching staff at Old Trafford for eight years, during which time he has been in charge of both the Under-21 and Under-23 squads and has signed a three-year deal at the DW Stadium.

Wigan Athletic chairman David Sharpe said Joyce – who replaces Gary Caldwell in the role – is someone he has admired for a long time and is convinced he is the perfect choice to take the club forward.

“Warren has everything we are looking for,” he said. “He is an exceptional coach who has a reputation within the game for being among the very best at bringing through young players, as his record at Manchester United shows.”

Joyce appeared for Bolton Wanderers and Preston North End during his playing days and held managerial positions at Hull City and Royal Antwerp as well as coaching positions at Leeds United, Stockport County and Tranmere Rovers.

He joins Wigan with the club still in the relegation zone in what is their final year of Premier League parachute payments.

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Chris Coleman : Bale’s New Contract Will Improve Wales Form 

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Wales National team coach Chris Coleman believes Gareth Bale’s new Real Madrid contract is good news for Wales ahead of their World Cup qualifier match against Serbia.

Bale’s increased six-year Real deal ties him to the European champions until just before his 33rd birthday and makes him one of the best-paid players in world football.

“He’s been linked with this club and that club, all the big clubs,” Coleman said when naming his squad for the Cardiff clash with Group D leaders Serbia on November 12.

“Personally I’ve always known he wanted to stay there – he loves it there.

“He likes that spotlight – he’s used to it now. He had a season where he was getting criticised heavily and I think he’s said himself it helped him really.

“He came through that and he’s not looked back, so I’m pleased he’s settled. His family are settled and that’s good for us.

“We all say we don’t read the press but, as much as you try to block it out, it’s still going to be in your thinking.

“So the fact he’s settled, it’s all done and dusted, is fantastic.”

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