3-4-3 Was Conte’s Fourth Plan For Chelsea

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The 3-4-3 formation was not Antonio Conte’s first or second choice for Chelsea, but his fourth option. And the formation has proved a success for Chelsea.

The blues started the season quite well, recording three straight wins, only to draw against Swansea and lose to Liverpool and Arsenal to set them back.

Conte tinkered with tactics in his first four months at the helm of the London club, before switching to the 3-4-3 after the heavy loss to Arsenal.

It was the fourth system he had tried with his team and Chelsea have picked up five league wins in succession.

Conte told Chelsea’s official website: “We started the season with another system because the idea in my mind was that I wanted to play with the 4-2-4, and then we switched with 4-3-3 and we played also in the same way like last year, 4-2-3-1.

“But I noticed in some circumstances we didn’t have the right balance because when you concede more goals than your opponent and even more chances to score a goal, it is never a good thing.

“For this reason, we switched to the new system of 3-4-3 and I think this is a good fit for our squad because also we have the strikers adapted for this system.

“I thought it would improve us offensively as well as defensively and we didn’t lose our offensive situation.

“In this way we have increased it because we scored many goals and created a lot of chances to score the goals and also if you maintain the clean sheet, I think this is the right way.”

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Hundreds Of Boko Haram Militants Surrender In Chad

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Sources say over hundreds of Boko Haram militants with their families have surrendered in Chad within the last month.

“They surrendered to our troops on the front line in Lake Chad,” said Colonel Mohammad Dole, Chief Military Public Information Officer for the Multinational Joint Task Force (MNJTF) headquartered in Chad’s capital N’Djamena.

“The surrenders are taking place because of the firepower of our operations. The groups, many of them armed, have been arriving since September and their number keeps increasing,” he said, adding that “about 240 fighters, most off whom are Chadian, are now being held in detention along with their families.”

Reuters quoted analysts and security sources as implying that the fighters are probably recent recruits that Boko Haram has struggled to retain as it has ceded territory

“Their presence in Chad was more for recruitment and for resources. Its strikes in the country were punitive,” he said, referring to revenge attacks on regional military heavyweight Chad, which has supplied 3,000 troops for the MNJTF.

Chadian military officials are currently profiling the detainees currently housed at two detention centers in the remote town of Baga Solo, some of whom arrived this week.

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Hazard Won’t Imitate Terry As Belgium Captain

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Eden Hazard has stated he will not try to be like Chelsea captain John Terry as captain of Belgium.

The Belgium midfielder was made captain of the Red Devils, ahead of the Euro 2016 due to the absence of Vincent Kompany and he’ll continue to wear the armband.

Kompany has been back in contention, but has been a regular fixture in the treatment room.

Coach Roberto Martinez confirmed on Wednesday that Hazard will continue as captain even when Kompany is present in the squad, though the 25-year-old will not be looking to develop similar characteristics to his skipper at club level.

“It’s good for me to be the captain,” he told reporters ahead of Sunday’s World Cup qualifier against Estonia. “I enjoy it.

“But I can’t be like John Terry. As captain, I don’t talk too much. I try to talk with my feet on the pitch.

“My ambition is to lead Belgium to the World Cup, to win something for the country. I hope we can do it but it’s still far away.”

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Prophet T.B Joshua’s Lies Have Finally Caught Up With Him, By Dr. Ijabla Raymond

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Prophet T.B Joshua’s Lies Have Finally Caught Up With Him, By Dr. Ijabla Raymond

It is unnecessary to make this a long article because the evidence against Prophet T.B Joshua is overwhelming. Joshua took his gamble too far when he predicted Hillary Clinton will win the recent U.S. election. His prediction is well documented on video and in a Facebook post, which he has since deleted. Fortunately, the post had been captured in screenshots by Facebook users thus exposing Joshua’s deceit and making him the object of ridicule the world over. This did not surprise me because Joshua’s antics are off the charts and are denounced even by his fellow charlatans and pastorpreneurs.

This piece was written by Dr. Ijabla Raymond. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

Like Adeboye, Oyedepo, Oyakhilome and others, Joshua has been exploiting the gullibility of millions for decades to enrich himself. To avoid the type of embarrassing situation Joshua now finds himself, these pastorpreneurs often deploy vague language when they address their followers. They do everything in their power not to be specific in their pronouncements so as not to get caught out. A classic example is when they issue their end-of-year prophecies which quite often contradict one another even though they claim to be hearing from the same God. You can read my analysis of end-of-year prophecies here .

The sermons preached by men like Joshua can be dangerous. A Ghanaian psychiatrist working for NHS England was struck off the medical register after he told a patient with mental illness that her condition was caused by demons and recommended she went to Joshua’s church for spiritual treatment. This is how violations of the medical code of conduct are dealt with in civilized climes. When his church building collapsed and crushed many people to death Joshua was all over the spot blaming imaginary enemies for flying imaginary planes over the building rather than accepting responsibility for the breach of building planning and permission rules as reports suggest. I am often amused by the stage-managed deliverance sessions in his church.

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Demons get to speak into microphones and hold conversations with Joshua, the exorcist. The paid actors would convulse, grimace and writhe their limbs for added drama effect which always seem to work up the emotions of the gullible congregants. When the pastor waves his hands, hundreds of worshippers fall over themselves at a time (supposedly under the anointing and the power of the Holy Spirit) but never the camera-men. But when such an intimate and private affair as childbirth is conducted in the church in full glare of the cameras, it is no longer amusing and we ought to ask ourselves whether the time has come to regulate religious activities. No doubt, there would have been medical professionals in the congregation watching that childbirth and cheering, thus validating both Joshua and the appalling practice. Should these medical professionals not answer to the bodies that regulate their professions?

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I do not believe in miracles. I believe there is an explanation for every event including those we refer to as supernatural. I challenge all the Adeboye’s, Oyedepo’s, Oyakhilome’s, Kumuyi’s, and every pastor and every Christian out there who believes in miracles and divine healing to cause an amputated limb to grow back. Jesus prophesied that those who believe in Him would do far greater miracles than he did. I promise to end my unbelief and use my talent to spread the gospel if my wish is met. I am not interested in the resurrection tales because I know death can be faked and death certificates can be easily forged. All I ask for is a simple, verifiable piece of a miracle – let me see a believer grow an amputated limb. Until this happens, I will continue to withhold belief in miracles and supernatural events. I distrust anyone who claims to perform miracles. I think they are deluded. Or lying.

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If our people applied common sense and stopped searching for miracles and shortcuts, they would become more productive and live more fulfilled lives. Consider the number of man-hours wasted on night vigils and in prayer houses every day and imagine the difference these would make if they were invested in charitable causes or community service. Do you really need to deprive yourself of sleep to hear another man tell you that you can pass an examination, get a job, buy a car, own a home, get married, get a pay rise etc? What has happened to us?

Ijabla is a medical doctor and a humanist. He writes from the U.K. 

Email: ijabijay@me.com

This piece was written by Dr. Ijabla Raymond. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Thiago Silva Not In Contact With Juventus, Says Agent

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PSG defender Thiago Silva is not in contact with Juventus over a possible return to the Serie A, as he still has a contract with PSG until 2018, unless they fail to qualify for the UCL.

Rumours linked the Brazil defender with a return to Serie A, with Juventus the possible suitors, on a free transfer at the end of this campaign.

Although his agent, Paulo Tonietto, was eager to outline the facts relating to the centre-back’s contract, he did not rule out a transfer, putting the ball firmly in PSG’s court.

He told Tuttomercatoweb: “I want to clarify something, which is that his contract is to 2017 but will be automatically renewed for another year if PSG get into the Champions League. Therefore the expiration is expected in 2018.

“It’s only normal that a player like Thiago is wanted by many clubs, but I have not talked to Juventus. I did register interest from other clubs, ones that were outside of Italy.

“So far we haven’t discussed a contract extension with PSG. We’ll talk about it in December and evaluate together whether we should renew or look around at other options.

“So, much depends on the offer PSG put forward.”

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Red Card, Green Card – Notes Towards The Management Of Hysteria, By Wole Soyinka

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Red Card, Green Card – Notes Towards The Management Of Hysteria, By Wole Soyinka

I shall begin on a morbid note. One of the horror stories that emerged from the Daesh (ISIS) controlled parts of Iraq was the gruesome tale of the mother who had a daughter affected by wanderlust, even in that endangered zone. One day, when she looked for her to attend to some home chores, she found that she had gone missing yet again. As she searched, she shouted in frustration: “As Allah is my witness, I’ll kill that girl when I catch up with her”. A neighbour overheard and reported her to the Hisbah.

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The mother was summoned by the mullahs who ordered her to put the child to death, since she had sworn by Allah. She refused, so they took the child by the legs and smashed her head against a wall. End of story. True or false? It certainly was published as true testimony. That is all I have to say to the ”literalists” who obsess over a time scheme of their own assessment. Thus, failure to have torn my Green Card “the moment” that I learnt that Mr. Donald Trump had won the presidential elections of the USA. It did not matter what I was doing at the time – teaching, eating, swimming, praying, under the shower or whatever. Or a family member saying, “Wait for me!” – speculatively please, no such disturbance ever took place. If it did however, I am supposed to contact the Nigerian media – to whom I have never spoken, and who never contacted me – except one – to beg permission to pursue a realistic definition of “the moment”. Media fascism is however a subject for another day,

For now, that moment having passed, I must be culpable of breaking a solemn promise. By the way, since we are on the terrain of literalism, has anyone attempted to “tear” or rip apart a Green Card? Even a Credit Card? For the average hands, that would take some doing! I have actually considered garden shears for a dramatic resolution, this being closer to my real profession.

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I have been asked several times – interestingly only by the foreign media, with the exception of The Interview – whether indeed I did make such a statement at any time, and whether I still intended to carry it out, and the answer remains a categorical ‘Yes’. Not recently, mind you, nor in the inaccurate blazing Punch headline of Thursday Nov. 16, but in the accurate wording that is contained in the actual story on page 9. So, where and when did I first notably make that declaration. Answer: Addressing a group of students at Oxford University and fielding questions. It was NOT a public lecture. I have never summoned a press conference on the issue. The organisers did not invite the (unregistered) Association of Nigerian Internet habituees. It was the accustomed student seminar format that moved from the light-hearted to the serious, the ridiculous and (hopefully) the profound and back again. I even used the encounter to compare my threat with the public antics of a former president – unnamed, I assure you – who tore up his party membership card of a moribund ruling party.

Whatever my failings, I do not lack originality, and I was not about to be find myself indebted to that contumacious general!

Nonetheless, did I mean what I said – that is, ‘exiting’ the USA? Absolutely, and that is the very theme of this address. It will not attempt to deal with the notion of an exit time-table as conceived by others, as if even the incumbent US president and his replacement are not even permitted over two months to pack their bags and prepare to move in and out of the White House, but must exchange positions the very moment that a winner was proclaimed. Anyone would think that the Brexit Vote made it imperative for the Brits to plunge into the English Channel instantly, instead of negotiating two years for an orderly withdrawal. Plebians like me of course need far less time, nevertheless they do not uproot overnight. Any other proposition speaks of a permanent agenda, of frustration and hidden histories – such as opportunities to rehabilitate themselves in the public eye. There is also recession in the land, and I can understand the psychology of impotence and, thus, transferred aggression. Let it be understood – before I move even one word further – that I interrupted my present commitment in the United States solely for an urgent meeting with the Ooni of Ife on an ongoing project. I am obliged to return to the US in a matter of two or three days to complete my interrupted mission. Fortunately, that mission is guaranteed to end long before the United States becomes Trumpland Real Estate.

And now we move from absurd, frankly idiotic distractions to Substance. Why, in any case, am I pulling out of the United States? Why – as demanded of me by some of my genuinely concerned and sober interlocutors around the world – why such an extreme reaction? Why the terminal response to the elections of another land? Also, and perhaps most crucially, why am I left virtually mouth agape at the furore my stance has engendered? I simply fail to understand why this has gone beyond a flurry of public commentary and hilarious cartoons, and turned into a masturbatory for some, a vomitory for others, and an epilleptic sanatorium for a self-reproducing number? Why, in genuine bafflement, do I experience astonishment? Why do people find this commonplace, accessible-to-all act so extraordinary?

The answers to all the forgeoing can be summed up in a familiar expression: a life of environmental sanitation, or call it – sanity. My temperament requires a certain minimum level of environmental health to function properly. I use the word ‘temperament’ as a historical fact, a personality development that first manifested itself all the way back to student days, and has remained consistent all my life. Nowhere is perfect, certainly not all the time. Nonetheless, every human being has this need, however approximate, some perhaps with objective awareness, others intuitively, some more acutely and intensely than others, especially when defined by their professions, occupations, social and other involvements. The craving is common to all humanity – if I am wrong, then I must have dropped from Mars.

Here now is a potted history of the choices made by this contributor over the years in pursuit of this need, all the way from student days. Read carefully and learn!

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…what is so special about America that an agenda of abandonment creates such hysteria?… I have never invited anyone to join me in my purely personal odyssey, begun before most of these sniveling upstarts were born. Is it the Green Card that sets America apart? Then perhaps it is time to repay the compliment with a Red card, as in soccer.
As a student in Leeds University, one of whose subjects was Spanish, I steadily refused to accompany other students on long vacation job opportunities in Spain, designed to make us master the spoken part of the language. Apart from the Isle of Man, I went to France and Holland instead, whose languages were not part of my studies. And yet I had already fallen in love with flamenco music – played for us from records by our Spanish lecturer, and was dying to watch flamenco dancing in the flesh. Language study however involves, as we all know, the study of a people’s history and culture. I had encountered the history of the Spanish Civil War, the violent overthrow of a legitimate Republican government, and the ‘white terror’ of the Falangist leader, General Franco. I identified with the volunteer soldiers of the International Brigade. Spain was under boycott in parts of Europe, so there was a choice to be made. I refused to step into Spain until years after I had graduated and returned home, and General Franco was certified dead and buried. A personal choice.

Australia: It is now some twelve to fifteen years since I issued a Red Card to Australia, unannounced. That Red Card subsists till today. The occasion was a conference of PEN International, and I had made the usual visa application. When the forms arrived, I found the requirements for applicants over 70 years (I think) so obnoxious, intrusive, and degrading that I refused to fill them. Negotiations with the Australian government by Australian PEN led to an exception being made for me. When it was communicated, I wrote back: Absolutely Not. I refused to be the token geriatric. That application document was highly disrespectful of age and I wondered what kind of mentality had crafted it, wondered if the Australians themselves knew what image was being projected in their name. I said to our go-betweens: Not for a moment am I equating myself with Desmond Tutu or Nelson Mandela, but they are older. Does it mean that, if they decide to visit Australia, you would subject them to this form of degradation?

Till today, I have routinely declined any invitation to Australia, a country I had visited years earlier to sumptuous hospitality. I learnt some time ago that the obnoxious requirements have been removed but have not bothered to check. The reason was this follow-up: a journalist heard about my absence from the PEN conference and made enquiries. He interviewed me and I told him the cause. After visiting the Australian embassy for their side of the story, he reported back that the diplomat in charge responded to his questions with the comment that the embassy was too busy with more important matters. I did not make a fuss. My position was based on principle but, basically, it was a personal affair between me and Australia. It remains so till today.

China: I did not, could not visit China for years after Tienanman Square. I was dying to visit that remarkable nation of culture and history, itching to go with every invitation. The Chinese ambassador in Nigeria tried to win me over after the ousting of the Gang of Four. I declined, but accepted the books he had told me did not exist while the Thought of Chairman Mao ruled the waves. Even when, years later, one of the top American travel agents organised a visit of Nobel laureates with mouth watering honoraria, I could not bring myself to join others. Constantly swimming before my eyes was the image of armoured trucks and tanks running over students encamped in Tienanmen Square, leaving behind rivulets of blood. Before I eventually accepted an invitation from the University of Beijing, I checked with some of the dissident poets – was it a decent time to visit? Had sufficient time passed for the average survivor of that carnage to obtain closure? Until they gave me the green light, I refused all invitations. Again I did not fuss. I did not call an international press conference in the interim.

Back home to our continent – this time, post-Apartheid South Africa. How many of these hysterical purveyors of Internet obscenities – including some printed media – are aware that for nearly two years, I handed South Africa the Red Card? And why? Because of her then astonishing display of xenophobia, most notably against Nigerians. I was a personal recepient of that treatment which took place – of all occasions imaginable – on the occasion of my visit to deliver a three-part memorial lecture in honour of the late Nelson Mandela. Undoubtedly, on that very occasion, there had been a misunderstanding over visa issuance. Nonetheless, taken in the context of the rampant humiliation of Nigerians at the hands of South African authorities, and the South African civic pockets also, I went to the final lecture with my luggage. The moment I concluded the last of my lectures, I insisted on being driven to the airport, silently shaking off the South African dust off my feet for ever. It was only to my hosts that I uttered the declaration that they were seeing me in their nation for the last time. Until I withdrew the Red Card, I did not summon the Press.

Now, how did that boycott end? It is a remarkable story which deserves its place in the narratives of sheer serendipity. It involved Dennis Brutus, the South African poet, an enlightened Head of Nigerian Immigration and, indirectly, Archishop Desmond Tutu and Albie Sachs, former chairman of the South African Constitutional Court. Also, retrospectively, the role played by Nelson Mandela’s widow, Graca Machel, during my ordeal at the airport. While the boycott lasted however, I declined between seven to nine invitations to South Africa, including a UNESCO event that was however billed to take place there. The ending of that boycott, like the beginning, was ultimately my private and personal decision.

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Shall we take Cuba, that revolutionary island where I was personally decorated by Fidel Castro with the Felix Valera medal of honour? Despite all efforts by the then Cuban ambassador to Nigeria, and very valued friends and colleagues in Cuba, I issued her my usual silent card some years ago. I found the execution of those ill-fated adventurers who tried to escape on a raft excessive, not forgetting the shooting down of a hi-jacked plane. Were their acts condemnable? Indisputably! Did the punishment fit the crime however? My answer is obvious – No. Jose Saramago, the late Portuguese Nobelist had apparently taken the same position, as I found out when we both met at a subsequent event in Cuba, when our Cuban boycotts eventually ended. Were we wrong or right? That is immaterial. The point is that neither called a press conference or publicised our individual decisions. They were personal decisions, made independently.

And so on, and on, and on….brief to prolonged, reluctant to instant boycotts of places of normally congenial roosting,for a variety of reasons, and dictated by individual temperaments. And so we come finally to Donald Trump, and the sometimes travesty of collective choice.

I was in New York during the run-up to the elections. I watched this face, its body language, listened to his uncouth, racist language, his imbecillic harangues, the insults to other peoples, other races, especially the Hispanics, Africans and Afro-Americans, even citing once – I was told – Nigeria as an instance of the burdensome occupation of global space. I watched and listened, disbelievingly, since this was America, supposedly now freed to a large extent – as we like to believe and have a right to expect – from its lamentable history of racism. But I saw, not only this would-be president but enthusing followers on a populist roll at the expense of minorities! I followed the fluctuating poll statistics. I began to warn my colleagues, friends, my family: listen, this thing is happening right before our very eyes. This is how it begins, how humanity ends up with Cambodia, with Rwanda, with Da’esh. We are watching a Hitlerite phenomenon. We are witnessing history in reverse, unravelling before a complacent world. I said to them, if this man wins, I am relocating. It had gone beyond a joke. They all said, it will never happen. Even a day to elections, some Nigerians, with whom I had a meeting in New York, waved off the possibility. The entire world goofed – T.B. Joshua and other pundits, charlattans and experts alike. A colleague at Harvard mentioned the celebrations that would follow the election, but shortly after, confessed his concerns, cursing the FBI man who had chosen to intervene at an unprecedented stage in the elections.

Again, I said to him, I shall relocate if Trump wins. He said, I’m coming with you, echoing numerous other colleagues to whom I had sounded the same alert. I promised them all political asylum! So, it was nothing new, the Oxford comment. Whatever language I used is my familiar language, not the language of Da’esh or its local impotent surrogates.

Finally, here is something very personal, but I have to answer the question of my genuine interlocutors in matching sincerity.

Our US base and family home in California – Abacha instigated – faces a rockhill known as Mount Baldy. It has survived the menace of fires, so close to disaster that we were placed on evacuation alert a number of times and were once actually bundled out by the police for over forty-eight hours. A fireball overflew the house on one occasion, landed some distance from ours and consumed that unlucky home. Not too far away, an escaping family took a wrong turn and lost their lives in the flames. Nothing of such menacing interludes ever brought to the fore the remotest consideration of relocating! However – and let this be stressed to all those who are strangers to the world of images – for this individual called Wole Soyinka, the superimposition of the Trumpian face on those bare mountain slabs began to take on reality, a reality that probably became even three-dimensional, like the massive faces of those former US presidents that remain gouged into the peaks of Mount Rushmore in South Dakota, visited by millions. My environment, albeit a substitute one for our authentic home in the forests of Ijegba – had become compromised. That is all I shall write on the reality of superimposition – the notion of waking up every day of habitation and seeing on that mountain slab the face of Donald Trump on my borrowed preserve, where, from upstairs, I sometimes stood in bouts of contemplation, especially whenever the house was empty.

For me, something is gone. Again, I speak for myself, not for my family who are, in any case, also American citizens, an acquisition that I have declined I cannot recall how often. Let me repeat, even that portion of empathy that comes from intimate occupancy and usage over the years, and where the products of my “extra mileage” were born, has become violated. It is still home, second home, but one individual named Donald Trump – and his cohorts – have ruined its hard-earned companionship and serenity, built up over the years. As I keep repeating, these issues are personal.

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And so, back from our quick excursions to Asia and the Antipodes, what is so special about America that an agenda of abandonment creates such hysteria? I am incapable of double standards in these matters. Why do individuals feel threatened? I have never invited anyone to join me in my purely personal odyssey, begun before most of these sniveling upstarts were born. Is it the Green Card that sets America apart? Then perhaps it is time to repay the compliment with a Red card, as in soccer. I am not aware that the world’s oxygen storage tanks are located in the US of A, so that we cannot breathe away from it. I shall always compliment the American success story on many fronts, including the fact that millions of migrants derive their very living – including crucial send-home remittances – from her generosity. Many of us will always be grateful to her government at the time for sheltering both our persons and our mission during the Abacha years. However, we are also individuals, with specific needs, different sensibilities, and definitions of productive environments and thus, up to this moment, my Wolexit stands.

It is a personal thing. Perhaps it will help even further if I remind you of what I wrote in my memoirs: You Must Set Forth At Dawn. There I confessed that my greatest – and irrational – fear in exile was that if I died outside Nigeria, my well-meaning family, colleagues and friends, would bring my body home. I took firm steps. The thought of resting within that earth while it was trampled over by a despotic monster whom I thoroughly despised, was the absurd but all-consuming fear that I had all through that deadly struggle. Obviously that fear has been eliminated, but then, having watched this American Wonder rise to power through a contemptible denigration of my sector of humanity, through mockery and jeers of my origin, I no longer find that environment congenial either for work or leisure, and I have signalled my unambiguous intent to exit. No one else is invited.

Well now, a remarkable development. I stated earlier that the issue is not just one individual called Donald Trump, but the human environment that he and his ilk have spawned, one that contributes to a toxic environment across the globe, with the rise of ultra-nationalism and exclusionist politics. That environment is however engendering counter aspects to that created by Trump’s lowest common demonimator in followership. Spontaneous protests have sprung up across the country. Too late, I’m afraid, and ineffectual, since Demoracy has the last word, and its rituals have been concluded. The law of the land will prevail. However, I have been considerably cheered by the spontaneous manifestation of this rejection of the shame and horror that a ”majority” has imposed on the totality. Americans will have to live with it, but there is hope. Even before the street protests, something rather strange had taken place.

On the very morning of the conclusion of elections when I switched away from one news channel to the next, the screen went suddenly blank. Then came a scrolled message that called for a quiet, peaceful revolution. It went on and on, without voice or images, and it was non-partisan, since it rejected not only Trump but Clinton as befitting candidates but declared American democracy a sham. It went on to complicate matters by identifying an individual – Bernie Saunders – by name as an acceptable leader of a new movement. It excoriated past governance policies, dismissed even Obamacare as a failure – I disagree by the way – and urged viewers again and again to LET’S TALK ABOUT IT. LET’S MEET ON THE INTERNET. LET A PEACEFUL REVOLUTION BEGIN etc. etc. It could have been Channel 33 or 34, I am no longer sure. A serious, viable movement? Maybe not sustainable under the present system, but it goes into that multi-faceted network that leads to the eventual sanitisation of any socio-political environment. And then, latest of the latest, the state of California has mounted a referendum for secession, within her constitutional rights. Quite an unpredictable prospect but, much as I am predisposed to upheavals by vox populi, I prefer to be out of the environment, being a non-citizen.

Let me end with a Red Card to those noisome creatures, the nattering nit-wits of Internet: maybe Trumpland is not as despicable as the Naijaland you impose on our reality from your secure cesspits of anonymity. Go back to school. Your problem is ignorance; ignorance of whatever subject you so readily comment upon. Learn to study your subject before opening up on issues beyond your grasp. Sometimes you make one feel like swapping one green for another, out of embarassment for occupying the same national space as you. But don’t get nervous, or start jumping for joy too soon – the Nigerian passport is just as tough to rip, physically, as is the Green Card, so I’ll stay put in my private Green Belt – the one I have named the Autonomous Republic of Ijegba. I negotiate my relations with both peoples and nations from its internal protocols – yes, that is indeed arrogance for you, but an arrogance of several decades’ principled growth. I carry that patch of green with me, everywhere, in a secure, invisible, and inaccessible pouch! It is that warehouse of ingrained sensibilities that engendered my decision.

WOLEXIT stands – I coined that deliberately, to signify repossesion of my space of legitimate decisions. The media can nitpick over details – that is your profession. At long last, totally oblivious of the ongoing cacophony that had sprung up in my absence, I finally did receive for the first time a brief questionaire from a Nigerian journal, The Interview, and one other. I responded. My exit time schema applies, not yours. If it even becomes convenient to bring it forward, I intend to do so, but please don’t come at me with plaints of time imprecision. I never discussed it with you, nor invited you to a private decision whose execution was already in the making. Do not try to browbeat me. It’s a waste of time – all you have to do is immerse yourselves in my antecedents.

Wole Soyinka is the first Black Nobel Laureate in Literature.

This article was written by Wole Soyinka. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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MUSIC: Magnito ft. Patoranking – As I get Money Ehn

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Shortly after the release of “If I Get Money Eh!“, Magnito comes through with a befitting remix featuring Patoranking. Magnito together with Patoranking dubbed this version “As I Get Money Ehn”.

If you ask me, this right here; is my favourite remix.

Download and Listen below.

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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FUNAAB Sacks Senior Staff Members For Reporting VC To The EFCC

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The Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB) on Thursday sacked 18 staff members while five others were also relieved of their appointments by the University’s Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Olusola Oyewole.

Among those sacked were three members of the Senior Staff Association of Nigerian Universities (SSANU) of the institution namely, Lasun Somoye, Abdusalaam Sobbor and E.A Bankole. The three of them were said to have spearheaded the petition against the management of the university and the vice chancellor, Prof Oyewole which was sent to the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

The trio had earlier been placed on suspension by the management of the institution since August 22 before this new development. The petitioners accused Prof. Oyewole of misappropriation of funds and abuse of office.


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Headies Organizers, Hip TV, Explain ‘Next Rated’ Category Following Backlash From Fans

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Organizers of The Headies award, Hip TV, have released a statement explaining what the Next Rated category means after backlash from fans and artistes alike.

The organization via their official Instagram explained what the next rated award category really meant and who is qualified to enter into it.

The statement read “Over the years, Nigeria’s most prestigious music award, The Headies has strived for excellence in building the award on true values of integrity, transparency and responsibility. We have worked hard to reward artistic ingenuity since day one and also educating the teaming fans of the award, the public and the entertainment industry about the rules of the awards and the criteria for nominations in each category.

Often times, we realize that the fans, people in the industry and the media are either misled or not paying attention to the rules and criteria for nomination. Hence, it is important to set the record straight and continue to enlighten the industry and the fans. We recognize how important The Headies is to our industry and we will not take information for granted.

Next Rated for example are officially unreleased artiste in the year under review. This means, no matter how good or popular your song may be, how many hit singles or how many good music videos you may have, if you have not recorded and released an official album, you are still eligible to be nominated for that category. In the same vein, you may start your career a year ago, as long as you have released an album, will not the eligible for nomination in the Next Rated Category”

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US First Lady Michelle Obama Covers December Edition Of Vogue

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Outgoing First Lady of the United States of America, Michelle Obama, is the cover star for the December 2016 issue of Vogue.

Posing for pictures for iconic photographer Annie Leibovitz, Michelle spoke about what it meant being a First Lady, and spending 8 years in the White House.

“Everything we do is by choice,” she says of her role as first lady. “I could have spent eight years doing anything, and at some level, it would have been fine. I could have focused on flowers. I could have focused on décor. I could have focused on entertainment. Because any first lady, rightfully, gets to define her role. There’s no legislative authority; you’re not elected. And that’s a wonderful gift of freedom.”

Husband Barack was present at the interview, and claimed he knew Michelle was always going to be an incredible First Lady.

“Michelle never asked to be first lady,” Barack tells Vogue. “Like a lot of political spouses, the role was thrust upon her. But I always knew she’d be incredible at it, and put her own unique stamp on the job.”

“That’s because who you see is who she is — the brilliant, funny, generous woman who, for whatever reason, agreed to marry me,” he continues. “I think people gravitate to her because they see themselves in her — a dedicated mom, a good friend, and someone who’s not afraid to poke a little fun at herself from time to time.”

Check her out below!

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HyperFocal: 0

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Former England Manager, Sam Allardyce Will Not Face Police Action Over Corruption Scandal

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Former Sunderland and England manager, Sam Allardyce has received a letter from the Football Association stating that he is not being investigated by the City of London Police.

The 62-year-old resigned from his England role in September after footage showing the him offering advice to journalists disguised as foreign investors on how to bypass rules concerning the third-party ownership of players was released by British press house, The Telegraph.

In a statement, Allardyce saidI welcome today’s confirmation from City of London Police that I will not be the subject of a police investigation. I was always confident that this would be the case as there was no evidence against me. I now ask that the Football Association deals with this matter as quickly as possible.

I would like to thank my friends and family who have stood by me during this difficult period. The position of England head coach is the pinnacle of any English manager’s career and it was my dream job. While I am sad that my tenure came to an end early, I am nonetheless proud to have been chosen to manage the England football team and hope that today’s confirmation from the police will give me the opportunity to move on”

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‘They Have An Insatiable Taste For Women’ – Ben Murray-Bruce Likens Trump To Obasanjo

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The Senator representing Bayelsa East constituency Ben Murray-Bruce, has likened the US President-elect, Donald Trump to Nigeria’s former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo.

‘They Have An Insatiable Taste For Women’ – Ben Murray-Bruce Likens Trump To Obasanjo

‘They Have An Insatiable Taste For Women’ – Ben Murray-Bruce Likens Trump To Obasanjo

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Murray-Bruce, who is the Chairman of Silverbird Entertainment Group, took to his Facebook page at the early hours of today, November 12, to highlight the similarities between the former ruler and president-elect in a lengthy piece.

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He wrote:

Like Trump Like Obasanjo

On the morning of Saturday the 20th of February, 2016, I was having breakfast at Eko Hotel with a friend of mine, Reno Omokri and one of the top Democratic Party strategists in the US and an argument ensued. Omokri said Trump would go all the way while the American said he was not going anywhere. I joined the conversation by saying that Trump is a phenomenon and no one knows how far he will go.

Today, I sit here writing this piece pleasantly stunned that what the mainstream media, what the establishment and what the powers that be said could never happen has happened due to this phenomenal man’s belief in himself when others did not believe in hm.

I have met Donald Trump one on one before and what I clearly remember about him is that he is a White and younger version of former President Olusegun Obasanjo.

The two of them can be brash and outspoken but they always seem to come out on top by some sort of divine arrangement that makes whatever they do turn out for the best even if it began with controversy.

More similarities between the duo is that they both undeniably have an insatiable taste for women and beautiful ones at that!

Then again, they are both men who have succeeded in business and, even though they were political outsiders, they extended their business success to politics.

And even though there is a lot of anxiety in the Black world and especially Nigeria, I believe that a Trump Presidency would be better for Africa and Nigeria than a Hillary administration.

For one, Boko Haram are now afraid. Very afraid! This is a man that is not afraid to use the word radical Islamic terror and to declare to all who care to listen that he will be their nemesis.

Nigeria needs such a partner!

We are spending way too much of our resources on fighting terrorists. We need a big strong hand to help us fight them. A hand that will not be afraid to sell us weapons and will not make us grovel before it is willing to help us destroy our enemies who want to destroy us.

But secondly and very importantly, Nigeria is an oil producing nation and though I believe that it is what is between the ears of our people that will make this nation great, we still need foreign exchange and Hillary’s plans for alternative energy was not going to see the price of oil go up anytime soon.

But Trump won in Texas because the oil industry knows that they have a friend in him, and any friend of Texas big oil is a friend of Nigeria.

And forget about all that talk about immigration reform. Trump will not stop Nigerians from entering the US. The U.S needs Nigerians more than Nigerians need the U.S.

Without Nigerian healthcare professionals, the U.S health industry would collapse overnight. Neither Trump or Hillary wanted that.

Trump’s rhetoric was directed more at Mexican immigrants because of the immediate threat posed to the US by illegal immigration from Mexico.

Having said that, let me add that the last similarity between Trump and former President Obasanjo is that they both look not very intelligent, but their looks betray their vast knowledge and deep wisdom. You meet them and size them up by their looks and end up underestimating them.

But when they reach into their reptilian brain and come out with strategies it becomes too late to do what you should have done.

I am glad that Trump won and I cannot wait to see how he will change the world positively.

But one thing is clear, any politician who underestimates the role of social media in the battle to win the hearts and minds of the people is a politician that is going the way of the dinosaurs.

Social media and particularly Twitter was the weapon Trump used to fight the mainstream media. Social media is the ultimate form of democracy in that it gives the underdog a vehicle to amplify his or her voice against a biased media that wants to suppress it.

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Boko Haram Bought Powerful Weapons With Chibok Girls’ Ransom – Military Sources

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Top military sources have claimed that the recent ransom paid to Boko Haram in exchange for the release of some Chibok girls is contributing to the current spate of killings and disappearances of soldiers engaged in the fight against the insurgents.

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The Punch quoted some military officials as saying that despite denials by the Nigerian government, money was paid to the sect to secure the release of the abducted girls.

The sources also averred that the insurgents demanded for $50m for the release of the girls but the federal government eventually paid about a quarter of the sum.

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It was gathered that Nigerian government paid the cash in two currencies – the naira and the CFA Francs to the leaders of the sect to facilitate the release of the girls.

The top military officials, who preferred anonymity, also maintained that the recent upsurge in the activities of the insurgents is not unconnected to the huge ransom paid for the release of the girls.

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It would be recalled, 83 soldiers were reported missing in October, days after they came under a Boko Haram attack.

Also, on November 4, seven military men, including Lt.-Col. Muhammad Abu-Ali, were killed on their way to reinforce troops at Mallam Fatori during a Boko Haram attack.

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‘I Am Sorry But If You Are A White Man You Don’t Get To Define What Racism Is’ – Chimamanda Adichie’s Epic Reply To Tyrrell On ‘Is Donald Trump Racist?’

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Nigerian author, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie and the editor in chief of the American Spectator, R Emmett Tyrrell, appeared as guests on BBC Newsnight to discuss on the issue of whether U.S President-elect, Donald Trump, is a racist, with Emily Maitlis.

While Tyrrell, during the discussion, tried to clarify on why he thinks Trump ‘has not been a racist,’ the novelist cut in, and said: “I am sorry but if you are a white man you don’t get to define what racism is”.

Click Here To Watch Full Video: Is Donald Trump racist? Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie v R Emmett Tyrrell – BBC Newsnight

Newsnight is the BBC’s flagship news and current affairs TV programme – with analysis, debate, exclusives, and robust interviews.

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360HAWT: SDC – BMW ft. Funbi (prod. Focus Ramon)

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Fresh off the release of the popular “Small Chops” EP with producer Kid Konnect, Show Dem Camp “SDC” follow up with a new song titled BMW.

BMW features the smooth vocals of Funbi and showcases a different side to the hip-hop duo as they switch up the tempo to talk about those rainy Lagos nights.

BMW was produced by Focus Ramon and is now available on iTunes and Apple Music.

Get BMW via iTunes HERE

Look out for more releases from the camp in 2016 as they warm up to their sophomore album

Download mp3 of BWM (feat. Funbi) by Show Dem Camp aka SDC below

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Naira Appreciates Amidst SSS Crackdown On BDCs

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The Naira on Friday appreciated against the US Dollar, amidst a crackdown on Bureau De Change operators (BDCs), by operatives of the State Security Service (SSS).

The premier security service started raiding the offices of some currency traders across major cities in Nigeria on Wednesday, in an attempt to contain the illegal activities responsible for the decline in value of the local currency.

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The crackdown is coming in the wake of a meeting between the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), the leadership of the Bureau de Change (BDC) association and the security service.

The meeting was aimed at finding ‘lasting’ solutions to the poor performance of the national currency against other international currencies, particularly the dollar, in the money market.

With this, the naira responded positively on Friday against the dollar in all segments of the foreign exchange market.

At the interbank market, the currency gained N1.45 to its exchange value to the dollar, closing at about N304.75, from N306.50 recorded on Thursday.

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In the parallel market, the Naira gained N5, exchanging at about N455, from N460 recorded on Thursday, while the Pound Sterling and the Euro closed at N555 and N505 respectively.

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D’Banj’s Project Manager Ties The Knot Today With Former Mo’hits Staff

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Tara weds Yemi

Dynamic Entertainment Duo Tara Hecksher and Yemi Akinnigbagbe are getting married today, November 12, 2016 – in what is easily the most anticipated industry wedding of the year!

Popularly known as T-Love and Energy, the duo have been together as a pair for a number of years and their wedding has been a long time coming!

They had a connection to the ‘disbanded’ Record Label (Mo’hits), which was a force to be reckoned with back in the day, in the music industry.

Yemi, who started his career as a road manager with Mo’hits Records, now works as a top manager at TECNO Boom Player.

While the bride-to-be, Tara, who had presented Music Arena, the hit TV show on Channels TV, is currently working as D’Banj’s Project manager.

This is one wedding not to be missed….

The guest list is made up of society’s finest as well as top entertainment personalities so make sure you have an access card because the security will be tight!!


See more photos below:tara-energy-pre-wedding-picstara-energy-pre-wedding-pics-2 360nobstara-energy-pre-wedding-pics-3 360nobs

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Manchester United Considering £26 Million Bid Benfica Defender Victor Lindelof 

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Manchester United are considering a £26m move for Benfica and Sweden star Victor Lindelof, according to Portuguese newspaper A Bola.

Chelsea, Juventus and Paris Saint-Germain have also been linked with the defender, who can play right-back.

He reportedly has a £26m release clause in his Benfica contract and is being lined up as a replacement for Matteo Darmian, who could be heading back to Serie A.

But another report suggests Benfica are now lining up a new deal for Victor Lindelof which will double his release clause to £52m.

Lindelof is under contract at Benfica until 2020.

According to O Jogo, Benfica are hoping to ward off interest from across Europe by rewarding the 22-year-old with a new contract which will up that figure.

The Swede has become an integral member of the first team at Benfica, who are desperate not to lose him on the cheap having plucked him from Vasteras in 2012.

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Arsenal Intrested In 16-Year-old Peter Gwargis Nicknamed ‘The New Ozil’ 

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Arsenal are keeping tabs on a 16-year-old Swedish midfielder dubbed ‘the new Ozil’, according to the Daily Mirror.

They carry a report from Sweden that claims Peter Gwargis is attracting interest from Arsenal, PSV Eindhoven and Feyenoord.

The teenager has recently broken into the Husqvarna FF senior squad.

‘Both Arsenal and PSV have sent invitations, but now Feyenoord are the most interested,’ Gwargis’ representative, Walid Faour, told Fotbolltransfers.com.

‘I’m in Holland right now for a visit to Feyenoord with Peter Gwargis.

‘Peter has trained with both Under-17 and Under-19s. This is a left-footed offensive football player who many here believe will be a new Ozil.’

‘Both Arsenal and PSV have sent invitations, but now Feyenoord are the most interested,’ Gwargis’ representative, Walid Faour, told Fotbolltransfers.com.

Bomben: Arsenal jagar HFF-produkten https://t.co/RB2Z6aFZAp @HusqvarnaFF #twittboll pic.twitter.com/zjE8CBDYM3

— JP-sporten (@JPsporten) November 10, 2016
‘I’m in Holland right now for a visit to Feyenoord with Peter Gwargis.

‘Peter has trained with both Under-17 and Under-19s. This is a left-footed offensive football player who many here believe will be a new Ozil.’

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning

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​Real Madrid are monitoring Manchester United’s teenage striker Marcus Rashford.

Barcelona are considering a £65m bid to sign Liverpool star Philippe Coutinho.

Fiorentina star Milan Badelj has played down reports linking him with a move to Chelsea.

Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger held four-hour talks with Chicago Fire earlier this week about a move to the MLS side.

Arsenal’s Alex Iwobi would reject a move to Barcelona even if they offered him a bumper pay rise, says his father.

Juventus reportedly sent a scout to watch Manchester United’s Memphis Depay play for Holland against Belgium earlier this week.

Former Rangers midfielder Joey Barton has revealed he once challenged Mark Hughes to a fight during their time together at QPR.

Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel has opened talks with Marseille over a January move.

David Moyes has revealed he turned down the chance to sign Joe Hart on loan because he has such high hopes for Sunderland No 1 Jordan Pickford.

Manchester United aim to snap up Ivan Rakitic before the Croatian signs a new deal with Barcelona.

US winger Ella Masar has agreed a four-year deal to continue playing her football in Sweden – to avoid Donald trump’s presidency.

Fulham and Bristol City are keen on a January transfer swoop for Rangers striker Martyn Waghorn.

Indian club Kerala plan to hand their entire crowd Zinedine Zidane masks to welcome opposing Chennaiyin manager Marco Materazzi.

Manchester United are weighing up a £26m move for Benfica and Sweden defender Victor Lindelof.

Jose Mourinho is considering a £26m move for Benfica defender Victor Lindelof.

Chelsea are keeping tabs on Fiorentina defender Nenad Tomovic with a view to a possible January swoop.

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo is getting into the Christmas spirit by starring in a homage to the classic 1990 film Home Alone.

Barcelona have made Philippe Coutinho their priority for next summer’s transfer window.

Jose Mourinho’s injury crisis worsens as Marouane Fellaini faces a race against time to be fit for Manchester United’s crunch clash with Arsenal after picking up a calf injury.

Chelsea want Diego Costa to sign a lucrative new contract to fend off the advances of former club Atletico Madrid.

Simone Zaza’s agent father is ready to listen to offers for the Italy international to leave West Ham.

Manchester United outcast Henrikh Mkhitaryan helped Armenia pull off an incredible comeback against Montenegro as they hit back from 2-0 down to win 3-2 in their World Cup Qualifier.

Olivier Giroud could be offered a route out of Arsenal in January with Serie A duo AC Milan and Napoli both interested in the France striker.

Real Madrid were preparing to make a move for Neymar before he signed a new contract with Barcelona last month, according to the Brazilian’s father.

Gareth Southgate all but secured the England manager’s permanent role with a 3-0 victory over Scotland in Friday’s World Cup Qualifier.

Fans of Leyton Orient and Blackpool will express their displeasure at the way their clubs are being run by holding a joint demonstration before next weekend’s League Two match at Brisbane Road.

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Murray Backs Djokovic To Return To His Best

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A show of sportsmanship from Andy Murray before the ATP world tour finals kicks off, as the Brit has backed Novak Djokovic to return to his ultimate best soon enough.

The Brit overtook the Serbian tennis star on the rankings on Monday, but will have to maintain his run at the ATP world tour finals, if he wants to finish 2016 as number one.

Djokovic has claimed the title at the London O2 Arena on the past four occasions.

“There’s no reason to think he won’t have a really good tournament,” said 29-year-old Murray.

Djokovic’s form has been the subject of much debate in recent months, with just one tournament win since June and early exits at Wimbledon and the Olympics.

But Murray said: “Before then he’d been playing great, so for him not play his best tennis for a couple of months, I’m sure it’s not too much to worry about.

“I’d imagine shortly he’ll be back to playing his best tennis.”

On his indifferent form, Djokovic said: “The high standard of results and success that I’ve had the last couple of years probably has taken its toll.

“I didn’t get to recover as fast after the French Open to be ready to compete on the highest level after that.

“All in all it was a very good year that I’m proud of. I’m here in London to try to crown this year with the best possible result.”

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Tragic: Referee Killed By A Player He Sent Off

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A sad and tragic incident in Mexico has seen a referee lose his life after he was inadvertently killed by a player he red carded.

The amateur fixture taking place in the state of Hidalgo was marred by the death of the official who was head-butted by an amateur player.

Victor Trejo, the match referee handed Ruben Rivera Vazquez a red card, and he was angered by the official’s decision and allegedly head-butted him.

Paramedics rushed to scene in the hopes of reviving a man they thought fainted, only for their efforts to prove fruitless.

According to emergency services, the referee died of a ‘widespread subarachnoid hematoma’, which was caused by a significant blow to the head.

The alleged perpetrator is now on the run from authorities after fleeing the scene.

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Daryl Horgan To Consider Transfer Offer From Newcastle

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Republic of Ireland and Dundalk midfielder Daryl Horgan says he would have to consider an offer from Newcastle if one materialised.

Horgan’s reputation in Ireland has been growing this season after some impressive displays, and he is reportedly of interest to a number of English second-tier clubs.

Speaking ahead of what could be his senior international debut against Austria in the World Cup Qualifier on Saturday, Horgan said: “I don’t know, really (what’s going on). To be honest with you, I try to stay out of it as much as I possibly can.

“It’s very easy to say you’re interested. It’s very different to put an offer on the table and, at the minute, there are no offers on the table.

“I’m a Dundalk player. I’m very happy at Dundalk but, as I said, if an offer does come in from somewhere, I’d have to consider it, especially from a massive club like Newcastle.”

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Neymar’s Father Reveals Real Madrid Interest

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Real Madrid wanted to lure Neymar away from Barcelona before he signed a new deal with the Catalan club last month, the star’s father has claimed.

“Madrid were interested through intermediaries,” Neymar Senior said in an interview with Spanish newspaper Mundo Deportivo.

“I always said the same thing to everyone: if Neymar leaves Barca, you have to pay the €190 million release clause, plus the taxes on that money. And with everything else, it would end up being €430m.

“The offers didn’t reach him; they came to me. I know what Neymar wanted and that was to stay… The only doubts there could have been were on my part, as a businessman and his representative, but I didn’t have any doubts, either, because I know him and I know he’s really happy here.

“As much as I want to be a successful businessman and make money, what interests me more is my son’s happiness.”

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Newcastle Won’t Sell Chelsea Target Jamaal Lascelles 

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Newcastle are apparently not looking to sell any key first-team players in January.

According to the Northern Echo, there has been interest in striker Aleksandar Mitrovic and captain Jamaal Lascelles.

But Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez says Newcastle captain Jamaal Lascelles hasn’t had his head turned by reports he is on Chelsea’s wanted list.

The big-spending Premier League giants have been linked with an £18million move for Lascelles when the transfer window reopens in January.

But Benitez has shrugged off the specualtion, and says the 22-year-old defender is focused on Newcastle’s promotion push.

He said: “To be fair I was talking with Jamaal this week because I read a lot of things in the press.

“He is quite happy and training well.

“He is concentrating on playing football and that’s it.”

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