EFCC Places MMM Operations Under Surveillance

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The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has stated that its surveillance has been beamed on the operations of the Mavrodi Mondial Moneybox popularly known as ‘MMM’.

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This disclosure was made by the spokesman of the anti-graft agency, Wilson Uwujaren, during an interview with Daily Post at a training programme in Port Harcourt.

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Uwujaren, while confirming that the anti-corruption agency has already placed the MMM under surveillance, however, said that the House of Representatives cannot direct the Commission to investigate what he referred to as a faceless wonder bank.

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His words: “We can only arrest people based on the evidence that we have. The House made a resolution but the resolution is a public announcement.

“We have always been advising people not to patronize wonder banks because experience over time has shown that their activities are not sustainable.

“If you get involved in it, you will eventually get hurt. What we are currently doing is to sensitize people. We know people want to make quick money as a result of recession through this MMM.

“The unfortunate thing about this MMM is that it is not a Nigerian firm but we are looking at and we will still tell the media whatever we find out.”


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Strike Action: Senate Intervenes As ASUU Prepares To Down Tools On Wednesday

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The Senate on Tuesday pledged to engage relevant stakeholders to avert  the warning strike being planned by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU).

ASUU had on Monday announced plans to embark on a one-week warning strike over the inability of government to implement agreements reached with it since 2009.

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The move by the Senate to intervene in the matter followed a motion moved by Sen. Jibrin Barau (APC-Kano North) under matters of urgent national importance.

The President of the Senate, Dr Bukola Saraki, urged the chamber to intervene and ensure that the eight -year- agreement was fully implemented.

“We must find a way of seeing to the implementation and we will look into the matter quickly.

“We will also get the relevant parties to quickly come to the table so that we can find a way of moving forward and report back to us,” he said.

While reading the motion, Sen. Jibrin Barau, who is Chairman of the Senate Committee on Tertiary Institutions and TetFund, urged government to implement all agreements.

He also urged government to as well carry out certain actions that were necessary for the wellbeing of the development of Nigerian public universities.

The lawmaker, however, commended ASUU for choosing the path of dialogue rather than confrontation as a means of resolving all the outstanding issues between it and the Federal Government.

In his contribution, Sen. Danjuma Goje (APC-Gombe Central) noted that the history of strike in the country was a recurring decimal.

“It is a disturbing issue to parents and students. There is need to nip it in the bud. We should not allow it to escalate,” Goje said.

Goje said the motion was apt and and called on the senate to engage the leadership of ASUU in order to suspend its planned warning strike.

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The Majority Leader, Sen. Mohammed Ndume, described the senate as  a stabilising agent and called for the immediate intervention of the senate leadership in the matter.


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NBA: Dirk Nowitzki Says Kristaps Porzingis Is Going To Be A Great Player

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Last night, the New York Knicks played the Dallas Mavericks and it was the perfect opportunity for young Knick, Kristaps Porzingis to show his idol Dirk Nowitzki what he had been learning.

In the fourth quarter of the game, Porzingis pulled out a signature Dirk Nowitzki move with the one legged fadeaway jumper right in front of him.


And apparently, he made sure Dirk was watching.

“He was staring me down. That was cold-blooded,” Nowitzki who was watching the game from the bench due to an Achilles injury said.

After the game, Nowitzki had nothing but praise for the youngster. “He’s not only a 7-footer but he is like 7’4 out there with an 8’5 wingspan. He’s got an incredible touch. He can move. He can dribble. He can put it on the floor more now. He is going to be a great player in this league for a long, long time.”

“I am a huge fan of his game. Obviously the sky is the limit for him,” Nowitzki said. “He’s got the deep ball. He’s got the in-between game. He is working on his post-ups. He is the real deal.”

The 21-year-old Porzingis has mentioned Nowitzki as a player who inspired him when he was younger growing up in Latvia.

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59,017,382 Stupid Americans – Hannatu Musawa

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59,017,382 Stupid Americans By Hannatu Musawa

“How stupid can 59,017,382 people be” was the question that the world was confronted with last week when Americans elected into office the most hasty, nasty, undignified, crass and clueless man ever to have come out of the ‘so-called’ free world.

This piece was written by Hannatu Musawa. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

One would have thought that some of the issue policies bitterly argued upon during the election campaign and some of the serious concerns brought up against the President-Elect would have played a part in this once great country’s politics, but instead they throw to the world this most odious of leadership. Most people thought that 8th November was the day that Americans would prove their detractors wrong by broadening their tunnel vision regarding the rest of civilisation and making the right decision for the world; at large.

But instead they reject the most talented and qualified candidate to ever contest an American election, Hillary Clinton, and endorse the most obnoxious, dogmatic and rash man the world has ever seen, leaving them looking like a nation of timid, backward, diminutive, ignorant, bigoted, racist, discriminatory, basic of people. I must say that, I have lost all respect for the American community. I am confused as to how a civilized people could have chosen such an imbecile of gargantuan proportions, such a racist bigot, an uncouth fool full of unbelievably cartoonish hyperboles, a burdensome clown to take charge of, arguably, the most powerful office on earth. I have no doubt that since President-elect Donald. J. Trump has been elected we will definitely see an escalation of an undesirable trend and a radicalisation of the most arrogant policy America has ever exhibited. May God help us all…!

Donald Trump Is Elected President Of The United States

America, last week voted against its better international, economic, unifying interest when they voted for Donald. J. Trump as President in a most contested, emotional and negative U.S election of living history. President-Elect Donald. J Trump beat his rival Secretary Hillary Clinton after a bruising campaign and tumultuous election that has left America in pieces to carry the Electoral College vote. He shockingly shattered opinion polls, which overwhelmingly predicted his failure and left his opponent way behind. Furthermore, his Republican party got a tight noose on the legislative house,giving Donald. J. Trump a mandate to push through his crazy far right agenda for America and the rest of the world.

There is widespread outrage and contempt as the world contemplates four years of the roller coaster ride that we will come to know as Donald Trump’s 1st term in office. Italian officials described it as a “difficult moment for humanity, while the Germans said that, “it was neither good for the world or for Democracy in America”.  A professor from the University of Oxford said that the temptation for Europe as ‘not America’ will increase. Several African governments described it as a ‘sad affair,’ while some human rights activists described Trump as a ‘dangerous man on the loose with a mandate to mount much disharmony.’ I think the French described it best when an official said ‘There is a basic lack of understanding which is lasting and deep between the American people and the rest of the world and it goes in both directions… The world no longer understands what America is.’

Donald Trump Vows To Deport 3 Million ‘Illegal’ Immigrants

To imagine that this country commanded the support and sympathy of the whole world owing to a place, a date and a time over a decade ago. The place; New York! The date; September 11th! The time; Beginning of the war on terror! It all seems like an illusion now as the country further alienates itself from the rest of humanity and is grossly loathed. What could have been responsible for such a dramatic reversal of world opinion? It is the actions and utterances from the likes of people that hold the same ideology with Mr Trump! They are to blame for all the acrimony felt toward America because they disregarded the World and took their country towards a negative direction. It is not rocket science to imagine what the regime of Mr Donald. J. Trump will look like. Under his regime, he will put a fortune in the pockets of the rich and do practically nothing for the ordinary American. Under his regime, closet racists and bigots will ensure that discrimination in the society increases. Under his regime, millions of jobs are likely to be lost and millions of people cut out of health care. Obamacare is sure to be a thing of the past. Under his regime, America will probably withdraw from numerous environmental and economic International treaties. Under his regime, wars may be waged on foreign countries and the rebuilding and petroleum contracts in those countries may be given only to his government officials, party supporters and The Trump Corporation. If anyone thought that the world was not safe already… then the American electorate have just made it much, much worse.

It looks to me as if they have played right into the hands of ISIS and all other enemies of the free world and given them the permission for more shattering strikes. The terrorists must be laughing with glee in their enclaves as 59 million stupid Americans hand the incentive for more international terrorism to them on a shinning, silver platter. It’s almost as if agents of terror injected themselves right into the American election and scared them to the polls. This is probably partly why a man, so full of hate and venom, so naive and inexperienced, whom wasn’t able to secure his countries popular vote, was able to clinch the presidency of the most powerful nation on earth. This is why a buffoon who didn’t himself believe that he would or could win the election has been put in charge of the world’s biggest economy.

Who Hillary Clinton Epp? – Reno Omokri

Honestly, the world has been made into a much more terrifying place with Trump’s s election, I only wish that the Americans were able to share this view… though that is a tall order! You see; most Americans have never travelled outside their country or even their state. They possess extraordinary, ignorant ideas about the world outside the United States. They believe that to be safe, they have to sleep with a riffle under their pillows. They believe that the best way to win a war is to take it to the enemy. They probably even think that Africans have tails and swing from trees. If not them certainly Trump probably does. If we thought that The Donald was an ‘uninformed yob’ with the inability to construct an intelligent sentence unless he was reading a script, then we have the exact picture of the average American. Forget about what we see in their films and how tall their buildings are, they are truly the most backward of people. That would explain why they would elect and celebrate the victory of a man who couldn’t construct a sentence using sophisticated words or make a speech with the use of intelligent vocabulary. I once read somewhere that in the 1990’s, the American people got used to believing that war could be won by remote control in mobile phone games in which whole enemy battalions could be wiped out with the push of a button. That’s why they are all so willing to elect a leader who makes the declaration of war look as easy as Mr Easy’s ‘Dance For Me” lyrics so that he could smile and push the button for them when the time comes.

The whole world now appreciates the fact that America’s interest is not the same as everyone else’s. They are only pre occupied with their interest and must achieve it regardless of what it takes. The whole world can go to blazes for all they care. So now that the damage has been done, what does the world have to be anxious of? Four years of Trump and probably four wars, at the least. I honestly would be shocked if we get through the next 4 years without some military intervention against some Foreign Islamic country. I do hope that The Donald proves millions of people and myself wrong when we say that this is the calm before the storm!

If Trump Is Anti-Muslim, Hillary Is Anti-Islam

The worst part of this debacle is that Donald Trump is not a minority president. He has the support of his people and, more importantly, the support of the legislature since his Republican party has the grip on both Houses of Congress. What this means is that he can set the agenda at home and abroad without any domestic constriction. He has already told us his affinity towards harmony, showed us his disregard to be kopesthetic. I’m sure The Donald is right now salivating about being in the oval office, with that his orange face and quirky smirk basking in the thought that one, “I can now impose my will anywhere I want,” and two,” I can impose my will virtually alone… Hee, Hee, Hee” He will definitely interpret this victory as a pure substantiation of his ridiculous thoughts of fighting ‘good versus evil’.

Now that the American electorate has chosen a self-fulfilling prophesy of Armageddon that will be accomplished through arrogance, stunted moral development, suppression of opposition and the illusion of an offensive, mysterious enemy in the face sheer ignorance led by The Donald, they will be more than willing to send their military to attack those less able. They will keep this immoral set-up out of their consciousness by believing that they are fighting a battle between good and evil with their Senseless, Orange Shapeless, Premier leading the way. As long as their commander in chief tells them repeatedly that they are under imminent threat of an attack from an unseen enemy, the threat will never go away! The wars will never end! I shudder at the thought of what so many stupid Americans have done to us all. With this harrowing image in mind, I join the world in saying, “Just how stupid can 59,017,382 million people be?

Nigerians Tear TB Joshua Apart On Twitter Over ‘Wrong’ Prophesy

This piece was written by Hannatu Musawa

Twitter: @hanneymusawa

Website: www.hanneymusawa.com

Facebook: www.facebook.com/hannatu.musawa

Youtube: www.youtube.com/HannatuMusawa

The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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Atiku Abubakar : Obasanjo Wanted Life Presidency, Not A Third Term

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Former Vice-president Atiku Abubakar has insisted that ex-president Olusegun Obasanjo wanted a lifetime presidency and not just a third term in office.

In an interview with Zero Tolerance, a magazine published by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Atiku said, it was initially assumed that the plan was to modify the constitution so that Obasanjo could serve a third, four-year term as President.

He, however, said the aspect of tenure limitation was carefully removed so that Obasanjo could be President for life.

When asked why he and Obasanjo didn’t see eye to eye towards the end of their tenure as vice president and president of the country respectively, he said, “My offence was that I disagreed with him on the amendment of the constitution to remove tenure/term limits or what was popularly called the ‘third term agenda’.”

“In fact, he sent the then Attorney-General and Prof. Jerry Gana to my office to bring the draft amendments to the constitution. After going through (them), I found out that tenure limits had been removed. In other words, he could be President for life.

“I then asked them that ‘if I send you to the President, can you deliver this message?’ They said yes. I said ‘go and tell him I will not support it and (I) will fight it’.”

Atiku said due to his disagreement with Obasanjo, the ex-president decided to tag him as a corrupt person. Adding that the then Chairman of the EFCC, Mallam Nuhu Ribadu, accused him of corruption but later apologized.

He said, “When he came to ask me for forgiveness, I said if you want me to forgive you, Nuhu, go to the same television stations where you said I was corrupt and say you now (have) realized that I am not corrupt.

“Then he said ‘sir, you have forgiven so many people who have offended you publicly without them going to TV stations to apologize to you’ and I said, ‘your case is different because first of all, I helped to found the EFCC. I was instrumental to your appointment, so, I believe I have contributed to your development and this is how you are paying me back. In any case, he kept on apologizing and I said, ‘okay, no problem. That closed the chapter’.”

Atiku also denied media reports that a United States Senate report accused him of laundering $40m in the US between 2000 and 2008. The former vice-president confirmed that he did transfer money to the US but it was not illegal.

He added, “It was an allegation which was not proved. It was my legitimate money which I transferred to the US; there was nothing (wrong) about it. More so, I was not indicted in that report. They only said suspicious funds but I proved before the Senate committee that they were not suspicious.” 


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Fulani Herdsmen Kill 31 People In Fresh Kaduna Attacks

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Gunmen suspected to be Fulani herdsmen on Sunday laid ambush on four villages in Southern Kaduna, killing at least 31 people.

It was gathered that the attackers raided the villages at about 5:00pm on November 13, burning several houses, with scores killed – including women and children.

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According to Leadership, the militia herdsmen burned down about 46 houses in Ungwan Rimi, Kitakum, Ungwan Magaji and Kigam communities of Kizakoro District in Chawai Chiefdom, Kauru local government of Kaduna State.

Mathias, a resident of Kigam village, told newsmen that “31 people were killed in the attack while about 46 houses were burnt, it was gathered.”

An official who also compiled the list of the houses that were destroyed also put the death toll at over 30.

“I can confirm to you that there were attacks on our communities, the casualty figure is over 30, the youth are still searching for more dead bodies.

“The dead bodies will be given a mass burial tomorrow (Today. The attacked is unfortunate and condemnable,” Pius Bakam, the Council Chairman of Kauru local government area, said.

These fresh attacks came barely a day after a peace deal was brokered by the military between Fulani herdsmen and indigenes of Southern Kaduna.

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The peace deal led to the launching of public apology billboard by the state governor, Mallam Nasir El-Rufai and the chairman Plateau State traditional council, Gbong Gwom Jos, Da Jacob Buba.

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Samir Nasri : Pep Guardiola Told Me “No S*x After 12 Midnight”

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French footballer, Samir Nasri has revealed some interesting information concerning his relationship with Manchester City boss, Pep Guardiola.

The 29-year-old Nasri who is currently on loan at Spanish La Liga side Sevilla from parent club Manchester City was speaking on French TV where he revealed that the former Barcelona and Bayern Munich coach had his own ideas about how he could improve his performance levels on and off the pitch.

“Guardiola told me that I was a mess, he told me several times and even kicked me in the butt, literally,” revealed the French playmaker.

When I returned from holiday having had a year out with injury problems and personal life problems, I was a little out of shape. Not as much as what was said but a few, maybe, four kilos overweight. For Guardiola, over 2.5 kilos and you do not you train with the group.” He said.

He also spoke about Guardiola’s strict midnight rule which he believes worked for Barcelona superstar, Lionel Messi. “For him, his players’ sexual activity must take place before midnight in order to get a good night’s sleep. Even if they are free tomorrow.” 

“He (Guardiola) said that he placed this rule on Messi and his muscles improved since.”

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NNPC Redeploys Staff, Promotes 108 In Major Shake-Up | Records N17.18bn Loss In Sept.

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has announced the appointment and redeployment of top Management staff across its board in a major shake-up on its personnel.

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The Corporation announced that it has redeployed about 109 of its staff to various positions in an exercise designed to reflect operational realities and ensure sustained performance and profitability.

In the redeployment memo issued on Monday, while 108 staff were promoted from Manager and General Manager positions to General Manager and Group General Managers respectively, one was demoted from Executive Director to Group General Managers (GGM).

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Although no official statement was issued as regards to this, a document sighted, revealed that its former spokesman, Mallam Garba Deen Muhammad was redeployed and replaced with NNPC’s one-time spokesperson, Ndu Ughamadu.

According to the document, the changes were effected on Friday, November 11, 2016.

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All of the Group Executive Directors (GEDs) who were appointed by former GMD and now Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Dr. Ibe Kachikwu were not affected.

“As you might have heard, His Excellency Mr. President has approved the High Level Organogram of the Corporation and appointment of staff into various positions. Most importantly, the changes were done in the spirit of entrenching professionalism and accountability which is a cardinal principle of our 12 Business Focus Areas which are hinged on the slogan moving NNPC Forward…Together,” the Group Managing Director of the Corporation, Maikanti Baru, said In a podcast to members of staff.

Indications from sources in the corporation showed that no one was sacked and that they were just normal staff reorganisation to improve efficiency.

In the meantime, the NNPC on Monday posted a trading deficit of N17.18 billion for the month of September 2016, translating to 46 per cent increase in deficit value when compared with N11.22 billion deficit reported in August 2016.

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This is contained in the NNPC’s monthly financial and operations report for September 2016 and released yesterday.

Part of the report reads: “a trading deficit of 17.18 billion was recorded for the month under review as against the reported August, 2016 trading deficit of 11.22 billion.”

The report explained that, “the higher deficit in the month of September 2016 was due to decrease in revenue generation which is attributed to net decline in PPMC petroleum products sales by 20.69 per cent or 27.36 billion.”

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Coke Studio Africa: Original Song For Episode 5, Waje and Serge Beynaud

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A combination of Nigerian power vocalist Waje and Ivorian Coupe-Decale, singer, Serge Beynaud would result in an Emotional Takeover!

Yesoo! Emotion ti take over! In a powerful urban hip-hop soul song, flavored with traditional elements, Waje and Serge sing a love tune, “You and Me”, that moves straight into your heart.

With soul-stirring lyrics and a passionate delivery, the song is the type you want playing over and over again in your head.

Produced by Uganda and East Africa’s top producer, Bushingtone, “You and Me” offer music lovers that zest that is absent in most songs today.


Serge Beynaud and Waje

The song, “You and Me” was first performed on the set of the ongoing Coke Studio Africa 4 during the fifth episode.

The song is anticipated to rock the African continent in a matter of days.

Watch The Video – Waje & Serge Beynaud in You and Me for Coke Studio Africa



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NYSC To Close Portal As 2016 Batch ‘B’ Online Registration Ends Today

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The online registration for the 2016 Batch ‘B’ prospective Corps members (PCMs) of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is expected to come to an end today, November 15.

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NYSC Extends Closing Date For 2016 Batch ‘B’ Online Registration

NYSC Extends Closing Date For 2016 Batch ‘B’ Online Registration

Consequently, after today, the NYSC online registration portal will be made inaccessible for PCMs.

The NYSC had made its online portal accessible since on October 17, with the closing date for registration fixed for November 12, 2016.

Few days back, the Scheme then extended the closing date to Tuesday, November 15, 2016.

Therefore, all prospective Corps Members, i.e. Nigerians who have graduated from Universities and Mono/Polytechnics, both at home and abroad, are ‘immediately’ urged to proceed to the site and register for the 2016 Batch ‘B’ mobilization.

Bear in mind, the 2016 Batch B Orientation Course commences on November 24, 2016.

Public Notice:

  • All prospective corps members who paid for the online registration during the previous NYSC batch Mobilization process but were not mobilized need not to pay again
  • ‘Registration for Remobilization’ is required only for corps members that have been mobilized in a previous NYSC batch but absconded from service.

Email Contact: nyscsupport@nysc.gov.ng, nyscsupport@sidmach.com
Online Support:
Please Call 08090493228 or 08090493229.


NYSC Releases Mobilization Timetable For 2016 Batch B | See Dates Here

NYSC Denies ‘Slashing’ Corps Members’ Allowance To N14,800

NYSC Gets 4 Additional Orientation Camps

CBN-NYSC Loan: 310 Youths Get N3 Million Each

NYSC Reviews Orientation Course

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JAMB To Reduce 180 Cut-Off Mark For Admission Seekers

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The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has introduced flexible cut-off marks, in doing so, may approve the reduction of 180 cut-off mark for admission to tertiary institutions.

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The disclosure was made on Monday by the Registrar of the Board, Professor Ishaq Oloyede, at the second technical committee meeting on “2016 Admissions to Tertiary Institutions” held at the Alvan Ikoku Federal College of Education, Owerri.

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Oloyede stated that the decision became imperative as a result of the inability of some of the institutions to implement the cut-off mark.

The Registrar said: “It was in a meeting of the Board of higher institutions and other Stakeholders that a decision of 180 as the 2016 National cut-off mark was reached”.

“However, many Institutions, though part of the decision, have expressed concern on their inability to effect this cut-off mark as they are finding it difficult to fill a reasonable percentage of their quota if the rule is strictly applied as we insist.

“A large number of institutions, particularly the budding ones, have applied for a waiver to enable them admit candidates who in some instances scored below 180 marks.  For some, this may sound unreasonable with the largely false impression that a large percentage of those who score above 180 and are qualified for admission cannot find any placement in our institutions.

“I think this cry needs attention, otherwise, some of these institutions whether public or privately-owned may soon begin to wobble or even close shops.  This will be counter-productive and even defeat the Government Policy of expansion of access to higher education   and manpower development”.

He therefore added that, “as a Board, we have studied the trend of admissions and have come up with a finding that hardly do the institutions collectively fill their quota annually. Indeed, in some cases, up to 50% of approved quota is wasted particularly by upright institutions which do not circumspect the rule. Unfortunately, a large number of institutions flagrantly disregarded the cut-off and many other policies yet they found a way to eventually regularize the illegal admissions through corrupt process”.

Oloyede also stressed that the new flexible cut-off will only be applicable to institutions that have exhausted the list of candidates that scored the 180 cut-off mark.

His words: “As a Board, we have collated the requests from the various Senates and Academic Boards and have made your pleas known to appropriate authorities. Just this morning we received a green light on flexible cut-off  mark only for institutions which have exhausted the list of candidates with 180 and above,  subject , of course to a minimum acceptable to JAMB and meeting of other pre-requisite”.

The JAMB Registrar further warned that no institution, whether Federal or State, will be allowed to continue with admission of students after the November 30 deadline.

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Fani-Kayode Regains Freedom After 24 Days In Detention

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A former Minister of Aviation, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, has regained freedom from detention at the cell of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) and Kuje prison after spending twenty four days.

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Mr Fani-Kayode’s release was announced in a statement by his spokesman, Jude Ndukwe, who said he gave thanks to God and Nigerians who were with him during the travail.

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A statement issued in Abuja on Monday by Ndukwe read:

“After 24 days in detention at the EFCC and Kuje prison and after meeting all the conditions of bail that was granted to him by the Federal High Court in Abuja, Chief Femi Fani-Kayode has been released.

“He gives thanks to God for everything and he has asked me to convey his heartfelt appreciation and love to all those that prayed for and encouraged him and his family at this difficult time and indeed throughout this ordeal.

“He will now focus on getting the medical attention that he needs. He wishes to let all those that have offered him support and that have stood by him throughout this period know that his resolve to help build a better Nigeria and stand up for righteousness and truth remains strong.

“No matter what comes our way we trust the Lord and we believe that we shall prevail.”

Mr Fani-Kayode was initially held in a detention facility at the office of the anti-graft agency in Abuja before he was moved to Kuje prison.

READ ALSO: EFCC Re-Arrests Femi Fani-Kayode

Mr. Fani Kayode, who served as the spokesman for the failed re-election campaign of former President Goodluck Jonathan in 2015, had been facing a 17-count charge of money laundering to the tune of N4.9 billion before he was re-arrested on Friday, October 21 by operatives of the anti-graft agency.

He had so far spent 91 days in detention.

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Nigeria May Face Food Scarcity By January 2017 – Presidency Warns

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The presidency has warned that Nigeria may likely be facing a shortage of food by January 2017 due to a huge demand in the global market – targeting the country’s surplus production.

The grim forecast was brought to light by Malam Garba Shehu, the senior special assistant to the president on media and publicity on Monday during a radio interview in Kano state.

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Shehu told Pyramid radio that:

“A huge demand for our grains in the global market is creating an excellent environment for the mindless export of Nigerian grains across our borders and unless this is curtailed, Nigerian markets will be bereft of food by January next year.”

“Over the past year, providence has blessed Nigeria with a bountiful harvest of grains, more than enough to feed the country and to export to other countries.”

“At present, there is a high demand for grains from Nigeria, from African countries as distant as Libya and Algeria, and from places as far away as Brazil.

“However, the ministry of agriculture has raised concerns about a massive rate of exportation, which could lead to a shortage of grains in Nigeria by January.

“President Muhammadu Buhari is not in any way opposed to or intent on tampering with that. On the other hand, exporters also have a moral obligation to make their produce available to Nigerians who live within our country’s borders, to ensure that our citizens have access to food.”

He quoted the Ministry of Agriculture as estimating that no fewer than 500 trucks loaded with grain leave Nigerian markets every week.

“The major markets involved in this exportation are: the Dawanau market in Kano, Naigatari in Jigawa, Bama in Borno, and Ilela in Sokoto, as well as three other main markets in Kebbi state.”

The spokesman further explained that President Buhari had on various occasions reiterated his plan for Nigeria to become a food-producing giant, self-sufficient to the point of depending very little on imported food.

“This noble plan could easily be defeated by the pull of the foreign market if food continues to leave our shores to feed people elsewhere. If care is not taken, Nigeria could face a famine by January,” he stressed.

“Building our country into the edifice we envision it to be will require sacrifice and strategy from every single Nigerian. Let us remember that charity begins at home,” Mr. Shehu added on the radio programme.

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Former Sultan Of Sokoto, Ibrahim Dasuki, Dies At 93

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Alhaji Ibrahim Dasuki, a former Sultan of Sokoto, has died at the age of 93.

This disclosure was made by the Secretary to the Sultanate Council, Alhaji Faruk Ladan, in a statement, issued in Hausa.

In the statement, Laden said that the 18th Sultan of Sokoto, Dasuki, died on Monday night and that his funeral service would take place after Zuhr prayer in the afternoon of Tuesday at the Sultan Bello Mosque, Sokoto.

Cause of death is not yet known.

Born in Dogon Daji, Sokoto, the late Ibrahim Dasuki, son of late Sarkin Yamma and district head of Dogon Daji, Haliru Ibn Barau, started Qur’anic education in 1928.

The former Sultan, who was father of former National Security Adviser (NSA), Col. Sambo Dasuki, currently facing corruption charges, was deposed as Sultan in 1996 by the late Head of State, General Sani Abacha.

Prior to becoming Sultan, he held the traditional title of Baraden Sokoto.

Dasuki was the first Sultan from the Buhari line of the house of Dan Fodio and he was a close associate of Ahmadu Bello, a friend of Abubakar Gumi and was influential in the founding of Jama’atu Nasril Islam.

Mr. Dasuki was also influential in the founding of Jama’atu Nasril Islam, JNI.

May his soul rest in peace, Amen.

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Morning 

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PManchester United have joined the pursuit of young £51m-rated Portugal international striker Andre Silva.

Mesut Ozil is closing in on a £200,000-a-week deal to stay at Arsenal.

Gareth Southgate will be offered a £1.5m-a-year contract until 2020 to manage England.

Chelsea will offer Frank Lampard a job at Stamford Bridge following his exit from New York City.

Daniel Sturridge is ready to quit Liverpool in January – in a move which will spark a major battle for his signature.

Lionel Messi will sign a new deal with Barcelona and overtake Cristiano Ronaldo as the world’s best-paid player.

Celtic boss Brendan Rodgers hads joined the queue of managers looking to sign Charlton’s Ezri Konsa; Manchester City, United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Chelsea have all been credited with an interest in the 18-year-old centre-back. 

Manchester United outcast Bastian Schweinsteiger has opened talks with MLS side Chicago Fire over a January move.

Juan Mata’s father has revealed the Manchester United midfielder will not decide on his future until the end of the season.

West Ham are lining up a shock January move for Watford’s Troy Deeney.

Memphis Depay will become a target for Juventus if the Italians fail in their bid to sign James Rodriguez from Real Madrid.

Bastian Schweinsteiger is set to chance his hand on a move to Chicago Fire after being frozen out at Manchester United.

Chelsea will go head to head with Tottenham for Napoli’s teenage sensation Amadou Diawara.

Lionel Messi has rejected a new Barcelona deal over concerns regarding his tax fraud case.

Wayne Rooney could leave Manchester United for a new MLS franchise in Los Angeles in 2018.

Barcelona are interested in signing Chelsea target Joao Cancelo – but won’t be able to sign the right-back in January.

David Sullivan insists Dimitri Payet is staying at West Ham despite hinting at a January exit.

Liverpool’s hopes of signing Mahmoud Dahoud have taken a hit with Borussia Dortmund offering a player-plus-cash deal for the midfielder.

Manchester United are interested in signing Porto sensation Andre Silva.

Wayne Rooney is the top target for new MLS franchise Los Angeles FC.

Mike Phelan wants bad-boy Ravel Morrison to boost Hull’s battle to beat the drop.

Sheffield United and Bolton are ready to battle it out for Millwall defender Byron Webster in the January window.

Brighton, Nottingham Forest and Ipswich are all tracking former Arsenal striker Arturo Lupoli, who plays for Pisa in Serie B.

Tottenham will risk losing Harry Kane and Hugo Lloris if they refuse to improve the existing wage structure to accommodate their two biggest stars.

At least five MLS clubs are interested in Bastian Schweinsteiger after Manchester United handed him free rein to find new employers in January.

Memphis Depay is open to discussing a winter switch to Everton with his immediate Manchester United future looking bleak.

Memphis Depay is open to the possibility of moving to Everton after Ronald Koeman declared an interest in signing the out-of-favour Manchester United winger.

Bastian Schweinsteiger met with Chicago Fire head coach, Veljko Paunovic, at an Italian restaurant in the Cheshire village of Hale, where the midfielder lives, over the weekend to discuss a January move.

Harry Kane will demand he is paid at least £120,000-a-week to sign a new contract at Tottenham Hotspur.

Lionel Messi will see out his Barcelona contract after rejecting a new deal.

Leicester City will demand over £10m for Sunderland target Leonardo Ulloa in January.

Chelsea will offer Frank Lampard a role back at Stamford Bridge if the former England midfielder decides his playing days are over after announcing his intention to leave New York City in December at the end of his contract.

Alexis Sanchez has been declared fit by Chile for Tuesday’s World Cup qualifier against Uruguay, after Arsene Wenger warned that playing the forward could be a “suicidal decision” which would leave the 27-year-old on the injury list at Arsenal for months.

The Manchester United midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger has held talks with the Chicago Fire about a move to the MLS club.

Scottish giants Rangers have become the latest club to join in the race for Dundalk pair Andy Boyle and Daryl Horgan, who are both available for free next month.

Celtic are the favourites to sign Stevie Gerrard according to the bookies – and Owen Coyle recckons the move would be a stunning success.

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Gabi: The Best Player At Real Madrid Is Modric

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Atletico Madrid midfielder Gabi believes the best player at Real Madrid is not Ronaldo or Bale, but Modric.

The Madrid derby is slated for this weekend and Zidane’s men will be hoping to hold on to their lead at the top of the table.

Both sides had a strong start to the season, but Atletico slipped down the rankings after losing two of their last Liga matches. They’re six points behind Real Madrid.

Gabi feels the Champions League holders are wary of the threat his side pose, but with Luka Modric back in action following a recent injury, he insists their adversaries have their key weapon back.

“That Madrid are making a massive effort to recover their top players speaks a lot about what we are doing and how they view us,” Gabi told reporters at a charity event for La Rueda de la Felicidad .

“With Modric, they have recovered their best player – he’s the one who makes them play and gives the team balance. We’ll try to counter his playmaking skills.”

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Murray: No 1 Ranking Has Not Changed Me

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Andy Murray is still holding on to his mentality and states his new position as No 1 has not changed his thinking after his win over Marin Cilic.

The 29-year-old tennis star did not have a smooth start to his first match in the ATP World Tour Finals in London, but won 6-3 6-2 in the round-robin match.

The Scot had to save two break points in the first game, then dropped his serve in the third game, but blamed the conditions at the O2 Arena for his struggles and not nerves.

Speaking at his post-match press conference, he said: “I haven’t thought about it [becoming world No 1] too much. It didn’t change much for me.

“I didn’t feel any more nervous than usual. It’s just quite different conditions in there than what we have been practicing in during the week. It’s a lot slower than it has been.

“Obviously, playing with a packed crowd, it changes things a bit. I think maybe some of the errors at the beginning were more getting used to playing in new surroundings again.”

Murray has now won 20 games in succession and can make it 21 when he faces Kei Nishikori on Wednesday in his second round-robin match.

Nishikori saw off Wawrinka in a match he dominated 6-2 6-3 and could prove more of a challenge for the new world number one, than Marin Cilic did.

Murray added: “I didn’t see the match, but he obviously must have played very well. To win against a player like Stan with that scoreline, I don’t think Stan had really any chances on Kei’s serve either.

“I would say this is probably his best year that he has had on the tour.

“He is one of the best players in the world. He has been playing very well the last few months especially.”

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Rumours: Chelsea Still Hoping On Manolas And Nainggolan

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Chelsea are still hoping to challenge for the Premier League title and Antonio Conte is looking to bring in Kostas Manolas and Radja Naingollan to achieve that.

Chelsea’s previous interest in the Roma duo was shot down, but according to Calciomercato, the blues are back in for the pair.

Conte was interested in bringing the duo to the Bridge at the start of the season and he is still interested in doing so.

Greece defender, Manolas is unhappy with the contract talks at the capital club, putting Chelsea and Manchester United on alert.

Nainggolan joined Roma in 2014 on a permanent basis after an impressive loan stint, his performances for club and country has spurred Conte’s interest in the 28-year-old.

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