Port Harcourt Refinery To Commence Production Of Aviation Fuel

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The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has announced that the Port Harcourt Refining Company (PHRC) will soon begin the production of Aviation Turbine Kerosene (ATK), popularly known as aviation fuel or JetA1.

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The Managing Director, PHRC, Dr. Bafred Enjugu, said this in a presentation made to the Group Managing Director of NNPC, Dr. Maikanti Baru, during an official tour of the 210,000 barrels per day facility.

Maikanti Baru inspects the Pot Harcourt refinery alongside other NNPC staff
Maikanti Baru inspects the Pot Harcourt refinery alongside other NNPC staff [The Cable]

Enjugu was quoted in a statement from the NNPC on Friday to have said that “the good news from our stand point is that we have scored 24 out of the 24 parameters for the production of aviation fuel and I must say that this is made possible because of the never-give-up attitude of workers of the great PHRC.”

The MD added that the refinery has successfully blended ATK and was only waiting for appropriate conditions to commence full scale production of the product in response to demand of the aviation sector.

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Speaking at the event, Baru described PHRC as the nation’s flagship refining company, noting that the corporation would do everything possible to ensure that the refinery was not just in operation but also operating profitably and contributing effectively to meeting local demand for petroleum products.

He said, “We cannot under-estimate the importance of refining because that is our identity and we shall do whatever it takes to ensure that your two plants are running at all times and work to tackle whatever could militate against your achieving set targets and objectives.”

The NNPC added that this is part of efforts to reposition the refinery for profitability, in line with the 12-point agenda of the management of the apex oil firm.

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CBN Governor Emefiele Calls For A Tax On GSM Calls Above 3 Minutes

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In the wake of the current recession, the Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Godwin Emefiele, is calling on the federal government to consider taxing Nigerians on every call above three minutes.

The call by the governor of the Apex Bank is aimed at raising additional revenue and getting the country’s economy back on track.

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The Cable quoted him as saying this at the Annual Bankers’ Dinner in Lagos on Friday, November 18.

His words:There are several ways we can raise additional revenue to finance the increased expenditure that is needed to engender fast and sustainable growth in the economy.

I think we can consider introducing a negligible telecom surcharge to be entirely borne by the initiator of a call. In order to protect the poor and vulnerable amongst us, we could structure it to only take effect after the third minute of talk.

Some analyses have indicated that the government could earn about N100 billion per annum from this alone. Obviously this surcharge will mainly be borne by middle and upper class people since I do not know many poor people who make calls for more than 3 minutes.”

He continued:

“Nigeria could consider introducing minimal property taxes across the country. This not only raises money for the government but also could be a veritable weapon against corruption since it creates a database of who really owns homes in this country”.

“Another option to consider would be to fully implement the 2003 Cabotage Act. This is Act stipulates that all cargoes and passengers in the inland and coastal waters be transported by ships and ferries built, owned, crewed and manned by Nigerians.”

“Contrary to the requirement of this Act, there are several foreign-owned vessels providing shipping services locally. Out of about 600 ships that operate within our waters, only about 60 of them are owned by Nigerians and are mostly idle, in violation of the Act.

“Industry sources suggest Nigeria may be losing as much as N2 trillion annually from this anomaly. In addition to raising revenue, a full implementation of the Act could also spur job creation, capacity building, and significant backward integration.”

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Pochettino Praises Kane As One Of The Best Strikers In The World

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Harry Kane’s late brace helped Tottenham record a 3-2 win over West Ham earning him high praise from Pochettino, who believes he is one of the best strikers in the world.

The England international needed just 160 seconds to score both goals. Antonio put West Ham in front, before Harry Winks equalised for the Spurs. Lanzini then restored West Ham’s lead from the spot.

However, in the dying minutes of the game, Kane equalised from close range, pouncing on a rebound, before scoring from the spot.

“We showed great character and personality and we always tried to find the goal and fight until the last minute,” Pochettino told BT Sport.

“We created more than West Ham and if one team deserved to win more it was us. It was not our best performance or best game but it was difficult and so it is a fantastic three points.

“It was important to us to recover that feeling that you only get with winning games.

“Harry Kane is always very important, he is our main striker and one of the best strikers in the world. You miss that type of player when he does not play for 10 or 11 games.”

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Jos Chillin’ : Ice Prince And Ali Nuhu Unveiled As Ambassadors

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BET award winning rapper Ice Prince and Kannywood superstar, Ali Nuhu have been unveiled as the official ambassadors of Jos Chillin’, a public-private partnership initiative to grow the tourism and entertainment sector in Jos, Plateau.

The Jos Chillin’ project aims at repositioning Jos as a go to location for tourism, by promoting peace, unity, harmony and pride in the cultural identity of the people of Jos, Plateau through the use of star power, colourful messaging, entertainment and grassroots youth engagement.

The line-up of super exciting events and activities under the Jos Chillin’ project, schedule from November 5 to December 3 include the Jos Chillin’ “Football Challenge”, Medical Outreach, Street Carnival and Bikers’ Parade”, “Cultural Carnival” “Evening of Carols Praise and Worship” and “Mega Fiesta” – a concert that boasts a line up of superstars including MI, Ali Nuhu, Phyno, Kelly Hansome, Sani Danja, Lil Kesh, Koker, Di’Ja, Ruby Gyang, Acetune and lots more.

Jos Chillin’ is a tourism promotion and human capital development initiative of Mees Palace & Buckwyld Media in partnership with the Plateau State.

Ali Nuhu

Ali Nuhu
Ali Nuhu

Ice Prince

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Busquets: Messi And Suarez Absence Not An Excuse

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Barcelona midfielder, Sergio Busquets says the absence of Messi and Suarez should not be used as an excuse for the goalless draw against Malaga.

The blaugrana lacked a bite up front and Malaga’s goalkeeper, Carlos Kameni was at his best to help his side earn the draw.

Barca’s attack was noticeably blunted without Messi, who withdrew from the squad shortly before kick-off due to an illness, and the suspended Suarez.

Busquets, however, feels it was a matter of luck deserting his side as they dropped points at Camp Nou for the third time this season.

“Messi and Suarez are two of the best and you always miss them, but it’s not an excuse. We tried a thousand times and we couldn’t score,” he told BeIn Sports.

“We wanted to get all three points. They sat back and it was really difficult to beat them.

“We put a few more crosses into the box in the second half but we’re missing a bit of luck at the moment. They wanted to defend, that was their game-plan and we couldn’t find a way through.

“We knew they would play with five in defence but they played with everyone behind the ball. We knew they would and we know these kind of games are difficult. We scored goals that were disallowed and we missed out on the points.”

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Biafranisation Of Nigeria [Must Read]

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Biafranisation of Nigeria – Muyiwa Adetiba

I can only remember meeting Professor Vincent Chukwuemeka Ike once or maybe twice—it was so long ago and time plays tricks on one’s memory. But I do distinctly remember spending an evening with him at his Yaba residence some four decades ago. I was then a young man in search of literary direction. I had seriously considered veering into creative writing—poems, plays and novels—and sought the best way to go about it.

This piece was written by Muyiwa Adetiba. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

The book: ‘Toads for supper’ by Professor Ike was one of the toasts in town at the time so I was going to one of the best as it were for advice. I had a manuscript I wanted him to look at and advise on. If he had seen hundreds of such manuscripts and met thousands of wannabe writers, he made a good job of hiding it.

He was polite and patient as he explained the constraints and hurdles along the path of young writers. He did not in any way discourage me. In fact, I think he gave me one or two names I could call on for further assistance. I left feeling grateful. Since then I had only met him on the pages of newspapers. I was to come across him again two weeks ago on the pages of Vanguard Newspaper where a blazing headline screamed, ‘Biafranisation.’

It was credited to him. Professor Ike leading an ethnic campaign? It didn’t quite gel with the image I had carried of him and quickly rushed to read the article. I was not only relieved after I had read the article, his arguments resonated with me. In fact, I had canvassed some of them some years ago during a meeting with a top Yoruba leader. If the government at the centre was as inept as claimed, I had reasoned, why then were the Yoruba leaders relying so heavily on it for direction and support. Why couldn’t they look inwards?

His argument was that the centre was so powerful that no section of the country could survive without it. He cited the proposed intra-state railway line among the South-West states that was supposed to encourage easier movement of goods and services within the states but which was purportedly scuttled by the centre as an example. I didn’t think that was enough deterrent and said so. I also said that the slogan of an Oduduwa nation or any other slogan for that matter, would make no sense to me if Osun State for example could not show me that it could use its resources— men and material—better than say Rivers State.

I had to be sure I would be better off leaving the whole for the part. Next to squash, my favourite game is chess. It is a game that teaches you to look inwards in a strategic way. Each time you lose an officer, you look at the remaining officers and their placement on the board. You look at your strength. It is what determines which way to go. Your competence in chess depends on how you can strategically use your officers to gain an upper hand. That was the core of Professor Ike’s message. The need to look inwards and use your comparable strengths to your advantage. He used the Biafran imagery because it was something his Igbo people could identify with.

The Biafran spirit is a can do spirit. It was the spirit that came to the fore during the unfortunate civil war. Sweet they say, are the uses of adversity. Left with little money and little resources, the people surprised even themselves. They had few vehicles, they made more. They had few guns, they made more. They ran out of fuel, they refined their fuel. There were even accounts, largely unsubstantiated, that they had started making rockets and bombs. This was about 50 years ago. You can imagine if they had continued at that pace after the war. That is the spirit Professor Ike was trying to evoke.

First, for Anambra State where he comes from, then the entire South-East. That is the spirit I am trying to evoke for the rest of the country. Look inwards. Stop depending on the centre in the case of the federating units. And stop looking to Europe in the case of the centre. That was in part, the message that won Donald trump the election. He might have been uncouth, bare knuckled and downright insulting about it. He might have couched it in a way that sounded racist and xenophobic. But he connected with people who felt marginalised in their own country.

He connected with people who felt US jobs were going out to other countries and with it the competitive advantage of the country. The whole world is afraid of the Trump presidency for many reasons. A lot of them are valid because the world has come to accept the leadership and a certain measure of stability that US brings to the world. I am afraid too. But the issue of immigration scares me the least. Heavens won’t fall if he makes it harder for Nigerians to come to the US. It might even be a blessing. Our people should stop emigrating from home and learn to make something of their country.

Our politicians and government officials should stop ferrying looted money to Europe and learn to re-invest it in their country. Our leaders should trust and use home-made resources whenever possible. Looking inwards means encouraging the production of local gin instead of declaring it illegal. Nothing says alcohol has to come from grape or barley. If it can come from palmwine or kola nut, fine.

Elsewhere, local alcohol is promoted as a tourist attraction, not banned. And I still can’t get the logic behind destroying small refineries at the creeks when our refineries are not working. Why not organise them and give them templates they can work with. That way, we’ll create cottage industries and find jobs for the youths. Our dependence on European standards in everything is destroying local initiatives. Lagos, Ogun, Abia and Kebbi states seem poised to develop their respective areas of strengths.

But they are works in progress at best. I know people who want to invest heavily in Lagos and Ogun States for example who are being frustrated by bureaucratic bottle necks and nonchalant officials. One, a secondary school mate of Ambode, has his foreign backers in place, his technical partners in place. It is a big project that should transform a rural area. All he wants is the co-operation of the state which as at today, is not forthcoming despite all the talks of Lagos being an investment friendly State. I know someone who wants to—with his backers—invest massively in housing nationwide and finds the minister in charge uncooperative.

One way of shaking off the insults that Trump was alleged to have heaped on Nigeria and Africa is to show that we can on our own, come up with the goods. Whichever way you look at it, the Trump presidency will present an enormous challenge for Africa.

This piece was written by Muyiwa Adetiba. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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TPL 042

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The Twitter Premier League (TPL), an alternative league with players recruited from Twitter, is gearing up to return to Enugu, the home of Rangers International (the reigning Nigerian Professional Football League (NPFL) Champions, this month for the second edition of the amateur/semi-professional football league.

The maiden out-of-Lagos TPL, tagged #TPL042, symbolizing the phone dial code of Enugu, was held on March 19th 2016 at UNEC Temporary Stadium, Enugu with four teams, representing 4 major areas in Enugu Metropolis, fighting for the coveted trophy.

These teams include @OtigbaFC (New Haven), @ConneFC (GRA), @OringoFC (Trans Ekulu) and @FCBisala (Independence Layout).
Eventually, FC Bisalla emerged as the winners after beating Otigba FC in the final tagged #8HoursDerby via a penalty shoot-out. The event, which attracted players and fans from all parts of the city, was an overwhelming success and had over 700 people in attendance.

Based on popular demand, the #TPL042 organisers have decided to introduce the league format, in contrast to the straight knock-out format used in the maiden edition, and thence increased the number of teams to eight (8) to enable teams/players from other areas in Enugu Metropolis to participate. The new teams are @ZooAthleticFC, @HeroesFC (both GRA), @SoccerssimoFC (Abakpa) and @Umu-AliFC (Achara Layout).

The eight (8) teams have since been grouped into two. Defending Champions, FC Bisalla are top seeds in Group A and will start the defence of their title against one of the new boys, Soccerssimo FC. Oringo FC and Umu-Ali FC complete the group. Losing finalists, Otigba FC will lock horns with the three clubs from GRA, ConneFC, Zoo Athletic FC and Hereoes FC in Group B.

The teams in each group will play against each other between November 12th 2016 and November 26th 2016 at Adorable Pitch at Emene, with both the winners and runners-up of the groups advancing to the semi-finals and finals. The semi-finals & final, which are slated as the main event, will be held at UNEC Temporary Stadium on 10th December 2016. The day will also see the introduction of the new female football teams via an exhibition game. Radio power houses, Urban Radio and Dream FM, will also battle for the airwaves in a friendly.

Furthermore, the TPL is not just about the football; it is also a networking platform for youths to connect with each other, strengthen old bonds and foster new long-lasting friendships whilst promoting grassroot football. It also provides a wonderful opportunity for young entrepreneurs and SME owners to promote, market and sell their products and services.

In keeping with TPL tradition, there will be fantastic side attractions at the event such as dancers/cheerleaders, food and drink (palm wine, abacha with nkwobi, small chops etc) vendors, great music, video games, snooker, table tennis and card games. This is a great way to relax after an exhausting week at the office or school. It’s also a great way to support grassroot football and entrepreneurship in the City so don’t be left out, tell a friend to tell a friend.

It is #GameOn.



Follow the TPL handle – @thetpl as well as the Team handles on Twitter and Instagram, and TPL042 on Facebook. Also visit TPL’s official website http://www.thetpl.org

Ndi Igbo!

Umu Enugu!

Umu 042!

This is Your Game!

Support Your Team!

#TPL042 #GameOn

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Mourinho’s Comments After Man United’s 1-1 Draw With Arsenal

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Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho has revealed that the Red Devils are the unluckiest team in the Premier League.

Mourinho’s comment is coming after the Red Devils were stunned by a late Olivier Giroud goal in the 88th minute, which cancelled Juan Mata’s early strike and left Old Trafford in silence.

Mourinho’s side could have been awarded a penalty in the first-half after Nacho Monreal appeared to foul Antonio Valencia.

Should Man United have been awarded a penalty?

Should Man United have been awarded a penalty? [Getty Image]

However, referee Andre Marriner ignored the appeals.

Speaking with Sky Sports, Mourinho said:

“Of course it is two points dropped. We were the best team by far. They had no chances to win.”

“They could not be Arsenal the way they normally play football. We were phenomenal defensively. The way we pressed and the way we controlled their counter attacks. Then when we had the ball we were very comfortable.

“We scored a fantastic goal, we had chances to win the game and then the only time they go there and the only time we had a situation we could not resolve they scored.

“They are the lucky ones and we are the unlucky ones.

“The team played very well. This team at the moment is the unluckiest team in the Premier League. That is the reality. The team is playing well.

“Phil Jones played more matches this season than the past three seasons I think. I don’t remember him playing two matches consecutively and big matches.

“I am happy with the work and the guys and I am super happy with the fans. They are amazing. They know to be fair and applaud a team that has dropped two points.”

On whether United should have had a penalty earlier in the game, he said:

“I don’t want to speak about it. I have a very good feeling with Andre Mariner. He is the kind of referee who if he make mistakes against my team there is no intention.

He doesn’t want to be the star of the game, he is a good referee. I don’t want to say if it is a mistake or not, I know because I saw the video, but I don’t want to say because he is a good referee.”

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MMM Donates Relief Materials Worth N5M To IDPs

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‘MMM-Nigeria’, a community of mutual financial aid and donations, on Saturday, donated relief materials worth N5 million to two Internally Displaced Persons camps in the Federal Capital Territory.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the gesture was part of the community’s humanitarian week tagged ‘MMM cares’ to mark its first anniversary.

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The Gwoza and Bama IDP Camps located in Durumi area and the New Kuchingoro IDP camp were the two beneficiaries of the relief materials.

Bags of rice, beans, garri, as well as cartoons of beverages and noodles, were some of the items donated by the group.

The group also donated clothing, drugs, and educational materials to the pupils among them.

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A Guilder in the ‘MMM Community’, Mr. Seyi Bello, said the donation was motivated by the desire  of the group to affect the society positively, especially the less-privileged.

He said, “We are marking our first year anniversary and we have decided to come and celebrate it with our brothers, mothers and children in the camp.

“As a community, we do not only provide help to our members, we also extend that to the larger society as part of our social responsibility.

“In these times of economic challenges, the IDPs are the ones that need help and support more than any other person; that is why we visited them today,” he said.

Bello explained that besides providing help and donations to its members, humanitarian service was a flagship programme of the group.

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He said that the relief items were bought from free-will donations of members in their quest to touch lives positively.

He said, “The N5 million was raised from voluntary donations my members in the FCT.

“That is what defines us as a community of people providing financial help to each other on the principle of reciprocity and benevolence.

“In MMM there are no lenders and no debtors. One participant asks for help, another one helps.’’

Bello appealed to individuals, groups and corporate bodies to always remember the IDPs across Nigeria, since government alone would not be able to provide for them adequately.

He said, “They are our brothers and sisters who have left the comfort of their homes and are now struggling for survival here.

“No matter how little, let us always extend a hand of help to them to complement what government and other donors are doing.”

The General Secretary of the IDP camp at New Kuchingoro, Mr. Enoch Yohanna, who received the items, expressed gratitude for the gesture which he described as `timely.’

He said, “The Christmas season is very close; we thank MMM-Nigeria for bringing these items to us.

“We hope to share them satisfactorily among us for everybody to be happy and have a happy Christmas celebration.”

The visit to the IDPs camps was preceded by a two-hour environmental sanitation by members of the group on Nyanya/Mararaba route, a suburb of the FCT.

Members of the group came out in their numbers to clear garbage from drainage and streets in the area.



MMM Issues Important Information To Participants As CBN Intensifies Crackdown

EFCC Places MMM Operations Under Surveillance

Reps Wants Promoters Of MMM Arrested In Epic Crackdown

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Buhari Arrives Akure For APC Governorship Rally Amidst Tight Security

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President Muhammadu Buhari has landed the Akure Airport on Saturday amidst tight security for the All Progressives Congress (APC), campaign rally, in preparation for the November 26 governorship election in Ondo State.

Buhari, it was learnt, arrived the airport at exactly 10:09 a.m. and was received by the state Governor Olusegun Mimiko.

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The president was also received by Dr kayode Fayemi, Minister of Solid Mineral Development; Chief Olagunsoye Oyinlola, former governor of Osun and Sen. Tayo Alasoadura, member, representing Ondo Central at the Senate.

Others were Alhaji Alli Olanusi, former Ondo deputy governor; Mr Isaac Kekemeke, former chairman of APC in Ondo State; Mr Jamiu Ekungba, a contestant in the APC primary election that produced Chief Rotimi Akeredolu.

The President arrived in company of the Minister of Information and Culture; Lai Mohammed, Governor Umar Tanko Almakura of Nasarawa State and his Kano State counterpart; Abdullahi Ganduje.

The security detail of the Nigerian Police was led by Hilda Ibifuro, Commissioner of Police in Ondo State.

Other security operatives present included men of the Immigration Services, FRSC, Nigeria Police, NSCDC, the Nigerian Army and Nigerian Air Force.

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Armed Bandits Kill 31, Kidnap 40 During Raid On Zamfara Communities

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Scores of armed bandits on Friday attacked four villages in Maradun Local Government Area, Zamfara State, killing 29 people.

Saturday Sun quoted a source as saying that the rampaging gun men who stormed the four villages in droves arrived on motorbikes and began shooting sporadically.

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Seven people were killed at Yan’ kamoji, nine at Sabon Gida, 11 at Tubali and two at Kaya villages respectively, the source added

During the raid, another group of armed bandits attacked Kansa village in Maru Local Government Area of Zamfara State, killing two mobile policemen among four others, and kidnapping over 40 people.

Another source, Yau Mohammed Dansadau, said the armed men that attacked the Gobirawa-Bindin-Magami Road, laid in wait for the passengers on their way to Magami Market and started firing at the over 100 of them who were traders.

He said: “The situation is gradually getting out of hand as these heartless bandits seem not ready to stop these killings and kidnapping. We are calling on security operatives to please try and rescue the victims”.

An eyewitness claimed he overheard the gunmen saying they were on revenge mission following the recent military onslaught on them, which led to the death of some of their members and the seizure of their cattle.

They also threatened not to release the over 40 people kidnapped until the cattle seized by the military are returned to them.

The raid is coming barely days after some armed bandits had attacked a mining site, where more than 35 people were killed. The military then launched an offensive against them, killing many with stolen cattle rescued.

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Another Suicide Bomber Killed While On Mission In IDPs

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Nigerian security operatives have intercepted another suicide bomber who attempted to penetrate a Transit Camp of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) along Muna Garage on Saturday morning, November 19.

According to PRNigeria, while suspecting the ulterior motive of the suicide bomber with his strange behaviour, the security operatives attempted to accustom him.

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But in his attempt to detonate the explosive device, he was gunned down by the officials

It was learnt that the Transit camp is used to check and screen potential displaced people before being allowed into any of the IDP camps in Maiduguri and others in Borno State.

The spokesperson of National Emergency Management Agency, NEMA, in the North-East, Ibrahim Abdulkadir, confirmed that the mangled body of the suicide bomber had been evacuated.

This is coming barely a day after a joint security operation had intercepted suicide bombers during multiple suicide-bombing attempts in Borno State.

On Friday morning, 4 suicide Bombers were killed from their explosives while another was arrested alive by the security operatives.

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The incidents occurred at High Court Njiddari Polo area and along Customs Road, close to Muna Garage all in Borno State.

It was gathered that two members of the Civilian (JTF) Volunteer group died while accosting one of the suicide Bombers along Customs Road.

Suicide bombing has now become the mainstream for terror group Boko Haram with the IDP camps one of its major targets. Many of such attacks have been foiled and the suicide bombers killed.

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360Recommends: Sister Wisdom x DaBeatzPrince – Move

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Hello…My name is Terry DaBeatzPrince it’s nice to meet you Sister Wisdom’; That was the exact statement that birthed this rhythmic and highly addictive sound titled ‘MOVE‘‎.

The synergy between Sister Wisdom whose recently released single ‘Mr John‘ is still enjoying massive airplay and still sitting pretty on the Cobhamsasuquo Top12 countdown teaming up with the amazing producer/ keyboard player who has an interesting taste for fusion of different sounds has indeed produced this unique sound which is a fusion of African House, R & B and the new school trap sound. He has worked with Joe Praise, Soundsultan and a host of others.

As we edge closer to the end of the year, MOVE provides the perfect sound to get everyone to the dancefloor and it guarantees to get everyone everywhere in the right mood.

So before the anticipated Mr John(Episode II) is released do have a wonderful music experience with MOVE!!!

Simple Steps to Get the full version of ‘Move’ ;
  1. Click on Link [https://spinlet.com/album/301096]
  2. Takes you to home page
  3. Click on download for #30
  4. Takes you to payment portal
  5. Click on ‘Interswitch’ icon [Simply fill accordingly and you get the Song.]

Please note that 20% of the process is going entirely to her Charity Organization that supports churches to get musical instruments and Inner City Mission where orphans get totally FREE EDUCATION, so please let’s all support the movement.

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President Buhari Signs Eight Bills Into Law

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President Muhammadu Buhari has signed eight bills passed by the national assembly into law.

The special adviser to the president on national assembly matters (senate), Ita Enang, made this known to state house correspondents at the Presidential Villa, Abuja on Friday, November 18, 2016.

Enang revealed that the bills signed into law were: prevention of crime amendment Act,‎ 2016; the national crop varieties and livestock breeds (registration) amendment Act‎, 2016.

Others were telecommunications and postal offences amendment Act,‎ 2016; the national agricultural land development authority amendment Act‎ 2016; the produce enforcement of export standards amendment Act‎ 2016.

The president also signed the agricultural and rural management ‎training institute amendment Act‎ 2016; bee import control and management amendment Act‎ 2016, and water resources amendment Act‎ 2016‎.

Enang said the president expressed appreciation to the leadership and membership of national assembly, “for the great work they did in considering the bills and the details that have gone in to consider them”.

“Mr President considers the act as very vital to the present administration and in consonant with ‎All Progressive Congress’s agenda and thanked the national assembly,” he said.

He said the president also directed ministries, departments and agencies (MDAs) and all government functionaries to always participate actively and make inputs when new bills were being considered.

Enang commended the president for assenting the eight bills at a time, saying “this is unprecedented because this is the very first time in this administration that eight bills are forwarded to him at a go for assent”.

“In all my years in the national assembly except for the 46 bills which were passed a day to the end of that administration, no such number of bills had been passed and forwarded at once ‎to the president for assent and no such number of bills had been assented to, at a record time,” he said.

“This shows that the executive and the legislature are working together because the ministers attended every hearing that was called in respect of the bills.”


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Conte: Costa Has A Handle On His Temper

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Chelsea gaffer, Antonio Conte is impressed with the fact that Diego Costa finally has a handle on his temper, after improving his disciplinary record.

The Spain international has been on four yellow cards since the 3-0 defeat to Arsenal, and has not picked up any warnings, which will lead to an immediate suspension.

Conte was initially worried about Costa’s flagrant temper when he joined the blues, with the forward receiving two yellows in the first two PL games, but he thinks that Costa has improved his temperament as well as other areas of his game, in recent weeks.

“Diego is showing he can control himself, It’s fantastic,” Conte said at a press conference at Cobham Training Centre. “Diego is improving a lot under a lot of aspects. For me now, Diego is one of the best strikers in the world.

“He must continue that, working in this way, with his commitment and work-rate. It’s fantastic to see his work during the games, but also in training.”

Costa is the Premier League’s top goalscorer with nine goals in his first 11 league games of the season while his three assists also mean that he has been involved in more goals than any other player, so far this season.

Conte credited Costa’s work rate as setting the standard for the rest of the Chelsea squad, as they aim to continue their run of five wins against Middlesbrough on Sunday at the Riverside Stadium.

“Diego is a very good player. The same for Eden. It’s important for me, for their team-mates, to see that in every game, Diego works a lot with the ball and without the ball. He’s an example for all. And I want to continue this way.

“If he continues to score, I’ll be very happy. But I’ll be happier to see this commitment, this work-rate during training and in games, to work with the team with and without the ball.

“If all the players are able to think in this way, it’s fantastic and we’ll be a good team, a very tough team to play.”

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Mourinho Slams Koeman’s Comments Over Depay’s Contract

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Everton manager, Ronald Koeman has made his interest in Memphis Depay public knowledge and it is an action that has angered United gaffer, Jose Mourinho.

The former PSV manager has not made an impact since joining the Red Devils from the Netherlands outfit in the summer of 2015.

But despite his limited playing time, Mourinho was unhappy to learn of a rival boss talking about one of his players.

“I prefer not to make [such comments],” the manager explained in Friday’s press conference.

“I think my normal answer is if somebody asks me about a player from another team, my answer is the player is not my player.

“The player belongs to another team, the player belongs to another manager, no comments at all. I think that is the ethical answer, when we are always worried about ethics, respect and rules.

“I just say that if it was me making those comments about an Everton player, I would be in trouble.”

The 22-year-old forward has netted just seven times in 55 appearances for United in all competitions and is yet to find the net in the 2016-17 campaign.

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Klopp Rues Not Signing Mané For Dortmund

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Former Dortmund manager, Jurgen Klopp has admitted he missed out on signing Sadio Mané in his time at the club.

The Liverpool manager was in the position to bring the forward from RB Salzburg in 2014, before he signed for Southampton.

Instead, Klopp ended up sanctioning a £34 million move to acquire the Senegal international at his new club and says he did not hesitate the second time around.

“With Sadio it was pretty simple because I made the mistake at Dortmund where I didn’t take him,” Klopp told reporters.

“We talked. I think everyone knows we met each other and by the end I didn’t feel this [claps hands together].

“Around about three months later I would have punched myself so I knew already that the next chance I had I would take it. So it was not difficult to take this decision, it was very easy.

“When the club came and when Michael Edwards [Liverpool’s new sporting director] said we have an opportunity, no talks were necessary anymore. It was a case of ‘let’s do it’.”

Mane returns to St Mary’s on Saturday as Liverpool visit Southampton looking to extend their 12-match unbeaten run in all competitions.

“I don’t know why I didn’t sign him before,” Klopp continued. “I like the player, it was more of a feeling.

“At Dortmund we could only get one player for this position, not two or three, so it needed to be exactly the right fit in this moment.

“I’ve said a lot of times, I’m not a genius and I couldn’t exactly imagine where he was in terms of playing in the Austrian league and what does the Austrian league mean for the football [at Dortmund]?

“I have made more mistakes in my life like this but he would have been more expensive if we had taken him to Dortmund and then he had been sold to Liverpool, so all good for Liverpool.

“The more I think about it, that was my first Liverpool decision. Nice.”

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Olamide Breaks His Own Record, Set to Release 6th Studio Recording

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Fans of YBNL rapper, Olamide have more than just a concert to be excited for as the indigenous rap king has dropped one of the surprises he promised his loyal fans.

Olamide‘s set to release a street tape on the 26th of December, 2016 titled ‘The Glory’, same day as his anticipated concert, OLIC BEAST MODE III. The lyricist revealed that this new collection consists of lyrical odes to the streets.

Olamide Breaks His Own Record

Olamide – The Glory [Cover Art]

The award winning rapper has once again set a standard for music acts locally and internationally as he has successfully broken the record of being the only Nigerian artiste to release an album every year, this being his 6th studio recording.

Olamide’s consistency and drive to push beyond the norm has proven time and time again that he is definitely a force to be reckoned within the music industry. Little wonder his fanbase keeps increasing by the day!

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MUSIC: Mars x Barzini – 10K

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Mars x Barzini give us a playful “thank you” song titled “10K” for their fans. Asides from them hitting the 10K follower mark on Instagram, “10K” is also a metaphor for progress, for growth, and the desire to grow some more.

This release follows the success of their debut audio and video single “Oluwa Nagode” which went viral, having notable celebrities such as Lola OJ, Wofaifada, Maraji, Crazeclown and 2013 BBA winner Dillish Mathews among others rave about the song on social media.

In continuation of their new musical sound they call ‘AfroGroove’ which is a marriage of the new and the old, the song is produced by Syn-X and mixed and mastered by Zimbocrix, both in-house TGIF Music producers/sound engineers.

Mars and Barzini, who are undergraduates of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, are currently juggling school with national media and performance tours.


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