Christmas: Lagos To Sell Bag Of Rice For N13,000 From Next Week

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With Christmas celebration around the corner, the Lagos State Government on Thursday said plans are already underway to sell rice to residents at N13,000 per 50kg as from December 15.

This will come as relief to millions of Lagosians who like their counterparts in most parts of the country have had to cough out over N20,000 for a bag of rice, mostly imported.

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Speaking on behalf of the State Governor Akinwumi Ambode, the Special Adviser on Food Security, Sanni Okanlawan, during the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), National Agriculture Stakeholders Summit, said that the sales of the rice would be made at all the 57 Local Government Areas (LGAs) and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) in the state to ensure proper distribution.

He said, “Lake Rice is the acronym of both Lagos and Kebbi States joint product which will be out to the public on December 15 at the rate of N13,000 per 50kg bag, as it is already subsidised by the government.

“To make it more available, the rice will be sold at the 57 LGAs and LCDAs for easy accessibility and to guard against unwanted persons diverting the product.

“The state government has put in place a committee that will ensure that Lagosians have the best Christmas celebration, that is why we are offering the wholesome and well packaged rice.”

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Soyinka, “Wolexit” And Hero-Bashing

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Soyinka, “Wolexit” And Hero-Bashing, By Tunji Olaopa

In this article I want to explicate on two significant assertions that have been at the heart of my confrontation with the Nigerian national project for a long time, and especially with the intellectual capital that I suspect is a very significant part of rehabilitating Nigeria to greatness. First, Nigeria has a fundamental problem with her intellectuals, and most especially her heroes and heroines. Second, Nigeria’s heroes and heroines have a fundamental problem with Nigeria. These two assertions may appear interchangeable, but they are not. This is because each carries a different weight and valence. In other words, the problem Nigeria has with her heroes is not the same as the problem the heroes have with Nigeria.

This piece was written by Tunji Olaopa. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

On the one hand, Nigeria’s heroes and heroines are concerned with the urgent task of reconfiguring Nigeria for greatness. This task, most often, takes a non-conventional but still patriotic mode that requires these highly endowed Nigerians to challenge the Nigerian state from all sides and angles. We all still remember Ken Saro-Wiwa’s attempt at calling out the Nigerian state over the wrong treatment meted out to the Ogoni minority of the Niger Delta. And on the other hand, Nigeria resents almost each and every interrogation of her national dynamics, and especially of the kind of statecraft that bend the empowerment of Nigerians to the exigencies of national unity. And again, Ken Saro-Wiwa typifies Nigeria’s reaction to perceived “anti-patriotic” challenges. Ken Saro-Wiwa died trying to make Nigeria stand up to what is right and just with reference to its citizens.

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Interestingly, Wole Soyinka captured this Nigerian angst against her hero at the burial of another hero, the late Professor Ojetunji Aboyade. With utmost weariness of his soul, he lamented: “Nigeria kills us slowly; one by one, but surely.” According to him, if Prof. Aboyade had given less of himself to Nigeria in a thankless job, he would not have died when he did. Wole Soyinka is no doubt one of the redoubtable heroes that Nigeria has today. In fact, he represents in himself one of the few positive achievements the global community reckons with about Nigeria. In terms of intellectual output and national activism, he is committed to Nigeria in all senses. While most of us were still in our diapers, Soyinka was hijacking a radio station, writing stinging commentaries, staging satirical plays, crossing from Nigeria to Biafra to intervene in national tragedies, and paying an enormous price, in jail terms, for his patriotic courage. But unfortunately, it is this same Wole Soyinka who is presently at the centre of a national uproar over his personal conviction.

What I call hero bashing is a fundamental issue which is neither here nor there in terms of value judgment. Heroes and heroines are humans with personal frailty. They make mistakes, miscommunicate, are arrogant, fall short of expectations, make wrong decisions, have short visions, fall into temptations, just like every other human. The difference, however, is that they are heroes who must be held up to a higher standard of humanity than every other because they have a larger than life status. Hero-bashing therefore seems appropriate but sometimes most tragic, especially in proportion to the event or the persona involved. I remember the posthumous bashing that Chinua Achebe received for There Was a Country, his personal testimony about Biafra. That was an issue that gave me serious concern, given that Achebe was not a mean person (in both senses of that word). Achebe loved Nigeria, and that was clear from his many engagements with the concept of Nigeria. Yet, it turned out that he had to die before he would have died, given the enormous bashing he received as a result of his personal interpretation of the Biafra incidence.

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But if Achebe’s hero-bashing came from a significant confrontation with the idea of Nigeria, the recent bashing of Wole Soyinka leaves a more bitter taste in the mouth. This is because what is at issue seems so trivial in proportion to the outcry it is generating. Let me summarise. Wole Soyinka was so anxious about the possible electoral victory of Donald Trump that he served a “Wolexit” notice—He would tear up his green card if Trump emerges as the president of the United States. Against all odds, Donald Trump did become the president-elect, and Nigerians called out Soyinka on his threat. Not to be caught hanging, the formidable Soyinka offered a loud retort against those who, according to him, failed to understand a simple matter of figure of speech and a fundamental right to free speech. Soyinka fumed that it was illogical to think that “tearing up” his green card meant an actual card-destroying gesture. According to him, the United States is not the only country he had issued a “red card.” What then was the outcry about?

What actually was the outcry about? It seems to me that Soyinka has earned his right to free speech, and even his eccentricities. But it does not seem that it was eccentric for him to issue such a warning of suspending his residency of the United States. His statement was borne out of a deep conviction against all that Donald Trump represents. Most of us also have our various anxieties about a Trump presidency, but most of us are not Wole Soyinka. Soyinka is global. And by that, I mean Soyinka’s voice has achieved such a global stature that his threats, approval, and even silence carry a stentorian weight that compels attention. This is no hero worship. I know Soyinka is human. If I were him, I would have offered my explanation and resumed my silence. But Soyinka cannot be silenced. What is most unfortunate is that agitated and aggravated responses can cross the bound of moderation and civility. When speech crosses to the level of “idiots,” “morons,” and “stupidity,” then something has gone terribly wrong. It seems to me that this issue of “tearing up” the green card does not deserve the nature of hero-bashing it has become. Soyinka has the right to speak, and he has spoken.

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But the prospect of a “Wolexit” has another deeper implication which we are not paying attention to. In a further retort, Wole Soyinka threatened that Nigeria itself deserves a form of withdrawal appropriate to Trump’s America. Now, that is a real threat, and Soyinka does not make jokes on issues like this. He has the means and the will to carry out his threats.

I am taking “Wolexit” serious in terms not only of the loss of intellectual capital but also more in terms of what it says about Nigeria and Nigerians. Let me start from a historical point of personal agitation. I have never ceased to wonder at the literary and intellectual implications of what would have happened to Ibadan’s literary and intellectual stature if Soyinka had consolidated his reputation there rather than leaving for Leeds and later choosing to reside in Abeokuta. The answer to this question is already lost to the undetermined fog of history. We can only wonder and speculate.

Now, take the larger issue raised by my earlier questions. Soyinka seems to have reached a point where he is more than willing to do something drastic about his fundamental problem with Nigeria. What is the implication of Soyinka giving Nigeria a “red card”? What is the implication, as he threatened, of moving his Foundation out of Nigeria? I could imagine the social media resounding with “to hell with him; to hell with his foundation.” That answer would not be surprising; in fact, it will be typical of a strange alliance between a rising and irreverent generation and the Nigerian state apparatus on the task of killing off our heroes. “Wolexit” served on the United States is a personal statement by a world citizen against what Donald Trump represents in terms of the time honoured principle of freedom and racial blindness which the US enshrined in its constitution. He has a right to that declaration, and to whatever symbolic act it is meant to represent.

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But “Wolexit” served on Nigeria becomes the ultimate rejection of Nigeria by those who loved and fought with and for her. Fighting with Nigeria translates into a form of lovers’ quarrel over a future both disagree to agree with. Fighting for Nigeria is a solid patriotic belief in Nigeria’s potentials for greatness in spite of everything that had gone wrong. Rejecting Nigeria is worse. Even uttering its possibility must only have been made possible by a heart that is wearied by despair and disillusionment. We have killed and hounded almost all of our heroes out of existence or out of their senses. Wole Soyinka is one of the legends still remaining, and we are calling him out for what he believes in. If “Wolexit” comes to pass and Soyinka withdraws from Nigeria, we would collectively have become like Jerusalem that kills and stone the prophets sent to her. How then do we ever hope to become a great nation when we kill greatness in others, and refuse to listen to our heroes?

Tunji Olaopa is Executive Vice-Chairman, Ibadan School of Government and Public Policy (ISGPP); Email:,

This piece was written by Tunji Olaopa. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Unpaid Allowances: “We Never Knew Falcons Would Win AWCON” – Sports Minister

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The Federal Government on Thursday hinted on its inability to pay the allowances of the Super Falcons, adding that it did not know that they would win the 2016 African Women Nation’s Cup Trophy.

Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung urged the corps members not to believe the “beer parlour gossips that the Federal Government was about to scrap the NYSC.”

Minister of Youth and Sports, Solomon Dalung

Speaking on behalf of the federal government, the Minister of Youths and Sports, Mr. Solomon Dalung, stated that the Nigerian government did not expect the Super Falcons to win the just-concluded CAF African Women Cup of Nations in Cameroon.

Dalung, who spoke with State House correspondents at the Presidential Villa, said that was why the government was currently facing difficulties in paying the players’ entitlements.

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The Nigerian women, who defeated hosts Cameroon on Sunday to win the tournament for a record eighth out of 10, are yet to receive their allowances.

Consequently, the players had seized the trophy they won at the competition and said they would hold on to the trophy until the authorities concerned offset the N238.05m accumulated bonuses which they are being owed.

However, speaking on the matter, Dalung said: “Don’t forget that nobody even knew the team will emerge victorious.

“If we were confident they will emerge victorious, all the federation would have done is to plan for process of participation and entitlement.

“It is already established in sports tradition, when you win this is what you are entitled to.

“The situation is highly unfortunate and I don’t like it. These girls have given confidence to women who want to embrace sports, so this will go a long way in killing this laudable achievement. It is unfortunate but we will make sure the right thing is done.”

The players also had threatened that if President Muhammadu Buhari refused to address their grievances at the Federal Executive Council’s meeting on Wednesday, they would embark on protest on the streets of Abuja.

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NSCDC To Recruit 100,000 Nigerians In 2017

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In an attempt to beef up its workforce, in line with the growing demands to secure the critical infrastructure of government across the country, the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) has announced that it will recruit 100,000 young graduates in the country in 2017.

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Speaking on Wednesday after decorating 10 newly promoted officers to the rank of Assistant Commandant Generals (ACG) in Abuja, the Commandant General, NSCDC, Mr. Abdullahi Gana, said the recruitment has become necessary to meet up with the request for its personnel running into several thousands from the Ministries of Defence, Agriculture, Solid Mineral.

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He said: “We want them to take charge of the railway commands it is a very big task. We have made request to the government that for us to meet up with these requirements, we will need to beef up our personnel and we are looking at the possibility of recruiting 100,000 workforce.”

“We are facing more and more challenges on daily basis. Just some months ago, we had a meeting with the Federal Ministry of Solid Minerals where the minister said they would require a 5,000-man squad in line with the government decision to diversify the economy.

“The minister, Dr. Kayode Fayemi, had during the meeting insisted that my men must be trained and retrained to understand the modus operandi of the sector especially on the identification of solid mineral very well. Today, we have set up solid mineral unit in the corps.

“We have also held meeting with the Minister of Defence, who requested that we prepare and deploy about 3,300 of our men to the North-east where the military have dislodged the Boko Haram insurgence to secure the civilians.
“The same thing with the Managing Director of the Nigeria Railway Corporation (NRC) has also requested the deployment of 3,000 men to their 22 installations accords the country since the sector has been classified among the critical infrastructure of government.

“The same request came from the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB) and essentially from the office of the National Security Adviser (NSA) requesting the deployment of our men to secure the dams in the country following the threat from Boko Haram to poison the source of our drinking water.”

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips This Evening 

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Liverpool boss Jurgen Klopp is so keen on Borussia Dortmund youngster Christian Pulisic that he is prepared to break a reported gentleman’s agreement with his former club not to lure any of their players to Anfield in order to sign the American, reports Bild.

And the German sports daily also claims that if the midfielder does leave Dortmund, the Bundesliga club would rather he played for Klopp at Liverpool than another team.

Everton have joined West Ham in the race to sign CSKA Moscow midfielder Alan Dzagoev, according to reports.


Alexis Sanchez and Mesut Ozil have been told by boss Arsene Wenger they won’t be allowed to quit Arsenal before their current deals expire in 18 months’ time.
Ex-Real Madrid president Ramon Calderon does not think Arsenal playmaker Alexis Sanchez will return to La Liga as doubts grow over the player’s future at the Emirates.
Everton striker Romelu Lukaku says he was on the verge of joining a Premier League rival last summer, before opting to stay at Goodison Park.


Some Manchester United players have questioned the purchases of Memphis Depay and Morgan Schneiderlin.


Newcastle manager Rafa Benitez says he is weighing up entering the transfer market in January due to the upcoming Africa Cup of Nations.

Sunderland expect to discover on Friday if they will have to pay Inter Milan £8.5m for Ricky Alvarez, who they took on a season-long loan in the 2014/15 season.

Jack Colback has revealed he has no regrets about joining Newcastle from Sunderland two years ago.


Yann M’Vila has thanked Sunderland’s fans for their support after it was confirmed the midfielder would not be moving back to the Stadium of Light. 

Burnley boss Sean Dyche has confirmed Lukas Jutkiewicz is set to move to Birmingham on a permanent basis.


Real Betis are keeping close tabs on Marc Muniesa’s situation at Stoke, with the La Liga club in need of a new defender in the January transfer window, say reports in Spain.

On-loan Stoke ‘keeper Lee Grant has revealed he is in the dark as to whether he will be returning to parent club Derby in January.


Joey Barton claims he has had many offers to re-ignite his career in England after the premature end to his spell with Rangers.


Swansea midfielder Ki Sung-Yueng is attracting interest from CSL sides Shanghai and Hebei, who both want to sign the South Korean in January.


QPR defender Grant Hall is desperate for Sandro to remain at QPR, despite the west London club wanting to offload many of their highest-paid players in January.


Torino centre-back Pontus Jansson wants to turn his season-long loan at Leeds into a permanent move because the Championship club resurrected his “love for the sport”. 


Derby manager Steve McClaren says it is “fantastic” to see goalkeeper Lee Grant doing so well on loan at Stoke.


Bolton are set to get a much-needed financial boost after former defender Rob Holding made his Champions League bow for Arsenal on Tuesday.


Reading manager Jaap Stam is keen to bring in new players when the transfer window reopens in January in order to help the Royals’ bid to get promoted to the Premier League.


Ipswich midfielder Kundai Benyu has joined Aldershot Town of the National League Premier on a month-long loan deal.


New Wolves boss Paul Lambert could opt to recall Ethan Ebanks-Landell from his season-long loan spell at Sheffield United in January after watching the defender in action against Walsall last week.


Rekeil Pyke is hoping his month-loan loan move to Wrexham will help him break into the Huddersfield Town first team on his return to the St John’s Smith Stadium after Boxing Day.

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Eid-El Maulud: Nigeria Declares Monday, December 12, Public Holiday

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The Federal Government of Nigeria has declared Monday, December 12 as public holiday to mark the Eid-El Maulud celebration.

The announcement was made today on behalf of the federal government by the Honourable Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau.

Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (retd)

Minister of Interior, Lt. Gen. Abdulrahman Dambazau (retd)

Dambazau enjoined all Muslim faithful and Nigerians in general to cooperate and join hands with President Muhammadu Buhari, GCFR, as he works tirelessly to build a strong, united and peaceful nation.

He also urged all Nigerians to use the occasion to pray for peace across the nation, while calling on all to be patient and supportive of the present administration for the successful implementation of its laudable programmes.

The minister wishes all Nigerians a happy Eid-El Maulud.

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Loan Gone Bad : Chelsea To Recall On-Loan Youngster Charly Musonda From Real Betis 

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Chelsea youngster Charly Musonda will cut his loan deal at Real Betis short in January, according to sources in Spain.

The Belgian spent the second half of last season on loan at Betis and decided to re-join the Spanish club on a season-long loan last summer.

However, he has barely figured for them this term and AS reports that the player, aware of his lack of opportunities and interest from elsewhere, is thinking about leaving in January and joining another team on a short-term basis.

Canal Sur Radio, meanwhile, reports that Chelsea and Betis are planning to terminate the loan deal soon.

The Belgian admitted in October that he has not spoken to Blues boss Antonio Conte.

“There’s feedback with people from Chelsea,” he said.

I’ve never actually been in direct contact with Antonio Conte, but the club are keeping an eye on their players’ performances.

“My dream is to play in the Premier League, I’m going to continue my efforts to reach that objective.”

Musonda progressed through Anderlecht’s youth ranks before linking up with Chelsea in 2012.

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Peter Beagrie : Dele Alli Worth More Than Paul Pogba 

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Dele Alli is worth more to Spurs than Paul Pogba is to Man Utd, according to Peter Beagrie.

“On current form it’s Alli every day of the week,” he told the Premier League Daily. “I watched him at MK Dons and saw his maturity.

“He’s terrific playing behind the striker, he’s got the mobility and football intelligence to run beyond the striker and can also drift into wide positions. He loses no opportunity to shoot at goal, and he’s got loads of self-belief.

“There’s no doubt Pogba on his day is absolutely outstanding, but on current form and value to his team it’s got to be Dele Alli.”

He added: “As far as athletic ability goes, I look at the Spurs midfield and think it’s far and above more athletic. There’s more dynamism, craft and creativity.

“I think Tottenham score very, very heavily in the midfield department whereas United are still uncertain.”

Tottenham paid MK Dons just £5m for Dele Alli in February 2015, while Manchester United forked out a world-record £93.25m to bring Pogba back to Old Trafford in the summer.

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Corps Members’ Death: Senate Calls For Overhaul Of NYSC Scheme

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In the wake of the death of three members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) during orientation exercise, the Senate on Thursday deliberated on the relevance of the scheme which was introduced in the 70s.

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The three corps members, Chinyerum Nwenenda Elechi, Ifedolapo Oladepo and Monday Asuquo Ukeme, recently died in their orientation camps in Bayelsa, Kano and Zamfara States respectively.”

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In a motion moved by the Senate Chief Whip, Senator Olusola Adeyeye, the Senate called for the total overhaul of the NYSC, adding that the state of orientation camps across the country was unfit for human habitation.

In his motion, Senator Adeyeye argued that: “The death of corps members are becoming recurrent in almost all NYSC Camps across the country. Experienced medical personnel are practically non-existent in all our Orientation Camps across the country, as fresh doctors who have not garnered any experience are the ones administering treatment…

“Medical facilities at most Orientation Camps leave a lot to be desired as one of the deceased, Ifedolapo, called home five hours to her death and told her older sister, Mrs. Oyeyode Abimbola (a nurse) to start coming to her Kano Orientation Camp, alleging poor care at the NYSC camp.

“An Orientation Camp that houses over three thousand corps members cannot boast of modern facilities to cater for the needs of corps members while undergoing the mandatory Orientation Programme.

“NYSC officials are not up and doing in their official duties, as they expose these corps members to all manner of dangers. I strongly believe that NYSC needs total overhauling particularly its healthcare system.”

Lending his voice on the matter, Deputy Senate Minority Leader, Senator Emmanuel Bwacha, noted that:

“This is a sad moment for us. What I have heard confirms what I thought was in the realm of speculations. It may not have been intentional, but I think it was an act of irresponsibility. Who will not provide medical attention to a sick person? We look forward to the outcome of the investigation.

“An example should be set. To say the least, this is a barbaric act. This calls for a rethink about the NYSC Act. Is it really worth it to go and die in an orientation camp? Politicians use these same corps members to rig elections and we do not value their lives.”

Adamawa Senator Binta Garba also supported the motion, saying that “From what we have seen, we need to overhaul the NYSC. We need to look into the activities of NYSC.”

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President of the Senate, Senator Bukola Saraki, in his final remarks, said:

“We need to address the issue of health services in orientation camps. This is an issue we should capture in the 2017 budget.”

The Senate subsequently resolved and called on the federal government to improve on medical facilities in all Orientation Camps across Nigeria, and to deploy to these medical centres experienced medical personnel.

It also mandated its Committee on Sports and Youth Development to conduct a thorough and comprehensive investigation into the circumstances surrounding the death of the three corps members in order to guide against future occurrences.

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Family Promise : Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang Reveals He Promised His Grandfather He’ll Play For Real Madrid 

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Dortmund forward Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang has once again revealed he promised his grandfather that he would play for Real Madrid.

Aubameyang starred at the Bernabeu on Wednesday night, scoring one goal and setting up another for Marco Reus as Dortmund came from behind to secure a 2-2 draw against European champions.

Los Blancos are reportedly tracking Aubameyang, while the Gabon forward has never hidden his desire to turn out for them in the future.

When asked about playing for Real, he told beIN Sports: “Yes, it’s a promise that I made to my grandfather, but right now I feel very good at Dortmund. In the future we’ll see. We can tell [Real president] Florentino [Perez] already.”

Aubameyang has scored 19 goals in 19 games for his club this season, and is currently tied down to a deal until 2020.

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Barcelona President Confirms Luis Suarez Is Very Close To Signing New Contract 

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Barcelona have all but finalised Luis Suarez’s contract renewal, according to club president Josep Maria Bartomeu.

When asked about Suarez, Bartomeu told Radio Vision y Cadena Celeste: “The [contract] renewal is already done, it only lacks a few small details. Luis will continue at Barcelona. He is loved by everyone and he is a very good fan of the club.

“In the next few days or weeks we will announce it. For the fans he is a very important character, he is part of the spectacular [attacking] trident that we have at the club. He helps the team to function.”

Bartomeu says Suarez will be contracted to Barcelona until 2022, while he says he would like to see the former Liverpool man see out his career in Catalonia.

He added: “We will extend his contract for as long as the law allows us. But the objective is that Suarez is [with us] until the Qatar World Cup at least. We want it to be more, but for the moment he will sign until 2022. We want Luis Suarez to be at the club for many years. And when he retires, he will always be welcome at Barcelona. We would like Luis Suarez to stay at Barcelona forever.”

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Joey Barton Has No Regrets Over Failed Rangers Move 

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Joey Barton insists he has no regrets over his move to Rangers and no bad feelings towards anyone at the club.

The 34-year-old ended his brief and ill-fated spell at Ibrox in November after being ostracised for two months.

Although unable to discuss the incident and discussions which led to his exit under the conditions of his severance deal, Barton told the BBC: “It was an opportunity I couldn’t let pass. I would do it again. It’s a great football club. It’s a phenomenal place, it’s completely unique.

“The only regret I’ve got is not playing football now. No player wants to miss football when they’re fit, especially not when you’re 34 and you don’t have another 10 years to play and everyone else is playing football and you are like: ‘I would really like to be doing that right now’.”

“My last game for Rangers was a defeat in the Old Firm at Celtic Park. Nobody wants to do that, nobody wants to play eight games for a club, you want to have more of an impact, certainly for the amount of backing the fans gave me and the belief they put in me and for the football club to get me there in the first place. So, incredibly disappointed.

“I’ve got no issues with Rangers, Rangers is a fantastic football club. I have no issues with Mark Warburton, no issues with Davie Weir, no issues with anyone on the board.

“Life is too short to look back and hold on to things and think, ‘If I could have played that way, or done it that way, this would have happened’.”

“I’m focusing on the future, I’ve still got that bit about me where I step back south of the border and have an enormous amount of credibility and people want me to come to the football club.

“My phone has rung a number of times about where I’m going to be in January, so I’m lucky.”

Joey Barton has since started training with his former club Burnley so as to keep fit

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Arsene Wenger : We Won’t Be Selling Mesut Ozil Or Alexis Sanchez… Even If They Refuse To Sign New Contracts 

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Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger says neither Mesut Ozil nor Alexis Sanchez will be sold even if they fail to agree contract extensions.

Both Gunners stars are entering the final 18 months of their deals and Wenger remains hopeful of keeping both beyond 2018.

But speaking ahead of Saturday’s game against Stoke, the Frenchman made it clear he is prepared to lose both for nothing.

Repeated enquiries about the pair were dealt with politely, but the Frenchman insisted he “could not answer always the same questions at every press conference”.

“You ask always the same things,but that doesn’t improve the speed of negotiations.

“You have to respect the process – sometimes it’s quick, sometimes slow and the only handicap when it’s slow is you get asked in every press conference.”

Asked if the ongoing talks might have an affect on the Arsenal dressing-room he said Ozil and Sanchez remain “completely committed”, adding: “We are professionals – 18 months is a long time in the game and I don’t believe that is a problem.”

Arsenal’s final offer will be “the maximum we can do”, according to Wenger, who said: “It’s normal to negotiate. The less you talk about it the better it is.”

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Romelu Lukaku Reveals Paul  Pogba Was Extremely Happy To Re-join Manchester United

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Romelu Lukaku has revealed that Paul Pogba was over the moon after re-joining Man Utd from Juventus for a world-record fee last summer.

“I was there at the hotel when he signed for United,” the Everton striker, who shares the same agent as Pogba, told Sport/Foot magazine.

“There were maybe 10 people surrounding him with briefcases and contracts inside.

“When everything was signed, and I’ve known Paul for many years, I’ve never seen him with that look on his face. I’d never seen him so happy. This return to United, it had nothing to do with money.”

“It was a relief, a real happiness for him. We only spoke once about football during our holidays this summer, when we were at a pool in LA, and he was telling me about his dream to return to United”

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EFCC: Senate Defers Magu’s Screening

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There are strong indications that the Senate may no longer continue with the confirmation hearing on the nomination of Mr. Ibrahim Magu as the substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC).

It would be recalled, the upper chamber of the National Assembly had on Wednesday December 7, 2016 announced that it will begin the screening of Magu on Thursday (today).

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The announcement was made by the Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu, who chaired the plenary.

However, Leadership reports that some forces within the Presidency are against Magu’s emergence as the chairman of the EFCC.

This is even as the Department of State Service (DSS) is also said to be a collaborator in the scheme to edge out the anti-corruption czar through a damning security report it has sent to the Senate against Magu.

Mr. Buhari appointed Mr. Magu acting chair of the EFCC after the removal of Ibrahim Lamorde on November 9, 2015.

Mr. Magu, if confirmed by the Senate, will be the fourth head of the Nigeria’s anti-graft agency, after Nuhu Ribadu, Farida Waziri and Mr. Lamorde.

More details to be added as the story develops…

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Guytalk Podcast: 6 Kinds Of Guys No Girl Wants To Date

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Every lady out there has at one point in her life come in contact with that guy who made her think about joining a convent. Yes!! Some guys are that undateable.

This episode of Guytalk Podcast discusses six kinds of guys that are every woman’s biggest turn-off.
Ranging from the visionless broke guy, woman beater, down to the old fashioned control freak, every single guy should listen to this to know if he is in one of the categories, and every lady, to better know the guys to steer clear of.
The worst kinds of guys are sliced and diced, and…… Listen and get the drift first hand.

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Man Stabs His Girlfriend To Death After She Refused To Make Him Her Next-Of-Kin

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A female staff of the Niger Delta Development Commission, NDDC, Miss Sophia Phillips Horsefall, was stabbed to death by her boyfriend and two others after she refused to make him her next-of-kin to her bank account and also refused to give him N1 million he had demanded from her.

The boyfriend, Sotonye Martin, was arraigned at a Port Harcourt magistrate’s court by Department of State Services, DSS, along with Innocent Oluche and Wachukwu Ugochukwu. The murder was committed on November 8 this year.


The late Miss Sophia Phillips Horsefall

Counsel to the DSS, Mr C. S. Eze, told the court that the defendant, Mr. Sotonye Martin, had lured the deceased, who he had a 13-year-old daughter with, to the house of the second defendant, Innocent Oluche, where he allegedly stabbed her to death. He claimed the two men buried the deceased in a shallow grave, and invited the third defendant, Wachukwu Ugochukwu, a spiritualist, to perform some rituals.

The victim’s elder brother, Mr Amatu Phillips, while speaking to reporters, alleged that his sister was murdered by the accused, who was her boyfriend of 13 years because of her wealth. He claimed she had some money in her account and confided in the boyfriend who kept on pestering her for financial support.  According to him, his sister had given Mr Martin money several times, but when he came again demanding for N1 million she refused.

He alleged that the boyfriend later lured her to his friend’s house, drugged her and stabbed her in the neck while demanding her ATM card and password. He also added that the boyfriend had tried to persuade his sister to change the name of her next of kin on her bank details to his name.


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Bill To Establish Christian Appeal Court In Nigeria Scales Second Reading

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A bill for the establishment of the Ecclesiastical Court of Appeal in Nigeria has passed the second reading in the House of Representatives on Tuesday, December 6, 2016.

The bill seeks to amend the 1999 constitution, to provide for the establishment of the Christian Courts of Appeal in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and of the 36 states.

When passed into law, the bill seeks to compliment the regular courts in adjudicating matters relating to the tenets of Christian faith between individuals and groups that yields to the jurisdiction.

The bill, sponsored by Gyang Istifanus Dung and eight lawmakers, also provides for the functions and jurisdiction of the courts, as well as the qualification, appointments and tenure of cardinals of the Ecclesiastical Courts.

Speaking on the bill, Dung said: “The amendment will no doubt widen the scope of jurisprudence, adjudication and legal practice in our nation and bring to reality the administration of Ecclesiastical Christian tenets and law in adjudicating matters of personal Christian law and civic matters, which shall be prescribed in the rules of practice and procedure of the Ecclesiastical Court.”

“ In all, it has 14 alterations in section 6,84,185, 240, 246, 247, 288, 289, 292, and 318 of the Principal Act; it alters the second, third, sixth and seventh schedule of the Principal Act. It has four insertions in Part 1G, section 270A-E, Part 2D, section 285A-E and a citation.”

On the jurisdiction of the bill he said: “ The Ecclesiastical Court shall exercise such appellate and supervisory jurisdiction in civil proceedings involving questions of Ecclesiastical Law and Christian Personal Law as provided in the new section 270B(1) – (5) including:

“(a) any question of Christian Personal Law regarding marriage concluded in acordance with that law; including a question relating to the validity or dissolution of such marriage or a question that depends on such a marriage and relating to family relationship or the guardianship of an infant;

“(b) where all parties to the proceedings are Christians, any question or Christian Personal Law where no prior or customary or statutory marriage is contracted, including the validity or dissolution of that marriage, or regarding family relationship, or the guardianship of an infant;

“ (c) any question of Christian Personal Law regarding a will or succession where the widower, donor, testator or deceased person is a Christian;

“(d) any question of Christian Personal Law regarding an infant, prodigal or person of unsound mind who is a Christian or the maintenance or the guardianship of a Christian who is physically or mentally infirm;

“Or (e) where all parties to the proceedings, being Christians, have requested the court that hears the case in the first instance to determine, that the case in accordance with Christian Personal law, or any question.”

He continued: “This amendment conforms with and activated Section 37(1) CFRN 1999 (as amended), which guarantees the right of every citizen to freedom of thought, conscience and religion, including freedom to propagate his religion or belief in worship, teaching, practice and observance.”

Speaker, House of Representatives, Mr Yakubu Dogara referred the bill to the Special ad hoc Committee on the Review of the 1999 constitution.

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Nigeria’s Wizkid And Kah-Lo Get Nominated For The 59th Grammy Awards

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On Tuesday Morning, the nominees for the 59th Grammy Awards were announced by last year’s Best New Artist winner, Meghan Trainor, unveiling the contestants for the marquee categories live on CBS.

Nigeria’s Wizkid and Faridah Demola Seriki (aka Kah-Lo), a rising international artiste and daughter of former Minister of Defence and Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC) in Lagos State, Chief Demola Seriki, were both nominated for the prestigious Grammy Awards.

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Kah-Lo, an alumna of Hofstra Journalism in the United States of America, was nominated for Best Dance Recording “Rinse & Repeat” – Riton Featuring Kah-Lo.

Sony Music Worldwide Goes After Wizkid

While Wizkid was nominated at the 59th Grammys courtesy of Drake‘s 2016 album, Views which was nominated for Best Album.

The award is given to the main artist, the featured artiste(s), the producer, the engineer and/or mixer and the mastering engineer. Wizkid was credit as both producer and featured artist on Views.

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The singer also co-produced and featured in the song “One Dance” in the album.

Overall, Beyonce led the field with 9 nominations, followed by similarly huge stars Drake, Rihanna and Kanye West (8 each).

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Access Bank Warns Its Customers Against Patronising MMM

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Access Bank of Nigeria has warned its customers to avoid dealing with controversial wonder bank, MMM, a ponzi scheme which has been declared illegal by the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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In a circular sent to its customers, the prominent bank cautioned that those involved in the controversial ponzi scheme, stand a risk of losing all their money, as the institution is not insured by the Deposit Insurance Corporation (NDIC).

In the circular, the bank said it had come to its attention “that some customers are engaged in the Ponzi scheme called ‘MMM’”.Access Bank Warns Its Customers Against Patronising MMM

“Please be advised that this scheme is not in line with any applicable or known investment product and may ultimately lead to loss of funds in the long run.”

“We advise that customers avail themselves of genuine and approved investments and products in the Nigerian banking environment.”

The caution is coming on the back of several warnings from the Federal Government, the CBN, House of Representatives and security agencies.


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Claude Puel : We Aren’t Intrested In Selling Jose Fonte 

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Southampton Manager Claude Puel has dismissed suggestions Southampton will look to sell captain Jose Fonte in the January transfer window.

Fonte, who has just 18 months remaining on his contract at St Mary’s, revealed on Wednesday he would not be offered an extended deal by the Saints.

“It’s not true, about not playing so he can move in January,” he told a press conference.

“We prepare for an important game and for me it is only important to speak about the team and the game – other things concerning individuals is not part of the collective or important for me – about Jose or not.”

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 Contract Situation When asked about Fonte’s continued absence from the Europa League matches, the Southampton manager added: “He would have played against Sparta (Prague) but he had an injury.

“I am happy and satisfied about Maya Yoshida and we are lucky to have good centre backs in this team.

“The others deserve game time as well. It’s all about balance with the other players. It’s important to consider all the team.”

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Marcelo Brozovic Signs Two-year Contract Extension At Inter Milan 

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​Marcelo Brozovic has signed a two-year contract extension that will keep him at Inter Milan until 2021.

Chelsea and Juventus are among the clubs to have been linked with a move for the Croatia international, but he has decided to commit his future to Inter

“We are happy to have renewed the contract with Inter, as it is what the player wanted,” agent Miroslav Bicanic told Tuttomercatoweb.

“Now first of all he wants to reach the Champions League, then dreams of lifting some trophies with the Nerazzurri shirt.”

It’s reported Brozovic will have his wages bumped up from €1.4m per year to €2.5m including bonuses.

An official statement from Inter Milan read

“F.C. Internazionale is pleased to announce Marcelo Brozovic has extended his contract with the club,” 

“The Croatian midfielder’s new deal runs until 30 June 2021.”

Brozovic’s agent Miroslav Bicanic revealed that his client turned down the chance to join Chelsea in the summer in favour of remaining at Inter.

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Army Rescues 801 Boko Haram Hostages In Borno

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The Nigerian Army on Wednesday announced that it troops had rescued additional 801 persons held hostage by the Boko Haram terrorists in Borno state.

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While speaking with pressmen in Maiduguri, the state capital, Maj.-Gen. Lucky Irabor, Theatre Commander, Operation Lafiya Dole in the North-East said that the persons were rescued between Nov. 23 and date.

“A total of 801 persons were rescued from the terrorists’ camps from Nov. 23 to date,” he said.

He added that the military had also arrested a number of terrorists fleeing their Sambisa forest hideout due to the ongoing operation.

He continued: “Likewise, on Dec. 4 at about 1345hrs, our troops in conjunction with local vigilante intercepted five men, 29 women and children heading towards Goniri from Kafa.

“The men were screened by the local vigilante and two of them were confirmed to be terrorists.

“They have since been taken into custody and are undergoing interrogation,’’ he said, adding that the military also apprehended suspected cattle rustlers during its operations.

“On Nov. 28, four persons and a teenager were arrested by our troops deployed at Bulabulim Ngarnam with 4 cows.

“The arrested persons have been handed over to the Nigeria Police.”

“On Dec. 2, our troops while on patrol at the general area of Gamji and Kafin Lemu villages in Ningi LGA of Bauchi state encountered some suspected kidnappers who engaged them in gun battle.

“They were killed in the gun battle that ensued.

“The troops recovered several arms and ammunition which include five Dane guns, a locally made pistol, some cartridges and charms.”

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Shanghai Shenhua Manager Gus Poyet Confirms ‘Ongoing’ Talks With Carlos Tevez 

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Shanghai Shenhua boss Gus Poyet says the club are in negotiations over signing Carlos Tevez from Boca Juniors.

Former Manchester United, Manchester City and Juventus forward Tevez returned to Boca, his boyhood club in Argentina, in 2015.

Gus Poyet Told ESPN

“I know what you [reporters] know, I was asked about it and I said that there was no need to consult because it is obvious that I want to bring him here. Now it is up to them [club administration]. Nothing is confirmed as yet. It is something that will take time, but evidently the club are also interested in bringing him in and they are negotiating.”

The Uruguayan said he would have preferred that the news had not leaked.

“First of all, one tries to not discuss it, but once the media finds out, the negotiations get complicated,” he said. “But there are legal steps that must be followed. First one has to speak with the club and with the player because there are many people involved. I think that one could speculate, but out of respect for both Boca and Tevez, we must wait and the process must be done properly.”

Tevez, 32, had admitted back in September that he had been pondering retirement after Boca Juniors were ousted from the Copa Libertadores semifinals by Independiente del Valle in the summer, but was persuaded to continue playing for the club.

“To have him here would be a pleasure,” Poyet said. “Here he would find other South American players such as Colombians Fredy Guarin and Giovanni Moreno, who played for Racing. My assistant is Argentinean [Mauricio Taricco], so he would not feel alone. It would not be a complicated situation for him.

“As for the details, I do not know how the negotiation is going, nor the subject of money, but I hope it can get done.”

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Yann M’Vila’s Pre-contract Agreement With Sunderland Has Been  Cancelled 

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Sunderland confirm Rubin Kazan midfielder Yann M’Vila has pulled out of a proposed January transfer to the club.

Yann M’Vila had agreed a pre-contract agreement in the summer to sign for Sunderland in January but the deal is now OFF. M’Vila spent last season on loan at the Stadium of Light.

The Black Cats had an option to sign him outright in the summer but instead had committed to signing the midfielder when his contract at Rubin expired at the end of this month.

A three-and-a-half year deal had been agreed between Sunderland and M’Vila but the player has now decided against a return to the club.

In a statement, Sunderland chief executive Martin Bain said: “I was contacted this week by Yann M’Vila’s representatives, who advised that the player no longer wishes to join Sunderland.

“There was a three-and-a-half-year agreement in place, however after discussions with the manager we have decided not to enforce the contract. Any player that we bring to Sunderland Football Club must be wholly committed. Yann M’Vila will therefore not be joining us in January and we wish him well for the future.”

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