#Shiloh2016: “Nigeria Will Experience Gross Darkness” – Bishop Oyedepo Declares

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The General Overseer, Living Faith Church (Winners Chapel), Bishop David Oyedepo, has predicted that Nigeria would still experience gross darkness in some time to come and called for special prayers to overcome the difficulties.

Oyedepo was reported to have described the economic downturn in the country as a holocaust, in a live streaming broadcast.

The cleric noted this at Canaan Land in Ota, Ogun, during the annual Winners Chapel prayer convention, Shiloh 2016, tagged “My Case is Different’’, taken from Genesis Chapter 47 Verses 15 to 27.

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the annual programme which had ended was a mountain of divine encounter for salvation healing and deliverance and a time of astounding miracles.

The yearly programme was also a time of testimonies of liberation in all facets of human existence that focused afflicted, battered, beaten and tattered destinies as a result of pains, pangs and crying.

He also encouraged Christians in the aspect of giving, adding that anyone who keys into kingdom investment covenant would overcome hardship.

“Any one who keys into the kingdom investments covenant will overcome the gross darkness that awaits the world.

“As Christians, you should understand and have the spirit of giving no matter what it takes to give,’’ Oyedepo said.


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#RiversRerun: APC Wins Reps Seat

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The candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Maurice Pronen, has emerged the winner of the House of Representative seat for Khana/Gokana constituency, in the rescheduled Rivers rerun legislative election held Saturday, December 10, 2016.

The APC candidate got 68,219 votes, while Dum Deekor of the PDP secured 20,329 votes.

The INEC returning officer for Khana Local Government, Prof. G.G Osuagu of Michael Opara University, announced the results on Sunday afternoon.

More details to be added as the story develops…

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What Femi Adesina Said About Ojukwu And Nigeria

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In December 2009, I was at Aburi, while holidaying in Ghana. We Nigerians call it A-b-u-r-i, but the Ghanaians pronounce it as E-b-r-i. For those who have read widely about the civil war that we fought between 1967 and 1970, Aburi is a significant place.

This was what I wrote about Aburi, after returning from that journey: “Aburi. Beautiful, serene Aburi, set daintily atop a hill. It is home to a botanical garden that is 119 years old. But for us in Nigeria, Aburi goes beyond just nature and its preservation. It is the town where General Yakubu Gowon and Odumegwu Ojukwu met, to try and avert the Nigerian Civil War that lasted between 1967 and 1970. They came out with Aburi Accord, which later broke down. And a shooting war started. You could see the Presidential Lodge on a hill, where the Nigerian leaders had parleyed at the behest of Ghanaian leaders. It all ended in futility.”

As one of the key parties to the Aburi Accord, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu, returns to mother earth today, it is also apposite to return to Aburi, and look at the letter and the spirit of the accord once again, an agreement that was violated by the Federal side, and which made a bloody internecine war inevitable. For most part of 1966, the northern part of Nigeria, particularly, had been turned to killing fields. Non-natives, especially Igbos, were killed in thousands. Many fled, many others were displaced. There was complete anarchy in the land. The average Igbo looked up to Lt. Col Odumegwu Ojukwu, military governor of the Eastern Region, to provide leadership and direction. He did not fail. He picked the gauntlet and championed the cause of his people.

By January 1967, the drums of war were loud and clear, reverberating across the length and breadth of Nigeria. But there was a last ditch effort to prevent what was imminent. There was a peace meeting hosted at Aburi, in Ghana, by the then Ghanaian head of state, Gen J. A. Ankrah. At the meeting were Gowon, Ojukwu, all the military governors of the regions, and some top civil servants, both from the Federal side and the Eastern region. The meeting held on January 4 and 5, 1967, and came out with what is popularly known today as the Aburi Accord.

The agenda of the meeting consisted of three crucial issues: (i) Reorganization of the Armed Forces (ii) Constitutional agreement (iii) Issues of displaced persons within Nigeria. Femi Adesina The two-day meeting reached consensus that were acceptable to both sides. Among others, it was resolved that legislative and executive authority of the Federal Military Government was to remain in the Supreme Military Council (SMC), to which any decision affecting the whole country shall be referred for determination provided it is possible for a meeting to be held, and the matter requiring determination must be referred to military governors for their comment and concurrence. What does this mean in simple language?

The SMC would run the affairs of the country, but not without consulting the regions as represented by the military governors. This was something akin to federalism, even under a military government. Other terms of the agreement include that appointments to senior ranks in the police, diplomatic and consular services as well as appointment to superscale posts in the federal civil service and the equivalent posts in the statutory corporations must be approved by the SMC. What does this mean again in simple language?

Equity, fairness, true federalism. Other matters like the holding of an ad hoc constitutional conference, fate of soldiers involved in the January 15, 1966 coup, rehabilitation of displaced persons, etc, were also amicably resolved, and the conferees returned happily to Nigeria. Only for the Federal side to deliver a blow to the solar plexus: the Aburi Accord, Gowon said, was unworkable, and he reneged on all the agreements. Using the Eastern Nigerian Broadcasting Service, Ojukwu played the tape recording of the proceedings at Aburi repeatedly, to educate the populace on who was playing Judas. Later, he made a broadcast in which he said: “we in the East are anxious to see that our differences are resolved by peaceful means and that Nigeria is preserved as a unit, but it is doubtful, and the world must judge whether Lt. Col Gowon’s attitudes and other exhibitions of his insincerity are something which can lead to a return of normalcy and confidence in the country.

“I must warn all Easterners once again to remain vigilant. The East will never be intimidated, nor will she acquiesce to any form of dictation. It is not our intention to play the aggressor. Nonetheless, it is not our intention to be slaughtered in our beds. We are ready to defend our homeland.” In a piece I did last December, shortly after Ojukwu passed away, I said he was virtually pushed into war by the infidelity of the Federal side to the Aburi Accord. I still stand by that position. Ojukwu was called ‘warlord’ for many decades, but he was by no means a warmonger. He only did what he needed to do for his people–and for the country. As his earthly remains are interred today, it is tragic that Nigeria is still submerged in the morass that Ojukwu already identified about 45 years ago. Today, bombs go off like firecrackers in the country. There is agitation for the review of the revenue allocation formula.

There are strident calls for the convocation of a sovereign national conference. Even some component parts are threatening to pull out of the federation if anything happened to their ‘son’ who is now in power. Didn’t Ojukwu warn of these landmines ahead? Were all these issues not already settled at Aburi? Foremost journalist and media administrator, Akogun Tola Adeniyi, in a recent media interview, explained the Aburi Accord this way: “Let every region be semi-autonomous and develop at its own level.” Yes, that was the spirit and letter of Aburi, but which sadly became a road not taken. And is that not why we are still suffering today, living in a rickety and decrepit country that can burst at the seams any moment?

I tell you, Ojukwu was a prophet, and like most prophets, he had no honour in his own country. Pity. But whether we like it or not, there’s no way we won’t return to Aburi. Willy-nilly. I only hope it will be sooner than later, before Nigeria goes to grief. On Aburi I stand. Federal Government was perfidious and duplicitous on Aburi. It is still the same way today. That is why as Nigerians, we are most times disillusioned, dismayed, dispirited, dejected and depressed. When will change come to this land? Our hearts are getting weary.

Last December, I wrote that Ojukwu should be buried like a hero. I’m glad at the rites of passage so far, culminating in the interment today. Yes, bury him like a true hero. An icon, an avatar, deserves no less. This generation will surely not see another like Ojukwu. He fought not only for his own people, but for a true federation founded on justice, fair play, equity and rectitude. Unfortunately, he did not see the Nigeria of his dreams. Will we? Adieu the Ikemba, the Eze Igbo Gburugburu. May your soul rest in peace. Ka nkpur’obi gi zue ike n’adukwa.

This piece was written by Femi Adesina. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of 360Nobs.com.

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MMM Will Soon Burst – Senate Warns Nigerians

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The Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions has warned Nigerians that the ponzi investment scheme, MMM, is a pyramid that would soon burst.

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The controversial scheme has gained popularity among Nigerians as the programme promises a monthly payment of 30 per cent interest on loans provided by participants.

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However, in an interview with Saturday Vanguard, Chairman of the committee, Senator Rafiu Adebayo Ibrahim and other members of the committee alerted Nigerians to the dangers of investing in MMM.

He said: “Any Financial institutions of any kind that is not under the regulation of a Regulator such as MMM is a pyramid that will soon burst. We engaged the CBN and they have issued a statement in the recent past. So Nigeria should be wise and know that there is no free money anywhere. One wonders which investment can yield 30% flat any where in the world.”

Also reacting, a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Insurance and other Financial Institutions, Senator Gbolahan Dada, APC, Ogun West said:

“It is important for members of the Public to know this fact. MMM was a Russian company founded in 1989. The company was established by Sergei Mavrodi, his brother named Vyacheslav Mavrodi, and Olga Melnikova. The name of the company was taken from the first letters of the three founders’ surnames. MMM could be called a wonder bank. Over 5 to 40 million people lost up to $10billion in the 90s when it was introduced. The company was shut down by Russian Police in 1994 and declared bankruptcy in 1997.

“It is unfortunate that some unscrupulous Nigerians are capitalizing on the current economic hardships to defraud unsuspecting Nigerians by encouraging them to part with their hard earned money with mouth-watering interest or returns.

“MMM does not contribute or add value to the economy because the records of such transactions are not kept and not made open to the public or regulatory authorities. It is a product of fraud and nothing good comes from fraud.

“The operator pays returns to the investors from new capital acquired from new investors and not from legitimately earned profits. The operators entice investors with mouth watering offers. The short term returns are abnormally high and unusually consistent. They may struggle to pay the first returns but would bolt away with subsequent capital or deposits made by investors.”

On the financial implications of investing in MMM, Dada said:

 “The money involved in MMM are usually spent by the promoters on frivolities. The promoters engage in ostentatious lifestyles. They hardly have concern for the unsuspecting investors. It is fool hardy for any members of the public to fall prey to the scheme despite warnings from stakeholders. Those patronizing MMM will have a tale of woes to tell after losing their deposits.”

“The House of Representatives has taken a step to condemn the Scheme and also promised to investigate the scheme. Secondly, the CBN and majority of the Banks have warned members of the public from participating in the scheme.

“The EFCC also issued warnings to arrest perpetrators of that scheme. My take is simple. Any Nigerian who decides to participate in the scheme is on his own and should blame himself in the event of any loss. The only thing the Senate can do is to advise Nigerians to shun the temptation of getting rich quick so as not to lose their meager resources.”

Also in his contribution, a member of the Senate Committee on Banking, Senator Adesoji Akanbi, APC, Oyo South who attributed the rush for MMM by Nigerians to the present economic situation in the country, however warned Nigerians to be careful, just as he said that those involved are civilized and educated people who actually know the consequences.

He said: “First and foremost, every Nigerian has the right to embark on any investment, it is a choice of anyone. The question is, is MMM real, is it actually threatening the financial institutions in Nigeria; is it posing a security threat and is it capital flight? Those questions need to be looked into. I believe that it is the consequence of recession, it is not MMM, but about the desperation of Nigerians looking for survival and nobody needs to be blamed.

“If we see the kind of people that patronize MMM, they are civilized, educated people who actually know the consequences of failed investment, but they still take the risk and go into it. The only advise I can give them is to be careful, they have the right to go into it, it is their right, but they must be careful.”


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‘MMM Is A Fraud, Don’t Patronize It’ – CBN Warns Nigerians

MMM Issues Important Information To Participants As CBN Intensifies Crackdown

See Nigerians Reaction As FG Prepares To Shut Down MMM, Other Wonder Banks

Reps Wants Promoters Of MMM Arrested In Epic Crackdown

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WAEC Clarifies On “Special Centres” For Its Examination

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The West African Examinations Council (WAEC) has denied media reports that there are “miracle’’ or “special’’ centres used anywhere for the council’s examination.

The Registrar, Dr Iyi Uwadiae made the assertion at a News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) forum in Lagos state.

According to the Registrar, rather than say there are miracle or special centres, it is convenient to say that there are examination malpractice prone centres.

Uwadiae further explained that such centre where students indulge in collation, exchange ideas and help each other was what led to candidates in a particular centre performing exceptionally than expected.

The registrar said that such a development, when they go unreported and students perform high was what the public term as being a miracle centre.

He said: “Agreed, we will not dispute the fact that some locations are prone to examination malpractices.

“Take the riverine areas for instance; we all know that it is difficult to access such places.

“An examiner or supervisor manages to get there with question papers with need to be there with the inspectors from the Ministry of Education, from WAEC and some other stakeholders.

“What happens in a situation where there is only one boat or canoe that plies the area and must have gone with only the supervisor early in the morning to return at about 12 mid-day?

“Certainly by that time the examination would have been over, meaning that the examination was conducted with only the supervisor and the local invigilators from that area.

“In such cases, there are chances that malpractice must thrive in such centres.’’

Uwadiae said that in the course of the examination, the life of the supervisor could be under threat as he alone would not be able to challenge the action of the candidates.

“Because of this, we normally tell the supervisors that when they are faced with such difficult situation, they should please cooperate.

“They are told not to write anything they experienced right there at the centre, whatever they notice, they should try and memorise.

“When these supervisors are out of that place, hale and hearty, then they can now file their situation report and that is why often times we have many centres that are de-recognised,’’ he said.

He added that it was such developments that normally led to the cancellation of entire results of some centres.

The registrar said the council recognised the fact that there were examination malpractice-prone centres which the public might have termed as special centres but that in the actual sense they are not.

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United Nations Set To Confirm Amina Mohammed As Deputy Secretary General

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The United Nations is set to appoint Nigeria’s Minister of Environment, Amina Mohammed, as its Deputy Secretary General.

Ms Amina Mohammed was appointed minister by President Muhammadu Buhari in November last year and would be the deputy to Antonio Guterres who will assume office as Secretary General of the world body on January 1, 2017.

An official statement is still expected to confirm her new UN position.

Ms. Mohammed had formerly served as an adviser to the outgoing UN Secretary, General Ban Ki-Moon.

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#SunnyOnSunday: 50 Amazing Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About King Sunny Ade

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Veteran Juju music maestro, King Sunny Ade, was officially unveiled as the first Nigerian to join the Hard Rock Cafe Lagos Music Memorabilia Collection on Wednesday, November 30th at an induction ceremony in Lagos.

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The “once in a life time” event was brokered by talent agency and event management company, Temple Management Company, who are also putting together another high-powered concert for KSA tagged Sunny On Sunday, scheduled for today December 11th at Federal Palace Hotel, Lagos.

The Sunny on Sunday concert is to celebrate the King’s 70th birthday and 50years of brilliantly good music of the legend performing as an artist and a global icon.

As Nigerians celebrate Sunny on Sunday – Celebration of 50 Years on Stage –  we decided to bring to you 50 amazing facts you probably didn’t know about the legend King Sunny Ade (KSA).

King Sunny Ade, the legend and master of the guitar in action

King Sunny Ade, the legend and master of the guitar in action via google.com

1. King Sunny Ade was birthed Sunday Adeniyi on September 22, 1946 to a Nigerian royal family in Ondo, therefore making him an “Omoba” of the Yoruba people.

  1. He recently celebrated his 70th birthday in grand style.

  2. His father was a church organ player, while his mother was a petty trader.

  3. With two Grammy nominations to his belt, King Sunny Ade is easily one of the most influential artistes ever in Nigeria.

  4. Popularly called KSA, he is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and a pioneer of modern world music.

  5. He led the exposure of his genre of music on the global stage, while remaining King of the Juju music tradition.

  6. The fusion King is among a select group of the world’s greatest artistes whose musical instruments have been preserved in the hallowed Musical Instrument Museum (MIM) in Phoenix, Arizona, United States of America.

  7. Ade, who graced his presence at a grammar school in Ondo state, embarked on a trip to Lagos, under the pretext of acquiring academic erudition at the University of Lagos.

  8. In Lagos, he launched his musical career with Moses Olaiya’s Federal Rhythm Dandies, a highlife band.

  9. In 1967, he left the group to form a new band, The Green Spots, which changed its name several times, first to African Beats and then to Golden Mercury.

  10. In 1982, following his several, outstanding stage acts, which were characterized by a deft dancing steps coupled with his mastery of the guitar, his prominence garnered profound momentum in Europe and North America.

  11. His next album, Synchro System in 1983, an equally successful album, earned him his first Grammy Award nomination in the folk/ethnic music category.

    King Sunny Ade performs on stage with Onyeka Onwenu

King Sunny Ade performs on stage with Onyeka Onwenu

13. KSA released another album, “Odu”, a collection of ancient Nigerian songs, in 1998; the album was nominated for a second Grammy Award, thus making him the first African to be nominated twice for a Grammy.

  1. Sunny Ade’s brief recordings with Island Records opened the floodgates for other world music artists like Senegalese Youssou N’Dour, Mali’s Salif Keita and many others.

  2. He later employed an American manager, Andrew Frankel, who negotiated another three album record deal with the Mesa record label (a division of Paradise Group) in America.

  3. The lengend’s music constitutes a record of the oral tradition of his people for posterity.

  4. He is arguably placed in same class as guitar musicians like Santana, following his mastery of the talking drum – an instrument indigenous to his Yoruba roots, the guitar and his peculiar application to jùjú music.

  5. A time came when the prominence of Juju Music and Synchro System clearly indicated that Ade was going to live up to billing as “the African Bob Marley”.

  6. Sunny Ade is responsible for the introduction of the pedal steel guitar to Nigerian pop music.

  7. He also introduced the use of synthesizers, clavinet, vibraphone, tenor guitar into the jùjú music repertoire such as dub and wah-wah guitar licks.

  8. King Sunny Ade has collaborated with major artists such as Manu Dibango (Wakafrika) and Stevie Wonder (played harmonica in Aura), as well as Wasiu Alabi Pasuma and Bola Abimbola.

  9. In the 1980s, his music featured in the 1983 film Breathless, starring Richard Gere, and the 1986 comedy One More Saturday Night.

  10. KSA also acted in a Hollywood movie – in Robert Altman’s 1987 comedy O.C. and Stiggs.

  11. Ade and his African Beats have been featured in three films — Juju Music in 1988, Live at Montreux in 1990, and Roots of Rhythm in 1997.

    King Sunny Ade standing with some of his adorable wives

King Sunny Ade standing with some of his adorable wives

25. He is believed to have about seven ‘official’ wives, with further insinuations that he has other wives who can be referred to as ‘unofficial’.

  1. Sunny Ade was appointed a visiting professor of music at the Obafemi Awolowo University Ile-Ife.

  2. KSA was inducted into the Afropop Hall of Fame, at the Brooklyn African Festival in the United States.

  3. King Sunny Ade dedicated the award to the recently deceased Michael Jackson.

  4. Apart from being called KSA he is fondly known as “The Chairman” or “Minister of Enjoyment” in Nigeria.

  5. Sunny Ade, who is running multiple companies in several industries, in the mid-’90s, created a non-profit organisation called the King Sunny Adé Foundation, an organization that includes a performing arts centre, a state of the art recording studio, and housing for young musicians and performers on a five acre tract donated by the Lagos state government.

  6. It is believed that the money realised from his early albums was used to launch an oil firm, a mining company, a nightclub, a film and video production company, a PR firm, and a record label specializing in recordings by African artists.

  7. Cheques showed that an estimated 700 people are employed by KSA’s companies.

  8. He is also working with the Musical Copyright Society of Nigeria.

  9. In the late ’80s, KSA released a classic ‘love song’ called ‘Wait For Me’ featuring the evergreen Nigerian musical icon, Onyeka Onwenu.

Listen to our playlist: King Sunny Ade
  1. The chemistry between the duo stirred controversies as fans and the media paired them up to be lovers as a result of the song, its lyrics and the video – an insinuation he later addressed over 30 years after the release of the song.

  2. The musician Lagbaja is one of the very many musicians whom Sunny Ade’s music has inspired.

  3. In 2008, his contributions to world music was recognised; as he was given an award for his outstanding contribution to world music at the International Reggae and World Music Awards held at the Apollo Theater in Harlem, New York.

  4. KSA was recently inducted into the Hard Rock hall of fame.

  5. During the induction, he donated some personal things to the Hard Rock’s world-famous memorabilia collection.

    King Sunny Ade

King Sunny Ade handing his guitar over to Sanjay Mathani (CEO Hard Rock Cafe Lagos)

40. The vintage Fender Guitar the juju maestro donated to the Hard Rock’s world-famous memorabilia collection on November 30, happened to be the first guitar he used for his first major hit.

  1. The personal items donated by KSA will join more than 81,000 pieces of music memorabilia that Hard Rock has acquired over its 45-year history.

  2. In 1996, Ade formed a supergroup, the Way Forward, featuring top-notch Nigerian musicians.

  3. KSA was listed in The 100 Most Influential Musicians of All Time – By Britannica Educational Publishing

  4. He was in the vanguard of the development and international of juju music.

  5. Prior to Ade’s formation of the African Beats, one of his most notable predecessors, I.K. Dairo, had already modified juju through the incorporation of Yoruba “talking” drums – which replicate the tones of Yoruba Language.

  6. During an exclusive chat with Premium Times in October 2016, Ade made public a list of Nigerian artistes he would love to collaborate with, and top on the list was Wizkid.

  7. He also said he would love to work with 9ice, Darey Art Alade and many other Nigerian artists.

  8. He also helped in the creation of PMAN (Performing Musicians Association of Nigeria).

  9. KSA launched his Radio Station in Ondo town.

  10. Hate or like him, King Sunny Ade, has beyond doubt, proven to be one of the brightest and most accomplished musicians of the modern era – a master of his unique brand of proficient creativity.

    King Sunny Ade

SunnyOnSunday Event Today

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Iniesta: Barcelona Never Lost Confidence Against Osasuna

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Andres Iniesta says Barcelona never lost hope about coming out on top against Osasuna, despite a fruitless first half.

The Blaugrana beat Osasuna 3-0, courtesy of goals from Suarez and a brace from Messi, to end a drought of no win in a month.

Iniesta, though, knew his side had the quality to make the difference against the side sitting bottom in the table.

“Playing away from home is difficult but we kept going and we were able to show our quality with some good football which made the difference in the end,” Iniesta told reporters.

“We are happy with the win and with the way we played. We created plenty of chances, but failed to take them in the first half. But we never despaired. We knew the physical exertion would take its toll on them as we dominated the game.

“We kept on going in the second half and we eventually got the goals we were after via Suarez and Messi.

“The objective was to get the three points and we achieved that.

“It was also important to keep a clean sheet and we did not lose possession often. We were looking for space all game and we managed to find space all the time. That is crucial to our game.”

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Joshua To Face Klitschko After Molina Knockout

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Anthony Joshua successfully defended his IBF heavyweight title for the second time, when he knocked out Eric Molina in the third round of their Saturday fight in Manchester.

The undefeated British boxer knocked out Molina in the third round with a short right, before the referee waved the fight off.

The 27-year-old has 18 knockouts in as many fights, and he’ll face Wladimir Klitschko come April 29 at the Wembley stadium.



“This is the step-up people have wanted,” said Joshua. “Klitschko wants his belts back and may the best man win.”

Klitschko, who lost his WBA, IBF and WBO belts to Tyson Fury last year, stepped through the ropes to speak to Joshua.

“He is the best man in the division and the excitement speaks for itself,” said the Ukraine fighter. “This is what the fans want and this fight must happen.”

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Ranieri: Vardy And Mahrez React When It’s Time

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Claudio Ranieri has praised Vardy and Mahrez for their top performances against Manchester City, that saw the foxes win 4-2.

Leicester have struggled to mirror the form that saw them claim the title last season, but they showed glimpses of that in the home win over City.

Vardy scored a hat trick, with Mahrez having a hand in the opener and assisting the second goal.

“The big champions react at the right moment,” Ranieri told BT Sport.

“When they [Mahrez and Vardy] play well, often we win. Today they made a fantastic performance, a fantastic effort for the team. That’s what I love. We aren’t a big team, but we can do something good when we play together.

“We prepared so well for the match, we know all the triangles they [Manchester City] try to do to [get into] the last third. We closed [them down] very well. Of course, at the end we were a little tired and they scored twice, but the performance was good.”

Ranieri highlighted forthcoming fixtures against Bournemouth and Stoke City as crucial, with the Foxes, languishing in 14th place, seeking to climb away from the wrong end of the table.

“The next matches until Christmas are very important,” he said.

“Because we are in a battle against relegation. And I said ‘in the battle, I need warriors.’ And they showed me what I wanted to see.

“They said ‘we believe in ourselves and this system’. If I started with another system, they don’t recognise our style.

“They spoke a lot after the Porto match, one hour, half an hour with me,” he added, referring to a 5-0 loss in the Champions League on Wednesday.

“They understood my philosophy. And I hope now we can go back to the same level as last season. You can’t win all the matches. But you can fight. This is my philosophy.

“Last season, everything was perfect. Not always can you do perfect. But you [can] work so hard to defend your title.”

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