WATCH: Dalung Makes Another Blunder: ‘The Funds Spended Was Properly Spended’

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Solomon Dalung, the Minister of Youth and Sports, who is apparently very unpopular among Nigerians, has yet again stirred another controversy after his grammatical blunder on Friday, December 16, 2016.

Unpaid Allowances: “We Never Knew Falcons Would Win AWCON” – Sports Minister

solomon dalung

Solomon Dalung Gaffes Again: ‘The Funds Spended Was Properly Spended’

It would be recalled, Dalung’s shortcomings started to yield to prominence in August after he was ripped apart by Nigerians for referring to the U-23 team of the West African nation as the “United States of Nigeria”, while fielding questions from newsmen about the Dream Team’s inability to fly out to Rio for the Olympic Games.

The Many Goofs Of The Red Beret Wearing Dalung

On Friday, the House of Representatives committee on Sports had summoned Dalung and other officials to appear before it over the non-payment of allowances of the victorious Super Falcons.

Dalung: A Minister And His Many Goofs

When asked by one of the committee members why the Ministry was spending more than the allocated budget approved by the National Assembly, he said:

“The funds spended were properly spended because we got them from the intervention funds from Mr President”.

The Chairman of the committee Bukar Lawal however advised that the sports ministry must re-appear before the committee at a later date.

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Nigerians – well known to be highly sensitive to flaws on Twitter-sphere – would have overlooked that blunder, but this same minister, whose dressing of Khaki and red cap is taken after Che Guevera, had previously goofed when he referred to the state he visited their IDP camp for a football match as ‘Gongola State’a state that had disintegrated into Adamawa and Taraba since August 27, 1991.

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N-Power Job: Verification Of 200,000 Graduates Completed In 13 States

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In the wake of preparation by the Federal Government for the commencement of the payment of monthly stipends to the 200,000 graduates engaged under the N-Power job creation programme of the Buhari administration, 13 states in Nigeria have submitted their verified lists with more expected this week.

This disclosure was made on Sunday by the Senior Special Assistant on Media & Publicity in the Office of the Vice President, Laolu Akande, while giving an update on the programme.

Mr Akande also stated that in some states the graduates have also been deployed to their primary places of assignment, noting that payment of the N30,000 stipends for the graduates will commence this month once verification and deployment have been done.

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Under the N-Power Volunteer Scheme, the Federal Government announced the selection and engagement of 200,000 unemployed graduates as the first batch of the half a million the Buhari administration plans to hire for the 2-year paid volunteer job programme.

In his budget speech Wednesday, President Muhammadu Buhari announced that the Social Investment Programmes would continue in 2017 with another allocation of N500,000.

Buhari said: “the 2017 Budget estimates retain the allocation of N500 billion to the Special Intervention programme consisting of the Home-grown School Feeding Programme, Government Economic Empowerment programme, N-Power Job Creation Programme to provide loans for traders and artisans, Conditional Cash Transfers to the poorest families and the new Family Homes Fund (social housing scheme).

“N-Power Programme has recently taken off with the employment of 200,000 graduates across the country, while the School Feeding Programme has commenced in a few States, where the verification of caterers has been completed.”

Mr Akande explained that while the Federal Government is responsible for their monthly stipends, it is in partnership with state governments to verify the selected unemployed graduates and deploy them to their primary places of assignment since each of the volunteer graduates would be serving in their communities where they are resident.

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The SSA further said that the states that have completed the verification by weekend are Adamawa, Bauchi, Benue, Cross Rivers, Gombe, Jigawa, Katsina and Kogi states. Others are Niger, Plateau, Sokoto, Taraba and Zamfara States, while verification and deployment have already been completed in Benue, Cross Rivers and Kogi.

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Akande added that virtually all the states of the federation, the verification has commenced and there are indications that much progress would be made this week in order to enable the Federal Government process the monthly payments of the already verified graduates before Christmas.


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60 New Political Parties Apply For Registration – INEC

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The Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on Saturday revealed that 60 associations have applied to the commission to be registered as political parties.

Speaking at a capacity development workshop organised by INEC, the chief press secretary to the chairman of the commission, Rotimi Oyekanmi, said there are currently 40 political parties in Nigeria.

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According to him, 10 of them were recently registered by INEC following court orders.

Oyekanmi said the applications were at various levels of processing by the commission.

He said: “Presently we have 40 political parties in the country. I can tell you that as of Thursday December 15, 60 associations have approached the commission to be registered.”

“Their applications are presently being attended to and they are in different level of processing.”

Oyekanmi also explained that another eight groups had also approached the commission inquiring on the process of applying for registration.

Speaking on information and communication technology deployed for elections, Oyekanmi said the commission was working on some value adding projects in order to improve the country’s electoral process.

The chief press secretary to the chairman added that the projects developed by the department were expected to be launched in 2017.

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NUPENG: Nigerian Oil Workers To Commence Strike In January 2017

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Oil workers under the aegis of the the Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG), have declared that they would begin a three-day nationwide warning strike by January 9, 2017.

The industrial action is aimed at pressing home their demands against what they termed the anti-labour practice of International Oil Companies (IOCs).

Speaking to the News Agency of Nigeria in Lagos, the south-west chairman of the union, Tokunbo Korodo, said that the warning strike was inevitable because all other options had failed.

Korodo said: “We are not gaining anything by going on strike because it is not a joyful thing but as a union, we have to protect and fight for the welfare of our members.

“We have sensitised the public and also seek the intervention of the Federal Government over the anti-labour activities of the IOCs on our members but we are not getting results.

“Our members that put in their best within the duration of time they worked were not paid their severance packages by their employers when they sacked them.

“This is a big slap and it will not be allowed.

“What they are practising here in Nigeria, they cannot practise in their countries, so that is why we say enough is enough.

“We will take the bull by the horn.’’

The chairman said that what led to the planned warning strike was inherited by the present administration, while some occurred within the same government.

He continued: “Two hundred and fifty members of our union were affected by the divestment by Chevron Nigeria Ltd., in the South-East.

“And this is giving us a serious concern because they cannot feed their families.

“The Minister of Labour, Sen. Chris Ngige, asked all parties to maintain the status-quo ante and we complied because we respect the authority.

“But the IOCs seem to be above the law or more powerful than the government; they failed to maintain the status-quo ante being amicably agreed to both parties.

“Chevron had to tell our 250 members that their contract with it was no more binding on it because it cannot trace the company that employed them as contract workers for it.

“The minister said that Chevron had to pay the sacked workers but its management refused to comply.

“It got to a time when Sen. Ngige called for a meeting in Abuja to mediate; at times its representatives would not show up.

“We would risk our lives and resources to Abuja, no IOCs member would come.

“Even when their representatives came, they would be those without a mandate to represent the organization just to frustrate the discussion.’’

He alleged that all other IOCs in the country were involved in these anti-labour practices.

“We do not want the public to see the strike as if we are unnecessarily punishing Nigerians.

“That’s why we are using this period to protest by asking tanker drivers to hang green leaves on their trucks and our members to wear red cloth.

“By next year, if our grievances are not addressed within this period, we will proceed on a three-day warning strike.

“If the government and people concerned are not able to apprehend and resolve it, we may be forced to turn the strike into an indefinite one,’’ he said.

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Magu, DSS, Saraki, Buhari And The Intrigues Of A Corrupt Cabal

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Magu, DSS, Saraki, Buhari And The Intrigues Of A Corrupt Cabal, By Godwin Onyeacholem

The President – whoever he is – has to decide. He can’t pass the buck to anybody. No one else can do the deciding for him. That’s his job.”

The prologue to this piece was part of the farewell address to the American people delivered in January 1953 by President Harry Truman. It was a categorical reference to the concept of “The buck stops here,” which Truman, 33rd president of the United States, invented and espoused diligently. So passionate was Truman about this principle that he made the phrase into a desk sign that stood on his desk throughout his tenure.

This piece was written by Godwin Onyeacholem. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

“The BUCK STOPS here! This phrase is an irrefutable reminder of where the ultimate power lies in a democratic presidency, which one is minded to recommend to President Muhammadu Buhari in these very worrying times, especially in the wake of the Nigerian senate’s despicable rejection of his nominee, Ibrahim Magu, as substantive chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). Clearly, if nothing else, Buhari should know that that rejection sounded the death knell for his vaunted war against corruption, as well as constitutes a huge embarrassment to his person and office.

And he should also take notice that rather than being the end, the Senate’s act is just the beginning of the process of giving full expression to a familiar refrain of his and numerous other lieutenants in the APC administration: corruption is fighting back. Yes, corruption is fighting back, and the Buhari administration needs to summon the will to repel the attack and crush the monster. Otherwise, as Buhari himself has often stated, it will kill us. With the decision to block Magu from becoming EFCC chairman, there is no way corruption won’t kill us eventually if Buhari does not act like a true president.

Now, it’s no longer about Magu, nor an utterly useless Senate populated by overfed thieves whom Nigerians would be too glad to do away with as quickly as possible. It’s about Buhari. It’s about the kind of president he wants to be, and whether he wants to continue to run a heavily tainted and compromised presidency where the one who runs the show is the highly discredited Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari, a man who has been linked with multiple acts of corruption and who on the eve of the 2015 elections denounced Buhari as a “serial loser.”

In the subtle design to rubbish Buhari’s government and preserve the old order, Abba Kyari is ably supported by other willing collaborators, among them the equally unpleasant DSS boss, Lawal Daura, and the senate president, Bukola Saraki. But now is the time to urge Buhari to toe the path of Truman and point to Abba Kyari and the rest of the destructive gang where the buck stops.

With an impressive credential of personal integrity, and with fervent pre- and post-election resolve to wage an all-out war against a scourge that has gone down as the biggest cog in Nigeria’s development – a resolve for which he received an unequivocal endorsement from the vast majority of Nigerians – will Buhari buckle under the unrelenting onslaught of a vicious cabal whose singular interest is to perpetuate corruption as the directive principle of state policy? Will he continue to fold his arms and look the other way when his arch ally in the anti-corruption war, the man who has demonstrated rare courage in dealing corruption an unprecedented blow is being sought out by the cabal for destruction?

That the Senate did what they did was not altogether surprising. Every discerning observer saw it coming. After more than one year of Magu as acting chairman, and six months after receiving a letter from the Vice President, Yemi Osinbajo, requesting the Senate to confirm him as substantive chairman of EFCC, the senators reluctantly rustled up a pathetic engagement with Magu on the day they had scheduled to go on end-of-year recess. Instead of allowing the man to appear before them at plenary as the whole world expected, they arranged a sham executive session where the public was shut out.

It was at that dubious session that Magu’s fate was purportedly sealed. While the world was still waiting for the chambers to be thrown open and Magu invited for screening, it was a guilt-ridden, tremulous spokesman of the Senate, Aliyu Sabi Abdullahi, that appeared to read a terse statement announcing the Senate’s decision that Magu was not “fit” to be confirmed as substantive chairman based on a security report submitted by the DSS. What the spokesman failed to tell his audience was that there were indeed two security reports on Magu written the same day by the DSS. The one that clearly acquitted Magu and certified him qualified to lead the EFCC was discarded by the Senate, and the negative report was picked just because they had an evil agenda that must be satisfied no matter what it takes. No wonder he refused to take questions.

It will be interesting to see how Buhari reacts to all of this. His reaction should determine the status of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC) headed by Professor Itse Sagay, going forward. If Buhari would not see through the shenanigans of the Abba Kyaris the Bukola Sarakis and assert himself as president by insisting that Magu remains his choice for the EFCC chair, Sagay should lead other members of the committee to resign the job and allow Buhari to fight corruption his own way.

Truly, if Magu was really corrupt, the crooked Nigerian Senate that we know would have filled the chamber with the chorus of “Take a bow; Take a bow!”

Godwin Onyeacholem, a journalist, can be reached on; Follow him on Twitter @Gonyeacholem.

This piece was written by Godwin Onyeacholem. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Ronaldo Scores Hat-Trick As Real Madrid Lift 2016 FIFA World Club Championship

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Cristiano Ronaldo scored a hat trick as Real Madrid came from behind to beat Kashima Antlers 4-2 in the final of the 2016 FIFA World Club Championship in Japan.

It seemed as if Real Madrid were set for an easy victory when Karim Benzema converted a rebound to put them ahead on just nine minutes.

Ronaldo Scores Hat-Trick As Real Madrid Lifts 2016 FIFA World Club Championship

Ronaldo Scores Hat-Trick As Real Madrid Lifts 2016 FIFA World Club Championship

But Kashima midfielder Gaku Shibasaki caused a surprise on the stroke of half-time before firing his side in front early in the second half.

Then Ronaldo equalised for Madrid from the spot in the 60th minute after Lucas Vasquez was fouled in the penalty box to make it 2-2 while Madrid looked increasingly exhausted as normal time dragged on.

Ronaldo put Madrid ahead in the 98th minute after receiving an excellent pass from Benzema and then completed his hat-trick and Madrid’s fourth in the 104th minute.

With this, 2016 will end with Ronaldo being the first player ever to win the Ballon d’Or, Champions League, European Championship and Club World Cup in the same year.

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Tiv/Fulani Clash: 20 Feared Dead In Taraba State

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No less than 20 persons have been feared dead and many others missing during an ongoing violent clash between Tivs and Fulanis in Sabon Gidan village of Dan Anacha town, Taraba State.

Sources who witnessed the incident informed that the crisis started on Saturday when two corpses of Fulanis were found killed in a bush.

The sources added that following the incident the kingpins of the herdsmen carried out reprisal attacks on the Tivs.

” I counted about 20 corpses who were believed to have been killed early hours of today, Sunday,” a resident f the area told PREMIUM TIMES.

“Many people including women and children are nowhere to be found,” the source added.

Confirming the clash when contacted, the Taraba police spokesperson, David Misal, said more operatives have been drafted to the area to restore peace and order.

He said the police could not yet ascertain the casualty figure.

More details to be added as the story develops…

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NMVA 2016: Here Is The Full List Of Winners [Photos]

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The Nigeria Music Video Award (NMVA) 2016 rewards many hard working celebrities in different categories.

The show which was held at the convention centre, Eko Hotel & Suites, Lagos thrilled viewers to stunning performances and drama.

Meanwhile, the objective of the day is to reward hardwork and honor peace ambassador lead by His Royal Majesty, Ooni Of Ife.

Below is the full list of winners at Thursday Night NMVA Awards:

CATEGORIES                                                                   WINNER(S)

VIDEO OF THE YEAR                                  D’Banj – “Emergency” 

BEST MAINSTREAM HIPHOP                 Falz Ft. Poe & Chyn  – “Chardonnay Music”

BEST AFROBEAT VIDEO                                        D’Banj – “Emergency” 

BEST RNB VIDEO                                                  Seyi Shay – “Air Brush”

BEST HIGHLIFE VIDEO                                 Harry Songz ft. Duncan Mighty – “Akagum”

BEST VIDEO BY A MINOR                             OzzyBee – “Smile Again”

BEST RAGGAE DANCEHALL VIDEO        Patoranking ft. Sarkodie – “No Kiss Me” Baby       

BEST SOFTROCK ALTENATIVE VIDEO                   Ranti –  “Iwe Kiko”

BEST AFRO HIPHOP VIDEO                                   CDQ ft. Wizkid – “Nowo E Soke” 

BEST VIDEO BY A NEW ARTISTE                        Small Doctor – “Mosquitoe”

BEST CONTEMPORARY AFRO VIDEO             Two – “Bianu”

BEST AFRO POP VIDEO                                        Rekaado Banks – “Oluwa Ni”

BEST POP EXTRA VIDEO                  Solidstar ft Patoranking & Tiwa Savage – “Wait”

BEST GOSPEL VIDEO                                          Sinach   – “Way Maker”

MOST POPULAR MUSIC VIDEO EUROPE            Maleek Berry – “Kontrol”

BEST USE OF DANCE IN A VIDEO                           Yemi Alade – “Ferari”

BEST USE OF COSTUME                           Lamboginnny & Mr Clayy – “I am A winner”

BEST INDIGINOUS CONCEPT IN A VIDEO     Zoro ft. Flavour – “Ogene”

BEST DIRECTOR                                                       Unlimited LA (D’banj – Emergency)

See more photos below:

Photo credit: Meets Media

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