Bolasie Out With Injury For Almost One Year

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Ronald Koeman has confirmed that Everton will be without winger Yannick Bolasie for the majority of 2017, due to injury.

The DR Congo international suffered an anterior cruciate ligament injury in the 1-1 draw against United.

The 27-year-old underwent surgery to treat the problem and Koeman explained he is likely to be out for between 10 and 12 months.

Speaking during Everton’s general meeting at Liverpool’s Philharmonic Hall on Wednesday, the Dutchman said: “He’s, at the moment, optimistic. It is a long-term injury, 10, 11, 12 months.

“He will come back, he has a strong mentality.”

He scored his maiden Everton goal at Burnley in October and has supplied four assists in 13 Premier League appearances.

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Mourinho Says He Has Fallen In Love With United

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Jose Mourinho says the fans of United and how realistic they are is making him fall in love with the club.

The Portuguese manager took charge of the Manchester club from Louis van Gaal ahead of the 2016-17 campaign, but struggled before he got the club back on track.

United are back in fine form, heading for a top four finish with six straight wins in the Premier League.

“Well, the thing that made me immediately feel deeply about the club and the people, and the desire to work for the people, is the people,” Mourinho told MUTV.

“The people are the typical Manchester United supporters, the ones that have unbelievable memories of the past, but know the realities of the moment. The ones who keep the expectations for the future but understand the road to arrive there and are always supporting the team, even in the bad moments we have had.

“That, for me, is the most significant thing because it is the thing that makes you fall in love with a new club. I think that is the thing that touched me more.”

United’s fans are not the only reason behind Mourinho’s happiness, however, as he is equally pleased with the players at his availability.

“I like my players very, very much,” Mourinho added.

“Not just the players, but the combinations between the players as people.

“They are very good guys and I love to work with them. I love my group so I am really happy. And at the top of that is the challenge of bringing Manchester United to the space that it belongs. So I am really happy.”

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Nigerian Army Arrests 2 Local Govt Officials With “Alleged” Links To Boko Haram

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The Nigerian Army on Thursday confirmed the arrest of two council officials with alleged links with Boko Haram insurgents in Borno State.

Nigerian Army Set To Deploy 800 Soldiers To Darfur

The detainees are Alhaji Shettima Lawan, chairman of Mafa Local Government and the Vice chairman of Kaga local government also in the state.

Nigerian Army Bars Soldiers On Duty From Posting Operations On Social Media

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted Maj.- Gen. Lucky Irabor, the Theatre Commander of Operation Lafiya Dole, as confirming this during a news conference at the headquarters of the 7 Division, Nigerian Army, Maiduguri.

Irabor was quoted to have said: “All I can say is that the Chairman is a big supporter of Boko Haram.

“We heard that he harboured Boko Haram members along with his father. That he kept the Boko Haram members because the father begged him to do so.

“The Chairman was in the habit of accommodating people that had fled from the bush.

“At some point he was valuable to us being with the Civilian JTF to fight Boko Haram. But that does not mean we cannot investigate him for a crime especially one like this.

“We have also arrested the Vice Chairman of Kaga Local Government and he is undergoing interrogation.”

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Southern Kaduna Killings: A Word For Governor El-Rufai (1)

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Southern Kaduna Killings: A Word For Governor El-Rufai (1), By Erasmus Ikhide

The recent senseless killings in Southern Kaduna, prior to and on Christmas Eve, were despicable to say the least. As merchants of “pure evil”, the ferociously murderous Fulani herdsmen vaguely claimed they were avenging the killing of their cows some two years before. The killings clearly emphasised the well known coordinated and systematic religious and ethnic cleansing orchestrated by the Fulani pan-Arabists who took it upon themselves to kill perceived ‘infidels’ on behalf of their ‘God’ who cannot kill for himself.

This piece was written by Erasmus Ikhide. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Fulani herdsmen across the country have a multitude of sins to their names: the violation of ancestral neighbourhoods, robbery, torture, rape and the killing of Christians. Fulani herdsmen have become another frightening version of ethnic cleansing and are among the cruellest and most ruthless of Islamic fundamentalists.

Whatever the pretense or self-confessed reasons for the latest sordid acts of brutal and animalistic aggression against the Christian communities in Southern Kaduna who believe God should be worshipped differently, the acts readily reflect how deeply divided we have been as a people and nation.

The Crocodile City has been there before, and the tragedy predates the present administration of Governor Mallam Nasir El-Rufai. Between February 21 and May 23, 2000 there were violent riots following a proposal to adopt the Sharia law in the State. The proposal led to bloody clashes between Christians and Muslims. In the end, it was estimated that 2,000 were killed in the month of February and 5,000 people died in May, respectively.

On November 22, 2002, another round of religious-induced bloodbath enveloped the State. The Miss World Beauty Pageant claimed the lives of more than 200 people.

The controversial Miss World pageant, which was meant to be held in Kaduna, was relocated to London after the violent clashes between Muslims and Christians, caused by what some Muslims deemed to be a “blasphemous” article in a Christian newspaper about the event. The Miss World riots were part of the Sharia conflict, which started in 1999 when several predominantly Islamic states in Northern Nigeria decided to introduce religious legal code.

On June 17, 2012, yet another massacre took place in Wusasa and Sabon Gari areas of Kaduna where 38 people were butchered on the ground of religious intolerance. The year 2015 was not left out. Between December 12 and 13 that year, 700 to 1000 people paid the supreme price on account of religious and ethnic differences.

If ever there was any issue that tended to burst Kaduna State and the nation at the seam since the civil war – which constitutes one of the “Triple Pillars of Nigerian Nemesis” – it is mindless religious extremism by which some northern citizens of the country perpetrate acts of hatred and violence against other religious faith, especially Christianity. It is the product of relentless elite conspiracy set out to turn the mass of the Nigeria people against each other, so that they can remain in perpetual servitude.

Nigeria would have been a more peaceful nation if the political leadership had not been primitively exploiting the people’s religious ignorance, or if the people truly realised that religious extremism is antithetical to nation building.

Basically, religion would seem to have little to do with hate. Nearly every religion seems to preach love, peace, and tolerance. But in truth, we know differently. People often hate people of other religions. Hate is a cancer. It destroys people, churches, mosques and nations. If you hate, your hate may destroy someone. But it will also destroy you, and those people who you love. Boko Haram’s bloodthirsty militias, the Fulani bloodcurdling group, and other head-chopping gangs are ready examples of religious intolerance gone berserk.

Do we remember a crime that shocked the whole world as well as Norway in July 2011? Anders Behring Breivik, who called himself a “Christian crusader”, bombed government buildings in Oslo, resulting in eight deaths. He then carried out mass shooting at a camp of the Workers’ Youth League (AUF) of the Labour Party on the island of Utoya, where he killed 69 people, mostly teenagers. Breivik justified his behaviour by saying that they were “cruel but necessary” to protect Norway from becoming overrun by Muslims. It’s said that he smiled as he was sentenced to 21 years in prison. Even he apologised to militant nationalists for not killing more people.

The more horrible fact is that there are people who have been inciting hatred for other religions. They identify some particular religions as heresies and present unauthentic documents at “so-called” cult seminars, web-sites or online cafes as if they were true. They distribute vicious and false information as if these were also true. Some of them include: if you were engrossed in such religions, you will be cursed, your family will be disrupted or your life will be ruined, and you will not make Paradise, etc. Those who do not know such religions are often deceived by such false claims.

A religion must not be a target of removal simply because of doctrinal differences.

Those who have been accusing Governor Nasir El-Rufai of not tut-tutting at the frightfulness of the Fulani herdsmen on the Kafancha massacre missed the point. Only last week, I interviewed one of the very first Christian families to flee a part of Kafancha while the Fulani herdsmen’s siege lasted. “We appreciate the efforts made by the governor to protect the Christian communities from the invading Fulani herdsmen terrorising us, but he should do more by sending more security operatives to the area. After all, we gave him our mandate regardless of his faith”, they said.

Frustratingly, Governor Nasir El-Rufai actually sniffed out the problems early enough. He told journalists a few months into his administration that, “One of the challenges we are facing in this state is that everything seems to be politicised or ethnicised or religionised. A very simple problem that can be discussed and resolved by logic and facts becomes converted into issues of ethnicity and religion, and so on. So, these are some of the challenges we have to face but we are doing the best we can.

“Our religion is our personal business. Most people in this country believe in one God. We believe we are worshipping the same God in different ways. The moment I got elected, the number of people that came to me who wanted to be the secretary of Muslim Pilgrims Board showed to me that there was a problem. Nobody wanted to be commissioner of finance and so on. That means there is something happening there in the name of religion. But honestly, one of the legacies Arch. Barnabas Bala Bantex and I want to leave behind in this state is the complete separation of religion from governance and hypocrisy associated with it.

“I say hypocrisy because the same person that preaches and incites people against a Christian has no problem going to the hospital to see a Christian doctor if the doctor is good. He would not remember that the doctor is a Christian then. In my opinion, they are just blowing this thing to cause problem and distract ordinary people, while they take advantage of the situation and system. We want to eliminate that in Kaduna, we want everyone to feel that in this state you can practice your religion without hindrance and your religion and ethnicity would not be a factor in getting government services and appointment. It must be your capacity and competence to deliver; that’s all.

“The problem that we found in Kaduna State is that ethnicity and religion come first, competence and capacity last. We want to reverse that; because we believe that those who work, those that are competent, those that can deliver benefit to everyone. I don’t need to have someone from my local government if the government is working. But if the government is not working and then everybody is stealing, then I would want to have a representative there. This is what has turned our heads. I am appealing to you as our partners, as those that communicate with the general public to help us in our effort to make this state better. When a government works, it works for everybody. Government cannot choose to have schools for one ethnic group or one religion alone. That is what we want to move away from and you can help”.

A word for Governor Nasir El-Rufai. The governor has the opportunity to rebuild the people’s confidence in the Kaduna and Nigeria projects or ruin it permanently. The reason being that the same religious extremism that has tamed and arrested peace and development in virtually all the Northern states terrorises Kaduna State alike.

Governor Nasir El-Rufai has the option to prove his leadership by putting an end to the unremitting campaign of terrorism and needless genocide in the north. His sort of urbane disposition, education, enlightenment, exposure, and experience – hardly seen among the current crops of northern governors – is needed to stamp out sustained religious and ethnic bloodbath in a secular country like Nigeria. TO BE CONTINUED.

Erasmus Ikhide, a social activist, writes from Lagos. Follow me on twitter @IkhideErasmus1

This piece was written by Erasmus Ikhide. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Nigeria Prepares To Repair 50 Bridges With N270bn

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The Federal government of Nigeria has said that it is planning to overhaul about 50 bridges nationwide.

The Minister of Power, Works and Housing, Babatunde Fashola, said this while inspecting the Rehabilitation of Lagos Ring Road Bridge Abutment and Approach to the Third Mainland Bridge project yesterday in Lagos.

Police Foil Plots To Bomb Lagos Third Mainland Bridge, Arrest Suspect

The minister told pressmen that some columns and beams of the Third Mainland Bridge were threatened because of human activities, sand filling and ecological factors, which resulted in erosion.

“The work we have come to inspect was awarded some years back when there was an indication of some mis-alignments here on the Lagos Outer Ring Road which is the beginning of what leads on to the Third Mainland Bridge itself which is just about here. “And it is being caused by erosion, sand filling and other activities.

“This road has moved as a result of some sub-soil displacement,’’ the News  Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quotes Fashola as saying.

Fashola said that the project which was slowed down by funding would be completed in November.

The minister further explained that many of the bridges in Lagos and across the country had suffered neglect and had not been undergoing routine maintenance.

He added that the current administration was determined to correct the trend and had began the process for maintenance of about 50 bridges across the country “if it receives the support of the legislature’’.

“Many of the bridges we built in the country over the last four, five decades have not been under any form of maintenance.

“We now have a three-year plan affecting over 50 bridges across the country for maintenance, repairs and restoration. “And it is going to cost about N270 billion over three years.

“Our plan is to start with about N70 to N100 billion in year one; starting with the very critical ones so that they do not collapse and then we move to the less critical ones,’’ he said.

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Kaduna Relaxes 24-Hour Curfew By 12 Hours In Two LGAs

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The government of Kaduna State has relaxed the 24-hour curfew in Jema’a and Zangon-Kataf local government areas with the restriction to continue in Kaura local government area following killings in those areas.

The resolve to relax the curfew was taken by the Kaduna State Security Council.

Christmas Over! 24-Hour Curfew Resumed In Kaduna Communities

A statement issued by the spokesman of Governor Nasir El-Rufai, Samuel Aruwan Samuel said:

The statement read: “The curfew in Jema’a and Zangon Kataf local government areas is now for twelve hours daily, from 6pm to 6am. Medical and health personnel carrying out essential services are exempted from the curfew which was imposed in December 2016.“

“The decision to relax the curfew in the Jema’a and Zangon Kataf LGAs and its continuation in Kaura LGA was unanimously taken after deliberation and review of security situation in the three local government areas and the entire state.

“Security agencies have also been empowered to arrest individuals and groups found violating the curfew.  Furthermore, the Security Council urges security operatives to ensure enforcement using best practices.”

The security meeting had Governor Nasir El-Rufai, his Deputy, Arc. Barnabas Yusuf Bala, Kaduna State Commissioner of Police, Agyole Abeh, Director DSS, Mohammed Tijjani Wakili, Brig. Gen. I.Isa, Garrison Commander, 1 Division Garrison, Nigerian Army, Rear Admiral TT Dakwat, Commandant Nigerian Navy School of Armament, Kachia and AVM Bello Garba, Base Commander, Nigerian Air Force, Kaduna in attendance.

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John Obi Mikel’s Agent Talks About Reported Move To Valencia 

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John Obi Mikel has not agreed a four-year deal with Valencia, his agent has confirmed

Mikel’s agent John Shittu has denied claims that the 29-year-old has already agreed a four year deal to move to Valencia

John Obi Mikel has not made a single appearance for Chelsea this season

However, Mikel’s agent John Shittu has since denied reports that his client has signed a contract with the Spanish club.

“It is not true that Mikel is joining Valencia on a four-year deal,” Shittu told website AllNigeriaSoccer.

“The information is not correct.”

The 29-year-old currently earns £75,000 a week at Stamford Bridge, equating to a £3.9m-a-year salary.

Mikel is under contract with the Blues until June 2017.

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Celtic Close To Completing £2.8 Million Deal For Ivorian Midfielder Kouassi Eboue 

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Kouassi Eboue has arrived in Glasgow for talks ahead of his proposed move to Celtic from Russian club FC Krasnodar

The Hoops have agreed a transfer fee with the Russian club for the Ivory Coast international.

Celtic are currently working on securing the 19-year-old’s work permit.

The Scottish club last night agreed a £2.8million deal for Ivory Coast midfielder Kouassi Eboue.

Eboue is expected to put pen to paper on a four-year contract to become Brendan Rodgers’ first signing of the January transfer window.

The teenager could even be signed in time to travel to the club’s winter training camp in Dubai this weekend.

It is understood Rodgers is working on another big-money deal in the hope of adding to his squad further in the coming weeks.

With Eboue seen as a defensive anchorman, the Hoops boss also wants to sign an attacking midfielder.

Described as “quite a complete midfielder already” back when he was 18 by, Eboue would be an interesting replacement for the unfavoured Nir Bitton at Celtic, or as someone to provide competition to Scott Brown and Stuart Armstrong in Rodgers’ midfield area.

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VIO Official In Prison For Defiling, Infecting 13-Year-Old Girl With HIV

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A 45-year-old retired Vehicle Inspection Officer has been remanded in prison custody by a Kano Magistrates’ Court on Wednesday for allegedly defiling and infecting a 13-year-old girl with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV).

The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that the Chief Magistrate, Maryam Sabo, ordered the remand of the accused in prison custody pending the advice of the Directorate of Public Prosecution.

The suspect, Musa Tukur, who lives in Panshekara Quarters, Kano, committed the offence some months ago at his residence, Panshekara Quarters in Kano state.

Man Dies With His “Manhood Standing Erect” After Using Sex-Enhancing Drug On Girlfriend

The Prosecutor, Insp. Shuaibu Musa, told the court that Rabiu Usman of the same address reported the case to Panshekara Police Division Kano on December 29.

Usman said: “About two months ago the accused Tukur lured the complainant’s  13-year-old daughter into his room situated at Panshekara Quarters Kano, and had unlawful sexual intercourse with her.

“The victim was rushed to Murtala Muhammad Specialist Hospital Kano for examination and was found to have been infected with HIV.”

The prosecutor said the offence contravened Section 283 of the Penal Code.

The accused pleaded not guilty to the one count charge while the Magistrate adjourned the case to January 18, for further hearing.

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Four Chinese Club Vying To Sign John Obi Mikel 

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Chelsea stalwart John Obi Mikel is closing in on a move to Chinese club Tianjin Teda, reports TMW.

The Nigerian is set to end his lengthy association with Chelsea by joining Tianjin Teda, who have offered him a three-year deal worth between £6.8m and £7.7m a season.

Mikel had previously been linked with a move to Valencia, whose sporting director Jesus Garcia Pitarch met the midfielder for talks in December.

Shanghai Greenland Shenhua, Guangzhou Evergrande, Hebei China Fortune and Beijing Guoan have all been in contact with Mikel who is out of contract in the summer

Mikel has fallen out of favour at Chelsea following the arrival of Antonio Conte and is yet to make a single appearance for the Blues this season.

The Nigeria international is yet to be named in a matchday squad by the former Juventus boss and has been linked with a number of transfers.

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Man Dies With His “Manhood Standing Erect” After Using Sex-Enhancing Drug On Girlfriend

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A middle-aged man, simply identified as Samson, has been found dead in a hotel room at Ugboroke in Uvwie area of Delta state after allegedly using an overdose of sex-enhancing drug on his girlfriend.

The Punch gathered that the deceased, who is married with three kids, was found dead with his manhood standing erect.

It quoted sources close to the deceased as saying that the man had bragged in a beer parlour of his plan to use sex-enhancing drugs to impress a new girlfriend he had been wooing for three months.

One of the sources was quoted to have said; “the victim had talked of having a great time with his lover, after taking about two bottles of alcohol, and one of the friends suggested he should go for a “manpower” drug.”

“After having intercourse for a long time, he could not ejaculate and must have died from the stress of the consistent hardness. He was overpowered by the drug and it was the first time he took such a drug.

“He is not much of a drunk. He is married and has three little children.”

When asked about the whereabouts of the lover, the source said she ran away on discovering that the man was dead.

Confirming the incident when contacted, a senior police officer at the Ugborikoro police station said none of the families was interested in reporting the case at the Police Station.

Meanwhile, the corpse of the late middle-aged man had been deposited at a morgue in Warri Central Hospital.

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Liverpool Unwilling To Sell Kevin Stewart 

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Liverpool are unwilling to sell midfielder Kevin Stewart and have already rejected a number of approaches for the former Tottenham trainee, reports the Daily Mirror.

Swansea, West Brom and Sky Bet Championship trio Brighton, Newcastle and Aston Villa have all registered an interest in the 23-year-old.

However, the Reds, who turned down a bid of £6million for Stewart last summer

Kevin Stewart is viewed as the perfect squad player by Jurgen Klopp and the manager is determined to retain his services.

Klopp has reportedly been highly impressed by his development over the past 12 months with the German praising his attitude and the intensity of his training.

Liverpool will rebuff any further attempts to sign Stewart in January and intend to re-assess the situation in the summer.

Having joined the Reds from Tottenham on a free transfer three years ago, Stewart is now valued by the club around the £10million to £12million mark.

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Ademola Lookman Undergoes Medical At Everton 

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Ademola Lookman is travelling to Merseyside today to undergo a medical ahead of his proposed move to Everton.

360nobs understands the fee for the 19-year-old Charlton winger is in the region of £10m. It is anticipated the deal will go through in the next 24 hours.

We expect this will be the start of a busy window for Everton, who are also understood to be looking for a central midfielder and centre back.

Ademola Lookman was left out of the Charlton Athletic squad yesterday to protect his “dream” according to manager Karl Robinson.

The League One club travelled to Southend United yesterday, where they drew 1-1, but Lookman, 19, was left out, with his Goodison switch on the brink of completion.

“He could have left in the summer and he chose to stay,” he said. “I had the same thing with Dele Alli. He turned down a few moves in one window and it got to Christmas and the kid was so scared of tackles.

“He became a marked man, I saw players purposely try to kick him.

Manager Ronald Koeman recently confirmed he was interested in signing Lookman during the January transfer window, saying: “Yes. There is interest in the boy.”

Lookman has scored seven goals for the Sky Bet League One side this season and made his debut for the Addicks in November 2015.

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Antonio Conte Intrested In West Ham’s Michail Antonio 

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Chelsea boss Antonio Conte will make a surprise move for West Ham forward Michail Antonio, according to The Sun.

Antonio has stood out in what’s been a testing campaign for West Ham, leading the Hammers’ goalscoring charts with eight goals.

The versatile 26-year-old has played centre-forward, wing-back and right-back for the Hammers this term, characterises which have perked Conte’s interest.

The Sun claim Hammers boss Slaven Bilic would rather see Dimitri Payet leave the club over fan-favourite Antonio.

But with Conte keen to strengthen his squad ahead of the title run-in, they claim West Ham’s resolve could be tested.

Chelsea are aiming high and have been linked with a daring move for Bayern Munich midfielder Arturo Vidal in a deal worth around £36 million.

Conte also already has his eye on next season’s Champions League with his team five points clear at the top of the Premier League and Londoner Antonio’s British heritage would be a boost for the squad where eight of the 25-strong players must be homegrown.

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Everton Reject AC Milan’s Bid For Gerard Deulofeu 

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Everton have rejected AC Milan’s first offer for Gerard Deulofeu, reports Gazzetta dello Sport.

The Serie A side are keen to sign the 22-year-old in January and they have already put an initial proposal on the table.

Milan want to sign Deulofeu on loan with an option to buy, but Everton have turned down that proposal.

The Rossoneri are keen to sign the former Barcelona man and are willing to explore other ways of doing so. The player is understood to be open to leaving Goodison Park.

The Spaniard is reportedly frustrated by his lack of playing time under Ronald Koeman and believes a loan switch could be beneficial for his career.

As well as Milan, Middlesbrough are also said to be interested in luring Deulofeu away from Everton this January.

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Football Headlines : All The Latest Football News And Transfer Gossips Today 

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  • ​Manchester City boss Pep Guardiola is ready to bring forward his interest in Sevilla star Steven N’Zonzi to this January.
  • Marseille have entered the race to sign Manchester United outcast Morgan Schneiderlin this month.
  • Everton could make Morgan Schneiderlin the club’s top earner, alongside striker Romelu Lukaku on £115,000 a week.
  • Chelsea boss Antonio Conte is after West Ham powerhouse Michail Antonio.
  • Michael Carrick is still waiting for Manchester United to offer him a new contract – six weeks after Jose Mourinho said he wanted him to stay for another year.
  • Former Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard is wanted by both Crystal Palace and Brighton as he contemplates a return to English football.
  • Sam Allardyce has turned to Norwich City’s Robbie Brady to solve Crystal Palace’s left-back problems.
  • Wilfried Bony played just six minutes during Stoke’s slump in December – but will still snub mega-money offers from China to stay at the club.
  • Steve McClaren wants to finalise a £4m deal to bring Crystal Palace winger Bakary Sako to Derby.
  • Dennis Wise is a shock candidate to become the new Gillingham boss.
  • Brendan Rodgers is desperate to keep hold of hotshot Celtic striker Moussa Dembele, despite interest from West Ham.
  • Aston Villa have tabled a £3m bid for Nottingham Forest skipper Henri Lansbury.
  • Leeds will sign Pontus Jansson for £3.6m from Torino this week – then bid £1.5m for West Ham striker Ashley Fletcher.
  • Sunderland have knocked back West Ham’s move for Jermain Defoe and insisted the forward is not for sale. 
  • Everton could move for Middlesbrough defender Ben Gibson if they fail to land Ronald Koeman’s preferred target, Virgil van Dijk of Southampton.
  • Leicester are ready to step up their interest in Norwich wide-man Robbie Brady once they offload flop winger Bartosz Kapustka, who is yet to play competitively for the Premier League champions since a £7.5m summer switch from Polish side Cracovia.
  • French side Lille are ready to test the insistence of Antonio Conte that Chelsea striker Michy Batshuayi will not leave the Premier League leaders this month.
  • Manchester United will hold out for a better offer for out-of-favour midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin after rejecting bids from Everton and West Brom.
  • Liverpool are unwilling to sell midfielder Kevin Stewart and have already rejected a number of approaches for the former Tottenham trainee. Swansea, West Brom and Championship trio Brighton, Newcastle and Aston Villa have all registered an interest in the 23-year-old.
  • Chelsea midfielder John Obi Mikel has received mega-money offers to follow Oscar to China but his agent has denied claims the 29-year-old has already agreed a four-year deal to move to Valencia.
  • Wolves boss Paul Lambert wants Championship rivals Blackburn’s Ben Marshall as his first signing.
  • Real Madrid boss Zinedine Zidane insists he has no intention of selling Pepe, James Rodriguez or Alvaro Morata.
  • Everton are preparing an improved offer for Manchester United midfielder Morgan Schneiderlin after having a £19m bid turned down. 
  • Swansea City, West Brom, Brighton, Newcastle United and Aston Villa have all made requests to take Liverpool midfielder Kevin Stewart on loan. 
  • Antonio Conte wants to strengthen his Chelsea squad in January with a bid for Atalanta’s £24m Ivory Coast midfielder Franck Kessie imminent.
  • Watford have offered an initial £8m for Brentford’s Scott Hogan, with West Ham also interested in the 24-year-old former non-league striker.
  • Antoine Griezmann has dismissed speculation surrounding his future at Atletico Madrid amid continuing speculation he is a transfer target for Chelsea and Manchester United.
  • Celtic look set to make African wonderkid Kouassi Eboue their first January signing in a £2.5m deal from Krasnodar.
  • Rangers boss Mark Warburton has made Arsenal midfielder Jon Toral his priority January transfer target.
  • Rangers target Conor Hourihane refused to commit his long-term future to Barnsley after scoring a stunning late winner against Nottingham 

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NNPC Publishes Winners Of 2017/2018 Crude Term Contract

Featured Image

The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC) has published the list of successful bidders for the 2017/2018 crude oil term contract.

NNPC Targets Full-Scale Operation Of Nigeria’s Refineries In 2017

This was announced by the Group General Manager, Crude Oil Marketing Division (COMD) of the corporation, Mr. Mele Kyari.

NNPC Publishes Winners Of 2017/2018 Crude Term Contract

NNPC Publishes Winners Of 2017/2018 Crude Term Contract

It was gathered that the list consists of 39 winners with 18 Nigerian companies, 11 international traders, five foreign refineries, three national oil companies (NOCs) and two NNPC trading arms.

According to Kyari, said the contract would run for one year effective January 1, 2017 for consecutive 12 circles of crude oil allocation.

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At 50, Janet Jackson Gives Birth To First Child, Eissa Al Mana

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Popular American singer Janet Jackson and her husband, Wissam Al Mana, welcomed their first child, a baby boy, on Tuesday, a representative for the singer has said on Tuesday.

“Janet had a stress-free, healthy delivery and is resting comfortably. No further details are available at this time,” the statement read.

The statement further added that the 50-year-old pop star and the Qatari businesman – married in 2012 – were “thrilled” to welcome their son – Eissa Al Mana is the singer’s first child.

I Do Not Have Cancer” Janet Jackson Ridicules Rumor

Jackson posted a video on social media at the time, telling fans that she was taking a break from performing live because “there’s been a sudden change” – which triggered false rumours about the musician’s health.

Janet had confirmed her pregnancy in October but had reportedly been plagued with bad morning sickness.

A source shared: “Janet is super excited. She’s doing great. Janet feels really strong and is just so excited for the baby to come. She feels like this is one of the best things ever to happen to her.

“She is doing OK and resting until she is due. She is aware of complications, but as of now doctors say she is OK … Her support system is extremely strong. She is taking things easy these days and is feeling well but not overdoing it in any capacity of her life.

“Janet is staying healthy for her and her baby. She’s been praying for a child for a very long time. She’s already in the process of thinking of baby names.”

Jackson is far from the only famous face to give birth later in life.

49-Year Old Janet Jackson Pregnant With First Child

Oscar-winning Halle Berry had her second child at 47, three years ago, and John Travolta’s wife Kelly Preston gave birth to her third child at 48.

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Nigerian Escapes From Indian Cell Few Hours To Deportation

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A Nigerian drug peddler who had served a prison term and was few hours away from being deported back to his country has made a daring escape from the Anti-Narcotics Cell’s custody, Indian newspapers said.

The Nigerian drug peddler, John Okoro

The Nigerian drug peddler, John Okoro

The Nigerian prisoner, John Okoro, had requested for permission to step out of the detention room on the first floor of the agency’s Azad Maidan office around 2 am, saying he wanted to use the toilet.

The 35-year-old then jumped from the balcony through the asbestos roof and fled on foot.

Germany Prevented 1,237 Nigerians From Entering Its Country

In a desperate attempt to capture him, the constable guarding him also leaped from the balcony but ended up injured. He is recovering at the Nagpada police hospital.

The management of the Anti-Narcotics Cell’s Azad has raised the alarm for the capture of Okoro, who was convicted for trying to selling banned substances in 2014 and recently completed his jail term.

Mumbai Mirror reported that before his conviction, the Okoro lived in Koparkhairane, Navi Mumbai.

154 Nigerians Deported From Libya Arrive Lagos

After his prison sentence ended, he was placed under the ANC’s custody on December 31 and he was due to be deported on Monday afternoon.

“Around 2 am, Okoro told the constable on guard that he wanted to visit the washroom. He was being taken there when he jumped from the balcony. He landed on the asbestos roof, which immediately gave away,” a police officer said. “He ran in the directions of Mahapalika Marg.”

Another officer said a manhunt had been launched and the Anti-Narcotics Cell had asked informers to be on the lookout. Okoro was wearing a blue shirt, blue jeans and slippers.

Fresh charges stemming from his daring escape have been registered at the Azad Maidan police again.

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Poch On Alli: “He is the most important emergence from English football in recent years”

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Dele Alli has received high praise from Mauricio Pochettino, with the spurs manager labelling him the “most important emergence in English football in years”.

Tottenham welcome table toppers Chelsea to the White Hart Lane on impeccable form, they’ve won four of their last matches and scored eight in the last two.

The young midfielder has been integral for Spurs in all those wins and scored four of the eight goals in the last two wins.

And Pochettino has since heaped praise on his young charge ahead of the crunch Chelsea encounter.

Speaking to AS, he said of Alli: “He is a player with very aggressive offence, ruthless when going forward and with determination, which makes him extremely dangerous.

“He has a great understanding of the game and masterfully attacks spaces, good mentality and self-confidence.

“He is the most important emergence from English football in recent years.”

Chelsea are looking to set a new top-flight record of 14 straight wins when they travel to face Spurs.

The Blues equalled Arsenal’s 2001-02 mark by securing their 13th consecutive win with victory over Stoke City on New Year’s Eve.

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Guardiola: City Need Ten Years Of UCL Football To Catch Up With United

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Pep Guardiola, Manchester City manager says the club does not have the history United has and needs ten years to close that gap.

Since 2010, City has won two league titles and two league cups and are looking to add more with the catalan at the helm.

Guardiola insists City need to make it to the UCL for the next ten years to match the history United has.

In quotes reported by the Daily Mirror, Guardiola said: “We don’t have the history with this shirt, of Barcelona, Juventus, (Bayern) Munich or Manchester United. Not their titles.

“It’s about being in Europe and over the next decade to be there [in the Champions League] every year. That’s more important to this club than winning one title, believe me, more than that.

“We have to convince people at this amazing club that they are good. They are good. And the fans as well.

“They have to believe they are good, the club is good, the players are good.”

City have taken part in the Champions League over the last six seasons including 2016-17, though they are still yet to get their hands on the coveted trophy.

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Wenger: Ozil Has Been Absent For A Week

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Arsene Wenger has bemoaned the absence of Mesut Ozil, who has been out of action due to illness.

The Germany international has not played since boxing day and was not in the match that saw Arsenal stage a late comeback to draw Bournemouth 3-3 on Tuesday.

Ozil was criticised for his performance against Everton and Manchester City, with Arsenal losing both matches.

“I haven’t seen [Ozil] for a week,” Wenger told Sky Sports before the game.

“It was an easy decision [to not include him]. He is still in bed.

“He’s not available and I don’t think he will be available for the next game as he hasn’t done anything for a week.”

Ozil is not expected to feature in the 18-man squad taking on Preston North End in the FA Cup third round this weekend.

Arsenal return to league action on January 14 with a trip to Swansea City.

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MUSIC: Victor Ademofe ft. Tope Alabi – Jehovah

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One and half a bar of simple earthy percussion heralds a soulful singing voice like muted trumpet lines and before you could say “what is this all about?” you are already on a 4 minute odyssey made up of a chorus depicting familiar landmarks (ably delivered by Adedeji Adetayo & Sam Fred) yet kept interesting by sassy wind lines (no thanks to Victor, Ayo Solanke and Femislide) , breathy breaks and very melodious verses churned out by both the host and his unprecedentedly featured guest.

It still baffles me even till now what was going on in the minds of every hand that worked on this single which was first released in an album of the same title. ID Tones was provided with a strong glue that held everything together in Kayode Kuti the ever groovy bassist and Sam the drummer. Talking about it running in the family, Jimoh Kuti killed the guitar capping it with a scherzophrenic guitar solo, so all through to the end Victor And Tope Alabi had a great canvas to paint on a masterpiece that will leave Leonardo Da Vinci green with envy.

This tasty broth of rare spices and other well selected ingredients would not have been this good but for the patient and painstaking mixing prowess of Richard and the the non exuberant mastering of Africa’s leading sound engineer SwApS.

I critically listened through on my first contact not out of pessimism but a curiosity satisfaction quest to answer the obvious question “why the reissue?” It was an interesting journey one would want to experience again and again (Taiwo Adeagbo’s subtle talking drum making a difference).

Victor Ademofe has brought to the table his vast experience as a seasoned musician and ID Tones has proven his mettle once again.

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Phelan Sacked As Hull City’s Manager

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Promoted epl club Hull City have announced the sacking of manager Mike Phelan after a poor run in form.

The manager was appointed on a caretaker basis after the sacking of Steve Bruce, and got a permanent deal in October.

However, Hull have won just one of their last 18 top-flight matches, with Monday’s 3-1 defeat at West Brom proving Phelan’s final match in charge.

A statement read: “The club can announce this evening that it has parted company with head coach Mike Phelan.

“We would like to thank Mike for his efforts both as assistant manager [to Steve Bruce] and head coach over the last two years.

“The search for a replacement has begun and an announcement will be made in due course.”

Former Birmingham City boss Gary Rowett is being heavily linked with replacing Phelan.

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