Album Review: Aramide’s Suitcase

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Gifted vocalist, Aramide has been around for a spell now, since her runner up finish at the 2006 edition of talent hunt show, Star Quest. She’s had a spell with eLDee’s Trybe records, before finding kin with Baseline records. Active on the underground scene for a long time, Aramide has gotten high profile notices with the release of her 2014 single Iwo nikan and upset wins in the female categories of both The Headies and All Africa Music Awards.

Suitcase, her debut album, going by the album art is inspired by the 1998 Grammy winning masterpiece, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill, with its sole close up portrait of the singer rocking braid extensions and the album’s title atop.

Content wise, it would be an unwise attempt to match Ms Hill’s opus but who’s to say one cannot try? Aramide wisely chooses not to try and goes in a different direction, one that incorporates influences from Sade Adu, Erykah Badu and Tracy Chapman.

The opener, Eledumare is Yoruba gospel chorus performed with big voiced, guitar strumming, drums beating diva-style glee. Newbies to the sounds and styles of Aramide should be suitable impressed by her vocal prowess.

She dials down a bit on Why So Serious, a playful if timely passage on female sexuality and the right to pick and discard lovers at will. Finding herself bored by a paramour who won’t just let go after a single hook up, she complains, 300 missed calls, on top one night stand/Why you getting pissed off? I don’t understand/Although we had a blast together/It wasn’t meant to last forever.

This marks some exciting forward thinking, a quality that is particularly welcoming in an industry where the hit songs exist mostly to objectify the female form as romantic relationships are approached mostly from the male gaze.

On Hurry Up, Aramide is strictly sensual and in control as she demands her male lover take her clothes off and make sweet love to her. We haven’t seen sentiments this brazen from a female pop star since a pre-marriage Tiwa Savage.

Aramide scored a hit with Funmi Lowo, an interesting joyful mashup that takes threads from Bobby McFerrin’s Don’t Worry Be Happy and Rihanna’s Bitch Better Have My Money and stitches them into an eccentric funky mix that comments on the up and coming musician’s daily struggles. The song (featuring an extraneous Sir Dauda) is even more believable coming from Aramide probably because she has lived the experience.

Watch VIDEO: Aramide​ Ft Sir Dauda – Funmi Lowo

Early Sade Adu returns briefly in the smoky, mysterious swirl of Bose, a vilification of a friend who lives mostly for the gossip. In the chorus, she namechecks the usual suspects (CNN, BBC, LIB amongst others) as the ultimate destination for the title character’s favourite past time.

Sweet Connection benefits greatly from a saxophone riff and previously released Feeling this feeling chooses traditional drums to tell a story of seduction and sexual awakenings

Lovers of early Nollywood will recall the Yemi My Lover catchphrase which Aramide uses as a foundation to build a narrative of love and devotion while Stranger in Rome switches things up for a reggae lite sway.

By the time Aramide gets to guest stars, Ice Prince and Adekunle Gold, the best parts of Suitcase have already flown by, their presence only for strategic (Read: commercial) reasons. But her talent is too special, her sound though still unfolding, remains too mature to need any juvenile interruption.

The sassy bounce of Devil at my doorstep takes things back to regular programming though as Aramide and her big voice take centre stage once more.

On Suitcase, a fine a debut as any ever heard, Aramide displays a dazzling level of talent and confidence in her sound. She refuses to be put in a suitcase and shows she can be many things at once. She knows she is yet to settle into her own distinct sound but her message seems to be that the journey is more important, and can be just as much fun as the destination.

Aramide's Album Art for Suitcase

Aramide’s Album Art for Suitcase

Album Name: Suitcase
Artist: Aramide
Year: 2016
Tracks: 15

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2017 Recruitment: Here Are The Full Guidelines To Join The Nigerian Air Force

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The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) on its Facebook page announced that it would employ the services of 5,000 new entrants in its 2017 recruitment exercise.

Here are the details as published on the verified Facebook page of the Nigerian Air Force below:

2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here



1. Interested applicants are to apply free of charge online at
2. Applicants are to apply once, multiple online application will be disqualified.
3. Applicants are to print out the underlisted documents after completion of application online:
a. Local Government Indigeneship Form.
b. Attestation form to be signed by Military officer or Local Government Chairman.
c. Parent/Guardian Consent Form.
d. Acknowledgment Form.


4. Applicants must be a Nigerian citizen by birth.
5. Applicants must not be less than 1.66m tall for male and not less than 1.63m tall for female.
6. Non Tradesmen/Women.
a. Applicants must be between the ages of 17 and 22 years by 31 December 2017.
b. Applicants must possess a minimum of 3 credits including Mathematics and English in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB.
7. Tradesmen/Women.
a. Applicants applying as tradesmen and women must be between 17 and 24 years of age except for those applying as drivers who must be between 18 and 28 years by 31 December 2017.
b. Applicants must possess a minimum of 2 passes with a credit in English in SSCE/NECO/GCE/NABTEB and must possess at least a lower credit in ND/NCE or any relevant trade certificates from reputable and approved government institutions/organisations.
c. Drivers must posses a minimum of 2 passess with a credit in English and trade test certificate.
d. Applicants applying as sportsmen/women are to present evidence of their professional experience which will include certificates and medals.


8. Online Registration Starts on 14 January 2017 and closes on 17 February 2017.
9. Zonal Recruitment Exercise will hold from 23 February – 16 March 2017.
10. NAF online Registration and all other recruitment processes are free of charge and no payment should be made.

The Attestation form must be accompanied by the passport photograph and photocopy of the signees drivers licence or international passport. The signee is also to authenticate the passport photograph of the applicant behind.

Nigerian Army Releases List Of Shortlisted Candidates For 76RRI | Pre-Screening Starts Tomorrow

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) recruitment application is scheduled to begin January 14, 2017.

2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here
2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here

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For further information see the instruction page or call the following support lines: 09064145533, 08043440802 and 08053440802 or Email:

You can also drop your comments below:

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Movie Review: The Wedding Party

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The trailer for The Wedding Party, the feverishly anticipated event movie from the quartet of EbonyLife Films, FilmOne, Inkblot Production and Koga studios is a glamorous, 3 minutes long mash up of popular faces and familiar romantic comedy tropes that stands the risk of giving the plot of the entire movie away. If the final cut of the film manages not to do exactly that, it is only because there is barely a thread of a plot for The Wedding Party (full runtime: 110mins) to hang on to ab initio.

What exists instead is the premise for a potentially exciting romp. One that has served as a broad canvass for countless Hollywood films of the romantic comedy genre but curiously, has received short thrift this side of the Atlantic. And it is a surprise no one has thought of this before. Well actually, Bovi has, with his earlier in the year release, It’s Her Day. Nigerian weddings, as lavish and chaotic as they come, are usually so busy, yet so entertaining, that more than enough stories can be mined from the numerous going ons.

The Wedding Party

The Cast of The Wedding Party

No one can accuse the producers of The Wedding Party of any deceit as their film is exactly what the title suggests. The Party,- that day long garrulous display of wealth and undisciplined social behaviour (in equal turns,) that manages to bring out both the best and worst of the humans who throng the venue (in this case, it is the Eko Hotels & Towers) for some hours is the real star of the show. And it is a shame that possibly budget or technical limitations stopped the production design team from really going for it in terms of scope and detail of the wedding reception.

Not that what is presented on film isn’t pleasing to the eye. Matter of fact, the sets are capable and they photograph well enough but if you want to make a film about a wedding party, in Lagos, curated by two wealthy and showy families (one Yoruba, the other Igbo,) you better go all the way and shut that party down. This one doesn’t. Not quite.

There are characters that attempt to create a story worth caring about but they are only here to fill in the spaces and go through the motions. What is a wedding without the couple? And so we have here, Dunni Coker (Adesua Etomi) the beautiful, virginal bride who exists mostly to be gazed at in a stunning scene where she walks down the staircase in an over the top bridal gown designed by the maestro himself, Mai Atafo (in a cameo). There is also the groom, Dozie Onwuka (Banky W) who is in the picture for eye candy mostly, but also to test the resolve of his bride and then to mutter sappy lines like ‘’I have never needed anyone in my life the way that I need you,’’ that could easily have been lifted from one of his love songs.

There are also stock characters that fill out every other scene, and every wedding film ever made. You name it and they are present. The harried wedding planner (Zainab Balogun,) whose job it is to get everyone in place? Check. The lovable lothario of a best man (Ikechukwu,) who means well but can’t help leaving crisis in his wake? Check. The ice cold, soignee mother of the groom (Ireti Doyle, who else?) Check. The overly dramatic mother of the bride (Sola Sobowale?) Check. The bodacious vixen (Beverly Naya) with hate in her heart and mischief in her sights? Check. The knowledgeable bridesmaid (Somkele Idhalama) who tutors virginal bride on the ways of the world? Check.


The Bride’s Parents

The actors who play these characters are taken straight out of central casting. If you have established a reputation earlier of playing a certain type of character, then you were called to do the same here. Nothing to stress yourself about. They all do fine work.


The Groom’s Parents

This explains the presence of Richard Mofe-Damijo and Ireti Doyle, the go to actors for upper/middle class couples of a certain age. They both appeared in Dinner and The Grudge this year and acting as the well-heeled Onwukas in The Wedding Party, they merely reprise their roles, even if RMD’s Igbo is wobbly and nobody of South Eastern extraction would refer to themselves as ‘’Ibo’’ (it’s ‘’Igbo’’), the way that Ms Doyle does. Still their dynamic is well rehearsed by now and they settle in quite comfortably. Central casting is also responsible for Sambassa Nzeribe’s idiotic foil and Kunle Idowu’s bumbling tool.

Directed by Kemi Adetiba, she of the high concept music videos, The Wedding Party benefits from Adetiba’s background as she is able to juggle all these characters and apportion the right amount of screen time in order to keep her pacing fast and fun. Apart from some red flags, like the overbearing wedding speech by the father of the groom for instance, the haves and haves not sub plot involving Sambassa Nzeribe, and the entire existence of Hafiz Oyetoro’s gate crashing character, Adetiba keeps things moving briskly.

See all the Official pictures from White Premiere In Lagos PHOTOS: The Wedding Party Premiere

But in her feature film debut, Adetiba cannot quite leave her origins behind and at times the entire film feels like an extended music video, what with the celebrity cameos and extra judicious use of pop music. When the Igbo group is dancing in, expect that they will be moving along to Flavour’s Ada Ada, and the couple themselves? Surely Kiss Daniel’s Laye was made for moments like this. There is some disconnect between the music and the dancers such that it isn’t always quite sure if the actors are dancing exactly to the beat of the music that the audience can hear.

All of this points to a screenplay (credited to Tosin Otudeko and Kemi Adetiba) that knows what it is about and doesn’t take itself seriously. The laughs come in bursts and when they hit their mark, they do so accurately, as with Sola Sobowale’s theatrics and Kunle Idowu’s silliness. The comedy is obviously the saving grace as not many will care much for the romance, except to be assured that it all ends well. And for films like this, the ending is never in doubt.

As the film goes on, the antics get more preposterous and the rushed and clumsy final act is a bit of a downer. But The Wedding Party, part of the Lagos showcase at the Toronto International Film Festival stays true to its promise. A well-presented, glamourous snapshot of escapism. Who can say no to that?

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The Wedding Party

The Couple
Watch the trailer of the most talked about film in 2016 below

Released: 16th of December 2016

Directed by Kemi Adetiba

ScreenPlay: Tosin Otudeko and Kemi Adetiba

Runtime: 110mins

Cast: Adesua Etomi, Banky Wellington, Richard Mofe Damijo, Sola Sobowale, Iretiola Doyle. Alibaba Akporobome, Zainab Balogun, Beverly Naya, Enyinna Nwigwe Somkele Iyamah-Idhalama and Daniella Down

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2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here

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In an attempt to put an end to the activities of Boko Haram in the country, the Nigerian Air Force (NAF), has said it would employ the services of 5,000 new entrants in its 2017 recruitment exercise.

The Guardian quoted the Chief of Air Staff (CAS), Air Marshal Sadique Abubakar as saying that several strategies need to be put in place to ensure the complete restoration of peace and security in the Northeast in particular but Nigeria at large.

Full Names Of Shortlisted Candidates For 76RRI Pre-Screening Examination | Check Yours Here

According to Abubakar, the expansion of the NAF and the compelling need to ensure that adequate human capacity to serve, is the reason the Service has decided that 5,000 Nigerians would be recruited during the 2017 recruitment exercise, to fill in the spaces that would be created by the establishment of the fifth Command.

2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here
2017 Recruitment: Nigerian Air Force Prepares To Employ 5,000 Nigerians | Check Date Here

He noted that the all the bases of the NAF all over the country are now adequately equipped to withstand any aggression.

Nigerian Army Releases List Of Shortlisted Candidates For 76RRI | Pre-Screening Starts Tomorrow

The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) recruitment application is scheduled to begin January 14, 2017.

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No Single Drop Of Kerosene In All Lagos Depots -NUPENG

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The Nigeria Union of Petroleum and Natural Gas Workers (NUPENG) on Saturday stated that there was no single drop of kerosene in the private and NNPC depots in Lagos.

According to Rotimi Benjamin, the National Chairman Surface Tank Kerosene Peddlers (SUTAKEP) Branch of NUPENG in Lagos, the product was last brought to the depot on December 27, 2016.

Benjamin, who doubles as the Vice Chairman NUPENG Lagos Zonal Council, also added that the scarcity of kerosene has increased the price, making it unaffordable for the masses.

Nigerians Lament As Kerosene Price Increases To N400/Litre

He urged the government to come to the aid of masses who could not afford the price of cooking gas by providing kerosene to the depots so that it would be available in the filling stations.

He said: “It is very sad that things are going on this way, for the past two weeks, there is no supply of kerosene to any of the depots in Lagos.

“The two refineries have not produced kerosene. This has made the marketers that have the product in their stations to increase it by over 60 per cent.

“This is not the right time for our refineries to stop kerosene production, everybody can not depend on gas.

“The common man cannot afford the price of cylinder and cooking gas. Our mothers in the village depend on kerosene, an essential household commodity to cook.

“Government should not just sit down watching the masses suffering, they should address the issue and make the product available.”

It was gathered that few filling stations that had kerosene were selling the product between N285 and N300 per litre.

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Nigerians Lament As Kerosene Price Increases To N400/Litre

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Residents in Kaduna State are lamenting as the price of Kerosene, an essential household commodity, increased by 60 percent in the state, trading at N1,600 per gallon – N400 per litre – from the N1,100 it was sold in December.

Speaking with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Kaduna on Friday, some dealers of the product revealed that the products suddenly became scarce and expensive, which was responsible for the sharp increase in the price.

One of the dealers, Mrs. Joyful Adeyemi, told NAN that she bought kerosene in December, 2016 at N47,000 a drum and sells a gallon between N1,100 and N1,200.

She said: “Only for the price to increase to N72, 000 a drum as at yesterday.

“This change forced me to increase the price to N1,600 a gallon; otherwise, I will be running at a loss.

“More so, the product is scarce. I had to part with extra money to be able to get the quantity I needed.‘’

Another dealer, Mr Sammy Bodam, said that patronage had drastically reduced due to the hike in the price.

A consumer, Jamila Abubakar said that the sharp increase had made life very difficult for the common man and urged government to do something about it.

“If not because we do not have an option, nobody will use kerosene again. This is because firewood is equally expensive, difficult to use and environmentally unfriendly, coupled with the accompanying health risk.

“But we cannot continue like this. Kerosene is an essential commodity and is becoming beyond the reach of a common man.”

“Just some few weeks ago, a gallon was selling for between N1,100 to N1,200 and suddenly there was a sharp increase to N1,600 a gallon. In fact, in some places, it is selling for N2,000.

“I am urging the government to look into our plight and urgently address the problem; otherwise there will be no hope for a better life for a poor man in this country,’’ she said.

Another consumer, Mr Amen Rabo, said he had turned to firewood because kerosene was beyond his reach.

“I cannot afford to buy kerosene, currently selling at N1,600. I am using firewood as an alternative, which is a bit cheaper compared with kerosene, with 10 pieces selling for N100.

“Unfortunately for us, 10 pieces of firewood cannot cook three square meals for my family a day; we just have to manage because kerosene is beyond our reach, ’’ Rabo said.

He called on government to look into the problem and save the common man from hunger, saying that “more money is being spent on kerosene instead of food items’’.

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Just In: Pastor Adeboye Retires As General Overseer Of RCCG

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Prominent Nigerian Pastor, Enoch Adejare Adeboye, has retired as the General Overseer of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG).

The announcement was made on Saturday morning, January 7, 2017.

Pastor Adeboye Releases ‘Shocking’ Prophecies On Recession, Earthquakes For 2017

His Special Assistant on Administration and Personnel, Pastor Johnson Odesola, said at the time that the church’s constitution did not state that anyone above 70 years should not lead the ministry.

He said: “Whereas the constitution provided that the deputy and assistant general overseers are appointed to retire at 70 and enjoy their retirement benefits for life, there is no such provision for the general overseer.”

Meanwhile, there are strong indications that Pastor J.O. Obayemi has been named as his successor.

Obayemi was a deputy in charge of Finance and a member of governing council, before his appointment.

The newly appointed RCCG leaders are:

Overseer – Pastor Joseph Obafemi

Secretary – Pastor Odesola

Tresurer -Pastor Adeyokunnu

The newly appointed RCCG leaders were introduced during the 2017 annual minister’s thanksgiving service led by the outgoing GO, Adeboye, which held at the Redemption camp.

When was RCCG founded?

RCCG was founded in 1952 by Rev. Josiah Olufemi Akindayomi (1909–1980) after he had been involved in a number of other churches. Rev. Akindayomi chose Adeboye as the next General overseer.

Enoch Adeboye was a lecturer in mathematics at the University of Lagos, Nigeria, as at the time he joined the church in 1973.

Adeboye initially became one of the interpreters translating Akindayomi’s sermons from Yoruba to English.

He was ordained a pastor of the church in 1975, and his appointment as leader (General overseer) of the church was formalized by the posthumous reading of Akindayomi’s sealed pronouncement. In 1990, Redeemed Christian Church of God Bible School is founded.

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Buhari And Nnamdi Kanu Fighting The Wrong Enemies

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Buhari And Nnamdi Kanu Fighting The Wrong Enemies, By SKC Ogbonnia

Events after events have shown that the continued detention of the Director of Radio Biafra, Nnamdi Kanu, by the Federal Government of Nigeria needs a serious rethink. The matter is not only plaguing the country socially and politically, but its toll on the national economy is not difficult to fathom. The unfortunate irony yet is that while the two principal actors, President Muhammadu Buhari and Kanu, may have good intentions, they are fighting the wrong enemies.

This piece was written by SKC Ogbonnia. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

Please hold your thoughts till the later part of this essay on the flaming issue of secession for which Nnamdi Kanu is now better known. For it may not occur to many that before Kanu became a recurring decimal of Buhari’s presidency, a major aim of Radio Biafra, in Kanu’s own words, was to uproot “all looters, embezzlers, kidnappers, sponsors of terrorism, child traffickers, corrupt judges, crooked university lecturers, murderous Nigerian security forces and all thieving individuals masquerading as public officials who steal public funds thereby preventing developmental projects from impacting positively on the lives of the ordinary people.”

Any read of the statement above readily shows that such aspect of Kanu’s advocacy is in tandem with Buhari’s standing vow for a corrupt-free Nigeria. If the rationale is inadequate, then consider that just about every group or leader who has pleaded for Kanu’s release suggested that lack of development provoked his advocacy. This goes without saying that the president and Kanu have common foes in the corrupt leaders who plundered our commonwealth the last 16 years of astronomical oil boom – that is, even before Buhari assumed democratic power.

Therefore, in case President Buhari and Mazi Kanu are yet to get it, which appears to be the case, their real enemies in this context ought to be the corrupt leaders from the South-East (SE) and South-South (SS) zones of Nigeria, who combined to hinder the provision of efficient public amenities, as well as job opportunities in the Biafra land, that drew the ire of Kanu in the first place.

More specifically, the enemies are the very politicians and contractors that connived to embezzle the funds budgeted for projects vital to the region, some of which include but are not limited to: The 2nd River Niger Bridge; East-West Highway; Enugu-Onitsha/Enugu-Port Harcourt expressways; Akanu Ibiam and Port Harcourt International Airports; Calabar and Port Harcourt seaports; the dredging of River Niger; Eastern Gas Pipeline network (CAP); Niger Delta Development Commission (NNDC); and legislative constituency projects. Also, there are the unimplemented recommendations of the National Conference convened by President Jonathan which adopted, among other things, the restructuring of the country; constitutional amendment, initiated under President Umaru Yar’Adua, and funded to the brim to address the concerns for equitable distribution of states and local governments.

A simple scan of these projects and their attendant ministries reveal that politicians from the South-East and South-South played one dubious role or the other in sabotaging the desired implementation or development. Needless to say, none of the states or local governments in the SE/SS zones is run by the Hausa or Fulani people – who Nnamdi Kanu has commonly blamed – but wholly by the natives themselves. Yet, there is no commensurate development in the area for their share of federal statutory allocations.

This outright rebuke of the SS/SE politicians must not be misconstrued as exalting those from other regions as saints. Far from that! The emphasis on SS/SE is because of the topic of Biafra. Besides, the very zones under review produced the then president (Goodluck Jonathan), then de facto Prime Minister (Ngozi Iweala), and the then Minister of Petroleum Resources (Diezani Madueke)—the specious trio who superintended the national treasury during the period their kinfolks were looting the project funds in the area.

In a normal clime, this sort of exposé would be sufficient to unmask the culprits linked with the money-spinners cited herein. But in event more specific details are needed, my identity has always been an open book. Moreover, this case will not require the state to dole out from its meagre purse to fulfill the new policy on whistle-blowing. For quid pro quo is beneath my personal code of ethics in matters of public interest.

Change does not come easy, understood, but containing the situation in the East must not be rocket science. Make no mistake about it; President Buhari deserves commendation for quietly undertaking some of the projects in the region that were funded but looted during previous administrations. Yet, to continue to punish the primary whistle-blower in Nnamdi Kanu, while condoning the corrupt politicians – who return a portion of their loot – is sadly an oxymoron. In view of this irony, instead of the futile detention of Kanu, the masses prefer a leader that can summon the courage to expose the real enemies who had corralled the project funds into private bank accounts.

Any call for the release of Nnamdi Kanu easily stirs emotions, and that is understandable. The style of his advocacy alone is jarringly hostile and can constitute a problem in itself. But the manner of the man’s detention, including the state’s refusal to obey court orders, does not serve any good purpose. The only beneficiaries are the real enemies, the corrupt vortex of the opposition, who have nothing concrete to show for their time in office, but who are today having a field day, grandstanding as the champion for the oppressed, claiming the passionate desire to liberate Kanu, while stoking a view of General Buhari as an unrepentant dictator determined to abridge freedom of speech in the land. Their ultimate goal, of course, is to capitalise on the Kanu saga to con the mass support needed to derail the president’s war against corruption.

Fifth columnists are sure to hide behind the urgency of Kanu’s threat of secession to continue to sidetrack Buhari from the right path to justice. But fighting the right causes through the wrong courses usually creates more problems than solutions. Moreover, the president does not need to be reminded that, similar to other multi-ethnic nations, for example, the United States of America, and the United Kingdom, there has always been, and will always be, threats of secession in Nigeria, regardless of who is in power. The manner of the approach is where leadership begins and ends.

SKC Ogbonnia writes from Houston, Texas. He can be reached through

This piece was written by SKC Ogbonnia. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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Avengers Declares “Operations Walls Of Jericho” And “Hurricane Joshua” On Nigerian Govt

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Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), has ordered its fighters to prepare for “war” against the “enemy”, saying Nigerian authorities were not ready for dialogue.

In a statement posted on its site on Friday, NDA said it was set to resume hostilities.

Titled ‘OPERATIONS WALLS OF JERICHO AND HURRICANE JOSHUA’ NDA informed “the people of our Niger Delta, sane minds in Nigeria and the comity of nations that the remaining 11 months and couples of weeks in 2017 will be filled with surprises and a reconfiguration of the struggle for the liberation of our motherland.”

“Since, the declaration of cessation of hostilities in the region by all fighters and affiliates, it has been evidently clear that the Nigerian state is not ready for any form of dialogue and negotiation with our people to addressing the issues sustaining the unending sufferings and deprivation of the people of the Niger Delta.”

“All fighters and commands are hereby placed on high readiness in your webs of operations to hit and knock the enemy very hard,” the group said.

The militant group assured Niger Delta people that “we feel your pains from these dashed hopes of a genuine talk once again. All fighters and commands are hereby placed on high readiness in your webs of operations to hit and knock the enemy very hard.

“That is the way to discuss with a deaf, when he cannot understand your soft massage. We are determined to hit him very hard and deadly that even his eyes will shed blood, his ear will be more deafened and his heart shall quake; when he sees, hear and feel the outcome of our next activities.

“On this note, we are declaring “Operations Walls of Jericho and Hurricane Joshua” simultaneously to reclaim our motherland and dislodge all cleavages the Nigerian Ruling oligarchy has foisted on the region that is sustaining the ongoing primitive accumulation by dispossession.”

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MUSIC: Jahdiel – Faithful

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Following the release of “Uwese” in 2016 (which is still making waves and has set a trend in Gospel music), Gospel Songstress JAHDIEL releases a brand new single titled “Faithful”. “Faithful” is a worship song born out of a grateful heart, with intent to bless you and set you in the mood of worship.


Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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