Sarkodie Reveals Artwork and Tracklist for ‘Highest’ Album

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Named as one of the biggest hip-hop acts on the African continent by The Guardian and with four hugely popular and acclaimed studio albums to his name, the Ghanaian hip-hop artist and winner of the Best International Act: Africa at the 2012 BET Awards, Sarkodie has announced the release of his highly anticipated fifth studio album Highest.

Sarkodie Highest Album Cover

Sarkodie Highest Album Cover

Scheduled for release on September 8, 2017Highest is a collection of 15 brand new songs, 3 interludes and a bonus track. 19 tracks in total as displayed on the official album tracklist. An incredible collection of solid hip-hop and Afrobeats cuts that are set to push him even further into the international stratosphere.

Highest features some major homegrown and international acts such as his long-time friend and producer Jayso, UK’s very own Big NarstieVictoria Kimani (Kenya), Moelogo (UK), renowned spoken word artist Suli Breaks (UK), Korede Bello (Nigeria), Praiz (Nigeria), Yung L (Nigeria), Joey B (Ghana), Jesse Jagz(Nigeria), Flavour (Nigeria) and Bobii Lewis (UK).

Set to unleash his latest offering of stellar African influenced hip-hop sounds to the world, Sarkodie announced the album at an exclusive listening event at the plush ElectroLand Showroom in Accra, Ghana, where he also treated his fans to screenings of cinematic visuals for 6 tracks from the project, which will all debut on the same day the album is released.

At the listening/screening event, Sarkodie described Highest as his most challenging project yet. He also stated that it is a celebration of his achievements. From that kid on the streets of Tema to selling out venues across the Globe. King Sark is ready to take his brand of fearless and contagious hip-hop hits to even higher heights!

The Highest album will be marketed and distributed by Sarkcess Music in partnership with UK-based record label Dice Recordings.

Sarkodie Highest Album Tracklist

Sarkodie Highest Album Tracklist


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I’ve Been To London To See the King, By Femi Adesina

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I’ve Been To London To See the King, By Femi Adesina

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Not a few tongues had wagged over the fact that President Muhammadu Buhari was outside the country on medical vacation for weeks on end, and no member of his media team was with him. Many times, we had been confronted by journalists on why we were sitting pretty in Nigeria, while our principal was confronted by severe health challenges in London.

How did I feel about the situation? I had always told the media, and others who cared to listen, that whoever is on a presidential entourage at any time is the prerogative of the president. In the first 20 months of this administration, the president had made scores of trips, both locally and internationally. There was none, and I repeat, none, in which the media team was excluded. We were always there to keep the world abreast with what the president was doing.

When President Buhari first needed to travel for holiday and medical attention in January this year, it was deemed a private trip, in which the media was not needed. On such journey, you naturally would need security details, your personal physician, protocol and domestic aides, and those were the ones who went. Media aide? It depended on the principal. What was essential was that the channels of communication be kept open.

When the fuss came that the media handlers of the president were transmitting at best third hand information to the public, it did not bother me as much as it did some people, particularly, journalists. The discretion to have anyone with him at a given time is that of the president, and there was nothing anybody could do about it. I was in direct contact with those who were around him, and that was the best in the circumstances.
When the rumour mill went into overdrive sometime in January that the president had passed on, the first person I called was his personal physician. He laughed, saying nothing of such happened. I was thus confident enough to debunk the malicious information.

Before he returned on March 10, in what turned out to be the first leg of his medical treatment, President Buhari had spoken with me personally on the phone, the details of which I made available to the public. That was sufficient for me.

The president left again on May 7. I was with him at home till he left for the airport. Information dissemination followed the same pattern as on the first trip. The aides on hand told me whatever was necessary, and I communicated the same, never for once making it appear that the information was firsthand. It was the best and the honest thing to do. You work for a straightforward man, it would be a disservice to him for you to begin to spin and bend information. Never!

Not once did I agitate to visit London to see the president. I was trusting enough to receive whatever information was passed to me, knowing the kind of man we serve. Blessed are those who have not seen, and yet believe.

A lot of people were using paracetamol for what they considered my headache. They continued to fret that I was not in London, but it didn’t bother me a bit. Ask my wife and children, they would tell you that I am never in unnecessary hurry. I don’t push things, but the lines always fall for me in pleasant places. I have learnt to take all things in my strides, and let the divine powers work out the rest. Some people will erroneously call it a laid back approach, but those who are discerning would see that I had always excelled in whatever I did, physical, professional, spiritual, domestic etc. No need to sing my own praises. Not unto us, but unto Him, be all the glory and praises.

And then, on Wednesday last week, ‘come came to become’ (apologies K.O Mbadiwe). I received a communication to proceed to London to see the president, along with other members of the presidential media team. To lead the delegation was Alhaji Lai Mohammed, minister of Information and Culture, while others included myself, Mallam Garba Shehu, Lauretta Onochie, Bayo Omoboriowo, and the Nigerian Television Authority team of Adamu Sambo and Emmanuel Anrihi. Senior Special Assistant on International and Diaspora Matters, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, who was in London on another official matter, eventually joined us to see the president on Saturday.

Leaving the country through the Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport on Friday morning, one was as conspicuous as a tiger in a teashop. All who knew me, and saw that I was headed for London, naturally said: “Please give our greetings to Baba o.” They just took it for granted that I was going to London to see the King, and not the Queen this time, as made popular by the pussycat in the nursery rhyme.

The trip aboard the British Airways Boeing 777-200/300 was pleasant and pleasurable. It was like a whole city in the sky. The Nigerians who saw me and my colleague, Mallam Garba Shehu, onboard, also jumped to the same right conclusion as those at the airport: “Please greet Baba for us o.”
On Saturday afternoon, we were ferried from our hotels at the appointed time. At Zero Hour, we were at the Abuja House, Nigerian High Commission, London.

As we strode into the living room, I saw with infinite pleasure, the great object of my mission. Standing tall and ramrod straight was President Muhammadu Buhari, with that ubiquitous smile in place. He was looking a lot better than he had ever looked in the past eight months. My heart leapt for joy, and sang praises to God. Was this not the man they said was on life support machine? Didn’t they say he could neither walk nor talk? But he was welcoming Alhaji Lai Muhammed, and calling him by name. I was next. I shook the hands of the man I had admired since his days as a military head of state, a man I am not ashamed to call my leader and president today, and any day.

Seated, the president had words for each member of the team, which showed that he had been following events back home very keenly. He commended the minister of Information and Culture, saying, “Lai, you are all over the place. I see you virtually everyday. You have been working very hard.” Pointing to Abike Dabiri-Erewa, he said, “She is here in her constituency. But me, I am here reluctantly.” We all laughed, and Dabiri-Erewa jocularly issued what you could call a quit notice, saying she didn’t want the president in her constituency again.

How are you, Mr. President?

“I am okay now. I feel I could go home, but doctors are in charge here, and I’ve learnt to obey my doctors. I’ve learnt to obey orders, rather than be the one giving the orders.”

If you have met the president personally, he is usually full of wisecracks, and this day was not different. He told us he had enough time to watch television, and commended the NTA particularly, and Nigerian media generally, for bringing him up to speed with what was happening back home.

He said he had been watching the protests by people who wanted him to return home post-haste, or resign. He mentioned one of the leaders of the protest by name, and laughed. I did not discern any malice in the laughter.

President Buhari told us he seldom got sick, something he had told Nigerians on March 10, at his first return. When we told him millions of people were praying for him at home, in Africa, and even beyond, I saw the glow in his eyes, and he said :”May God reward them,” after noting that what Nigeria did in The Gambia in January, which forced a sit-tight Yahya Jammeh to quit office, “fetched us a lot of goodwill and latitude.”

We talked about many issues, some of which are not due for public consumption yet. The president was obviously enjoying our company. Then the state chief of protocol, Ambassador Lawal Kazaure, popped up (as he always does) and indicated that the allotted time was over.

“Oh dear,” the president exclaimed, reluctant to see us go.

It was time for photographs, and we walked into the garden. The president was spry, as he joined us. Bayo Omoboriowo clicked away, and those were the pictures you have seen. The president even almost sprinted, while going back inside. Omoboriowo captured that rare moment.

And to the dining room we proceeded. We sat at that famous table, laden with different kinds of fruits; banana, apple, pear, water melon, and many others. It was a setting which a man blinded by bile, and suffused with hatred, had described as a previous fast breaking session at Aso Villa during a Ramadan season. Father, forgive him, for he knows not what he says.

We ate, heartily. Our appetites had been stimulated by the state in which we met our principal. Wife of the president, Mrs. Aisha Buhari, was at hand to attend to us, urging us to eat as much as we wanted. Halima, daughter of the president, as well as Yusuf, his son, were also there.

It was a pleasure meeting all the presidential aides once again, and we greeted one another warmly: Yau and Lawal (trusted security details), Sunday (the personal cook of many decades), the ADC, SCOP, CSO, CPSO, the personal physician, Tunde Sabiu, Sarki Abba, and many others. It was a grand re-union.

Lunch over, the president bade each person goodbye, with a handshake. We said to him, “See you soon, sir.” But when Dabiri-Erewa uttered the same, the president laughed, and declared: “No, we will leave you here, as this is your constituency.”

The health status of our president, as earlier attested to by Justin Welby, the Archbishop of Canterbury, during his visit, was a testimony to the healing powers of God. This was a man gravely ill, but restored miraculously. It can only be God. In spite of what haters, wailers, and filthy dreamers imagine, and which they spew out, God remains merciful and immutable. He has the final say. If I were a hater, I would repent now, in sackcloth and ashes.

Yes, I’ve been to London to see the King. The Lion King. But unlike the pussycat in the nursery rhyme, I didn’t frighten any mouse under the chair.

Femi Adesina is special adviser to President Muhammadu Buhari on Media and Publicity.

This piece was written by Femi Adesina. The views and opinions expressed here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of

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BREAKING: Buhari Arrives Nigeria After 103 Days In London

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President Muhammadu Buhari on Saturday afternoon arrived Nigeria after over 103 days in the United Kingdom where he received medical treatment for an undisclosed ailment.

It is understood that the Nigerian Airforce plane which conveyed the president landed at the Abuja international airport at exactly 4.36 p.m. Nigerian time.

The president also inspected a guard of honour mounted by the Nigerian Army at the presidential wing of the airport, before leaving for the presidential villa at Asokoro district of Abuja.

The President had left the country on May 7, this year, after handing over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has been discharging the functions of his office as Acting President.

It would be recalled, his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, had earlier today said:

“President Buhari is expected to speak to Nigerians in a broadcast by 7 a.m on Monday, August 21, 2017.

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Memphis Depay: Ronaldo Should Be Respected

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Memphis Depay says Cristiano Ronaldo is a player that should be respected and not hated due to his charity work.

The Portuguese star is an idol that Memphis Depay worships and he does not understand why he is always criticised.

“I’ve got a great deal of admiration for guys who are successful,” Depay told L’Equipe Magazine. “I don’t understand why some feel hatred towards them.

“Is Ronaldo arrogant? Who’s to say what is arrogant. He’s a man who has been successful in his life and has, without doubt, done many good things for children and poor people in his country. He deserves respect.”

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Mourinho: Conte Must Not Use Matic Sale As An Excuse For Failure

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Jose Mourinho has rubbished talks that Chelsea’s early season blues is due to absence of Matic.

Matic left Chelsea for United in the summer for £40 million and impressed in his first United game.

Mourinho does not feel his sale is an excuse, Conte can use to explain Chelsea’s failure.

“When people say, for example, Chelsea lost an important midfield player, if you lose one but you buy Tiemoue Bakayoko and Danny Drinkwater, for example, what’s the problem?” he said.

“‘The problem is when you sell and you don’t buy. When you sell and you keep buying, what’s the problem? You are probably even stronger, so I think every top team in the Premier League is potentially strong enough with the financial situation to be fighting for everything.”

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Depay: Experience At United Made Me Better

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Manchester United flop, Memphis Depay says his struggles at United made him a better player for Lyon.

Depay joined Manchester United from PSV in 2015 for €30 million and was touted as the next star for the club.

However, he failed to impress under Van Gaal and Mourinho and was eventually sold to Lyon for €16 million.

“In the first season, I didn’t contribute enough, but I really believe you need a year to succeed in the Premier League, it’s the fastest league in the world,” Depay said, according to ESPN. “The second, I had my self-belief back, but I didn’t play.”

“It’s then that you look at yourself in the mirror and you ask yourself a lot of questions: ‘Am I not good enough?’ It was really tough. To stay positive, you have to be very strong mentally. That experience made me grow up and is useful to me today.”

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Strange Disease Ravages Kogi Communities, Kills 62

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The death toll from the strange disease ravaging three communities and Fulani settlements in Yagba West Local Government of Kogi State has risen to 62.

The state Commissioner for health, Saka Audu, disclosed this on Friday in Lokoja while giving an update on the incident to the News Agency of Nigeria.

Mr. Audu said that the mysterious disease had continued to kill children and adults in the affected villages unabated, saying that the disease which reared its ugly head few weeks ago was still ravaging Okuna, Okoloke, Isanlu -Asa and the adjoining Fulani settlements.

ALSO READ: 70 Feared Dead As Strange Illness Hits Kwara Community

The Commissioner had on Thursday visited the ravaged communities to obtain first-hand information and assess the situation He had confirmed that 50 persons had lost their lives to the strange disease.

In response to the development, Mr. Audu said that the state governor, Yahaya Bello, had approved the immediate constitution and deployment of a team of medical experts to deal with the situation.

According to him, the medical experts include epidemiologists from the state ministry of health and medics from the state-owned health facilities.

“Earlier, samples taken from some of the victims were sent to Federal Teaching Hospital Irua, Edo State, for definitive investigation, which turned out to be negative for Lassa fever.

“On arrival at the communities, the team interacted with the locals and samples were taken from their water sources and food supply.

“It was discovered that the people affected showed common symptoms including abdominal pain, vomiting and stooling. Few of the patients, however, had Hematemesis and Hematochezia,” he explained.

According to him, those found still manifesting the disease had been transferred to Kogi State Specialist Hospital for proper management where an empirical diagnosis of food poisoning to rule out gastroenteritis was made.

He did not give the exact number of victims transferred to the hospital but said that they were responding well to treatment.

“Gov. Bello expressed deep concern over the incident and has directed that all the patients be treated free of charge. He also charged the ministry of health to conclude investigation within the shortest possible time to prevent further spread of the disease,” the commissioner said.


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Wenger: Kolasinac Is Very Strong

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Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger says defender Sead Kolasinac may be the strongest player he has ever managed.

Kolasinac joined Arsenal from Schalke on a free transfer in the summer and has impressed with his strength.

The Bosnia-Herzegovina defender has impressed the Arsenal fans with his strength and Wenger has noticed it too.

“He is naturally strong,” Wenger told reporters. “He uses quite well the strength of his body without violence and when he intervenes it doesn’t look to be a foul, he just uses his body strength.

“It is an important quality to help adapt to the Premier League.”

“He has the capacity to repeat runs, and we noticed when we watched him play that he is quite dangerous in the final third,” Wenger said.

“He already has some assists since he came here, so overall maybe he is not a glamorous dribbler but the quality of his runs is very efficient.”

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ASUU Strike Will Increase Prostitution Among Female Students | Sex Workers Tell FG

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The ongoing strike embarked upon by the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU), which has led to the closure of public universities, will increase prostitution among female students, the Nigerian Sex Workers Association has said.

The national coordinator of the association, Amaka Enemo, made this known during an interview with The Punch on Friday, August 18, 2017.

The cordinator said, even without the strike, many female students had been engaging in ‘runs’, a euphemism for offering sex for cash or other valuables.

Enemo then added that if the federal government and ASUU do not settle their differences and put an end to the strike, idle students would embrace sex work.

Her words: “Even without the strike, a lot of the students were doing ‘runs’, which is exchanging money for sex. But with the strike, just like a holiday, the rate of sex work will double.

“In this job, strike or holiday period is like a peak period. So, I urge them to stay safe because we cannot kick them off the streets. They should be safe and use condoms.

“The government needs to ensure that the strike is called off because if the students are left idle due to the closure of schools, it means the government is indirectly telling them to go to the streets.”

Meanwhile, the federal government has revealed that the ongoing strike action by the union may be called off “within the next one week”.

ASUU, an umbrella body of all university lecturers in the country, is currently on strike over the federal government’s failure to fulfil its 2009/2013 agreement with the union.

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IPOB: Nnamdi Kanu Withdraws Threat To Stop Anambra Election

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Pro-secession group, the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), has withdrawn its threat to stop the conduct of the November 18 governorship election in Anambra State.

The decision was reached after a meeting organised by a non-governmental organisation, the Ala-Igbo International Foundation with the leader of IPOB, Nnamdi Kanu in Owerri, the Imo State capital.

IPOB Leader Kanu Gives Condition For Election To Hold In Anambra State, South East (Watch Video)

ChannelsTv quoted the leader of the foundation, Professor Uzodinma Nwala, as saying that after much deliberation, which they say is still on-going, IPOB assured the Igbo leaders that it won’t disrupt the November 18 governorship election.

Residents of Anambra state who are eligible to vote have also been told to go out and exercise their franchise without fear of molestation.

Nnamdi Kanu Defiles Court Order, Addresses Pro-Biafra Crowd (Watch Video)

The IPOB leader had previously said the election will not hold if the federal government fails to conduct a referendum on Biafra.

“If the federal government does not agree with us on a date for referendum, there will be no elections in the southeast, we are starting with Anambra come November this year. There will be no governorship election in Anambra state,” he had said.

Reacting to this, the Anambra State Police Command vowed to suppress any form of threats ahead of the November 18 Governorship Election in the state.

Apparently peeved by his recent conduct, the Nigerian government has pleaded with a Federal High Court in Abuja to revoke the bail it granted to Kanu, thus returning him to prison.

According to the federal government, Kanu has not only breached the conditions attached to the bail granted him on April 25 this year on health ground, but he has allegedly conducted himself in manners that threaten public peace.

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Osinbajo Directs New Heads Of PenCom, CCB And ICPC, To Assume Duties Pending Senate Confirmation

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The Acting President, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo, has directed the newly appointed heads of the National Pension Commission (PenCom), Code of Conduct Bureau (CCB), and the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission (ICPC) to assume duties.

The directive was contained in a statement issued by Bolaji Adebiyi, Permanent Secretary and Director Press Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, on Friday in Abuja.

Adebiyi, in the statement, said the appointees are directed to assume duties in acting capacities pending their confirmation by the Senate.

He said that the appointment was to ensure that there was no vacuum in certain important Federal Institutions.

The appointees are as follows: in the National Pension Commission, we have Alhaji Ali Usman Ahmed – Acting Chairman, Mr. Funso Doherty – Acting Director-General, Mr. Manasseh T. Denga – Acting Executive Commissioner.

The appointees are as follows: National Pension Commission, Ali Ahmed – Acting Chairman, Funso Doherty – Acting Director-General, Manasseh Denga – Acting Executive Commissioner.

Others are: Abubakar Magawata – Acting Executive Commissioner, Ben Oviosun – Acting Executive Commissioner, Nyerere Anyim – Acting Executive Commissioner

At the Code of Conduct Bureau, Muhamma Isah – Acting Chairman, Murtala Kankia – Acting Member and Emmanuel Attah – Acting Member.

Others are Danjuma Sado – Acting Member, Ubolo Okpanachi – Acting Member, Ken Alkali – Acting Member, S. F. Ogundare – Acting Member, Ganiyu Hamzat – Acting Member, Saad Abubakar – Acting Member and Vincent Nwanli – Acting Member.

At the Independent Corrupt Practices and other Related Offences Commission-, Bolaji Owasanoye is to assume duties as Acting Chairman.

The searchlight will now beam on the Senate – whether it will consider clearing the nominees – after it had earlier vowed not to clear such nominees presented by the Executive until the controversy over Ibrahim Magu as head of anti-corruption agency, EFCC, is resolved.

The lawmakers want Mr. Magu removed, having refused to confirm his appointment twice, but the presidency insists he would continue in office.

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(BREAKING): Buhari Returns To Nigeria Today, To Address Nigerians Monday

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President Muhammadu Buhari is expected back in Nigeria today, August 19, from London, UK, where he has been receiving medical attention since more than 100 days ago.

He is also scheduled to address Nigerians in a nationwide broadcast on Monday, August 21, 2017.

His Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Mr. Femi Adesina, disclosed this in a statement made available to journalists on Saturday morning.

The statement read, “President Muhammadu Buhari returns to the country later today, after receiving medical attention in London.

“The President had left the country on May 7, this year, after handing over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has functioned as Acting President since then.

“President Buhari is expected to speak to Nigerians in a broadcast by 7 a.m on Monday, August 21, 2017.

“He thanks all Nigerians who have prayed ceaselessly for his recovery and well-being since the beginning of the health challenge.”

The President had left the country on May 7, this year, after handing over power to Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, who has been discharging the functions of his office as Acting President.

His stay abroad had stirred a protest movement led by the entertainer, Charles Oputa, otherwise known as Charly Boy, who wanted him to return home or resign.

The President who follows development at home while recuperating in London mocked Charly Boy’s campaign, when it was discussed with him during a meeting with his media team last week.

After all, he had transmitted power to his deputy before leaving home

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