Ashley Cole Eager To Remain At LA Galaxy

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Former Chelsea full-back Ashley Cole has outlined his plans to remain at LA Galaxy next season.

Ashley Cole, 36, is yet to be offered a contract extension and could play his final MLS game for the Galaxy against Dallas on Sunday.

But the former England international told The Independent: “I want to be here. We’re speaking. It’s in their court with me.

“There’s going to be a big change with the club and I think maybe it will happen next season. If I’m in those plans, we’ll find out. Who knows? I’m 37 so maybe they want to look a little younger.

“My legs feel OK. Maybe the head feels a little bit tired, but I’m enjoying football whether we win or lose. I love the game. I only want to stop when my heart for it finishes.”

“It’s been a terrible season [for Galaxy]. Now we start again next season and hopefully do much better at home to change what we did this season.”p

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