Rooney: Man City Deserve To Celebrate Derby Win

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Wayne Rooney says Manchester City must be allowed to celebrate in their dressing room, saying Burnley’s dressing room celebrations are extravagant.

City got their 16th win of the season, with a 4-1 thumping of Tottenham, but this contrasts to the 2-1 win over United.

There was a fracas in the tunnel after the win, with Mourinho complaining about the loud music playing from City’s dressing room.

“If you’ve played Burnley over the last few years, they must have a big music system because the noise coming out of their dressing room before and after games is incredible. It’s deafening,” Rooney explained.

“So, I think if City win the derby at Old Trafford, for me they’re entitled to celebrate because it’s a big game

“Do it in a respectful manner but I think playing music in your dressing room is fair enough.”

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